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The man who cannot see beyond his
own vine and fig tice is a poor
neighbor the man who can not see
beyoud his own sordid interests in po
litical matters is a poor patriot
Sam Jones has been discussing mob
w tliu Ian If tho COUrU Will
not execute the law and mobs must
hang anybody let them hang the
judge and jury
If all the evils in the world could
be cured by law as some people sem
to think there would be bm little
need of the many other forces in the
land whose object is to ameliorate the
condition of mankind
The Chinese and Japs had another
engagement and the former were
completely routed more than 20000
being taken prisoners and more than
J 000 Chinese killed A naval en
gagement occurreirAug 17tb and
three big warships belonging to each
Bide wero sunk with all on board
Ilev Dr W T Paynter of the
Kentucky Conference of the M E
church will be investigated for di
Bcminating false doctrine by asserting
that whatever was natural was
right If the doctor will reverse his
statement so as to make it read what
ever was right was natural we will
stand by him
If all do not stay at home Satur
day the 29tb Crittenden county will
appoint delegates to the Princeton
convention Ilie stay-at-homes play
thunder sometimes Do not be one
of them Show your interest in pub
lic affairs by exercising the privileges
that are yours The voter who has
not sufficient interest in the selection
of candidates to assist in the work
has no right to complain at the condi
tion of public concerns
Nobody but W C P Breckinridge
could possibly have made such a race
tinder such circumstances Taking
everything into consideration the old
man though defeated may well feel
A reader desires to know why it is
that so many Crittenden county peo
ple go crazy and why there is so
much disturbance of religious worship
Every Pukwj bas our friend tells
of some un fort uu ate being bereft of alike
reason and sent to the asylum ami of
some other beiug put under bond
being tried or fined for disturbing
religious worship We have beeu at
uo littlle loss to account for these ap
parent idiosyucraries but ujwn reflec
tion the causes are obvious It takes
intelligent people to go crazy hence
Crittenden may suffer along that line
Wo have more religious worship than
other counties hence there is more of
it to be disturbed than elsewhere
That may not be contempt oi
nut It It a close that a
candidate forjudge of the Court of
Appeals The county meeting will le
held at the court house at 2 oclock p
m All ktinwn Democrats of the
county are entitled to vote in thi
mass Meeting
P S Maxwkli
Chn Dem Co Com
Another one of the old congress
men has fallen outside the breat
works Asher G Caruth was de
feated for lcnomination by Kd Mc
Dermott in the Louisville district
Tuesday The vote according to
first returns is McDerraoit S 101
Caruth 5002 Atherton ft OSS
The latest returns place Owens
mijority over Ilreckinridgc at UftO
Tho committee convenes Siturday to
make the ollicial count and to declare
the ollicial result Mr llreekinrhlpe
is out in a lengthy article abusing
all the forces that united in compas
sing his defeat He is cseeially
WUirjpiilJL UieVibboiressand
concede his defeat but by Saturdry
they will probably be reconciled to
the idea Tho defeated man announ
ces his intention of supporting the
father lost hU hcad U
Caseyville and Lindell Precincts
Said to He Preparing lot
Information from Union county is
to the effect that there is a chance
for trouble dowu there The eyes
of the county are now centered on
Capt Thos O Ulackwell who has
been appointed to collect the tax
due in the Lindell and Cascvville
precincts on the bond Nsucd by them
to aid the building of the Providence
and Shawncctown railroad The
history of the bonds has often been
told in the columns of the district
prcsj and needs no repetition here
Lapt HiacKwclI qualified a lew
months ago as collector of the hated
railroad tax of the Caseyville and
Lindell precincts in the western part
of Union county This tax was lev
ied 25 years ago for tho building of
tho road that never materialized It
has been the cause of Union having
no sheriff for many years as no one
would assume its collection The
face of the bonds now amount to 25
per cent of tho property of those
precincts Capt UUckwell is getting
ready to begin worK by appointing
tome of the 100 men who are to ac
company him on his collecting tour
He is said to have a strong financial
backing and the conjectures as to
his success arc mony and diverse
To be forced to pay this larce
proud of the result Now let us hcac amount of money in many instances
no more of him nor of the woman extremelv burdensome to tlm lnml
who was equally as guilty as he the
man s political life is at an end the
womans theatrical venture died a
bomin and it is to lie hoped that her
look will ftll as flat as her attempt to
go upon the stage
owners to those most interested
bojuii cruel It is a distressing con
dition and the people can hardly
under J ho circumstances be blamed
for Joking their temper
The collection of this tax in many
instances will be worse than a hard
ship it will amount to au absolute
wiping out of a number of small
Innd owners If it could effect only
those who voted for the tax it would
not be so hard but it operates on nil
This money must be paid and
there is no hope for a railroad and
for this reuson the land owners of
these piecincts with the strength of
right refuse payment or compromise
and who can blame Uiem Hen
derson Gleaner
Judge Chester A Cole who is the
Populist nominee for Supreme Court
Judge of Iowa was a citizen of
Marion from 1818 to 1857
A lorcrnnieiit Olllcer Huns
Amuck A Distillery Ap
For some days a report has lieen
afloat to tho effect that an officer oc
the Federal Government found n still
of the moonhinc order nt or near the
county poor house The reports dilfer
somewhat in detail and it is probable
that theexact situation is not known
at least a percistent ellort to learn all
the facts in the cae has proven inef
fectual so far The first report that got
abroad was that the still had been dis
covered in a cellar under an outbou e
on the county poor house farm that
u was destroyed by the officers and
that Win Goode the keejer of the
poor house had been arrested and ta
ken and taken to Louisville This
story lacks confirmation Persons
from that of the county have
heard something about the still being
destroyed but do not know whether
Goode was arrested or not Others
are confident that au old unused still
had been discovered nnd destroyed
but while they had not seen Goode
were satisfied he had not been nrres
Some months ago an illicit distillery
on a small scale was unquestionaby
unearthed in that section of the coun
ty the proprietor was an old man
from Tennessee He had beeu opera
ting but a short time when some boys
so frightened hm that it is said he
loaded his apparatus on a wagon for
parts unknown U is stated that thcJ
wastheoue he had abandoned and
that it had been picked up and carried
to the place where recently found
Ilio Cumberland Presbyterians
Will Lrect a llninNome llrlck
In the illustrated edition of the
Pnrss it was stated tint the Cum
burland Presbyterians of Marion were
looking forward to the time when
they could worship in a house more
in keeping with the progressive spirit
of the town than the neat but small
building in which they now hold ser
vices The fust step towards the
new house have been taken in the
purchase of the beautiful lot at the
comer of Main and Depot streets
opposite the residence of Mr G C
Gray The lot is one of the prettiest
in town and is centrally looted and
the site is in all respects a splendid
ouu for a church During the life
of the late John Lamb it was his
iiope to see a church on that spot
and his heirs in deference to his well
known wishes about the matter pro
posed to tho church to contribute
500 towanh the enterprise if steps
would be taken at once The church
gladly accepted the conditions and
the lot was purchased It is too luti
in the season to begin building this
year so everything will be gotten in
order for the work next season and
by this time next year a large brick
building will have reared its spire
towards tho sky in that neighborhood
of our fair little cit
idlino Jill Dead
Sunday morning at 2 oclock Mrs
Adline nil died at tho residence of
her son Mr J 11 Gill on the old
Gill homestead a few miles north of
Marion She had been visiting Sa
turday and returned in the afternoon
feeling as wellt as usual In the
night siie arotitcd the family usking
for the remedies1 she usually used
when occasionally attacked by smoth
ering spells Thd remedies did not
1 l
iciiuve linn in u icw moments she
ditd without a struggle The re
mains were intered at Crooked Creek
cemetery Sunday
Adline Gill was 77 years old she
came to this county with her husband
Fraucis Gill in lo38 ten years later
he died She was the mother of five
children four of whom survive her
Mrs J D Gill of this county Thos
Gill of Texas Mrs A E Drown of
Vernon Tex nnd Mrs A Pope of
Livingston county
Mr Dinkley blacksmith at View
sas One dose of Skeltons Interual
Liniment cured me of heartburn and
pains in tho stomach and I cheerfully
recommend iL
viJryMUa f h
Local Correspondence
Tue rcvlvnl meeting nt the Uapt
The tariff bill has passed congress
has adjourned the camp meeting is
ocr ami tho long looked for rain
has coma at last
Tho drooping spirits of the farmers
have revived and most of them are
busy plowing for wheat
School commenced at this place
last Monday with about one hund
red pupils on tlio roHs
Sorghum makinjfiRtlns order of
me day j rr
Jlobert Kasloy is happiest man
in town Another ten iptJtind male
Democrat made its appearunlo at his
house the Kith h
Our postmaster is on the Invalid
list this week owing to rejtcated at
tacks of the deaf nnd dumb chills
Ion ins Iran corpus
Tolu needs a dog law to all tho
living theio is hope only thero is no
hope that a living town dog will die
W D Wallace
the tonsorial art
ist has added a nice slock of confec
tionery to Ins razors brushes etc
11 Crawford candidate forshn
riff is either lost
strayed or stolen
or is out shaking hands with the
Now that Hilly Ilrccklnridgo Is
beaten for congress we think that tho
boys ought to shako hands and stop
K S Wright of Livingston cou ti
ll as moved to our town and
church is still in progress Several
Uavc professed faith In Christ nnd
great interest is being manifested by
both christians and sinners
Mrs Giles Kvan of Kddyvlllc
returned to her home after a weeks
visit to relatives here Miss Laura
Grove accompanied her home to re
main several days
Prof II M Uoyd of Kuttawa and
Hugh Glenn of Star Lime Works
were in town Saturday
Messrs S II Cassidy T J Yeat
and Henry Mitchell went to Marion
Hheiik the youngest son of Wm
Davenport living near town is dan
gerousdy ill with fecr
Mr Will Wellington and family
of Kuttawa vUitcd here Saturday
and Sunday
Mr J II Clifton and Mrs Malt
Johnson went to Ssiithlaud Mon
Misses Nannie Clement and Hlla
Cassiday visited relatives in the
country Saturday and Sunday
The Ilaptita intend erecting for
themselves a new church here in the
near future
Tom Clifton is now home on a vis
it and no one Is having more fun than
Mrs S II Damage is visiting here
tliis week
Kev II II Fox and J W Oliver
this place Monday night witli alxiut
20 conversions and II additions to
the church Much god was accom
plished among both christians and
sinners lcv Fox did some excellent
Mr fctcve Uennell and wife oft
Princeton visited here Saturday and
Kev 11 II Hoe preached his last
sermon at tho Methodist church Sun
day night for this conference year
Mls Hcllen Uoyd visited at Salem
Saturday and Sunday
Dycustt Iirown have sold their
stoek of hardware and groceries to
Wm Mayes for his interest in the
tlouring mill nt this place
Kev J II Garrett preached at tho
Methodist church Wednesday night
itheubc Ienport the youngest
son of Wm Davenport died Saturday
night of fever His remains were
intered at Caldwell Springs Sunday
The river is rising but not enough
for boats to run regularly Our
merchants have been hauling their
goods from Kuttawa
Kev J W
into ttie grocery business Kvcry
Ihinp new nnd client Uivo him a
There Is but litte beiug said about
the race for judge Your correspon
dent is for J It Grace nnd now who
is for the correspondent
Carrsvillc was blessed with n fine
shower of rain yesterday
The coin crop is nbout 00 per cent
of an average in this neighborhood
Potatoes promise to yield n full
age crop the wheat and oat crop was
fully up to the standard
Our public school under the man
agement of Prof Wright is progres
sing finely anil perhaps would be
doing better but for the illness of the
assistant Miss Jessie Thompson
who has been quite sick for the last
two weeks however she is improv
ing at the present writing and it is
to be hoped that very shortly she
will be enabled to again be at her
place in the school room
Miss Sallie Woeoler from noar
Marion who has been visiting her
friends in Carrsvillc is to start home
V II ltrewer who holds a
tion uuder the revenue collector U
having a residence built in our
town which will add another mite to
the property value of the place
Dr Allen Lowory he only prac
ticing physician of the tuwu Is iu
the snddlii almost caiitiuuallv
was interred ni nopeweii aim was
followed there by n large concourse
of friends and loved ones Ieace
to his dust
lrof Hawkins resumed his school
Tuesday morning at the old Mitchell
Married at lie residcuco of S II
Uossago the father of tho bride Mr
Joo K Johnston to Miss Mary Oos
sage Wedncday Sept 12 Kev
Gibbons ollleiating Miuy friends
of bride and groom witnessed the
pleasant alfuir and after the ceremo
ny the company were served a sump
tuous repast The nct day Mr and
Mrs Fred Johnson father and mo
ther of the groom made a splendid
Oliver administered Hner to the couple and their many
the ordinance of Haptini to III Tues
day morning at this place
i friends which was enjoyed by all
Look out for more reports of sim
ilar import Anon
J II Carter rejoices over the arri
val of another girl at his house
A lare nourishing school at Un
ion tliis year
Farmers are sowing a largs crop of
Mrs Jane llcnslcy and son Andy
visited nibic county III last
week M 9uJ
W A Davidson is canvassinj in
Livingston comity1
Other towns lltayboast their base
ball club their Jockey club their
loafing club etc but we want it un
derslood that wecialin tho champion
ship wheu it comes to marble play
ing clubs Out membership are
strong earrtcsl thorbngli going men
that havo forsaken home crops fam
ily nnd everything of value and gone
Into it with a determination worthy
any cause
O U McClure our reliable cooper
is busy making sorghum barrels
Laltuo Hros are still here with a
large nnd well selected stock of dry
goods boots and shoes groceries etc
Anthony Davidson was around last
week bidding farewell to his many
friends and relatives before leaving
for Louisville
Li still have an immense quantity of
smooth galvanized wire that must lie
sold Hchwah
Kev Walter McDonald of Tennes
son will 1 1 roue 1 1 nt Hethlcbrin nest
Sunday and here on the Mil Sun
Lynn V Cox of MadlMmville will
null a car load of well lin d in ties
and geldings some draft m idle and
hrnets horsis combined at Fredonla
Ky October i lVM A npviil
onltir for a pair of dark iron gray
borsos wotehltig UOOU IHs Dont
1 C It tiVilill nits 7UUK1 itv Ultlu T avlf5
ted to congress and doubtless he
will be Smithland will be planted iu
pumpkins next spring
Good Luck
The protracted meeting is still in
progress and Kev An hey has Iktii
preaching some excellent sermons
J Kelly Hoard has sold his inter
est In the drug store to John
cr the old reliable druggist
The Haptist meeting commences
Dr Todd reports two more new
comers that will be eligible to the I
common schools in six ctus
Tom Land the tuu nriil artist
shaves mankind the clenoest
Tho writer sojourned a night lnt
week with Dan McDowell the Demo-
cratic candidate for coroner linn
Ins a pleasant home on n high eleva
tion surrounded by beautiful forunt
trees nnd oMrlookiug some line far-
ming lands all around him lleids
being food farmer Dan can once
in a while bo induced to make a lit-
tie trade
J G McCain is ti full tledgod con-
stable nnd his acts and doings as such
are entitled to full faith and credit
He bears his honors gracefully
No news worth dnlilmg
Lynn A Cor
Highly soon pupils in school this
week and several more uxpectod
A nice carpet was put down in the
new Haptist church Tuesday
Hogg iV 10 d have come to stay
and hence they carry a full stock of
tlllinrtil lilnnlinnilli nw n
Geo Kennedy died at the home of i
I that will pay everybody to imtranirp
ma tamer tue iLtti lust alter an i
icin as they operate on the ieaml
illness of over a his remans
in n i l others live plan their goods are
all now and first clas ami thev sk
an examination of their stock and
prices their trade has bten increas
ing ever since they commenced buL
ness they deal fairlv with everybody
and want our produce at tho high
est mnrket price and will fell their
goods as Ion as any firm that handles
tac same class of goods
We are having lino rains lntoly
which have greatly luflttod puture
and tobacco and softeuod tho ground
so that it may lie prenred for wheat
Hugg Loyd have tne but lino
of pants In town and will not be
Host indigo prnU fi cents
Hugg V Loyd
Just recoiod at Cassidya a largo
stock of goads bought cheap and to
be sold cheipcr than ever known
Sec Cassidy at Kolsey beforo buy
Ing largo stock to select from and
prices that defy c mpelition
For bargains go to S it Cassidy
boots shoes etc cheaper than ecr
was known
Cash bujers can save money by
going to Cassidy for anything to
Found Dead in lie Noad
Dan Utley of providence was
found lying dead in a ienco corner
near town l rnlay Irtpliti He had
been out riding on n mulo wliieli was
found hitched in one corner of ilc
5 ca TTOBG E St O
l -
i The TARIFF BILL Has Gone into Effect
llicy Sfy i oqiis Lcrtf Prices c iic c com Prices oi
I I hdv nnnno fiTAnmw daatc on cii
p w m m u n bub in mi u VKiunBDm i inn a i l U II l I
mil uuuuu uuviiiiLiUn ivviu uuu u
t ft
t -
7 7
Our stock is now complete and we intend to make prices to suit tlie time
Clothing is cheaper than ever before and our house is the LOWEST PRICE oi all
fiB wmtmmr wm am - - rT - - i
s 3kxs
R C Walker Publisher
Come out to the mass convention on
the 2th
Christian county has hud twelve le
gal hangings
Business is reviving in all the com
mercinl centers
The Louisiana sugar planters
nbly never heard the story of the bull
and the gnat
1 lie good old fashion doctrine of
Eq ial righU to all exclusive privi
leges to none should be incorporated
into our school books
It seems we are to have some speak
ing of our own The weutber and
crop3 will not supply the long felt
want ior more material nbout which
to talk
Kr Vice President Levi I Mor
ton has been nominated for Govern
or of New York This means that
the Democrats will have somethin
to do
Democrats Called to Meet nt Ma
rion Saturday Sent J
Pursuant to the instructions of the
Appelate District Democratic Com
mittee the Democrats of Crittenden
county are hereby called to meet in
Marion Saturday September 20 lft J
for the purpose of appointing and in
structing if they so desire delegates
to the Princeton Convention October
5 for the purpose of nominating a
t ymmAgmui
srM kl V
t - JBJI
eFcoijity Fl
Ocotber 3 4 5 and 8 1894
Over 3000 hi Premiums
- Three o Five Speed Rings Every Day -
r lMUfciD
An Old Man
i il InvlUtl ii la tivmliM I lif nr mI of 1 rltlr
u lUlr firr rat- will prr til n lh il ii
I mil lliv r iiniHtlei i nl rUiuHM Will louk nil r
wriilr W riii format Ki id
A New Firm
nn mi un ll IIMMfH HIIO UC JIUM
next dmr to Puree Yaiuli II Ongcn
heim Co ami a big adilltion baa
been mailo lo the stock We carry a
flue atiortment of groceries all tbe
Im sI grade aad will avll at tbe very
lonel We want jour trail
we want your prodtuw and If H U
fair treatment U what jou want wo
arc tlw K opIc for ion to m
We keep on band California frulu
such ns parhBH rs aprlcuta ap
ples grapw orauges etc We alto
krep a first rlmw lUtinirnnt wrvc
Closing Out
Look at tlicjsc prices I am
now offering
ikm amcriein IVinU lets per 1 vnrd
fence while tho dead man wu fiuind i i ir Chill plow poinu lb
in iiunincr ir uticy nan ncen in urcy ciuiarn iiuetn
bad health fur some tune flfnl when eks worth clr fur i2 00
r 11 o i
iouiiii ii was discovered that lio had i ni
died of n liemoirlingo of tho lungx
It is supposed that ho was taken ijl
while riding null that lie got down to Iatent dinner bueketn JWeU
hoi uiiu winie inero lieu Madison- asii imuars lllcM
villo Hustler
While in Chicago Mr Churl h L
Kahler a prominent fdmu moreliaiitof
Des Moines Iowa had quite a eenmis
his cold quickly that others at tlm
hotel who hud bad colds followed lm
oxamiile and half ii doun jKrwms or
dered it from tho iiearebt ilniir storn
They wero jirofiiro in their thanks to
iMr Kahler for telling them how t
cure a lud cold bo quickly For wu
by Abxiro it Orino
biiekuui Ifiets
l m miiwiv -
lriiui Ion w
If you in- thinkiM of lunMu
your hoiiMN such a
Mtns Hats worth 2F0 for 81J
loO in
iyi Tn
itm1 Av co in 1
At w irtli 8100 firiiliN M
-x - -x
Jiots iimi hi nt your two prfco
II K WiMxIsiilnuyakiuIri in price
and will nut allow hiniswlf to m un-
time of it Ho
toik Mich a hevero dll u
cold that ho Cfiild
hardly iidk or na v -
igue lint tho prompt iim of Chain- WimhIs prices on Heho I
uerlnins cough reined cured him of mo loet in town
u my inttc rial f
Shineles Laths Doors and Sash
kinds or mouldino mill CASINO
Come iiil get our pricta JNClark will take pj asm
m making von iinrn rhirr ik
r i i - - r v Kvl nwtvn
-v m i uc 0j misiricss
Marion Roller Miis
A Hrler Viiltirj ivt
iuanrr Ii
Kins NtH i i
wn im H wn
nu millions h hav
enlit fmwt iu imp Malify t
UwruwtivcpjHcm in all
Atforneys at Law
Will irmtico in all oourls of lie
stnti Prompt atteiitjuii gfvon to all
biMluaM entrintl in tbeir ear
Olli o in liriok hulldiiig mi public
Nino Vniir IlKS
Ily regularly feeding Dr Hbj ling
lnml Pmdtrv Ketnedy Used and on-
lepsiidson the quantity ohi for
tho 18 Frevonu mm
the bioiioy he ma ken
A rwl and uliite iiteukletl onlf
lllwilt 1 ltU I1 nuU
a holo in each car strayed from
mo about a iiKinth ngo Will re-
oonipciiBo tor iU return to mo
J llariuby
ii ut vonrs
resuilliwiM U ooiigh daitroys
tvnniH ineronsei fleali aud hasictiH
iiMturlty Fiices 25 lb caw tlIM
Iuckagus S2r0 81 and fiOo each
For silo by Moro k OrniM druggists
Marion Ivy Ask lor UatimoiiuU
uud uisuranco nroptsitiin
in it I
III Mull
The old reliable jjrocerj aM V Cbt nJ MH l
II Iopliei hu fu n d a partnership hu 0 h lrt loK l
with C C v heeler and tta Coihw I lr wwrt WacUm -
I A At A
Jch bottlw p
twrf ftMTHntoc1 to
gir relf r
wooty will b refund i u Hm
11 to b lb mM raliabl for cukIik
Trwl b at II
IC Won drug Ui fliv
ad 1100
meant ami lunrhiM at nil hunt for tiiitoil with
incut ami up iresli ot iters in al
stj Ion
Flour by the luirrcl or ack cheap
er than nv lnniw in town W
keep the best randy in town
Siiui iiiiloctl Cure
our advorlidn 1m
fl to D Kings Vaw Dwcvirv
tor onauupUou tigb4 mnl
tiiiti rondition
If WI Ht
CtlLll l olll r li
throat or cbet IrouMe himI will u r
thwromly direcUnl giving It a fai
tnal and t Kperi nne no benefit you
niy rfturn the Untie ami fan your
noury refnintal W cjihl not niake
thi oHor did we not know that Ii
King1 Now could be relud
ii It never disappoint Trial
uiBireoaiii K WuotU diiv im
i in 1 1 jit
w j Ditni
n r

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