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3m $n
Citizens Adopt Amendments to Con
stitution Changing Election from
September to November.
Slipfht Increase in Number of License Towns
Total This Year Is 24 Compared with
21 in 1912- Caledonia Drops from the
Lily White Column for First Time.
i otcrs of Vermont. by adopting Tuesday the eitrht
of amendment to the State constitution, aholished the
Breaks Off Lower Jaw of Granite
Lion on Gettysburg: Battlefield.
Believed Desecration Is the Work
of Some One Seeking Em
ployment at National
Mrs. Belmont Gives Investigators
Most Striking Opinions
Yet Heard.
Reported Policy of the "Open Door" Is Ex
plained to Apply Only to Those Who Have
Public Business.
oinmute death
changed to ".ins
urant charters to
) fls S
iiMi'ii- . l-'etion in which this State has been accustomed to irain re
l vn as the political haromctcr of the nation. They provided for
iu com t'liiiivr of the Legislature in .Ir.uniary, beginnni"; with lfll.,
. nd for the election of frovernor in November. They changed the,
ote necessary in the Legislature to override a governor's veto from
i, in.. lorit lo a two-imnis 01 tiiosc preseni.
notluT amendment -ipproved Tuesday makes it possible
'i I '.'istatnre to pass a workmen s compensation act
'I'lic Legislature hereafter will not have power
' iiuces imposed by the courts.
The titles of .judges of the supreme court are
t ees ' and hereafter the (leneral Assembly cannot
corpora t ions.
The supreme court is authorized to revise chapter 2 of the con
stitution so as to conform with the amendments now adopted.
These are the principal amendments which returns to the Free
I rc.ss show have been adopted. Only one county, Addison, gave
a majority against the amendments.
Tw. nty-four cities and towns went license Tuesday as compared
It Ii ti 1 a rear ago. This number, however, is well below the aver-
. .,, lii-. n. first went into effect in Vermont 10 years ago. As
n li.' int r Neat's it is not lo be assumed that till the 'J 4 towns will hae
he licensed saloon for in small places the fee establishe 1 by the
iinpiissiouers is prohibitive.
Si towns last year voted for license but nobody eared to take
in out at the price asked.
fiettysbiirfr, Pa.. .March 5 -Kljjht
monuments on tin- Gettysburg hattlo
IloM were badly damaged lust nlfiiit
by a vnmlnl who evidently used a
heavy hammer for his destructive
work. The monuments which sufferod
wore the llfth corps hoadiiuurtcrs,
l!)th anl tn'.th Pennsylvania. 10th N'cw
York, Omnt'M Vermont brigade, nth
.Maine. Mb Wisconsin anl 37th Massa
chusetts. l.iircte pieces- til manite were chip
ped off of prominent parts -if all thu
memorials while on the OCth IVnnvjl-
vanla and 10th New ork statue of
nldlcrs had parts of the faces knock
ed off, nuns mashed and portions of
th" body broken "n the ,'rmoiit
brigade nieniorial a larse urnnlto lion
was badly defaced by the breaking? off
of tho lower Jaw.
It Is believed the work was done by
some one disappointed In sccklne; cm
ploympnt in the national park.
General Bingham Favors Having
Commissioner an Absolute
Dictator with 'Long
Term of Office.
New ork, March a. Police ".omen
would (jtve material aid '.n stamping out
vice la New York, Mr. O. 11. 1'. Helinont
to-day told the IcKlsiatlvc conunlttoe in
eMli;iithm police conditions. 'The ap
palling, jni reiu-lnir traffic In slrls in Mrs.
Jlelmonls' opinion was sufficient reason
wh. puim thlnx should be done to regu
late the dis.nrde.rly resorts, and she de
clared thai "men, no matter how wot thy
and uprishl they are, are not qualified
I with delinquent Klrls without the.
' women."
i soons put n witner.siw, anions
Uev. Dr chas. 11. Pnrkhurst,
controller PrendotRast nml (Jeo.
e. of tin merchants' association
i'j i.i
I ,
th. '.
I), i
Midland ltnllwi Hclnt.-i1i lm ! c
hmiI Ati-lils In Ill-inn Hill.
London. Mar- h .". -The r.iilioad strike
threatening the entire railroad system
of the Itrltis'n Isles has been averted,
through acceptance by the railroad
workers' unions of the Midland Italhvav
company's offer to t-e-lntate Conductor
Itiehnnlson HI.-, dlMiiissal for refuslnt'
to obey his foreman's order to violate
the company's written regulations
brought on the crisis The unions
stlpula'c that in fu nre orders conllc-tiuu
with the printed rules of the companies
must hi- Rlrn to tlie men In writln-
uew license towns uns year as i'(ijiii.ii''ii unit mm u .m .
liiiirliton. Colchester, Klniore, Oroton. Mount Tabor, Orange,
Windham and f!rand
I'ownal. I'oultney. Ueading, licit Isboro and u'tory.
Those to change from wet to dry are liloomticld, Kair Haven.
I irlboro, Uipton. Searsburg. Somerset. Swanton. Vergennes and
Wells, the vote being a tie in the latter town.
'I he town of (iroton in Caledonia by going wet took the county
i it of the " ilv white class lor T tie ursi iinie m us iusuji.
The lily white counties are Washington
m, iMinlino- to this morning's returns.
'Pi,-, list ,.f lite license towns follows: 1 Stilt on. I'.urlington,
Hn-'hton. l!enniiigton. Brunswick, Hethel. Canaan, Castleton. Col
.i..t,i. K.lmore. (iroton. Mount Tabor. Orange, I'ownal, Poultney
bford. Jutland city. ShclburiU', St. Albans
it, Shorelnim, Victory. West Rutland.
The following summary by counties gives the vote on the eight
proposals of amendment to the State constitution:
fi 1 1 ami:ndmi:nt.
limn ntstoti
t ittc udcu ..
I (X
1-Vank in ,.
-rand llc
l.amoilie ....
t i-liat) . ...
l tliii.il
AV.islnnKl jii
jlidli.ini ..
Windsor . . .
Tot I
. 11, sw
a is
i-'ii'Tii amionumknt.
i:tex "II
rranklln -'is
flt-nncl Isle l."0
l.nmulll Sir.
Oilcans V-1'
lltltlBlid 197
W.i.hlnt"ii bl'J
Windham 77
Wlndnoi IK"
TotalB 1WI
Yes. No. j
Add ..n t'"i
I .rdii'tun 1J Ui
ittcnhn -a7S 1,ss
i " - 45
i a. n (u -'j'
' oil- 1'" wi
1 i, cult.-
III. in n
I!,.. nl 2-w 1170
Uu- . irmii m
Uindhum 10,11 1W
VMndsor VJ!'' .di
To uls 1 1"'-1'' 'M
1'iaukllii ...
tJiand Icle .
d.ainollle ...
Uutlaud ....
Wtndhnm ..
Wlndnor ...
Ye. No.
nlUsoll 113 3
1 ntiiliKtim ?A''
Ittrnddi -1' yj
-I , x IK! Ki
i ' ,' m si't "1l
t ml 1 ' u
1. i modi e''J l
I Mean 5:0,1 3D
J! .Hand -0i JW
-ishlnKtoi lwl
Wlndbani M ,ti7
Mill i";1 J
j 10, M 5,173
Vch. Nil.
Ad l '
I , . n lei ,,aJ
( I. if miii) mi m
i ail nrr
, i i ia. w
j , ,,. i -wi :'i
r , .. I"7 "-i
j i n i i'!.. i :i
W , i m " 11 "'
, i, 'I n 71'' '''"'
. . iivi ' t;
t;hlttend"ii .
iiiand Isle
Luniiillli) .. .
Ofleanh ..
Uutlund ....
Windham ..
.'.' i
, 17l
; 7'.1
S nalui- Wagner,
mltte, . indliated
chairman of
that In the
the mm
Washington, .March 5. With the tinsel , ttho.ids, jiemonal uldo for a y.-ur to
and Iho military pomn, tho cIiccim of the former President Taft, shot them hi n
.... , .. ,i- i .-..,i i,,i 'i iui "p eon, ii ii tm.ir names ami
mniiiiiinc, in" ciiinu union .m,h..
and the heavy tread ot marchlni; thou- i
tanda, tho fltcworks and tho llmcllsht
only a pltsiaant memory. Wood row Wil
son nettled down In tho chair of Presi
dent as Mitlntly and with ;uh little cere
mony, probably. a almost any man who
over crossod tho threshold of the White
Uouso to henoine It.-) m.-iKtir. Ills lont;
day wan crowded with incldenta and filled
with thu flavor of the power that Is a
President's. Almost his first act wan tc
servo notice upon olllceseukcrr. that they
will not he welcome at tho Whito House
tmlesH thry have been invited. Almost
his last to-nlKht wns to confer with Sen
ator John W. Kern, to-day chosen as
leadit- of the democrats In the Senate,
and reputed repiescntatlvc of the admin
istration In the upper house. In between
he found time to shake hands with close
to u,(.m persons, consult with his new
cabinet and with a few friends In Con
gress, dictate letters and generally launch
his own ship of admlnt.-tr.Ulon.
in spite of the rcporta that Mr. Wil.'-on
might be expected to ehanse many of
tho prc-crdents that havo crown up about
the presldenrv, he bothered with none of
importance to-day except that which ter-
... . .... .... ... SVl.ll,. I
milieu oince seei.ui s ui unuiii- nu; ....i pr(.j,(PIn
Mouse. Mi- niK'd in easily iui nil- iiki-
ch:ner of the executive odlces and tool;
r 1 Ti w . . All
Parts of the Green Moun
tain State.
medial I up the routine of government with ens".
Declares It Incredible That Per.
sonal Likes or Dislikes Should
Hamper Democrats.
to-J,i.. '''lie
House (ham
Housi' i. mi) -e
'I otitis .' 1111!' !)U1
1 ; I ' i 1 1 T 1 1 A , 1 U N 1 ' M 1 i N T .
Yon. No.
A iUl lm.iii Ii ''
linniilntiioi i'i
Kwk if'" !'l
I?HPN 3f !'t
bYnnklli ail "
aiafid l-le 11) TI
l,aiiU!llo 39 1'-"'
Ulliian irtl
Itiulind SIM l"
W.iHhtiiKlon Sfll WA
Windham ti :w
In, lno 1li7
I, I 1 1 . IT..,'. Slot
Tho vote of f.iirdoni.i county on
i i i. opn-1! .if amendment lo
C' "UtluUL-d uu uuuo -IJh
Washington, Man li r, Speaker
Clark was renominated. Representa
tive Unilerwooil of Alabama auain was
chosen chairman of the ways and
means committee with the entire detuo
ciatlc personnel of tnat tariff makinf,'
body, and .ill the House officials wore
renominated at a harmonious six-hour
caucus of the democrats of tin House
of the ll.'Jrd Conirress
incus was held in tho
her ai.d of tho jrl
fiats were present. Th
aio subject to latlllcatlon by tho House
when It meets In extra session on April
Ttio republican members of tho ways
and means committee will bo chosen
next month.
The House officers elected tire- Clerk
of thu House, South Trimble. Ken
tucky; doorkeeper, J. .1 Sinnott, Vir-
Klnla, serKoant-ut-iirniti, Hobert II.
(loidon, Ohio: postmaster. William M.
Imnbar, Georgia; chaplain, the liev.
Henry N. Couden. WnHhlnnton, li. r.
Thu democratic members of the ways
and means committee will commence
the llnal committee revision of the
tariff next I'rld.iv. tutting up tin- wink
when tli" dentoeratlc i onstit tit ional
majnrltj of tlic fonuuitteo In t Ii last
session of Concrross left it as a tf illa
tive Imsis Tliere will lie ji tarilf can.
cus when the extra session onvenes
to pis upon the report.
The caucus was matkeil . a kooI
deal of speechmaklnif and uithuslasm.
All the nominations for olflces vero
by aeclamatlon except that for ser-Ku.iut-at-arniK
on which then- was a
lively contest that resulted in fjur
dou's eltolco over l'orini-r Hupresciitn
tivo W. II. Ilyan of lluifalo on a voto
of HIS to 11.1.
Speaker Clark's fpcich in acknowledg
ment of his renomlnallon dealt with the
jiarty's profrram and future. Ho urged
tho rarryliiK out of the p.irtv promises
nnd .'aid the only way to m hleve this
v.is for every dentnerat In olllii.il posl
t'.ou "to give the best tliere is In him and
miboidlnato Individual ambition t)c
public weal."
"It Is a thiliK III' I edible." he decl.iiiil,
"that any man tit fur olliilal station
would let his petsiiual likes m- dislikes
interfere with DIh ci,-.i(i. i.u, , nmt any
other democrat in unlfjliiff tho party in
Its herculean and iniiltlfat tonx tn.iU-i to
ledecnt our plcdeii."
The i-peakef said the lloute di huh rats
had been toKclhei- sime Mm eh 111, 11)10.
"when for the Hist lime in 17 years the
ui moi rats in the llnuM- ileetrllled the
cotihtn by ui inn tojji tip r. not a man
mb-slnK in .i Kn.it sir ibkIc "
I predict," he concluded that they will
In the Kit 1 1 Couitreas at t in unlnon, not
only wll'i thein.'chc , b tw th Pn "ldent
laws to be Introduced at Albany a U:-,
year term ol office for the police com
mission, i would be proposed. To make
tin police i ommlssioncr supreme In i-ow-ci
over his Milintdlnntes In the depart
ment was the cist of opinions expressed
b tin witnesses.
At the same time, before the alder
mnnh investigating ommlttee which
also is conductltifr a probe Into the
nffair of lite police department, (ten.
Theodore A. UlnKliam, former police
l onimissioner. was expottn llnj- simi
lar views with regard to police control
nnd i ontrol over pollie. Ooneral Hlnv
ltani also favored a lone term for the
head of the deoartmcnt and urKcd
that he be nlven powers over his sub
ordinates which would practically
make of him a db tator whose word
would lie absolute and llnal. The for
mer i om mlssloiii-r found fault with the
various asineiatinliH In the department
and alvNul that the..- he disbanded
One ot-rranizatlor'. he declnred. raised
fio.nci inn. your wliile he was com
missioner to defe.nt legislation which
he favored ' ut which his subordinates
lobbied acalnst.
Mrs Pelmont evnoiluded some of the
no-Jt strlklnir onlninns yet heard by
the legislative eomtnlttee In her es
pousal of women police officers. The
cltv, she declared, must la- tile pro
tector of its Kirls and youiiK women
"As the mother is the Kuardlan of
the childten In the home." Mrs. Pel
mont Mild. "I believe that instead of
illmlnatini; this uood inlluence at a
crttiial state In the life of our chil
dren, the children of the nation. It
should be extended Into tlin streets
and the municipality should be repre
sented by women fiualltled to furnish
motherly protection to Klrls In public
"I believe a force of
should be assigned to
most congested at niirht,
inir the lonely places."
Comptroller I'renderKast and Dr
Parkhtirst believed that efficiency In
the police department depended more
on administration than on laws and
both advocated a lotiK'T tenure of of
fice f'-r the police commissioner
Jos. p. Tumulty, Mr. Wilson's seciftnry
was Just about as busy as his chief. 11'
talked t" the newspaper men stationed
at Hie White House a half dozen times,
dlct.iti d many letters, received the con
gratulations of scori-H of friends from
New Jersey and talked with ninny prom
inent democrats.
The President spi lit the uioinitiK In
his office; the afternoon tit 'the White
House at luncheon and in the Hast room
receiving delegations, and at four o'clock
shut up shop and went out with Mrs. Wil
son for his first automobile ride through
Washington. All the delegation" received
to-day c.ime by appointment and tho re
pot ted policy of the "open door" was e
plained to be nn open door only to those
who came upon public business.
Alter lunelHon witli his family and
Secrefiry Tumulty, Mr Wilson learned
one of the uses of the Kast room, lie
stood for lo mlnuti s and shook hands
witli 1.110 persons, Major Thomas I,.
the new Presidf in nev r flinched at the
With all the callfta dlppojcd nf Mr.
Wilson clled for one of the White House
automobiles used by Mr. Tnft and started
out for a spin anmnd Washington. No
aide In uniform tiK-h in accompanied Mr.
Taft went with him, but the two motor
cycle policemen assigned to guard tint
President on such trips k. pt f losu b.jn'.nd
on the ride.
After the President reiurtiecl from his
automobile ride. Undloy M. tJarrison. th"
herretarv of war. had a brief conforcuci.
witli hlru.
"I told the President that I thought I
earned my salary to-day." said Kecrctnr
Harrison, with a laugh, "I'm learning the
machinery of the depanmont. You can't
go from an rrpiitv court to a govern
ment department In a day nnd get a
customed to it at or.ee."
Mr. Itryan. the secretary of state, eall
e after Secretary Carrison left. Ho
brought with him Huntington Wilson,
former anlstant secretary of state, ;uid
the lieailu of the various bureaus ot the
state department ptcscjittng them to tho
President. sVcretnry Hryan said there
wer(. some fju -stions In the various
bureaus whl, Ii required the attention ot
it owe hut that the con
cerned routine chl-fly
' To-night the President met Senator
I ICern of Indiana, democratic leader if
j the Senate, In the exicutivo calces and
talked with him for an hour. They IH
I cussed In a general manner legislation
to In- undertaken during the extra m-s-sion,
hut It Is said no deilnlto cnil't
slons v. . " reached
Later tin President held a long ion
ference with Governor Durum of Illinois,
Speaker Mi Klnley of th" Illinois House.
I and William 1.. O'fonnelly on the Illinois
j senatorial situation. When they left the
otllccs the Illinois leaders said they wire
f.ctermlncd to stand linn for the eUetiou
of J. Hamilton Lewis, democrat, ami
Lawrence V. Sherman, republican, for the
long and shott terms, respectively. In the
Pnlted States Senate. They added that
the President had taken the position
that the primary choice of the people
should be supported and that no deals
of any kind be entered Into.
It was after ten o'clock when tho Picsl-
dent finished his lirst day's work as chief
I executive and retired to his room.
Prom t.ltn Tnlnrel in t.Vin T.nkfi to
the Passumpsic, Along Otter
Creek and by tho Shore3
of White River.
Ml -Kamn
Wbfl e
Kt.inl: (".! .- 1 in . i;tr. In hi
iiipji-in u l I'll-, in.
:-ho will 'tnflcr? ;iti op-- Man. Kbj
nccfnnpiuiic'l by Ijt. ira born.
police women
the sections
not overlook-
Secretary of State Bryan at Once
Signs Commissions of
Do Not Claim Fraud in St. Albans
Election but Insist on
,-;t. M.,.iis. Miiieh "..The city enrctlon
Tuesday wlii'h iv.ultcil In Seidell i'.
tliteiie winning In tho contest for mavor
over II W llallard. the moresHive can
didate, nidv two otes. wili In taken
to the mpletue couit, accoidliiK to the
present plan of tho pi oKressives. When
tho result of tho election for mayor was
announced Mr. I.allanl demanded a ri -count
but May'"' n cue, who was Um
prcillnK ollh'er at the election, denied
the request and took the oath of ntllce
as mayor- ballot boxes were sealed
and nl.icrd In the vault at the city treas
urer's Mile It Is understood that thf
only thlnp that fan be Uono now to pet
,-t recount Is n' "htalnlns an order of the
supreme court.
Mr. n.illstd says he docs not wish to
Infer, bv nnv action that mav be cnntcin
rilnted hv l"u'l'i u"v liaud or
dlshonesl work was done at the election
but th-'1 ,l 'l's,:1,(e H'lKht bc ry im.si'j
made and it was for this reason that ho
wanted tho tecouiit. Mayor fireenn pnyg
he lefnsi'd the leiUeHl beeailse In, saw
,, ce.iNiili liv .1 recount should lie
..;TJT10NS IN HANKm i'Ti'V.
Itutlalid. .lreh ;,. -Theic were tw
hanknil't'v schedules tiled to-dn with
Clerk I''- -s- ''ll,u ot; '-''illes Stales
cnuit iMsoti T. .statks of Dorsei has
HaMlltie.- of Jll.Wia". and no nssi th
ociup.itlon H not Klven In his petition, I
Pliancy u- -ouch oi rowpuii, a rainier,
has tin till Itles of yj)l,22 and Bives his
HabllltlM a- i2, of w)ilcii V-to l tinlmcl
Washington. Manii n. In marked con
trast with the pomp and circumstances
with which their chief yesterday was In
ducted Into office, six members of Presi
dent Wilson's official family to-day were
sworn In. Those who lieRan their official
lives to-day were:
Secretaries lltyati. (iarrison, Daniels,
Lam. liurleson anil Wilson. Secretary
of the Treasury McAdoo, Secretary of
AKrlcullure Houston, Attnrney-deneral
McKeynolds and Secretary of Commerce
Ituiricld will take their oaths to-morrow.
Mr. P.ryan took the oath at the office
ol' tin secretary of state where he ap
peared tliis afternoon with Mrs. Hryan
and a party of triends. Assistant Secre
taries. Wiisoii, Adeo and Hale also were
prisept when the oath was administered
by Win. MoNalr, chief clerk of the de
partment. Tbo lirst official net of KccroLary
liry.in was to tlcu tho commissions of
the other members of President Wil
son's cabinet. The lust official act ot
Secretary Knox was to slcn tho commis
sion ot his successor. Mr. Knox departed
this afternoon for Palm Ilcacli, Pin.
Llndh-y M. (larrbon, the new secretary
ot war, was sworn In a few moments
before four o'clock by John P Itandolph
chief ilell; cf the seerelarv s ottlce, wl..
lias swor" In everv eeieiaiv of war iiin
the d.ivs of President (Scant All th
fiitviiooil Mr. ilarrNoii had passed in con
ference with former Secietar Stlmson
After taking the oath ho received all the
tinny officers in the city and the civilian
employes of his department.
The kirncst Kntherliur to Aitness the
ceremonies atteiiillnt; the induction into
otllre of a cabinet member wus present
when Josephus Iiauhis took the oath
that made lilm Mcretary of the navy.
There was only a small party of friends.
(but the numb'r foop was bw idled by
mcmber.i of tho dctnocratlc national om
mlttee, senators, repnesenta lives and
novel nors.
Chief Justice tihepard of the Ulstricl of
Columbia supremo court administered the
oath ol office to Pos-maKter-lleneial
Albeit .Sidney liurleson. I'tank Hitch.
mcoU, the letillim pos' master-Keliefa I.
and Mis. lliilcson and a party of friends
were pinsenl. ltusklll McAldle, who
beiin associated Willi M.'. liurleson
Hie l' t u yiats, was iippoliited
tary to lite p(tmaster-i;"nci.il.
Iiaukllu K. Lane, the new sccietury of
the Interior, be?!in his cabinet career In
the supreme court, hailin; been culled
theiN- by a departmental case, lie was
Hwnrn In h Justice McKenna with Mrs.
Lane. Inteistate Commerce Commis
sioner Marble and other friends Hltness
InK i he iriiinuri.
When m !. ilsop. the new sc. ic
tnty of labor, took the oath of olllro that
ceremony broucht to former Secretary of
Commoroo iuid Labor Nnsrl tlin atatlnc-
lltuu ot udr lie
merce anil labor and the Hist secretary
if commerce Secretaly NnKi'l will be a
member of President Wilson's iiblnit
niiti' William C. Hiillleld is sworn
in to-niotrow as secretin. v of commerce.
Secrct.li Wilson will serve for tlm
present without salary as Congress Hindu
no .ippropriatlon for his otllec.
William JenninRs liryjui, in address-
tiiir the assistant secretaries and heads
of the various bureaus of the stat
department to-day, declared:
"I am not prepared to discuss tenure
in office. Mv own tenure is, as I was
about to say. brief but my tenuio has
not even beun. I am sure your ten
ure is, therefore, not mote uncertain
than mine. 1 have not had time to
learn from the President the general
policy that will be Impressed on tho
various departments, hut it is not
necessary for us to discuss the leiiRth
of service. It Is sufficient at this time
to make eacli others aciiualntancc and
I hope that when the time comes lor
me to reassemble you to Introduce you
to my successor, I can look back up
on as delightful associations as tho re
tirlntr secretary dois."
Mr. llryan's words caused .-urpriso
but lie followed them with no explan
Killed When Mnniitiliine ('nlliipf t near
StoneheiiKC. llnKlntid,
Salisbury Plain. i:m!land, Mann "..
Man's modern achievement was linked
hero to-day witli one nf his most prlmi
tlvo efforts when Oeoffivy IhiKlajul, an
airman, fell .r'.tl feet to Instant death di
rectly over KtonehcriKC, tho ruins built
by prehistoric Druids ci-nUnies before
civilized men tet foot Uo:! tho Urlttsh
Knej.iud had been teailnjr a monoplane
with a view ot selllni; It to the llrltlsh
government. After he had been nloft for
an hour the mnchlm collapsed and shot
lljslun. March 5 Putins ol' n
woirlj of burning opium threw a spell
of drowsiness over occupants of offices
in the vicinity of th" Rovoriniicnt ap
praisers' stores to-day. liven p.ispeisby
expressed some eflects from the dniff.
and i.'iistoinv einplox is who assisted In
dcstroymn il in a furnace fairly reeled
under its Infliirnie.
Tlin opium wan part of a coiitrab mil
lot esthcrcd In l'i rui'Is made by Sur
veyor Lilward ("1. firaves in Miusjchiuetts
and Ithode Ul.md. In all PCWO worth of
opium has been seized,
Sel I e-
livplrnlluii H' lliirton l.n PcrmllN
diliil DImtnIiui i r Wiilci,
N'lap.n.i I'.ill- V . M.in li - Th,
I i . .-, yower developed n Nl.tirara Kalla
to-tl.iy Is ure.iter than previously liy 71.
(Ki, owIiik to fie eMilnttlon yesterday ol
tlie Iturton law. which limits tho diver
sion of water fiom the Nlagira river to
Ifi.tiot cubic feet per second. The lapse of
this law leaves In force the treaty be
tween (Iteat Ilrlt.iin anil tlie Pnlte.l
Slates, pet-inlttlnjc a diversion of Si.ovj
feet per second. Thioush the addition. u
dlversliin tin hilr.iu!! tiowci louipitu
now dnvcit'iu CA,(M horsepower nnd tho
Mr. nnd Mrs. L. I". Turner hav, n 'n-nc '
from Brandon, where Ui y 'i iv been
a fow days -Prof. Itayiuond McFun.'
has returned from Pull-, ! 'pi
ho has been attcndlm; t'n N'.t' , '
c-Atlon .viciety. Mrs Hun- A m
wh i has been ax the M i iy T 1- i ir
pltnl a few weelf, wher 1 i I nt
an operation, hiM returrnd '
proved. Hobert. Hope, v , ' r ti
kindlliiK wood nt hi hi'tiii i ( rt
street with a shatp h.iiiii ' i c ,
a bulf tin ii of his thuin ,i
-Mrs. Solomon IaPiiK. I i
California for three mo- liiK 1
sons, has return-d.-Mi -. I'rn Sn.i
ett, Jr., has fc-ono t, P.roX'el mi i or
few days. Ira II. Lul'V . ' t V liitfi
l-ians, . . .. i-riuav i i a incur ror a,
number of farmers in Citnv all and Sal
isbury, who furnished n.!l, in- a milk
onip.nn . Col Joseph P.,itt I. Mrs Mary
Hoyhin and Miss Myrtb- Clips in 1 ft Sat
urday morning for Wn-l,lm;ton, D. C ,
where they will re.nni i a. t i ft r t lV
Inauptiratlrn nf Pre-ldent dsoi ""hen
thov will co to Ploiida tor the bal nice of
the winter. Dr. ( lark ha-, retun -d irom
P.ullat.il. H. L llldri'dKe, who has been
ill for 10 days. Is able to be about. -1 ro
A. H. Lambert has returned from Sue
ham. K H. Vates has monc to s
bans. Charles A. Lyman 1' i
llet:,ej Wab;s, wlui had bt ' n Ui i
for some time at the honif of liei o
rer. .irs. '-.uwin siimuri. on i- ,
died l-'tiday evellini; .it tli
years, of a cumpltciteni of disi.
is suried l y tht' '- d iui;ht. i - V
wit. Suniin r, with whom -in nm lnr
home. Jlrs. (lonrse T.. wis of t,nrHlo.
X. V.. and Mrs. Muci Hork' of
Snohomish, Wi.-h.-H. C. W ib It' t.
land spent Sun'lay In town wttt fam
ily. The Missis Aim, - ..ml Lit i e
houn liae n turned t"im li .m ..lor,
Mrs. Auucliinau, who bis 1" en in town e
f i w days, has rcturtu ! to S or. h nn
Tin- Itev. Hichatd 11. Lst'-n, who b. i ot n
confiiuil to the liuu-e for two ,e us
was out Saturday for the -l'.m t o
Patrons cf the Nnv York .it 1 1,"
ton milk compaiib - w i" buy rink
here were notified that thev would Ki t
$l.(i3 per hundred for their milk dut
niK March. Miss (Jertrutli Lowell has
rcslKned her position as operator
llie nn ill leie iiiitiii- e.i uaiiKi inn r -
tut nod to Cornwall. Her place b
been tilled by Miss Lillian Cole i
Plttsfotil. Dean A. I' Laiilln i t i '
liddlebiu v Colli tli n iSi 1 Ct'll
in tin- CoriKreB.ition.il Church Unit, -day
i-venliiK on birds, under tie ails
picc-i of the V. M, C. A. Miss Dell i.
llruya, who was badly hurt a. wiek
iiKO by a fall, is ab'e to Ik about tb
house. Mr. and Mrs W I" 11. t fl
are the parents ol a sop i-. . .p
A vi rv has roturneii front Hr.nd-'i.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira M. Taylor lin h.. e
to WashliiKton. li. i', to ,n ten i the i
mifiuratlon. Miss Anna Cit i '- , 'P
to llurlltlRton tor .i f w ii..- Ml
MarK-nrct Pike has l-inr'ned fr o U
llnirtori. Miss Dorotln V n b ll.,
Rone to P.utland lo.- i fi u w ks.
.Monday, market la. ii,-s bi-o ii.-it "
cents and butter 30 to "ii '. i'
di-i dpe has returmd 'run 75a l"f t
P. I". Whiles bus ictunii J t ) Ha
land after spendlru; i-ui)da i tow -i
with his family. T'i- countv et.nmii.
tee ot tin- i. M. l . A. ha organize,! u
class for tlii- purpose m teathinir Knr.
llsh to tho foreigners of Mldillcbur.
The lirst meeilni- was held lust woik
,nd there were 21 present and thp e
nationalities representei' t rcsi r
I'.lansrs will be held oiui w ik 'X'
next i l.iss will be held Tlli.sd.i- at
tue V. M. C. A. rooms. The noilt v
be In chaise of Klbett Cole. Mj. Mid
dleburv CollcBO. llartv ("liambei-i
who has been In town for a week, has
returned to (itens I'.ill-. X V Xrl
soii Lawrence, who has limn sirloi-l-ill.
Is slowlv I Ci "V. I 1114
Thi annual tow n in. t.'. , , i
the town hall Tuead.o Jam' L Doitn
way was re-elected moilii.u n, mil J). o'l
M. Iliilke clerk. The in i o: Sli w.i.s
voteil for obbcrvance oi .Meniorl il da' , j
for new- rrnive markers, iS to be i-pendif!
at IJast Mlddlchury and JM at Midrtlebury
tor the observance of flic day. It wns
voted to raise ' threo per -ent ,. , f
Brand lint to maintain ih ft H i at
to-opi i.itlon with the Unites' l.ilii.ir i--soilation
It was also ot 1 line Hi
bund lor l'i com ei t. thru "f wh. i
ate to be at Hast .Uiridhbim H iva.- als i
voted lo expend il.-V"! on p t-iu,icnt hifi i
w.i. A tax of M :'." was ,it.,l to .! fi
expi llbes of the town In ill dep.utiin nt
Th" followinir olllcets wir- t let ted s. -
led men for three years. Hairy T. Mm,
mad iiimtulsiiionei. Ilaitwill D.uiviai,
oM't-neer of the poor. William Jiuksoii,
llxtcr for thri'o years, li. 1) Mliur sihoul
director for threo ears, ,1, A ouk1,i
town Brand Jurors, Atthur X" p.mwi llM i
John D Wood, town iriiMt-ii, iinrii -i:
Plnii' v town .in nt, Jane it port'.
IV IllSt ' "' -l.ll'll. (il.llllfl .1, S(tll'T
sc. .ind copul.ii'le. 17. M. Da , U'lrir It u-.
Ntasiira F.illa Powir roinpanv
l.iit setai-ta.i w tA iiiU' Jiowxtaiuuci' lu.'lx lUau iuuuvl'ii-
t Imu linn ml. uu J"" Ji

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