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1 J. C. Townend, of Wlfooniin. was
here l-t week.
lUst Kancf WcNabb ii failing horn
Tolk at Stanton.
Urs. Jeate Townendilted relatives
at Torrent Monday..
Howard Brewer went to Winchester
on buiifneM Monday.
Roer Catron, of Levee, la viiting
frienda and relatives here.
Mia Cora Mallena. daughter of Ja.
Mullcna, ia very low with tube reuloaia.
Beverlj MiNabb and Sam Dolt rune
bad two good water well drilled on
their preniiaea.
TheNehaKeflningCompany ia build
Ins two new tank and Improving their
plant near Campton Junction.
Mr a. Jeaae Townnend and little
daughter, Naomi, went to Clay City
Saturday to consult Dr. Martin.
There will be aervieet in the new
church houae neit Saturday and Sun
day. Everybody invited to attend.
Her.Willie Brewer filled hia appoint
ment at Torrent Saturday and Sunday
and went to Lexington Monday on
Adam Birch ha rentpd the farm of
Jasper MePaniel near old Ixmbard.
Mr. Mo Daniel and family are going, to
Beckham Cntron has a Chriatmna
mile on bis face, not bcaute Santa is
coming, but because a son arrived nt
his home Sunday morning Theyoung
ter has been named Kugene Mrs.
Catron was formerly Mim Margaret
i?onie of our county officer are very
much worried because the prohibition
law ia being enforced to some extent
in Borne pla'ea of the county (but not
Slade), and say it is costing the coun
ty too much. We would be glnd to
know the cod of the murder canes the
whisker has cost the county. Besides
the lost souls that lis ve been burled
into eternity unprep ired to meet (tod.
We had a fair sample in nient'iee cuun
Ola Birch waa in Bow en Monday.
Hiram Reed was in Bowen Monday
Walter Burns waa In Mt. Sterling on
businesa Monday.
B. F. llatton ia on the aick list this
Robert Buroa was here on business
Sherman Reed called at Mack Pan-
iel's Sunday.
Florence Smith visited Sallie Barm
Thursday night.
Sallie Burns spent Friday night with
Miss Bernict Crowe.
Clarence Brewer, of Slcde, was in
Bgwen last week.
Mr. Henry Morton and familv visit
ed Mrs. (. A. Daniel Wednesday.
Coleman Morton and Isa Kwen were
at Maude Bcnningfield's Sunday.
Miss Mahle Daniel visited her eous
ns, John Morton and Bcrnice Crowe,
We are not having any school' this
week on the account of ourtt aciicr be
ing sick.
Matt Benninitfleld and John Morton.
of l.'ossljn, were bt-re Monday on busi
J. C. Townsend and familv have mov
ed to Torrent where they will spend
the winter.
Brayer meeting was held at William
Townsend'a Monday night. A large
crowd waa present.
Kirt Charles, of Winchester, is visit
ing his grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Win. Townsend.
Beccher Arnold, the infant ton of
Kinney Burgher returned home Tues
day from Slade t)T a few days may.
Jack At -Kinney entered the Alvin
Drew school at Bine Ridge fast week.
B. II. Harnett will apend the holi
day with his brother.Clint Barnett. at
Newport, Ky.
Kelson Holland, w ho recently volun
teered for U. S. Army service, is locat
ed at Presidio of Monterey, California,
where Mre. Holland, his mother, or
dered the Clay City Times to hi address.
ty last week and this alTuir show the
Deed of mounted police in the irtate,
and if we had them it would lessen
crime and save Governor Morrow the
trouble of releasing so many outlaw.
Another thing that would help would
help would be to keep Jail birds where
they belong, and not make pels and
visitors out of them, but make them
feel the humiliation and disgrace of be
ing confined in jail and perhaps the
younger generation would notfeel hon
ored when they are sent to juil for vio
lating t lit prohibition law.
New Price
F. O. B.
This is the lowest price at
which the Ford Touring
Car has ever sold, and with
tho many new improve
ments, including the one
man top, it i3 a bigger value
than ever before.
Buy now. Terms if desired.
Clay City, Ky.
. ........
i 15? Clay City Garage
Will sell You any kind of a Car, or Anything
j that belongs to any car. Such as Batteries, we
build 'urn new and fix old ones
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moreland, Is suffer
ing very much with croup.
Charlie and Kverett Bowell, of Clay
City, visited their sister. Mrs. Orlando
Townsend, Saturday and Sunday.
Constipation in Elderly People
I am eighty yearn old and have
been troubled with constipation.
Tried all kinds of physics but
nothinc helned. Folev Cathartic
Tablet is theonly thine thatravp
me relief. They work without
erinine and tone up the svstem."
It. H ITo and.Ovando. Montana.
A wholesome physic. Sold Everywhere.
Statement of ownership, manage-
nint. rireulation. etc.. required by
the aet of Congress of August 24, 1912.
of The CJav City Times published week
ly at Clay City . Ky.,ior weioner, iv...
State of Kentuekv )
county of Powell
He (ore me. a Notary I'ublie in and for
the State and eonnty aforesaid, person
ally appeared J. E. Rurgher, who, hav
inir Iwn itnlv sworn according to law.
deposes and says that he is the owner
of the Clay Uity t imes ana mat me
following is. to the nest of his knowl
edge and belief, a true statement of the
ownership, management, etc., ot the
aforesaid publication for the date
shown in the altove caption.
Tlmt thp name and address of the
publisher, editor, managing editor .and
business manaeer is J. K. l.urcher,
Clay City, Kentucky.
Thnt the known bondholders, niort-
piii?'s. ami other security holders own-
ins or holding 1 per cent or more of
total amount of bonds, mortgages, or
other securities are none.
J. K. Burgher.
Siibncrited before me this 20th day
of Peeeinber, Wi'l. K. F. Harris.
My commission expires 0't. 13, 1920.
Radiators we fix too. Engines cars, tops or tires
We fix and sell everything that belongs
to the Aute
My yes, we even handle the Delco Light Plant
We try to handle everything that our friends
need and can supply you at once
That's Bashaw's Way
; Established 1885 V
Commissioner's Sale.
rowell Circuit Court, Kentucky.
Amanda Walters & Etc., Plaintiff,
vs. '
II: U. Pelsue A Ktc, Defendant.
In Equity.
By virtue of a Judgment and Order of
sale of Powell Circuit Court, rendered
at the November Term thereof, 1022. in
the above cause for Distribution of the
estate of nillie Skinner, deceased, and
costs herein. I ahall proceed to offer
for sale at the Court-house door in
Stanton, Kentucky, to the highest bid
der, at Public Auction, on Monday, the
1st day of Januurv, 1023. at 1 o'clock
P. fl , or thereabout (being County
Court day), upon a creditof six months
the following described property, to
Beginning at a stakp near the mouth
of Aquilla Branch on the north side of
ll"A river; thence up the river N SO K
62 poles to a stake; N 27 K 23 poles to
a stake, corner to Mui.cieOiland Shale
Company ; thence leaving the river
w ith their line N 63 W 34 1-2 poles to a
chestnut onk on a point N 15 1-2 V. 12
pules to a stitke. a pine pointer on top
of point N 6 V 0 3-4 poles to a stake ;
N 72 1-2 V 1)3 1-2 poles to a jhestnut
oak ; N M W 12 poles to a stake, pine
pointers, corner to J. B. Hammons;
thence with his line S IS W 17 1-2 poles
to a stake, marked J II.; S 61 1-2 W
10 1-2 pole to a stake ; S 73 1-2 V 16 1-2
poles to a black oak; 8 OS 1-2 W 8 1-2
polos to a stake, corner to J. A. Neat
and J. W. Patton; thence with Pat ton's
line S 26 P. 16 1-4 poles to a stake ; S 28
K IS poles to a stake by a pine ; N 47 K
12 1-2 poles to a stake; S 50 K 8 3-4
pule to a dead chestnut ; S 13 K 12 1-4
poles to a stake, II. (J. Wallers corner;
thence with his line S 83 K 6 poles to a
set stone ; S I W 25 1-2 pole to a stake
by the branch ; thence down the branch
S "8 E 8 polea to the beginning. Or
sutlicient thereof to produce the sum
of money so ordered to be made. For
the purchase price the purchaser, with
approved security or securities, must
eiecute bond, Waring ..legal interest
from the day of sale until aid. and
having the force and effect of a Judg
ment. Bidder will be prepared to
comply promptly with these terms.
Winchester, Ky
Surplus and Profits -
Resources Over
Addison T. Whitt, President
W. D. Strode, Vice-President
EuRene E. Freeman, As. Cashier
Chas. B. Strother- Assl. Cashier
The Organization, Resources and Facilities of this Institution en
able us to offer Efficient Service and Liberal Accommodations in all
Departments. Our Service includes Every Advantage for the hand
ling of Your Banking Business: it is the product of an uninterrupted
existence of THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS.
Interest on Savings and Time Deposits
zn 31
A Big Money -Saving a
A ten-daya Sale commencing
Saturday, December 16th,
and continuing Ten Days, I will offer for sale ft
at quite a Reduced Price my entire Stock of jjj
Merchandise at Stamper's Store, Stanton, y-
Ky.t and will also, as a special inducement,
Give Away one $4Jj.00
Kitchen Cabine
to the Lucky One drawing the right key from a
small bag of key to unlock a' lock that goea with
said keys. One key goes with every $2.00 purchase
made, so be sure to call for your key every time you
buy $2.00 worth of goods. This is a clean-cut prop
osition, no trick, but an honest business deal.
L. Stamper
for David Ades.

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