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The Nashville Globe.
Published Every Friday in the Yew, Room
1, Odd Fellowt Hall, No. 447 Fourti At
nue. North, Nashville, Tcnn.,
Telephone 432J-L.
J. 0. BATTLE Editob
Entered as second-claw matter January
1906, at the post office at Nashville, Tennes
see, under the act of Congress of Marcs J
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One Year tt J
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HaMOv -
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crais yci -"--7 -7. ... .
cents dct line for each insertion (black
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Advertising copy shoot! the office
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. 1. ..nutation nf IDT DCTSOn.
firm or corporation, which may appear in the
columns of THE NASHVILLE GLOBE will
be gladly corrected upon being brought to the
attention of the management
fnr nuhliCJatlon M MM
to reach this office Monday. No matter in
tended for current issue which arrives aa late
as Thursday can appear in tnai numocx,
Ihursaay is press oay.
All nultor nt ua for DUDkCfttSOn
must be written only on one side of the pa-
it . . J L.m Sk mavmA
per, ana snouia De accompamcu uj i Hvv.
cation, but as an evidence 01 goou wu.
Nashville has a new park for the
colored people. If one-half the reports
brought back by those who have vis
iied the resort be true, then it were
better that the venture had never been
conceived. The orgies reported as be
ing enacted at Olympic Park and on
the boats en route make Black Bottom
appear decent when compared with
the former place.
Some of those who visited the place
last Sunday state that on the grounds
were between fifty and sixty white
men, some of whom had so little respect
for the patrons of the place as to be in
a semi-intoxicated state. Others, while
not drunk, were on the road to intoxi
cation, for they freely and without
any attempt at secrecy, opened bottles
of beer and partook thereof. On the
boat en route to the park, it is said
that the patrons were given an exhi
bition of social equality a white man
dancing with a woman of our race.
This continued, so it is stated, until a
band of resolute colored men threat
ened to throw the captain of the boat
and every white man upon it, in the
river, if the couple did not cease their
disgraceful conduct. Other familiar
ities upon the part of flippant white
men have also been reported.
If Olympic Park is a resort for the
colored people, then these booze-drinking,
or any other class of white men,
ought to be conspicuous by their ab
sence. We have no desire for "social
equality" and especially is this true
of that "social equality" by which flip
pant white men associate or attempt
to associate with colored women. An
other feature of the park equally ob
jectionable, is the Sunday beer-drinking.
We are not so puritanical as to think
that a park should be conducted with
out amusements nor are we opposed
to such amusements being opened on
Sunday, the only day in the week the
majority of those to whom a park is a
godsend, can take some recreation
We rather welcome their opening on
Sunday. But we do think that the
Sabbath should not be desecrated with
exhibitions containing indecent dances
and other vulgarities.
If the owners of Olympic Park are
conducting a "social equality" park
they ought to advertise it as such and
so conduct it. Otherwise no white
men should be permitted to hang
around and make the place a Sunday
rendezvous for beer-drinkers. If the
resort is not to be a "hullabaloo" then
all the indecencies reported from the
place should be eleminated.
The federal government which finds
itself unable to investigate the most
flagrant violations of law in different
parts of the country Vwhen the rights
cf it? Hrf7Pi have lset violated cr
trial by jury denied, moves with, an i
alacrity that is surprising . when the
Japanese government calls its , atten
tion to the fact that the people of San
Francisco, giving vent to their pent-up
hatred of things Japanese, had de
stroyed a restaurant belonging to a
native cf Japan.
The protest of the Japanese Govern
ment has been described as a tempest
in a teapot. Perhaps it is, but the
promptitude with which an investiga
tion of the incident was asked, shows
that the government at Tokio will not
tamely submit to any persecutions of
its citizens. It shows further, that it
is aware of the local prejudice along
the Pacific slope and intends to protect
its citizens. Japan is young as a
world power, but the unmerciful drub
bing which she gave the Russians
bas caused other powers to sit up and
take notice when she speaks.
The Senate Committee conducting
the Brownsville investigation has ad
journed until June 4. The experts
who were before the committee this
week swore that there was a marked
difference between the bullets fired by
a Springfield rifle and those fired by
a, Krag-Jorgensen rifle, but when two
cartridges, one from each rifle, were
presented for their examination, each
expert picked the Krag bullet for that
of a Springfield. Foraker is making
it appear that these experts are ex'
perts only for the purpose of vindi;
eating Roosevelt's action.
The Clansman which: advertised ex
tensively that it-would run through
the exposition season at Norfolk, has
pulled up stakes and left for parts' un
known. It proved a complete failure
and lost a few dollars for its flamboy
ant owner. Now if Dixon would as
silently as his play pass to the Great
Beyond the atmosphere would be im
We again call our correspondents'
attenion to the oft-repeated request
that they write only on one side of the
paper. Likewise, all. matter fehould
be written in ink and in our office not
later than Wednesday, Items fre
quently reach us written with a penci
which we are unable to decipher, hence
find their way to the waste basket
The local Business League should
wake up. It will soon be too late to
elect' delegates to the Topeka Conven
The sweet girl graduate and the
June bride now. occupy, the centre, of
the stage. Hats off to them.
The war in Central America .re
minds one of an ordinary church
split in this country.
The Rev. Reverdy C. Ransom was
not invited to speak at Normal this
It Is learned that Dr. James ttnnrt
pastor of the Howard Chapel, will
leave Wednesday to attend the. annual
commencement exercises of the. Berea
College. Dr. Bond is the onlv Npcrr.
member of the Board of Trustees of,
this school, which has been for timHv
a half century one of the few srhnnia
in the South doing , co-educational
work between white and Negroes, but
which the state of Kentucky by re,
cent legislative enactment prohibited
tneir continuing. After the mm
mencement exercises, are. over the
board, meeting will be held and th
matter of establishing a branch for
tne colored department will be
up for consideration. It is rumored
that it has been Dracticallv tefMvi
to establish this branch within the
siaie or Kentucky. The effort that
was once put forth to unite the ml
ored department with Fisk University
was or no avail, hence Kentucky wil)
sun count this new school as one o
its many educational institutions.
In looking up participants to take
part In the coming Children's Day
celebration that is beine arranzed for
June 9, to take place at beautiful
Greenwood Park,, Manager Boyd has
succeeded in resurrecting or in other
words, getting together thirty-one
Baptist Sunday schools, most all of
which have 'signified their willingness
to participate in such a celebration,
him in his efforts to make, the cele
bration a success. '
The matter as to conveyance has
been, disposed of. Each Sunday
school will go to Greenwood in their
own conveyances and will ail unite at
the Park,' taking part in the special
program being prepared. It was at
first only estimated that there were
twenty-five Baptist Sunday schools.
The finding of six more makes the
saying true that "Negro Baptists are
hardly ever properly counted." No
census enumerator has ever been able
to, find out really how many Negro
Baptists there are in the United'
States. They were counted in 1906. to
the number of 2,300,000, but in this
the enumerators declare they missed
hundreds of thousands. Mr. Edward
E. Cooper, of the department of Com
merce and Labor, was the last to.
make an effort to get their number,
and before going back to Washington
he was heard to say. in Nashville that
truly the Baptists must be something
like the number John ' saw, ; At any
rate most of the Baptist children in
Nashville and their friends will make
ai display of their strength at Green
wood Park, Children's Day, June 9,
1907, in one grand united celebration
The Ladies' Imperial Sewing Circle
was entertained one evening last
week by Mrs. Sallle Smith and Mrs.
Hardenla Ranson at; the. residence of
Mrs.-Ransom, 901 Blank street ' Aft
er listening' to an interesting
program refreshments were served.
The house was beautifully dec
orated with palms and cut flowers
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Kel
lum. Mrs. Brown, of, Chicago, Mr
Herod, Mrs. Salile Smith, Mrs. H.
Smith, Mrs. Dickerson, Misses Ber-
nice and Delia Smith, Nannie and
Qora Joyner, Maud-Johnson, Messrs,
Richard Bess, of Detroit, iMlch., Mir.
Winston, Mr. 'John Smith and Mr.
Hugh O. May.
1 The A. F. and A. M. gave, a very.
successful, entertainment last Thurs
day night, May 2?, at the Odd Fellows
Auditorium. The following Interest
ing program was carried out:
Instrumental solo Ruth Upshaw
Recitation Miss Florence Smith
Vocal solij, iMiss. Emma Cheers
Recitation .........Mrs. -Susie Oden
Duet . Misses E. Hendry and M Stubbs
Instrumental solo . .iMiss D. L. Moore
Chapter ......'.......Miss Ella Ewin
Vocal solo . . .iMiss Ophelia Alexander
Paper Mrs.. Steel
Hiawatha Ruth Upshaw
Address Mrs. G. W. Woods
Instrumental. solp) . . .Prof. F, J. Work
The address by Mrs. Woods was
jvery instructive and received pro
longed applause. At the conclusion
of the program, the hall was. cleared
and dancing ww indulged in until a
late hour. Refreshments were served
on the first floor.
iMr. and Mrs.: Ghas.' .H Thorne
charmingly entertained the ''Wednes
day Evening (Pit Club," May 22, at
their residence on Tremont avenue,.
The reception rooms iwere. 'very pret
tily adorned with clusters, of pink a.nd.
white peonies and asparagus ferns
Several very interesting games q
"Pit" were played and many beautiful
selections from the graphophone wee,
listened to. Frappe was dispensed in
the hall on. the arrival of the guests
and a light collation, consisting of
cake, Ices, and lemon, and strawberry
Jelly, was served., during the evening
) Among, those present were Mr. anc
iMrs. Will Young, Mr. and Mrs. E. H
I Liner, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Eason and
Mr. and Mrs. Phlneas Baker. Honor
ary guests; "Rasmus," "Bulger" and
"Kate Thorne," the family pets.
The Globe Is in receipt of the com
mencement program of the j D;yers-
burg High School. Prof. Wm, ,.Fort,
formerly of this city, is principal
Mrs. Magnolia Byrdsong has-' charge
of the music. Elaborate preparations
have beenmado for exercises -which
are to be held in - the Opera House,
and no doubt will bo quite a success
H. T. G, MCLUB..
On last Tuesday evening, a bevy
of young ladles met at the residence
of Miss Georgia A. Bradford, 132
Fourteenth avenue, North, by request.
The object of the. meeting was briefly
stated by Miss Bessie Li Martin. - She
said: "It had been, in the minds of
several of our friends that It would
add to the, pleasure, of the ladles oj
the city If they, had. a club In which
they .could assemble,, and engage, from
time to time in entertainments of
some nature. It has been suggested
by some that , nothing more befitting
could be organized, . and- we have
called you here this evening, believing
that such a move woqld meet your ap
proval." AH present entered heartily
nto a discussion of the subject under
consideration and, the Idea, s'eeav?dtd
meet the favor oi every oie, A suo
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Hy T. G. M. beporganlzed, which was
.carried.1 unanimously. ' ' ; ' s'
The following ofllcers were elected:
Miss Mollie Berry, President; Miss
John D. Thompson, Vice President;
.Miss N. I. Sumner, Secretary; Miss
G.'E. Watkins, Assistant Secretary;
Miss G. A; Bradford, Treasurer. For
the present the club will hold weekly
meetings. A. program will be. pre
pared and delightful times are an
ticipated. This is considered a pro
gressive move on the part of the
young ladies of this city.
Friday night, May 24th, closes an
other year of the Columbia High
School. Beginning Sunday, ' May 9,
with the annual sermon and continu
ing until Friday night, the 24th, the
week was one. of harmony and gayety.
R,ev. S' L. toward, 'pastor of St. Paul
A.. M..E. .Church, delivered the annual
sermon. a,t Mt Lebanon' Baptist
Church' " '-' L"-a
: Monday night, May 20th, there was
rendered at Gholston's Hall a musical
and allegorical drama, "Our. Country,"
by one hundred pupils o( the school,
The crowd was immense. The pro
gram closed the first night of the
week's exercises.
Thursday, May 23, there was ren
dered at the school building, under
th,e auspices of the Kellenlan Literary
Society a General Day program. The
chapel hall was filled to its utmost .ca
pacity. The program was well ren
dered. An address was wade by Rev.
Mr. Spratlen, . who " represented the
clergy, present'
Friday night at St. Paul Church the
Commencement Exercises of the Gram
mar.;, and High Sph.QPj graduates took
place. Prof, F, G, Bmjth, Principal pf
Pearl .High School, Nashville, delivr
ered the. annual addles. HJs subject
was "Education as Related to Success
and Prosperity "
The regular monthly ,. meeting of the
Maury County ; Teachers was held at
the Public School building Saturday,
25th. Dr. G. W. Henderson, of Fisk
university, was present ana spoke m
Interest of the Summer Normal to he
held at Fisk University. While In the
city he was the guest of Prof, and Mrs
J. H. Kelly.
Mesdames Williams and McCul
lough. of Nashville, were the euests of
Rev and Mrs. Jno. S. Gilmore during
commencement week.
Miss Maggie E. Kelly will attend
Pearl High School Commencement.
She will be en route to Little Rock,
where she will spend the month of
Prof. W. S. Thompson, of Nashville,
was lp the city Monday.
An early morning baptizing of St.
Paul Church took place Sunday, May
2Gth at 11 o'clock, maklne more than
30 to receive the ordinance.
Miss Izora Sanderson, who has been
teaching at Jackson, Miss., is at home.
Miss Maenblia Daniel and ' Prof t
W. Johnson leave June 6, to attend the
Johnson-Bowser wedding in. Nashville.
The commencement exercises of
Turner Normal Institute, Shelby vllle,
Tenn., began, last Friday,. night, 24th
Inst, with a presentation, of the "Old
Maids' Conference'' by about forty
youns ladles gentlemen, Etyflents
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117 FOURTH AVE. S, Nashville, Tcnn-
The baccalaureate sermon was
livered Sunday morning at the A. M
E. Church by Rev. J. Q. Johnson,
D.J). The phurch was tastefully dec-
uiaicu witu uui BcnpQi colors, purple
and orange, together with a profusion
of bunting and festoons of National
colors, The sermon was a strong
one, and made a deep impression
upon the eighteen graduates.
. At 3 o'clock, Rev. J. II. Smith, pre
siding elder of the Fayetteville dis
trict, preached the annual sermon. ,
The rhetorical exercises of the Pri
mary Department, Mrs. M. E, Davis,
instructor, took place Monday at 1:30
P. m. The exercises of the little peo
ple were highly entertaining.
Monday night the exhibit of the
English Department was rendered be
fore a crowded house. Recitations,
songs and beautiful drills constituted
the program. The oratorical and el
ocutionary contest was held on Tues
day night, In which five young ladies
and two young men engaged. A gold
medal was the prize for each. Miss
Essie Campbell won the prize for elo
cution; Mr. Gerald C. Johnson was
yictor in the oratory. v
The following were the contestants:
Misses Clara Blackburn, Ola Dis
mukes, Essie Campbell, Tede F Moss
V08' Mattie Shaw- Messrs!
JOUn VV. C emmnno on,i n u
uuu UC1 tuu vj.
u TJe anniverBary of the Alumpi Wag
held Wednesday niirhr.. n th n
mencement was Thursday, the ac
count of which will appear in the
next issue. Visitnro M
SSVi?-!? thQ 8tate' The trustee

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