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Vote For H.
For So
g? > /^
. ^V ^**3l?
f.- , rv.
Laurens, S.' Sept. 4, 1916.
To the Voters of the Eighth Judicia1
We, the membe" of the Laurens
lar take pleasure saying- to the
voters of the Eighth Judicial Circuit
that the Hon. H. >S. Blackwell is a
man whose public and private character
is above reproach and a lawyer
i.. fei-L ou&iruiiig CLULL i cw5ui^cu \jL vim*y j
at this .bar; and we feel that if elected .
Solicitor, he will perform the duties)
The Next Coogressma
|BBS .A v.. " ??*' jS^iali53c%BWw8i88HEgiS^ff&
own $A ,* N < ? -J '$!&' '
; ifcr s xgs s
MHH .yi,
IHNBi^re?$?&&? '" ? i'.V'
"'" |S?|?|^
UA k ac st flrnarl
JL AW 1IU0 %JL g wva m
petitors in Ander
Newberry. He is
wood and leads Ai
by 200 votes. He
votes striking evei
I Abbe/iHe county,
Dominick has tlexperience
to rep
Third District. Th
to have a represei
of any man in the I
??? i in rmmmtmmt
If you want to vote
cast your ballot on
After October 31 the Southern Cultivator
will be two years for $1.01*:
after then I cannot sell suhscriptioi: ;
for 50 cents a year . The othe~ j
paper prices are* the same. Needle-1
xj-iaft 25 cents a yearf McCall's maga i
for 50 cents a year. Thet otiier i
frve Parmer, $1.00 a year, Woman ?.
World, 35 cents a year.
Please give me your new or renewal
euUscriptions. Curtis I. Bpting,
17*04 Nonce -Street, iNewberry, S. C.
S. Blackwell
cf the office; "with diligence, fideJi.y
anc ability.
(Signed; Members of Laurens Bar,
H. Y. Simpson,
R. A. Cooper,
R. E. Babb,
F. P. McGowan,
TI. B. Dial,
W. R. Richey,
"W. R. Richey, Jr.,
A. C. Todd.
. D. Barksdale,
James H?. Siullivian,
W. B. Knight,
R. P. Tra^yn/ham.
n from Third District
| He Leads the Race
1,000 Votes in the
| First Primary With
Four Competitors.
ead over all comson,
Pickens and
second in Greenken
in Greenwood
; lacks only 150
_ !iL A :i
n wiui 111
Aiken's home.
te ability and the
iresent the great
is district deserves
itative the equal
National Congress.
; for the WINNER
September 12 for
WANTED?Four Demonstrators for
nearby South Carolina territory.
Reference required, but no experience
necessary. Our representative
in tbis city receives $60 per
week. Call on him at Mrs. M. A.
Gilbert's, Main street, at 7 p. m.
Tuesday or call him at 364-3. He
will explain the work and put yoj
in touci with the company. 0. E.
Baas, "TSe Wear-Sver Man.",
i Only by Full and Free Discussion
Can Solution lie Iteaclied.
New York, ?e?t. 4.?The personal
rights and economic interests of
Amercans in Mexico must be considered
in reaching a permanent settle
ment of tine difficulties between toe
United States and Mexico^ Secretary
Lansing said here today in an ad<hess
at a luncheon attended by meralers
of the American-Mexican joint
commission. Conferences lookng toward
a solution of international problems
confronting the two countries
pre to begin shortly at New London,
Secretary Lansing declared thut "if
suspicion, doubt and aloofness" mark
ec the deliberations, the commission
vrould leave the two nations "in th?*
same tangle of misunderstandings and
false judgments as in the past.'"
Luis Cabrera, chairman of the
Mexican commission, in reply said hb
commission seeks tha same result
sought by the American delegates.
Secretary Lane, chairman of the
i Ampriran commission, told the Mexi
con delegates that the rights of Mexco
would "be respected and that fct
United States would expect Mcxico to
respect American rights. %
Secretary Lane announced that the
commissioners and their party would
sail cn the presidential yacht May-?
flower tomorrow morning for New
London and that beginning Wednesday
two two-hcur conferences would be
held each dar.
Luis Ciadrera and secretary Lane
will alternate as presiding officer of
the meetings. Secretary Lane said
that while the proceedings would be
confidential some arrangement probably
would be made to give daily
statements to the press.
Surgeons state men are slightly
more subject to appendicitis than women.
Newberry people should, kno^
i fho* o foTf nf simrile buckthorn
UlAMt U *.% ?? _
bark, glycerine, etc., as mirfed in Adler-i-ka,
often relieve or prevent appendicitis.
This mixture removes
such surprising foul matter that ONE
SPOONFUL relieves almost lAN"S
CASE constipation, sour stomach 01
gas. The INStTANT, easy action ol
Adler-i-ka is surprising. Gilder an<3
Weeks Co., druggisti.
What Did H? Say?
Oliver Wendell Holmes once told
Professor Poulton he would never repeat
to any one what Tennyson said 'tc
him when he entered his house. Wil
"? *-*? J
llain James pressed aim r<> uu mi ?hu
the assurance, "There are no reporters
| here." But Dr. Holmes replied, with
emphasis: "I have said that I will uev
er tell any one. It was not a thin?
that I should have supposed any mar
would say to a guest he had invited t<
his house."
Simply Terrifying.
An old lady was in tHe same railway
car as a party of golfers.
"I found fearful trouble this morn
ing," said one. "At the first I fel
right into the middle of a blackberry
bush and at the second I was stuck ui
011 the top of a tree. I pitched out o:
bounds into the farmyard at the third
got caught by the wire at the fourth
stuck fast In a deep hole at the fifth
found myaelf buried in mud at th<
sixth, I was lying in a heap of rougl
stones at the seventh, got lost at th<
eighth and finished up at the bottom o
that dirty ditch at the last hole.'!
"Gracious me!" cried the horrifiet
old lady from her corner in the car
"and they told me that golf was ai
old man's game! I'll never let my Ed
win play again;"?Exchange.
Ilfilinatfi Woman
Is Truly Grateful
For Stella Vitae
i i
^ Mrs. Paralee Frazier, of Long- w
k. view. Tex., who had been in bad I
I health for two years, writes this I
j heartfelt letter in behalf of this w
(great preparation for women. 1
"I have taken a few bottles of STELLA I
"VTTAEand am now almost well from a ^
long1 siege of sickness. I crnnot say too I
I much for this wonderful m* cine. I had I
taken other female medicine or two year3 I
with no good results. I am - ri^y grateful
for the good Stella Vitae has u n. forme." w
STELLA VITAE is guaranteed. |
^ If you are not benefited with the ^
(first bottle, your money back if I
you want it. Do not delay. Begin I
taking it now. At your dealers' .
I in $1 bottles.
invigorating to Uie Pale ana SicS?y
Tfie Old Standard general strengthei in? tonk:
GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC, drives ou?
olal'via.enriche it^eblood.andbuilds apthe^ysfern
A true tome . For adults ?s4 cb JdreSL 5Dc
i A Flower That Is Intertwined With
Our Colonial History.
j The hollyhock ire is its nnrue from!]
! two words tiiat indicate its origin in j ,
' the Holy Land ami its membership in ^
; the mallow family. Lint apparently it
! was known in India before it flung its ]
{ cheerful banners to the air in I'ales ,
i tine- ,
; W herever its first home was. it lias
, become thoroughly acclimated in New 1
J England. We think of it as a eliarac
I teristic New England flower. It decorates
our colonial history almost back
to the days of Governor Bradford and
Roger Williams. It is forever peering
out of the pages of New England fiction
and poetry. There is no flower
that more completely embodies the
spirit of our eighteenth century romance.
Some of the old colonial blossoms are
shy and modest, but the hollyhock has
the courage of its convictions. It
knows its beauty, as it should, and
has no mind to hide it under a bushel
or beneath a hedgerow. It is the prov|
ince of loveliness to display itself, not
! vauntingly, but with a due sense of 4t?s '
i *rr/M?fh An/i tho hnllvhofk. the state
j liest of our "old fashioned" flowers.
I aspires unabashed.
j In two books of "popular quotations" I
' there is no reference to the hollyhock.
though the holly has its fair share of
| space. But it can afford to be thus osI
tracized.?Providence Journal.
A Few of the Many Gems We Get From
Alexander Pope.
j With the exception of Shakespeare.
V Pope is the author of more familiar
phrases than any other writer of mod
ern times. Here are a few ofc ms gems:
! j "Shoot folly as she flies." "Hope
I springs eternal in the human breast.1'
"Man never is but always to be blessed."
"Whatever is is right." "The
proper study of mankind is man."
! "Grows with his growth and strength,
j ens with his strength.'" "Order is
! heaven's first law." "Worth makes
j the man and want of it the fellow."'
| "Honor and shame from no condition
1 rise: act well your part?there all the
honor lies." "An honest man's the
noblest work of God." "Thou wert my
i j guide, philosopher and friend." "Woj
man's at best a contradiction still."
j "Just as the twig is bent the tree's inI
clined." "Who shall decide when doc1
J ~ ~ ~ ' A 1 iff I A lAorn^nty I'Q q
I tors uisuyietrn. uu>c iotiuuiS ^ ~ I
r j dangerous thing." "To err is human, j
to forgive divine." "Beauty draws us
with a single hair." "Fools rush in
where angels, fear to tread." "Damn
with faint praise." ' The many headed
$ monster."
' The Blow on tha Jaw.
A man struck with any degree of
force upon the mental area of the jaw.
L' although he may be in perfect physical
I condition, instantly collapses and falls
to the ground, says a medical journal.
The attitude assumed in recovery,
which may be instantaneous or delayed
some minutes, is most characteristic.
I I He squirms about, raises bis bead and I
I rolls his eyes in an attempt to locate j
' U! ?TT~ fn rrat nn his Strip !
' LlIHiStii. lie LI lu 0\,S. .- ~
and elbow; he endeavors to rise upon
i his hands and knees. If he regains his
; feet he staggers like a drunken man.
i The blow is practically never fatal; the
heart's action is never unduly acceler:
ated; the pulse and respiration are nor
i mal; the pupils are normal; there is no
> headache, no sweats, no cold extremities,
no pallor?none of the ordinary
signs of shock or concussion.
How to Be Happy.
There are two ways of being happy.
7 We may either diminish our wants or
augment our means. Either will do.
14 1 If io fAl* I
j Tne result is iue same, emu it 10 Iivi
i each man to decide for, himself and do
' | that which happens to be the easier. If
J you are idle or sick or poor, however
hard it may be to. diminsh your wants,
' It will be harder to augment your
' means. If you are active and prosper*
ous or young or in good health it may
" be easier for you to augment your
J means than to diminish your wants.
' But If you are wise you will do both at
the same time, young or old, rich or
poor, sick or well, and if you are very
wise you will do both in such a way as
* to augment the general happiness of
1 society.?Benjamin Franklin.
A Celebrated Suicide.
Haydon. the celebrated historical
painter and writer, at a time ra his
rohon Jio tvne nrprpomp l)v debt.
| j lllg ?T - ; ?
! disappointment and ingratitude. l.?.id
j clown the brusli with which he was at
i i work upon his last great effort. "Alj
j fred and the Trial by Jury," wrote
! with a steady hand. "Stretch me no j
j longer upon this rough world." and j
then was a pistol shot put an end to j
his unhappy existence.
(Dressing the Pillow.
A little child, not three years old.
was sleepy, and his mother carried him
to his crib, but the pillowslip had
been removed by the maid for the
I | laundry, and the child. looking up beI!
seechingly into his mother's face, said
pleadingly. '-Please put a shirt on my
I pillow."
Remembered Too Well.
I Howard?Did your aunt remember
you in her will? Ilenry?She sure did.
Directed her executors to collect all the
| loans she had made me.?Puck.
I Holding His Own.
"Stingy, isn't lie?"
"You're said it. Why. he holds fast to
I everything lie gets bis clutches on and
even bolts down his dinner."
Public opinion, though often formed
Upon a wrong basis, yet generally has
t a strong underlying sense of justice.?
' Abraham Lincoln.
1 i
Out of Abundant Caution.
There is a property owner in Pennsylvania
who has endeavored to inculcate
in his tenants the principle of sy
titration with reference to their dis>
putes. offering lnmseu as aruiter.
On the occasion of the last dispute of
this sort the owner before undertaking
a solution put to one tenant the usual
"Now, William, if I consent to arbitrate
will you abide by my decision?"
William hesitated a moment, then
"WTell. sir, I'd like to know what the
decision is first."?Case and Comment.
Going All the Way.
"How's farming?"
"Kine! l'ou know ttiat aoanaonea
farm I picked up?"
"That prompted my question."
"I sold quarry rights to one crowd
and rented the surface as golf links.
Now. if I can lease the air to some
wireless company I'll have about everything
under cultivation. Who says
intensive farming doesn't pay?"?Chicago
Spanish Law.
The dilatoriness of Spanish law is
almost lncreoiDie. a waicn was siuieii;
the owner immediately informed the
police of the robbery. Seven years
afterward he was called upon by the
authorities to give evidence as to the
His Reprieve.
Mose Possum?Ah thought yo* was
goin' to work today. Peto. Pete Persimmons?Ah
got a reprieve. Mah wife
died " suddinly dis mawnin'.?Topeka
Not Edible.
? a ?a? y-v f T n DnhAiWA
turn?Are yuu iuuu v;i m* .
Her?I don't know. It depends altogether
on what kind of dressing you
put on it.?Toledo Blade.
"You look worried, old man."
"I am. I'm afraid all the money will
be worn out before I get any of it."Pittsburgh
??? ?p?
Our second band piano departsfcnt is crowded to* the limit with
Read carefully the man; musial bargains is used, worlce
repair eepartmenL
Judge for yourself tbe marked do*n prices at a savin* tt
1? $900.00 Steiff Self-Player Piano, dull and ]
2?$ 150.00 Stieff Upright, dull and polished
2?$750.00 Shaw Self-Player Piano, dull and
2?$450.00 Stieff Uprights, dark Mahogany (
1?$450.00 Stieff Upright, Oak case, (used sevi
S375.00 Shaw Upright, polished Mahogan
2?$550.00 Bennet Bretz Self-Player Piano d
3?$300.00 Kohler & Campbell Upright Piano;
2?$300.00 Harvard Upright Pianos, Mahogar
j? $350.00 J. & C. Fischer Upright Pianos, W
1?$350.00 Mathushek Upright Piano, Mahog
II?$300.00 Adam Schaaf Upright Piano, Wall
i?$450.00 Mason & Hamlin upright Piano,
1?$450.00 Chickering upright Piano. Kbony <
1?$3oo.oo Ernest Tonk upright Piano, Wain \
1?$450.00 Stit-ff upright Piano, Ebony case (1
219 South Tryon St.
For the higl
or youni
For Catalogue
mation address
Get a Ford the
come. Price no1"
Touring Road
Distributor for No 4 T
j When S!*.aw Was f/arrieci.
! "1 was very ill avKmi ! \v:;s married."
Bernard Shaw once wr< te. "alrogotbt :
I e wreck en <rut.-lies :>in: in :in oM jacj
et which tlie crutches had worn i->
rags. I had asked my friends. Grab;i
Wallas and Henry Salt, to act as wi
....., ^0 .,?wi ,,f cititiv in honor of t] < I
i ?uiu. ?
occasion they were dressed in the-"
best clothes. The registrar never imagined
1 could possibly be the bridegroom.
He took me for the inevitable
beggar wLo completes all wedding precessions.
Wallas. who is considerably
over six feet high, seemed to him to be
the hero of the occasion, and he wr.s
proceeding to marry him calmly to my
betrothed when Wallas, thinking tbe
formula rather strong for a mere witness,
hesitated at the last moment and
left the prize to me.*.'?"George Bernard
Shaw?Hi? Life and Works.''
A Snake's "Leap." !
A naturalist denies that it is true I
that a sunke ever "leaps" at its foe or
prey. Except the cobra, no snake can
raise more than a third of its length
from the ground, though there are instances
in which rattlesnakes, prob- fl
ably unconsciously, have gained an ex- 8
? tra leverage from a wall of rock im*
! mediately behind them and so struck
I farther than the ordinary range.?Lor1
don Spec tator.
A Long Lived Pike.
*? * ?(~s"7 TXTOtl rtonohf '
ID Ull tTLKJl JJJVUJ1 |/iac no?vaugai|
In a lake near Haillerum. tn Suabl*.:
| with a brass ring attached to it, en-1
! graved on which was a statement thar
I the fish was put in the lake in the
i year 1230. thus indicating that it must
have lived at least 207 years.
Tactful Discretion.
"But you listen to people *ho talk
i gossip." j
j "Always." replied Miss Cayenne, "so
as to know what topics to avoid in my
j own conversation."?Washington Star.
His Lesson.
"But, you silly boy, if I married jc:i
with'your means you, couldn't even ? j
dress me." a
"Perhaps with a few lessons I could 1
learn."?Exchanjrj'. J
i piaooes of bms) ntrj sake takes in nchaagt Ut Ac Popular Stieff
J over pianos, main almost like new tj experts in tor up-to-date
> you of from $50 to $75. Is litis not worth Jooiong ato"
solished Mahogany (used for dem'tion) J700.00
Mahogany {used slightly) each 360.00 v
poiishcd Mahogany (used sev. months) 575.00
used several years) each 250.00
:ral years) 225.00
y (used 12 months) 250.00
all Mahogany (used 10 to 12 mos.) each 400.00
?, polished M "hogany used short while) 200.00
ly case, (used short while) each 200.00
'alnut case (used short wnne; ioo.w i
any case (used short while) 200.00
lut case (used short wh le) .' *55.??
Ebony case (used short while) 200.00
;ase used short while) 200.00
it case (used short while) ... 150.00
used several yoars) ? 195.00
I CIvfctc, N. C.
ier education
' Y
9 " W"1VM |
and other infor- I
OE, President,
i, South Carolina.
:n you can go .and
w only $360.
Ister $345 f. o. b.
nwnshin Whifmird. S. C. 1
W I I UV111J* J . , - ^

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