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ti i N t > M M
1 18 PAGES
assay night was the regular meeting
night for the Board of Councilmen The
° r 1 City Hall was crowded with men eagerly
waiting the disposition of business as It
assemblage of the old Board
was the last
Major Barry promptly called the body
to order The clerk read the minutes of
and tlw annual state
the lait meeting
All mom
meat which was
9 > ben of the Council were in attendance
+ Major Barry called for any unfinished
1 ° business There was no report to offer
New business was then acted upon
Councilman Conrad spoke In behalf of
has the city tax
Tax Collector Short who
t sTax s 1898 He said aU of
t took for the year
the collectable taxes had been collected
fud = the balance could not be collected
to The
mnlesa the law was
before the
matter was tabled to come
new Council
CouncilI I called upon the following
I committees Street Finance Ordinances
5 and Calaboose and each reported noth
I ing on hand
handr r read a report from the
F Pcity officers which was tit cepted The
yJ claims and accounts were next to come
before the body and were disposed of
j After a few remarks to the old Board
i f by the Mayor in his unostentatious way
i the old Board adjourned sine die
Mayor Barry called the newly elected
Councilmen into the rotunda of the City
ti M 1IIII Ball and proceeded to administer the
oath of office The new Council is com
r i posed of James Harris R N Hudson
t 8 H McCracken Eugene Haynes Bar
r f y Bobler and James Mattingly
I The first busmera before the Board was
> t the appointment of a clerk Councilman
t < Haltingly nominated Mr T 0 Tousey
Md Councilman Harris seconded the
ill motion Councilman McOracken put
III nomination Mr Fred DeHuy which
Motion was seconded by Councilman
V HadsoB A vote was taken and Tousey I
ireceived 5 while DeHuy received 1
J l The election of a City Marshal was
acted oa There were three aspirants for
the office Jesse Keys Wm McCracken
Marshali I I
t Hall A secret vote was taken Keys
> received no votes McOracken 1 and Hall
p Half In his pohte way thanked the
J i 1 the office
° a + w Board for grantinc him
i t Tlyeiiloa of f Treasurer was to be filled
j and CelpHman Haynes put in nomina
I tioa thWpresent Treasurer OT Skill
flTke name of J D Gregory was
I Fnt before the body After the ballot
fas taken Skillman had received 1 vote
< and Gregory 5
Councilman Haynes was elected to fill
tHe office of Sinking Fund Commissioner
w The election of a City Tax Collector
aad Assessor was tabled to be acted
upon later
s Mr Fred DeHny who fills the office
+ r o Judge pro tem offered his resignation
before the new Board which was not aCt
cepted Major Barry then disposed of the plan
iasj of the Counclimenon the various
otomltteefl as follows
Streets R N Hudson chairman J G
Karris and 8 H McCracken
I Fiaaace Eugene Haynes chairman
STatnes J attlngly and H < H McOracken
t 1 HOifiUaance J G Harris chairman Rr
w KV Hudson and Barney Bohler
if 4 olleiJa Mattingly chairman Bar
nyBober and Eugene laynee
Major Barry asked for any new bust
neestheijew Council might have tqoffer
a ° t An am i ded ordinance was read raising
the saWaJIeease from 000 to 1000
ethe lioiais 1 or operating dletlllerleS to
j 800 aad the the license to shows of
> I ateo tawy kind was increased Drug
sioree raised to500fo the retail
i1ag or rite
r Attowwy D H Severs was present lad
a lIedfoi Hoeaae for Mike Popham nM
seethe miDI of the New Ordinance
i > nrfded that it was perfectly legal The
pplieatloB WM overruled by the Board
1 t MlUe deelslon of the Xeeal Optima
t oostfaetMW in the Circuit court
n There being DO farther basiaess before
4rs It w
L t It S j 1
y 0f r Jo II ry > a a ir iA Jl
Yr Y l1 0
I 11
Holy Writ each of which means to fall
to go to piece I wish Mr Hardln
would write often please do Such arti
cles as his go for something Many an
evening have I spent listening to hfs
arguments his logic < nd his anecdotes
racy rich and spicy
State Convention to be Held in
Louisville Some Time In
The subject of good roads in Kentucky
is about t6 be taken up by the National
Automobile Company and the National
Carriage and Wagon Builders according
to a letter received by the Commercial
club from E G Harrison the road ex
pert who is now in the State lecturing
on good roads says the Oourier Journal
It is proposed to hold a State conven
tion in Louisville early in the new year
at wliicb every county in the State Will
be represented The convention will
last three days and questions pertaining
to the building of good roads will be die
cuss id At this convention it is ex
pected that both the autfmobll com
pany and the wagon builders will bet
represented and take ouch action as is
necessary to begin the building of roads
Mr Harrison says that free rural mall
delivery will be taken up and Postmaster
General Smith and Perry Heath the
assistant will be asked to lend their in
fluence in this matter and if possible es
tablish free delivery in all of the impor
ant counties in the State
Mr Hariison says he proposes to push
thi roadwork in thi Salt next year
and will incorporate nil State societies
with the Inter tate Good Roads and Im
provement Association of which Col
W II Moore is president
No date has been fixed for the State
convention to be held at Louisville but
it Is the idea of Mr Harrison to have it
in January Owensboro Messenger
Of the Kentucky Educational Associa
tionLarge Attendance
dyed school teachers representing nearly
evetr section of the State assembled in
the chapel of the Boys High School ltbls
morning for the annual meeting of the
Kentucky Educational Association The
meeting promises tube the most impor
taut yet held School legislation will be
discussed and steps will be taken to lay
the compulsory education law before the
Legislature An effort will > be made to
make the law more effective and to reach
more children It is proposed to make
the age limit six to eighteen instead of
eight to fourteen as at present The
Association will be in session three days
Henderson Gleaner
a It J
f8r f ES r I t r
f > y
worn in Monday Night = = The Old
Board Goes OutA Large
Thos CTousey Elected Clerk John D Gregory Treasurer and
John Hall Marshal Mug Severs Speaks Adjourned
for One Week The Proceedings Detailed
the Board they adjourned until next
Monday night
The Old Board
The old Board of Councilmen was
couposud of Eugene Hayes Sam Conrad
S las Lillard J D Gregory and OP B
Skiilnun Mayor Barry whose term
d irs not xpir < > for two years and clerk
F N DHuy
This Uuu icll has bad charge of this
citys municipal affairs for the past six
years They leave the city iu good
shape financially and while in i some
way thy have not suited everyone still
they have filled their offices creditably
All of their doings were conecieutous
Bud for the welfare of the public
Clerk F N DHuy has held this im
portant office for the long period of six
teen years He has barn a faithful clerk
at all times having the towns interest at
heart During his administration there
cannot be an error held against him and
he has always attended every meeting
promptly with the business of the pre
ceding uleetln recorded upon the min
ute book
Treasurer 9 Skillman has been the
City Treasurer for three years or more
and every dollar paid into his hands baa
been accounted for promptly
Newly Elected Councilmen
The New Board < Jf f Councilmen revn
N Hudeon James Harris S H Mo
Oracken Eugene Haynes Barney Bob
ier Mayor Barry and T 0 Tousey Clerk
and John Hull Marshal
The above Board are comparatively
young men and ware elected as a Pro
gressive etThey are for the ad
vancement of ibo towns interests and
did noble work on their first meeting
night by the adoption of the various or
dinances that were constructed
Their starting was a move indicative of
push With this Board the citizens hope
it will not be long until our streets are
lighted by electricity and supplied with
water MrTQ Tousey who for years has
been identified with Oloverports best
interests received the appointment of
clerk Mr Toussy is deserving of the
office and is a man of rare business qual
ities He is sober industrious and will
no doubt make an efficient clerk
Marshal Hall was filling the unex
pired term of Mr Price Graham under
the old board There were more aspir
ants for this office than any of the others
and when the secret ballot was being
taken he looked rather pale but In the
end came out victorious This is one of
the offices hard to fill by the right man
but the right man was selected by the
Council this time The duties of the
office are carefully watched by him and
it is a rare occurrence that he is not on
the spotwhen things happen
MrJ D Gregory Oloverports Oil
King waa duely honored with the office
of City Treasury He baa for many
years been known as one of this citys
prospprps < and prqurefwlve boaneea
tJl nJu cttf selection of him as treas
toref wasTa good one
On Exhibition
White people are always an object of
curiosity in China especially so to the
masse of Pekin It is rather embarrass
ing to be followed by a crowd of un
speakable foreigners curious to observe
your garments boots and every move
ment as eagerly as the small American
boy is to follow a gailydressed circus
clown If you halt they swarm round
your donkey in hundreds If you Bay
anything only increases the curiosity
and swells the crowd and they do not
understand you in the least They fol
low you through the blinding alkali dust
for hours just to look at you apparently
all good naturedly many ready to risk
breaking their wooden faces by smiling
if they catch your eye The mothers
point you out to the babies little chil
dren yell to others to come and see the
older Chinese are equally excltedBal
timore Sun
Hardiasburgs New Trustees
The new board of town trgstees met ajt
J H Gardners store last Monday night
and were sworn into office The oath
was administered by Judge Milto
Board Those who qualified asd will
serve areas follows t James Harris Clar
ence DeHaven and Ciaytoa Beard
Boseo JEskridge and Thomas Blytke were
the other two members batibsy de
elided to serve The board will > mt l
agaia tomerrow night and GIRt two
penoM to oil tae TM n iM EiLUe I >
wee she cted clerk
t i
f 4
ida l JCmasgfeetJg to all whom it may
concern and mnv each ne receive even
more abu ndenUy than hey give is my
wishWe were ecn ewbat surprised to read
in the Loui8hle limes afew weeks ajo
an article that was ac false as its author
It was written by a Judas with more
venom on fair trngue than brains in his
bead who fcf a mea er pittance dared to
reflect up n tui gpod women of this
town A more noble or braver band of
Christian women never set foot on Ken
tucky soil than lat heir warm fieesides
that chilly December day to battle on
the streets for the right to save their
eons from drunkenness and their hus
bands from drunkards graves
Will each earnest prayers and plead
ingd an atcend regularly from these
churches that stand as monuments of
peace and good will not be heard and
answers 1 bo no a thousand times
no God dees not turn His children
away mesa seeds that have been sown
broadcast will return a hundred fold
May t e TO women who so glorious
ly won Ihe i victory on the 19th of Decem
ber bntkle on the whole armor of faith
hope p irt cuarity and with their emblem
of puny go on to greater achievements
and win thn crown of victory Mar
thole men wno oppose the cause of
tern trance for gain see the error of
their way and join us in this battle to
rid our town of the accursed evil
God says Neither shalt thou bring
an abomination into thine house lest
thou be accursed like it but thou shall
utterly abhor it for it is an accursed
thing Is not the whiskey traffic an
accursed thing and an abomination to
our homes and country
The fight is now on Let us go on
bravely to the end fort without the cross
there can be no crown With Gods
help we will win the victory and wear
the crown God be with us
Sights add Experiences Enjoyed
Along the Way
DALLAS TaxDec 23 180nDear
John While spending the day In this
city my mind naturally drifts back to
the dear old hospitable State and it is cen
tralized on the noble county of Brenken
ridge which affords the best county
paper in the State and through which
columns I am permitted to speak to my
many friends
I left Kentucky on Dec 13th and on
the 14th I landed in St Louis the me
tropolis of Missouri and of the West
Ibis city is the greatest rallroadcenterin
the union and furnibses the best con
nection from the East to the West I
continued my trip via the Missouri
Kansas k Texas Hallway and beheld the
most picturesque ecentjjyof the West
I was permitted a stop over at Sedalia
and Ft Scott t These cities are of much
note in connection with the history of
Frank and Jesse James I was cited to
BomV noted points where they bad die
played their bravery On the 16th I
continued my trip through the Nation
where we once more saw the soil for we
had been passing through 6 inch snow
There we found the cowboy herding his
immense droves which in some cases
numbered three thousand We occa
alonally saw the keen eye of the brave
Indian casting y glimpse at the window
and in appearance saying Depart I
never knew you
We then crossed the colored waters of
the Red river and entered the Lone Star
state where each State in the Union Is
represented by citizens who are engaged
in all classes of business On Sunday
morning when I awoke from a pleasant
nights repose at McKinney Texas I
gazed upon the vast prairie which is
unsurpassable soil and which takes the
lead ip agriculture The roads were as
bard as asphalt and we could easily glide
oyer them in buggies at the rate of ten
miles per hour But on Sunday night a
rain fell and it has been almost impossi
ble to travel since la any manner on
account of the black J wax 6
Now John please accept my thanks
for space in the noble old3sECK KiooK
NEWS WiahiSgvou a Merry Ohlstmas
and aiappyNewYear am
b Respectfully Yours
Heres Hoping It la True
Mr Aria Watfield fireman oa the
Henderson routeie hooked fer a high
er positioaA
A NKWB reporter has been informed
that Mr WatSeld will be given the po
siUon of Traveling Fireaia oa the Lea
Isyille < Southern railroad It k
hoped that tUe rawer ta ts e aad we ex
lead to the ysanjt rasa ofr New Teats
eoagtat latieni 1 A l I
Free Coinage of Silver The Shib
boleth of the Democratic
Doomed Unless a Change Is
BnANDENBURo KY Jan 1 1000
Get togetherl Let the majority rulel
are the keynotes of J W II in the last
issue of the NEWS from the stirring pen
wielded at Big Spring by my old friend
and neighbor Mr Hardin I well re
member made those three predictions
he mentions notably the first None
of you men will live to flee a law on any
statute book authorizing the free and
unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio
of 16 to 1 The second prediction I
believe it however bits me sore and
should all Democrats None of you
older men will over live to see another
Democratic President This is still a
harder blow but circumstances constrain
us to endorse Yea may never live to
see another Democratic Governor of
Mr Hardin gives the matchless
a sarcastic and welltimed rub He
didnt carry lUke a cyclone worth a
cent did be And what Mr Hardin
said about the judges of our Supreme
Court the President and getting
down to Goxeyi Kelly and what the
matchless said is fit food for every sen
slble Democrat in the whole United
States to chew and digest t John G Car
lisle an archtraitor The noblest states
man on recordl A man who was Speaker
of the National House of Representa
tives an office next to the President
Then as Secretary of the Treasury he
r > ctedihtrhijjrh estimate placed upon
its i dignity and influence
The change of the money standard from
gold to silver was declared the nations
salvation Its action had the effect of
continuing the depression of our indus
tries and trade begun in 03 so that in 00
there was such an unrest that business
was almost at a standstill and the coon
try was financially prostrate Mr Bryan
declared with those who followed him
that it was impossible to restore prosper
itytmlees free coinage of silver should be
provided for byl legislation lu party
Mr Hardins mine and Carlisles
maintained that the preservation of the
present standard of money or the gold
standard would revive industries the
extension of markets and the full em
ployment of labor Before 1800 the
Democrats recognized in their National
platform that the gold standard should
be maintained and that all money should
be maintained ata parity by our legisla
tion It was an accepted doctrine that
free coinage of silver would bring mono
metallism and a debased standard of
money Mr Hardin tells us the result
Free coinage of silver has been before
and since 1800 the shibboleth of one
wing of the Democratic party the one
thing t above all others it wished to at
tain If we are to judge from the tide of
the time and the promised nomination
ot Mr Bryan the matchless its pur
pose is to force tbh issue of disaster into
the campaign of 1000
Our country is prosperous Wall Street
isnt the world money is plentiful and
the best money the money of the world
And as Mr Hardin tells us we will
never see another Democratic President
in consequence of this fanatical issue led
by a fanatic on this one issue Mr Har
din is a sound reasoner a wise counsellor
and a conservative Democrat and dislikes
Upet names applied to lifelong Demo
Oh here comes Goebell Actually I
am ashamed and I < Wash to speak or
write his name in connection wilhoar
fair State that baa only knows two Re
publican rulers The Democratic ban
ner would be waving at Frankfort today
and P Wat Hardin would wield the
scepter of control had nofone idea
one iseae C one allabsorbing thought
been paramount and stealing Ha hal
not by Republicans not teen in order
Mr Hardin says It Is I hoggish and con
temptible to control the wishes of the
oplefatrly expressed Havent the
whole proceedings since June been OH a
similar tHoggth and contempti
Mr Hardla wisely eoDel dee Lets
get together and be deeeat and boa
eet Then we eau win and net Mil
AM Ahl yieodfried j the hoar
bM past tbe dfe k i cat Your old party
if teemed It leas eatt aside flu Mate
1 WWo toad bs set aside tiw dvl e ef
Hezekiah L Stader and Miss l Rosa
Ryan Wed at New Albany
Mr Hezekiah L Stader and Miss Roea
Ryan left Saturday evening for Louis
villa They crossed over toNew Albany
Ind that night and were married in the
parlors of the 8t Charles Hotel Rev
Dr Clokev pastor of the first Presbyter
ian church of that pity performed the
ceremony After the wedding they left
for Hardin county the home of Mr
Stader to visit nis parents Their leav
ing home to be marrlpdja l not an elope
ment but they did it j list for the novel
ity of the thing
Mr Stader is a self made nan known
foe his honesty and integrity He Is la
the butcher business and has been er
eeedingly sacceesful
MissByaa for two years has b a
saleslady In John D Babbxpfea staUea
ery store She Is a young lady etrtfbW
meat amiable disposition and ie one el
Olbverports pretty daughters T ei1
reached the dty Tuesday evening and
have taken reonia at the Mitchell bones
The zwa with i a host of friers wk
both math joy Brad haiytaiss
llI art ltI of Fesi bit5t
aMeadid tee Me nit JMqHl IiRrr
f > f V i4
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
dWItOlesOt t 1
Would Be Of Much Value In
The Business of Road
lately finished the work of organization
of Agriculture and Good Roads Clubs
and taking also an humble part in many
of the Farmers Institutes I am very de
sirous of this good work being carried
out as contemplated by our Bureau of
Agriculture along the lines mapped out
Now and then we have found men
who in their desire to aid this work have
been very helpful and knowing your pa
per has done much in this direction I
have concluded to write you py con
If the papers all over the state had
taken the same interest you have we
would have had the work well in hand
I therefore congratulate you and trust
that your own county will profit by the
efforts being made I am well aware
that your county is not an exception and
the officials should look well to such or
ganization andeffort as will secure good
The present road system of many
counties i is UeJaaiae we Jiayu had for
fifty years orpaioreand no law could be
worSe Some countiea have made some
changes but many have three or four
supervisors all of whom would not know
a good road were tuey permitted to see
one This all means inefficient service
and consequently great loss of money
An efficient civil engineer of practi
cal sense with a good backbone would
I be a great improvement This man
should have charge of the road building
and repairing and by giving him a sal
ary and requiring a good bond from him
every county would not only secure bet
ter service and better rodds but they
would eliminate the many jobs and pets
of BQ many multiplied supervisors and
wouldbe road builders Your county
I suspect has been filched as many oth
er counties have been in the state and
will continue to be imposed on unless
you make the chaage indicated
When I wMiayour i midst I saw some
very fine stone i l building pikes Ytis
unfortunate that your officials cannot
pee the error of their way in continuing
persistently In thelr old way Some of
the officials of the counties of f our state
do not feel fiofficient interest in this
matter to go forward in the work I
have learned through some parties that
you are endeavoring get out of the
old ruts and I bail with pleasure every
effort made in thls tlfrectioa I trust
those at the wh elwfU in the spring
move off in the right direction and that
yoar good people will hays reaepnto be
proudof the new departure
Eyery county in the state making an
tiflort in this direction should bear in
mind the Importance of eecnriag modern
machinery before endeavorinx to make
a foot of road and the moat important
machine is the Road Roller
Roller Grade Crasher twowheel
scrapers dump carts plows picks and
shovels are all important and necessary
to build modern roads aad BO other
prove economical roads iff the end
I am now thoroughly convinced that
some counties are certain to gd to work
in the ngbt way ia the spring and I hall
with pleasure every effort in this im 1
portant movement
Bowling Green Ky
sprat a Pleasant DAy at Irvlagtoar
Misses Alice Mattlsgly Marioa Bab
bage Jape and Annie Hambleten west
to IrvinRtoBfeSanday
They were Joined there by Messrs
Andrew Severs Kenneth Ferry John
Hfn4eaaad Jtoy Wi PrOf that pkee
After f the word Hewdydo and the
tonal GhrMiaas iMetiag all lef tier the
home ojtMfia Maggie Carter where they
wer royally eatefUtsod
4alJ repae wet spread Mr
the seert 1 p and en e of Mte jii its < t M
a a
There are some bargains in shoes at t
the Eclipse Grocery
Miss Eula Miller was the gvest of Miss
Alice Baker last Sunday
Prof Roberts and wife returned from
Meade counry last Monday
Pat Dillon will get back on the board
of trustees He made a good one last
Miss Robertson of Glendeane was
visiting Miss Eya Hensley a few days
last week
Misses Net and Ada Beard spent
Christmas at Irvington visiting relatives
and friends
Dr Milton Board vho has made his
home at Kirk for some time is arras i
ing to move back to townt
The Society of the Kings Daughters
bad a very delightful evening last Fri
day with Mrs P M Beard e
Mr Baker of the Green Flag has
gone to Asheville N 0 with bis
brother Max who Is in very delicate
Its time in the beginning of this new
year to make some new resolutions and
swear that you will do better than you
did last year
I will open a photograph gallery in the
building adjoining the Green Flag Bar
gain Store about the eighth of Jaduary
John P Haswell Jrleft last Friday
for Frankfort to take his seat in the
Legislature Mr Haswell is to be cpn
grttalated on being sent back to the
Legislature the second time
The Supervisors of the tax list me t
here last Monday Jack Mattingly G
B Cunningham Lon Jarboe Charles
Blandfbrd and Daniel Parrish constitute
the board
Rev A H Davis the pastor ot the M
E church in this place has been con
fined to his home by illness for several
days It is feared by his friends that he
is down for a spell of typhoid fever
Mies Florence Cottrell of Cloverport
I was in our midst last week Everyone
seems to enjoy the visits of Miss Cottrell
as she is quite agreeable and entertain oj
ing While here she waft the guest of
lUll Dr A M Kincheloe
Harrold Beard who has just closed his 1
school at Union Star was at home and
spent the holidays He left for Louis +
ville yesterday to take another course at J
the Kentucky School of Medicine
The Silver Cross Circle of the Kings
Daughters will meet with Mrs Morris
Beard Saturday afternoon 5th inst at 2
p m A full attendance Is desired se it
is te date for the election of Seers i Jb
Mr J R Johnson writes back from
Loulsvilla that be and his family hat v
about gotten settled and that they think r >
they will like their surroundings Bat
he says we cant get along without the
NEWS We must hear from old Hart
dinaburg occasionally
There was a Watch Meeting service at
the V 5 Church South last Suadar
night There Waif a good crowd In <
tadance and the pastor Rev F M i
Petty made the services quite interest
lug to the audience There were ser
vices at the Catholic church o >
We start into the first week in the
new year with the price oa boy salts
from 175 to125 We only have stew
of them left Mens altwool pamta l15
to 175 Best nadernhirts 3Sfcv Hena
brogan shoes 100 Ladies straws flOfc c
We also carry the largest Mock of vegetables
table and groceries in this town Call
and sea for YoursU Eclipsfi
Messrs Anderson and Martin two
young men from Hardin coaoty b ww
lately purchased the saw mill owned by <
Jubal Hook and have it located BeaM
town They are in the market to pu
chase aU the good black and white oaks
timber they can find They will cat it ° +
for a foreign market
There are soave trirla who will take a
boy off ton watch meeting aoU w4 tip all fl
night just to havea good tfaM Aai
they think a boy is la love Riteth psis
that will do that Better watch tM
young bMna s They are bad eootoi I
Whats the use of worrying alt tit
Use busies y havnt god > amah
tBaaHey There is plenty ot money
eaenah te barn Lawt stair > 3ot it j
tkeeeeeae ie nit tc M4rrponybe
is ye + hpeat f > t more aettse if
e eig Ii or
ra r f
Vii1 s t

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