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1 I
Gen French Drove the Enemy Out of
Colesberg1 and Occupied the Place
c l
The Boers Were Utterly Surprised
and Finding That Their Retreat
Was Threatened Fled in
r Disorder Northward
London Jan 2he success of
Gen French in driving the Boers from
Colesburg has shot a welcome ray of
light through the gloom of the cam
naiffu in South Africa Everywhere it
is commented upon as an example of
sound tactics and as an illustration of
what may be done when the right
methods are employed with the Boers
The government is urged to take the
L lesson to heart and to see that no
stone is left unturned in the endeavor
to get the largest possible forces of
= cavalry and mounted infantry to the
r front
frontNow that Gen French has the Boers
on the run the hope is expressed that
he will give them no rest but will
harrass them until they have found
their way across the Orange river
which is 12 miles distant The old
wagon route to the Frea State tray
erses Colesburg and crosses the river
by a fine bridge 1300 feet isb
believed that the Boers retreated to
wad Norvalspont further east and
the question is whether Gen French
will he able to secure these two
4 bridges before the Doers destroy
One important effect of the success
of Gen French is that it will proba
bly have a deterrent influence upon
3uich disaffection There is some
disposition here to exaggerate the
importance of small skirmishes and
engagements It should be borne in
mind that Gen French has only 2000
men and so far as the important
v points of the campaign are concerned
the situation is virtually unchanged
At Modder river the Boers appear
to be modifying somewhat their line
cf defense Gen Bullers scouts have
discovered a Boer camp established
in the vicinity of Springfield south i
l west of Colenso by a Free State
commando A similar movement has
been made at kidder river A large
> v force of Boers it is reported has
f r formed a new laager about 15 miles
dcmntlie stream at Kameethoek
> The Daily Mail has the following
i dispatch dated January 1 from Pens
V Yesterday afternoon a big force of
cavalry and infantry with 10 guns
under the personal command ot Gen
French moving by detour occupied
some hills threfe miles from Coles
1 lu gwhere the Boers were in
lr strength confident in the natural aid
J v afforded them by the hills around
The enemys position extended six
> < miles around the entire village At
daybreak our artillery opened the
battle The Boers were taken by sur
prise but replied vigorously An ar
J finery duel was maintained for two
hours Then a Bter Hotchkiss col
lapsed and was abandoned We cap
tured it A Boer big gun was si
lenced but this and the other Boer
guns were withdrawn to the north
ward whither we are harassing the
T oer retreat by a damaging shell
Colesberg is in our hands and a he
few remaining loyalists are jubilant
a considerable quantity of stores
Our losses are quite slight but
the Boers must have suffered heavily
They may stop at Aehtertang or cross
the river altogether at Norvals point
where the bridge is still intact
llensburg Cape Colony Jan 2
Gen French has completely defeated
the Boers and occupied Colesburg
The British continued to keep the
Boers on the move and pressed them
closely Saturday and Sunday giving
them no time to make a prolonged
stand and when day broke he was
Within striking distance of the armY
Sun ay night all the cavalry artil
lerjvand infantry the latter riding in
C wagons to increase the general mobil
ity started upon a night march with
the object of turning the Boers right
V1 The flank operations were successful
t The infantry and field batteries im
mediately made a feint attack upon
the Boers front and while this was
c proceeding the cavalry and light ar
tillery got completely around the en
c = emys right flank as arranged The
j programme was worked without a
j hitch The Boers were utterly sur
A I prised and finding their retreat
Ai i threatened fled in disorder to the
northward leaving Colesburg in Gen
k Frenchs hands
i Beef Famine Threatened
Tacoma Wash Jan 2A beef
famine threatens the Klondike Let
ters from Dawson state that by the
end of December there would not be
J a pound of fresh meat left Beef was
c v retailing at a dollar a pound early in
December with little to be had The
situation is more serious from the
fact that herds of moose and cariboo
have been very scarce with the siettle
mcnt of the Yukon and even the In
V dians find it difficult to secure them
ic selves fresh meats Beef shipped over
v F ice can not reach Dawsan before
= Mart JJl
T o
Controversy Over Extension of Con
cessions in China Between Eng
land France and Uncle Sam
Washington Jan 1Tlm announce
meat that the extension of the for
eign concessions at Shanghai China
has been finally approved briu s to a
close a diplomatic controversy be
tween Great Britain the United Stat s
and France which has at times be
come rather acute France taking the
position at one stage of the negotia
tions that the American cooperation
with the British in opposing the
French plan of extension was an un
friendly act toward F mce This and
other differences have been happily
adjusted according to announcement
from China which are borne out bl
the information of oiiicais here
The controversy assumed an inter
national scope when the three colo
nies at Shanghai British French and
Americansought to extend their
limits The concessions are just out
side of the old native city and along
the river Whang Poo near the point
where it joins the YangTseKiang
They are chiefly important because
Shanghai is the foremost port of en
try for foreign trade ih the Chinese
empire The French settlement is
nearest the city and fronts on the
river Next comes the British settle
ment and then the American The
French desire was to erect their set
tlement so as to take in a large area
back of the old city including five
American missionary institutions The
British government opposed this ex
tension quite vigorously
The British plan of extension was
for an international settlement
running from the rear of the British
concession up to the native city
Prance in turn protested against this
on the ground that she would be en
tirely surrounled without exit ex
cept by the river the native city or
over British territory The United
States approved the plan of an inter
ternational settlement as the Ameri
can interests were substantially sim
ilar to those of the British but the
American attitude did not include an
indorsement of all the contentions
made by the British It was to this
course of the American government
that France took exception on the
ground that it was unfriendly act
to France The whilea
assuming no outward show of
warmth were carried on with some
briskness Ambassador Cambon of
France presenting the French side up
to a few months ago
The adjustment finally reached is
satisfactory to all parties concerned
The French concession is extended
without including the American mis
sions The British and American set
tlements are extended and to some
extent merged in the international set
tlement but the BritishAmerican set
tlement does not so envelop the
French coloTJY as to place it in a
The value of these several conces
sions is considerable as the popula
tion of Shanghai is about 600000 of
which the greater part is in the for
eign settlement Here the foreigners
have the right to carry on trade and
control the property and also have
their own courts police and an or
ganized military establishment
Thoniiands Gathered in the Vicinity
of Trinity and Other Churches
in New York
New York Jan 2The usual holi
day crowd gathered at Trinity and
listened to the chimes It is estimat
ed that 60000 people gathered in the
streets after the annual custom Sev
oral thousand people also gathered in
Broadway and the adjacent streets to
hear the chimes at Grace church A
magnificent program iof 20 numbers
waBVplayed at the church by Miss
Berttya Thomasv <
Thousands ifs t > gathered in and
around St Andrews church Fifth
avenue and 127th street for the pur
pose of listening to the splendid new
seguin chimes recently installed in
that church Archbishop Corrigan
celebrated midnight mass at the Ca
thedral The service was the solemn
pontifical mass held by papal decree
of Leo XIII in commemoration of
the beginning of the last year of the
nineteenth century known to Cath
olics as the holy year or year of
Professor of Political Economy
New Haven CtTan 2The profes
sorship of political economy at Yale
made vacant by the advancement of
President Hadley has been offered to
Prof Henry Crosby Emery Ph D
professor of political economy and
sociology at Bowdoin college for the
past two years and he has accepted
Prof Emery is a son of Judge L A
Emery of the Maine supreme court
and a member of the American and
British Economic association V
Surrenders to the Police
Denver Col Jan 2 Wyati Sharp
who escaped last May from the Ar
kansas penitentiary where he was
serving a 13 year sentence for murder
has surrendered to the police fin this
city Sharp killed B A Whetstoite in
sB oglv at Huntington Ark 1 Jp1890
1 s r
Tlioy ArcKngajecl In Storing Large Quan
titles of Explosives and Provisions
on the Vermont Border
Burlington Vt Jan 2It is re
ported that the Fenians are engaged
in storing large quantities of dyna
mite lyddite ammunition and supplies
in a few selected repositories in re
note districts of Vermont and Maine
item the Canadian boundary line The
nformation comes from persons who
laim to have knowledge of the pur
chase of some of the supplies and
others who learned of their transpor
ration by railroad disguised as gro
eries Dynamite and other explosives
have been secured in surprisingly
large quantities and stored under
ground on the Vermont border while
quantities of canned meats have been
hidden in some large barns of sym
pathizing farmers on the Maine line
near New Hampshire
It is said that an efficient ambulance
corps is being organized under the
supervision of a few loyal Irish wo
men and surgeons who were in the
lied Cross work in Cuba They are
also preparing a large number of
first aid packages for the invading
The movement is the work of the
Irish element of the larger cities but
it is a fact that a large and important
work is being done among the farm
ers of the border states A schedule
s being arranged of farmers who can
furnish wagons and horses and oxen
for transportation purposes as this
1s regarded as a most important de
tail A careful study is being made
of the small railroad branches in
northern New England and places arc
being located where the road could be
aptured by a very small force
Vlic Pontiff Favors Girolnmo Maria
Gotti the Famous Geno
ese Monk
Rome Jan 2It is asserted that
the pope after the recent ceremony
of opening the holy door at St Pe
ters cathedral addressed his intimate
entourage and said I thank Ji
rifle Providence for granting me the
grace of being able to celebrate this
great function and I wish for my
successor grandeur and a long reign
to the greater glory of God
UMy successor Will be young as
compared with my own age and will
have time to see many glories of the
papacy and the church
Later Leo clearly designated Cardi
ual Girolamo Maria Gotti prefect of
the congregation of Indulgences and
Sacred Relics as his successor
Cardinal Gotti the famous Genoese
monk is a man of perfect piety and
modesty Now about 64 years of age
he has always lived the life of an as
cetic and despite the dignity of a
prince of the church he always sleeps
in a cell and on a hard mattress
Baptist Church Dedicated Only n
Year Ago Burned Two Per
sons Injured
Stromsberg Neb Jan 2 Eden
Baptist church which was dedicated
only a year ago was totally destroyed
by fire early Monday morning and
two people seriously injured The fire
was caused by an explosion of acety
lene gas with which the church was
lighted The gas generator and the
furnace were both located in the base
ment and it is supposed escaping gas
was ignited by the furnace New
Years watch meetings were being
held and a large number of peoples
were present but most of them had
just left the building when the ex
plosion occurred The building was
badly wrecked and what was not dcr
stroyed by the explosion was con
sumed by fire Mrs J L Johnson and
her daughter Pearl were seriously in
Clay County and OtherlUountaln Dis
tricts of Kentucky to Have
London Ky Tan 21he Ken
tucky Telephone Co has filed articles
of incorporation with the secretary of
state at Frankfort Ky and will at
once begin the construction of its
line from Manchester Ky to London
The principal office of this company
will be located at Manchester Clay
county and it will build its lines into
Perry Leslie Letcher Jackson and a
number of other back counties that
are entirely without such accommo
dations and which are compelled to
rend their messages many miles on
muleback to reach the nearest tele
ph ne or telegraph station
To Be Executed in March
Barnstable Mass Tan 2 Edwin
Bay Snow charged with the murder
Df James T Whittemore at Yar
mouth last October was arraigned
at a special session of the super 01
court here Monday before Judge Hig
gins lIe retracted his previous plea
of not guilty and pleaded guilty He
was sentenced to be executed March
1 1
She With Her Sisters and 18 Filipi
nos Have Surrendered to
Maj March
Manila Jan 2The first movement
of a general south advice occurred
Monday morning when flao battalions
of the 39th infantry landed and occu
pied Cabuyao on the south side of
Laguna de Bay Two Americans were
killed and four were wounded Twen
tyfour of the enemys dead were
found in one house One hundred and
fifty prisoners and four sixpounder
rapidfire guns were captured
The gunboat Laguna de Bay bom
barded the town before the disembar
kation of the troops from the cas
coes which was made under the ene
mys shrapnel fire The enemy evacu
ated the place before the charging
Americans retreating to Santa Rosa
to Avhich town they are pursued
Heavy fighting occurred along the
road to Santa Rosa which was occu
pied by the insurgents retreating
south toward Silang The Americans
burned the country between and
around Cabuyao The gunboat re
turned to Calamba for reinforcements
and thence came to Manila to fetch
ammunition She recently captured
two of the enemys steam launches
one under the fire of artillery at Ca
lamba and also four cascocs loaded
with rice
Other regiments were mobilizing
Monday at San Pedro Macati and
Pasig preparatory to continuing the
southern advance
Sundays capture of bombs involved
the seizure of documents inculpating
1000 Filipinos who intended to rise
against the Americans Papers were
also found showing a distribution of
the city into districts and a careful
assignment of leaders and followers
The precautions taken by the Ameri
cans on Saturday it is now evident
alone prevented an uprising The pro
cost marshal has requested that two
more regiments be detailed for the
protection of Manila Three thousand
troops are now actually in the city
Aguinaldos wife sisters and 18 Fili
pinos have surrendered to MajMarchs
battalion of the 3d infantry at Bon
toe province of that name
Three Filipino officers also surren
tiered to Maj March and the ell
pinos gage up two Spanish and two
American prisoners
Flnt House In New York Gutted
Loss aOO000 Child Killed and
Other Persons Hurt
New York Jan 21hrpe alarms
have been sent in for a fire in a five
story flat house No 754 First avenue
The flames which suddenly belched
from the building were discovered
by men working in the United Dress
ed Beef Cos plant They carried out
half a dozen women while many per
sons got to the street by means of
fire escapes It is feared that the
suddenness of the fire has cut off the
escape of some of the tenants On
the top floor 6monthsold Loretta
Lennert was found in bed dead She
had been smothered by smoke
The childs father Edward a butch
er was taken to Flower hospital
burned about the hands and face
The childs mother Margaret was
carried down a ladder and taken to
Bellevue hospital suffering from
shock Joseph Lennert brother of
ihe dead child jumped from a window
on one of the lower flou40t He was
seriously injured and taken to Belle
vue hosptal Joseph Kelleher aged
1H a bell boy rushed into the build
ing before the arrival of the men
He rescued Tillie Powers a child
carrying her through the fire and
smoke He was burned about the
hands and face Uobert Lowe aged
18 a companion of Kelleher who also
went into the burning building was
burned about the hands Pauline
Tichman 63 years old who boards
with the family on the first floor
jumped from her window Her back
was injured
At 235 the fire was out and every
body had been accounted for The
house was gutted entailing a loss of
300000 Ten families were made
McCoy Defeated Maher
New York Jan 2uKid McCoy
again placed himself in the champion
ship class by defeating Peter Maher
in a brisk well fought battle of five
rounds before the Coney Island Ath
letic club Monday afternoon The
fight was scheduled to last 25 rounds
and the purse was to have been 20
000 but the attendance was not as
large as had been expected and be
fore the fight was begun the princi
pals agreed that the winner should
receive the gross receipts
The WolfHohn Cnse
Los Angeles Cal Jan 2Attorney
Oscar Bamberger who represented
the heirs in the Wolfsohn case when
they sought to recover the 10000
life insurance from the New York
Life Insurance Co is in the city He
will not give up his case though his
clients have waived their claim to flie
10000 He does not believe that tht
man who came from Chicago pretend
injjo lie tl t real NYplfsplip was >
Capital 10QOOO
Successors w Farmers BanK and Trust Go
And continuously under same management for 29 years
Solicits your Bank account hoping such bussiness rela
ions will prove materially profitable and pleasant
J J Williams JE Lynn J S OwsleySr r
S H Shanks William Gooch J F Cash
A W Carpenter J B Owsley W H Cummins
S H Sharks President r
J B Gwsley Cashier
W M Bright Asst Cashier
I U q 1
= °
c Po
3 SI
R4 0
o 1
e4 t
rratic l Und rtir
fun6ral DW6fitor
J eeps Coffins Caskets < Robes Linen Bosoms QuITs j
1 and Collars Can Furnish Metallic Caskets and c
Have Embalming Done on Short N oli ee 7 S
0and Easy Terms
Orders Du Telegraph or Telephone Promptlij tended to Dau or NlQfifc
ff4 I
Is tile Place
to Bny
TV 5 T 1 C Tft 111 B
call Town when in c c DAVIS Cf
Mt Vernon Ky
8 rr
s la gc
Capital StoGk 100000 Surplus 17320
J W Hayden yv P Walton J H Collier M D Elmore J S Hooker °
Fr RoidT P Hill S H Baughman W A Tribble S T Harris <
and M J Miller
We solicit the accounts of thr citizens of Rockcastle and adjoining counties
assuring them prompt and careful attention to all business intrusted to °
ur Personal application and correspondence with a view to
business relations respectfully invited
J S docker Pres f Jim J McKoberts Cashier i
IA A McKinney Ass i Cashier > i
For Everything in 4
jj ry Goods Clothing Boots and
Shoes General Merchandise < j

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