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39th YEAR
Tuesday and Friday
nrn" ttt?
1 tisL
We Treat You White On A
Black Proposition
Wilton Jellico
Corner Main and B
Union Supply Co.
Telephone 51 127 Irvine-st
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes,
Hardware j &
Farming Implements and Supplies
Fresh Butter and Eggs
Livestock Exchange Information Bureau no charge
ask about it
'Whoop 'Em Up Liza' Is The Contest Slogan
Fifteen Dollars in Gold Goes to the Two Candidates Who
Make the Largest Gain in Votes Since First Count
Special Bonus Inducement Offered for New
Subscriptions and Renewals.
For Lvery 5even New Subscribers 10,000 Extra Votes Will
Be Given. With Lvery Seven Yearly Renewals 8,000
Lxtra are Offered Contestants.
Have you seen the Latest, Greatest and Best
Washing Machine made. If not, call in and we
will show you. It costs you nothing to look. It
runs easier, washes cleaner and lasts longer man
anv washing machine on the market Ask your
neighbors about it; we guarantee it If you see
this machine you will buy nothing else
A . -
The quality of Lamp Oil T" " rDnlJ
InmraKly for or against your comfort ana
health. Their- a perfect oil made for people
who give ttaoaaht. It ia
irfined from Pennsylvania Crude Oil the beat ever made.
Full, white flame never flickera-no aoot-no odor. Costs
no more than inferior tank-waawn oils saves money as
wellaseyes and comfort. Your dealer has it In original
barrels direct from us.
ChaS. C. Stoll Oil Co., LonUvffle, Ky.
Refinery at Warren, Pa, t,
nis-h-Crada Motor (iaxiline. Curb" Anto Oil.
'Whoop er up, Liza Jane," seems to
be the slogan of nearly all the candi
dates in the Climax's voting contest,
and as a result, there ma; be some sur
prises in store.
The second count of the ballots will
he made next Saturday evening, Feb.
15ih, and the name of the winner will
be announced in next Tuesday's issue of
the Climax.
There is absolutely no way of telling
who will win the prize in this count or
in the final ' round-up," as many of
those who had made very little head
way at the time of the first award, have
since been depositing votes faster than
a country boy can throw potatoes; and
the very one who stands at the bottom
now may hustle around in her locality
and be the winner in the end. All that
is necessary to be the winner of the
beautiful 1400 piano is to get as many
of your friends as possible to subscribe
for the Climax or renew their subscrip
tion, casting their ballots for you. Also
ask your friends to do their trading with
merchants who give coupons. These
coupons are each good for 25 votes, one
is given with each tl cash purchase.and
by asking your friends to do their trad
ing with these merchants, you may be
able to win the beautiful piano.
Remember the ballot box will be clos
ed at 4 p.m., Saturday next, Feb. 15th,
and those who are holding their voles
should rush them in now, so -they will
be sure to be here for the count.
Remember also that many of our.
leading merchants are interested in this
contest and give 25 vote coupons wiih
every dollar cash purchase. Also those
who do not fully understand the rules
and regulations of this contest can call
at this office and we will go over the
proposition with them.
For every seven new yearly subscrip
tions, 10,000 extra, a total of 11,200
For every seven renewal subscriptions
8,000 extra, a total of 11,500 voles.
For every seven back subscriptions,
6,000 extra, a total of 8,800 voles.
For every 40 merchant's coupons
brought to this office and counted by the
publisher or bis assistant, a bonus of 500
extra votes- This will make a total of
of 1,500 votes.
These coupons may be collected from
any and all merchants who are in the
Remember the 115 in gold goes to the
young lady who makes the GREATEST
GAIN in the number of votes.
Urge your friends to ask for the cou
pons at the time the purchase is made
and if they fail to do this, remind them
of the fact that by securing them it
would help you to get them next time,
but by no means chase back to the mer
chant and ask for them yourself. If
you do you will undoubtedly be refused
The Climax sincerely hopss there will
Clav Building,
Main Street,
Telephone 52
be no more complaints regarding this
Whatever number of votes you may
have in the second count wi'.l be placed
on your credit in your final count which
will be made in March, but if you make
the greatest gainnow you will land the
$15 which is offered as special prizes on
the count on Fob. 15th. And all the
votes cast during the entire contest will
determine who is to get the piano
these special counts cutting no figure in
the grand, final round-up. There is no
body so far ahead, according to the last
count, but what a" Utile hustling on the
part of the other contestants would
place them right up among the leaders.
New subscribers are, what count the
most in this contest, because every new
subscriber brought in, the person bring
ing it in is entitled to 600 voles, and 500
voies are given for each renewal, while
400 are given with each back subscription.
Bear in mind that the ballot box will
be closed at 4 p m. on Saturday, Feb. 15.
Be sure and have all your votes in by
that time so that you will have a fair
chance to show what your standing is.
As soon as the ballot box is closed the
count will be made and the result an
nounced in the following issne of the
Climax, which will be Tuesday next.
These coupons may be collected from
any and all these merchants who are in
the contest.
Hamilton Bros.
L. E. Lane
The McGaughey Studio
Engle & Company
Perry's Drug Slore
D. B. Shackelford & Co.
John R. Gibson & Co.
Rice & Arnold
Stockton & Son
W. F. Higgins
Following are the young lady contest
ants, together with their vole at the last
Laura Taylor 9.500
Etta Turner 9.225
Georgie Walton 8,875
Mrs. Minnie Terrill 8,025
Myrtle Ballard 8,000
Charlotte Azbill 8,000
Maude Vaughan . . 6,750
Grace Hammonds 6,500
Mattie Tyree 6,300
Bertha Carrier .1 6,175
Bernice Robertson 6,025
Pauline Jones.... 4,675
Sallie Wood 4,575
Bessie Haydon 4,350
Willie Burton. - 4.300
Elizabeth Marshall 4,100
Ethel Wharton 2,50o
Maude Moberley '. 2.1C0
Lizzie Jones 2,075
Carrie West 2,050
Minnie Zettle - 1.825
Lydia Young 1,775
Elizabeth Blake 1,000
Lucy Jones 1 1,000
EffleRice 1,000
Grace Hardin ... .:1,000
Annie Oliver 1,000
Mabel Tudor 1,000
Remember and have your friends
trade with the merchants who are giv
ing the coupons. They are reliable
Cooked Food 5ale.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Bap
tist church will have acooked food sale at
Covineton & Thorpe's store on (Satur
day, Feb. 8th and 15th. 37 4 and 11
Attention! Poultry Raisers.
Mr. W.T. Vaughn, grocer, corner Col
lins and Main streets, has installed a
mill for grinding fresh bones. This
makes a most excellent food for all
kinds of fowls. 5 cents a pound. Call
and see him. Phone 614. 4S-tf.
Richmond Art Life.
It is the gracious custom in many lit
tle Northern communities to offer the
stranger within their gates much the
same privilege as is meant by Metho
dist approbation. To be less vague, the
stranger resides for a year within a giv
en town and behaves himself.. His wife
shows good taste in keeping her chil
dren out of neighbors' yards and by
sending them religiously to the Sabbath
school at prompt Dine thirty every Sun
day. The children break no window
panes; scare no horses; steal no flow
ers; take nobodys seat at divine services;
flirt with no maidens. At the end of a
year's time the stranger is no longer a
stranger, but a neighbor, citizen and
The writer has been in Richmond
more than twice this length of time and
claims bis privilege eagerly. He claims,
remembering that he must likewise
abide by neighbor law and also must
show neighbor sympathy. Were he to
drift into New York, he would dbt reg
ister from .Louisville or Lexington or
the home town in Indiana; he is a. very
small part of Richmond's citizenship,
and the Richmoud feeling is growing
bigger every week.
Therefore has he a right to 'speak
out?' He hopes you are nodding ''Yes!"
Music ia the only side of Richmond's
art life that is given its proper stress.
Thru adequate training in the various
educational institutions, thru the suc
cessful maintenance of our musical
clubs, thru the cultivated talents of
several individuals. Our Town outranks
many. And yet, how seldom are we,
the general public, privileged to hear
the product of even this beautiful tal
ent. There is true artistry in the piano
forte execution of Mesdames Denny,
Kellogg, Hoskinson, McGaughey, John
son and many more. - How often have
you, Mr. Editor, heard them play? And
( know whereof I speak when I say that
their work is both finished and ,well
worth many hearings. , And our vocal
ists many of them ' having received
costly musical educations. Have we no
way to reach them ? We have ! I will
merely hint at a solution. The larger
cities have popular concerts that if,
concerts placed at so humble a rale of
admission that the school boys and
girls, those of meagre earnings, and in
fact, all interested may attend. In the
case of Richmond the lands could be
put to many uses in the line of charity
endeavor. I believe Our Town wants to
hear its musical citizens.
Try to forget the apparent Ego when
I mention the possibility of a dramatlo
organization. Su:han org a n 1 1 a t i o n
should be backed by the mature. enthu
siasts, who used to li'ce to "act." It
should be permanent and represent the
real dramatic talent in the community
in which we live. For myself, I would
affirm that it should have its own rooms,
thoroughly outlined program and poli
cies. Its earning power could also be
turned into charity work. In two weeks'
time a committee of representative wo
men recently brought to light a real ar
ray of dozens who possessed talent.
What could they do with four weeks in
which to select?
It is my privilege to know something
of the number of Richmond people who
are busy almost every day turning out
embryonic literary masterpieces. Why
not a huge cosmopolitan (not magazine)
club of people who either like to write
or like writing? Honestly, why not?
The Woman's Club is doing a success'
ful work, but not this work. There is
not a young man or woman on the streets
but has written either a moving pic
ture play, a love lyric or started his fi st
novel. With newspaper men, occasion
al literary workers, hack writers and
others who are interested, we might
have worth-while monthly meetings that
would be a revelation even to ourselves,
The opportunity neglected ranks as fail
ure. Snch an organization could very
easily bring to the general public many
of Kentucky's great literary men and
women, for they are vulnerable to at
tention. It is a part of the literary
Some of the best-read people I have
ever met are residents now of what we
call Our Town. We are in the heart of
club women's activities. Richmond can
boast of producing many fine records in
politics, reforms, education. Then why
not a civio league? A great body of
those mho desire the best in citizenship
and will fight until it is obtained. .Why
not learn the best in politics from an
evening with Representative Herring
ton? Why not caich the awakened spir
it of education from President Crabba
or Superintendent Bridges? Frankly,
why should we not have a permanent,
organized body of men and women who
deep in their hearts desire to learn the
various uplifting messages that -come
out of our daily modes of living? And
the meeting-place is quickly solved, if
the authorities would offer the use of
court-house assembly rooms, or the chap
els of the various schools were thrown
And finally, brethren, (is I am sure
my good father would say) we are not
unmindful of the successful business
interests. Business is responsible for
any community's permanent social ad
vantages. Rusiness means salaries and
homes, and countless civio improve
ments. But the commercial side should
be certainly augmented by the art side.
The writer can only suggest. He is not
sufficiently influential to act. The need
is certain. In my heart of hearts I
hope for a response that takes perma
nent shape.
Boys' Work Institute To Be
Held Here Saturday
and Sunday.
The Boys' Work Institute will be held
at the various churches in this city be
ginning at the Metodist church at 7:30
Saturday. evening next. Following is
the program:
Methodist church Saturday evening at
7:30. Conference of workers with boys
led by P. C. Dix, secretary Y. M. C. A.
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. Special
sermons on Boys' Work in Churches by
pastor and ' visiting speaker. 3 p. m.
Boys' Mass Meeting at Baptist church,
addresse by 8. A. Harris, of Louisville.
Sunday, at 3 p. m. at the Christian
church. Mass Meeiing for those inter
ested in the Boy. P. C. Dix, State Secre
tary Y. M. C. A., presiding.
Sunday, 7:30 p. m. Union service at
the Presbyterian church. Stereopticon
address on Boys' Work.
Interesting addresses will be made by
local and visiting speakers.
No collection will be taken at any of
these meetings.
If you want early plant beds, use the
best tobacco fertilizer, sold and guaran
teed by D. B. Shackelford & Co. 34-4t
To Cattle Dealers.
I make exclusive business of buying
stockers and feeders on orders. The
best quality of cattle come to this mar
ket. Your patronage will be appreciat
ed Market quotations promptly fur
nishod on application. W. O. Park,
Rooms 601-603 Live Stock Exchange,
Kansas City Stock Yards. 39 6m
Pure Sugar House New Orleans Mo-
Uses. D. B. McKnney. 37 tf
Costs You Only 25c to Try
Zemo and Prove What a
Wonder it Really is.
Apply ZEMO on those eczema sores.
that nothing else you have ever tried
has benefited and all itching will stop.
and in a few days those very sores will
be irone absolutely gone! A trial of
ZEMO proves it positively. There will
not be a spot left, the skin will be as
smooth and clear as though you never
had eczema in your life.
If you have dandruff, there's another
chance to prove how wonderful ZEMO
is. ZEMO positively stops it.
To prove what it will do in curing
eczema, itching, in named or irritated
skin, dandruff, blotches, pimples, cuts,
and sores, your druggist will supply you
with a 25-cent bottle. i guar
anteed to stop itching.
ZEMO is sold in 25 cent and tl bottles
at drug stores, or sent direct on receipt
of price, by E. vv. Rose Medicine Co ,
St. Louis, Mo. The II bottle contains
ix times as much as the 25c bottle.
Sold and guaranteed in Richmond by
the ferry s Drug Store. adv
Special! Msrfesss sie
- - -
On the
them in our
We have
I &tMl&izAzisi. tecs S v
v:.?'-?' nUY;ftr. 7
arranged for a Special Sale
On the ccicorated Sfctms Zz Foctcr i.Lllrecs and ars cScr tl:3 cost Comfortable.
Durable and Sanitary cf all Mattresses, h selected patterns cf the best cuali'ics cf atin
finish, Dust-procf Tickb-VviTHOUT EXTRA CHARGE.
Beware of so-called "Special Sales" on "CoCor.-ft" cr Tc!f Mattresses said to be
trie "genuine kind" and cflcrcd et uch ridiculous! low prices as are sometimes seen dis
played. You do" not blow V.MAT sort cf matcriil has been La:ti!y STUFFED into the
ticking. From a Sanitary standpoint, it rr.ay be vila; unf.t for any person to sleep upon. As
for genuine Comfort end Durability, such Mattrcsxs c:o utterly worthless. It don't pay
to buy them.
Stearns & Foster T.Iatet-s hava a laced opening (Pat. applied for) through which
you can see and esarJnc th inside: cf the Matirecs ycu GET. That's the safe way to buy
a Mattress. You know what you trc getting.
Stearns & Foster Maf.recscs ziz made cf Clean, Sanitary Cotton; felted into hundreds
of little webs forming many Spriney, Buoyant layers standing nearly three feet high. These
layers are then LAID BY HAND and compressed to ONE-SIXTH their original height
and encased in the ticking; then tufted to just the proper tension so as to be Soft, yet Firm,
half yielding to your figurct but supporting it ia perfect relaxation.
You will say
"I never Kzc- a Itlatlrc:3 cculd be so Comfortable."
That's just what satisfied users cf Steams & Foster Mattresses are saying.
You owe it to yourself to get one and enjoy rest that 13 Refreshing Comfortable
You don't have to be prt to the expense and inconvenience of sending a Stearns 4t
Foster Mattress away to be "Made Over" or "Renovated." They never require it Aa
occasional Sun Bath keeps them fresh and clean.
Don't Fail to attend this Sala. Come today.
Select the Mattress you vant NOV. Don't put up longer with that old uncom
fortable Mattress.
A Ccmforiafcle Night's Rest on a Stearns & Foster,
Costs too Little.
Well give you a FOSITIVE GUARANTEE on every Mattress bearing the Stearns
& Foster name.
OltrJJhiajnrii &s. IL.aicIkey
Undertaking a Specialty
Dav Telephone 76
Night Telephone 136 22?
W. S. O. R. O. L.
1 1
wolftw fJS
r IT TMCT 1 " J
VflUT! IjX I
For Sale.
Having purchased a farm, we offer
for sale, our residence on WooUland
Avenue, containing 7 rooms, hot ant
cold baths on 2 floors, electric light,
gas, hot and cold water in kitchen,
sewer system, modern conveniences
throughout. This is new property, and
one of the very best homes in Richmond.
On splendid street.
T 33-4t L. P. and Curtis Adams.
For Rent
The elegant suite of two or three
front office rooms with lavatory, etc.
John Q. Taylor building, over Teager's
je 7elry store, opposite Madison Xat
ijjal Bank. Host desirable location in
the city. COLBY TAYLOR.
11-tf. Telephone 292.
Bracelets That
the refined woman are those whose
workmanship is fine, desiens new and
unique, precious stones set in the latest
fashions, diamonds of pure water, full
of fire and brilliancy, rubbies of pigeon
blood color, and sapphires, opals and ail
kinds of gems that are Die finest that
can be secured. These you will find at
Trance' HtiuistlMinicoT (Csl
The same as ever is: The Highest Quality Merchandise for the Lowest
- . . .
Prices Merchandise That Makes Satisfied Customers
Just now we are making some interesting prices on heavy , weight goods
especially on
Ladies' Suits and oats, Misses' and Children's
Coats, Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats
You will be well to see what we have in .these lines before making - your
U X fi ; f J i 1
w- ,- a s i a. .mmzziKia a
V y x i

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