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Democratic Ticket
vtHmrt CetHttr
f Kiibii Ouimty
tt Vw4M OMMrtjr
emu awmbv owkal
wtrierrK hkwitt
0f HiMM Count
MMkn Onaiilr
Good awnttHg
OfIMAX PlttXTDW Oomfaxy
StAHfofd k making an effort o
v lipee LexiMgtous gigantic bar
Daniel Manning says he thinks
Mr Cleveland -the winning card
ii the game for President itext
3 car
The State of Chihuahua Mex
ico is now slavering under two
Iis latures and two Governors
c n lea voting to make laws and
c nioree them
Mr C L Searcy lias withdrawn
from the race for HepreseiitaUve
and the fieki is left to Hon A T
Chenauit who will probably have
110 opposition at August
Squire Jim Woods the Prohi
bition candidate for tin Legisla
t tire has KejMiblicait antecedents
nnl Womans Kigiits tendencies
lie will nevertheless make good
meat for Chenauit at August
Puck traces a marked similarity
Ixtween the red civilixatioti of tlie
Indians ami the red civilization of
Ilt anarchists Tlie Indians lteld
their land in comuioii ami might
nide right The anarchists
the same
lion John FeJand of
ilk ItcfMiblican candklate for
Attorney General declines to
lier jwwsecute the canvass and
aside Here are Messrs
John Bennett and A It Ihtrnam
Kcpublicans you can not do bet-
t r than to take one of litem
The Masoik Grand Lodge of
Missouri has dosed its doors to all
j rous who sell whisky ami tlie
Informed Presbyterian Church in
Nw York has closed its doors to
nil Masons Tliere are a few
narrow gauged institutions yet
extant notwithstanding the liar
in ludit of the nineteenth cen
Tlie people of the South did
not promote the return of tin
Confederate flags they did not
join in any repuest to return them
they were not aware o such a
movement until the order hail been
countermanded Titey do not
v en care whether or not they are
ever returned t Tlie idea origin
ated in tlie North was discussed
in tlie North and decided in tlie
North It was altogether a piece
of Northern stupidity which gave
the Itepubticans a few short Ikhii s
in which to -wave tlie bloody
shirt and that is all tlie cousola
lion anybody in the North can get
out of the question Tlie una
nimity and violent manner with
which tlie llepublicans resisted
the return to tlie South of the
valueless old rubbish mere sou
venirs of a quarter of a century
ago evidences plainly to tlie
South that tlie spirit of unifica
tion in the North is painfully sliort
oi what it ought to be and that
the South is much more willing to
span the bloody chasm than is
her former foe in arms
About fifty people assembled
in tlie Court liouee in Kichmond
last Saturday tlie occasion of tlie
County Prohibition Convention
There were thirty or more Demo
crats eight Prohibitionists six
women and a few Republicans
It was essentially a Beren conven
tion or at most a Glade preriuct
affair for nobody outshb of
precinct took jartln tlie proce
1USS4 X IS o Hunting was ca
ed to tlie chair and stated tin
The State Knights of Labor
convention in eteion at LaGrange
last weak made tlte lollowing
nominations For Governor A
II Cargin of Crittemlen Lieu
tenant Governor 0 N Bradbttrn
of Louisville Attorney General
John P Newman of Campbell
Treasurer George Smith of Han
cock Auditor John McMurtry
of Fayette Superintendent of
ruuhc instruction K M Alcueatn
of Marion
Tlie Cornelison case continues
to come before the public in a sen
sational way La6t week a circu
lar which is printed 011 lite first
page of this issue under the head
of The Fraudulent Indictment
against John J Cornelison was
circulated at Mt Sterling and
owing to its serious charges at
tracted great attention Circuit
Court was in session and the
Grand Jury at once took up the
matter for examination The
result was an indictment against
Elder Thomas Munnell father-in-law
of Corneliaonand also against
Cornelison charging them with
libel The same Grand Jury
failed to indict Squire Stofer who
recently released Cornelison on a
writ of habeas corjntt Thus the
Corneli ton case continues to claim
public attention in one form or
another and an anxious public
would like to know wlten and
wheie the end is to be found
Several years have elapsed since
it beginning
n the Democrat of Madito Oumtji
After nurture reflection ami with the
fail onttfe Ht ami advice of my
fritmlr I ltereby rew peetfnlly with
draw from tins ree before the Primary
election for nomination for Represen
tative I feel that to continue in tli
heated eoutet wowhl tend to disrupt
lite iwriy in the comity And hi order
to retain perfect harmony peace and
good feeitag all fcr Mitid I think the
above course in a duty I owe to 1113
friends my party ami mys elf To
the many warm friends who have vol
untarily given tlteir MiKH t I liereby
tender my sincere titauku
RiebBwod ICy June 16tli S7
Tlie Iottisville Commercial has
a clear idea ol deals and forci
bly expresses itself as follows
Tltere w no more threatening sril to
btfcine of the country than the cor
ner Touches of its damage ai e fresh
in mind through the recent coltaiie in
wiieat ami the Hiueese in eoliee Ttte
baekset to life Ciifcago deal in w heat
was due to incorrect efetimattou of the
load to It carried Tlie eikiiie found
Hi elf confronted with nearly twice as
mueii w neat as hail been counted on
aitd retired in dismay litis fcjieeiee of
Hneeuiatiou is universally condemned
au more damaging than tlie gambliug
rooni w lfere eardb are the foundation
instead of h lieat or joik yet tins w hole
laMlee world takes a jmrl in Histiing
tlte evil along leetnriiK ami preaeli
iK lo no good ami bitter experience
and bankrui4ey Mfldoii frighten the
vietiin away frmi it
Tlie subjoined letter from Ad
jutant General Drum has created
a commotion in Grand Army cir
cles and attracted attention
throughout tlie country Tlie let
ter remit
Sir Tlie President of the United
State having approved tlie recom
mendation that all the flags in tlie
cMxIy of tlte War Demrtment be
returned to tiie autltorities of tlie res
pective Statew in which the regiments
bote litem were organised fur Mich
final diosiion as they may deter
mine I am instructed by tlie honora
ble Secretary of War to make you in
tlie name of the Dejtartnient a tender
of tlie flags now in this otHee belong
ing to tlie late oiunteer orgaiihsatioiis
of tiie State of
In dteelMirging this pleasant duty I
beg you will please advise me of your
wisltes lu this matter It is the in
tention in returning each flag to give
its history as far as it is possible to do
so stating the circumstances of its cap
ture ami recovery I have the honor
to le very respectfully your obedient
servant It C Drum
Adjutant General
In conversation General Drum
We ae going to return the flags to
all the States Korth aud South and I
am now having full lists made ol all
these trophies iu poseeeeiou of the de
partment In a short time we shall have
the wltole collection so assorted and
separated that we shall be ready to
forward to every State in the Union
whatever flags In longing to State vol
unteers fell into the hands of the Fed
eral army ami into the possession of the
War Department I am having a
complete inventory of them made out
with written statements to tell briefly
as far as known the history of each
trophy and the story of how It came to
be captured AH this literature will
be oom4eted and the trophies will be
ready to be forwardotlJitthcir owners
iu a fup xeks This action is not due
tlie obfect of tlie meeting was to
nominate a candidate for tlie Leg
islature Rev John G Fee the i
made a speech ot length in which
he denounced both the Democratic
and Republican parties and un
dertook to sliow that there wa6
bat one great question before the
people and that was Prohibition
He deprecated both Local Option
Jand High License and believed
solely ami exclusively in Proba
tion Judge John D Goodloo
as noiwnwtod but gracefully de--d
U was insisted upon in
by Squire Woods
tt Henting and Mr
lie steadfastly
Fee was nom-
gs but firmly
-1 Squire
any pressure or any suggestion from
ifside It had been iu
ItiiHi iu the Department for considera
ble time You se every now and
then we were receiving inquiries from
various stales about the flags 111 which
they were particularly interested and
requests to have them returned These
requests generally came from North
ern Mule and from time to time as
the requests were made they were grat
ified At length It occurred to thedepart
tneut officials that It would be a good
tiling to return them all at once Tlie
law relating to flags captured from the
enemies ot the United States did not
apply to flags taken In the Civil War
The Grand Army -Posts all over
the country grew excited and at
once adopted resolutions condemn
ing the return of tlie flags Gov
ernor Foraker of Ohio telo
graplted General Boyirton at
Washington to go before the
United States Supreme Court and
sue out an injunction against the
removal of the flags and
J graphed President Cleveland as
I most earnestly protest against
linn The patriotic people of this
e shocked and indignant be
lli ing I cm express and I
w iesf j ou to m ke the or-
WHaaai JHi
Burgoo is useful to contemplate as an
abstract idea lK as a food it is too
thtek to drink ami not thick enough to
We demand of Squire Woodn tlie
Prohibition candidate as to whether
ot not he is in favor of returning the
Itebel flags
Why tlie thunder does a man write his
name in letters big as tlte Cotut house
then paste em iu his hat and the first
eimnce lie has walk oil with another
mans hat
Mr McDowell as you will see else
where iu tills issue has stepjied into
our shoes at the Itegioler ofltee They
tit him precisely excel they are 1
jetle too sliort
Tlie Tmx Column like our shadow
has followed us from tlie Register to
Tjik Climax office Oil what a fol
lowing we have in those two insepa
rable institutions
Fountain Fox Bobbit Is announced
for two speeches a day in Lincoln coun
ty during tlie mouth of July lie is
a Democratic candidate witii Prohibi
tion proehvilies aud is spiliu to be
returned to the Legislature
The withdrawal of Air Searcy from
the Legislative race jerked the life
preservers oil tlie Hostel s and they aie
now reposing quietly ou the bottom of
the jiolitlcal lake Will Squire Woods
assist them from a watery grave
It may appear both Mulhattouish
and indelicate but it is nevertheless a
fact that a physician In Itiehmoud has
a compressed air machine fitted up at
a cost of several hundred dollars for
the purpose of blowing peoples noses
A careless cleik projecting with a
pistol iu Smiths store ldowed a ball
straight across the street and dug up
some dust among some men He was
pale as this paper aud wished he had
been more watchful The Marshal did
uol molest him so he breathes better
She found a photograph and a letter
In her husbands desk and now the
careless husband wishes he had never
been lioru We insist ou more atten
tion being paid to the advice of the
venerable gentleman ol Foxtown
when you write to a woman write on
a slate so you can rub It out
Tlie ItegUter JPW0WJciraiMCS
tWMnramT French Tipton have pur
chased the Hammond Herald Tip
knows ltow to run a newspaper and
we expect to see him make a daisy out
ol his J mi re base Wo liojie he will
spare his readers the Infliction of the
Thin Column twiwever Stanford
Yes we had decided to abandon the
Thin Column altogether but the fol
lowing doubted barrelled alt wool joke
from tlie Journal compelled us to con
tinue the institution of omnoiated des
cription Just to accommodate the afore
said joke
One of our Kugiisli settlers Mr
George John Hemming who puts up
sugar coated nop corn came all the
way lo town the other day to tell us
a good joke which was that a negro
believing that the corn grew iop
ped IumI asked Mm for a few seed so
int he could raise some forhlmselt
We laughed ourselves to death at the
joke and Ikhw all our tiatrous will do
site same
Jam R G Fifc died of Brights dneaw
at hi home in Maditon county Ky on
Friday June 17th 1887 ge 53 years
The Amend occurcd at the rcUeace on
Saturday and the burial in tlie family
burial ground
Amos Dcatherage died at his home on
Muddy Creek in Madii on count Ky on
SaH rda uneiSth 1SS7 aged 74 tears
stwtt unqualified father f ShenB N B
- IT- r
v i lie iw l v
i ie was
Deatbcmge jiad
tht odr son f Mr Sallic Pcalhcrage
gtan14 11 a uc t ear
Union oflicer ami present
pomattox says
I wa9 present at Iheseeond Interview
between Generals Grant and Lee when
the oonditlona of the surrender wre
agreed upon and General Grant au
thorized the Southern forces to retain
their tide and other accoutrements and
return to their home lu peace Those
of us who hadsecn four years of war bur
ied all animosity aud hatred under that
old apple tree at Appomattox and in
stantly became brothers aud friends
before General Grants order to supply
the defeated army with ratlo us could be
executed the Union soldiers threw
their knapsacks upon the ground and
divided their rations with their former
enemies A better illustration of the
friendly feeling that existed between
the two armies could not have been
given Now as Gen Grant said that
the side arms accoutrements and In
some eases fie horse of the Con feder
ates should be returned to their respec
tive owners 1 do not see why the old
regimental ami company flags should
not vao go back to their original own
Tlie Cincinnati Commercial Ga
zette has put forth several of its
characteristic denunciatory edi
torials on the subject exhibiting
as much feeling as if tlie civil war
which ended nearly a quarter of a
century ago were yet in progress
When tlie G A K howl backed
by Foraker the Commercial-Gazette
and other heavy weights up
North reached the ears of the
President he began seriously to
consi ler the matter The sugges
tion of returning the Hags there
are 300 of them was made by
General Drum to Secretary ol
War Fndicott and by him to the
President Upon reflection the
President wrote
1 have to day considered with more
care tlwu I did when the subjeet was
orally presented me tlie action of
iKir Depaitment directing letters
to be addressed to the Governors
of all the States ottering to return
if desired to the loyal states
the Union flags captured during
tlie war of tlie rebellion by the Confed
erate forces and afterward recovered by
Government troops and to the Con
federate States tlie flags captured by
tlie Union forces all of which for many
years have been packed in Moes aud
are stored in the cellar and attic of tlie
War Department I am of tlie opinion
that the return of the flags in the man
ner thus contemplated is not author
ized by existing law nor justified as an
Executive act I request therefore that
no further steps be taken in the matter
exeept to examine and inventory tlie
flags and adopt proper measures for
their preservation Any direction as to
tlie final diMsitIon of tliem should
originate ith Cougres Your truly
Gkovkk CIiKykkakh
Thus the war of words over the
war worn flags ends as suddenly
is it sprang up
A lot of 21 lambs was sold In
county last eek at four cents
averaged 00 pounds
The exports ot live cnltle and dressed
beef from Boston lo the English mar
kets last week were 1515 cattle and
2000 quarters of beef
Mr Vincent Cromwell of Lexing
ton lost two Bed Wilkes yearlings
which were struck by lightning For
one he had refused 1000 and the other
James Garland has purchased the
tw filly Snow Drop by Joe
Hooker dam Laura Winston by Nor
folk of W B Toduunter Fayette
county for 2000
Mrs J H Helton who lives nejr
Magan Ohio county Ky and who is
only2i years of age Is the mother of
eight living children tlie oldest of
which is eleven years
Smith Anderson bought about 300
acres of wheat Saturday at from 05 to
70 cents Ihey also bought of G M
J A Lee 1800 bushels of old wheat at
78 cents Dunville Advocate
Old corn is still advancing and some
predict it will reach 8 before tlie next
crop is made It is now selling nt
2 65 delivered Bright timothy aud
sheaf oats at 12 85 delivered Hemp
trade reported nominal at 450 per
cwt and Aery little unsold Lexing
ton Gazette
J G Burnside aod Warner Slavin
bought a lot of fut hogs from Hausbury
West at 4 20 per cwt J A Doty
bought 7 fat hogs to be delivered Satur
day at 4 00 They averaged 275 pounds
A It Denny bought from George Jen
nings two mule yearling colts for 75
each Traders say the mule crop will
be short next year us everybody is
breeding to horses L mcaster Journal
Buckner Woodford of Nicholas is
at Paris soliciting stock for the organi
zation of another bank at that place
with a cash capital of 100000 He lias
nearly all the stock subscribed and we
understand that the enterprise will be
opened for busiuess in September Col
E F Clay C M Clay Jr Buckner
and Cateshy Woodford are the largest
The Garrard county bonds were not
sold for tlie reason that since they were
advertised tliere has been a seUemetit
with tiie slierill aud it is found that the
county indebtedness is only about 32
000 in lead of 50000 It is now pro
posed to i sue bauds maturing- In from
one to four ye irs S000 each year hear
ing 0 per cent interest So that in four
more years old Garrard will out of
debt for which Praise the Lord
At the Shorthorn sale of H Y Attrlll
at Kansas City six bullssold for 4195
an average of 090 per head 30 females
sold for 21930 an average of 731 per
head The whole 36 averaged 720 euch
A J Alexander of Spring Station was
tlie purchaser of two Duchesses of Ox
ford one at 2000 and one at 050
Col T S Moberley of Richmond pur
chased a Tliorndaio Bose at 1000
The rice fields below New Orlenns
have beeu inuudated and a great dam
age lias resulted A strong easterly
gale began to blow Saturday and con
tinued steadily until Monday The
result was luundatiou of a considerable
portion of the Parish of Plaquemines
The eastern portion of the parish forms
a long peninsula lying between the
Mississippi river aud the Gnlfof Mex
ico which is about ten miles wide
This section is cultivated in rice The
200 lice farms were underwater each
containing forty acres and it is expect
ed that the growiug crop will be totaly
Owing to tlie busy tinm witii the
farmers there w as a very small crowd at
tje sale of the effects of the late Dr V
V Owsley the farm undagood many
of the things advertised to be sold were
not offered and will be Mild privately
The prices realized were not satisfac
tory tho bidders beingso scarce Horses
wild from 75 to 135 mules 63 to 100
2 year old catile26 to 2S yearlings
12 to milk cows 20 to 30 hogs
5 cents ier pound The farming im
plements sold very low 39 shures
Farmers National Batik stock sold at
from 151 to 153 and several shares of
Dix Itlver Danville Turnpike at 16
Stanford Journal
Tlie June returns of the Department
of Agriculture indicate a reduction of
nearly 2 per cent in the area of winter
wheat In condition of winter wheat
tliere is no change the average being
84 9 a reduction of nine tenths of 1 per
cent In 1SS6 tlie June average was
927 The harvest is already iu pro
gress up to the 3Sth degree of north lati
tude Condition of spring wheat is good
iu Dakota and qerritories westward
but below average records in Wiscon
sin Minnesota Iowa anil Nebraska
The goneral average for spring wheat is
878 which is lower than recent years
but thirteen points higher than iu 1SS1
At harvesting last year the condition
averaged 80
Two culls that were settled iu the
courts of Danville last week illustrate
the costliness and hardship that often
attend litigation One caso was an ac
tion by a sewing machine company
against n widow In Perry villewWvOlV
traoted for a nuchlue atij ll 25 for
which sum she execuMT a note aud
JjrrViH inorteageov Tier house and tot
to secure its payment The judgment
was for 12807 and her Imme was sold
to satisfy tlie olaim The other case
referred to was an action on an account
for thirty cent wherein judgment was
entered against tho defendant for 390
The lawyers fees if they employed
counsel would add considerably to the
The Illinois Legislature has prohib
ited tlio unit ol tobacco to boys under
sixteen years of age
MrWH McRobertP of Stanford
and Miss Besslo Thomas of Louisville
were married last week
Henry Tooker a youth of 19 bliot
and dangerously wouuded his father
Bee Tuuker iu Oasey county
Of lite hundred thousand Inhabitants
of Cllcla a fertile plain in Asia Minor
eighty thousand nro destitute
Sullie Cowherd stubbed and killed
Emma Duhoney nt Lebanon last week
tho weapon used being n barlow knife
Dr J JS PnniBtnf for fifty yeure 0
Profytsor lu Georgetown college has
resigned There is an eflorjtjo remove
tliepllfge to SlwlbyrtWe
MnHLeteli3r Owsley oj Lanoftiiter
ttua fifeliilnpit llironivh FTnll T H Ma
B reary an aiWiinnjeiit to the I b
had t 1 n 1 lie 4
ISavtH Aueiiy ai Aunnpols
Tho on hutidrol and tenth aiiniver
saryof e aJirtxn r Mm Bters and
stripes as the national flag was cele
brated Tuesday at Hartford Conn
Guy Webber of Cinoinnnti repre
senting Eastern capitalists- has pur
chased two million nares of land In
Sonora Mexico on whloh it is propos
ed to found nn American colony
Tlie Masonic Fraternity of Kentucky
have made arrangements to celebrate
St Johns Day June 24lh witii nic
nics at Louisville and elsewhere for
the benefit of tlie Masonic Widows and
Orphans Home
At a meeting of wholesale liquor
dealers In Louisville the action of tho
Manufacturers Association in de
ciding to shut down for one year was
indorsed and a resolution pased
agreeing not lo purohase any whisky
distilled during the period of suspen
Riohiml T Sparks of Nicholasvillo
badly cut Katie Uttlnger n prostitute
iu Lexington on the back of the neck
and while resisting arrest with a knife
a tew minutes afterwaid was shot in
tlie muscle of the left arm near the
shoulder by Deputy Sheriff Frank
The Hall Ordvay Manufacturing
Company Nashville boots and shoes
failed owing to heavy losses 111 their
business Tlie firm liabilities amount
to 190000 and individual liabilities to
46000 Total assets 200000 This is
the only shoe manufactory in the South
and was believed to be doing a good
The Association of Louisville has in
stituted suit against JohnB William
son Clerk of the City Court Edward
Tierney City Auditor Henry Wolford
Cily Treasurer and the city of Louis
ville alleging that Williamson lias
been receiving more in the way of feee
etc than tlie law allows and has in
consequence overdrawn his accounts
some 8777
Ex Sherifl Wm Ramey and his son
Henry the latter twenty four years old
were riding from Morehead to their
home in tlie country and when a few
miles from town they were shot lrom
their horses and perhaps fatally wound
ed by unknown men in ambush It is
not known who the parties were that
did the shooting
The statement is made that Jellersou
Davis Simon Cemeron A P Kennedy
and Haiinibul Hamlin are the only
men living who were member of tlie
United Slates Senate when tlie war
was begun Haiinibul Hamlin is also
tlie only living ex Vice President The
only living ex President is R B Hayes
A few days ago Mrs Thomas Golf of
North Middlttown while walking
across the lloor of her room stepped
on a cat which bit her oil the top of the
foot Tlie foot and limb arr swollen to
tlie knee aud the flesh has turned green
It is feared that blood iKiisouing has set
in and the limb will have to be ampu
tated to save her life Brookaville Dem
Doc Hill and James Johnston al
leged Indian doctors hired a horse and
buggy from Mr P M Simpson of
Bloomfield last week They said they
wanted to go to Chaplin They went
to Louisville and it is alleged tried to
sell the horse and buggy Policeman
Smith arrested them and brought them
to Bardstown Monday Thy were ex
aniinedibefgre Judge Fulton yesterday
aud held to bail in the sum of 500 each
They arc iu jail Bardstown Record
An Ashewlie North Carolina tele
gram wiys that a wonderful freak of
nature appeared near that place in lie
way of 11 child just born The child litis
two heads tlie faced being opposite
Tiie front face is perfect w hilo tlie one
at the buck is not regular Tliere is
only one neck lor the two bkulis aud
the hair ou tlie forehead coined down
to tlie eyes Tlie arms of this phenom
enon aro covered with a heavy and
shaggy growth of hair entirely to the
wrists A number of people uent
from the city to tee tills mo nstroity
Messrs John MacLeod Ciiief Engin
eer and Y It Ituggles Division En
gineer of tlie Louisville Huotliern were
here Friday evening having oome up
from Harrodsburg over one of tlie pro
posed lines between that place and
Danville Mr MacLeod sajs that this
portion of tlie line was let witii tlie rest
and that tho contractor who is to do
the work has a ked when he may be
gin as he is about liuishiug his contract
on tho Maysville aud llig bHiidy
Messrs MacLeod and Uugglea liojie to
be able to begin tlie survey of the route
next week after which they will be in
a positiou to make a location Dan
ville Advocate
Vheu 15 F Remington of tills city
went lo ustumebiiperiuieudency of tlie
branch penitentiary at Eddyvllle he
took leave of his wife at the reshleuoe
of Jerry Frazer iu Lexington During
the w ar when he left with General John
Morgans command lie took leave of
his wife at the same place Ou each of
these occasions there was a death iu the
Frazer family before Mr Remingtons
return On the first occasion ho hud
hard work to keep out of the peniten
tiary from wjuclltn3rf ClM Mn
JUWAvAlter ami other f ktbel comntdet
made their escape Now he is engaged
in seeing that u penitentiary is built
secure enough to prevent the escape of
auy one larls Kentuckiau Citizen
A Kovbl But -While I am not a
netting man tuid F J Cheney of tho
Urm of F J Cheney fc Co I considered
it my religious duty lo make that fel
low a bet You neo he was about dend
aud 1 guess he would have died before
Spring if I had not got him ou the
bet You know some men had rather
loose their lives than lose a hundred
well he was one of that kind aud we
both came near being out but I saved
my hundred and it only cost him ten
dollam Hows that He cent for mu
one day aud taid the doctors hud all
Kiveii him up to die with tho catarrh
I told him that I would bet him JIM
that Halls Catarrh Cure would our
him or I would give hlw 100 If H felled
He look the latter iiruiHxitlon This
was three mouths ago you bee how he
looks uow dont you as well as jtny
oue aud a Candy Arueriouu Tyfedo
- A
Tub Bajhks Cky Fmi iv And the
old folks laugh when they Hud the
pleasant California liquid fruit remedy
Syrup of Jigs is more easily taken aud
tuore in its aetiou Jhan bitter
nauseous medicines It is a most val
uable family remedy to aot on the
bowolsto oleaiise theystem and to
dispel colds headaches and levers
Manufactured only by the California
j Fir tiy rup GJbftsftUSjmcUro
uii oi Mie oyvyuus tsotocKiwi
Patrouizt J J Brka the drugit
manv new things
t 41
and see how low prices we quote you
This week we give you still lower prices
Head the Araluable
information given by
1 lot Dress Goods worth 25c at
50 dozen Colored Bordered II S Handkerchiefs at Sc
50 dozen Hose at i Sjjc
500 yards Handsome Sateens worth 20c at I 15c
5000 yards Lawn wortli inore money at 3c
5000 yards Lawn worth Sc at 1 5c
1 lot Dress Goods worth 50c at
1 lot Dress Itobes in boxes worth 750 at
1 lot Towels worth 12c at
1 lot Table Linen worth 50c at
1 lot Calicoes worth Gc at
1 lot Brown Domestic worth Gc at
1 lot Ladies Slippers worth 100 at
1 lt T II lMnn Climu CO flfl of
X Hit IjUUICS il uu uuvol i Iuu uu rr
1 lot Ladies ivid Button bhoes worth if250 at-
1 lot Mens Button Lace and Congress Shoes worth 250 at
50 Suits of Clothes worth 750 at
50 Suits of Clothes wortli S900 at
50 Suits of Clothes worth 1100 at
50 Suits of Clothes worth 1500 at
We offer an immense liiie of Carpets
at Greatly Reduced Prices in
order to reduce same special
Bargains call and
see them
We have a sreat
many new attractions
this week which we arc unable to give
prices of on account of space Should you
want anv thine in the way of Corsets
Gloves Embroideries Laces Dress Goods
Dry Goods of any kind Clothing Boots
Shoes Hats Carpets Trunks Furnishing
Goods c just come and sec our prices
and we will sell you as we have the
and prices that will make them go
Quotations are for good line smooth stock and it should ho remembered
that the value of coarse and rough animals of espial weight is much less
CAUTION Shippers to this market fchould life direful to send no big jaw
or other diteased cattle for the inspection here U very rigid
Good to Extra 1400 to 1501 Km
Fair to Good 1250 to ijoo Ss
Common ami Kmtgh 1 too to 1250 Ks
Good to Extra Oxen 1400 to 1800 s
Fair to Good Oxen - 1200 to 1600 s
Good to Extra Heifers ami Steers 1000 to 1200 tts
Fair to Good Heifers and Steem - Soo to co
Common to Fair Heifers and Steers 600 to 00 Hm
Good to Extra Cows la to 13H
Fair to Good Cows Soo to 950 Ks
Common ami Plain Cow
OKI Hough Cows Oxen and Stags
Itest Shipping 1S00 to 2200
Ilest Hotogna 1500 to 1S00 Rts
Fair Bologna 1000 to 1400
Fair to Good Feeders Soo to 1000 Ns
Common and Thin 600 to 1200 Hs
Good Extra Steers 1000 to 1200 Its
Fair to Good Steers Soo to lono tts
Fair to Good Light Stfkkere 2
Common and Thm Ligtt Stockerc - 1
f I
l A
Window Door Frames
Stair Railing
r -
4 o
3 g
3 25
2 oo3
1 5
J 0
XSEammoiZz latmisville Store
ciisrciisTi oheotxjie o issr
I 50 2
3 75
Best GradcsGood Suck 45 0050 00
Fair to Good 30 0035 00
Best Veal Calres 125 to 150KS
Fair to Good ieo to 120
Common and Heavy
GomM JtJaivjr 60 te 65 8
iootT uutctver
Fair Butchers
Common and Tail Ends
Select Butcher and Vleavr Shippers
Fair to Good Mixed Packers
Good to Extra Ligllts 15010 180 Us
J ignt 1 igs 1 o to 1 jo jm
Kougn ami acaiam
15 O02O 00
5 o S 50
4 00W s 00
- 50 3 00
5 5 6 00
4 5 4 S
3 3 5
S S 5 S
4 9S S c0
4 3e 5 00
4 00 4 Zo
3 75S 4 5
LAirara m
Newel Posts
Pew Ends
Church Finish
Lumber Lath Shingles Weather boarding
flooring etc etc
jgSPpce li8ts and Estimates promptly furnished on application
ti kiids of mswm wm
- 1 t I r
- -- - 1 n
TTnvn mst received and opened aMiargc
stock of East Trenton well selecl
Decorated Dinner and
Tea Sets and Toilet Articles
Also a large lot of Glassware and Water Bets of
all kinds and styles
Rotas SilYer PlatetL Mies ai wm
and all kinds of Canned G dtods
tJQuXiFdx sa
The are about closing up their business and
have on hand over 4000 of them
Manufacture all styles and sizes
which they offer at
All tapis luMifiu For One Year
The Best Material
lae Easiest Term
on Mr Pope ad examine tlc
Dont buy doing so
Drawford House
S W Corner Sixth and Walnut Sts
I have taken tlie maifgement of this
House Have put it in mod order Clean
rooms and beds and a jSt7 1 table all that
the market affords and tljffood as the best
All r CT Kf A 1J
2x11 iur olju pur any iui
keep you away It is had
Will be pleased to enterll
Veryltci tftil
Wednesday July 13 m
I will oiVvr for snle publicly to the 1
est bidder
mi Main ytreet in RiclnnoHil
tty to the edir of tins paper
It consists of seven rooms wit I
throticbout cistern at tlio dror hide
and liaclcynrd House is newly ent
ered mid painted mid in uoixl rennr
In every part 1 cfler this property for
smell consequence of Having removed
from tlie State
Salo at XO oclock IoMesciim
roedlatoly Purtlcs dssiring ti Ym
ine the pniperty will please cnlBffJ
si ureemcar at tnrsi iNutlonnl iHffi
it let the price
times prices
ain you
S5 Klanagcr
qums and ORESctasT aouTB
Cincinnati Southern anil Associate Roads
New Orleans Florida Birmingham Chattanooga
Texas Meridian Vicfcsburg and all the
Principal Points Soirtsi anfl Sontli Wesl
Morniiiff and 3fi5lit Tlnillilatl51JWnS0
uiweiwe avl rxiirer Hiruck llm City nn JHunsu a joaiwy auwnleri with
VCTxiirilu cwuvtriHfUCf
Quccift Crcsqent J2 ti
OenemI Odires St Iaul Uuil
General Manager
Qeuenil Superlntenden
ResMence Fo
Koothwa i
Be s CtnMnnaMCito
I i 1
I m
jonn uyKes win lurahli ire to tht till
tpsof Kichmond iind vicinitr tins itason
jow iqc urae kb maKc
livery 1 lis hcadmtarten are at tifrfry
aiuicuij x ujKvtim nonn cma ot
si Li
Drug Sfebre For We
In the best towu in Kentuck
f Xtures and a rire stni it of T
Only LinoilW7ow JACKMSVIiIRI1 w
Special Totice SiJlffir1Xarn
loir ImHM OraiHl lMillmna Kinosl lHlaee S- leemr Stale Room PaMers
Nearly All the Leading Uailroads SSSTcfflienS l0r v
jrand JMHrul Union IViotln IMSWW boWliig tlskeK vl IbK lit
UniMtrnl IHumuut A ant
Assistant Gonerel Paswmger -
i ttstv m j Tjria
Avn I
9 I U1 I
We I
I I prepared to do all kinds
Eeasoaable E
and in the best manner B
tliorouuhly educated Ca
aid builder and those conl
in buudme will do well I
an estimate from him
Office at his residence or
Irivine Street
pr 13 tf
cB H
oacs es Brandts l
a thr nrrmnwifs I
Ark wllnnliul ft Ol f9
altaated nn Main Street -d
K Dlt4l uu Aintii uncri vyiu
tu sir
fy P
on in
McKeeN corner where j 1
ays find n fresh supply q i
viiius idwia
fotegant cuced tnaals of all hi4 T
iP A Produce taken In exchangf KJ
li ueilveriil lrwnl oorns ft

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