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Hqpkinsvillb, Kentucky, Thurso ay, January 9, 1913
No 4
'You XXXV'
Th regular Democrat of Tenths
aee were knocked ott in the organi
zation of the leffialatart; but it ti.ok
a f usion of prohibition iiwopendents,
Hooper JlepiiWieaoo and Crump
Democrats from wide-apen Memphis
.to turn the trick.
Tnebournale of the last legisla
ture jme destroyed,. Tuesday in a
fire thai burned, the State Journal
office at Frankfort. If their
"records" are wiped out, some ef
the members are probably glad of
it. a!B
Jaek Coleman, at Harrodsburg,
Ky., undertook on a wager to shoot
a hole through Henry Marshall's
hat without hitting his head. Un
like Wra. Tell he aimed too low and
is in jail on a charge of murder.
I7 Airorranizitionhas been formed
by the Evangelistic, Association of
Federatede-ehhrcbes :in Chkago to
finance revivals for' poor churches
that cannot afford to pay high priced
Rev. J. J. Johnson, a negro preach
or en Yin rnmmitted an assault at
Ci'tra. Fla., was tried and sentenced
to death on Tuesday. His Chicago
r.ameeake should be sent to Florida
for trial.
Smith and Johnson, the actual
assassins of Ed Callahan, according
to the evidence, are now on trial at
Winchester, following a hung jury
in the case of one of the accomplices.
Rev. D. P. Gallagher, a Catholic
Driest of Louisville, left the priest
hood last week, married Miss Flor
ence Layer and went west to engage
in other business.
The University of Illinois has
found it necessary to light up many
dark places with electric lights to
stop spooning by the male and fe
&male students.
jw - . ,
lvV ... i
A new bulletin of the government
estimates the present 'population of
the United States to be 96,495,090
and that the per capita is 334 72.
Two editors have broken into the
'm vormra rn a wmhk. i iiuunuii ui,
and Heiskell. of Arkansas, who will
ssrve about sixty days each.
'An effort is being made to throw
into the hands of a receiver the Ma
sonic Temple, the first sky-scraper
erected in Chicaeo in 1890.
As the rules for the parcel post do
not prohibit babies, those that
weigh under eleven pounds can be
sent by mail. Etown Mews.
It was 30 degrees below zero at
uiw r.Jtv. Mont.. Monday, which
had the distinction of being the cold
est place on the map.
Two Misses Cook at Sterling, III.
horsewhipped on the street A. H.
Warneke, a man who made slighting
remarks about tkewu ft
Congressman Stanley did not get
the vacancy on the Ways and Means
committee, which went to Ansburry,
of Ohio.
The steamship Roeecrans was lost
nff Aatnria. Orelon. and Only 4 Of
the crew of 35 were saved.
0 Circuit Judge Weed o. uneoi, oi
RJlrahathtowh. is critically ill from
a stroke of paralysis.
Examine your cash and if you
haven't $34.72 you are short of your
lawful per capita.
Three mm, probably alive, are On-
tombed in a copper mine at Bin
bam, Utah.
The Tenneiss bacteriologist says
that oats and decs spread diptherk
Felfewiett proposal to eede Crete,
rectify' the Tars boundary, bat
wsiettac ttpoa the reUmUon el Add
anople, mado by Ue Trkbh
Mtes. the peace confsroaoe at Lo
don wm suapended iiwVsHwHtiy
give the allies time, to answer.
'or Telephone Service In Chris
tian Coanty--All Permits
. Revoked.
Fiscal Court Transacts Much
Important Business at Jan
v ary Meeting.
The Fiscal Court at its meeting
Tuesday passed the following, very
important resolution in regard to
Whereas, the Cumberland Tele
phone and Telegraph company, the
Hopkinsville Home Telephone Co..
and the Pembroke Home Telephone
company, each formerly doing a tel
ephone business in this county, and
recently consolidated under the
i.amej of the Christian-Todd Tele
phone Company, have each and all
failed and refused to remove their
poles outside of those portions of the
roads us d by the public for travel
and outside of the valleys and ditch
es along said roads, so as not to in
terfere with the maintenance and
repair of the said public roads' at
various places, when ordered to do
so by this court, and the officers of
this county, and
nucleus, me oaiu wiiauiiuuiiuii
of said telephone companies using
and occupying the pnblic rpjids of
Christian county and thoughts of
way thereof has been followed by
advances in the rates charged for
the service on the. said lines so using
and occupying the same, and dis-
crimination in the said rates, charged
to vanous patrons along the paid
public roads of this county outside
of incorporated cities and towns;
"It is therefore ordered by this
court that any permission, privilege
or consent, if any, Heretofore grant
ed orictven by this court to either
or any of said telephone companies
to so use the public roads of this
county or any part of the eights
thereof, or to occupy same with
their Doles and wires in the tele
phone business, is hereby revoked;
recalled and set aside and held to be
void and no longer binding on this
"And'it is further ordered that a
franchise to use, operate and main-
tain telephone lines along and acrose
the public roads of this county and
along the rights of way thereof, be
sold by this court at public outcry to
the highest and beBt bidder, to erect
and maintain a system of telephones,
poles and wires along the public
roads of this county and the rights
of way thereof, for a period of
twenty years from the date of eale
and purchase of same, with such re
strictions and regulations as to the
place of erection, maintenance and
operation of the same along the
said public roads and rights of way
thereof. and providing free service
throughout this county, fixing the
rates to he charged therefor with!
such other regulations and restrict-
Ion as to rirevent discrimination,
etc., as this court may deem reason-
able and just.
"And it is further ordered that
the County Attorney prepare and
submit a franchise for the consider
ation of this court at its next meet
ing, and to be sold as heretofore
ordered. And the said telephone
company or ether persons and the
public are invited to have represent-
atives before this ceurt at its next
meeting to discuss said franchise,
its reflations and restrictions to
rates, etc.
"And this
said purpose
oaHse k eontimjed for
until the next term of
tnk court."
AU of mo members wore present
eiGeept Bm. Garrott. Isq. T. F.
Ckurdy, the now member, was pree
out for the first time.
The toiiowtng claims in port were
Of Tobacco Association Met
Last Monday.
The"" County Committee of the,
Tobacco Association met last Mon
day and elected Thoe. D. Jamejon
inspector for Hopkinsville and P-,
broke. Frank Quarles. owing te ih
.health, was compelled to give up the
position, which he has so well filled
for quite a while.
The Association, it is said, now
controls over half of all the tobeceo
raised last year in the "black patch,"
cnmrlrMuul nf twentV-two countfee:
It is also said about eighty per
cent of the fine tobacco raised m
the twenty-two counties. This being
so, the men who pledged their crops
have good reason to expect gei
prices for their products after the
inferior grades are ali taken by the
Colored fair ?$ 25 00
-Poor House 11182
Champion Bridge Co 284 00
Judge Knight, poor fund ... 700 00
City of Hopkinsville (street) 303 26
Forbes Co. on jail 138 35
L J. Harris, listing polls. .. 450.00
E. W. Coleman. Road Super. )
for road contracts ' ( 9o3 83
Appropriations were made cover
ing rentals for 30 polling places and
other small claims.
Thos. Green was appointed to
make settlement with Sheriff Low
Johnson for 1912.
Claims against the State for $296
for sheep killed were cretified to
An order was entered empowering
Judge Knight to make a contract
with James O. Cook for the use of
his hall in the second story of the
building near the L. &N. passenger
station, for an armory for Company
An appropriation of $300 per an-
num was made for the rental of
same, the City Council having
previously,made an appropriation of
$100 for the year 1913 for the1 same
purpose. The Judge, is to make a
three-yearcontract, with the privi
lege of renewal.
It is not probable that Judge
Knight will conclude the contract
until the court meets next time, as
Mr. Elb says that the company 13
using the Moayon Ha.l as an armory
under a new contract, the old one
having expired last Sept. The Judge
and County Attorney say they will
not do anything in the premises that
would do Mr. Elb an injustice.
prom:nnic vnr CWriWc Ar
Nearly AU done.
The rush of new subscribers this
week has taken up all of the premi
ums except atfew Midget Sets, Egg
Beaters and Paring Knives. These
will be given to the first comers as
long as they last. Better hurry if
you want one.
Cities May Impose License
The right of cities to impose li
cense taxes upon State business of
express compares and their agen-
cies was upheld ny the supreme
court in affirming the decision of the
supreme court of Kansas that an or
dlnance to that effect in Leaven
worth, Kan., was valid. The court
distinguished this case from those
where the tax was upon interstate
and governmental business.
Fuiionists Form Combine.
Fusionists with the aid of the
Memphis delegation of regulars or-
ganizad the
General Assembly pf
the election ef New
Tennessee by
ton White as Speaker of the Senate
. . , . . . . :
nd ?:lSt2,tM' l??
that the Kne-up will stand in the
election of a short-term and a long-
term Senator.
. Kontttduan U Trouble.
John Orr, formerly of Madison-
ville, is under arrest at Evaaville,
Ind.f on the charge of responsibility
of a fire which destroyed his hotel,
Asks More Damages
of Mrs.
Louise Edwards and
Her Mother.
First Suit WS For $5,000,
And ThwStoe For
Mrs. Emma Merritt in an amend
ed petition increases from $5,000 to
$25,000 the. amount of damages ask
ed for in the suit against Mrs. Louise
Edwards and her .mother, Mrs. Lula
R. Shelby, charging them with alien
ating the affections of her husband,
Marcus W. Merritt, who abandoned
her and hib three small children on
Nov. 24. No further attachment is
a3ked in the amended petition, the
attachment in the former case cover
ing the house here and the farm in
Trigg county.
The whereabouts of the defend
ants is not known. One report is
that they went to Harrison, Ark.,
when they left the city Nov. 23, via
St. Lruis. Merritt left the follow
ing day after receiving a long dis
tance telepone message. He has not
since been heard from
He is liable to criminal prosecution
for deserting his children under six
years of age.
Will Not Leave Louisville,
It will be gratifying, to the friends
of Rev. Millard. A. Jenkens in this
section to lenrn that he may not
leave Louisville and go to Spartans
burg, N. C , as he contemplated
few days since The congregation
of the Twenty-second and Walnut
streefBaptist church, which he has
been serving, agree to let him be
absent between the first of Apr
and October first to recuperate his
strength if he will not leave them
Dr. Jenkens has been advised by his
physician to leave Louisville for a
eeasbn at least,
Is Presiding at Wicklifte Cir
cuit Court.
On account of illness of Judge R.
J. Bugg, the regular judge, Judge
J. T. Hanbery is holding Circuit
Court at Wickliffe. This is the third
term that he has presided at the
regular terms, Judge Bugg having
not been well enough to hold court.
"Madame Sherry."
It has been snid( that the public is
exacting when it comes to amuse
ments, especially musical plays.
Evidently the public knows what it
wants in the form of entertainments
as will readily be seen by the phe
nomenal success of "MadameSherry"
which has set a new record for re
ceipts and attendance.
" "Madame Sherry" comes as a dis
tinct turprise, that the conventional
and usual musical plays found a
standard they were not able to keep
pace with, "The French Vaude
ville," as it is termed, has set a new
mark for musical comedy that will
not be equalled for some time to
come. At Holland's Opera House
Jan. 16.
Get Prizes. .
Boys and Girls who won prizes for
host work in School Fair at Kelly
will please call at Superintendent's
oflce any Saturday for the Scissors
and Hatchets,
Co, Supt.
n A Public Street In ClarKi
ville Saturday Night.
Clarksville, Tenn , Jan, 8. A
murderous attack was made on
Williom B. Fischer, Jr., of Nashville,
near the corner of College and Fur-
nance streets in this city baturday
ight. Mr. Fischer was first knock-
ed senseless with a rock, then rob
bed, and when he was about to 'es
cape, waa shot down by one or the
band which had attacked him.
The affr was witnessed by a per
son who immediately notihea, the
police, and within an hour five men,
Cleveland Suiter, Tal Powers, Doug-
as Suiter, James Heffner and Hill
Powers, were under arrest, charged
with the crime. After being knock
ed in the head, robbed and shot, the
stranger was left in the street, the
accused men going to Matt Brannig-
an's place, an the corner of Frank-
in and Tenth streets, -where they
were arrested.
In Tobacco Here, But Prices on
Loose Floors Soared
Farmers were busy Monday bulk
ing down tonacco Deiore it got in
too high order, but very little has
been brought to town. The heavy
rain continued up to about 11 o'clock
Tuesday night and the temperature
began to drop before 7 o'clock jes
terday morning, when the predicted
cold wave reached this section, with
a high wind from the North. By
9 o'clock everything was frozen hard
with every indication that the zero
period was imminent. With these
conditions prevailing of course the
movement of the weed must necess
arily wait for more favorable condi
tions. About the only consolation
that the farmer has is that the
weather man at Washington has
predicted that the low temperature
will be a short duration.
Monday the loose floor sale3 here
were pretty heavy and prices were
good, one house selling about $100,
000. In the Burley district prices soar
ed skyward, as will be seen from
the following:
At Augusta the Farmers Loose
Leaf Tobacco warehouse opened up
and sold nearly 250,000 -lbs. The
average price realized was 20 cents
per lb.
At wt. bternng the market was
active. One warehouse sold 160,
000 pounds at prices ranging from
4 cents to 37 cents. The quality was
fair and the sale the Iarcest yet sold.
At Richmond they had the most
satisfactory sale of the season in
every way. Prices ranged from $5
to $38 per hundred.
At Cynthiana tobacco rolled in
Monday and the sales amounted to
200,000 lbs. at one warehouse at an
average of 16 cents per lb.
Dies Of Pneumonia After
Week's Illness.
' Mrs. Rose Barber, wife of J. H.
Barber, died Tuesday night at her
home near Pee Dee, after an illnesb
of a week of pneumonia. She was
70 years old. Besides her husband,
six children survive. Mrs. Barber.
was a most excellent christian lady
and had been a member of Little
River Baptist Church for many
ears. Her funeral services will be
held at her late residence this morn
ing at 9 o'clock by Rev. C. H. Gregs
ton, of Gracey. The remains will be
brought here and intered in River
side Cemetery.
Speakers At Powell Banquet.
Following Is the program for Dr.
E, L. Powell's 19th annual banquet
Jan. 16th: "Thinking in Billions,"
Dr. E. Y, Mullins; "A Speech Hung
on Nothing," Alfred Herr Hite;
"Marching Music," John E, Garner,
of Winchester. Ky.: "The Kentuck
ian," Judge Samuel Wilson, of Lex-
Loss in California from Unpre
cedented Freeze Estimated
High as $40,000,000.
Oklahoma Reports the Coldest
Weather in Twenty Years
Tulsa's Water Supply Gone.
The One Hot Spot.
Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 8. All Jan
uary heat records in Birmingham
were broken Tuesday when the ther
mometer regiatered 73 at 1 o'clock.
Lob Angeles, Cal. "From San
Bernardino to Los Angeles, every
acre of oranges and lemons has been
This was the statement that came
last night from Ponoma, center of
one of the heaviest producing sec
tions of the citrus fruit belt. Only
a fifth of the crop may be salvaged,
it wa3 asserted. If this be true the
total loss on 150,000 acres of fruit
will amount close to $40,000,000,
More conservative estimates how
ever, figured the total damage at
$20,000,000. Between five and eight
million dollars of this sum will be
the loss to the railroads curtailed
freight receipts.
The weather moderated consider
ably today, but the mercury began
to drop at sundown and it was ex
pected thaqy midnight the fruit
growerswould be in the midst lot
the final killing frost.
George Foster Dies at
Age of 93 Years..
George Foster, one of the o&e$
citizens of North Christian, diea
Monday at the home of his son, John
Foster, at Old Petersburg. He was
93 years of age and death was due
to senility. Mr. Foster was engaged
in farming for many years. His wife
preceded him to the grave a num
ber of years ago. John Foster is his
only surviving child. Interment was
made in the family burying ground
Openings For Tinners.
One of the crying needs of Hop
kinsville is more tinners. The scar
city of mechanics in this line has
made it impossible to get work done
promptly for many months. There
is apparently enough work in the
city for two or three more good tiR
shops, as nearly everybody is having
trouble with leaks in roofs and brok
en gutters that there are not enough
tinners in town to repair.
Adjourned Session.
An adjourned meeting of the
Council will be held tomorrow night.
The.Mayor will submit his annual
message and the various annual re
ports will be received from the heads
of departments.
Gee Case.
Gee's Adm'r vs. City of Hopkins
ville, Christian; agreement filed in
appellant given to January 20 and
appellee to February 20 to file
Champion Corn Grower.
Lester Bryant, of Warren countyr
has been announced the champion
boy corn grower of Kentucky. He
grew 148 bushels and 65 pounds on.
one acre.
Democrats i. Control.
The commission forni of govern
ment was inaugurated in Lexington
with Democruta in control of the

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