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Fort Worth gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, April 30, 1894, MAILABLE EDITION., Image 5

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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Described by J
fcnee Wilson
Discusses the
iMc Dallas
Aait Olrl Questlon
Trcalnl In n
im Tonle
< rJmmnt Mary >
IE w H me nndHliatMie
bum > °
mUta7 omtliid with green
W rfa 0d more plowing
U U ° < 1 A beautiful
WJ Jlihlrltoa o yellow And
hort double
wSpSt1 The
tnJ with purple ei tin The
KnlrA l entlen n coat A
iJlZiMrt wllk high l B < ll 8 IUir I
S the high piM
KhS which i nnlsliod vlth a bind
l v 1 ek ttawlMn
MStwUne hattriramed with Jot groen
dpttosndpnrplevehet and patent leather
Mfio1ihs very charming costumo Dark
pa or purple glaced kid gloves and purple
For hemm dinner and e onlngwenr oer
dlrti late become a fixture and w hlle look
l rr odd and pretty on a slender or tall
rain plsy sad tia oo u 1th tbo stout short
raul psceful lutllnes There nm o
MjMwand varied foims this spring ol
tiling the tie costumes that any woman
tltl little ears and good taste can possibly
Urciytmcuw tor not looking boUichio and
ffl lis ihtrta both fthlto and colored will
Wtors more by ladles than ever and eon
iwmaovrho does not look neat In any other
nlstiinot help looking bo In a fresh nicely
Wrledihlrt First In importance among
ft maimer goods Is wash goods lor all
fcuwctmtcostumes lor summoraro being
ft vita an eys lo the display ot n shirt
Wn Booteh cheviot Is the newest material
Jw Theiiprn thread allows moro air to
fcmwer and at tho snrae tlmo affords moro
Wcaswhcnlaundrlwlftliaiiony other wash
J lt Thflch rut comes moBtly in stripes
Hn tbi glnibams orao mostly In smalt
Is interne warm weather tho shirt will bo
without a coat and consequently will
W lucler and moro complete finishing
mans shirt Tho sleeves aro un
wllj large and droop from the shoulders
4km times do sloping narrowly to tho
Jbt Kid sllglitly gathered Into tho cuff
l Utthera i > o a Btralght high standing
Kbini narrow caff for link buttons tho
> to ot the collar slightly turned o er and
Ittppwsln the esurso of tlmo tho ladlos
TO Hw utllko the stocks now so popular
jrtk Ui gentlemen Ladies cloth Is usually
Mot tor the skirt and the necktie or the
rtj In the shirt should to bo complete
W4 the color of tbo skirt worn For a
w lull red ladles cloth with liandsomo
4 belt and
fancy buckle looks ry dash
jcwul pretty with a red and whlto striped
Summer silks will be as popular ax
J and very pretty oaea come lu small
l sail hair line stripes These aro
I eomUned with fancy Ince
M Into elaborate trimming and aomo
contrasting shade ot velvet wed for
d belt with rhlnestono buckles
W w all ahados atwa > s was and Is still
wagtti most popular cloths used and
Mtiiut 2 ati > P > Uk
JWV U tlrta nr wta to
ttjr trom ha < ° l it
M UMdini 1Ml
WnTta i tmm w triimlnm
On ik ° ei Mmbai lor IhhJ
M KIM > b > A
W k < imber Jlre l > wn In row
UejJT Irattoo eerjwhcro Sim
wl t > > < 1 elesanc
4 r rtw r ThulatotlFruiioh
wT wlUl eoitra Uns rol °
o tfct lu l aii U um > 1 m a
k < m1 lot the tumnier Ult now
ww fiB W WipiB r
much more than any other kind and the
stlffer It Is tho better Tor very fancy waists
tho finelyplaited chiffon and mouasollne do
sole combined wiUi jet and steel trimming
will bo worn fawn is one ot the favorite
colors and a skirt made of this color In any
light material nnd belted with a colored vol
vot belt is most eCocthe The wraps ore
shorter fancier and moro odd In cffect Una
orer and tlicy come In every imaginable
shape Tho Lton jacket Is also qulto i < opu >
lar ot cloth to match the skirt and lined with
fancy aflb of some pleasing contrast The
crazo for bona ot evory klnd seems to hu > e
reached Its limit for ti seems impossible to
invent any more kinds than are scon at the
present time Among some odd combina
tions Boen aro pique and Tetretand one of
tho latest no titles for tallormade waist
coats Is antelope skin
Millinery Is more and moro odd and boau
tifutnsthe season advances Brand brimmed
hats seem to prevail until to tee tho unique
and tluy bonnets and they too are so queur
and fascinating with their odd little shapes
and colors When even the determined mind
hesitates which to choosn Mignonette
finely sprinkled with Jet is largely used pop
ples aie aso seen Tho hats are mado of
combinations ot straw And laco and a hat
commenced in Iaco will perhaps end with a
straw edge and feathers and flowers velvet
and laco all mingled in confused beaut
Chip hols flat In shape come In all colors
and gilt spangles are tmeverj thing The
hats are bent in all sorts of shapes to suit the
wearer The Princess Nicotine shape Isvery
popular and each lady soaring It Imagines
she looks qulto as fascinating In It as Vrln
cess Nicotine herself The sailor hat la also
used tlits year but the brim varies from last
seas ti by turning up slightly on the edge
Fancy colored aigrette of green stems are
used considerably as a trimming for Iheso
hats nearly all the straw hats come In two
colors The walking bat Is again In vogue
and as It 14 now trimmed la a thing of elo
ganco and beauty The crown Is rather tall
with a curling brim Chip in both black and
whlto is brought forth for tho first time in
many ecasona Streamers are > n many o
the new hats but I do not think they will
last long as they have a tendency to make
most ladles look older Tho jet bonnet still
holds its own and Is as small as the round
hat Is large Jet tiaras combined w itli velvet
in becoming colors aro much lu favor Tho
hair still fctntlnucs to bo waved and the
knots grow smaller and smaller but the
wacd hair If neatly done is bound to make
even a plain face look attractive and half
the nocalled beautiful women would bo
really ordinary looking wero It not tor tho
exquisite tasto Jlsplayud In dressing tho
hair Bpring flowers hold sn appropriate
sway Cowslips are among the favorites and
on black hats they aro particularly becoming
Black roses and violets with a dash of Jot aro
novelties that are l eautJful although not In
season The velvet geranium Is really among
the most beautiful trimmings Btrass buck
les and rhlnostonos aro used In both hat and
dross trimmings Aigrettes and Jetted
frostod rosettes aro among the fanclod trim
ming tf t eek I will teil you all about
the beautiful lingerie corsets and pretty
house Jackets
An odd dress and jet unique Is tho above
It is made of dark red cheviot tloth The
Jacket Is trimmed down tho front and round
the sailor collar and ouffs with black moire
ribbon two Inches wide inserted into Inns
verso Blltaworkcdlikebuttonholcfl Tho skirt
has two rows round the edge a few Inches
apart to match iTlita Jaunty costume can
bocarrlod out In Jean drill or any material
and the ribbon changed to suit tho wearer
which the costume la
taste or the occasion on
to bo worn It la an appropriate costumefor
yachting or the seaside or for any
amusements In which the American women
now tako part The stjlish waistcoat la
strapped across
J Fwkkxo VTiuox
Some of Her VarylnC Character
istics Cleverl Described
Jinrr Itjlo nallai lUndlM < >
Tlmo Worn nubjrct In n > f Vt
imwonolriaiet ollow vno
Ml Dim BuDtBWhenlSrUgot bukj
d tek
or a lortalBtt vhe you ar < rU d
il v polled J0 r new tMgown
u our knuckle
a4 > a °
ind calded your Iwtep
L d m3ed in many l UUlg How
ot lay catoohUai boglnntag
malytr > o In lb famllyT 1 there n
Ihihafter Vo put OUl the hlrf
tot 5
thlat ° u < > aJ SI fi
U you do not y
oowlderato to yeur wtt tow J J
wet t ro iud Wted up your
Son do you not piun i CfjUSSf
I it possible that thi I f J
list ouraslf to do octKr i
th promise J
your presenco i not d f
wlll be grateful tor a little sliced when Oons
Id Patrick has not happened to bo hnngry
You will saynolhtngwhen you dndBrldget
splitting ilndlicg wood with tho ivotj
handled carviugknife or putltug out tho
ashes la tho decorated pntlor coal scuttle
bolt your meats iuMoloht haste In
order to allow iU dUhos to 1 washed
airly and when your domeitlo chooses to
stay out alt night and come homo at threo
oclock a u you will unclose the portal with
a smile
You will never ask what the little Hack
bottles which 3 ou discover everywhere may
contain and > ou will oeer hurt the feelings
of another Bridget a you did that of the late
departed by w ondering bow the sable score
ot a very large palm and fingers came to be
Imprinted between the shoulders ot your
Ulao satin evening dress tho morning after
sb attended tho ball o the Biasing Cole
You will make no objections to the use ot
damask napkins torlronholdera or silk muf
flers for dustingcloths You will not say
auythlngordo anything that can offend If
only by this means you can woo sweet peace
to fold her wings In your bavk bawment cast
oil upon the troubled waters aud ateld the
rocks and shoals on which you have made
Terhnps you can you think At all events
you will try to please this new domestic who
having hod it out with the hut lady and let
off the steam arrives in an anjiable I
compliments you the master and U s chll
She tells you that she Is won to stay tn a
placw and not bo forever gadding alio has
lhedwtth mlltlonalrcs at enormous wagest
but plain as you live she prefers to stay with
a rale lady and sho knows cue when sho
sajs one Bhellput up with what you
baie little salt if rather than change As
for Mrs Smith that she lived with last sho
couldnt bo dragged back to her You have
beard att this betore and at request > ou ex
plain the way you wo nt things hery lady
hasher own way
It 1 a farce jou know for you will never
be permitted to have jours but ou play It
You descend tho stairs twenty times to
show which way jou like the spoutof tho tea
kettlo turned and to say which Is the hot
water faucet and where the gridiron should
bo put and such other Items In orthcr
mum to plaae you for the future
We all know that Bridgets first day Is al
ways a trial to tho Soul ot that bondshue
whom feho calls missus i but no matter If sho
only stays jou think Ten to one at six ot
the clock you And her sitting on a cliair
against the wall with her bngguge on her
kueo nnd reeelvo tho information that she is
not satisfied and will go and if you are a
lady jou wilt pay her faro and again the In
telligence office a series offirst days and de
But sometimes Bridget is satisfied The
machinery begins to run raoothly you teal
1 tldnk that you hao secured a treasure
but tn norno unguarded moment jou forget
jour caution You glo an order utter
some mild reproof and lo slamming ot
doors gives warning ot a rising temper and
frlgljtful symptom Brid got is heard talk
ing to hcrsolf below stairs
However jou need not do even this much
The shoals ot injurod dignity always Ho
ready for jou to wreck yourself upon and
they vary so with each individual that jou
havo no precedent
In recalling a long line ot handmaidens
who have folded their tents like tho Arabs
at the moat inconvenient moment I re
member Bridget Donovan who drow tho line
at polishing tho front door boll and having
declared that that w as the black boys work
cvor and always gao us a piece ot her
mind and departed refusing to listen to the
plea that wo had no blaok boy and could not
capture ono on a moments notice
llrldget Oooney on the contrary devoted
heraolf to that bolt She was always on her
knees bofore It so that glittered like a thing
of gold Sho said that she could not rleep lu
her bed It her family had a blaflk thing on
tho door tike their next neighbors God
help them But being requested to empty
a small waatepapor basket she requested
to know if we thought her an oyutalloa
ragman to attend to tho scrnps and
lavlngs aud departed weeping Why she
drew tho tln at a wastopaper basket who
can say
Bridget Tickles came next Despite our
remonstrances she added to tho dutltH of
cook and laundress those ot tho oddJob man
whom we paid all the same since ho had
been engaged to attend to such matters Hie
would put in coal clean off Buowln winter
and dig tho garden beds in summer though
we liad an oddJob man to do It all tho
But our nol0 hbor keit a pig and this
nnimil having eseapod Into our garden Mrs
pickles was requested todrUe him out As
the words were uttered she dropped upon
the kltchon table with a wild flood of
teamI It Tat rieUo widow jou ore a lln
to be plff drherl lio moaned MXot II It
me dyln hod Vrlb
nas Iter ao an me on
th ps yourwll Ill tay hero no loneor
And alter the reat wont alio
My doar ioadera ladlea may orv poaee
pojee but threl no peaco In the kitchen
wheto Bridget rolirn
Sho briJici Iho lampoat In licr Waek port
mantoau the whirlwind In her paper band o
and It la only l quantum ot tlmo when tlio
iforn ihaJ bm t wero to I1T out
vlth Saint Ceoolla she wou d liare haf
row belere he departed ISho ooul1 not
llto wlUiout It cud he never mona to try
Krui Diixu
A lane nook la feature ol l outy In
woman but uncarting 1U utlllt > wo canl t
> M wherein the goo ha the1 ad ant K0 ot
tho ilutk In tlio plyilcal mochanlm ot th
MOlJiajai An elonSated palate however
t deglutition
hould Increase th deMtht
Sniatoi Betyoua V Smith that you
cant repeat the Lord JTayw
ItepreMntative It U a B
put up In
lirowna bauda
BePw ntatlT Now I lay me down to
taep < and o torla to theend
liiLtortot by UlaWy I Brown Kir
Smith the take
The Successful Career ol a Bright
Illinois Olrl
now M Ha 3 > ad P r
sclt In tho Bnrtnse
inspiring maninle lor other
11 omen
American mothers who In this ag
It those
oticmtXprogare kto J
our daushlors
VThst shall w do with
ol th
could but know th inner history
eoestul tasl
Sieers ot Kim ot mMt
makeun rcmaik n
i ot oclety tho f th
mori ot motion
anco ot coUlmlc
In thesa changeful days when fortunes are
made and lost tn a single round of tfct clock
there Is no guatautee ot staUUty in tho inure
poe5 lon of houses and bond Productive
gem us sod spilled tataot are today mom
than ever the best c4pts4 ot which either sex
can bo possessed lu tho battlo of tu
Something over a doxon years ago a young
brownhaired girl lived in a small town in
Illinois ftho ai falhciwisand tho 0nty
homo sho had known since early childhood
was 4 boordlng scbool At the best such an
upbringing can hardly l rogvrded us con
ducive to tho development of a poetic tem
perament but Marybeymout had a luHght
aunny nature And made light of trouble that
would hare been a burden to maayrtbers
Bhewasfeludlousand a bit romantic too In
her odd hours she wrota a good deal and it
was not until she had fairly earned the tttlo
ot xiilagepoet by aomo realty creditable
verses in the local paper that her acquaint
ances began to suspect her ot possessing un
usual talent Toa couslderablo extent her
literary predilections were uherlted from her
father who was an author linguist scientist
and lawjer While stilt a mere girl Misa
Sevmou was cast on her own resources and
sho now takes pleasure In later liteIn recall
ing the fact that the first money she ever
earned w as for some rhyme wot to a ihlM a
magazine which was wilted byJwnfS June
Croly But there was a strong streak of
practicality In tho nature ot the young 1111
nolsan and tt did not tako her long to And
out as soma older heads had found out long
before that fugitive literature while il mlght
bo very good as a onne makes au Videed
ingly poor walkingstick Kite decided
therefore to choose a profession mcanwhlh
accepting employment as a teacher
About this time Miss Sej moor tookupthi
study ot shorthand an art in which very few
women wero then proficient and she soon
became thoroughly expert bhe was greatly
aided by a phenomenal memory which I am
tol I ha often enabled her to reproduoe
word or word an entire lecture whon Kue
had taken 110 note whatever Maoaulay
uMd to perform > liko teal and a lew In
stance of Inillarwondertul memorloa oiltl
but Ml Bojmour la proUMy tho only
American woman who ho ever poeeBc1
tlilal ullargltsheiva the ftmt woman
In America to open a school o stenography
and tho Institution may be regardod n tho
pioneer ol many hundreds ot establishments
which havo sont forth lhoo and ot woman
tjpowrlter all over the country lo enliven
the tcdluni ot a multitude ot business offloes
with th merry click ot tho key
Mls Beymour is now president ot tho
Union Stenographic and Typewriting Asso
ciation a commissioner the United Mates
court ol claims ommtanloner ot deeds ot
Now Jersey and notary publlo of Now York
count Bho Is ainonK tho brightest and
moet sueoessful women ot her day She le
also editor and publisher ol tho JhisneM
llomaiu Journal audjier work 111 Its col
umns proves that she is endowed with tho
editorial Instinct IlerjirtlcUw havo n tresli
broery healthful ring about them and nre
brimful ot facts and useful hluU lu riRard to
a womans work Her fillet pleasure is In
journalism although she dooa not nogloct
but maintains n personal
her other business
upervlslon ot all its branches Willi tho still
and acumen of 0 bank or railroad resident
In legal forms sho Is said to be as thor
oughly versed ss sny Rood lavrjer Uhen
he flrst presented her l tltion tor a commls
slonershlp ot deeds there was some hesita
tion on tho i lt of tho goveruor ot one atatn
as to tho legality ot appointing a woman
ot even while he hoiltatod ho remarked
that ho considered Miss Seymour was cum
pOonttoBllunyoInoelnthestate Jlowtli
tIdschool lawyers ronstliavolookwlatsucha
compliment to a woman
It is now ten Jears since tho brav little
woman set out to conquer tho big bustling
busluess world ot Now York Sho started
with ono operator lu a tluy room on Tlroad
unj Sow sho has flourishing oITlceA in Tour
large busluess buildings a groat business
collego for women and a newspaper all her
own und uftaMtful too hho has a high
rating with the commercial woridand is a
valuedl mimber of soioral clnln Including
Horoslso which Mrs William Todd Ilslmuth
Is president Her tuohctor homo is cosy
nest lull ot books 4etures and such artist o
belongings as only women of tastonnd culture
knuw how to valus Sho U u poputar enter
tainer too for evon nmld her many business
duties sho does not overlook tin social
amenities and the Mcrontlona ol Ills Miss
Seymour has wou her way by sUoer talent
Warm and
nui pluck combined gouwous
lieorted she has Leon lh roanns ut lu4jjia
many other women io auoeoas lu life who
but for her old would havo found the way
long nnd arduous IndeoJ It Is md surprls
lug that she should ben prim favorite among
tho business women of New York as well as
among many others who though noIn om
morclal Ufa have leanel to approclato tl >
IrlgW ItllnoU girl having Walchol h brave
Ught and her wonderful uceesn
Iiuxcnc ixtorr
Al rsonwlUialatgssU kot prl g cold
h nll ot natures
isnt atoatropUaing g
renslsannos to any eunsllerabi eatrnt
Speaking ol w Idlng Bills there l 1 very
valuable hint oonUlid In th l l wl
mad by o goodhean > out smoiijiursci
old lady who wUtel to presont it favorite
with soflothtai iotwhowraean would not
allow herto go In tor solid silver cut glass
or ceramics Shi therefore improvised a
Urge baskot Into which sho jut oik and
tooted lu their oin
breodpans that bad boon
iiualltloa and whlrli were a honJrtd per oent
more servloonol than th shiny Una Hut are
always a part of a young U > nsekeper 11ret
outttL Then ivf oovored an Ironingboard
with old aheel and blankets mado Iron
holders and told In besides several bundles
ot dust cloths T y o lo H aoual tat
very uMfnl tt certainly was and II lb briil
wer poinltted to p s her rt l thought
she would undoubtedly say that th prasOcal
afur all Ih on to < lo her
liomoly glttwai
th most good
sAMM Y Igmiu
a fcL
Ttianks lor a Penny Brought
Fame to a Workhouse Child
The Stirring Career of the Drum
mer Boy of ShUolt
How He Vouxht Ills V ny to the
MioultUr Ktrnpt i Ntory ot n
Child ltto In tho HaivnlUu Islands
the Fin limes of tt > eir lork
Taking up the pai > er the other day my eye
tell upon tho name of a famous slngvr vho Is
at preseut creating a furors tn the world ot
music There was the description of her
great triumphs her gorgeous gowns her
wonderful gifts from crowned heads and all
the othor details c a career honored aud
UmouB That was how tho world knew her
but I rmeinbrd the tlmo away back n tit
jeers betore she hadossuuuil the prttty high
sounding oom M theatre and with my pl n
ant thoughts for companjtbeps per dropped
to tho floor and I put no self up to n jrle
Ah how plainly could I mo her a little dark
eyed child n poor motherless tittle waif from
tho poorhouse who helped at Urn old farm
house In iho hlUs during the summer sen sou
when taking hoarders was tb means of In
creasing tho limited Inoomo that aocrued
from tho picturesque but unprofitable mead
ow land that surrounded tho rambling frame
house I wdm n delicate child and had been
sent by my father a ihjslHan to tills qulit
nest to gain health and strength What a
lonely little creature 1 was and how well I
remember that tlrrt night nil alone In the tiny
room that was set apart for my use during
tho time t was to remain How the katydids
chirped away in doleful chorus and tlio frogs
down In the swamp cnchuKged n mournful
refrain until I hid my head In Iho latender
scented pillows and erled as only a child eau
who Is separated from its mothtr for tho
first time
Next morning I was not much happier
though the sunlight did make things took a
bit more cheerful than they had appeared In
that queer half light that settlesoer tho land
When the birds go to rest and the owls come
out from their retreats I was too clumsy
with my dress I couldnt fasten tho long line
ot buttons and buttonholes that adorned my
Qabrlelle in the back and when I came to
tbo tangles tn my hulr my unnvQUstomod
hands made matters ten times wnree so that
when at Ul I appeared In the dining room
I know that I must hare presented a very
sorry spectacle tu the grim old man who was
the only other buode as I learned after
Dear mo how he glared at me orer his
spectacles and how gruff his toioe sounded
when ho asked uie to pan the bread and
despite tho kindly efforts ot tho motherly
former wife my bnsiktaat was a meagre
one so entirety consumed was I with tear
and homesickness When I had asked to l o
excused I took my doll and went out under
great tree trying to kilt that awful totting of
loneliness that would creep o riae
At laht my grief ouroamo mo and two big
tears trickled down on to Birbroniaa waxen
fuee anlln eilUhto anguish ot mind and
body I flung rajaelt down deep into the long
dewladen grass and erled as though my hoatt
would break Buddenly a burst of mrtslo
broko upon the summer air a pure swoet
i cuiMrt roait toou ovrn ut own
childs vooo carolled an old country song
and In another minute a ehilda lorin stood
overmyowu proslrato one With a wonder
ful gladnora ih my > es I scanned the now
comer Her was a friend a girl of my own
age a phvymato noma one to whom 1 could
lalkas I never would havo dared to do to
Mrs lone or the grim old man my neighbor
nttbetiible 1 didnt oar If her foet wert
uncovered her clothe torn and her joor lit
tle hands tanned and berry stained Sho was
a friend Dont crygirl she said In hor
musleal syropatliUo vole Voore the nw
boarder aint your
1m I sitbid and Im lonely and I
dont Ilk this pace and I want to go home
to my niothor I aln t got any inolber
sho replied but It I hsd and shid ssut me
away lo get strong I wouliln t try and make
tnyaelt worn MlasJoues told me all about
ou and when 1 aint worklV 1 enn play
> ou someUmos tliit Is II > ou 11 Wt m and
her yos wandro I wlslfolly lo the doll In in
lap for countr > children seldom sswnny but
Its tables ot home muiiufieture In IliO
dujsOtcrarso 111 lei jou I nwronded do
ilglitct n lba proI t of a playmaU Ut
who aro your I queried with a ehld
natural curiosity Im the help Mis Jones
give me my board and clothes for iWllth
thorestliatlllrnmi too busy lontwiidter My
namos Sarah Ann Moslwrwhafs yours
The exchange ot names toUowad
quick by other questions and answers and
by In tiara w had b m qut wall 00
qualntssl ah was oalled away to help In the
kitchen l t not Ulore o had agrMd to nutt
out In Hi Iiammoek when Mr JonM took
her aK rnoon nap 3I lonelloa wnsuon
for wtb all a eLllds buoyancy of spIrlU tho
tnat I had dtseovwed some ono ot my own
ol the
age to play with ismish td all the gloom
Hew little barah
morning and as tin day liy
and I grew to be warm friends lor In the
Iiammoek and haymow wo talked ot our
girlish ambitions and dreamed those day
oould ever
dreams that w aearcaly hoped
ootia true The darkejed child with lier
lovoly Voles longod to b u groat singer and
oonoerts were the principal maVUllvss
In Ihos ImpPJ h a aavln up my
tooncytoueuught tob an opera singer
sh said one day OU Mr Prion fclvw mo
a rn y every other day for Maeklrf hU
tswts Ulram be a ystlutarleh old codger
like him ought lo bo ashamed to W > >
littKandll hewa m hed glvlt Uaclcto
him Hut I tell him h dont have to give m
anything and Im gralefnl lor th ponny and
some day Ill show Mr Hiram what my
r f j jjpja wu s WK i < > Hst < Vf8
where we were playing and we both jumped
as though wo bad been shot
And so you want to bo a groat singer do
vvm he said quttaloally but very kindly
es sir replied Harah notoncrwtilt abash
ed And Hiram would throw my pennies
In my face would he be growledi well
teach htm a lesson we wilt and he letreatsd
as hastily as ha had appeared leaving us to
wonder wbat his words meant We soon
found out fur In a little while Mrs Jones
told Bttrah that old Mr Trice was a rich but
rccojitrlc IndlTldual whowanted to educate
her He had ghen her tho pennies to ttst
cut un rsict rorrtn mi ntiu tr
her and flndlDg her grateful for small favors
was willlug to lavish grcatcc ones upon hor
In a week we sobbed out our farewells and
sho went away and her n w life began Alt
these uara I have followed her career
through the newspapers and eccaslonal tot
ters Wo have never met though I hate
soon her often on the stage Hue Is a publlo
Idol now ono ot the greatest singers ot her
time but to mo she wilt ever ba UttU Harsh
Ann tfio pooilwuso child my comforter and
Epiti Towmkxd KfGrrT
llltle Johnny
Career as
Slilloli Ills
i Soldier
Should any ot my young reader happen to
vllt n certain western army Ihey would
probably meet > i aln John I Clem Ho is
now aliout forty jeors ot age small tn stat
ure boyish looking and very modoetlnhla
licarlng but he has prOlAbly had a wonder
ful and exciting a oareer as nny young follow
whoever auawored tho rollcall or wore the
shouMerstrups He is known and talked of
by all old ftoldlors as Johnny Sntlob and
The Ilrummrr Hoy or Chlckamauga
Wbu tho war broke out Johnny was a slip
of a boy ton ears old but ho at one made
up his mind to boooraen soldier and go to tho
wsr To this he was strongly opposed b his
jiarents but notwithstanding the tearful en
treaties of lit molhor and the stem com
mands of his father ho seurotly spptled for
admission lo tho service as a drummer hoy
Tlieoxamlningloivrd io v hleh he presented
til olnlm lookc1 uiwin him with amusement
nnd surprise and told him they could not ac
cept so oung und smalt A boy Ihe would
be drummer wn < hot dtniaad at his poor
sufloessaud soon alter boarded the train
which was carrying Uio Third Iteglroent of
Ohio yoluntcers to Ih seat ot war The offl
oers ot this command did not sea that ihoro
waa His maktug ota eapltnl soldier In the lud
and Johnny soon learned to bis sorrow that
ho oould not go with thorn Still undnuulcd
bo next applied lo the I wentyseouud Ilegl
tneut of Michigan Yohlntecra Here he was
again refused Admission a a drummer ou
neeountof Ida aim and ago but tho aoMlers
wee all strurk with his pluck and daring
and th gondiuiiurod colonel After listening
to Ills story tod him that he mUht go with
tho rcglmoht to tlio front And ho did Dur
ing the next your he ronullned with ill regi
ment na a ItAugeron taking l rt lu all the
drills and parade participating In ovry eu
gagement nnd learning many virtu nm
vices which can be Acquired only on ho bat
lloluild or In tho camp Ills wit youth and
goodnature made him a favorite with both
officers and men
Jurt before th terrible battlo of Blilloh lit
tle Johnny by som menus obtstnod a drum
and went Into the engagement as a volunteer
drummer boy On that day ho won tiiifadlng
laurels Xt lierever he fight was thickest bis
short logs carried him and there ha could bo
seen In front of th soldhr loudly bcatlng
hi drum Cannons roared In front of him
shells burst alKivo and tho branches ot tieea
tell crashing around htm but ho marched
bravely on Ouo shall broke so hoar him that
It broke his drum nnd spattered his foes with
mud I ho was knocked down ngulu and agulu
still he did not retreat Wbui the fight wss
over ho I > ocam0 a gnator favorite than ever
and In honor ot his services was ntoknamod
Johnny Shllfih Those In command praised
Mm an 1 though lin was but cloven yoars ot
ago ho was given a suit ol hi countrys bin
and regularly enrolled as ti drummer lay
Wluu he first went to tho front to tarry
n drum at tho bead ot th troops had been
the heghtof young Clem ambition Hut be
was tt truo soldier end now that h had won
the desired goal longed for further Advance
ment ho wanted to carry a guu and be ad
mitted to the ranks A good natured soldier
look a rogulaUon array musket and file 1 It
oft until It wis Miirt erinnith for tho am
bitious druuni I o Jd with ease This
made Johno as happy us a king and ahoul
derlpg his prile lie look pai I In alt the drills
and oxoalses ot biv regiment II was not
twelve years ut age hud having been In tho
battles of Khllob Snhhv llle Ilosaca KcnesaW
Mountain Slona ltiver ami Ierryvllht began
to regard hlnimlt as a veteran
Iicry ono knows what a bloody fight took
phic at CkleWtnaugu Her Oeneral
Thomas mat tho icbnU In overwhelming
numbers and rolst them so Urmly that
ever attor h was known as th Hock ot
Chlekum n > H I i Johnny Bhlloh
1 luul
wou greater fame ao1 namo
now thrown aside his drum deterotlncd to
take trt as a regular sold ler On the rc ra
In ot Uie ngageinimt he shouldered his gno
and allmbloon to the caisson of pn of the
battmlw mdo Intoth thickest ot the light
VTheti il lailler halt l ho jumped from his
perch and sought out A pises Among the art
dloreot his brigade AU day h fought aa
brarely aa tho most valUnt Three times a
laillet plerood his nap but he did not mind It
autkoSou loadlcg ami Bring Illsbrlgade
was In a dangerous place All day and during
thoafterMoo wert forced to retreat Johnnys
short legs could not < urry him ai fast as
tho ol Ida oMsrcomponlons and ho was In
great danger ot Wing captured At tho bead
of tb pursuing ret rod a Here looking
colonel who won overtook Uw l y and
swlngliw his aword above liU head de
manded with an awful oath Uiat be should
surrender Johnny had oftw said that n
would nerer be taken alive yet Just M It
I to his flying comrades that ho woul I
Uvo to tako back his words But tho brav
This saved Johuny from capture and per
haf s death for While all his comrades wer
killed or taken prisoner ho lay concealed un
till nightfall and then mado hi way safely to
oainp His reputation as a soldier waa
nowlnadc Ihd day after tho batik h wai
Called into tho presence of Uoneml r orcn
crabs himself warmly praised for what ha
had done placed upon tka roll oMionor and
mod a sergeant Had he lioi ten > esr
older ha would hate boon given ft pair ol
shoulderstrap to wvar aud mado a com
nVlsntoned officer
Ten days after tho battle ot ClilcLsmauge
tho dahlug sergeant was made a 1 rit
ontrby tlio rebels while helping to guard a
train ot provision wagons Two month
laUr he was jurolrd nud Willi a nnmbtr ol
otherprlnonorsexchsngod flhenlierclurncil
to the army he found amoral Thoma in
command Tlio Hock of Chlckamatujil
took A great Interest in Johnny gave hlra A
I ny to rldi and look him upon hla tatt as
an orderly Bergoant Clem took part In th
famou march to tho sea nnd at that Urn
had several surprising adventures and
escapes which Added greatly to his reputs
tlon At Atlanta while on duty Ids horse
was shot from wudcr him by a rebel sharp
shooter and he himself badly wouudod In tho
When Iho war closed Johuny Blilloh
having been premised au appointment went
to Indianapolis Indiana sad began to qualify
himself tor admittance to Wost point In a
short lime ho was given a oodctahlp by Ex
president Grant BU1I four yoars of soldier
llto hod untitled him lor a dy and school
llfo and In a short tlm ho loft West Point
Hut those who vera at Iho head ot the war
department remembered Ihe bltlUaut service
of lb youthful sergeant and ho was givou A
commission In tho regular army and sont to
Arlsona Hero ha fully satisfied Ui hopoa ol
his friends nnd was promoted again and
gain until he la now aeaptuln Aniiaaalatsnt
quartermaster Some years sgo ho mart led
a daughter ot Ooneral French and without
doubt has a very bright tulur before him
Hcrcs 1U > iuov
oim am un
Xatural history tells via tho chestnut cams
trom Italy This news will bo received with
unctuous salisttttlon by tho professional
There Is a marked dUtlnctlon between
reputation nnd character Th former 1
what a person Is nocounted to bo by others
th latter Is what ho really Is Tho troubls
with most pooplo Is they hav entirely I >
much reputation
Pertinent Hints Upon Subjects ol
Peculiar Feminine Interest
This may In useful tn ran teaches this
summer Hist he euro that there are any
pouches to tun
Women eau now 1coom publlo notaries In
New Jersey and when a man has to do any
swearing In their prtwiifto ho doesnt havo
to prpi ro an elaborate apology for doing so
A brlgado if unemployed women propose
to walk trom Hau FraneJseu tq Washington
This is pretty strong eWdenoo that there U
no womans department lu the Mldwlntsr
If jouMlsh toghRucp iiBrul dimur do
not unite too ninny or bo nveranxmus t < >
nro a quantity ot fowl A few < m ma
spirits choice rather than numeuiuaduh
absolute eoiiildonoe In jour nook a dinin
room the temperature otwhich do rn < vi
the flouers or the Collars of your gunu tir
tie primary requisites t > f an ui > j < iui1 fm >
and without them Mrs Crunut herself ooul I
tiotentertaiu plwianntly though eaoh dish was
of pure gold and thelands north treble theli
wulght in the sumo iiotsj
Tho woman w ho runs about tolling people
how tun Hi she Is annoyed be tho im udoui
altentions of men In tlio street and in publl
iftnTejaiirteii must not expent anystupathy
from tho senslblo feminine who knuw that
suoh conduct does not augur the possession
ot superlative attractlvoutug but Is rnthsr an
evldeiioo of Ufiw omly belm lor the part
the onu ncoosted Nino times out of ten she
has either chosen to attire hunu f consplcu
ouslyor acts In suehaway that notloe ts
Invited No man In his senses will speak to
a strange Woman Unless he rocolres euoour
ugotnent t > t some sort This Is hard medl
cine tor the flirtatiously inclined hut It is
true as preaching noortholos
Ihe summer girl has alrays t 6onlJ a dear
but this tvtiAOU sho Is tabs a duck Cos
tumes ot duck In all colors promise to ba the
rage and at the sea short and a Uw moun
tains these serviceable and smartlooking
frooks will be seen everywhere Inldrto
havo them enUi ely correct a tailor ehould do
Uie cutting and fitting for slipshod plrtur
esquo elteets are hot at atf the thlry In this
line The Princess of Wales and aer daugh
ters Victoria and Maud ha glvjn an order
to Ildfem for several to bo worn on the
Iloyat yacht at Cowes They will be made
wtUi full rather short sktrU and with Jackets
opeuliig over blue pink and red lests The
trimming en the mleovoa aud tho big rovers
will Ukewlso t e In colors Aword to tho
Wlsols suOelent duoklsa cheap material
and all iho at to In the world 1 not copy
righted by royalty
As much as you maydotoondalatyllngerls
dont go In for it largely It you Intend taking
an oeeau voyage this summer or u pretty
as whllo lace trimmed petUooats are on land
theyftroanatnuUiatloiiats atiielrwbItoaess
soon becoming dimmed and Uielr laclneaft
IxKlragglaXl Wear dark skirts dark stock
lags and wellfltUng shoes lu no placo in
the world da the fott play such a prominent
jrt as in a steamer chair They aro contin
ually lu evidence Therefore have every
button irmly int place an I < x lc out for
those small Insidious dropped threads thai
soon run Into unsightly botes In Uie hosiery
Po not wear feather vt gilt bra danda
you love your good loose sttcjr to a veil as
rollglously as to the Un eommsjidments
When your husband assumes a hlfthly vir
tuous atr and talirs about his nuperlor line of
inoraUtyJutttcll him that if the world trusted
Mm in accordance with his own vie v i
eouklgetyour life tu ured for hiatewflt
but ai It is If you do md > af to iwva a cow
pany tako tho rUk there ant so many reitrh
tlons and reservations that you begin f <
thluk that ypur buslsiftd t a iwodthlrsty
villain luutottfcly walU R t ko your
went bulk Into th rebel > tow
away JZ7
Aiu hot by hoku rekn or other thhus
ij z

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