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isTON D Go
jf Wholesale Druggists
itid Importers of
i Drufg3s Sundries
past Mail
Columbia Tap
iard l Smith Alachinery Co
arilmtiry tor both old and young As
i r dinner Hgir r a stimulant when
cj business th re is no Cigar made that
tit rou the satisfaction
Sole Dlitrlbuters
Hint Garden and Held Seeds Onion
s Seed Potatoes etc
i Write for Prices
nd fur lllnstrntnl ClitilloRHr
fbi StoD January lor Ksst Texas
Monday light easterly winds bceom
illfn Tejas New Mexico Oklahoma
Territory and Arkansas fair Monday
loeaday varlabli winds
General Olixrrvntlolnn
tuitions taken by the United
Ljrc l H stations at 8
> irUUn time
A Texas
lo Texas S
p in
fall CO
w V
i 4
f ° k An Information See
330 p m
700 a m
909 3 in
For Itesiu
Court Ho
jVVe take the measurements have fencing
built to suit erect same complete etc
and then auk for our money If satisfactory
Have fold 00 per cent of the Iron Ftne
In Houston and a great many through
the Slate
Peden Co
For Sale
Twentyfive Tons Steel
Rails all long lengths
Hurtwell Iron Works
fiye Ear Nose and Throat
Rooms 301 and 302 Klam building
Offloi Hours 9 a m to 12 m 2 to 5 D m
Do You Know
That you can have a Telephona In
your home or place of business at a
cost that sttms almost Insignificant
whei you consider the fonvenknca
from a business anil domestic point
of vlen
Southwestern Telegraoh and
telephone Company
Kl Paso Texas M Oil
lalifston Texas 8 00
Kansas City Mo 40 00
Jacksonville Kla 52 00
Memphis Tcnn 41 00
Montgomery Ala 54 00
Nashville TVtin It 00
New Orleans La 51 00
North Platte Neb 40 00
Oklahoma O T M 00
Omaha Neb 40
Palestine Teas 61 0t >
St Iouls Mo 40 00
St Paul Minn 42 00
VlCksburg Miss tjO 00
Moxirau Telegraph Co Stations
Vera Cms Mexico 75 00
Coatzacoalcos Mexco 7J 00
Author nf In 111 Stii Will llnvt
lnp for it Woeli
Topeka Kan January 21 Kcv J M Shel
don author of In Ills Steps lsto bo Riven
sn opportunity to edit a dally newspaper as
ho thinks a Christlun dally should bb edited
Kor the week beginning March 13 he will
havo absolute eontrol of every department of
the Topeka Capital nons editorial aud nl
lertlslng At the Detroit convention of the
Christian Bndeavor society Mr Sheldon
aked what pHllantbrople Kcntleman In tills
axe of muiltlcent endowments to editorial
institution would Rive l0ooooo forluo ercn
tlon ofasrent Christian dally
The philanthropic gentleman has not ap
reared with the mouey but Dell Kuyscr
president of thr Topeka Capital Publishing
cooipany offered to give tho paper to Mr
Sheldon for one week nnd the offer has been
accepted It Is understood that able writers
are to assist Mr Sheldon and that statesmen
prominent divines und cdltorb of sumo Of
the dallies of New York Chicago und St
Louis will help him by suggestions Mr Shel
don has not yet glcn any intimation of bis
Hooker T IViiililiiRton Predict i
Height Kuturc for the Xcerro
Chicago January 21 Booker T Washing
Ion addressed the Youug Mens Suuday clti
today at Qulnn chapel bis subject being Tbo
Industrial Development of the Colored Ttace
In the United Slates Tho speaker predicted
h bright future for the negroes In this coun
try He appealed to his hearers to cultivate
a high moral character and to try to clovau
men and MOmen of tbo race who sre less
fortunate At the close of the address a
largo amount was rontrlbuted for tne use of
the Tuskcgcc Industrial school of Tuskegec
Quickest Time Best Service i
0 Chicago Louisville Cincinnati
Washington Baltimore New York and Eastern Points
Clly Ticket Agt Jen Pass Tkt Agt Pass Traf Alcr
Change of
Schedule In Effect January 21
I and Q N R R
430 a in
710 p m
315 p m
EO d
2l nain
City TcM ApU f l J A
Were Discussed at a Mass Meeting in
Washington City
They Favor the Cause of the Struggling
England Is Brutal and Trylnd to BlotOut
Another Republic
Strmie llPMwliitlimn of 5 > mimhy nnil
ciickI hill tlir Prrnhlctit Pro
Iiouc lliillMtliin Wore AUmitcil
Washington January 21 Tim Grand
opera house tho largest nudll6rlum in
Washington wns packed to the doors to
nlsht with an enthusiastic audience which
vigorously expressed lt sympathy ivitl
tho llocra In tbolr llsht with llrcat Hrltaln
The deinonntrtttlon wns planned as a nioaus
of evidencing public sentiment and In
numbers and cnthuslasmi was fully up to
tbfl expectations The keynote of tho
speeches was that the Doers wore fighting
for their independence as our forefathers
had dono In 170 Tho K therlnR assem
bled ynder theausplces of tho United Irlnh
societies and a number of leading Her
mans at tho city Joined In tho movement
Among those who occupied seats on tho
stngo were Senator Mason of Illinois Al
len of Nebraska and Tillman of South
Carolina Kcpresentatlves Clark DcAr
niond and Cochran of Missouri Dalloy ot
Texas Carraaclc and Cox of Tennessee
Itfcca Jones and fomb of Virginia Shn
forth of Colorado Meyer ot Louisiana
Sulzcr uf Now York and Lcntz ot Ohio
and Mr Van Slclen representative ot tho
Orango Free Stato ut Now York aud rep
resentatives of the Uulted Irish societies
and others A large delegation of Irish
Americans aud HermanAmericans front
Baltimore was In tio audience
Tho meeting was called to order by tho
chairman of tho executive committee P
T Moran tho National treasurer of tbo
Ancient Order of Hibernians with a few
words ot welcome introduced Congress
man Sulzcr ns the presiding officer of tho
evening Mr Sulzcr whb greeted entausi
Ho said As an American clttien I tint
not ashamed lo hnvo It known that uiy
sympathy Is with thi heroic Hocra lu their
dcturmlned effort to maintain their homes
and their Independence against tho piracy
aud the tyranny of tho British crown lu
a fight between liberty and monarchy l
want to see liberty win Their cause Is
a Just cause Englands attempt to weal
their country Is an outrngo an net of
Criminal aggression and should be con
deiuticd by the Christian powers of tho
world In 1776 the patriotic fathers ot
this republic fought England to gain our
Independence The South African patriots
today are fighting the same cause to main
tain their Independence This Is the only
difference Tho courage of the Iloers In
tho face of tremendous odds has chal
lenged the admiration of mankind and
their heroism agalntt almost Insurmount
able obstacles has won the respect ot tho
civilized world
Wc must do our duly This great re
public in tho name ot liberty humanity
and free Institutions must demand peace
and inako that demand good We sym
pathized with Poland with Hungary with
Oieece with all the South American re
pubilcs with Armenia and with Cuba
Why I ask in the name of ail that Is
Jiut and honorable should we now retuso
to lend our moral support and sympa
thetic aid to the patriots of South Africa
A republic that will secretly connive and
aid a monarchy to destroy a sister re
public nnd blot oltt Its free Institutions
is a republic rotten lo he core and will
soon fall like a decayed tree on the banks
of a turbulent stream to be swept away
forever There Is no doubt that the ad
mlnirtration Is secretly In sympathy with
Ireat Britain and lending her all the aid
it can Every patriotic citizen of the
republic should condemn tbeso proEng
lish tendencies
Senator Mason wa first introducedby
Chairman Sulzer Ho eald that h had
no apology to make for coming to this
meeting on Sundav night I hold ho
continued that there Is no hour loo
sacred or place too dear to speak for tbo
cause of liberty I congratulate Wash
ington on this sympathetic demonstration
in behalf of a sister republic Tho con
flict In tho Transvaal is e ttruggle be
tween liberty and slavery When yen hear
these moraxchlsts open their services with
long pravers and tell of what they wH
do for downtrodden people In far off
lands you usually find them closing wlh
a description of tho reeources and wealth
of those couptries Th Boers arc right
but unless we can aid them In some wav
lhelr cause may not trlumnh The bird
of llbertr has hitficrto always found a
resting place in this country Lately tho
American eagle it appears has taken to
eating carrion If you have any Influence
lend your voice to tho cause of the Boer >
If you have no Influence but havo convlo
tiorn speak your rentlments
Representative Bailey of Texas sijd
that he came merely to give his moral
support to tbe cause Ills addrcs was
a vigorous one aud he was loudly ap
plauded I am sick ot hearing abaiit
cun brothers across the sei he said
England Is brutal She has hunted tb
Irish down and shot them in a brutil
raancer among the bogs nnd fens ot Ire
land It Is nnt merely English greed nf
rold or Ueslro for wealth that urgoi Eng
land on during this war She finds an
opportunity to blot a republic from the
face of the earth and she does not hesl
t te to do If I blush to say that there
are men under this flag who hooe to see
this crlnr perpetrated But they hope
In 7aln
Senator William V Allen of Nebraska
Ip a vigorous adire EJtd f hTf is
ar > y country on the faxe of tbe esrlh that
o > T8 the BriU h empire nothing that
country Is th United Sta or Aiau
EngUad seeks to rule all people for njcr
QRAJJD CHORUS For Hes n Jolly Good Fellow Which Nobody Cnn Dony
v < New York 13v
eluding one from Senator Hale ot Mnlno
expressing regret at his Inability to ho
present The following were adopted
I Wherea the American peonle still
ixheilfh the lessons and memories of 1775
a > s > y Tf x fififf i v > s > v x > v 2 > M > > fy i y ss drfifew AW 5
and therefore fully understand and real
ize tho rapacious war which Great Britain
Is waging against a small but patriotic
people whos < mlsfortuno Is tho possession
of natural wealth coveted by British greed
Whereas in the prosecution of this rob
ber warfare Great Brltsln has been balked
as yet of her tyrannous designs and bus
therefore resorted to unlawful and bar
barlous tactics at Is her wont towlt
1 Tho arming and mobilising of sav
The distribution of dumdum bulleu
to her soldier coupled with tho boast
that tho British government possesses
100000000 such missiles
Z The Illegal selztiro ot peaceful mer
chandlse en route frpm the neutral ports
of tbe United States to tbe friendly Port
uguese markets
Whereas the president of the United
sltirdy defcuders of their liberty and their I states has not taken proper notice of these
homes Are they In the right Not only outrages making It necessary for tho peo
that but they have flvo times as much pe at arg0 to express their will through
cause far fighting as our forefathers did i public assemblages apd Kerlous warnings
Jn 1776 Under the lead of Henry Clay > tbtreforn
we hastened tp cxpress our sympathy with ncsolved That the people of the Orango
the South American republics Wo did Kree State and the South African republics
i these things when we were a feebln folk aro and of right ought to be free and ln
Now that wc are so strong that wo can j dependent and their civilization Is recog
not estimate our strength we have fallen
to the low estate of being John Bulls
silent partner In butchering and despoil
ing white men fighting valiantly and
gloriously for their pilars and their fire
sides It Is tho Boers gold and diamonds
nlzcd to be equal In morality to that of
any other people the false witness of tho
BrUIah press to the contrary notwlth
9a > o 9 agoaiai 9i < Diiriaoaoe > Baan aa li ct al4 aai tfaav
cenarr emlsv ThVi c is nnEa lofty mo
tive about lierVpolley Whcroveh she cm
advantageously txtend her commerce tnin
Hint locality she carries her uruisl Wheth
er it be fertlld fields or diamonds br god
ihe same greed for gain has actuated hot
conquests I am not a believer In non
liiteryentlon when liberty Is nt nwkc I
would not fntcTveno with sympathy loudly
and fbrcitily cxpreasd hut f > X would
Intervene < wllh every lawful means
In my powor I hopo and be
lieve that the God of JusHco wjll lu tlino
see that the British empire Is overthrown
and n republic established In Its place
I hope that tho fate that Is meted out Lo
her will bo the reward of any nation
which seeks to deprive and oppress peo
ple ot Its liberties whether it bo In tho
plains of South Africa or tho Ulands of
tho sco A man car not beilovo In tho
Justice of the cause of the Boor i and nt
the same ltne uphold our governments
course in 1ho Philippines Tho American
flagwill never wave In triumph ovor tho
prostrate fonm of liberty v
We will not oven recognize tho repre
sentative ot tho Boers a sister republic
though wo have sent a consul Jo Pre
toria Serator Allen continued Is
there uny subtle Influence nt work In high
circles to prevent the Transvaal from ob
taining recognition in this country I
close with the hope that ihe next cable
gram from across the waters will bring
news of Bttllers defeat
Tho next speaker was neprcsentatlvQ
Champ Clark of Missouri He said In part
Wherever people are struggling for lib
erty they should have the friendshipof
all Americans It Is nstounding that there
should be any argument as to that propo
sition Avltbln the broad confines ot this
puissant Republic Two years ago then
would not have peon In the elder day wo
would have made tbe welkin ring but
How governmental spraklbg wn are
dumb as oyBtcrs Wherefore Because
Kngland U a robber nation wo ore am
bitious to become a robber nation and all
rtbber nations must stand together for
self protection and because It Is En
glish dont yo know I uay tbe govern
mental America mark you only official
America From Its sordid and inhuman
verdict we appeal to the unofficial masses
who mske and unmake statesmen whom
Abraham Lincoln affectionately denomi
nated the plain people Tbo senate ot
the United Stales may laugh to scorn
Senator Masons resolution of sympathy
with tho Boers but the toiling pillllons
ot America will send their sympathy and
their hearty God speed across tho sea to
the brave burghers who are tbo best
marksmen seen on earth since Andrew
Jacksons Immortal day at New Orleans
Why should we not sympathize with these I
IScnily Tlirec lliuiilriil Xumcn
In tin Ijlnt Itrpnrlril
Tindon January St Tho war
offico has posted this dispatch from
General Bullcr dated January SI 10
a m i >
The following were wounded In
the action near Ventorcs Spruit yes
terday Olllcers staff Colonel II
Hamilton and Major f Mctlrcgor
Second Ijanraulilio Iusllcers Cap
tain It B Blunt and Second I eu
tenantn M G Coofton and B J M
Barrett Klrst Border Rifles Cap
tain C D Vnughan and Second
Lieutenant Maurler First York and
Lancashlros Second Lieutenant A
IK Klcrry Second Dubllu lusl
lcernCaptain 0 A Hensley slnoo
deadand Major F English Second
Gordons Second Lieutenant P r
Stowart snd ifl noneominlssigned
officers and men
London January 21 A third sup
plementary list of the British casii
allies In the attack upon Ladysmlth
on January R was published by the
war office today It shows twenty
eight noncomrolsslond officers and
men killed and live dangerously
wounded This brings the total of
casualties In that engagement to
nnd remind them that as wo triumphed
against thosfltno foo so limy they
Bcsolvcd That we beseech fltid Mron
uoimly urge the president of tho United
StateB to exercise the prerogntlxo vested
In hlni by lhi < peace convention lately ar
ranged by the ipowiru of thn civilized
world Wc bet htm to offer his Rood nf
flies us a mediator between the Boers and
tbe British for tho dellveroiico of thwe
tlnfortuniito Englishmen nnd lhelr faral
IIch now being punlshfd for the eilnie of
a brigand cabal ot gold grabbers suit land
hungry conspirators not ouo of whom
at the forefront ot the battle
nesolvrd That wo solemnly protest
against the shipment nf munitions of war
from this country fpr tho uso of Great
iniT ron I vitis
Jirnn < il Miicriiiii Mnlfm Annthnr
Ml nit IIiiiui
Itoine January 31 Charles 15 Mnrrum
former United Stales consul at Pretorl1
who arrived hero ycrterday left today
for Paris Mr Easton of tho Washington
Post who accompanied Mr Miirmra snld
In the course of an Interview at Naples
that the Bocrs know they must ultimately
be defeated but are determined to resist
to the last He praises the Boer tactics
and expresses admiration for the bravery
of both armies Tho Afrikanders are re
garded by Mr Easton as a permanent
< langr to the British He assorts that
prior to the war the Transvaal government
Inquired what quantity of cartridges were
allowed lo the German troops n tbo
FrancoPrussian war and then ordered
double the quantity
London January 22 A special dispatch
from Naples taya that Mr Macrum Is re
ported to be tho boarer of a letter to
President McKlnley from President Kru
gor In which tho latter pioposes peace
terms based upon tbe status fito with
complete Independence and a seven yeat
Paris January 22rThe Matin referring
to tho arrival of Mr Macrum In Europe
says that the object of hla > mission Is
mysterious and asks If thtre be any con
nection between his return and the arrival
of Webster Davis at Lmircoto Marques
from wbleb point he Is to be laken to
Pretoria In < i special train sent by Presi
dent Krtigct
Tho Matin thinks It very probable thst
President Krugcr having been cut off
from telegraphic commtinlcaMou with Br
Leyds Is resorting to tho good offices of
the Americans In order to commutilcate
with the rest of tho world and tbe paper
concludes Its observations by saying Wo
shall soon know the meaning ot these
M any
Inilfilrlea During Similar
lu AViip Oflloe
London January 21 1225 a rn Yes
terduy was quite u record day at the
war office As If anticipating Important
standing Therefore the precipitation news Iho authorities announced on Sat
upon them of saage foes in alliance wlthurday r that the lobbies of the war office
trained soldiers threatens the repetition would be open throughout Sunday and th > >
that the English are fighting for and not i of tho horrors of Wyoming Fort Hear knowledge that u great crucial battle was
the rights of the Ultlanders I born and other places bitterly remeru proceeding brought tt continuous stream
Other speakers on tho same general linns tiered by the American people as ruthless of inquirers of all classes
as their predecessors wcra Representatives Instances of British perfidy and dishonor Stfina gloomy forebodings were caused
DeArmond and Cochran of Missouri Rbei Tbo attention of the president of tho by U a bulletin announcing that ne ly 300
I of Kentucky and Lentz of Ohio A number United State Is respectfully directed to had been wounded but In general a cheery
of letters and telegrams were received lnk this feature which Is a notorious matter confid ncn was expressed of General Buls
n common repute throughout the world lers movement On It being announced
IletolvDd That this meeting in concert that further official dispatches were im
with tho American people throughout tb brpbabjc tonight the crowd dispersal c >
land sends it ympatbj and good will pressing dljmppointmeptthat the news was
the w better
sad hcaxtfelt encouragement To BoerSw j
iJKs i
F l
< tl
i W l <
Loose Sacked and Bated
Is Subjected to a Severe Censorship
atThls Time
General Warren Proceeding Upliill on
Dangerous Ground
Forced from Three Positions but This May
Be Their Tactics
Ao the Closing Words of n DUpittcU
from irncrnl lltilter Iossea
ot SnturilajrHeportcd
Spearmans Camp January 21 030 rn
General Warrens engagement continues
Ho has forced the enemy from three posi
tions Tho Lancashire and Irish brigades
nro advancing Ucndlly Tho flio la vcr
London January 21 The war office
has received tho following froruGenornl
Builer dated Spearmans Camp January
21 625 a m
In order to relievo the protsuro onGen
eral Warren and to ascertain tbo strength
of tho enemy In tho position In front ot
Potgleters Drift General Lyttlcton mad
a rcconnolssanco In forc o yesterday This
kept the enemy lu their trenches In full
strcngtb all day Out casualties Third
battalion Kings rtoyal nifles two killed
twelve wounded two missing
London January 21 General Duller
cables to the war offico
Spenrmans Camp January 51 0 p n
General Warren has been engaged all da
chiefly on his left which ho has swung
tojirartl about t couple of miles Tbs
ground Is very dltnuult nud as tho fight
ing lo nil tho time uphill It Is difficult
to say exactly bartmiuh wc ha c gained
but I think wo pro waking substiwlliil pro
London January 22 < f30 o m Thi
Justinable ewitrof h cfnBor t4p nl
tho presfnt moment prcventi tho eorre
npo nd nR from giving mJultion al Ulfornv
tlon tomiilplement General Bullnrs latest
dispatch Tho sueress of ho movement
depends almost entirety upon how far ho
proves nblft to outiuancuvrr thn Boer
whoso available forces aro doubllesii larger
than his own Tbe chief difficulty lies In
Ibn eblllty of the floors to transportmen
Rtoics nnd ammunition qui lily and to en
trench new positions Secrecy regarding
General Bullors progress tbnrdfore li
essential and the public Is quite content
to wait patiently
From tho Information which the censor
has allowed to pass It Is as yet impossible
to form a correct notion of tho British
facllce One thing however Is quit
clear Tho British commanders havo prof
ited by experience and are nowavoiding
infantry charges giving pjefcrtoeeto the
more Judicious uso of artillery Thegen
eral Idea Is that 81r Iledvers BfcRer with s
some ruoii men and eighteen field sons
In holding the northern bapk of the Tugela
at Potgleters Drift while SJr Cfu rlts
Warron witn about 12000 men thirty guus
and a large force ot cavalry U working
around the right flank ot tho Boers eight
or ten miles away
One account of Saturdays flgcltng says
that tho British had fcv killed Little
relianco can bo placed upon these reports
and although the main position of the
Boers has not yet been attacked and noth
lng Is known as to Its strength Satur
days and Sundays lighting which can
lariily be described as more thsn outpost
affairs evidently entailed serious losses to
tbe Boers who are following their old
time tactics making a show of resistance
and then retreating In good order to their
prepared positions and as tbey a rd fork
ing from tho Intorlor of their lines they
may bo able to bring strong forces to de
fend their main position
Nothing Is heard regarding any counter
attack by Sir George Wbte from La dy
smith nd General millers I think
are making substantial progressremaius
the lust words This shows that ihcru
la still some very hard work In front of
the British forces
The news from oUter points Is of sllgny
Inlerest General KeneyKeunys qivl l ii
has been nepl byGencral Gatacro to form
an advance base at Rose Meda Junction
inoors Continue 7h llomlmrdmeut
Mafeklng January J by runner o
Moclendl January 14 via Lorenzo Mar
quez January 21 We concontriWJ our
artillery consisting of a 7pauhdef < f >
Nordenfeldt and One little old ships guu 1
January 3 emplaclng during th d rkn a
so as to bear en the enemys hS j 5
gun Wo carefully conc led thB guns
until the next afternoon when tbs MUt
had nrel a couple of W YtrpJijIS
loose all our pieces firing JfW
hb fast s powlble One of purc W igj >
theene yB
havo thrown
for < W
rportion ff
glsKtes we couldsee
inferolng that poUU r j
wjvidbaeJt tSeiriftfm
v t I 1

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