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Pursuant to the authority given me
^ in a deed from Joseph P. Summer, executed
and delivered on October 14,
1916, I will sell before the Courthouse
(loor at Newberry, S. C., during the
legal hours of sale immediately after
tiie leg.il sales ^>n saiesuay m rvov ember,
1916, beilng November 6, 1916,
the following describer lands to-wit:
vAll that tract or plantation of land
v. situate, lying and being in the-County
of Newberry, State of South Carolina,
containing 176 7 10 acres, more or less,
^ a recent survey of which,- however,
shows it to contain 179 36|100 acres,
known. as tlie Coppock place, being
on the road leading from NewDerry
PnnrthmisA tn T 2f nrri'R (Menden
hall's) Mill, bounded by lands of or
formerly of the estate of William
Langford, deceased, estate of Mrs. L.
, C. Boozer, deceased, Mrs. Emma Buz^
fcardt and others. Also all those two
tracts, pieces or parcels of land lying
and being situate in the Count;
of Newberry, State of South Carolina,
one tract containing 72 23[!00 acres,
more or less, known as tract No. 2
of the Teague place, bounded by lands
of" John Cousin, John Ruff, the Boozer
tract and a road separating it from
Vn 1 a# fV>? il..
ua^i, iiu. x ui uic league yiucc, luv
other tract known as th? Boozer place
and containing 69 82J100 acres, more
or less, bounded by lands of Mrs. Alice
Goggans, Turner Hipp, tract No. 2 of
the Teague place a Dove described and
tract No. 1 of the Teague place, said
two tracts having been cut off from
what is known as ifte Teague piacb
of Joseph P. Summer. The said Coppock
place has 'been divided into two
tracts, tract No. 1 or the house tract
containing 96 16jl00 acres, and tract
;\o. z containing 82 Z0|l00 acres, and
the same will be offered for sale in the
sub-divided tracts and then offered for
sale as >a whole, and in case it brings
more in the sub-divided tracts than as
a wliole such "bids are to be accept
otherwise bids as a whole to b6
cepted. The two tracts of the Tea?
place are to be offered for sale in
separate parcels, then offered for sale
' as a wuuie auu m case u onags more
in separate parcels than as a whole,
such bids are to be accepted, otherwise
bids as a whole to be accepted.
Terms of sale: One-third cash and
the balance in two equal annual instalments,
credit ortion to bear interest
from the day of sale at the rate of
eigfht per cent, per annum, payable annually
and be secured by note of the
purchaser and mortgage of the premis
ses, wiiicn notes ana mortgage snan
provide for ten -per cent. Attorney's
fees in case of colection, suit of action
by an Attorney and shall also provide
f f a /I*** av? /\
IUI mouiau^c uw tuc uuiium^ vii tuc
said land and an assignment of the
policy of insurance 'as aditional collateral.
Purchasers will be required
to deposit with me immediately on the
' acceptance of their bid or biflg $50.00
or a ceftified check for said amount
for eanh one of said tracts, and in
case they fail to "deposit said amount
the same will be resold at once. Purchasers
shall be required also to comply
with, the terms of sa!e within ten
days after the date of said sale. Purchasers
to pay for drawing <211 papers
and recording same.
Irvine K. Heyward, plaintiff,
George C. Glasgow; and others, DeJ?
J ?L _
Pursuant to the judgment of the
Court in the above stated case, I will
sell at public auction to the highest
bidder therefor on the first Monday in
November 1916, within the legal hours
of sale, "All that tract of land with
the buildings thereon in Xewberry
County, State aforesaid, containing
Five Hundred and Fifty acres, more or
less, and "bounded by lands of Mrs.
Mamie C. Duncan, Mrs. E. J. Reeder,
Mrs. Sallie A. Sligh, Mrs. Ella 'Waters.
Allen Bishap,?the said tract is known
ai the Cannon and Spearman places
?.nd conveyed to said George C. Glasgow
as follows: Deed by G. W. L.
Spearman, as Executor of George S.
Cannon, dated December 2nd, 1895, recorded
book Xo. 8, p. 181-2. Deed
of Isaac K. Glasgow, and Ella Glasgow,
November 2, 1S92, recorded
Book D. page 175. Deed G. W. L.
Spearman 21st Oct. 1904 recorded
Book 12, page 304, Deed of G. W. L.
Spearman 4th Sept. 1891 recorded Vol.
c noora aia Aisn all that, lot niere
fJ 9 wv. ? _ ^
or parcel of land in County of Newberry,
State of' South Carolina, contoning
one hundred and twenty acres,
bounded by lands of estate of J. J.
Reeder, estate of Thompson Connor,
estate of Dr. J. K. Gary, estate of
James N. Martin, conveyed to said
George C. Glasgow by deed of Selde
Brown dated 20th Dec. 1905, records
ed Book 14 p. 208/'
TERMS OF SA?LE: One-third of
the purchase money in cash, and the
^ M
^ ffiif
I The Charm bee
tage you have u)hiU
simply enormous.
I Will You I
I. \ V
&'/ V \plllll
V \pi?
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by saying we. hav
there. It's 9 out of 1
will too if you visit
department. Our c
stantlv'working out
--- - ? .
{ the bounds of correcl
day some new model;
I Dresses Worth $12
Choice |
Women and Misses
j a variety of pretty s'
I and Green embrc
40 dresses in the lot (
New Tailoi
We can lit any sn
Come and see with v
well or better do the
back up our statemer
Every teste can be s
I marked at special pri
er fin ?A Kn
Skirts for Sto
Just 50 in the lot
black, sizes 32, 34,
Treasures. Material,
All special priced, $4
| and $8.00.
jja *,
I _
I p?
1 . ' I
balance payable in one and two years !
in equal instalments "with, interest
from the day of sale to he secured by I
iChe hond of the purchaser and a
mortgage of the premises sold with.
1 ? * ~ 1
leave to t.ne purcnaser lo auuv^?n>.
the payment of the -credit portion in
whole or in part, purchaser to pay for
papers and recording. The said mort-1
gage to contain the usual stipulation ;
for the payment of a reasonable Attorney's
fees in case of collection 01r
the mortgage debt by suit, action or
foreclosure of said mortgage. The
v 11 t-/vViocor will hp rennired to insure I
j lU VilUUV/i " ? ? V ^ ^ u
the dwelling on said land in the sum
of not less than five thousand dollars,!
a*s m-iy be required by the Master, and '
assisn said policv to the Master.
. . !
If the purchaser or purcnasers ran
to comply with the terms of sale with- |
in ten days after the day of sale, the '
, said mortgaged premises will be re- j
sold on the succeeding or some sub-;
sequent salesday at the risk of the
former purchaser on the same terms :
and condition as those for the first
j H: H. RIKARi., I
1 Mast??.
; Newberry, S. 0., October 16, 1916. ;
I '
& Y ? W
iuty and littleness of pric
s shopping here is the fa
No woman with a need i
iiiw Vmir | Kn
JWJLJf A vua ?"
[ere? The <
iiiiiih ths i
Still!, , Pare b
Mill;,,"! |, stock is
ggjlsJItsSiP garmei
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lif | Spec
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lswer the ruestion j
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the bi^ miilinery gowns,
[esignns are con- Ample
new hats within each,
t styles, so every __
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>10.00 wonder
> serge dresses in coats> t
fcyles. Black, Navy . ,
i i i i USLvJ Uc
udered trimmed.
:ut to only $10.00 ^he '?^
and $8j
red Skirts
:e large or small.
our own eyes how Hunc
actual skirt values warm c
it. 200 in the lot. y?u
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ce. $2.98, $3.50, been pi
The 1
in Coats \
ut Women $3 os.
. Navy blue.,and
36 and 38 waist
^ ? i T> i:
Serge ana rupuns.
96j $6.50, $7.00 Com;
Qnd wh
1V/I 1M
1VA A ^
How an Old Yankee Woman Told of
the Coming of a Storm.
I once knew an old woman wlio lived
under tbe shadow or tne vv mre rnouu
tains and whose instinct for weather |
changes was almost uncanny. She did
not have barometrical bones either, as j
so many old people maintain they ".ve. j
Her deductions were all based on ob- i
Once, I recall, she was taking in some j
clothes from the line at 10 o'clock at j
night?a still, starlit night without a \
cloud. I saw her shadow bobbing about j
liuge ana ranrasuc 011 me uuiu wan,
thrown from the lantern she carried In
her left hand, and went out to ask her
why she took the clothes in.
"There wa'n't a cloud in the sky ail
day," she said, "and tonight the mountain's
I listened carefully, and, sure enough,
in the silence I could hear, 3,000 feet j
....?i i
HDOVe US. Ilie 5ieu\l^ 1 us> u wi vniiu
through the stunted spruce forest a,t
timber line. Up there the wind was
roaring then!
I thought of Martineau's words, that
the noisy hurricane rushes silently
through the upper spaces where there
is nothing to oppose it?that force by
itself is silent- There seemed to me ,
something almost Celtic, too, in this
old Yankee's woman's imagery. And 1
her prediction proved correct. The next
day came a deluge.?Walter Prichard
Eaton in Harper's Magazine.
^ J
ndous ?
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es is resulting in a most
ct that you hate such a
n our line can afford ft o;
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00 each,
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plete range of sizes, black, r
ite, $ 1.25, $1.50 and $1.75 pi
How Margarine Is Made.
AU/>rv,oi-fr<!i.inn TTrflori firct 1
vicvuuai5ai JUC ?? AI^JU ?uL*.wkw*vw?
In England was called "bosh." As this
name repelled business, it was changed
to "margarine." a word derived from
the freak word for a pearl, because of
the pearly appearance of margaric
There has been a great improvement
in its manufacture in recent years, so
great that the Loudon Lancet says "the
product of the present day is a triumph j
of the art of tbe refined blending of i
various fats, vegetable and animal, j
with milk." It was originally made :
aUa nn r\P *Po f TTMf V) K\ I
JLiUili tIJtr II U III JJU.it VI UCUI. i UL ?T XLU V* ,
trifling proportion of vegetable oil. j
Today some of its forms contain noth- |
in? but nut oils blended with pasteur- J
ized skimmilk. These are perfectly:
wholesome. I
The annual meeting of tLe stocK- j
holders of the Columbia, Newberry |
and Laurens Railroad Company will
be held at the office of the company,
1124 Taylor street, Columbia, S. C.,
Tuesday, October 17th, 1916 at 12:30
o'clock, noon.
C. P. Seabrook,
m * A T 1 *<M
satisfactory business,
rangz of selection. Tht
m any standpoint to fail
Wonderful Values ii
)r8" ''Wfi
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half hour here wi
ancfcdresses will tell
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ain reading. The 'new f;
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1 # *
4-Vinf 4-V? ACA on
SfJCUblUU l/liao ou
' 50 in everj' way. Serg
Broadcloth, plain and
? All sizes. 515, 518.50,
530 and up.
)Zjf Ladies Bat
y?u New shipment the 1
ave | robes we ever had. i
I table at choice $2.49,3
i?rt ___
^06 -|?1 r**
rur Iran
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unless it is adorned w
pan it in various grades a
c.. yard 35c, 75c, $1.00 a
COMPANY, Columbia, S. C. Offica
and bank supplies. Manufacturers
of rubber stamps, seals, etc., quality
and service. Prompt attention
to mail orders.
The undersigned, heirs of Alice!
Stockman, deceased, will sell before I
tlie court house at Newberry the first j
Monday in November, 1916, ninetyseven
acres of land in No. 5 township
bounded by lands of Dave Boozer, S.
J. Kohn and others, known as the
Pink Brown "Cureton Place" of which
said Alice Stockman died possessed. j
Terms of Sale?One third cash and i
balance in two equal annual instal- j
inents sacured by bond and mortgage I
/>r Hio mirp laser with interest on the |
L mv, v?. _
credit portion from date of sale. J
Purchaser ' j pay for all papers and
S. C. Stockman for the Heirs.
As executor of the last will and
testament of Mary E. Counts, deceased,
I will eell at public auction to
[imnaugh s
The great advan3
assortments are
to visit this store.
i Tailored Suits
A. K> \
I *
- v\
V *
p '
* !?,; \
i/jj |i\
y !/iii li \
'fjL) " |
th the r.ew suits
you more about
than an hour of
ashions are here
' on. Judges of
yiil see upon in
its are unequaled
feplins and
trimmed effects.
$20, $25, $28.50,
* a
* i
h Robes
oest line 01 Datn
U1 on a bargain
>3.50 and $5 each.
plete .this season
ith fur. We have . |
,nd colors, at the
nd $125 yard.
the 'highest bidder therefore, gefore
the Court House door at Newberry, *
S. C., during the legal hours of sale on
Monday, the 6th day of November,
1916, being sales day, all that tract
of land lying and situate in tie county
of Newberry and State of South
Carolina, containing sixty-five (65)
acres, more or less, and bounded by
lands of R. L. Lominick, M. L. Wicker
and others. 3
Terms, Cash, the purchaser to pay
for papers, and revenue stamps.
Charles H. Counts,
Executor of Mary E. Counts.
Notce is hereby given thiit the un.
dersigned will make final settlement
of fhe estate of J. R. Lominick, de
ceased, in the Probate Court of Newberry
county, South. Carolina, on November
6, 1916, at 11 o'clock A. M. arn^^J
will at the same time and place asif
for letters dismissory as administratrix
of said estate. B
All persons holding claims against
estate will please present same properly
verified on oj. before said, daie.. H
Roberta Lominick.
October 5, 101 .

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