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The Richmond climax. (Richmond, Ky.) 1897-1914, December 21, 1910, Image 6

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For boys
Gloves 1I0so
Men Frest o
Overcoats v
1L1O 1250
j 15
A nice assortment of these Over
coats with two collars one collar
Beneath the other but cannot be
detected in either position They
look like any other Overcoat but
when the collar is turned up it fits
snugly under the chin It IS the
Overcoat of the moment and is
very much in demand
Mens Suits and
10 1250 15
These Suits and Ove juris a
made of pure worsted materials
tailored excelently fit perfectly
and are very desirable patterns
g Shopping Suggestions for Xmas Gift Givers
J For Men
tJ Suits
t Raincoats Overcoats
Fancy Vests
f J Neckwear
f tJ Shirts Hose
11u lers
House Slippers
c Hats
Suit Cases
J Pocket Books
t J
For Women
Scl or Furs
Shlr waists
Shoes Slipper
Nullifiers V
Silk PetticoatS
Handkerchiefs +
Stationery Gloves
Largo Purso
Silk Hose
Tfcckwcar v
Sweater Coats
Suit Cases
Trimmed Hats
For Girls
Ear Sets
Toilet Jewelry Aarticlcs
Xmas Blankets and Comforts
SOOO Blankets all wool3418
050 Blankets all wool 40S
500 Blankets all wool r 3 ° 8
Comforts 125 11S 200 and 29S
1 and Putty V
taI1 fsizes prices always the lowest
We Put 1a Mass
TaII Paper
p Shades
> tHome
J h of
t Clothes Good
213 West Main Street
Paints Oils
V arnishe Pictures
Primes and
Mens Neckwear J
Holiday Novelties in pure rich silks beautiful new
Persian popular plain colors Christmas tints neat J
figured and striped effects rfI
25 35 and 50cents
Areoplanes Toys Pianos l
DollJIpjnKs Dolls Dogs Horses Cows Lions Teddy
Bears Birds Books Dishes GoCarts Buggies J
Tables all kinds of Doll Furniture Rag Dolls Bisque tal
Esquimo Dolls Trains Fire Engines Automobiles I
Flying Machines It
i Main Street Richmond Ky
New Meat Market
i W1VI Jennings COt Second Street
Parks old stand the finest of
Fresh Meats Always
on Hand
I Vegetables Fresh I
and always the best Game in season
For the best telephone 670 If we cant
handle the best we wont handle any
We solicit your trade
we M Jennings Co
Telephone 670
The Royal
ofGood J
Good J
I Dont Walt = = = Buy Your ChrIstmas r 4
V Presents Now V
Our cabinets are crowded with Collegian suits and Presto Overcoats the seasons
it f latest models We carefully fit you Our interest does not end in selling you a suit we J
aim to satIsfy you In every partIcular Ie take great paIns to help yo select a becoming 1
garment that fits to perfection Collegian clothes embrace styles that appeal to every 1
f man Snappy uptotheminute styles for young men or styles of dignified elegance to J
ift meet the preference of more mature men Give us the opportunity to show you who is J
I who tt in the clothing business in Richmond Here you wi I findXmas Gifts for everybody tI
at prices to please everybody Come see and judge for yourself Jt
Shoes Hats Caps Gloves Cltett 3
ShIrts Special Patterns for the
Holidays A
Silk Scarfs Phoenix MuHlelsn itIlcolorst Silk
iit H Handkerchiefs Initial Handkerchiefs Silk Hose and
Combination Sets Ties t Handkerchiefs and Sox
tto match Silk Suspenders Fancy Vests Scarf Pins Shirt Links
Tie Clasps Watch Fobs Walking Canes and Umbrellas House J
Slippers in all colors for ladies and men Bath Robes Smoking Jack
FY etsf Pajamas Leather Suit Cases and Traveling Bags
r 1 i W e cordially invite you to visit our store You will have polite attention and
ri courteous treatment whether you wish to buy or notF i
Sorner Secono s and Main oIIr Richmond r Ky
PhooeJOO U
V uug Q
They Alf With Thetriht llMIJc
hibit PIMMM Like the ° Mom
We are likely to tecardttiemoonaa
tie only thing In the beaveiu ttet etr
Tbibtte phases anch as the ijwirtec the
half and the full As fc matter of < fact
all planets and their satellites exhibit
separately such phase and most of
them can be easily seen with a small
powertetescope Thus Mars and Ve
nus which are comparatively close to
i the earth show through the telescope
i at times n beautiful crescent at others
a half plinet fully as brilliant consid
ering the distance as does satellite
At times also the planets suffer eclipse
just as the earth the moon and the
sun and these eclipses are foretold
with as great accuracy
As to Just what causesithe phases
say of the moon Js easy tocon preheml
by a homely analogy If ope stands In
a corner of a room places a globe of
some description In the next corner and
a light In tho third corner the phenom
enon of the half moon Is seen The
light representing the sun shines of
course on half the globe representing
the moon but the observer In the cor
ner sees only half of the surface to
ward him Illuminated If now the light
be placed behind the observer and a
little above his bead a full moon will
be seen the sun however shining
on the same area of surface as before
merely allowing this time a view from
tho earth of the whole amount of
illumination All the phases can be
demonstrated In this manner by mov
ing the moon directly outward from
its corner
One of tho greatest discoveries of sci
ence is duo to observation of the
eclipses of Jupiters moons It was
found that when the earth was in the
part of its orbit nearest to Jupiter
these eclipses occurred sixteen minutes
earlier than when it was in the far
thermost part whereas by nil rules of
astronomy they should havo occurred
at tho same minute each time It was
deduced from this that light was not
instantaneous and consequently took
sixteen minutes to traverse the diam
eter of the earths orbitn dtgtaucn Qr
bout 2GOGGOGu inucs Urns giving to
light a velocity of 180000 miles a sec
ond which was accurately shown later
by other experlmentsSt Louis no
Not Surprising They Break Consider
ing the Work They Do
The mainspring of a watch does not
unwind at a uniform rate but Inter
mittency It is subjected to a sudden
Jerk at every tickfour times per sec
ond for my watch This makes 313
COO times per day and over 120000000
times per year This operating condi
tion Is analogous to others discussed
In Kents Mechanical Pocketbook
under tho heads of Relation of the
Elastic Limit of Endurance Under Re
peated Stresses and Resistance of
Metals to Repeated Shocks Among
other things it says
IAnother long known result of ex
perience Is the fact that rupture may
be caused by a succession of shocks or
i Impacts nono of which alone would
1 1 be sufficient to cause It Iron axles
thc piston rods of steam hammers and
other pieces of metal subject to contin
uously repeated shocks Invariably
break after a certain length of serv
ice They have a life which Is lira
Wohler found In testing Iron by re
vented stresses not impacts that In
one case 400000 applications of a
stress of 000 centners to the square
Inch caused a rupture while a similar
bar remained sound after 43000000
applications of a stress of 300 centners
to the square Inch One centner equals
1102 pounds Tho mainspring of a
watch Is not only under a consider
able tensile stress but also under a
bending stress when suddenly released
then immediately stopped by the es
capement mechanism It Is then prob
able that its molecular cohesive pow
er deteriorates in a manner similar to
those quoted Scientific American
Von Bulow of Gentle Nature
When first Von Bulbw was Intro
duced to me I almost avoided him on
account of the many stories of his
irascibility his erratic disposition his
offhand treatment of the public his
brutality toward musicians and many
other crimes of this sort On closer
acquaintance with the great pianist I
experienced some astonishment to find
him a man of strong mind yet gentle
nature enthusiastic artistic to the fin
ger tips and well bred though of
an exceedingly nervous temperament
Irascible he might have been at times
but I am sure that the moments of un
governable anger were always provok
ed by peoples stupidity or by some un
pardonable mistakes in musical execu
tion From Modjeskas Memoirs in
The Text
The minister had preached on tho
text Why halt ye between two opts
ions and upon little Coras return
home from church her grandmother
asked what the text was
I dont remember exactly answer
ed Cora but It was something about
ft hawk between two pigeons Chica
go News
Fooling the Boy
Why did the cow Jump over the
moon pa
1 suppose it was a sort of early ex
periment in aerial navigation New
York Press
Almond Oil
One hundred pounds of almonds
yield ford eigbt pounds of oU
Careworn man has In nil ages sown
faulty to reap despair Goethe
For Rent
Residence and six acres of land near
city limits on Big Hit pike Apply
B B Boon
tf li D No 1 Berea Ivy
I had been troubled with constipation
fortwo years and tried all of tho best
physicians in Bristol Tonn and thpy
could do nothing for mo writes Thcs
Williaihs JliJdlcsboro Ky Two pack
ages of iChamborlainS Stomach and Liv
er Tablets cured mo For sale by
Stockton Son dlm
Stop itching instantly Cures piles
eczema salt rheum tetter itch hhxs
herpes cabbies Doans Ointment At
any drug store dlm
AnsetlRce eats
t roll SHERIFF
Wfnre luHlorized to nnnounce 13LWI5R
DEATH KAGB a tnndlilnte for Sheriff of
Madison county subject to the nctlon of
Democratic party
We are i tliailie < l to announce JOHN K
IsALDWlfN a candidate for Sheriff of Mad
Don county subject to the action of the
Ve are authorized to announce An
JONES cnmWate for Sheriff of Nudism
COUNty subject to the action ot the Demo
cratic party
Vfe are authorized to announce BSXJ A
WIN K Kt TAKDS a candidate tortt
pertnteudcot of Public Schools of MsKlixxi
county 4 > Nect to tb ctioa of the D
cratic pcrtr
> t
Weare imiioclzed loannounceMOROAlf
TAYiO kc HdWBte for JnllerolMaUison
count iw c to tbe actioa et the emo
cratic putt
we o e4 to sarwwnce W p
AUL aC te loc roUJ 40
Demo lcPmLt3
We are 6ntborti d t lUllJiDUa < LaR1l C
House eaDdk for County Clerk of
Madllloll CDmIy to tIM act1oa of
Demoewttc panr
This is the
for making
Perfect J
Bake pay
FT Absolutely FazeI
jThe only Baking
Powder made
from Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar
made from grape
No Alum
No Lime Phosphate
In an interview with tho Lexington
correspondent of the CourierJournal
Editor Samuel J Roberts of the Lex
ington Leader gives the following
reasons for the slump in Kentuckys
growth in population
As an offhand opinion I would sug
gest that our miserable tax laws the in
security of lifo and property and tho
generally low moral tone of our political
system have had much todo in making
Kentucky such a laggard that its gain
in population in the last ten years was
only half as great as tho gain in the pre
ceding decade and only about onethird
of the propriate gain of the entire
United States
Capital is timid to invest in Ken
lucky lifo is held too cheaply property
is not always safe from confiscation or
destruction our election laws are thor
oughly partisan our Lojyslatures are In
tolerant and vioious in their treatment
of every subject that can be twisted to
political advantago and lawbreakers are
too influential in our courts
All of these things combineto make
men hesitate to come to Kentucky or to
invest capital in the clovolopcment of
its resources Kentucky is a delightful
State in so many ways and its people
generally aro so contented with present
conditions and have had so little ex
perience in modern industry and com
mercial development that they do not
turn naturally to the class enterprises
that havo made other States rich and
populousWith our own disinclination to de
velop our great natural resources cod
ditions ought To bo made more inviting
to those who would come among us if
life property and political rights were
more secure and to this end men of all
parties ought to pledge themselves that
the State may make a bettor showing in
the next decade
The quicker a cold is gotten rid of the
less the danger from pneumonia and
other serious diseases B W Hall of
Vavcrly Va says I boliovo Cham
berlains Cough Remedy to bo absolute
ly the best preparation on the markeT
for colds I have recommended it to
my friend and they all agree with mo
Ifforsaloby Stockton Son dUn
I Tim Democrats stood pat on Mr Bal
lingers oust from office but the Repub
licans declare ho was persecuted arid
brought in a report oxhoncrating him
Piuchots charges will be upheld some
day Ho know what crookedness was
going pn and tho Republican party is
now paying dearly for it Tho wholo
country is tired of the mismanagement
the JiO P has been guilty of If Bal
lingpr wasnt guilty hod have sense
enough to resign Isis name gill go
down along sldb that of Benedict Ar
nold and other traitors
What Cures Eczema
VVo liavp had so minyinquirles Iabiv
regarding Eczema and other skin
diseases that we arc glad to make our
answer public After careful investiga
tion wo have found that a singifo ° wasb
of Oil of Wiutergrcon as compounded
in hD ican bo relied upon We
would not maico this statement tot our
patrons friends ancl neigiibcrs unless
we were sure of it and itUhougli there
Bra many Socalled Eczema rcmbdios
sold TO ourselves unKcsltntingly recbm
men Vim 1Xrescrptfotid
Because We knew that ifgles
iatal1t relief to that torturing ilph Vw <
I lcquse DvD starts the cureatt
tbefajMdatton of the trouble
I a JtqMtHfcbrK cleanses soothes sad
UKlis 1h sida
Bee ifeer It enables Nadirs tofe
Cpiilttha tivVages of disoasct >
I BiawfcB The records of teayiww f rf
eGiD1et eu H of blot aMa 1
meetaetkutLolivessitoW thM i Dbb
is Way tacotjnis d ss tGa efssd WSlt r
Alasp Cure
Prop into if rtor tedgy got trt
l it tonltitehm0ud Kt
Tobac W rId
Sizes Up Situation in V Ken
tucky With Startling
In striking editorial The
Burley Market Demoralized
I the Tobacco World ne lead
ing tobacco trade journal xof
America makes statements
about the situation in Ken
tucky which are startling for
candor The significance of
the pooP fai lure and the
criminal advantage being
taken of the growers help
Iessnessare plainly sVt forth
The Worlds s
Since the Burley pool for
this year has fallen to pieces
the prices of tobacco in the
Kentucky district have been
hitting the toboggan with
startling speed Tobacco
which under normal condi
tions would sell for 18 to 20
cents is going begging at half
that price The tobacco man
ufacturers are inclined to stay
out of the market until the
price strikes the bottom mak
ing only such purchases as
they need from time to time
and not attempting to cover
their future needs
Its predicted bya large
manufacturer that the lowest
grade Burley will yet sell five
cents a pound and the highest
for not more than 15 cc nts
figures which have not pre
vailed for at least the last five
years And judging by their
present trend of prices this
prediction is fast nearing ful
The tobacco brokers who
went into the market when
the pool was first disrupted
bought freely at prices which
they are sure to rue In
stead of squeezing the manu
facturers the brokers them
selves are now being squeezed
i and the loss will be tremend
In closing the editorial the
World says Tobacco plant
ers under the present condi
tions will have ample oppor
tunity for reflection and we
hope they will learn their les
son wen rf
Heavy impure blood makes a muddy8
pimply complexion headaches nausea
indigestion Thin blood makes you
weak pale sickly Burdock Bitters
makes the blood rich red purere I
stores perfect health
Dire Distress i
It is Near at Hand to Hun
dreds of Richmond
Dont neglect an aching back
Backache is the kidneys cry for help
Neglect hurrying to their aid
Means that urinary troubles follow
quickly Dire distress diabetes Brlghts dis
Profit by a sufferers experience
Mrs Mary Hinsdn 2lStrother St Mt
Sterling says I beliovd that if I had
not sed Doans Kidney Pills I would
not be living today My health was
very poor and two of ourbest physicians
stated that I had diabetes and could not
expect to recover They gave mo a
year to prepare for my sad fate The
kidney secretions Aycro unnatural and
contained sediment and al times my
body bloated I was nervous and suffer
ed severely from headaches and dizzy
spells during which spots floated before
my eyes 1 often hail a grasp Something
for support My back was also very
weak and I could not stoop to button
my shoes in fact I could hardly get
around I was so much impressed by a
testimonial given in favor of Doans
Kidney Pills lhat Ifclecided to try them
until I was in good health 1 have but
little trouble from my kidneys now
thinks to Doans Kidney Pills
For sale byail dealers Price 50
cents KosierMilbnru Co Buffalo
New York Bole agents for the United
Rymeraber tho nanie Emq
take no other
Theyre Cheap
You can buy a safety razor
for 10 cents now A local
dealer is displaying this new
invention and many people
areattraqted to the show win
dow It comes complete for
the above price
is the original has been
the standard for thirtyfive
years 4
There I are thousands of
socalled it jusCas gpod a
Emulsions but they are
not = they are simply imi
rtations which are never
as g gad a they original
Thcy are Uketiin milk
= v t
t GO3CSb i 1 toicic like a t
1 VV
YJcreatn v
II > ihtrit tbiIIlo
r s 1l
21 lf rwi al bcl
fui tY1t th1fu
file amrrroee aa4 ebI I14b ar
t b 51f and O34 atcteltinook
coau ai Goon uY pm
BOA < 11 DOWN 4Q tc fmH tat Ntw Yeah
BLAST6tob Air TightHOT
Burns Slack
or SoftCoal
Without Smoke or Soot
Heats double the space
heated by any otherstoye
with half the fuel Glean
neat economical
neatThe Y 1
TheY Kind to Buy for i <
Service > > t
A money saver for people
who want a goodstov L
an honest price See tin
operation you will like it
WD Buckley Q
East Main Street
I am paying higkest cpi prices
forfides and Tallow tl
Wool > Will treat you = lght
for fURS
Ring phone 363I
A Handsome
Persian Lamb
C = O = A = T
Given Away by
Mrs e JoMBarl wCo V
Now on display at Richmond
Millinery Cos Store
A coupon given with each purchase entitles
you to a chance on this beautiful coat Every
thing in our line to be sold at cost not to quit
business but to continue with a new line
This sale is now on and will continue until
everything is sold
Let The Climax Do Your JOQ7 >
s Printing
f 14
Shoes <
for1Vlenr h
Men 1 L
Sally t c
Shoes for
i r = Business Philosopher
Dear PeopleI have come to Richmond un
der conlractwith John E Sexton to entertain you
with mk illustrated philosophy andto bring home
to you the merits of this stores Footwear r = My
mission is to amuse and benefit the large and in
intelligent V
Latest Styles in all Leathers in
Ladies Footwear
f200 to
Bargain Counter Saturdays
The Herschede Hal dock ae a ti epee
a tubular chaDC gad aa artick of fie foe
home ofice or nbtaboa appeal alike to
uhlky refiaemeBl and rouwcal taete The
perfect movement iawree conecteew of time
w solid oak or RkogMy case witk classic
foes conforms to good taste sad the meio
diou tubular dwnesK dinse hours aDd
wmestminater tL peak aE 1Vtett oc
ester save as a Rk aog lembder of
Ae p a ssuig lour Thefifty tyfe gire fe
choice xferfgn I soe aDd pace 4 JwwUg
the moon s phase a tif1d atcfa We ire
sales agents for The Heachede HI Qxk
Coofthiacqad wit tacad itlusiniedc
aiog on request
G 1 iL Yat nopicta Its
of FWe
hour ConespoKlwc Depute t
Ik1 > noa CoocspoBdctt sflidtai
MetsmitLs ehl 11tL
The FraakHencbedeeo u
f iiiii a amN Feed SCMef Em

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