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$pAri Explosion. Caused, by the Dis-
'A" charge efra fcifle
J r Plays Sad Havoc in a Hardware Stere
S P" at Xenia, Ohie.
Tite Window Mown Out, Walla Crnckeil
anil HnlMIng In the Ylrlnlty llncllr
Ditinngeri Three Men .Snrletmlj In-
Jureil, Onq Prnbntilj J'utnlly.
Xkmia, 0., April IS. A terrific explo
sion, tlmt shook the business houses unci
dwelling in the center of the city, oc
curred tiere Thursday, about 1:110 p. in.
IVriple imuglm'd tltnnl-u thattlie mills
eTthO Miami Powder Ce., six miles
north of this city. had blown up. but
these" first te tile street, or already
there, saw a heavy sheet, of (lame sheet
ff-elu the. front of Council A Habb'n
hprdwahi and agricultural iritpleinent
atdre, carrying with It the heavy plate
glass windows, doers and ether portions
6f'thi) store freut. Immediately there
after Mr. Ed ',Cenwcll, brother of
ones of the proprietors, und n clerk
id'the Atere, was seen In the mid
dle of tin street, where he had ran,
Jirtlf Impelled 'by the. explosion, bis
Clothing all en flre and nearly burned
off.' He was caught and rolled in the
"" relid und water 'at the street, d heavy
rain Having fallen; the" remnants of
cte'lhlng clinglngte him were tern off,
afteFwliieh'he was covered wfth over ever
c6ats,v,cVrled into a store neuV by, and
tli en taken home In the patrol-wagon.
Ills Injuries arc very serious, he being
burned nearly Hi) ever, uud the skin
bjlstf red until it fell off. Illy condition
is such that fears an entertained that
he will net recover.
Following Cbnwell from the" store
coine Dr.' Donaldsen, of Pert William,
nnd ITerry Carr, book-keeper for Eavey
fc Ce., wholesale gteCci's. Ileth were
very seriously Injured and were taken
te physicians at once. '
'Intense excitement prevailed en the
PtM't, as the cabse and nature of the
accident could net at first be aiwer
taincd. Reth cuds of the stere had
been blown out, the front wall cracked
and bulged, and the report wus circu
lated at once that Mi km Ilerthe Rlehter,
the1 book-keeper, was btiiied In tbe
Te add te the excitement smoke
poured out of the building, and lire was
seert in places. Men dashed into the
office and groped around, but could And
no one, and it was seen ascertained that
the young lady hud; only' a few minutes
lcferC, gene te dinkier. Beth of the
proprietors were away at the time.
The Are depnrtment extinguished the
flames, and an examination showed
that the stock Of goods nnd store furni
ture hed been badly damaged.
The. cause of the explosion Is yet a
mystery, and can net be Solved until a
thorough examination is made. At the
time it occurred Mr. Conwell was be
hind the counter, showing e Flebcrfc
rifle te Dr. Donaldsen. There were a
number of leaded cartridges near by,
nndpet8lbly a small keg of powder. In
handling the gun Dr. Donaldsen ac
cidentally discharged it, nnd the explo
sion followed immediately. Seme think
the'lriud entered a keg of powder or set
the cartridges en fire. Anether party
says that there had been a strong smell
of escaping gas cenilng from Ihe cellar
nil eay, anil mat iiKCiy tee eiiarge went
through the deer and ignited the large
quantity of gas pent up beneath.
Tim Ohie TuPElHlntnrt'.
Cer.umuts.Aprll IS. Sknatf. Doctors wen r
fug eremrs hereafter are te be a feature of ofll efll
clnl life at nil the state Insane asylums. The
fenate rnaeled Inte law RepriFfntntUc Weeds'
Mil prevldltiK for the appointment of one worn wern
sniphyslrtan at cath of the Institutions men
tioned. One of the railroad reforms rnactt'dhjr
Iheprwent IcglRlatuTO.bccnme n law by pans
nijeln thascnute, and provide thnt strps en
prtspcnfifr ccaihrs shall net be mere than
twnlvetnche above tbe ground. The Weman's
Christian Temperance union orgnnlintlens. In
corporated under the laws of this urr, aie
plvrn authority te Indenture children horn of
fallen women, by n beuse bill that p.iMcd the
senate The Griffin bill torcdecc freight rates
was lest by n tote of yeas 11. nayii 14.
' Keuflu The house pawed n .bill liv Mr.
Workman nmrndlng thu trucucjract e as toper
mi t parents te eppat from the decision of beards
of education te the vprdbate courts There have
been Instances In which parents who desired te
educate, thrlr children at home vine, refused
that prlvllcpe byibeards of education, nnd the
Workman bill Is Intended te pItc opportunity
for appeal from arbitrary action by cchoel au
thorities. Tne Plshcr bill passed the beuse by
the vote ojei 71, nays j The home passed Dr.
Sterrett's bill re-enranlilnp the mllltla system
of ith state. 'It provides for mere and smaller
companies In each regiment, although It does
net Increase, the number of guardsiucn, and pro pre
lUcs new rules for courts of inquiry.. -
The Wentherj
Washinotejj, April 15.1 Fer Tennes
see nnd Kcritucky Generally fair and
wonder by Friday night west: showers
followed by ialr and colder east, fair
eV'T'wftrmcr Saturday. '
Vest Virginia and Ohie Generally
fnb', preceded 'by shewiirs en the lake:
slightly cooler, except, stationary tern
. pemture-en the lake; fair, warmer Jnt
uriitiy, nbrt)t galcA diinlnlsltlng.
.Indiana Fair till Saturday night,
north winds, becoming variable, warmer
by Friday night.
Iowa Train Snow.lleiiml.
Vuri.inOTON) la., April in. The Ilur Ilur
llngten' Cedar Rapids & Northern pas
senger trhln dne here tit 7:40 a. m., did
libit, arrive tljl 1:40 p, in., having been
delayed by a furious snow storm, which
blockaded the line for thirty miles
Beuth of Albert Lea, The drifts nre
high and there is no telegraphic cehi-
munlcatlen, the wires being piestrated.
llondlers Indicted.
Abiiland, Wis., A'prll 13. As n result
of the, investigation by the grand jury
several Indictments were returned
THtlr6day"ngrt!nst County Clerlt Ed Fcii
Tielly, J, M.'Moerfc, Kdbt Cuiininghem,
Ui'R.'IMesenbcrger, fbr censpirlltff t,e
defraud; k
((l 8ucii for llrcucb ofrraaiUe,
' Srymeur, Ind., April 16. Mm. Mary
Apw8, .a dressintikcr e: tills place,
If -, 'MWfi'Aitren x. Liieyu,- as empleye or me
' , l' MQJe A MfawiMippl' rallred, fw'C,0O0,
ftnyr the Itallae ifcft Jfew Orleans Wm
W-asiiinote,, April 15. Inquiry In
Jhts city confirms the statement coming
from Reme 'that a completo and atnlca
bio settlement hnB been reached In the
International difficulties between the
United States and Italy, growing out
if the M:w Orleans tragedy. It ap
pctirrf thttt the government of the'
United States hus veluntdWly takeathc
lultlutlve In closing the breach, without
eeimidttlng Itself te the recognition of
tiny claim for Indemnity, but simply as
an act Of justice aud from motives of
comity, hus placed in the hund.sftt the
Marquis Imperiall, the ItnliaiFeharge
d'airaheshcre, the sum of 125,000 francs,
Or ?'J5,000, for distribution among the
heirs of the three Italians who were
killed nt New Orleans, nnd were found
te be mtbjeets of the Italian govern
ment. It is understood the" money was
ttlkeri from the annual appropriation
of (ti0,00ti te enable the president
te provide for unforeseen emer
gencies in the diplomatic and
tensillar bervice, 60 thttt It will
be unnecessary te call upon con
gress for u specific appropriation. By
this nbtibn 'en the part of the U. S. gov
ernment the disagreeable Complications
Irf the "relations of the two govern
ments, It is believed, have been re
moved, and within a fdiert time the dip
lomatic relations between them 'will be
restored te the amicable status existing
before the New OrlcunB tragedy, Minis
ter Perter returning'' te Reme arid 'a"
minister from Italy taking up his "pest
at' Washington. k
The ()crniitnts Juinpnil .lust n the Herse
riiuiRprt On tli t rrcrlptrp.
HajhiOeatr, Tenn., April 15. A sad
accident occurred Thursday afternoon,
which resulted in Mrs. Oeddard, of
Providence, who is a guest at the Four
Seasons hotel, having her arm 'broken
between the elbow and wrist. The ac
cident eccurtcd en the pinnacle at Cum Cum
nerland Gap, a point about R.OOO feet
above the valley below. Mrs. Goddard
wtis In u vchicli'. being driven by Cnpt.
Paget, of her thajesty's navyl Just at
the point where the mountain Is most
rugged the horse becarne frightened and
started te run. "Mrs. Ueddurd and Capt
Paget jumped from the vehicle, and
barely had they done se when the ani
mal plunged ever the precipice and fell
te the ether tier of cliffs, altfmtSOO feet
below. The animal was Instantly
killed ami the vehicle wa totally de
molished. Ileyend the breaking of
Mrs. Goddard's arm, no injury was sus
tained by the lady or her escort,
Deenliig Derlared Nuue.
Mrldeviinb, April 15. The official
inspector In lunacy has mode an exam
ination of Deenlng te ascertain his
mental condition. Among the ether
simulations of Insanity made by Deen
lng Is'hls profession that he has no rec
ollection of events that have occurred In
his past life. During the examination
he betrayed himself several times, his
answers te eertam questions shewirig
that there was nothing wrong with his
memory. This fact, together with
ethers, led the inspector te make a re
port declaring that Deenlng Is perfectly
rnrurrlnft the Imlliun Onme Ijiws.
Maiiien, Indi, April 15, Violations of
the game law have been numerous here
and In this neighborhood for several
years. Thursday recorded the first
tangible results of a raid ngalnst the
violators by friends of the law. Allen
Skinner will pay W0 and costs for having
been detected with a gill net In his pos
session, and August Depalr. tin inmate
of the Soldiers' home, will pay ? te and
costs for putting a net in the tiver, and
$5 each for four bass taken with it.
Others are implicated, and the prosecu
tion against them will be pushed.
(tnuiPH l'reenteil y Huln.
H.u.TiMeitK, April 15. Thti baseball
game scheduled was postponed en ac
count of rain.
LeuiRViu.K, Ivy., April 15. Cleveland
Louisville game postponed. Raining.
St. Lritns. April ift. Chicago and St.
Leuis game postponed again en account
of rain.
Cincinnati, April 15. Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati game postponed en ncceunt
of rain. " K
Ten Thousand Dellnr Dariinge Verdict.
Itit.vzu,, Ind,, April 15. Mrs. Mary
Welch, of Nebraska, who, in company
with Mcsdames liuslcirk and Weed, was
out driving last November near Green
Castle, was badly injured by thcirbuggy
being struck by some coal cars that
were being pushed in front of an en
gine op the Rig Four railroad, was
granted flO.OOO damages against the
read by the circuit court here,
Convict lU'Cemmenilrit for Ileleuse.
Columbus, O., April 15. The beard of
pardons' has recommended the pardon
of Wm. M. Sparrewgrass tlnd Isaac II.
Wagner, convicts in the penitentiary.
Sparrewgrass was convicted In Morgan
county In 18S9 of pecket-plcklng, and
sentenced te flve year' Imprisonment.
He is new out en parole. Wagner was
sent from Summit county last fall en a
one-year sentence for grand larceny.
tllprfervW. It. C, in me.
CelUmihis, O., April 15,-JThe National
Weman's llclief" Cerps lieme. at Madi Madi
eon, Lake county, Is relieved of Its finan
cial embarrassment by u bill that be
came a law by passage In the senate
Thursday afternoon. It is by Mr. Tay Tay
eor, of Champaign, and appropriates
$5,000 from the state treasury for a de
ficiency in the building' fund.
Flerida Instructs for Harrison.
Jacksonville, Flu., April 15. The
republican htate convention was In
session all night, and finally elected
dclcgates-nt-large te the Minneapolis
convention. They ure Instructed te vote,
for Ilchjamin Harrison for preside lit ns
long as his nrime appears before the con
vention. Chief Clerk oft lip Scrretury of ritate.
CeLUMnufi, Ojj April 16. Cel. Peer-
man,, the newly appointed 'secretary of
Jefersrt' eonty,rte Whb chlwf elerk.
Mr? Cawpfceirwair cashleiiundVf Tre'at-
' , mn,)"!,,' ronuune'Ji. ,-" m
Four Men Gb' Through An Express
Car With Big-luck. ' -
Frem Five te Ten Thousand Dollars
' Secured bythe Thieves,
Tesrtther With Seme New Yerk Kxehtinite
and n I'lirtqiRO nf Lettery Tlrketi Au Au
therltleM Nutlllril nnd lllunit lleunitl
Will H1 J'iacrct en Their Track.
New Oiilkanb, April 15. The Chicago
train of the Illinois Central, which left
hem Thursday afternoon, was held db
nt 0;30, by four men, at a point just be
low Independence, La. Twe men board beard
ed the train ut Hammend station, and,
covering the engineer and fireman, or
dered them te go ahead and take the
siding at Independence, se that the
down train could pass. After the down
train had psissed, two ether men,
who were standing en the track,
joined their confederates and ordered
the train backed te the seventy-seven
mile pest. They then, at point of pistols,
made the engineer and fireman go back
and open the express deer. They rob
bed the Southern express safe of several
thousand dollars, estimated from M.OOO
te $10,000, a let of New Yerk exchange
and it package of lottery tickets. The
authorities at Jacksen have been noti
fied, us-well as these of udjeining towns
and bloodhounds will be placed ou the
track of the robbers.
TeM n ItrllRleus Lady the Heur of Her
Dratli The Kvcnt Trmmplrcs en Time.
ICnexvillic, Tenn., April 15. A pecu
liar death occurred in Londen county
Thursday. Las,t Thanksgiving day' the
wife of II. H. Simpsen attended a
Thanksgiving service t in the country
church near by. During the services' site
stated that she would die in April of
this year. A few days since Mrs.
Thompson told her husband nnd six
small children that she would die at 5
o'clock, April 14; that she had been In
communication with the angels and
knew It. N;e credence was given 'the
wetrian'B talk, ns many thought her over ever
zealous In a religious sense. Thursday
morning, nt the time indicated above,
SimpRen called his wife te get up, but
she we dead. Mrs. Simpsen had al
ways been in the best of health, and
her family rolatieus were of the hap
plest kind. There is a general - cessa
tion of busines in that viciuagc, and
the people nre superstitious enough te
believe that Mrs. Simpsen's death bodes
evel te them.
Thit Cuiiiiilluii l'urliameut Trratril with
Ottawa, Ont., April 15. At the last
session of parliament an address was
passed, asking the Hvltlsh geverpment
te terminate certain previsions of the
treaties between Oreat Britain, Ger
many and Uelglum, that Canada might
be in a position te negotiate treaties
with the'United States nnd ether coun
tries. Although seven months have in
tervened, Sir Jehn Thompson stated in
parliament that no answer had been re
ceived and the contempt with which
Lord Salisbury hed treated the appeal
of the Dominion would be brought be
fore parliament next week.
The Stfntnhlp Imllnnu lluck.
PitiLAnKi.VHiA, April 15,' The steam
ship Indiana arrived at her deck, Thurs
day morning. Chief Mate Rogers and
Ship's Docter Laban arc enthusiastic
ever the reception which was accorded
the officers and men of the vessel by the
people of Libau. The mayor in the
town, ns well as the most prominent of
its citizens, entertained them in a very
hospitable manner,
World's Fair Hill MiumI.
FnANKKertT, Ky April 15. President
pre tern. Mulligan, of the senate, and
the speaker of the house, signed the
World's fair bill Thursday, in order that
the appointment at the commissioners
may be hastened? Mr. Mulligan had
some doubts as te his authority In the
matter, but was finally persuaded te act.
The bill has new gene te the governor.
The Mwetnn Itoemern.
Watiiktewn. S. D., Apt 11 15. The
storm which set in Tuesday night still
prevails, and the Slsseten boomer have
ledged themselves in frerit of the land
ofllce with dry goods boxes te protect
them from the elements. The rush still
continues, every tram bringing in leads
of would-be settlers.
MlrhlKiin Fer AlRer I'er l'rrniilent.
DmiteiT, Mich,, April 15. The re
publicans of Michigan will present the
name Of Russell A. Alger te the national
convention at Minneapolis, as the choice
of the Wolverine state at president of
the United States. This was definitely
decided at the convention, Thursday.
Itjiui'H Kotlgiiatlen Accepted.
Columbus. O., April IB. Secretary of
State Ryan's resignation was nccepted
Thursday morning, te take effect April
10, and Cel. C. P. Peerman's commission
wus issued by the governor, bearing
that date.
I'ete UrewnhiffSlfnH.
Leuisvili.k. Ivy., April IB. Pete
Drowning, the ball-player, has signed
with the New Yerk league club, te play
in left field. Drowning wtis released by
LOulsvllle Inst week, and Is new at Het
Ctnrke Unlicrlty Unuiiifrcil Ily Tire.
Atlanta, ('it., April 15. The main
building of Clurltfc university for col
ored students, near Atlanta, was de
stroyed by flre Thursday night. Less
estimated at ?100,000.
Why Didn't tin Itefore lie Left?
Livmti'oeL, April 1G.T Milbunk and
llarrowe have arrived here, and the
former says he will return te Jcw Yerk
te kick the editor who called him, a
llrltlsh blackguard,
' -Tntnmnuy
Will tin n Theiuuml Streng.
NkY Xehk, April 16. The Tanmany
oxecutlve committee made arrange
ments Thursday for the trip te the dem
ocratic' national convention In Chicago
1 - 1
Wh$ the" Fret of Twtye roer Men, In
Imitation of the 'lvlne Kxample.
Viknna, April 15.- In "rtinpllance
with an ancient custemU ''Impcrer
FranciuJeseph Thursday v ned the
feet of 'twelve, peer mvn ft.t the Imperial
palace. This custom Is In Imitation of
the" washing of tha feet (it tie.discjplca
by Christ, and has hfcqn followed by the
emperors of 'the Jieuie efl JInpsburg
freutlmp immemorial. . -
.The peer jnen arc carefully selected
frOm nmrinfTthe respectable and deserv
ing, nnd the attendants sec "Je it that,
the, feet'are In no actual, need of wash-
Ing before the' emperor touches them.
The twelve peer men are expected te go
through a thorough ablution before
they are brought te the palace, und
after their arrival their ,fcct .ere in
spected and undergo a flnnl cleansing
before being uncovered in the pj-esenee.
of thu kaiser. i j
The peer men were 'brought' before
thd emperor, who, approaching them n
an humble yet dignified manner, dipped
some water from a silver ewer. and
touched the feet of ench one in succes
sion, afterward applying a towel also te
each. This took place th the hall of
ceremonies and In the presence of a
brilliant assembly of members of the
Imperial house, and of the nobility and
The 12 peer men were very old,
their collective ages amounting te 1,058
years. With their snowy hair and
beards, and bent and tottering forms,
they presented a remarkable , contrast
te the glittering assemblage around
them. The kaiser himself is beginning
te leek venerable, having aged consider
ably since the death of the crown prince,
and as the venerable sovereign bent be
fore his veteran subjects and performed
his humble task, even the courtiers
seemed te be touched by tint spectacle.
After the ceremony the kniscr pre
sented te each of the old men a purse
containing thirty pieces of silver.accom silver.accem
panying the gift with a few kindly
words. Then the twelve peer men re
tired and partook of a meal provided for
them, after which they were conveyed
In carriages te their homes.
This ceremony always touches the
popular heart in Vienna and crowds
watch en the streets for the old men te
pass. Thursday loud cheers greeted
them as they were borne te their homes.
The Signature en the Unique Contract lly
Which llnlihy lliiclnen Sold llorle Covet Cevet
InirChuhh. Jacksen, Mich., April 15. A most re
markable transaction has just taken
place northwest of this city, in Sage
township. A farmer named Henry II.
Hudsen has disposed of his vilfotea
neighbor, Philip II. Chubb, getting in ex
change various farming tools nnd sup
plies. A document was drawn up setr
tingferth the transaction, the exchange
was made, and Mrs. Hudsen new lives
en the Chubb farm. The affair Is caus
ing a great eal of comment through
out the state, as well as the document,
which is "herewith given, the spelling
nnd wording being preserved. "Agre
ment Betwixt P H. Chubb of the first
Pnrt and henry M. hudsen of the
sexent Pnrt he dese ngree te sell Alice
hudsen his wife te P. II. Chubb ferthese
things what is named down below
Marsh he j' and buckwheat and potntees
and one grain cradle one hand rake ene
plow one setef wiplc trens and 3 clevases
one grass sithe 1 barrel of saltl window I
hash one grine stone 1 have sold these
thinks' te henrv M, hudsen.
' . . "Piiilii' II. Citunn.
"has sold these things te me.
"IIkvhv Hudse.v.
"Witness: Alick Huosen'."
Knirlt HrrnMni; Up.
Londen, April 15. The Buenes Ayres
correspondent of the Times announces
the progress of the disaffection toward
the government in liruzil. The great
province of Matto-Creve has established
an Independent government under the
mime of Republicu Transutlanttca.
Cel. Burbela commands the rivur and
land forces. He has 1M00 troops and a
river flotilla. The flag of the new re
public is blue and green with a yellow
star In the center. In Rie tlen. Barete
and the Editors Mallet und Patricino,
who were trying te excite a demonstra
tion in favor of the return te power of
Gen. DeFensecn, were arrested and
shipped te Macaya.
A Dynamite Cache
in the Weeds.
Lockpeiit, N. Y., April 15. A dyna-
miter's enmp with a quantity of dyna-
" v
mitq and liembs have been discovered
in the! midst of a dense weAd several
miles Imckef the village of Brochpert
in Menree county. A young man
numed Kings! ey, wliile out hunting in
the weeds, ran into a dense in cle.su re.
Pccring'threngh the undergrewtli he
discovered n hut built of Jogs in tent
shape. Ne one was visible and Kings
ley investigated. He wasstartlcd te find
himself Jn, a veritable dynamiter's den.
Cartridges and bombs in all manner of
shapes were -concealed In hollow tree
trunks. .
Old Fert Denrhern te He lteiteml.
Chicago, April 15. Upen request of
Mrs. L. B. Shattuck, one of the World's
fair ladies, the beard of Seuth park
commissioners has decided te permit
one mere feature of the exposition te
be a permananey in .lacksen park. This
is a restoration of old Fert Dearborn te
be constructed from timbers removed
from ene of the original buildings con
nected with the old block house. It
will be located en a lagoon near the
site of the Agricultural building.
IhulKriitleii of itinnlun llrhrnw.
ItKitu.v, April 18.pTht Berlin emigra
tion committee here, has completed the
details of a plan te forward Russian
Hebrews te the United States in parties
... . ,1 I
of 100 each. The plan of colonization
in Palestine, has been abandoned. The
settlement of Russian Hebrews In thu
Argentine Republic, will be undertaken
en a grand scale shortly
One of i'urilrlilK''
JMAK8HAT.I., .Minn., April in. ve n re
sult qf being squeezed by Pnnlrldffa and
ether smaller Chicago bears, Charlca P.
Jehnsen, of the milling firm of C. F.
Jehnsen & Ce,, has lest ever f40,000, and
has turned his property ever te hk
A, severe finewr storm and .blizzard ia
waging at Rechelle,JlL Over two lnehca
if snt)w has fallen. ( T"
Ona! L. M)isen and ethers have incor
porated the Iudlanupelis Street Rail
way Ce., capital stock H,600,oue. , y
Mrs. Thes. Jonas pf Key'a Creek.Ky.,
was struck by a train near Cutlettsburg
ind kuecked off u trestle. She can net
Adutn Presser, a Wabash (Ind.) fire
man, was Instantly killed at xlveidten,
D., while under his engine cleaning thu
ash pan.
A fierce blizzard und blinding snow
storm Is raging at tiulcna, 111. Tele
graph communication Is badly Inter
rupted. Gee. Wilkes, "king of forgers," ad
mitted te Hellevue hospital, New Yerk,
u the .7th with a fractured skull, died
en Thursday.
The sole topic of conversation at Rap
Id City, S. D., Is a great geld find In the
Keystone mine, Battle Creek district,
twenty miles from that city.
The Russian Famine Relief commit
tee of thu United States has suggested
thnt the proceeds of fast-day collections
be given te the famine relief fund.
The Wyoming democratic state con
vention which met at Douglas, Wyom
ing, Wednesday, adjourned Thursday.
The delegation was uninstructcd but
generally favors D,. 11. Hill for presi
dent. At Philadelphia a shortage of $30,000
In the funds of the Kingsessing Building
and Lean association has been discov
ered. Themas F. Clegg, the secretary,
can net, it Is reported, account for the
The storm which has been raging at
Beene, la., for some time has se in
creased in fury as te be new a fearful
blizznrd. All telegraph and telephone
whes are down and all business sus
pended. It has been discovered at Unlontewn,
Pa., that a mine fire, started twenty
years age, and supposed te have been
extinguished at the time, is still burn
ing, aud has consumed at least five
acres of ceaL
The Bohemian village of Dcutschmol Dcutschmel
liken is in flumes. Seventy houses have
been burned, and four persons have per
ished. In Meeidlan, Moravia, Thurs
day, forty-five houses were burned, und
three persons were suffocated.
Leuis T. (Jrunt, chief deputy sheriff
of Shelby county, Ala,, has absconded.
He hed spent about 810,000 of ether
people's money and fled te escape arrest
and imprisonment, lie was adminis
trator of several . estates, whose money
he used in gambling In futures.
Up te date every county In Wisconsin,
that has chosen delegates te the state
convention, has selected men known te
be fellow era of Ex-President Clevelund,
und the party lenders say Jt 4s practi
cully certain he will have a solid delega
tion from tlmt state in the national
democratic convention.
The directors of the Southern Lum
ber Manufacturers' association have
raised the price of yellow pfue lumber
fifty cents a thousand. This change is
te take effect en Mitf 1. The diiecters
assert that the association is net trying
te control the output of yellow pine
lumber, but Is simply seeking te main
tain prices- nt a paying figure. The di-
recIers f "eu te meci in .uempuis en
J uy aml ? further consider the con-
! ditien of the lumber trade.
' CINCINNATI, April 15.
FLOun Winter patent l 15 1 75; Lrncy 4.00
I ft! 'J0. lamily, '3.2ZS4 70. extra. tit5a3 :. low
prailc, K.I&375; spring patent, M frfii 65:
! anrlnir fnncv. M. lOft.l Si! snrtnff fumllv. A7V?1
4 03, llje flour, MAO&ICO. iluckwucit Heur,
fJ.O0r3i' 5 pur 100 lbs.
Whkat The market was Arm in tone, sellers
beldlns Ne. 2 red at UOc. millers needing it and
I nhlppers luvfn? orders paying the prices. Ne. 3
red was quotable at titc.
CeiiN lingular Ne. U white was held at 41c,
and Ne. S mixed samples at 4J4SUc. Ear was
I quotable at 4IQ.He according te quality.
j Oats Ne. -' white wanted at 3lu and Ne S
mixed atXIu, holders asking 'Jc mere. Sales
et I.UO hu Ne. 'i mixed, spot, track at 33c
K e Was quiet, cash Ne. 2 being eflcrcd at
, 83c and net taken. Ne sales reported.
I CArrl.K Shippers: Geed te choice, $3 75
4 at common te fair, ladOftXCt. Oxen: Geed
te choice, N.0OU3.75; common. .c03i75; select
I butihtr, 3.7ul 10, fair te geed, S3.00tt3.tS5;
common, rioeiw.
Hees Select heavv and mime butcher. t 03
614. 75: fair te (reed nickine. M 30a4 60: com-
imen and rough, a&Oft 4 15. filr te geed light,
. ?& M: rat plg, W7Vd Si.
I CittftMi ivn r i into cti.i.tn riiTM-u-wi . ii y
. 5.f)0: unstiern, 5OJJ0.U); bust wethers, tO'Ji.
( Lumbs-Jj eniSO, uprlng lambs, ft 01)9 U0. a
UMblll Uf Iil7 UUVVll tlfVU " .t'l
I iuw viir.i, v ejiiu.w.
NKW YeilK. April I5-
Wheat Declined 'iftlc on'lengsulllnjand
weaker west: rc-actlen Uc; nan dull and weak;
April, 9JW940.
ltVK Quiet, western, IWjiOOc.
Cern Dull, S 'e lower aud weak; Ne. 2
40&5ic; su-amyr inlxed, iSgriec
Oats Dull; western. SS4d.
l'trrsui'iictt, April 15.
CATTl.B-'Markctstcad) atjcslcrday's prices;
necattluHhlpi ed te New Verlt. .
Hoes Market iictlu1; all grades ft 00510;
four cars liegn shipped te New Yerk.
SlifcEC SlerUcl (alrut umhiiiified prices.
llAt,riMOUK April 15
Wiibat Steady; Ne. S nd spot and April,
WKOric, May, teaW'c, stcumr Na U. n;d, H7e
Cens Slcudy: nilxpil spot, 4SjJlS'4c; the
month, 444'Q4til4c, May, 4(l;4u bid; hti-umir
mixed 41tcbld.
Oats QuIcO Ne, 2 white western, asa3,SJirj
Ne 2mixd wcMtcrn,3ii '3.tc.
hYBxrirm: Ne -'. b7Jic
Chicago. April is.
ri.eun and Ghain, Cash iiuoutlen Klnur
unsettled, dealers a little tlnn Inlhilr lcs:
Ne. SHpring 1hmu, W(ci Ne. 3 spring wheat,
f. e. b , 70Q83e; Ne. S red, 8 cj Ne. 2 lern,
't240Uc; Na 8 de, 3n'ict Ne 2e.its, 2s4
20c: Ne. 2 white. 3iia.iiyc Ne. 3 white, .Una
M!ei Na 2 rye. 75c, Ne, 2 barley, ViIlWci Ne.
3 f. a b., 42A7e, Ne. 4 f, a b., 30Ct4Je. Ne. 1
tlaxsccd, 07't .
l'liiLADKl.rniA, April IV
Vhkat AVcalc, dec'lird't under Rcueril
pressure te fell. Ne 2rel,Ai) llf".tsll'e.
CeitN Options ic lower i ur lets, Na 4 mixed
In grain depot and elcvu.er, 4(kii Ne. Slnoxjiert
levater, 44e: steamer In de, 4ttiQl.t4'j Ne 1
ycllew,49 4e Ne 2 mixed In exiwit ilcva ilcva
ter, 46Vc." Ne.2 mixed April, leltilVc
OATs-Ctir lets tlrm, hut ml much tteiuind;
Na 3 whlte, 37w. Ne. 2w.il H' dvten traU;,
4Ct Ne. 2 white April, 3,' i &si,
Teusli , O , April 15.
Wjibat Dull and low r N scnh, uifjc;
May,Jes July,pi(c; 4u''iV''ic
uuu ami teaiiyK te Jea-n;
.40. j Ne.
I, We: Ne, . SfKu
OATS Quiet;, esuli. i 1 1),
RrB-l)Ulli lilhh. Hie-
Ouevxn MKimDull und (.tuulyi prime cMh,
Oatheretl Frem Different I'iirts
Cettntrv hr Telecr rnnli.
Kmub Wl7It Is NsmereBi and of Caa
, prtlTir X.1U AcoeBBt,
Theeplnk .Is boke what current In
the United States that the marriageable
daughters of rich Americans, aa well aa
t Ue J r 'fathers, and. mothers, are frequent
ly attracted by Italian titles of nobility.
WheJLhcr-thJs opinion Is corrector net,,
the status of tills nobility Js one of the1
subjects that attracts the attention ei
the students of the social cendlth n of!
Italy. Ten years age there were n the!
peninsula, according te a distinguished
authority, 400 princes, 4C8 dukes, 985
marquises, 1,050 counts, 825 batons,
and 5 viceunts, as well aa 1,284 persona
of patrician rank, 3,278 with a right te
the designation of "noble," 818 distinct
ively signeri, and 46 hereditary
knights. In the "Gelden Boek of the
Capital" were ascribed 831 patrician
families, of which 28 .bad the title, pf
prince nnd jB that of duke, while the
ethers wcre marquises, epunts, or sim
ply patricians. .Five ftrders. of nobility
were recognized. The causes of this
extraordinary profusion of titles are
two in, number. Under, the old regime
there were. a -dozen or mere independent
sovereignties, and an equal number of
"fountains of honor," all of them influ
enced by the usual motives in the dis
tribution of titles of nobility. Every
king or grand duke must have
his court and noblesse. Indeed,
the heads of small states and
principalities are very apt te
distribute titles with mere liberality
than great king3 and emperors. Then
by custom an Italian nobleman be
queaths his title te all his 50ns, no mat
ter hpw numerous they may be, al
though the eldest Is the head of the
house and the proper successor te the
title; a custom that results In a numerous
pscude nobility. As all the "fountains
of honor" but one dried up with the
unification of Italy, It is fair te suppose
that fewer persons are ennobled new
than formerly, but, as the old nobility
or nobilities are very numerous, and as
the ether cause continues te act, there
is no reason te fear an immediate
scarcity of titled personages. It should
also be observed that the Italian princes.'
are by no means the equals in rank of
the English princes. In England the
title is reserved for the princes of the
bleed; net se In Italy and in ether con
tinental countries.
Perhaps It Is needless te say that the
power of the Italian nobility is but a
figment of what it once was. The
march of democratic ideas, the spread
of the commercial spirit and the in
crease of wealth have plaj'ed havoe
with the old aristocracies. Ne doubt
the Italian nobles stl I possess very con
siderable Influence, but much of what
they once had has passed te the pre- '
fcsslens and te the representatives of
industrial and commercial life. They
are net conspicuous in politics, or In
the army or navy M. Rudinl, the
present prime minister, Is Indeed a mar
quis, and is reputed te be very wealthy,
but he was In no way prominent until
he became the head of the coalition'
cabinet en the downfall of Crisp L
A Meunure for Their Clasilfleatlen and
The bill for the classification of clerks
In first and second-class, pest offices
which cengjress is considering ought te
become a law without opposition, says
the Century. It was prepared by the
National Association of Pest OfDce
Clerks, and Is a measure conceived and
designed for the sole purpose of sctur
Ing just and fair treatment te a very,
hard-working and meritorious body -of
public servants. It fixes their com
pensation upon an equable and reason
able basis, insures promotion according
te service nnd ability, and makes faith
fulness and efficiency the eqlc requisites
for permanent employment. It Is a
measure in the interest of true civil serv
ice reform, as well as national justice,
since it classifies the service, makes it
mandatory that all appointments te the
higher grades shall be from the lower
grades, en the ground of proficiency
and leugth of service, and requires that
all new appointments shall be te the
lower grades after competitive exami
nations as required by the civil service
act. ' ' l
Under the present system, or rather .
Lick, of system, the clerks have no y
classification which Insures promotion, ,
according te service and ability, have,
long hours of labor, are poorly paid -
and have no annual vacation. Te say '
that a great and rich government llke
ours I5 justified In treating its empleyes- "
in this heartless, unfair and parslme-.
nleus manner is obvieuslv absurd. A
private employer who pursued such
course would be censured roundly joy"""
ull reputable men. As a nutlen we are
abundantly able te pay our servants '
fair wages, and we ought te bee that; it
is, for the best intercut of the whole?
public te have, our pest office clcrkV
a permanent, well-drilled, IntelligunjES
capable and contented body of servaptft ,
for it is only from such a body that theP
best scrvlce can be obtained. y,
Minute Trees. W '
The Japanese art of maklug mlnla-i s
ture ihuiim:uih uuu gurm'iib consists -,
chiefly In starving the plants th as te
retard the circulation of the sap or m&MI
glvtn? juices, Furguson, who was oneT!
among the first of English adventurers
te visit China und Japan, mentions the
i;iciui;iniL-s;iv muuuuui, .1 uu.nuuihjui, jt
me ingniss of laciycs &nimo-ie.c,wincix
did contain a llttyl dirt and bixtuen'
tiny littyl trees, feure of which were in
full blew, the whole boxe, trcea and all,
se small that a map could put thorn in
hys mouth tegctheu"
Very UKTrrent.
An Atrier!i,m lnilv vtclllnr lnt. a f
continually Interested in the smart lit-' l$
fri- uwji ia M"UU VtlJ'n Ullli liiUUiiDk J i
deliver the wtncs of the notary cooks.
One day alie said te cine of thebe boys,1
who had brought her some eaktw: "W
Tin iith'k 111 ii-iuin Mrre nnx ntitMi rmmr
I Bunivisa von cot thu benefit of
these Cnlre vmit-t-lf uiituiti
"WhaVde menn, mmlaraaV" Wm
a eake new ahcI thnnr rm
OVi nn ttflnt tLnf ,f;
wly llfk fffV.M I njibl" tyim
It '
I' :.
1 rji.
vS. liUfAtM.'Mm t '
, r k
' jT -t. .j
ia t r. .
i lTJWIk
V . A I ' 1. 1" . S , .1.1 v. ,.., tAMfV
1- A
ft W V
&.a. j.ftv'v., ms,. -f . a , 1 .. ' . . . , ) kfltw.lfiTwJiS'j, iuFi
I HHb&&&
r z hibhhei , r im mi . i jam ja u . . t

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