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The Movement of Many People
Newberrians and Those Who
Visit Newberry
See in another column program o'
the Knights Templar eommandery foi
Easter Sunday afternoon at :h<
Mpthodist church. "I'm going, art
Mr. L. G. McCullough says thai
the reporter's little squib about hi:
wanting to buy mules "brought then
in" since publication. Newspapers
keep people busy, sometimes. You
can't crowd Lewis with mules?he'l
find places for them. He is looking
for you and your mule or mules.
Mr* .Taroh G. ProDes. who with he1
husband celebrated recently theii
66th wedding: anniversary at then
home in Norristown, Pa., is Mr. Dai
M. Ward's aunt. She was formerly
Miss Martha J. Hollo way of Darling
ton. Mrs. Propes is 86 years old am
Mr. Propes is 89. Their son Edwarc
clerked for Mr. Ward years ago whei
Mr. Ward was in business here
While attending a general conventior
of the Confederate veterans Mr
Ward visited the Propes. He say:
Mr. Propes took him over to Philadel
* * 1 - - - * -1- 3 4-U,
pma xo see xne sigius anu mat un
"old man" outwalked him. The 89
year-old man told him that he wa
"nothing but a boy" with him whei
it came to walking around.
Mr. Jesse Jones is recovering fron
injuries received in his left foot fron
a fall a week ago last Friday. Jus
voir-* An rV?o f loo \X7Q1 Lrof
aitCX Hit i am Vii uwj lis, ?i
out when he slipped and fell
"wrenching" his foot badly. The paii
from is swollen foot put him to be<
and the foot, which had turned blue
laid him up for a week, giving hin
rheumatics. We were glad to see th?
popular dispenser of Bloodwine ou
on the streets last week, although h<
was still limping painfully.
The fire alarm Thursday afternooi
at 5:35 drew part of the populace tc
the Newberry Lumber company'
shops. But it was only a little blaz<
on the premises caused by a spark
The men at the shops saved the quick
ly responding firemen the trouble o:
extinguishing the "ignition."
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Cousins motor
ed to Columbia Saturday to meei
their son Luther, a student at Mt
Pleasant, N. C., returning home fo]
+V>o TTrjcfov Vinlirlflvs
Mrs. Partridge and children lef
Saturday for their home in Atl'anta
after v.isiting her father, Mr. B. F
Mr. Furman T. Dominick anc
familv motored to Columbia am
spent the week-end with his mother
Mrs. Alice Dominick.
Messrs. Meeks Neel and T. M
Mills were on the list of speakers a1
the meeting in Columbia Thursday ir
the interest ol tne South uaroiim
Cotton Growers' Cooperative associa
Mrs. Dorsey Kennerly of Greenville
is visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. M
Workman. Mrs. Kennerly is pleasantly
remembered in this city as Miss
Marcelaine Bradley.
Miss Mary Littlejohn of Prosper
ity spent the weeK-ena wun ner uncle,
Mr. Raymond Fellers, at the
home of his mother-in-law, Mrs. J.
M. Bowers.
Dell Dennis Eargle of Blythewood;
who is a student at Newberry college,
is recuperating from a serious operation
at the Columbia hospital and
will return to work soon.?The State,
Miss Hattie Bell Crooks of Spartanburg
is visitnig her sisters in New
Some years ago good girls in Newberry
used to say, "The lips that
touched liquor shall never touch
mine." This can now be changed, on
the part of the boys, to "The lips that
are painted shall never touch mine."
Wihskey may be bad, but lots of folk
would prefer wiskey to paint.
The deliterv trucks of the CocaCola
Bottling plant in Newberry look
as though they might be "bran" new.
The fresh coats of paint give them
that appearance, so neatly and vividly
was the work done. And the beauty
of it is, the painting was accomplished
by the men of the plant, where
everything connected with the establishment
is always kept in a high state
of sanitation.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Julien, accompanied
:by Miss Rose Turpin and
Marion Tarrant, motored to GreeniTr\s\A
o-ncl cnonf ihp at
? UUU C4 JL i V4 CA Jr UX1V4 oyvn W V4V.J ? v
Mrs. Julien's former home.
Messrs. E. S. Blease, C. G. Blease,
E. H. Auil, 0. Klettner, B. B. Leitzsey,
C. W. Douglas, W. H. Hardeman,
0.* S. Goree, R. C. Taylor, T. B. Kibler,
W. B. Johnson, Mrs. Bennie Livingston,
Mrs. Alma Cook, Mrs. Bertha
Gleen, Mrs. Mary King, Mrs. Lula
Bell Franklin, Miss Jessie May Ward,
Miss Irena Carter nad Miss Annie K:nard
left Monday for Spartanburg to
attend the great council of South Carolina,
degree of Pocahontas, Improved
order of Red Men.
Mr. W. H. Wallace is visiting his
son. Dr. D. D. Wallace and family,
| in Spartanburg. * 3? $
| -Mr. L. Morris, another good adver>:
tiser, is always prepared to furnish
goods as fine and reasonable in price
as advertised. Mr. Morris is all right
[ {and an all round good man.
r j Paul Counts has received his ap11
pointment from the foreign mission
-' board to the mission field in Liberia,
j Africa. He will sail June 20 for
: j London, England, and take a short
;! medical course in preparation for the
1 i special demands upon the missionary
5 j by this field of service. His earnest
1 piety and deep devotion to tne Master
' j will win him a place in the religious
r life of any people.?The State. Paul
j Counts, during his years of study at
r i Newberry college, won the respect
: i and esteem of the people of the com*
I inanity for his manly baring. Their
; 1 regard for him and interest in him
7 ] will follow him as he goes abroad.
"j Miss Carolina Haskell Wright, af^
I ter a pleasant visit to relatives in
* j Newberry, left on Sunday to resume
1! her teaching in the city schools of
j oreenvine.
1 . Among the Lutheran Theological
; seminary student? preaching- on Sun5:
day vere the following well known
" i former Newberry college young men:
;: P. M. Counts at Orangeburg, E. K.
- i Counts at Mt. Tabor and C. B. Caught
s man at St. Luke's.
1! Mr. Aubrey Noland Bates, who
: died at St. Matthews Friday, was the
1'son'of Dr. Lucius B. Bates, whose
" ' 'r ATioc? RqVUII
1 nrsr wiie w<ts luiiuaij uo
t McCants of Newberry.
i | The banks of the city will observe
?I holiday Good Friday, April 14th, and
1 will not be open for business that
day. ,
'? ( There will be a meeting: of the Pa1
rent-Teachers association of Boundaejry
Street scool Tuesday afternoon at
t. 4 o'clock. As this is the last meeting
- j of the session all parents are urged
| to be present.
&; The Bachelor Maids will meet
? - * ii ?. a .on
>,Tuesday, April inn, at 'i;ou wim
s Misses Sudie and Leila Dennis.
J j Misses Jeanie Simkins and Anabel
Saunders ar.d Mr. Virgil Dominick
- of Chappells spent Sunday here.
f J ?fa
Mrs. Mattie Glenn
t Laurensville Herald.
. j Mrs. Mattie Weir Glenn, widow of
r the late Dr. Washington Glenn, of
j Laurens and Newberry counties, died
t Tuesday morning in Laurens at the
,1 home of Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Christo
. pher, West Main street. The body
J-was taken to Clinton for burial on
I Wednesday, a large number of Laui
j rens friends going down with the fun,
j eral party.
The deceased was a native of the
. ; Renno section, but lived in Newoert
ry county for several years of her
II married life. She was a most estimai
ble woman and was widely known in
-.this section of the State. For some
1 years she has made her home in Lau
j rens with her only surviving daugh.
j ter, Mrs. Christopher. She was about
j 95 years of age. Another daughter,
> Mrs. Watts Davis, died last year.
Burial of Mrs. Van Smith
"j The remains of Mrs. Van Smith did
j not reach Newberry on the up Sou;
i -rkA i-T-uirt FriHav afternoon as for
| I/IIC1J1 * - ^
j merly arranged for, but arrived here
| on the Cannon Ball train and con
j veyed to the residence of Mrs. Kate
' C. Swittenberg in College street. At
"ill o'clock Saturdav morning many
1 J
l| friends had gathered at the house
1 with their floral offerings to the memory
of the dead and with deep sympathy
for the bereaved husband and his
son and daughter. The body was taken
to Rosemont cemetery, where the
services were conducted by Dr. C. A.
Freed and Dr. A. J. Bowers, the following
acting as pallbearers: Wm.
}J. Swittenberg, Henry B. Wells,
j Thos. P. Johnson, Geo. C. Hipp, Rob|
ert C. Sligh, Robert G. Parks, T. M.
IXeel and McK. Hutchinson.
J The newspapers have already men
tioned the death of Mrs. Smith, Fri.
nonors rontaininsr the sad ac
lid^Y O v -w ? w
count of the sudden ending of her
life, which was caused by excitement
occasioned by a fire occurring not far
from her home in Beaufort Thursday
Part of Him Native.
| "Are you a native of this parish?"
j asked the Scottish sheriff of a witj
"Maistly, yer honor/' was the reply.
ill mean, were you born in this
| parish?"
| "Xa, yer honor, I wasna born in
! this parish. Eut'm maist a native
for a' that."'
"You came here when you were a
child, I suppose you mean?" said the
"No, si'-; I'm jist hcrer about sax
year noo."
"Then how do you come to be nearly
a native of the parish?"
"Weel, ye see, when I cam' here
sax year sin' I jist weighed eight
stane an' I'm seveenteen stane noo'
sae ye see that about ninne stane
o' me belongs to this parish an' the
ither eight comes from Camfachie."
i Prosperity, April 10.?The Rev, E. J
i S. Jones, presiding elder of Cokesbury
| district has been conducting a series ;
of evangelistic meetings at the Methodist
church, which attracted large
.; congregations. Rev. Jones is a speak-,
'. er of much power and those who have <
heard him say he has accomplished
L. J Koo-t.n 1-, ct
nilK'U ?UUU. J. nc ......
Monday, and continued through the ;
: week, closing on Sunday with two :
able services by the beloved pastor, <
; Rev. J. D. Griffin.
Friday afternoon a meeting in the
in the interest of the $75,000,000 ;
campaign was held at the Baptist ,
church. Splendid inspirational ad
dresses were made by the Rev. C. ?. .
Burts, D. D., secretary of the general
board of the Baptist state convention, J
and the Rev. Dr. Jones of Columbia.,
Representatives from other Baptist:
churches in the vicinity were in at-.
The Prosperity school was fortun- j
ate to have with them Friday at the
I morning services Rev. E. S. Jones who
has been assisting Rev. J. D. Griffin
: with a series of meetings. Rev. Jones,
in an unusually pleasing manner ad-(
< dressed the school on ''The ROD" j
with reference to Reverence, Obedi-,
ence, and Docility.
; Under the auspices of the Ladies'
Aid society of Grace church, an egg
. hunt will be given Saturday afternoon
! at 4 o'clock, at the residence of Mr. i
. and .Mrs. Berry Hartman. T^Kets
will be on sale all during the week, I
.also ice cream will be sold. Children
j of all denominations are invited to
.join in with the Lutheran Sunday j
school and enjoy the egg hunt.
On the Baptist church lawn the j
Sunday school will be given a free !
i ogg hunt Saturday afternoon at 4
' o'clock.
;i The Literary Sorosis will be enter-j
tained Wednesday afternoon at 4
! o'clock, with Mrs. M. C. Morris as
hostess. ;
There was a large attendance of
?the members at the regular meting
| of the William Lster chapter U. D.
| C. which met Friday afternoon with
! Mrs. L. W. Harmon. The living
' room and reception hall were infor-j
wmllir txrrfV> rmunfitipe wis- :
iiiaiij a"01'6tu
! teria and lilies. A short business
session was first in order, when plans!
, for Memorial day exercises on May
10 were discussed.
i The literary program on "The i
Girls of the Sixties" was led by Miss
Blanche Kibler as follows:
Work in hospitals for wounded'
I brave, Miss Ethel Saner. !
Women helped build Confederate i
' navy, Mrs. J. A. Price.
T-Irvw fVio wnnnrlacI iv-nrlrp^ nt. Vinmp
for the lost cause, Miss Willie Mae j
I Wise.
i Keeping house during the war, Mrs. ;
: L. W. Harmon.
j The Wayside Homes for the weary J
; soldiers, Mrs. J. F. Browne.
j Supply the soldiers with small com- ;
j forts, Miss Edna Fellers.
| A social hour followed during
; which a salad course was served, the
i hostess being assisted by her daugh
! ter, Miss Rebecca Harmon. Little;
'miniature birds were the souvenirs
1 given.
Heed the call, old and young, leans j
| and fats, middle size, men, women i
and children and come to the old !
i fashioned spelling bee to be held at:
! the town hall Thursdav night at 8 !
i !
: o'clock, under the auspices of the
i school community league. An opjfcrtunity
for "ye olden timers'' to com
w " Fnn i si
: pClt." Willi y c inuuciutio- j. ?n ? _'promised
for all. Come and show you j
' are a booster for your school. Admis-1
! sion, 10c. Program as follows:
L'qctiav \T T A T-llaplc
LJVJL IW.A pc-i ? -?x. A A. ^
Talk, Rev. J. D. Griffin.
Spelling- match, fats and leans.
Choosers, Mrs. T. A. Dominick and,
j JVIr. A. G. Wise.
Teacher, Dr. Wyche.
Children's spelling match (mixed).'
j Choosers, Wm. Langford and Rosa- (
lyn Quattle'baum.
; Teacher. Mrs. M. C. Morris. i
j Game?Cross questions, men and.
i women.
Choosers, Rev. J. A. McKeown,1
J Miss Effie Hawkins. ;
Questions, Mrs. T. A. Dominick. I
j Answers, Mrs. G. W. Harmon.
Children's game?Cross questions, j
j'joys and girls* ?*
j Choosers, James Lee Counts and j
it.' ' u
jriaiR'is jDeueuuciugu.
; Questions, boys?Mrs J. F. Browne.
Answers, girls?rMs. T. M. Mills, j
Cake walk, 5c.
! Refreshments?music.
Spelling match, men against worn-'
. I
: en.
Choosers, Mrs. J. D. Quattlebaum!
| and Rev. J. I). Griffin.
! Teacher. Prof. E. 0. Counts,
j i
j Children's multiplication tableJ .
j (mixed).
j Choosers, Rosalyn Miller and Waljter
Teacher, Miss Moss Fellers. ^
Spelling match, grown people and
\ school children.
Choosers, I)r. G. Y. Hunter and
Isadore Ruff.
Teacher, Rev. J. E. Williams.
Advertising committee: Mrs. M. C.
Morris, Mrs. G. W. Harnon.
Misses Lera Livingstone and Agnes
Monts who have been teaching at
Garys Lane are home for the summer'
J. M. Lovelace and Mrs. II. A. Bon
of Chesney have been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. B. 0. Lovelace.
M iss Nancy Young: of Wintnrop
college is ohme on a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Stockman and
Master Walter Stockman motored to
Columbia Saturday.
Miss Jean Adams of Pelzer was the
week-end guest of Mrs. J. C. Schumpert.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Wise spent
Wednesday in Columbia.
Mrs. Pat Stockman has returned
from a short stay to Columbia.
Mrs. J. L. May and daughter, Miss
"Rli'/ahpth wpre shonDers to Colum
bia on Saturday.
Misses Eunice Livingston, Helen
Nichols, Vera Barnes and Elizabeth
Barnes spent the week-end at Silverstreet.
Ira B. Nates of Columbia is spending
a few days with the home folks.
Miss Victoria Crosson has gone to
Pomaria to visit Mrs. W. J. Hendrix.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Boinest, Jr.,
have returned to Pomaria after visiting
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. D. Livingston.
Miss Celeste Singley of Columbia
was home for the week-end.
Miss Ethel Riser has returned from
Newberry where she spent the weekend
with her parents.
Misses Sara Long and Ruth Chapman
have been on a visit to friends
in Chapin.
Westley Dominick of Greenwood
spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. L. S. Long.
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Goggans of
Columbia spent Sunday with the latter's
parents, Dr. and Mrs. C. T.
Mrs. Frank Merchant and daughter,
Miss Ruby Mae of Newberry have
been visiting Mrs. J. H. Crosson.
Mrs. Jim Hunt returned Sunday
from a visit to Columbia.
Mrs. Harriett Lester and Mrs. Marcus
Lester have been visiting: in Columbia.
Miss Helen Mathis spent the weekend
with Mrs. R. G. Rea^in of Newberry.
Mrs. Sam Spence and family spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lois Dominick.
The 14th of this week will be Gnod
Friday and next Sunday will be Easter
day. Those who don't have to ?0
to the other churches can go to Mr.
1 *- > ? -T ?. ?T-. iU/x n tl/1 +A
DUQ3 5 enureII 111 LUC mux iiuij; anu ww
Dr. Daniel's church in the afternoon,
as it is known that Mr. Babb will inaugurate
a series of meetings for Dr.
Skinner, who takes cargo on Monday,
and that Mr. James McCravy, the 1
singing violinist, will also be on hand. 1
Mr. Babb will help in the singing at
Dr. Daniel's church in the afternoon 1
and everybody else, nearly, will be
Mr. Jno. I. C. Aull spent the week- 1
ennd in Clinton.
$10.00 reward for return of diamond !:
brooch. Lost Friday, March 31.
Return to Herald and News.
Fcr sale?Eight cows with young
calves. Your choice, cow and calf .
$25.00. R. C. Carlisle, route o,;.
Newberry, S. C. 4-1 l-2tp j
Fcr sale?Potato plants, Nancy Hall, f
Porto Rica's, 20c hundred, $1.50
thousand, May and June delivery.
J. S. Watts, Prosperity, S. C.
4-ll-3tpltaw (
Pure Porto Rica Molasses for ^ale by
Johnson-McCracken Co.
For sale?Three good fresh milk }
cows irivinir from o to 3 1-2 gallons j1
of milk per day. A. B. Miller, j1
phone 2904. 4-11 -4tp ltawi!
Strayed?From my place last Thurs- j ]
day hound dog: with one eye. Dog i
tag- Xo. 427. Reward for return, i
Charlie Ruff, route 2, Newberry. 1
4-11-1t :
? <
For sale?A good mule 9 years old, I
weighing 1,000 lbs., works any- e
where; also aoout 50 bu. good corn j j
in shuck. See Geo. W. Cromer, j j
Roval Coffee Co., cuy. j >
-i-n-4t |t
Dahlia bulbs?I have a fine selection \ \
of dahlias. Mr. "Bud" Kinard says ;}
that my selection is superb. Come L
in and let's talk dahlias. Hal Kohn. L
' r i T I 0
1 am framing lots ot pictures. l i
don't know whether my fine work or
my advertising Is bringing in the [
jcos hut something seems to di- "
rect the choicest framing jobs my *
way, for whic I am mighty glad.;5
Ha! Konn. j
Tennis rackets from t\V0-fiftV UD. Of- I
ficia! tennis halls and other sup- t
plies. Hal Kohn.
lardcn hose?We have different
grades, 25 and 50 ft. lengths. See
us and get vours. Summer Bros.
Co. ' 4-1 l-2t 4
Forces?We have blacksmiths* forces j
of the good kind and at the right;
price. Summer Bros. Co.
- ;
Screen Wire?The season to screen is :
here and we have the wire. Sum- j
mer Bros. Co.
Planters?Cole Corn Planters, cotton
planters and guano distributors
cheap. Summer Bros. Co.
* I
Aluminum?We have full line marked
down low. Summer Bros. Co.
Paint?Big: shipment of Heath & Mil- J
ligan's just arrived. Get our price.'
Summer Bros. Co.
4-11-2t |
Cultivators?Two horse riding and j
walking. They are labor savers..
Let us show you. Summer Bros.
Wanted to buy some country hams. '
Will pay market price. J. R. Thorn-;
ton, 804 O'Neall St., Newberry, S.:
C. 4-11-2tpj
Eggs for hatching from pure bred,
S. C. Rhode Island Reds. Owen!
Farm Strain $1.50 per 15. R. D.!
Smith. Phone 88 or 338-J. New-j
berry, S. C. 4-4-1 taw:
Chickens and eggs wanted. We!
will pay highest cash prices:
wire or write for prices.;
Owens Fruit and Produce;
Co., Tampa, Florida.
For Sale?Nancy Hall potato slips,!
velvet beans, fertilizers, farming j
implements and calcium arsenate;
ffiv rinisnri irtcr hnll Weevil. Farm-I
ers' Cooperative Association, Pros-!
perity, S. C., J. T. Hunter, agent. I
4-3-Stltaw i
Fertilizers?Get our prices on mixed:
fertilizers, acid phosphate, nitrate:
of soda and cottonseed meal before!
vcu place your order. The Sou-;
jherr: Cotton Oil companv. Phones
'81 and 118. * 2-28-tfj
If you need an\ incubator I have the >
agency for Cyphers. Would be
glad to quote price. J. W. Smith,
Jr. 3-28-tfi
Lots o; people are saving money by j
buyi.ig their flour, sugar, rice, syr-i
up, cm, oats and other groceries.1
from is. Bryson Grocery Co.
3-28-; : j
Baseball Gloves?At prices you have
not seen for 5 years. Gilder &
n vvno w?
Sealed proposals, on blank forms j
attached to S'pecfications will be re- j
ceived by Newberry county at the of-'
fice of the Highway Commissioners,!
Newberry, S. C., for the construction
of top soil roads.
Said proposals will be received un- :
til 12:30 p. m., April 25th, 1922, at!
which time they will be opened and i
read publicly. Contract will be}
awarded as soon as practicable there- 1
Bids will be asked for as follows:'
?;o rnn A ft n mflpF.
z l/uicii ia i u?u, w.v ...
Bush River road, 5.0 miles.
Colk Ferry road, 7.5 miles.
Ninetj Six road, 5.0.
Belfast road, 5.0 miles.
Kempson ferry road, 6.6 miles.
Total, 37.6 miles.
Approximately: Clearing and grubbing
752 acres; 185,000 cu. yards {
excavation; 5,000 cu. yds. rock; 107,-i
000 cu. yds. top soil.
Lin. ft. drain pipe: 910 ft., 15 in.; {
2,845 ft., 18 in.: 1120 ft., 24 in.; 525
ft., 20 in.; 770 ft., 36 in.
520 class "B", cu. yds. concrete,1
H. W.
" ' ' * 1 kf
n-acn Did must Ut: (tttumyaiiitu
a certified check for $1,000.00, one
thousand dollars, drawn to the order
of H. C. Holloway, secretary.
Plans may be seen and specifications
obtained at the office of Sanders !
& Sweeney, Anderson, S. C., and |
Newberry, S. C. ,j
The rijrht is reserved by trie h;?hiv"y
m-nmrrioners to reject any or
rill c any bid that may i
be to the best interest of Newberry
Sec. |
A? Swppnev. engineers.
ril-2t" ;
$200,000 j
Newberry County, South Carolina
Sealed bids will be received by the
ETighway Commission of Newberry j
L-ounty, at its office in Newberry, S.
C., until noon. Tuesday. April 25,
1922. for the above Montis, dated May
1, 1922, denomination 81,000, principal
and interest (May and November
1, rate to be bid on not exceedng
0 per cent.), payable in lawful
uoney in New York city, maturing
'nniijiiiv nn Mav 1 of each year as
Follows, without option of prior pay- I
went: 1923, $2,000; 1924 to lsJSO,
nc., $3,000; 1931 to 1938, inc.,
?4,000; 1939 to 1919, inc., $5,000;
1950 to 1954, inc., $6,000; 1955 to
1959, inc., $7,000; I960 to 1961, inc.,
58,000; 1962, $9,000.
Xo bid under 98 will he entertained
for bonds bearing 5 1-2 per cent
nterest or less. Xo bid under 100
"or bonds bearing more than 5 1-2
Der cent interest. Geiieral county
)bligations; unlimited tax. Legal an- >
)roval of Chester B. Masslich, Esq., |
<cw York City, will be furnished.
Bid? must be upon blank forms to be
urnised on application to the under;igned
and to be accompanied oy a
ertified check upon an incorporated
)ank or trust company, to the order
f.nttTTf-\- ti-flasurpr. for two ner
ent. of par value of bonds bid for,
ind must be addressed to the underlined
and enclosed in a sealed enelope
marked "Bids for Bonds.'' Dcivery
on or about May 15, 1922, at
dace of purchaser's choice. The right
o reject anv and all bids reserved.
Chairman Highway Commission of
Xew'oerry County, South Carolina.
Secretarv. !
-1 l-2t % |
E. O. HENTZ, M. D. 1
Office at Resid ence
1609 College Street
Phone 369
Calls Answered Promptly
If you want rooms for offices or
light housekeeping see Anno O..
Ruff. 3-27-tf
Dont' forget \vc press your suits for
25 cents We call for and deliver.
Quality Pressing Club, phone 200.
Maine grown seed Irish Potatoes for
sale bv Johnson-McCrackin Co.
Just received a car of woven wire i
fencing, barb wire poultry wire and
nails. Let us show you our stock.
Johnson-McCrackin Co.
Special Razor Sale?A few left. Ra-,
zors $2,00 to $4.00 value, 75 cents, i I
Absolutely guaranteed to satisfy 5
you. Gilder & Weeks Co.
Beardless or Spring Barley?For sale
by Johnson-McCrackin Co.
Just received a shipment of Early |
Amber cane seed. Now is the time
to plant an early patch. Bryson /
Grocery Co. ; I
Lost, lost, lost, lost, lost?My big
white and liver colored pointer dog. , c
License tag on collar. Answers to
the name of Dan. Reward to find-j
er. H. M. Brvson.
If you are going to nead a Deering '
or McCormick binder, place your ;
order at once. We are not going 1
tn fVipm Knf rvr/^ov frnm Fstr>- 1
tory as orders are placed. Johnson
McCrackin Co. 3-17-tf { .
: ? ; s
The Newberry Sweet Potato aSSOcia- j _
tion has bedded about 200 bushels fl
of Porto Rican sweet potatoes, in- j spected
by Clemson college repre- j
sentatives and dipped in a forma- i
lide to prevent rot. Our price is!
. right. Place your order now with '
H. M. Bryson, A. A. Cleland or C. j
T. Summer. , 3-17-tf I
Georgia Cane Sy p, 100 per cent '
pure: For s-.e by Johnson-Mc-j
p a o 1 a-4-f i
v^x aacu vv? j
'111 iwjur-" ,' ''"'MllffBI'lillT '
Office Exhange Bank Building
2nd Floor, Rooms 212 and 213
Office Hours: 12 to 1 D'clock P. M.
and 3 to 4 O'clock P. M.
Other Hours by Appointment
Residence Phone 36
Office Phone, 66.
J will open my office for private', practice
March 27th. Practice con-1
fined to consultation and office work. :
Office hours, 9:00 A. M.- 12:30 P. 1 3
M.; 2:00 P. M.-5:00 P. M. and by appointment.
502-503 Exchange Bank B'd^.
Easter F
Lilies, potted.
Hydrangeas, potted.
Cut lilies.
j Please give me your
i possible to insure choic<
Sxiy it with
? 1>
P. S. Flowers delivered
in the United States at
- '
Tuesday, April 11 ,
Corrine Griffith
Aladdin Corned} '
Wednesday, April 12
Pauline Frederick
Almanac Comedy
Thursday, April 13
Gareth Hughes
Vanity Comedy
Opening today at Mayes'
Drug- Store. I am ready to take
:are of your watch, clock, or
my piece of jewelry that is not
n use.
ttt r n nn
w. ?. l urner
Watchmaker and Jeweler
'hone 13-3.
i . n l i
just Received j
New Shipment A
Poultry Fountains ' ^
Dry Mash Hoppers
Chick Feeders
Shell and Grit Hoppers
All Going- Fast
Gome Get Yours Today
We c^rry Poultry Supplies
P. E. Way's |
Newberry, S. C.
m wm >11M?H??T????W???
H. M.BfGBp 4
ird Floor Exchange Bank Bldg
Broken Lenses Duplicated J
or Sale?Thoroughbred Barred Rock " i
eggs. $1.00 per setting. Mrs. T. '
M. Neel, phone 6402. ^
3-28-4tp fl
- | t
g }
order as soon as
D flowers.
'rloWerA. I
by wire to any city
any time. 1
> -K

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