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Prohibition Laws
Held Constitutional
'TBoth the Federal prohibition and
, the enforcement act passed by Con
gress were held constitutional yester
day by tbo Supremo Court.
The court dismissed netitions filed
by the'Stnto of Rhode Island to havo
Jrederal officials enjoined from en
forcing prohibition in that State.
The court also dismissed injunc
Ifen proceedings brought by tho State
ef Ney Jersey to prevent enforcement
ef prohibition within that State,
-jfow opinion wns rendered by As
sKtito Justice Vondcvanter.
Injunctions restraining prohibition
otflcials trom interfering with tno
"Manitowoc Products Company, a
"Wisconsin corporation in tho manu
facture of beer containing more than
lalf of one per cent, of alcohol were
dissolved by the court.
Tho court upheld Federal Court
decrees dismissing tlio proceedings
hrought to enjoin tho prohibition
amendment from being enforced
against Christian Feigcnspan, a
T)rower of Newark, N. J.
Federal Court decrees denying in
junctions sought by the St. Louis
TJrcwing Association likewise were
Federal Court decisions dismiss
ing injunction proceedings instituted
by the Kentucky Distillers and Ware
High School Team
Wins Championship
State Road
Commission Named
Bv defeating flin TiOTinfrfnn TTirrli I Pun Tir..:it,n TJ-. . tmi ri ii-
- n r n" " ii wine, j. uuuuuii , vju a. iuono-
School baseball team! on the local han, Joffcrson county; II. .Green
grounds Saturday afternoon Mt.
Sterling has an undisputed claim to
tho championship of Central Ken.
tucky. Tho local boys have played
eight games and won all but the first,
which was with Cynthinna. However,
later in tho season, on n return en
gagement tho Harrison county lads
were defeatc4 to the tune of 0 to 4.
Tho team this year is ono of the best
that has represented the local school
Garrett, Winchester, and II. II. Asher,
PineviIIo, nro members of tho State
Highway Commission nppointed by
Governor Edwin P. Morrow. Tho first
two nro Democrats and the other two
Woillo is a merchant at Paducah
and president of the West Kentucky
Gogd Roads Association. Monohan is
a farmer of Jefferson county, and
president of the Farmers and Gard-
in mnnv years and due to the fact mh Aa,n:nt:.. ai ; . i
that not a Bingle man will bo lost her man of Pincville. Garrett is a
uy Rraaunuon, iney snoma nave oven former member of the State Railroad
u uouur mum next year. Commission.
The game Saturday, resulting in a, Governor Morrow selected two
4 to 0 victory, wps one of tho prct- Democrats from the Western part
tiest exhibitions of tho National 0f tho State and two Republicans
game seen in Mt. Sterling in a long from the Eastern part, feeling, he
time, all of the boys playing giltedgo ' snid, that they would co-operate
ball. Th.e features of tho game were better than if he selected a.Demo
tho airtight pitching of Davis, the c"rat and a Republican from each
imver cutuuiii ui iviiti, u ucnuiuui i section.
stop by Blovins, which resulted in a
double play, and the all around play
ing of Jones. Cisco did his part
toward the victory when ho got a
three-bagger with two on bases. The
Lexington twirler was knocked out
in the first inning, tho locals scoring
three runs, but after the eventful first
they wero held scoreless until the
MJ WU MMIIUbl .HJ.m.J uuu ...-. "f.T lflW UWV4 (JVllWll.O UI1W IUD
linnfiA HitmAita T T.rMiiQYnllA Tiv f mrvlifli ttIiaw tl.n.r mnnnnnJ tl
enjoin enforcement of the act against ono more man across tho plate. The
"junctions sought by George C. Demp-
soy, a Boston, Mass., wholesale
BUJ, U UU31UU, 'UUM. ""'"'
llcmori dealer to restrain lenforce
ment of tho enforcement act against
him also wero denied by the Court.
Swinehroad, the Teal estate man of i
game was fast and snappy from start
to finish and the best team won.
This, is the first time Mt. Sterling
has boasted of a championship team
in a long time and the boys are de
serving of much credit for the splen
did showing made, and all Mt. Ster
ling feels proud of its High School
team the 1920 champions of Cen
tral Kentucky.'
The commissioners will eo into of
fice June 15th. They will select the
State Highway Engineer.
The appointment of tho commis
sion was mado under the Smith-Moss
Good Roads Bill passed by the last
session of tho General Assembly,
which designates a system of State
Highways of approximately 3,000
miles, extending into every county,
to be built and maintained by State
and federal funds under the super
vision of the StnteHighway engineer.
Found Dead
Newsprint Firms'
Prosecution Urged
Holding that scarcity of newsprint
paper, which has handiennned Amer
ican newspapers to bo "more the re
sult of artificial obstructions thnn
of natural laws," tho Senate com
mittoe which investigated tho paper
situation recommended that tho De
partment of Justice institute pro
ceedings under' the Sherman nnd
Clayton Acts against print paper
Manufacturers wcto charged by
the committee with um'ust. illecrnl nnd
d'scriminatory practices. Present
prices for newsprint paper wero held
by tho committee to be "excessive
Dr. I. A. Shirley
Dies in-Winchester
"Lancaster, has' irotten out an at
f CJ
Ti"nntiin nnlnlnmia r o tiiimlinn rr
nnntinn snips of InnrL which ho will i r f
place on the market this month. It WdDOCTaUC UOVemOr
For This Week
also contains a description of about
-ifthirty farms he has for sale privato
yvly. Anyone wanting to buy or sell
farms, or other real estate, should
write to Swinehroad for one of these
catalogues. Swinehroad is known as
tho "Sale Wizard." Everyone likes
to transact real estate business with
'him and his assistants, W. E. Moss
and R. H. Dover.
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Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Henry enter
tained a nicnio tmrtv at Hieh Bridsro
-yesterday, complimentary to their
.vt.Aafrt Miooao CinmA vA nclm rP T s
don, Eng., and Alberta and Beulah
Thompson, of Tampa, Fla. Tho
guests went over in motors in tho
morning and at noon luncheon was
served picnic style. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Henry's guests wero: Misses Hesler
Mrs. Piorco Winn, of this citv,
and Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Willis underwent n severe operation for ap
Henrv. Mrs. S. D. Hall. Miss Ada Pendicitis Saturday aftornoon at St.
Joseph's Hospital, Lexington. Her nt-
Kentucky has a Democratic Gov
ernor this week. As both Governor
Morrow and Lieutenant Governor
Ballard are in Chicago, attending the
Republican National Convention.
Senator Charles M. Harris, Ver
sailles, president pro tem of the Sen
ate will bo executive head of tho
This will not be the first time Sen
ator Harris has been actincr Governor
ns ho served in that capacity during
the term of Governor James D. Black
who was absent from the State for a
week or ten days.
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Henry, Mrs. S. D. Hall, Miss Ada
xienry, Miss Alice xoung, iuiss liz
zie Prowitt Coleman, Dr. O. P. Hen
ry, Chiles Henry and French Ander
son. -
The best chicken feed is Sugarine.
.Call L'o. 2. We deliver. Mt. Sterling
Commission & Storage Co.
Mrs. Blanche Brashear is visiting
relatives in Winchester.
Misses Anno nnd Sallie Clay, Ruth
nos and Hattio William will spend
orrow in Lexington.
Mrs. Will Lindsay, Mrs. Waller
SU'aro and Mrs. Gav Shrour. of
ykarpeburg, were shopping here to
Nicholas Hadden. Sr.. of this eitv.
ad J. N. Hadden, of Winchester, will
leave Wednosday for Illinois to visit
Forest and Stanley Hadden.
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s JF.
tending surgeon states that Mrs
Winn stood tho operation well and is
doing nicely, which will he good news
to her mnnv friends.
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nriees. Como nnd see this lot nf
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Tom Gruhbs, of this city, star
pitcher of tho University of Ken
tucky baseball team, left Saturday
for New York, where he will be given
n try-out on tho New York Giants.
nis career is being watched with
much interest by his many admirers
in this city.
William Duncan, 07 years old, was
found dead on tho morning of May
27th at tho home of his sister, Mrs.
Katie Moore with whom he made his
residence nt New Market, Indiana for
some time. Death was due to heart
failure, and it is not known how
long ho hnd been dead when found.
Mr, Duncan had been in very poor
health for more than two months,
and it is bought that his death was
partially duo to tho effects of a se
vere attack of influenza, which he
suffered in February.
Mr. Duncan hnd been a resident of
New Market since 1910, when he
went there from Cnmargo, this coun
ty, with his sister, Mrs. Lavina
Duncan, who preceded him to tho
grave about three years ago. He had
been for more than fifty vears a
member of tho Methodist church. The
deceased is survived by ono brother,
James Duncan, of New Market; one
sister, Mrs. Katie Moore and one
half brother, Benjamin Rossr of
Spencville, Cnl. He also has a num
ber of relatives in Kentucky.
Funeral services for Mr. Duncan
were held from the New Market
Methodist church last Tuesday af
ternoon nt 2 o'clock.
and unwarranted."
Other recommendations mado by
the committee include:
Establishment of a federal news
print board "to supervise the manu-
lacture of print paper" should gov
ernment efforts to maintain a rea
sonable price fail.
Amendment of tho Lever food con
trol Act to penalize profitecrincr in
newsprint pnper.
Imposition of nn excise tax of 10
cents on Sunday newspapers weigh
ing more than 1.28 pounds a copy so
as to limit such editions to 80 pages
until nn adequate paper supply can
be secured.
Appropriation of $100,000 for the
purpose or experimenting with substi
tutes for wood pulp.
Establishment of a rate of 1 cent
n pound on sheet print paper to any
part, of the country when sent by
parcel post without increasing the
present limit of 70 pounds provided
under the postal regulations.
The committee also recommended
that consideration be given by the
government to the establishment of n
newsprint paper mill to shpply the
government's needs and any surplus
paper to be sold to small consum
ers. The report was submitted to tho
Sennte just before adjournment by
Senator David I. Walsh. Democrat.
of Massachusetts.
The report is based on extensive
Dr. Isaac Allen Shirley, one of the
best known nnd most highly esteemed
physicians in tho State, died sud
denly at his homo in Winphnatn,. Bnt.
urday morning.
Dr. Shirley was 71 years old, was
the Clark county health nffWr mom
ber of the Stnte Board of Health, nnd
councillor nnd sanitary inspector lor
this district. Ho Was formerly nr.
ident of tho Kentucky Medical As
sociation, no is survived by his
widow and ono dnughter, Mrs.' Mao
Shirley Johnson, of Winchester, and
ope brother, Dr. J. A. Shirley, of this
Funeral services nnd burinl took
placo in Winchester Sunday.
Court of Appeals Up
holds Restraining Ordeif
fee Advocate, twice a week.
Tho Cream! Have you tried itf
No mistake about this being a high
grade flour. Tho best cakes nnd
breads of all kinds. Cake3 mado from
thjs flour take premiums at tho fairs.
You can cet a sack now fmm tJm
Mt. Sterling Commission nnd Storage
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Ben W. Hall, of this city, has been
chosen one of the scrgennts-nt-arms
nt the Republican National Conven
tion at Chicago. Mr. Hall left for
the Windy City nnd tho Convention
i Royso, former citizen of this
city, nnd well known here, died sud
denly in Georgetown, Ind. In the
message to relatives hero no par
ticulars of hia death wero given other
than that the body will be brought to
Lexington for burial.
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hearings held by the committee, at
which testimony from newspaper and
periodical publishers and paper
manufacturers, dealers and jobbers
was heard.
Publishers of small newspapers
were declared bv tho report to bo in
the hands of the "unscrupulous prof
iteers nnd exploiters," while even
the "large newspaper publishers are
at tho mercy of the manufacturers."
The report added that it "was not,
nnd still is not, safe for a publisher
in any way to criticise or protest to
a manufacturer, white the big pub
lishers not having mills of their own.
are in n holdup mnrket. and tho small
publishers are being driven from the
business by threatened bankruptcy."
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The twenty-sixth annual meeting
of the Kentucky Valley Medical As
sociation will meet in Winchester
June 17th nnd 18th, nnd will bo
largely attended by the medical fra
ternity of this city. Tho following
from Mt. Sterling nro on the pro
brnm: Drs. P. K. MoKennn. C. B
Duerson, W. R. Thompson and J. A,
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prices. Come and see tl,; Int. nf
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Locals Lose Another
The Mt. Sterling Baseball Team
met defeat Sunday nfternoon nt the
hands of the United Clothing Store
team of Lexington by tho score of
0 to 1. The locals presented nn nl
most entirely new lineup and were
outplayed fa every department of
the game. James Greene, who went
in to pitch in the fifth inning, showed
that "he had something" and with
a little practice should develop into a
winning twirler. The .local tonm. n
made up Sunday, had n number of
weak spots, but the management de
sires to stnte that neither time nor
expanse will be spared in securing
new talent and everything possible
done to assure Mt. Sterlinc n. win.
ning team.
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Descendants of Martha Chandler
Prewitt and Betsy Smith visited their
graves yesterday to pay tribute to
their memory. The kinsfolk spent
tho afternoon in tho quiet grave
yard, which is near Walnut ITills, the
surrounding farm being owned by
Uverton Chenault.
Among those who attended the re
union were Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mc
Cord and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Tandy Chenault and son, Tnndy
Chenault, Jr., Will Prewitt, Edwin
Prewitt nnd family. Cliff Prewitt.
'Sr., Mr. nnd Mrs. Marcus Prewitt.
of this county; Mrs. Alice Jones, of
Clark county: Mrs. F n. Jnekson.
Winchester, nnd Joe A. Jackson, of
Winchester nnd New York.
LOST Snturday on the streets of
this city, a pendant set with sixty or
seventy pearls and diamond in cen
ter. Reward. Return to Mrs. Will
Court of npp upholds rostra order
The Kentucky Court of Appeals on
yesterday rendered a decision in fa
vor of Rex null. It nl v tv
Senff, County Judge, restraining him
uiu uuwng nn election for a $300,-
000 bond issue, said mnnov T,
used in permnnnntlv Mnolnni,'.
two mnin thoroughfares in Mnnfor,m-
cry county, under ttin nrmcJAi- -
the new State Road Law. The judges
sitting in tho case wero Carroll,
nurr, heme, Thomas and Sampson,
and their opinion wns based on the
fact that tho petition specified thai
tho roads should be constructed
"with more durable nnd better ma
terial than hns heretofore been used"
upon said roads." which tlm -f.
ruled was a request not authorized
ny the fatatuto and so dfferent from
the provisions of the Stntuto as no'fc
to confer on the County Jmltrn ttm
power to call tho election. Tho opin-'
ion in full will be reproduced in our1
next issue.
The language of the petition found
defective is the same as the petition,
used in calling a similar bond elec
tion -in Bourbon county, on which an
election wns held, the bonds author
ized, nnd one hundred thousand dol
lars of which bonds have already
been sold. The Bourbon eonntv nw
tition was obtained from Judge Bat-
terton, of Bourbon, by Judge Scnflv
who says he wrote for copy of it on.
request of the Mt. Sterling's Busi
ness Men's Club nt the time meetings
were being held discussing the ques
tion of submitting the bond issuo to
the voters.
The procedure now will be to file
an amended petition covering the ob
jections raised, and asking that the
County Judge call an election bnsed
on said Petition. The only effect of all
this is to set forward the date of the
eleetion for a few days.
In other words, tho Court rWT-
sion has no bearing on tho right of
tho people to have nn opportunity
to vote on tho question of a bond
issue for obtaining good roads the
decision merely declares, that the
form of the petition was incorrect.
In the preparation of the new pe
tition nnd in nil further steps to ob
tain for the people of Montgomery
nn opportunity to vote on this ques
tion, those in favor of Goods Roads
will of course ho cruided onlv by
those known to bo in favor of such'
a step.
Tho Advocate again says to tb"
people of Montgomery that they
shall have an opportunity to vote on
this question.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Bridges re
turned Sunday from Lexincton where
Mr. Bridges recently underwent nn
operation at St. Joseph's Hospital.
Mr. Bridges is rapidly regaining his
strength and will soon be restored to
fc $2.50 to,$7.0Q
Fits any Faucet Sanitary- Healthful
Guaranteed for Years
TJpfww . ,7-W to
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A tnxicab driven by Bill Howell,
colored, ran over and slierhtlv in
jured Miss Laura Ray Crooks Sat
urday atternoon ns she was crossmg
the street in tho business section of
tho city. She was knocked to the
ground nnd tho body of the car
passed over her. Aside from a few
bruises she wns not hurt.
The Union Christian Endeavor So
ciety will offer Dorothy Gish in
"Mary Ellen Conies to Town," at tho
Tahb Theatre Thursday night, June
10th. Admission 22o plus 3o tax,
total, 25c. Tickets on sale by mem
bers of the "Society.
Mansfleldfl' Best Fl6ur is nrovinc a en I nnnor
fine seller here. It bad been so recom- t n w "a i n . ,
Mt Sl CwM, a stor. "w "" Ky" "f ' "' -
-. lusiivuutora. tj,, AdvoaU twice r wwk.
The party who borrowed my Avery
ono-horso turning plow nnd post
hole digger will pleaso return some to
mo, J. W. Hedden. Sr., Winn street.
Clay Miller has begun work on a
now bungalow on Johnson Heights.
This will be a six-room building with
all modern conveniences. I
The History Club announces thnfc
the last of the series of University
lectures will bo delivered nt tho club'
rooms Friday evening beginning at
8 o'clock.
Dr. Paul Boyd, of Lexington, will
be the speaker upon this occasion,
nnd his subject will bo "The Social
i unction of Religion."
Tho club cordially invites tho Sun
day school teachers of tho various
denominations to be present as their
Mrs. James T. Wade, of this city;
underwent a surgical operation ntf
the Good Samaritan Hospital, Lex
ington, j-esterdny. Tho operaiton was
most satisfactory and Mrs. Wndo is
doing nicely.
m i
Some of the best of our lino nf
Ladies' Low Shoes, now reducod
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This property is located on Locust and Queen
streets and consists of seven houses and lots and
eight vacant building lots. Sale will be on the
COURTDAY, JUNE 21st, 2 o'clock

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