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fg very body as Is Anybody Plays Ping
Pong Directions for Playing
Jlf you would be the proper thing
With progress keep along
Do you ping pong
4amtnai G4 S
b then I rede ye learn to pips
And also learn to poug
VVell well well go and pine pongl
Xhe only reason that ping pong Is not
ntentloned In Shakespeare Is probably
wjug to tho fact that the game was jot
Invented In Shakiispeares time Toor
lng pong li lawn tenuis little brother
Bi Is the latest little International baby
Sthjt has found Its way Into the lap of so
fclety If you belonged to the hoi pollol
faiijl wero quartered n Londons White
Sfchjpel or New Yorks tendetloln and
fnappeiicd to be a champon ping pouger
utho doors of tho most eNCluslve society of
Jboth cities would swing open to aduit yon
Fqr ping pong Is strictly the thing and
Jytha Hkllleil player U at present It
Being little It Is played Indoors and
ujbecausjc of the moving about which It
Permits It Is rapidly superseding euchro
< hlgh Uvb and bridge whist as a means of
jrepreatlon and entcitalnmcnt In the games
rjut mentioned one must sit In one position
throughout the tedious cveuing llng pong
isKillfferent In ping pong one must t > tlr
tiding pong Is usually played on a dining
jtable with a specially piepured celluloid
ball Instead of the India rubber one iw
Jnglawn teunls It requires some little
praetIco before the proper strength Is at
jitalped with which to strike tho ball but
tea minutes or so Is suflielont as a rule
rtoinabIc the plajcrs to keep the ball within
fch space of the table top The ping pong
foil does not fly easllv
mA dining tablo about seven feet to nine
feet long by half the width without a
idoth is thp best place to play the giie
toj and when the room Is lighted from
febtvo tho table by a chandelier tho tnbf
M uld be moved a little to the sldo of tha
PWThe height of the net can be varied from
Jcp inches to Ave Inches the lower It Is
stftpa more difficult the strokes can be made
ito return
iKThe racquets are Tellum covered bats of
Thc Home of the Patrician
Shoes for Women
kn Eloquent Tribute
Is on the lips of every woman yho
has worn the Patrician They
are a 20thcentury product in every
particular of style workmanship
and service and their fitting quali
ties are little short of marvelous
re made from the choicest and
nost fashionable Icatiers hey aie
modeled by artists and aie put to
feci her by expert craftsmen Ex
cept onal facilities and an imme se
Jotiput enable us to sell the
Patrician at
ISole Acency
the kind that used to be known as battle
Warming tho battledores slightly before
tho tiro will lmptovo their elasticity but
caic must be taken not to overheat them
When wlogs are used wlb the net these
should bo died up on the posts so that
they project out beyond the edge Of the
table aaid thus prevent n ball being re
turned tound the sides of the posts Instead
of over the net
1 The game Is for two players They
shall stand one at each end of the tabic
The plajer who lirst delivers tho ball shal
i > e called tho server and the other the
2 At the end of tie first game tho
strlkorout shall become tho server and the
sirvei shall become the strikerout una
so on alternately
a The service shall bo strictly under
hand und delivered from beyond tha end
of the table
4 The ball served must drop anywhere
ou the table top beyond the net and Is then
In play If It drops Into the net or off the
tabie It counts to the striker out There is
no second son lie as In lawn tennis
0 In fretting It Is a let If the ball touch
the net lu parsing over
0 If the ball in play htrllscg any obiect
above or around the table beloro it bounces
on tho table top Itself net or post except
ed It counts against the player
7 The berver wins a stioku If the strlker
out fulls to return the service or return
the service or ball In play off the table
b The strikerout wins n stroke If the
server bcrve a fault or falls to return the
ball In play or return the ball In play so
that It falls off the table
0 No volleyllng Is allowed hut as long
as the ball touches the table top It Is In
play aud can be taken at half volley
10 On either player winning his rtrst
stroke the score is called 15 for that
plajer on either player winning his sec
ond stroke the score Is called SO for that
player on either plajer winning his third
stroke the score is called 40 for that play
er and tha toiuth stroke won by either
player Is scoied game for that player ex
es pt as below
11 If both players have w n three
stiokes 40 all the score Is called deuce
snd the next stroke won by either player is
scored advantage to thit player If tho
same player wl the nest stroke he win
the game If hi loses the next stroke the
store is again called deuce and so on
until either player wins the two strokes lm
mediately following the score of deuce
when the game is scored for that player
12 The player who flist wins six games
wins a set
13 The game may nlso be scored by
points twentytwo up The players lu this
cn e change the service aucr every tive
points scoied like overs at cricket
The apparatus of the game costs about
260 i
A pingpong dance In which the women
wear pingpong patches and powdeted hair
Is the latest development of the present
mania Tho women carrying white balls
with a red number on each and each gen
tleman a scarlet ball with a corresponding
fluro in white walk down the ball room
and meet at a silken net Batting begins
Af soon as each dancer secures the ball the
numbers are called out pairing oft begins
and the couples glide down the room hand
in hand in minuet style The latest rival
of pingpong bv the wnv Is table bowls
which has Just been exhibited at the Alex
andra palace
He Was One of the Best Known Citizens
of Madisonville
Mr David Ilrlzsolarl one of Madison
villas best cltkcns died last Tueslay
evening at 745 oclock after a short Ill
ness Up until Tuesday afternoon he was
going about his business as well and as
full of vigor as ever when stepping out
upon his hotel veranda he was seized with
a fainting spell and fell to the ground
He was taken to bis homo by friends
where In a few moments ho revived got
up and walked abouj home but later grew
worse and was seized with severe Internal
pains that stubbornly resisted the best ef
forts of phjslUans until 743 p m bis
soul passed away Deceased was native
of Chivalry I and came to the Un ted
States when 10 years of uge aud for tho
past twentythree years has been a cU
sen of Madlsonvllio Unhides his good wUe
I than whom no kindlier nobler uoul ever
lived ho leaves six children two step
children aud eight grandchildren two step
Ul jears a month and weeks old aud
1 all his lfe had been a communicant of tne
Ctitkollc cbmrh a faithful aud d > voted
devoted member thereof The clildic
I soue of whom were lu Houston and one
j lu Brjan worn tjuuiuioned bv vvie and
nnived In tlnu > for the funeral whlih oc
curred at 530 Wednesday evening lu tbo
presence of n lutgo number of frlcns
Mr Ii lizolnri led a quiet and unobtrusive
life was tenderly demote I to his fruity
anil home Kind and Indulgent chnrrahle
and neighborly ever rcadv to assist a el
i low min In sickness or distress poss slug
1 a heart full of svmpathr and love and a
record bright with deeds of charity To
bin widow nnd his children deepest sympa
thy Is extended
Judge Reaaana Condition
Palestine Toxa Starch J The condl
i tlon of Judge ItcVgnn today ts favorable
and the Indications are that ho will soon
ba up
All itching diseases are embarrassing as
well as annoying Hunts Cure will In
stantly relieve and permanently cure all
ferns at such disuses Guutotecil JMco
00 centJL v
Boys Mats and Caps
Hats Full lilies of Golf
Shapes all colors 2 St50
and Me
Caps New Rob Roy Automobile Rus
sian Tarn OShanter Pike and
Golf styles all colors price
Z 3C
The Last of the
EFF = EFF Suit
Boys Shirts
Madras Negl pee Shirs collars and cuffs
attached or with sepiute cuffs CA
75c and JUC
Eaglj Shirts collars ami cuffb at IlZr
tached reguhr 5100 giade i tW
Star Shirts the best mad and most perfect
fitters new light patterns in
Just a few suits left out of this remarkable pur
chase just a a few of the finest values left that
you ever saw There wasnt there isnt a
suit in the lot worth under 20 but as the
number is limited and sizes are
broken we will sell them rather
than carry over for
ens Fine Trousers 250
These are 4 and 5 values and they are light
or medium weights just right for Spring
and Summer Neat striped and checked
Worsteds and Cheviots
YOUR NAME on our Mailing List will bring
you our Spring Catalogues of Clothing Mens
Shoes and Ladies Shoes
j r > rtAtye l if S Jfe = JSi MgfiTf
Means of Sanitation for Railroad Coaches
and Waiting Rooms Like the Methods
Now Employed in Prorjressive Cities
To Hon GeoTfie A Tabor the Health Ot
tlcer of the State of Texas
Houston Texas Icbiuary 27 The con
tinued Increase of tuberculosis In the South
and tho long iccoznlzed highly Infectious
character of the disease and Its mode of
conveyance are sufficient grounds If any
tvero needed In addressing you through
the press calllnc jour attention to the
present unsanitary condition of some of
tho coaches supplied the public by the rail
roads of this State
Medical science has proven beyond ques
tion of the most skeptical that consump
tion is due to the pretence of a specific
bacteria called the tubercular bacilli
and that the lilof modo of Infection of
tlls bactcrli Is turouch the air pamges
or respiratory si stem That any condi
tion farorluir the retention drying puhcr
lzluc and the circulating lu a conilucil uriM
Is a most potent factor in the spreading of
this lUinsr is ettdeut
Uhe ueccssity of the closing of the win
duns mid thi heitluc fit the coaches whUii
the creatly Incicused travel of ihese un
oituiMto people nt this seutou of tac year
fiooi the Ntrth aud Hast to tne boiita ami
Wist Kia pInK at any suuice of lellef an
n dronuliii uiuu at a htraw adds gieat
ly to tbu already exlsin riiplomblu condi
ilvil consumption Is the cat e cl her dt
icitb or Indiiectly at more suffering aud
louts of ilte than all the o b r info
tkiUN and contagious diseuMM combined are
lnown facts
It I pleasing to witness the in oiest that
the oltlzHii of some or our uiuie piu
Kitsshe rlties of th < > State aro shovlng
in oanltntlou pertaining to cun uiii > tlni
Ttietc cities have laws no only uovernlitK
the Inspection of dallies and dairy prod
utU wlli other staple articles of fool
but reullilnu the chief source of Infection
of consumption la through cinitiuutiinted
air which is brought aoom chiefly from
the Spittle of consumptives hae lams
Ythleb are enforced Imnosng a tne of not
lees than > for Indiscriminate erpcetoiut
Ins These same cities have liws compelling
all public building and Institutions to he
amply supplied with cuspidor that tbo
etreet curs tad oOitr public convertscu
ha e placards In conspicuous places drawing
the attention of the public to the fact that
earpectoiHtliig upon the doors Is iirihhltpdi
under penalty or the law One of our cliles
him Antonio ivm goes further and lm
poses a fine of not less than 3 for cxpic
totaling upon the sidewalk of the tlty
All stith laws aie bcneilrlal to the cltv and j
can not hut be appieclated by lu cltliem
It Is veiy etiduit fiom the pasilng of
suih laws in our cities that tho public are
awakening to the Importance of sanitation
that Coots coveted with mucous aud phlegm
flom the consumptives Hid tobacco Juce
from the tobacco chewers hardly answe
ihe MjUliemerts of the public lt not asitim
lug oo much Whv railioads should lie al <
lovirt to act us such a distributing nvdli
it tills me t dreiuW dlcSMi if beyuud tno
comirehemlon of tho most liberal epciU
lug i > r these who aie most dlioctly Interest
ed nh a clnts In railroad aulutlon and ic
commfidntlon we auk for jour cooperation
in tlv passing and enforclug of lavs which
uould tend to Improve tho piCount con
ditions I
In the way of a suggestion we wish tu
aslt begluulng vKh the sccondtlass and
smoking cai that these coaches as well as
the tlrstclass and chair cms bo amply sup
plied with ctipior that theo ves < is
shall contnln n germlcldopteferably ehlo
llde of lime first oa aciount of Its disin
fectant properties second Its color being
like that of milk hen Is mrMin is
once establUhcd would make its absence
meie noticable and third it L von Iw v
pensive that each atnl oiery coach bball
be placarded In conspicuous places that i
pasfctucer must not expectorate upon the i
Rous thit it Khill be a patt or the duties
of three In chatgi of the train to 1islst
uron th using of t e cn pitor when s
l ctriiulng i found iteeiiuarv li the pas
ten i s Mth ionr miu snorted laws
th filiig of apltfc ij D the steam in
ud the pig k i p > iin f tho ralkiul
Coaclim vould jJ < pm I exist
I isdiig on to the Uepliig eonbes w
here Itsve ancther coadltlou to deal vita
Tb heiuy upliol trnng of ttco < ofthtt
with the hesvv wonlcn ueildliu that l
proxlded In the berth which the sunj
ravs never enme In contact wlih aie all
ert dltluinl BDiineK of danger of lufectnn
from this dliortn > eotiuntptloii Tho
heavy upholstering of the sleeping coneiea
sine In the leteiiilon of terms The neces
sity of the heatlns of the coaches cerve
In the drrlng of kucIi Infetlnn ilit mlht
otlii lsp be held down bv nvdstue The
ever presence of rtn r and the pa slUK to
mid through of the pisener 111 the
coaches erve to powder such IneetliTi
that mlifht otherwise retunln In mas The
rontlntpl mntlon of the train With th <
goed natured porter and bis dnoter ten I
to keen the bacteria that would o berwUe I
settle In a continued circulation Ti win
dows nnd doors being closed tho ultimate
outcome of these millions of germs I to
be devoured by the Innocent 4ias engcr
and train crew ulkev only to awaken at j
some frture time to tl fact that they are
Afflicted with consumption and to pln
away the rest of their days on somo thread
worn theoT of Inheritance asto the cause
of their misfortune
That we era la secQ ol Btats laws tilt
Spring styles of the very newest type greet you here In
standaid brinls as well as brands of our own high standard
Knox the maker of the swellest Derby in the world sent
us his spiing shapes to catch your eye and
satisfy it jD
Stetson Dei by the new Kiam special brand
Stetson Soft Shapes Panamas Tourist and MJ Cl
staple styles 4 to 1Z3U
Harvaid Derby or Soft Shape 3
Regent Derby or Soft Shape 2
Flens Shirts
MANHATTAN Shirts are known as the best that can be
had in shirts We show all the patterns and
mateiials and styles for spring of 1902 S350 2
PUG SHIR IS are the kind that fit you as perfectly as the
skin but not so closely none fit belter Great variety of
new spring patterns in madras and novelty shirtings neg
ligee st vle cuffs separable or with collars and Q > 4 i
cuffs attached any size > < U
will nroilde for the proper fnmlgatlig and
dlIuf < Ulng of the coaches nt tue terminal
ot the roads can only b considered timely
lhmU where disinfecting of the bedding
fiom the sleeping couches and tle ptopei
fumlgjtlug of the coaches without Injury
to the coach In any wnv could bo main
tained by the railioads at a very small ex
With some such precaution nnd enforced
laws piotldlng for the ictentlon of the
ejected scirillnns In vessels In IbiuM form
nif of the areit sources of duigfr from
Infectiouc rtlsennes would be gieatly re
duced Stoves that are placed lu the wait
ing room of the statlonx for the comfort of
e puKiengcrK ate often converted Into
public nulances fiom tho drying of spit
tle There ate no reason other than an
cient usage whv the laiironds should toler
ate such a filthy habit from some of Its
passengers at the expense of otbera
Hop g tint > u mII be hi < > to give tie
matter your personal attention ns I daic
my the Importance of some such precau
tlnns has long been nppnrent to you we
beg to remain very rexpeetfullv
D W Miohnnx
Natlonil Ilallrond Committeeman Travel
ers Protective Association of Ameilca
CnNTDt Iter Oranvltle Jones of Aus
tin lectined at the schrol hoime Tuesday
ulght to a large audience Ills subject wiu
A Hoy Adilft
TIJ PKOX Tritnimell nrns have broke
dlit for IhelrVnew brick store
MATH1S Tim acreage In melons here
will be pethaps SjCO acre and Iheie li
mi lt > rIfl cd ajieage In vegetable for early
mail ctlng
ANvIlfAr Colonel Ilawllion of aallna
Kan v hc > pwii l Uitl ans tn thK lueal
Ity has bei u beie ou u canul prop xdtloli
wnVlHiaUOItDltp l arold son nt
JIis XlOratten was run ovci liy n dollv
rrv wnsson and eevireU lnmel HU In
Jttls however ore not cuiddeed fatal
C0US1CANA Ajcbltect II II tochhead
Irs complelee the plans for a two story
biiek Mrre on Urntni street to cojt SplOOO
ti be ompleted Juuo 1
PONOIJA Sidney the 10yearold son of
S V Stepln nson of ttil pliep aeclaVnt
uily bbot himself thion h the right leg with
a pbtol uijklug n seilous wound
HKUVIU IauWrupcy lle cree J It
Iluinet has taken eid nee in lie contest
of the application to dischaigo B A lanls
us a banktivpt and will tefer the matter to
federal Judge Itrvant
MlimoCK Dr Wllltmn IJ Wheelock
loaded both barrels of a rthotgun with buck
shot placed the muxzlc in uls mouth and
pulled the triegers blowing the entire top
of his bead off
JACKSU0UO A hard vlud did consid
erable damage tearing the roof froa > th >
oil mill und knocking over several other
WILLS rotXT The 15monthsoM baby
of U U ity Uvlaif la Kiufcuu couuty
Boys Waists
Mothers Friend Waists it assorted pttferns
of Madras and Percale GA
75c and DUL
K and fi celebrated unlaundered
Shirt Waists
Star Waists complete assortment of QKn
spring patterns in Madras and PercaleDC
xi j iijiij j UIV j zr ti i i i2cr
K h w <
was burred to death the result of another
child playing with Die
lIoniSVIIIiHutherland Springs lu
to be undo a health resort nnd extensively
tdvertlted The sulphur water found th re
Is good for rhuumatlsm nnd skin dlsasen
KAUFMAN F J Jrlnnan 1s again oa
trlnl for the murder of Felix Uobeita Tim
evidence In this ease has been heard onea
and glvm to the July when one of the Ju
tors becnniu Insane nullifying the proceed
Ings had
TYfKIt V D 1olts brakeman wae
given a Judgment for 11800 against the Cot
ton Kelt for alleged peimnnent Injuries
while he was at work
NAVASOTA A strict Inquiry Is being
made Into vlolatlona of the feundjy law
though so fur no comnlninta liavn been
AIHIKNB Hoe Pelf a recluse was
found rirad In his bed here He must hiivc
u fu dead torn davs when the body wnj
dikcoveed He died from natural causes
HKLijVlMrf J wo rates of oniallpox nt
Sealv linvo liceu ordered nuaruutlued lloth
of them aie In white families and are the
rlibt to appear this jear In Auctln county
lIKHKOWILU1irtciit bundled hed
of cattle were shipped to Havana via Gal
A Fascinating Hair Restorer
Hlttsliurg nipattb
It would eetu bat the crjlng need of
wiuuiiiLlud Is something to Improve her
rovvti of plniv She went hatlesb for a
time In the hope of vemedjlug the ova
that the eurlins tongt hud wrought and
aipejis evci La v t < > alopt nn > thing hut
given piointie pioduelpg a luxuilant
greuth of hair so it Is juju iimmbie that
she will hall with dcdlght tle advent uf the
breaktust cap 1 huh spiT llait U said t
bo tue oitKluntor of this verj tetcuiug hit i
of heinlirciir which he most solemn own
will work vvoudeis with sptrse and llfilos
lucks Tho halt Is voin in a tint mass
and Is In bv the which
IS u
The foremost styles ar shown by us all the toes that are
stamped correct by fashion and
BenchMade Shoes in the newest
leathers brightest and snappiest
styles and such workmanship as
only the highest skill frrj fA
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HandWelt Shoes finished as fine
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superior to most of
< r t
them in quality of ma
terial and sightliness
Xpe r 500
Black Cat Shoes al
ways the best at the price and the favorite with the majority of
good diessers quality better than ever all the new J > jjA
toes and leathers Price always tfMtU
The White Cat is our new brand of shoes In a grade usually re
tailed at 5300 but with a ityle and finish of a stipe T ff A
nor sort the piice av
< t
Atzni JUrnnwiweth QktliinQ tcic
E will show tomorrow for the first time this season a magnificent va
riety of Boys Fine Spring SuitsWe have purchased a perfectly im
mense stock for our mammoth Boys Department and it will be the most
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Cheviots Worsteds Flannels Serges and Black Cheviots and Clay Worsteds
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fetching designs Prices
K and E
Fine K ai
in assort
Malt Whlikoy My age la 70 yealC
Mt KMZA H IUjAJi 711 Citrry St
rteadlni la Dec 11 ltttl
0 ntlemcn Mr family had L Grippe
I pulled ttirco of them thiouch with Duura
ltue JI H Whiskey and milk
Itonuentd Mich Nor 8 1001
Star Shirt Waist Blouses ages S to 10
Madras white or colored 150 and
Um22 23E5 2mSSH
Do you need some Wc have
lots of it and will be pleased to
submit samples and prices on
Wc have some special offer
ings for dealers who may want
some new patterns to brighten
up their stopk
kept place cap is
rnide of lace In Iurltiili ah a pa and tit llaln Street and Capitol AvenUft
ciofclv to the head The that i ll4ct u r
i nUhtcap
conies In for vtieh a large measure of ridl
chip was supposed In olden times to pre
t serve and strengthen the hair no perhaps
we might have been greatly benefited by
following that tunny custom
A New Enolish Word
New York Evening Sun
The newest wordrecrnlt to the nngltsh
language w owe to the Automobile euti
of Oieat lirltalu and Ireland Tin u v
word descilblnx n place where motors ca u
be stored and elenwd nnd looked sffr
i generally Is borrowed from the yreien
gare and Is garage tMotor mew
the Louden Sketch suggests would be
nil right were it uot tatt the alllteratcn
savois of levity AVbv nt Juit plain
raotery When a olmitar term viaa
wrnteel some years ago to > describe a blev
c stable every ose applauded the u
getUoa nlkery
6B L Tiseo Baring
Hardware Sfer
Good for BadTwetH
ONpt JESadf for Good J
Caupdont ttwU je L nt llauM H Powlw ft A
Korcswbymdlortbopr t Sw ia if r Wf
P >
4 1
a f
f i

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