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Watch Tin Dato
After your Iruurie. rcnow
promptlr. nd not mini nam
br. Tlit Postal tegulatioiu
require labacrtptlont! to be
paid In advance.
THF weather:';
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No. 121
Tot xxxiv
ti i n tit i nvyzM
Building Occupied By 97 Col
ored Female Patients
Is Burned.
Prompt Action of The "Instilu
tion'sFire Fighters Saved-. 1
, the Bufldingsl ,
Mrn was discovered in the. roof. of
the" buildinro'f M;he:i:Western State
Hospital, two .miles east'' of town,
Wednesday night at 10:30 o'clock.
The buiWhcr wr3 of brick and three
r storifs high and contained 97 negro
women. It was a comparatively
new building, having been erected
by Dr. Letcher about 15 years ago
and overhauled last year. It was
situated about 125 feet from the
wing of the main building in which
the female wards are located.
The fire was burning fiercely in
two places when discovered and had ,
burned through tho attic .floor and 1
was falling into the third story J
rooms when discovered. The hospit- j
LA al has its own fire company and un- j
der the direction of Richard Fay it
was soon in working order and the J
engineer turned on full pressure and.
a good stream was soon playing on
the flames, while the work of rescu-
i g the purjic-stricken patients was)
carried out systematically and sue-1
c s.-fu ly. Ono woman was over-!
c rp by tW Smoke, buji.was soon t--
Busc tutt'if "iWr" were- some -r-
r nv esc r.v.- tut a I were, sav.nl u-
k hu;t, Tb-i la iy artfndnts in ui '
m .m oi; mni: .aa me goou j i
m ..it 't. o :. ;.! TkwJftW shades 'on
that sij of ih bii.diOg hb soon aaj
tu alaun waa Kivtn, thus prtvtnt
ing any excitement in th main bui! -i
The City b"irj. 'Bew irtmb'rit sunt a
Lhostfcart and sonu fire fighters out
to the scene and although the fire
was under conm.1 wheri they reach
ed the hospital, good service '.was
rendered in putting out what re
mained. A team of horses belong
ing to the Williamson Transfer Co.
was used to take the wagon out and
one of the horses dropped dead at
the end of the run.
Dr. F. P. Thomas went out in his
au o and rendered assistance in' help
ing to care fur the patients..
The origin of the fire isnof known.
An investigation has been made, but
no satisfactory- solution of -the mys
tiry has been arrived at.
Dr. H. P. Sights, the superintend
ent, was in Paducah on business, and
caught a night train hbmev Dr.
Sights estimates the lo3S at from
$7,000 to $8,000, which is covered by
One of the old buildings formerly
u.-eu has been hastily put into use
aid will be occupied while the dam
aged building is being restored,
Dr. Sights expressed himstlf as
greatly appreciating the services
rendered by the city department and
the people generally..
" ' tt .
Burned By Carbolic Acid
The two-yeor-o!d son of Met W. T.
Major, of the Beverly neighborhood,
was badly turned by carbolic acid
yesterday morninfr. ..The little fel
low secured a1 bottle of the drug
from the mantle and put it to his
mouth. His mouth and face ,wero
painfully burned hut his internal in
juries are not considered serious, as
v.-ry little ?f thpoison was swallow
ed. .' ,l
Will Is Probated.
The will of Harriet Foseiy was
probuted in cour.ty court a few days
ago The deced nt bequeathed al1
of her estate t hef iandda'itfh'e-,
I - '1 no E'lirab) 'i Hu har 1, n
The first of the free trade
excursions to be arranged by
the business men will be run
Wednesday from Marion.Btart
inff at 7 a. m.. arriving at 9 n.
ni, returning At 5 n. m. Ft e
tickets will he given to all wl.u
want to come here to trade.
Other similar excursions will
5V. R. Crawley Purchases Laun
dry Interest in Union City.
.1 .
HriuSn.r hft i potrntrpH'Jn thn.lft'un ,
drv buci" -- wn.i Metcalfe's Ste..m
Lau'dr' iuc nine years, Mr. Witt ft.
Uraw ev hns.decioea to. go into ol
nes3 hr Union Cft.v. Tenn; "Wh
eVerybody1 will wish him orraf'-K'
cuss in Union City they will regret'
that he leaves Hopkinsville". Duri.ifc
his services with the MeiCd'fi' Lsun "
dry h-r ae iui jii m au r ft h - rli
tai.3 of the buaiiKad but'H.'s hi te
polite and energetic he has ani a I
fh ),.!-'
dry with which he has been co i-'o -;
hir.x Ui.hi-. I'ny a progres-
si. "l-fci.y uf 5.030 population
nun 's ending rapu'ly. Many pre
temiuus buitdings have been erected
during the past several years and
and others "are now in process of
erection. Business generally is on a
cun:inu':il increase and next year
greater things are expected. We
are glad that Mr.Urawley has select
edeuch.a plac for embarking in
businesp. He nas bought n half in
ter at i: a utw uiunary plaut there
and leaves to-morrow for his new
home. Everybody wishes him a pros;
perous business curt er.
To Speak At Cadiz Next Mon
day, Oct. 14.
Attorney James Allensworth re
ceived notice Thursday from the
State Democratic, Executive Com
mute that he had, been selected to
Bpeak at Cadiz next Monday after
noon in the iniere.it of Wilson and
Marshali. Monday will be County
Court day and a largf crowd will bo
in town. Sp akin begin at 2
Mp,,AUn"A ,itahaWo been ap
pqltttftjiti jj -i 1 fto diys on the
Jtu nTHrdallowy cuunty, beginning
Tuesdajf the 22 J.
At Universalist Church.
Tomorrow will be Rally Day at
the Universalis church. We hope
to see all the members who live in
Christian county present at the morn
ing service, Come and bring your
neighbors and friends with you and
let us have a great day uf worship
and a season of refrtwhrnenf from
the presenile f thj Lrtd.
At the evening aervicu the pastor
will speak especially f jr ila Odd
Fellows, but everybody is invited.
We hope to see alt the OJd Fe:-
Ions in Hopkinsville uiesent at this
service, t'umean i bring your wives
mdtcbi!dreh nrd cur n U'hb"-9,
Servian .it il .i-i 'I 7 i
Negotiations 'mat Have Been
O.i ror aoma iime JNear-
ing End:
Everybody Is Anxious To Sec
Tnis Big Enterprise Re-
i . . .. : ,
sume Operation.
Nc&oJa.iuns !,ivu been in pro.
k.re$ UekWeeu em? Uiji.it hoiuers 01
'n; Aciile Ml la utid E evator Co. and
c ipitalists of Tennessee for. several
weeks looking t thfe; sale of the
mil . lf i- sfiirt rh.- the Tennessee
people are nere
UUi chase of the
this week and a
milling property
v ill p-obably. be consummated be
fore their return, Should the mills
res 1. ii means that, atter an in
i -nn f inre yearr, ihe wheels will
biiurnirgand the fu eieilappear
a ic Hh tut the biggest milling plant
i rf S u b "ill b dissipated by
t ie hci ivi v of a small army of opera
i .". '.'Sn be it" say all. This mill
1- th' mly enterprise in Hopkinsville
i hat is not husy.
W. ), n tg
4; Nothing, Here's Your
In these days of High Living, it behoows us ali to be
on the lookout for money-saving propositions. The Ken
tuc ian has arranged with a celebrated premium house,
for a line of high class subscription-premiums and for a
! horn time only is prepared to open a BARGAIN COTJNT
E c tnat will make every housekeeper sit up and take no-
ce. Here are the articles that you can get absolutely
FREE by paying your subscription a year ahead, or by
'taking the paper if you are
Half Dczen Tea Sp,oons.
2. Carving Knife and Fork.
3. Midget Kitchen Set, 3 pieces.
4. Patent Tension Spring Scissors.
5 Sanitary Paring Knife.
G. One Hand Erg Beater and
Cream Whip.
Samples of these goods can be
seen at the Kentuc kian office and to
see them is to want them. For 30
lays every cash subscriber for one
ear will be given either one of the
nremiums numbered 1 and 2 or any
two of those numbered 3 4, 5 and 6,
upn payment of $2 Sub cribers
whose Mmcs are not yet on, may
ake vdvantae of this 'propo ition
bv na'iitf a vear from date of ex-
piHia of their subscriptions
Pwn'um Nh. 1- One Set of G Tea
SpoQiif. Tin design is a braisl nw
puttern. of fine stylo onigood grade,
curf vintr-n heavv ilte of norp Si.
vo'r n n Nickel base. French Grey
finish. Free with one year'j sub
scription at $2.
Premium.No. 2 -Cocobolo Carving
set, consisting of a carver 13' inches
long, 9 inch blade, and pot fork 12&
inches long, These are pnmthing
worth while, bhdes of cru:ible steel,
hand ground undor water, aud oil
tempered, 'thus wcurinir a flexible
blade thr. will hold itsedpp; hnndles
first quality coccbolo securely: rivet
ed wi.h bras3 rivets. These gooda
sell at hiuh prices and are unod
enough to use in anwbodv'a home.
Free with one year's sub crlption at
These Offer Gcd
i .. -
lVfoss, Bros ' Line of Shows Will
Start Week's Engage
ment Monday.
$i!l,BeHeld At Mercer Park
and Shows Are Well!
iongjho principal fpatures of
thMoss Carnival Co., .here next
week, ma? ba mentioned: ,
nnpt. Joe Mahoney, the half man,
i who dives from a 90-foot ladder into
a net below, though he has but one
arm and one leg. Armstrong's
world of wonders Some of the peo
pie are the tallest and shortest in the
world and the stoutest.
The management has extended an
invitation to all the orphans in the
.Orphans' Home and the inmates of
the Western Kentucky Hospital to
go out at their convenience and get
a look at all the attractions free of
vCharge. This shows the liberality
'and nublic spirit of the Mos3 Bros
nhfl "thev deserve the crratitude of al
for feindly remembering the tinfor
H. Friedman, who has been here
with several fhnwp, ngain on hand
meeting his old friends.
not alrpady a subscriber.
Premium Nj. 3. Midget Kitchen
Set, -packed in box 2 Paring Knives
with tempered steel blades and one
high grade Can Opener with tem
pered cutter, waterproof handles on
all. A dandy high grade premium.
Premium No. 4. Patent Tension
Spring Scissors 8 inch size, guaran
teed for two years, the best prem
ium shear on the market. Its sale
has been, enormous and every lady
should have a pair.
Premium No. 5. Sanitary Paring
Knife, solid aluminum handles. This
knife is 6J inches long, blade of ex
tra quality crucible steel, ground by
nand on grindstones under water
, and qil tempered, insuring a flexible
blaqelth&t will holl its edge indafin
' itely. The aluminum handle is' qat
solidly and securely to the blade,
,loviqg-no crevicfts to hold dirt,
making blade and handle practically
one piece.
Premium No. 6. The One Hand
Egg Beater, a perfect E,?g Beater,
Cream Whip and Mayonnaise Mixer.
This fs a desirable premium in every
way, just what every housekeeper
needs. It is Simple. Sanitary. Dur
able, Quick and Effective. Hard
wood handle, fiber finish, Oil tern
pered Steel Spring, guaranteed.
Great beating capacity, six heavy
wires. Ball bearing foot or rest
prevents slipping. This is sure to
be a popular one with the ladies,
Any two of the 4 last named prem
iums given free with a year's sub
scription at $2
Till November S.
' The Bull Mooaerar will hi ve
a bi Jd.v to day. The organi
zation of the County Commit
tee will be complete' and Hen.
M. J. iiolt, of - Louisvi'le, will
deliver a speech at 2 p m.
Miss Ware Quite 111
Miss Tony Ware has baen quite ill
at the home of M-. Clardy, near
Bell's station, for somi time. Lite
Thursday afternoon a message came
to, friends in the city that she was
not expected to live through the
night. Yesterday evening she was
still alive, but might pass away at
anymomen.t.. . ; "
There's A Reason.
In selecting a Vacuum Cleaner for
our subscribers, both old and new,
we bought the best to be iound in
our opinion and we think we have
chosen wisely. They are to be had
as cheap as S1.85 and if you want
one at that price give us your or
der and we will have a machine for
you m r wek nr tn
with our i:d?n-' on i1 ;- j
the manufacturer's nutnu.
-' v not
We have
be glad
r make
good ones in stock nnd will
to have pr-so' ciw cu'ntr
thorough comparison of our machine
with any one on the market at any
price, work and material considered.
Durability and suicess in use is our
Bulonl JohnaoB, Correspondent
A number of people from here at
tended the Todd County Fair at
Elkton last week.
Mrs, Laura Hall returned to her
home at Allensville Monday after
several weeks visit with Mrs. M, E.
The writer wishes to thank the peo
ple of Rose town Sunday school for
their invitation to their picnic last
Saturday, which we accepted and
certainly did have a nice time.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wade spent Mon
day in Hopkinsville on business.
Mr P E. Downer of Jesup neigh
borhood, was hare Monday on busi
ness. Tobacco cutting has been finished
here and it is all about cured up.
Mir. L. M. Johnson, of Fairview,
was in this section last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arnold, of
Fairview, and Miss Naomi Oliver, of
near Pembroke, were visitors at
Mrs. M. E. Morton's Sunday after
noon. The farmers are beginning to sow
wheat here now.
Preaching At Herndon,
Rev. T, T. Roberts will preach at
Herndon church, Sunday morning at
11 o'clock. AU are invited.
Mrs. Margaret Mitchell, of near
Cerulean, and Mrs. Geo. Mltcuoli
nti 1 ch Urcn uf 'J' cr Pen! return t
$7,500 IN
Verdict Given For KillingJVolr-
ney Gamble At
The Long. Drawn Out Cherry
Spring Case Taken Up
Ttierty&L. E. Gamble, Admr.
of Volney" Gamble, deceised, was
brought to a close yesterday anja
verdict was rendered giving the
plaintiff $7,500. He sued the Mason
Hanger Co. and the L.' & N. rail
road Co. jointly for $10,000 damages
for the death of Gamble at their
construction camp.
Yesterday the case of Cherry Bros,
against Christian county wa3 begun.
Trimble & Bell represent the plain
tiffs and County Attorney John C.
Duffy is conducting the defense,.
The amount involved is $500, . but it
was expected yesterday that the
trial would continue throughout the
The plaintiffs claim that the dam
ages sued arise from the defendants
drying a spring in their yard while
quarrying rock for building a pike
from Beverly to Lafayette in 1907-8,
The case was tried before Judge
Cook and the jury awarded damages
for $500. Judge Cook set aside the
verdict as excessive and the case was
carried to the Court of Appeals and
remanded for new trial.
Noel Bowman, charged with carry
ing concealed a deadly weapon, ap
peared bofore court and p'tod
guilty. Th? cnu-t assessed a fine
against him of $25.
Of Miss Emmette Major and
Mr. Ernest Pyle.
Mr. Ernest F. Pyle and Miss Em
mette S. Major were married Wed
nesday evening at 3 o'clock, at the
bride's home on the Canton pike.
Rev. C. M. Thompson, pastor of the
First Baptist church,. performed the
c-.o..ny in the presence uf u large
number of invited guests. Th?y were
attended by Miss Bertie Major and
Mr. Elmer P'Pool, Miss Ruby
Smithson and Mr. Clifto;j Gary.
Little Misses Nan Msjor una Vir-
giniaCayce were the ribton bear
ers. Miss Kutn Major played the
wedding march,
The parlors were beautifully deco
rated and the ceremony was pro
nounced under a bridal arch of roses
and evergreens.
The bride wore a dark blue velvet
dress and held a bouquet of Bride
roses. Miss Major wore white satin
and Miss Smithson pink marquisette
and both carried pink roees.
A bountiful wedding dkmer was
nerved to the wedding party before
the marriage.
The bride ig a charming and at
tractive young lady, a daughter of
Mrs. Mollis Major. Mr. Pyle is a
highly esteemed young man, a son
of Mr. Jas. H. Pyle. The younfr
couple will live with the groom's,
parents near the city.
Married Last Month
It became known here this week,
that Mrs. Zoe Henderson aud Mr,
Carden Hern, both of this city, were
married in Evansville on September
22nd. Mrs. Hern has been with the?
Frankel'8 busy Btore for some time
and left this week to ioin hor hint.
band at Tampa, Fla., where 13 lioyp
Meets With Mrs. Dayison.
John vlwcrf Chapter
Mi l raxt with Mr
i r x. Monday t-ffr
plo Tin i nt.urn.t bnn
Odd ! iio.vj w 1 iv ho t
'hPiQ yest rlay after a fow

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