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Setson No. 1.
Section No.
Heating Stoves, Cooking
Stoves and Ranges.
Grates, Grate Baskets, Fire
Backs and Fire Brick.
Anything You Want in
Coats, Gun Cases and
Live and Let Live.
Taking of testlmoncy In the suit for
divorce filed by I'ritzl SchefT, thn no
, trcsH, against .John Fox, Jr. tlie nuthor
was begun lnnt week In N. Y.
We should like to have heard the de
bnte within the classic walls of Central
University upon the proposition, "re
solved", whiiky Is n grenter detriment
to tnnn thnn a bnld head". There is no
one In this ollice however, that knows
very much nbout either.
The Farmers Home Journal has
splendid picture of "Made Mat'
mounted manfully upon the black won
der, Kentucky's Choice. Kentucky's
Choice in the hands of Mat Cohen, Is n
living wonder. He is owned by Mrs,
Lownes of Danville and both the owner
and Mr. Cohen are justlv proud of the
record he has made In the show rinjr.
Easier Early This Year.
Kaster Sunday comes this year on the
2.11 day of March, and is the first time
it has been this early in the year In
ninety five years.
Henry Bros. Buy Fathers Farm.
Messrs John T. Henry of this county
and his brother C. U. Henry of Kirks
ville, last week purchased their fathers
home farm near hlrksville ror J7ii. per
acre. They disposed of 1H) acres of
their purchase to Mr. K. I'. Jones of
Nina, price private.
1 Army Horses Shipped.
F. A. Alexander the U. S. Army man
succeeded in buying another saddle
horse of IVnce Itros. forflCi., and with
the one recently bought of Victor
Sanders. shiped to Ft. Leavenworth
Kas., for the use of n couple of army
ollicers at that place.
Critically III.
His numerous friends and acquaint
tances will read with regret that Mr.
W. S. Walkei long a resident of this
countv is critically ill at his home on
Lexington street, and at this writing,
there seems little hope for his ultimate
recovery. His children have been call
cd by telegraph to his bedside.
Lancaster, Ky.
Former Lancaster Boy Marries.
Russell Moore. Hon of Mr. and Mrs
A. It. Moore, of Savanna, Ga., sur
prised bis parents by bringing them a
Christmas present in the form of a bon
nie tiriuV. Itussell was a we tot of a
' boy some seven summers old, when his
! father gave up thu ministry of the
. Christian Church here, but his bright
face and sunny disosition has not been
I forgotten by many who wish him bon
voyage on life's matrimonal sea.
H. T.
I need the money to meet my obligations.
Water Famine.
With the river nt Frankfort higher
than It has been for yearn and no water
In the reservoir ntthe same time, thus
creating a water famine, It seems It li
another case of "Water, water every
where and not n drop to drink."
at Once.
School Examinations.
The examinations for Common School
Diplomns will be held in the office
the County Superintendent on Friday
and Saturday, January 24 and 25th
Pupils pas ing this examination success
fully are entitled to free tuition in the
High School for four years.
Auto-bus Schedule,
Un the fifth page of this paper you
will llnd the schedule of the Auto-Hu
line to Nicholasvillc which runs daily
and Sunday. Clip it out and preserv
it as in gives the rate from almost nny
point along the line to cither Nicholas
ville or Lancaster.
High Water Hampers Shippers,
The high water of the past week has
worked n hardship on the stock buyers
some of them who had stock bought in
anticipation of placing it on themarke
last week, were not enabled to do
necausc 01 me met that they were
unable to get their purchases across th
swollen streams.
Maj. W. H. Collier Promoted.
The many friends of Mai. Willium
H. Collier will be glad to learn that he
has been given a promotion in the ser
vice oi me government and is now
Revenue Agmt for the llltli, Illinois
listrict. which includes the city of St,
Inits, and he will be located at that
point. This is one of the best posi
tions and a district well up among the
best revenue producers in Uncle Sam's
Internal Kevenue department, and it is
a splendid tribute to Maj. Colliers ef
hciency that he was chosen for the
A very delightful meeting was that
of the musical department of the
woman a club held at the parlors of
the Kcngarlanjiotel Wednesday after
noon, under the direction of Mrs.
John Mount. Mrs. Mount was chosen
the chairman of this department upon
the resignatu n of Mrs. Lewis Walker.
While the club regrets tc give up Mrs.
Walker, it is fortunate indeed to se
cure a leader as etlicient as Mrs Mount.
"N'evin" program was rendered and
those taking part were; Misses Martha
Kavanaugh Sara Daniels, Lettiu Mae
McKoberts. Minnie Walsh, and Mrs.
John Mount. Lach member of the
musical department is requested to
bring ten cents to the next meeting in
order that they may take a musical
Journal. Next Wednesday afternoon
is the regular meeting of the literary
lepartment and each member is re
quested to be present.
Logan R. Smith Dead.
As we were about to go to press the
news reached our office announcing the
sad death of Logan It. Smith, which
had occured at the home of his parents
n this city about 10:30 o'clock Thurs
day morning. He had been in bad
health for some time, but last fall
when he went to Lexington and was
operated upon for appendicitis his
friends hoped for a speedy recovery,
but for weeks his life hung on a thread,
then a slow convalesence, after w hich
he was able to be removed from the
hospital to his home in Lancaster.
While his condition has permitted him
to be out most of the time since his
return from the hospital, his recovery
was not what his friends had wished
On last Friday he was taken des
perately ill and nil that a devoted
family.kind friends and the best of med
lent attention could do were of nojavtiil.
Immediately uhii learningof his serious
illness, Drs. McKee and Haas, specialist
were summoned from Lexington
to consult with Dr. J. H. Kinnaird
the attending physician. After ex
amination they announced his critical
illness and gave little hope to the
family for his recovery. The immediate
cause of his death as diagnosed by the
physicians was tuberculosis of the right
lung, which was rapidly transmitted
to the brain.
Logan H. Smith was in his 25th, year
und was the youngest child of Mr. and
Mrs. George Smith, Sr. of this place.
Ho leaves two brothers, Messrs George
Smith, Jr. local editor of the Record
and Mr. James W. Smith, one of Lan
caster most prominent merchants, and
one sister, Miss Eliza Smith of the
Lancaster High School faculty, Logan
Smith was one of the best known and
most iopular of Lancaster young men,
having been connected with the busi
ness of his brother, James W. Smith
until his illness some months ago and
was the city clerk of Lancaster at the
time of his death. He was very courte
ous and H)llte in all his dealings and a
consistent christian, having been a
member of the Lancaster Christain
church since a small boy. Much grief
la expressed at the sad taking oir of
this popular young man and we tender
the bereaved family and friends our
i deepest and tenderest sympathy in
-their sadness.
Funerul services will be held at the
residence, this, Friday afternoon, at
2:30 o'clock, conducted by Eld. F. M.
Tinder and assisted by ltev. S. II.
I'ollett. Interment in Lancaster cemetery.
Lancaster B & L A. Elect Officers.
The Stockholders of tin. t
II.. 11.11.... r. t a ... . I
.u....,iiH u. wiaii Jimuci.uion mei on
January 1st and elected the old officers
to serve during the ensuing year with .
the exception of Mr. R. L. Elkin. who
resigned because of the press of other
business nnd Mr. J. W. Elmore was
elected to succeed him ns secretniy.
They also declared a dividend of four
per cent.
Jacob Dodd Speaks died at thu home
of his mother on the New Danville pike
on Friday morning January 10th of
tuberculosis, and after funeral services
at the home by Rev. I'ollitt.hls remains
were on Saturday placed at rest in the
Lancaster cemetery.
The deceased was the youngest son
of Mrs. Margaret and the late E. It.
Speaks and was 23 years of age at the
time of his death. He was a model
christian young man, a devout member
of the Methodist church, and the feeling
manner in which he talked to her in his
last earthly hours was a source of great
comfort to his stricken mother. Resides
his mother, the deceased is survived by
six brothers, Messrs O. G., S. II.,
W., R. K J. T. and L. E. Speaks
and two sisters, Mrs. Susan Hawkins!
of Raker City Ore. and Mrs. Minnie
Pollard of this county. A wide circle of
friends mourn thu dentil of the noble
young man.
Let Us Correct You Brother.
Jim Sterns in his good paper the
Jessamine News has the following to
say in regard to the recent change
which have been made in the manage
mnt of the Record:-
Robert L. Elkin. has become the
owner of the Lancaster Record and is
most affable gentleman. Green Clay
Walker the retiring editor, greatly im
proved the Record in many respects,
and his newspaper friends in the Stat
hope to see him win out in his race for
county attorney of Garrard.
Not quite correct Rro. Stears, Mr.
Robinson who has long been the presi
dent of the Record Publishing Co., has
taken over the holdings of former ed
tor ureen Clay Walker, and bcomes
editor-in-chief, Mr. Walker resuming
the practice of law in Lancaster. Mr.
Robert L. Elkin is added to the force
of the office in the capacity of Rusiness
Park Beautiful.
Now that the controversy as to the
ownership of the Park has been settled
and it belongs to the town and the town
turns it over to the ladies, we know it
will be a Park Reautiful.
This is a very unselfish work on the
part of tho club women. The utter
lack of the mercenary element, the all
mbracing democracy they represent,
the opportunity offered for service, the
ever wideing sphere of influence, the
patriotism they inspire, should combinu
to create generosity and helpfulness on
the part of the public.
The future looms large in the
possibilities of the Civic department,
and unhampered, it will go on and on,
becoming to the town what the
ndividual woman is to the home,
conserving its resources, studying its
economics, making it immaculately
clean and wholesome, enhancing its
beauty and value, and quickening the
mental and spiritual life of the
All honor to the club women and long
may they live. The marvelous growth
of their membership, the scope of
endeavor and objects already attained,
means much to our town.
Oh For Some Sidewalks.
Many of the citizens of Lancaster
are anxiously waiting and longing for
the advent of spring, when we may
have those long promised sidewalks.
And it is to be hoped that no longer
ill the city council adhere to dilatory
methods in their efforts to have good
sidewalks throughout the city. The
citizens have long been promised them
and are growing.impatient at the delay,
There are places, even on the public
square, which a lady may noi pass
without imminent peril to her costume
from the uneven and imperfect walks,
Loose brick which tilt when you step on
them, throwing mud and water all over
ou, patched and uneven and a disgrace
to the city. On the main streets condi
tions are even worse, the sidewalks are
not only in a dilapidated and dangerous
condition, but there are other pitfalls
aiting the unwary, old wooded steps,
decayed and rotting away, which are
liable at any time to cause injury to
someone and thereby involve the city
in a law suit and put the taxpayers to
additional and unnecessary expense.
A great many of our citizens have
already put dowu hundsome concrete
walks, and in many cases, they were
put down with the e.cctation that
their neighbors would join them, and
that we would have walks all over town,
but with the exception of a stretch hero
and there, they as yet remain unbuilt,
and on thu contrary the walks instead
of getting better, have gone from bad
to worse.
Now that wu have goodstieets, much
better in many instances than the side-
alks which skirt them, let us with the
coming of good weather see a general
construction of sidewalks, and the city
placed insuch condition that pedestrians
ay traverse tho streets in any direct
ion to thu city limits without the ne
cessity of providing themselves with
The Tests of Plumbing
1. Docs it satisfy you? The appearance and eood
taste of the fixtures should be in full accord with the other
furnishiiiKS of your home.
2. Would it receive the approving clancc of your
friends and guests? The bathroom is an index of your
rccard for appearances but more than that of your rceard
for cleanliness.
3. Is it free from annoy
ances of all kinds; on odors, no
leaks, no fixtures inconveniently
If you cannot say Yes to
these questions take up the
matter with us and wc will fur
nish estimates on satisfactory,
creditable, convenient fixtures of
'StatuInt'cP make installed with
thorough honest workmanship.
, -r jr
tMtdiftf 'Vtra' Uriiory
I will save you money on a good
Heating1 or Cooking1
Stoves are welded where
others are bolted.
Do You Love A Cup Of j
Real Good I
Then We Can Please You.
Your choice of Twelve different kinds and
Blends ranging in price from 25cts to 40cts
per pound.
rubber boots.

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