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Section No. 1,
Section No. 1.
i S33Cg3r3Eg33g5!g2E2
Come, Get Prices and See
Who Are Your Friends
S That Live and Let Live.
I Lancaster, Ky.
K5S3IS33r33C3tC&33 S33C&&C&&S33
Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday,
the beginning of Lent.
No matter where Woodrow Wilson
turns day or nieht that "Choir Invisi-
, ble" is always before him sinking; "0
, Promise Me."
. . : .
g Kevelatlons ot graft throughout the
13 J country are described as surprising.
. The surprising thing to us is that
I public thinks it surprising.
The Circle Girls will have an exchange
at Miss Rella Arnold Millinery Store
this Saturday, Feb. 8th. Also anotner
one on Saturday before Easter.
I Ida Tarbell says women should work
for wages. Most of the married wom
en do, but they have too much family
pride tc put the bill in the hands of a
lawyer for collection.
What's the matter with making the
dedicatory exercises of our new school
building a "dinner on the ground"
affair. Surely we could find no more
fitting occasion for a spread.
1 The ground hogs job always did ap
peal to us especially when he can go
back'in and take another six weeks
after deciding the weather does not
suit him, as he evidently did Sunday.
We have always had the utmost
confidence in the Ground Hog, and from
the various kinds of weather we have
experienced since Sunday, we are more
than ever convinced that he is a truthful
We had wondered what caused the
darkness when no cloud appeared in the
sky, but when the Winchester papers
came it was seen it had been caused by
the Democrat slinging mud on the Sun.
If this keeps up we may look for a to
tal eclipse.
The big water tower is nearing
completion. What about that light on
top of it? Better make arrangements
for it before the structural iron men
leave, for there will be no person in
Lancaster with sufficient temerity to
climb up and arrange the wires.
If the United Confederate Veteran
were organized to keeD alive the con
ditions that existed in the South prior
to Appomattox, they did right in order
ing that no woman should appear in the
general association riding astride, as
we are su e no such conditions or posi
tions existed prior to that time.
KY., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7. 1 9 llT ' "
' . . " . - H UMBER 4.
wB$&WMUmMB s.4x8 Hl im si
IBHw ' iP .1 WfVi i$d A 9k I
the m i i i nm i g Awry waMKsxfcrm? wi w mmwmuaa-mmv y
HHHlfe$MHll i&iSf il JL UIJ IP U 1
11 ' m m
James A. Beazley. i& AND S
1 Inl
1 rii
G. B. Swinebroad.
We Congratulate Mr. Batson.
Miss Eunice Prather. formerly a valu
ed emDlove of the Record office, has ac
cepted a position as saleslady in the es
tablishment or Mr. K. il. uatson. 11
Miss Prather Droves as efficient behind
i the rnunter as she did at a "case". Mr.
t Batson is to be congratulated upon the
' latest acquisition to his force of clerks.
Room Making
c c
Must have room for them.
Closing out all new Winter and
Spring stock at very low prices.
All Ladies Suits and Coats going
at less than cost.
The above named trentleman hnvlno-
announced for the Democratic nomina
tion for Countv Attorney of thia mm.
ly, n is nttmg to give the voters a
sketch of his past, and mention the
principles for which ho stnn.?0 w
has always voted the democratic ticket
and his ancestors adhered to the same
political faith.
he was born in Hardeman County,
West Tennessee, December the lGth.
1872. His parents came and settled in
Lincoln County Kentucky whor tfc
now reside, six miles from Lancaster.
He attended school in Lancaster and
Danville, graduating at Pontnt. rvoio
in 1893 and at the Law school of the
same college in 1895. taking a post
graduate course at the same school in
i(wo-ibo, under J. Procter Knott, R.
P. Jacobs and John W. Yerkes. He
manifested a laudable ambition this
early in life, by riding horse 'back
from his fathers home, a distance of
six miles, for eight years, in order to
acquire his education. Ho nntnino
law license in 1895 and opened his of-
nce in Lancaster in 1896.
He has held several nlaces of n.ililiV
trust, all of which he discharged faith
fully. He was City Attorney of Lan
caster for two terms, beinf vimmni in
the prosecution of the blind tiger ele
ment and getting many judgments.
vindicating law and order.
The water works system was es
tablished during his term, and he pre
pared the specifications for the same,
being also a member of the committee
to investigate the systems in other
He compiled and indexed the nrdin.
ances of the city, and in such matters
he contributed to the public, as the
work was out of all nroDortion to
meager salary received.
On account of his interest in the
provement of the county, he was
lected as chairman of the County
veiopment committee, in the organiza
tion of the commercial club of the citv
and county.
He was raised on a farm, nwna n
farm, and is identified with the. farm
ing interests of the county, being a
breeder of ffne Jersey cattle and in
terested in stock raising. He married
a Lancaster lady and lives in tho snh.
urbs of the city, and having children to
educate he takes a deep interest in the
schools. He is a member of tho OHn
Fellows, Knights of Pythias and the
Masonic lodges. As a member of the
real estate firm of Hughes and Swine
broad, by work and advertising the
wealth and resources of the county, he
has done much good in Dromotiner the
interests of the people generally. In
the practice of his profession, he hna
made the law of real estate aspecialty.
The importance of the office. whiVh
he seeks, is realized by every body and
certain legal qualifications being requir
ed, it is claimed that his Drenaratinn
meets every requirements, that hi3 edu
cation and practice fully qualify him
for the office. He is versed in the law,
able in prosecution, ambitious, accurate,
honorable, capable and industrious. He
has not only been successful in his own
business affairs but has successfully
represented his clients in the lower
courts and in the Court of Appeals.
He 13 amply able to prosecute crimi
nals and to assist the fiscal court in pro
tecting the interests of the people.
His platform includes the following
declarations: pure politics in"The Land
of Now". A campaign without the use
of liquor. Retrenchment and reform
wherever needed. Proceedines to brin p
about the greatest good to the greatest
number. Efficiency in public service.
Such oversight, maintenance and dis
position ol all the properties of the
county as will insure the bent rml
and promote the general welfare.
He will urge his claims and define his
position on all public questions, as the
campaign progresses, as he expects to
address the people in all sections of the
county. He has a stroncr following
which will work for bis nomination and
Senator Bradley Even Has His Home Town
In His Minds Eye.
The daily naDers reDort the fact that
the Public Buildings Revision Committee
had completed their reviewof the items
for Kentucky and that the bill was now
ready to be placed in a draft to go to
the President for his signature; it was
further added that "Senator Bradlev
would ad an item of $55,000. for a public
building at Lancaster". The full
amount allotted to Kentucky in the Bill.
exclusive of the last named item is-
Having announced as a candidate for
the Democratic nomination for Judge
of the Garrard County Court, a brief
sketch of the past career of the above
named gentleman, and a reference to
what he favors or approves, are re
spectfully submitted to the voters.
He is in the prime of life, being 42
years oi age, and is related to many
prominent people in this and Lincoln
County. He has held and still hoMs
places of public trust, always discharg
ing his duties in a manner that pioves
his fitness for higher positions.
He is an Elder in the Christian church,
to which institution his faith and devo
tion are beautiful and consistent. He
is a member of the leading fraternal
oraers anu stands well with the membership.
Havinc: served thrift terms as ampm.
ber of the City Council, of Lancaster,
he is familiar with public service. He
was a member of the water works com-
hmittee, assisted in selecting the site for
same, made trips to other cities to
study such works, and was largely in
strumental in making our plant a suc
cess. His best work, and that whiVb en
deared him to many of the best people,
in tne town and countv. was his,
service as chief of nolice which
resulted i n the utter elimination
and eradication of blind titrera. liauor
dives and other immoral resorts, which
had been a terror to the city of Lancas
ter. In this work he was absolutely
impartial and free from favoritism,
treating rich and poor, white and color
ed, high and low. all alik... Thi-i in
duct put his life in jeopardy on several
occasions and those nearest to him in
sisted that he resign his offW hut un
daunted and with the highest degree of
courage, he continued the work which
resulted in an era of peace, happiness
anu prosperity hitherto unknown in the
community. At the close of the last
year of his service SIGS0. for fines, was
paid into the City treasury.
If elected County Judce he will ail-
here strictly to such a course as will
protect and insure the best interest of
the people generally, resrardless of anv
individual or clique. His official ser
vice in the past evinces his love of jus
tice and his desire to enforce the law
so as to bring the greatest good to the
greatest number and to avoid graft and
favoritism in any form.
He will favor the improvement of all
roads and the building of new roads in
a manner to conform to the DrinciDles
of justice and equity to all sections,
imposing no burden on any class, and
remaining within the purview of the
law. To accomplish this end he would
favor the appointment of a road super
visor who is competent, industrious,
and who will work constantly to insure
the best results.
He would favor the renting of the
Poor House farm bv competitive hirl-
ding, or in such a manner as to bring
the most money, and deal with it as the
interests of the people demand. The
same would be true of the Workhouse.
He would favor the appointment of a
County Treasurer, who will deposit the
funds with such banks or banking in
stitutions, as will insure the safekeep
ing of the same, on terms that will in
sure the best results for the county.
Being a trustee of the Graded School
and feeling proud of it as an institution
that will promote the general welfare
of the people, he would favor every
course or proceeding, under his iuris-
diction, that would in any way assist in
protecting and maintaining that institution.
Briefly, he promises to cive, and his
friends believe that he would render, an
administration that would approach the
highest ideals of government, both in
the trial of civil and criminal causes
and in the fiscal department He
would favor all that elevates and op
pose all that degrades. As he has been
tried and not fotmd wanting, it would
be no error to vote for his nomination
next August.
Clover, Timothy, Blue
Grass arid Oats.
1DH! MJSHJrasjlMJS IJlirSiJrM'lIlMBilll
sLSz l$
UfSik D
Send The Record' As A Valentine.
Our next number will be a Valentine
number and what could be nicer to send
a former Lancastrian as a valentine
than our paper, cither one number or
for the year.
Buzzing Bees.
Political bees seem to be buzzine in
quite a number of bonnets.
As we have said before we will show
no favoritism, and if there is one in
youi bonnet, just come right along and
let us tell the public about it. No use
Ito act modest any longer, 'every body
For a few days we will make
Special Prices on Buggies, Wag
ons and Harness.
20 lbs
for $1.00 CASH.
is doing it now".
V" t
. 4 -, -t .
tjr !&
ii3.i..fHL.-fr w

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