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#udlo Cholict'd I'ructlcal Snggretlons ?o*
the Fair Sex.
Flannels Ehould not bo rablMxl whon
] hoy arc washed, as it shrinks oud stiffens
' ihem. Thoy Bliould bo pressed mid squeezed
KJtv.von the bauds in clean warm water
;n which soap bus previously Ixvn dls
?olved, and if they are sufficiently solle<l
Jokl?tho suds they require to have tbo
Er?' ; repented in a fresh supply of worm
Mpy wutor. When they are clean, tboy
must bo rinsed in warm wntor, pulled
lengthwise, dried as quickly as possible
and ironed when completely dry.
Tho pretty hi tick and white gowns In
thin goods, swell as muslins and nain?
sooks, so much seen this sen son, would
have been still prettier If boiiio manufac?
turer had been clever enough to bring out
a line of fast black washable laces In cot?
ton or linen, like vnlcnclennos or torchon
lace, which could have been used for trim
niing them. Tho black laces at present
on tho market are only lit to lx? employed
OU gowns t hat are never damp and come
to no hard wear.
Changeable taffetaenjoys nsmuch favor
as ever. Most of tho largo shops are sell?
ing oiT their summer silks, plain, change?
able nud figured, at. a groat reduction, and
excellent opportunities are offered to ob?
tain n light si Ik of good quality at a mini?
mum cost.
Many women are freshening up their
worn silk bodices by adding n plastron
and sleeve trimmings of inoussellno do
solo or chiffon. This sort of decoration is
fragile, but very effective while it lasts.
Sometimes thesedlnphunous materials are
arranged to form it girdle with long ends
fastened to the skirl by choux and full
epaulets or a capeliko collar. Almost all
hats also are trimmed with moussellno do
6oie combined with rlblxm or flowers or
Small capes or pelerines modo of taffeta
aro coming Into favor. Sometimes th?
capes are double and uro iiuido of two
shades of silk, tho lower capo just visible
below the edge of tho upper one. Tho
edges of both are Indented.
In order to give tho hklrts of gowns tho
proper flaring shai>e petticoats nre worn
trimmed with thrco or four flounces of
graduated widths arranged at different
heights on the body of the petticoat in
such n way that the bottom ?Ige? of nil
tho flounces are even.
Tho bicycle costume shown is o? du6i
gray cloth und consists of extremely full
Bouavo trousers and n double breasted
round bodice. Jimic Ciiollet.
A Ttoniedy For Many of tlm 1'iwnt Day
As the majority of women of the pre*,
cut day iirv more or less Interested in phys?
ical culture, the following advice taken
from an English article on tbo subjee
may bo of service: Physical exerciso should
bo taken regularly and continued througl
life. It is a remedy against many of tin
diseases prevalent itf. tbo present time.
All who desire st length, health and beauty
should take plenty of outdoor exercise in
addition to tho homo or gymnasium exer?
cises. Outdoor exercises help to tbo de?
velopment of tho respiratory organs.
Gymnastics should bo directed toward
promoting tho healthy activity of tbo or?
gans that make blood, to correcting de
lounoino rohe.
feots nud to the perfection of the human
figure. Tho most helpful movements uro
also the most beautiful. Tbo Greeks cul?
tivated the body us no otlicr nation hns
done, with this result. In training ono
should begin slowly and build up tho wenk
parts first; then exerciso should bo token
so as to bring nearly all tho muscles Into
action qt the same time. Tills stimulates
tho notion of the heart and lungs, besides
Increasing tlie circulation nnd respiration..
Many muscles of the body, from lack of
uso, waste away. The technical term for
this wasting is atrophy, and to avoid It
?very muscle In tho body should txi exer?
cised regularly. Light, quick exerciso is,
tho best. Heavy dumbbells or pulley
weights should not l>o used. One hour's
vigorous exercise dally is all tbnt Is needed
and should always 1x3 followed by n tepid
bath. Avoid everything that throws ex?
tra strain upon the heart, and lUm at the
correction <>f errors of nutrition. A deli?
cate person should never oat. immediately
tftor exercising actively, especially If shi?
ns niado the common mistake of ovorcx-i
ertlng herself.
Tin' Illustration shows a lounging robe
of dnhllu orepon trimmed with black lnco
and black ombrbidory. A band of narrow
embroidery conflnea the shirred yoke, and
lengthwise bands trim tho olbowtsleovea.
jTjpjc CHOM.ET.
The Krai Breakers.
Break, brenk, break
At tho feet of thy crags, O sea.
And I fain would dwell at a surf hotel.
But Its rate 1? what breaks me.
?Arkansaw Travatan
Eyes so brown anil hair so curly.
In tho liouso she reigns supreme.
Every morning rises early.
Has no time to lie and dream.
Boul that overflow* with laughtet,
Faoo o'orspread with happy smiles.
Lifo would bo a groat heroaf tor,
But for the joy which sho bcifuilas.
And each day, as tired and hungry
Home from work I wend my way,
No occasion to get angry,
Dinner cooked aud served au fait.
Still I lovo not this fair creature.
Though she makes existence sweet.
Do you think my hardened nature
Is with stoicism replete?
For foar you should, I don't mind saying
That my meaning you've mistook.
I feol justified in paying
All tkeao compliments to tho cook.
-Now York World.
Ilurns Up to Date. }
"O, wad somo power tho giftio glo us
To see ourselves as others soe us," :
Or bettor yet somo stratagem ;
To see ourselves as wo Bee them.
?Arkansuw Travolor. ,
Tho garment which tho wild waves brought.
To tho mormald was rich and rare.
And yet she was not k'lad, but wept
And moaned aud toro her hair.
Tho toars fell in rain from her eyes.
Eyes that wore swollen and red.
Bho kicked on her luck and, kicking, wailed,
"Bloomers!" aud bowed her head.
?Detroit Trlbuno. i
His wifo aroused him with n shout,
"Tho cows are in the corn," she said.
But when lie reached there ho found out
Tho corn was in the cows instead.
?New Vork ileiald.
Not Tonight.
A vaunt, fair maid I Thy subtle charms
No longer mo enthrall!
I cannot fold thee in my arms
Tonight. I can't, that'll all.
I fickle? No, 'twere not for mo
To play that dreary part
Ol lile's perpetual comedy.
You've always had my heart.
I've loved you truly all these years.
Deep as the mighty ocean
Was my love! Hut now Kato sneers
And mocks at my devotion.
Pray do not touch mc! Keep thy place!
My love is relegated. .
I cannot thee tonight embrace.
I have been vaccinated.
?Boston Gourior.
To know If she would marry him
Persistently lie sought.
And finally, with being urged,
fciho answered, "1 will knot."
?Detroit Tribune.
The blossoms are fading
Beneath the Ucrco ray.
The petals are drooping
And passing away.
But their going concerns not
The people, they say,
Eiucc tho bicycle bloomer
Is with us to stay.
?Now York Press.
And They've Worn Her Out.
The poets ot the summer girl
Sing how sho moves and livos.
Describe each freckle, golden curl
? And every glance she gives.
Through cottiige door.
By sea and shore,
In lmlhing suit and tun,
Tlie poets chase the summer girl,
Uui? u i ii lLu & mnin er man.
_?Boston Budget.
The barber neatly mowed his lawu
And said, when ho was through,
"Shall I put a little scafoatu on
Or give you a shampoo?"
?Indianapolis JournaL
An Unhappy Girl.
Upon the sand the maiden sits.
And oft Bho .-adiy sighs,
As o'er her face a shadow Hits
And tears drop from her eyes.
Well may she bo to grief a proy
Anil feel acute distress?
Sho went too near the waves today
And wet her bathing dress.
?New Vork Press.
In Summer.
Little drops of water.
Little grains of sand
Make the tiny bathing suit
Greutly in demand.
?Chicago Inter Ocean.
And Perhaps to tho Knrore.
"I'll venture- to say that follow cau
Bing," observed Banks. "Look at that
long, muscular throat. Look at that
"Yes," mused Rivera. "I dare say
his Adam's applo is sound to the core. "
And from tho orchestra cinno the ag?
onizing strains of tho "High School Ca?
dets' March."?Chicago Tribune.
The Face.
"Why do thoy always say kiss aud
mako up?"
"That's the reasonable way. Nobody
would want to kiss after having matio
up and run tho risk of having to do it
all over again."?Detroit Tribune.
Talent Well Applied.
"Miss Economy will make some fol?
low n good wile."
"W'hat makes you think so?"
"Sho can make up and woar 5 cent
goods so that il looks like it cost $1 a
yard. "?Cincinnati Tribune.
Where They Stopped.
"Why, Tom. they ain't nofhink in
his pockets hut a Bible an a quarter of
a dollar!"
"Put tho Bihlo back, Jim, pnt it
back. The money we kin koop, but do
not lot us sink so low as to forgit that
Hie book is sacred!"?Life.
Chamberlain's Eyo and Skin Olntmexx*
Is a certain cure for Chronic Bore Eves,
Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nipples, Piles,
Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum and Scald Head,
25 cents per box. For sale by druggists.
For putting a horse in a fine healthy eon
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders.
They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, givit
oew hie to an old or over worked horse. \
cents per packte, "or sale by druggists.
"Last June Dick Crawford brought
his twelve-months old child, Buffering
from Infantile diarrhoea, to mo. It bad
been weaned at four months old, and be?
ing sickly everything ran through it liko
water through a sieve. I gave It the
usual treatment in suoh cases, but with?
out benefit. The child kept growing
tblnner until it weighed but little more
than when born, or perhaps ten pounds.
I tben started the father to giving
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dlar
rboea Remedy. Before one bottle of the
25-cent Blze bad been used a marked
improvement was seen and its continued
uso cured the child. Its weakness and
puny constitution disappeared and its
father and myself believe the child's
life was saved by the remedy."?J. T.
Marlow, M. D , Tamaroa, 111. For sale
by tho Charles Lyle Drug Company,
druggists. _
Booklen's Arnica Salve.
Tue best salve in tbo world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tatter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi?
tively cures plleB, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to givo perfect satisfac?
tion or money refunded. For sale by
C^HsMnp ani Ba-^pp
makcsTho horn., clrcto complete. T its)
great Tempcnuico Drink gives plena. I
uri: and health to ovcry inomltur ot im: i
riiinlly. A 80c. package makes 6 gal
Ions. Ho Rura and r;ot. tho gcuuiuc.
Bold everywhere. Mndoonlyby I
The Cbas. 13. Hires Co.; Philada.
hcantir,.! I'lr
of either sex, any nge, In any part of the country
tt the cnijiloyment which we furnish. You need
not be away lrom home over night. You can grrs
yonr wholot line tothc work, oronly your Sparern?
menifl. As capital Is not required you run no risk.
We supply you with oil that Is needed. It wS
oOBt you nothing to try the business. Any Ol?
con do the work. Heglnners mnko money from
the start. Failure is unknown with ou? workers.
Every hour you labor you enn easily make a dollar
No one who Is willing to work fails to muke more
money every day than can be made in three days
?t any ordinary employment. PcV.d for free bock
Containing tho fullest information.
1st Day
Bex 830,
Made a
i!well Man
iothD?y.?Tfm 0f Me.
the great 30th Day.
proilucen tho nhovn results. ia'30 days. It acta
powerfully and quickly. (Hires when all others fal I
Young men will regain their lost manhood, ami old
men will recover their youthful vigor by using
ItKVIVO. It quickly and surely restores Nervous?
ness, LoBt Vitality, Im potency. Nightly Emissions,
Lost Power, Failing Memory, Wasting Diseases.nnd
all olTects of aclf-abusii or excess aud indiscretion,
which unllts one for study, business or marriage. It
not only cures by starting at the seat of disease, but
in a great nervo tonic and HI001I builder, bring?
ing bark tho pink Rlow to ]>alo checks and re?
storing tho Uro of youth. It wards off Insanity
and Consumption. Insist on having ItKVIVO, no
other. It can bo carried in vest pocket. Uy mail,
t? 1.00 per package, or six for &5.00, with n post
tlvo written gunrantco to cure or refund
tho money. Circular free. Addross
For sale at Roanoko by Johnson it
Johnson and Chaa. Lyle Drug Co. 8 9 ly
Real Estate? Hy virtue of a decree ot the
Hustings Court of Ronnokc city, Vs., pronounced
at the Anglist, lsui, term, in the consolidated
chancery cause of D. F. Whltlock, for, Ac,
against W. E. Unrchett, nnd R. II. Angel vs.
same, wc shall offer for salc.ut public unction, at
the front door of the courthouse of Hoanoka
city, Va , on FRIDAY. 21ST DAY OF SEPTEM?
BER, 1894, AT 13 O'CLOCK M, those four certain
houses at d lots, situated In the city ot Roanoke,
Va.. bounded and described as follows, to-wlt:
First. Beginning at the southwest corner of
Walker and I'age streots, thence with Walker
street ncrlh Ss west 80 feet, more or less, to a
point on same ; thence north 2 cast 27 feet more
or less, to a point; thence south Ss cast 7? feet,
more or less, to I'age street; thence with Page
street south 12 60 weit 27 leet, more or less, to the
place of beginning.
Second. Beginning at a point on the west side of
I'age street 57 leet, more or less, north of Walker
sttcet, thence north 88 west 71) feet, more or less,
to a point, thence north 2 east 27 feet, more or
less, to n point, thence south 88 cast 70 feet, more
or less, to I'age. street, thence with I'age street
south 13.50 west 27 feet, more or less, to the
j Third. Beginning at a point on the west side
I of I'age street f,t feet, more or less, north of
Walker street, thence north 8s west 70 feet, more
or less, to a point, thence north 2 east 37 feet,
morcorUss, to a point, thence south ss cast 7t>
feet, more or less, to Page itrect, thence with
Page street south 13.50 west -;7 feet, more or less,
to t he beginning.
Fourth. Beginning at a point on the north side
of Walker street 7u feet, more or less, to I'ngc
street, thence with Walker street north 88 west
MO feet, more or less, to an alley, thence north 3
east 80 feet, more or less, to a point, thence south
ss east 4 > feet, more or less, to n point, thence
southerly 80 feet, more or lees, to the place of
beginning, being the property orlglnalh known
us lot Nos. 21 and SS of the u. B. Thomas map
and were sub divided Into the above described
TERMS. One third cash, balance In three
equal Instalments, payable in six, twelve and
eighteen mouths from dnte of sale. The above
sale Is made at tho cost of II. A. I'lumicy.
8 22 tds. Commissioners. 75.
Monday, July 16,
Legal advertisements will be
published in this paper at the
rate of $3 per inch per month.
No advertisement taken for
less than $15. Terms, invari?
ably cash in advance.
Notices of postponements
are charged for at the rate of
50 cents per day. No post
ponement taken for less than
Whenever requested,we fur?
nish proofs for correction be?
fore publication, and prefer in
all cases to do so. Otherwise
the copy is carefully followed,
and changes afrer publication
ate charged for at the rate of
$1 per advertisement.
?>.. hearing date March isth, 1801, and the
other beating date February 16th, isti4, and ot
record in the clerk's olllce ot the Hustings Court
lor the city of Knanoko, Va., In deed book GO,
page 390, and deed hook "4, page 117, respectively,
executed hy <;. U. Thomas to the underalgned in
trust to sect)re to the Peoples' Perpetual Loan and
Building Assnri&tion ot Koanoke, the payment
ot certain debts according to tho tcnus of the
bonds of said Thomas In said deeds mentioned,
defunlt having hecn made in the porfornianCO of
the conditions or said bonds and at tho request ot
the board of directors of said association, and
pursuant to a decree rendered at the May term,
1804, of the circuit court for the city or Koanoke,
Va., in tte chancery cause of George P. and 11.
N. Dyer vs. G. 11. Thomas and als., the under?
signed will. ONTHK91BT DAY OF A DU L* ST,
1804, AT 1 O'CLOCK P. St., on the premises, sell
at public auction, to the highest bidder, all that
certain real estate in said city described in said
deeds as follows, to-wit :
let. Beginning at the northeast corner ot
Robertson street and an alley lls.-l feet east
from Commerce street; thence with said alley
north 1 degrees west ;>0.1 rcet to another alley;
theuoe with latter alley south 88 degrees east
50.5 reel to a point; thence south a degrees west
'.?5 tcet to Kohertson street ; thence with said
street north 88 degrees west 54 teet to the begin
and. Hcjinuing at the southeast corner of Kirk
street and a ten foot alley 140 feet east of Com?
merce street; thenco with Kirk street south 88
degrees east 44 reet to a point; thence >outh 9
dellrees west !>5 feet to an alley; thenee north
83 degrees west 80 reel to a point on an alley ;
thenco torth 80 degrees west iHi.l feet to the be
TJtRMS: Cash as to sufficient to puy the costs
of sale sad of executing said decree so far as It
concerns the property aforesaid, aud taxes due
upon said proporty for the years 1804, 1803 and
ls'.'-t, amounting to the sum ot $108.79; the amount
in default under said deed of trust executed
Match 18, 1891, as of day of isle, aggregating
$(90.87, and the amount due under the deed ot
trust dated February 15,1804, aggregating .*.'11.(is.
as of day of sale. The purcnascr will bo required
to assume the payment of nineteen consecutive
monthly instalments of ?43.34 each, not due
under tue terms of said deed of March 18, 1801, as
of the day or sale, the tlrst becoming due on the
fourth Monday of August, 1804, and also to
assume seventy consecutive monthly instalments
of 130.75 each not due, under the terms ot said
deed of February 15,1804. the tlrst becoming due
on the fourth Monday of August, 1804. Credit
instalments to he secured by deeds of trust upon
the property. Any residue of the purchase money
shall be made payable In equal instalmcutsat six
and twelve moiiliis, evidenced by bonds hearing
Interest from day Of sale. Title is to be retained
until the last of said bonds Is paid.
Special Commissioner and Trustee,
gjln the clerk's office ot the clrcnit court of the
city of Koanoke. George P. and N. Ii. Dyer,
plaintiffs; agaiiirl (i. 11. Thomas et als, defen?
dants. Chancery.
1, si. S. Brooke, clerk of the said court, do
certify that the bond required of the spocial
commissioner and trustee hy the decree ren
dered 111 the said cause on the 10th day of May.
Is04 has been duly given.
Given under my hand as clerk of the said court
this 18th day ot July, 1894. S. S. HKOoKK.
7 41 tds. Clerk. 07
The above sale is postponed until Friday, Sep?
tember 91,10M, at the same hour aud place.
Special Commissioner and Trustee.
of Koanoke, In vacation, on the 10th day of
August, 1894. B. W. .lamlson, Trustee, against
W. 11. Felix, Lewellyn L. Felix, A. M. Fuller, W.
M. Fuller,N. I'srteo &-, trading as N.
Psrtee Jt Co., Roy 11. Smith, trustee, the Koa?
noke Trust, Loan and Sate Deposit Company and
all other creditors or W. II. Felix, as of Novem?
ber 5th, IsfMi, the names aud residences of whom
i arc unknown. Extract from dacree :
It Is adjudged, ordered and decreed that this
I cause be and is hereby rcrericd to .lohn JM. Hurt,
who is hereby apiioiutcd a special commissioner
for the purpose and directed to take, state and
report to court the following accounts: First.
An account of the debts secured by the several
deeds of trust referred to In said hill, the ac?
counts thereof and to whom payable. Second,
An uccount of the Indebtedness or the snld W. H.
Felix, as or the iirth day or November, ls'.n. how
much thereof has since been paid, or otherwise
satistlcd, and by whom. Third. An account of
all the liens upon the property In the hill men?
tioned, their dignities and priorities, and to
whom payable. Fourth. What fee should be
paid to i ho attorneys for the plaintiff for their
services In this cause. Firth. Any other mutter
dteuied pertinent by himself or required by any
party interested in said cause.
A Copy?Toste :
S. 8. HKOOKE, Clork.
August 18,1894.
The parties Interested In the decree from which
the roregoing Is un extract will take notice, that
on the 14th oay of September. 1804, at my olllce,
in the city ot Koanoke. I shall proceed to execute
the same, when and where they are reiiulred to
attend, with such hooks, papers, vouchers and
evidence us will eiiablu mc to comply with the
order ot the court.
8 14-tds 74 Special Commissioner.
> trust executed on the 1st day of May, 1801,
and recorded In the clerk's office of the city of
Koanoke, in deed book 63, page 184, from W. J,
and L, Hlulr, Jr., to the undersigned trustees,
ror the purpose or securing to the Old Dominion
Building and Loan Association, or Richmond,
Va.,thc paym-ntof the sum of two thousand
live hundred dollars ($9,600), to become due in
monthly instalment-of $ 14.5a each, and default
having been made by the said grautors in the
payments of the said monthly Instalments, and
being r? quested so to do by the hoard of directors
of tho Old Dominion Building and Loan Asso
elation, we will, on the premises. ON THE OTU
DaY OF SEPTEMBER, ISM, AI' 10 A. M .. ofTer
for sale at public auction to the highest bidder
the following described real estate, situated In
the city of Hosnokr, and described us follows:
Beginning at a point Oil the south side of do tin's
street (or Sixth avenues W.O 960 feel west of
l'urk street (or Fifth street s. w.), thence with
John's street north 89 degrees west Vi feet to a
point, thence south 8 degrees west 130 feet loan
alley, thence with said alley south 89 degree a east
50 feet to a point, thence north 8 degrees east lb"
feet to John's street, the place <>r beginning,
known as lot No. s. section 4, as shown by the
map of the Lewis addition to the city of Koa?
TERMS OF SALE: Cash for a sum sufficient
to pay the costs and expenses of this sale, and
tho sum Of f 1,184 .">4, being the sum In default to
said association, atxl the residue In monthly In?
stalments of 119.60 each from the 15th day of
September, lST.M, nnlll such time as the sum pay
ablu to said asssociatlon 1b paid off umter tue
terms of said deed of trust, and any residue npon
a credit of one and two years from said date, the
purchaser to execute a deed of trust upon said
property to secure the deferred payments.
STtds^g..- ;72 Trustees.
Crockett Arsenic Springs, alto known as the
Virginia Arsenic. Bromine and Llthla Springs, In
the connty of Montgomery, Va.? In pursuance of
a decree of the circuit court of Montgomery
county, entered at the May term, 1SU4, In ^he
chancery cause of James II. Sublett vs. the Vir?
ginia Arsenic, Bromine and Llthla Springs Com?
pany et als., 1 will sell at public auction. In front
of ttie courthouse of Moutgomery comity, at
Chrlstlansburg, Va.. ON FRIDAY,SEPTEMBER
TTU, 1804, tbe real estate and springs property In
tho bill and proceeding mentioned, now known
as the Crockott Arsenic Springe, formerly The
Virginia Arsenic, Bromine and Llthla Springs. In
the county of Montgomery, on the south fork of
Kounoke river, about three miles ahoT? the
AUcgnsny Springs, and some seven miles from
the Shaweville station, on tho Norfolk and West?
ern railroad.
This property consists of the fee simple title to
some 800 acres of land, with tho Waim, or
Crockett Springs thereon, with a large and com?
modious modern hotel building, with bathhouses
and other outbuildings complete for the accom?
modation of u large number of guests, and now
In sncccssfnl operatlou.
The waterlhas almost a world-wide reputation
and large quantities of It hare been shipped to
distant parts of the United States, and somo of It
to foreign counties.
The property Is sold for vendor's and other
liens thereon, and a complete and clear fee
simple title will be sold.
TERMS: The property will be sold on a credit
of one, two and three years, equal Instalments,
bearing interest from day of sale, except a suf?
ficient amount to pay costs of suit and expenses
of salo, which will not exceed $500, will be
required 'u cash. Tho deferred payments must
be secured oy good personal security, or guaran?
teed by some reliable and responsible trust com?
pany. But at the outlon or tbe purchaser, the
whole, or ? ny additional part of the purchaso
money may be paid In cash.
I will give anv further Information that may
be desired, but Hon. George G. dunkln, of Chrlst?
lansburg, Va., and M. U. Thomas, Esq., of Koun?
oke. Va . are much more familiar with the prop?
erty and the benefits to be derived from the
water than I am. and I request persens wanting
full information to correspond with them.
Chris'inusburg, Va., duly 25, 1894,
I, .lohn t'. Harlrss, clerk of Montgomery rlr
cult court, <!o certify that M. 11. Toinpklns, the
special commissioner appointed to malte sale of
lands uuoer u decree in suit of .lames II. Sublett
vs. Virginia Arsenic, Hromluc and Llthla
Springs Company et als., has executed the bond
required of him oy the decree, Given under my
baud this 2Mb dav of .lulv, 1804.
9 l tds JOHN C. HAKLE3S. Clerk. 71
tho Code of Virginia. 1 sluil! on SATURDAY,
front of the courthouse of the city of Roanoke.
Va , between the hours of in a m. and 1 p. m. of
that day. proceed to sell at public auction to the
highest bidder tho following described stock of
the .lunette Land Co.:
Mis. Mary N. Aden. 10 $ .VI 00
Mrs. Rosa W. Coffee. B S:> 0.1 I
Mrs. Belle W. Lnsk. f> 35 111
W. K. Briggs. 3 20 00
Wm. Palmer. .1 St) 03
Mauley B. Ramos & Co. 5 50 00
C. A. Swnnson. Ill 60 00
C. F. Patrick C. F. Patrick, trustee 35 960 00
B. S. Hooper. 5 50 00
?I. B. Wall. 5 60 03
A. D. and S. W. Watkius. 5 60 00
W. W. Moore. 3 30 00
B. S. Webb. 0 '.HI 00
B. M. Jacobs . 5 50 01
Arthur B. Clark. 20 100 01
C. A. Nash uud Ceo. W. Dey. 20 HI) 00
R. (1. Cahcll Jr. 6 60 00
R. U. Tebbs. 5 60 00
A. R. Blnford. 1 6 00
D. W. Sannders. 5 30 00
E. W. SnundcrB. . 7 70 on
W. A. Belcher. 5 50 00
T. J. Bclohcr. 2 20 00
J.M. Williams. 5 50 00
J.B. Ashby. 5 50 00
II. D. Flood. 2 20 00
R. Q. Portor. 1 5 00 |
K. L. Morris. 1 10 00
J. F. Latlmer. 10 Hit) CO
L.L. Holladay. 5 50 1 0
II. O. Crutc . 2 20 ft)
S. B. McKlnncy. 5 50 00
J. J. Wilson. 10 100 00
Miss C. S. Parish. 2 2U 00 I
S. P. Spenc t . 2 20 01
Mrs. J. A. Spencer. 1 10 00
Mrs. R. J. McKlnncy. 2 20 00
K. B. Unndley. 10 50 00
J.M. Watts. 10 100 03
J.M. Urnte. 5 50 00
T. F.'Hallowell. 2 20 00
J. D. W. Churchill. 5 25 on
Geo. A. Baker. 15 150 10
A. H Blair. 5 ?8 00
.). \V. Artuins.Jr._,. 5 25 00
R. F. Ellett. 5 50 (Hi
W. B. Brown.10 100 UO
11. B. Smith. 1 10 I HI
O. S. Grecr. 2 20 IH)
AliceStnrdlvnnt. 2 10 00
E. A. Sauuders .t Son. .HI 150 tHI
J. E. Brodrlck. 6 60 00
J. li. Kuykendall. 5 50 tHI
11. A. Whiting. 6 50 00
Winston & Irving. 5 50 on
Mrs. P. L- Morrison. 2 10 00
.1. W. Stult;-.. 10 .'ill 00
W. D. Reynolds, Jr. r. so oo
II K. Carmack. 10 HO (Hi
Urilliu .v Guthrie. 5 50 t il
(1. M. Bgglcston. l 10 (HI
George Richardson. 5 5000
N. Purtee, manager. 3 30 00
W. II. Burger...'. 10 1(hi hi
C. N. Austin and J. A. Preston. ?! 30 00
Mrs. N. U. McClnug. 5 50 tHI
M. O. Wuiles. 5 50 00
M.B. Howe. 5 50 (HI
W.C.Perehce. 2 30 00
C. M. Ferehee. 2 20 00
L. P. Whortou . 1 10 tH)
0 C. Tullttfcrro. 35 350 00
Warwlch & Carson. '.?9 JUKI 00
Wm. O.Venable.. !l 45 00
Skinker & Sims. 5 Ml IX?
A. P. Rowc, Jr.,& L. M. Honey. 5 50 00
11 O. Rogers. 5 50 (0
Miss E. P. Woods. . It) RH) 00
A. P. McClung. 5 25 I HI
Said stockholders being in arrears In tbe pay?
ment of assessments under call dnly made.
8 8 Id 73 Secretary Jaurttc Land Oo.
States for the western district of Virginia,
To Thomas F. Jameson und Ewel A. Prilliman
und to ull whom It may concern. Greeting:
Notice is hereby given that on the Ulh day of
November, 1898, font barrels of brandy contain*
ing II, 45. 40 and 23 gallons respectively, I empty
barrels, 2 copper stills, 2 caps, 2 worm tube, 2
cheese cases, 1 cider press, 3 1,200 gallon fer
meutere, 30 apple fermcnlets and one apple mill
of the value of three hundred and twenty-two
dollar i ami twetity-tl"e cents, claimed or owned
by Thomas P. Jameson und Ewel A. Prilliman,
parties trailing ?s Jameson & Prlllainan, wero
seized by Special Revenue Agent Thomas
Williams of the United States for said district as
forfeited for the use of the United States and
the same is libelled and prosecuted in this court
In tne tiaino of the United States for condemna?
tion for the causes in said libel set forth and
that said cause will stand for trial at the
courtroom In Dacvlllc on the 13th day of Novem?
ber next, when and where all persons a e warned
to appear to show cause why condemnation
should not be decreed and to intervene for their
Interest, 70 G. W. LEVI. Marshal.
late? By virtue ot a deed of trust dated the
31st day of December, lssu, und of record In the
clerk's office of the corporation court for the city
of Roanoke, V?., In deed book 97, page lot, exe?
cuted by W. C. Nyeiim to the undersigned trus?
tee, to secure to Francois Bouiicau the payment
Of the enm Of f95Q, evidenced by sixty tour ne?
gotiable notes, dated the 1st of January, 1800,
sixty Ihne or 115 each and one ot fo. al! bearing
Interest from date; and default having occurred
in the. payment of sixteen (lt>) of said notes, and
at tho re ;iiest of the holder thereof, 1 will, ON
AT 19 O'CLOCK M , in front of the courthouse in
the city of Roanoke, proceed to soli at puolic
auction to the highest bidder, all that certain lot
or pared of land, lying lu the city of Ko.tuokc,
Va , and bounded ana described as follows:
Beginning at u point on tho eist side of Holll
day street 109.8 feet somh of Wei's street, thence
south 00 degrees 36 mlnetea east 15.5 feet to a
point, theil<e north Ml degrees 27 minutes east
23.2 feet to a point, thence north V.t degrees 55
minuici cu-t s ; fret to a point, thence south 9
degrees wr-t T.i-J feet to an alley, thence with the
alley north 88 degrees west 58 feel to Holliday
Street, thence w.th llolllday street north 1"? de?
grees .1*4 minutes oast 20.7 feet to the. placo of be
ginning, be the same more or less.
TERMS: Cash as to enough to pay the GOBI Ol
executing this trust, and to pay the past due
notes and lnteri st, and ono note falling due. on
the 1st day of August, ls'.H, and as to the residue
the same shall he paid as follows: $15 with In?
terest thereon from tho 1st dav of Jaunurv, 1880,
on the 1st day of September, IS94; $15 with like
Itterest ou the let day of October, 1894; $15 with
like Interest on tho let day ot November, 1891;
$15 with like Interest on the 1st day of December,
1894; $15 with like Interest on the let day ot Jan.
uary, 1895; *15 with like Interest on the let day ot
February, ls?5; $10 with like interest on the 1st
?lay of March, 1893; $15 with Uko Interest on the
1st day of April, 1SK>; $5 with like Interest on the
1st day of June, 1895,and tHe residue. If auy there
be, shall be payable In one and two years from
dayofcaloln equal instalments with 'Interest
from day of sale, deferred payments to be se?
cured by deed of trust.
7 2Stds 09-37 Trustee.
estate?By virtne of a deed ot trust executed
to me by the Virginia Laud Company, bearing
date theinthday of March 1890, and duly re?
corded In the clerk's office of the county court of
Boanoko county, lu deed hook X, page 464, and
pursuant to a decree ot the circuit court entered
at Its January term, 1S9I, in the chancery cause
ot D. C. Yates vs. Virginia Laud Company, I
will. ON THE |4TH DAY OF AUGUST, 189?, AT
19 O'CLOCK M., upon the premises, proceed to
sell at public auction to the highest bidder, all
that certain tract or parcel of land lying and
being In the county of Koamke, near tho
city of Boanoke, Va., and bounded and described
as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at a point In the spring brauch, the
same bel?g a corner ot the property ot Davis
heirs and ot the property ot Daulel C. Yates, and
alto a point ou tne north side of the Lahe and
Drlvlug Park,where tho property purchased from
the DaTls heir* and Daniel C. Yates corner,
thonco with the spring branch as it meanders as
follows, thence north 18 degrees 5 minutes west
325.93 feet to a point, thence north 10 degrees 19
minutes east 4x4.44 feet to a point, iher.ee north
5 degrees 37 minutes east 148.06 feet to a point,
thence north 5 degrees 5 minutes west 187.6 feet
to a point, thence north 10 degrees 18 minutes
esst through the spring !E?7.48 feet to a point,
thence south 83 degrees 13 minutes esst 166.01 feet
to a hickory treo, thence north 44 degrees 13 min?
utes east 187.H8 feet to a point, thoncc north 33 de?
grees 58 minutes east 151.96 feet to a point, thence
north 18 degrees 51 minutes west 707.88 feet to a
point, thence north H4 degrees 50 minutes west
330.79 feet to a point, the same being a corner of
the property of the Davis heirs and of Daniel
Moomaw, thence north 55 degrees 43 mlcutesesst
333.V74 feet to a point, the same being a comer of
the properties of K. B. Moorman and Daniel
Moomaw, thence south 4tidegrees 56 minutes east
!M4.4feet to a stake, thence south 3 degrees 43
minutes west ls78.!> feet to a point, thence south
35 degrees :t5 minutes west l.'lss feet to ? point,
thence north81 degrees 31 minutes west 938 feet
to a point, thence north ?6 degrees 40 minuteB
west 506 feet to the place of beginning, contain?
ing by recent survey ot Wlngtite ,V 11-nickel, en?
gineers, -154.43 acres.
TEEMS OF SALE:?Cash sufficient to pay the
costs of said suit and expenses of said sale, and
the amount which will tuen be due and payable
to said D. C. Yates by the Virginia Latid Com?
pany upon the debt secured in said deed of trnst
as fixed by said decree, to-wit: The sum of $13.
49003, with Interest on $4,837,51, a part thereof,
from the inth day of March. 1890, until paid, and
on $3,815.03, on the other part thereof, from tho
16th ?luv Of March, 1893, until paid, and on
$4,837.50, the residue of said sum tlrst above men?
tioned, from the 10th day of March, lXW.tlll paid.
In the event that the purchase price of said
property shall exceed the cash payment, as above
mentioned, thru the rt shine of said purchase
money, or so much thereof as shall be necessary
shall be made payable as the amounts thereafter
to become dne by the said Virginia Land Com?
pany to the said Daniel C. Yates. as tlxed by said
decree, to-wit: The sum of $4,837.00, with In?
terest thereon from the 10th day of March, 1S90,
till paid, will be required on the 16th day of
March, 1895, and tl c sum ot 14,837.60, with In?
terest thereon from the Pith day of March, 1890,
till paid, will he required on the 10th day ot
March, 1S'.)6. and the sum of $1,8)7.50, with In?
terest tr.creon from the 16th day of March, 1800,
iltl paid, will be required on the 16th day
of March, 18'>7, and then so much of the
residue as may be necessary to pay off and
satisfy the amount which will, on the dav ot sale,
bo oue on the note executed by the said Virginia
Land Company to C. O'Leary and J. F. Christian,
mentioned lu said decree and as tlxed thereby,
to wit: the sum ot $4.160.< 0, with Interest there?
on from the 16th day of March, 1800, till paid, will
also be required In cash on the day ot sale, and It
there be any excess of said purchase money, such
excess, or so much thereof as may be necessary,
shall he payable as the amounts thereafter to be?
come due on the remaining notes executed by tho
said Virginia Land Company to the said C.
O'Leary and J. F. Christian, mentioned lu said
decree aud as flxod thereby, to wit: tho sum ot
$1,037,60, with interest thereon from March 16,
18'.>o. will be required on the 16th day of March,
1895; the sum ot $1,037.50, with Interest thereon
from the llilh day of March, 1800, till paid, will be
required on the ltith day of March, 1896, and the
sum ot f1,037.50, with Interest from the 16th diy
ot March, 1800, till paid, will he required on the
ltith day of March, 1807
It the purchase price of said laud shall exceed
the cash payments above required and
the amounts thereafter to become dne
to said 1). C. Yates, and the amounts thereafter
to become due ou the notes aforesaid to said C.
O'Leary und J. F. Christian, then such excess
shall bo made payable In threo (31 equal annual
In "(ailments from the day ot sale.
The purchaser shall give negotiable notes tor all
the deferred payments secured by a deed ot trust
on the property, In which said deed It shall bo
provided that the notes given by said purchaser
to meet the amounts thereuftor to become due
to Daniel C. Yates, as hcrclnhoforo provided,
shall be the ilrst Hen on said land, aud tue notes
given to meet the amounts thereafter to become
due on the O'Leary anil Christian notes shall be
the second lien en said land, and that th- notes
payable In one, two and three years shall be
the third lieu ou said laud.
7 14 td Trustee and Commissioner.
In tho clerk's olllee of the circuit court of the
citvof Rosnoke: 1). C. Yates, plaintiff; against
Virginia Laud Company and als., defendant.
1, S. S. Brooke, clerk ot the said court, do
certify that the bond required of the special com?
missioner by the decreo rendered in said cause
on the 0th day of February, 1804, has beeu duly
(liven under my hand as clerk of the said court
this 14th day of July, 18-.M.
S. S. HKOOKB, Clerk.
lly mutual consent the above sale Is postponed
until SATURDAY, AUGUST 95TH, at the samo
place and hoar. HOBT. K. SCOTT,
8 11-tds Trustee and Commissioner.
nrislng hotel property ant stores near Nor?
wich Lock Works?By virtne of two certain
deeds of trust executed by The Building Com?
pany, ot Koatiokt, a corporation duly chartered
nndor the laws ot the State of Virginia, to II. S.
Trout, trustee, the first dated on the 0th day ot
Slay, 1899, and duly recorded In the office of the
clerk ot the county court of Kouiiokc county In
deed book No. 8, page 989, and the other of said
deeds dated the 17th day of May, 1804, and duly
recorded In the otllco Of said elerk of the county
court of Koauoku count v. Vs., lu deed book No.
9, page 889, whereby the said, The Building Com
pauy, of Boanoke, convoyed to 11. S. Trout,
trustee, tho land hereinafter described to secure
three certain bonds ot the said company to the
Iroti Kelt Building and Loan Association, of
Koanoke.Va .one of which bonds was In the sum
of three thousand eight hundred dollSJi ($'l,SO0).
dated tho Oth day of May, 1804, and conditioned
for the payment of the monthly sums of $30.40
to the Iron licit Building and I.oau Association
from the ilrs*. day of March, 1899, until the series
"C" of the stock of the said Iron Bei?. Bullding
and Loan Association should res.ch the value ot
$10.1 por share.
One other ot said bonds, hearing dato on the
17th day Cf May, 1899, In the sum of $9,900.00
conditioned for the payment of the monthly sums
of f 17.00, from the 1st day of April, 1804, uutll the
said -cries "C" of the stock of the Iron Belt
Building and Loan Association should reach the
value ot Jim 00 p< f share, and the remaining
boud dated ou tho 17th day of May, 1804, In the
sum o( #1,000.00. and conditioned for the payment
of the sum of $8.tKJ per month, from the 1st ot
April, 1899, nntll the series "B" ot the stock ot
the said lrou Belt Building and Loan Association
should reach the value of $100.00 per share, and
each of *aid houds being further conditioned for
the faithful performance of the obligations ot
tlio said The Building Company, of Rosnoke.
according to the piovl-tions of said bonds ana
deeds ot (rust, and of the by laws of said associa?
tion, all of which will more fully appear by ref?
erence to said deeds ot trust, duly recorded as
aforesaid; and default haviug beeu made in the
payment ot tho s ltd monthly sums soprovldcd to
l<e paid i:i the said three bonds and the deeds of
trust securing the s ime, as well as In other of the
conditions and com mints of said bonds and deeds
of trust, and being thereunto required by the
t oard or directors of the said Iron Belt Building
anil Loan Association, the undersigned trustee
GIST. 1891, AT 19 O'CLOCK M., proceed to sell
at public anctlon, >>n the premises, tho following
descrlhed real estate, to wit:
Ail that lot of land, with the hotel aud store?
houses thereon, situate In the couuty ot Roanoke,
nour to tho city of Koanoke, Va.:
Beginning at the southwest corner of Htwsott
?and Warwick strci Is, fronting 60 feet ou Russell
street, and extending back between parallol linen
with Warwick street led feet to au alley, said lota
being known aud designated on the map ot the
lands of the Roanoke Development Company by
NOf. 14 aud 15, of block No. 8, In section 3 thereof.
TERMS: Cash.
There Is due by the said Tho Building Com?
pany, ot Roanoke, unon their said bonds the
?urn. o( $3,4'.h>,7I, with Interest from the 16th day
of June, 161H.
7 3tds H. S. TROUT, Trnstee. 88
By mutual consent tho above sale has been
postponed uutll Monday, August 97, at the same
nour and place.

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