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The Great Falls leader. (Great Falls, Mont.) 1888-1890, June 16, 1888, Image 2

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NO. 8526.
Authorized Capital, $S.ooo,ooo d
Paid-Up Capital, $100,000. a
T. E. COLLINS, . President w
Joax LEPLEY, . Vice-President la
L. G. PHELPS, ..... Cdhier
A. E. DIO.KERMAN, . . Ass't Cashier w
A general banking bousnes transaoted. c
Ixohange drawn on the prinoipal points in tl: s
states and Europe. W
Prompt attention given to collections. o
Intereet allowed on time deooeita. "
All communications ahould be addreered to t
-ATURDAY, JUNE 1, 18 t
ATUORDAY. JUNE 1, 1s8.i.
The Great Falls LADIRS makes its
bow to the public to-day and asks for
a favorable reception. The aim and
object of the Lla a will be to build I
up the agricultural, commercial, man
ufacturing and mining interests of
Northern Montana and of its priuci
pal towns. It will not confine its
endeavors merely to Great Falls but
will lend its helping hand to every
portion of this section. It recognizes
the fact that Northern Montana is at
the beginning of an era of great
growth; that the building of rail
roads and the opening up of vast
Indian reservations together with the
concentrated efforts now being made
for the settling up of this fertile sec
tion, will produce within the next five
years astonishing results. The half
of the truth in relation to this section
has not been told. Nowhere else` in
this territory can be found such a
wonderful combination of fertile soil,
rich veins of coal, mines of silver and
gold and unlimited water power as
in this vicinity, and it does not need
the eye of a prophet to see that in the
next few years the towns of Assina
boine and Fort Benton on the north,
Barker and Neihart on the east, Cas
cade and Ulm on the south, Sun
River and Augusta and Choteau on
the west, and Great Falls in the cen
ter, will be flourishing and populous
and doubling and trebling their size.
To contribute to these results the
Lainsai will ever be on deck, and
while Great Falls naturally will be
first and foremost in its affections it'
does not believe to build up one town
it is necessary to tear down another,
but the prosperity of one will
aid the others. It will be the organ
of no corporation and of no man.
Politically the Lawas will be Re
publican and it makes no apology for
being attached to that grand old
party which under the leadership of
such men as Abraham Lincoln, Grant
and Garfield saved a nation, restored
its credit, resumed specie payments,
opened up the Great West, struck off
the shackles of an enslaved people,
made the Declaration of Independence
something more than a "hollow mock
ery," inaugurated civil service reform
and now seeks to protect the farmer,
miner and manufacturer from the
machinations of Great Britain and
her American adherents.
In the matter of protection to home
industries the woolgrowers, miners
and manufacturers of Montana are
vitally interested and the LzAnzE on
this subject will take a firm stand.
Upon all other matters concerning
the welfare of the pnople it will be
with that party which has repre
sented the intelligence and the pro
gressive spirit of the nation. VWith
this brief synopsis of our views and
objects, with the best of wishes to our
readers we resume our seat until our
Our town has wide streets, good
sidewalks on the business portion and b
fine buildings, but there are some up
portunities for improvement and the
most, noticeable one is the lack of ci
drainage. There is a pond on the s
north side of Central avenue which is t
a feeder of noxious vapors and of dis- h
ease. A small sum of money would
clear the town of this nuisance. And
we notice on Central avenue two cel
lars in which stagnant and filthy r
water has been lying for months. We
were pleased to see a drug store on d
the west of these, another drug store
and physician's office on the south and
a physician's office on the west, and sl
we wondered why an undertaking es- ol
tablishment was not located on the
north? We wager that if any first- tl
class physician was asked he would h
say that the cost of removing the foul
water in these cess pools would not be il
one-twentieth of the expense which sl
these disease breeders produce. Again D
we notice in various parts of the
townsite dead carcasses of hprses and di
animals which a few hours work would sI
bury. To leave these disgusting ob- is
jects in view is a crime wliich our
sheriffs and county fathers should ol
prevent. Moreover we notice on Con- O
tral avenue and Second street the
stones and dirt from evacuations are
thrown out in many cases above the
sidewalk, making the streets almost
impassable in dry times. When the ri
rain comes down the dirt, being of an P
adobe stamp, has the consistency of s
mush and milk and when a vehicle P1
goes along the street it sinks to the hi
hubs. The tendency is to drive trade AI
from the principal streets of town. A
Mioreover, in front of the court house, a
where a walk has been constructed at jC
considerable expense the dirt has been w
so piled above it as to make it muddy h
and impassable. These are some of
t.he matters upon which Judge Bach
charged the grand jury at the begin- w
ning of this term of court, but we can
not observe that any attention has
been paid to it. If these are infringe
ments of the law and detrimental to
the health of our people as well as
opposed to the business interest of
our merchants our county commi.
sioners and sheriffs should see that
the law is enforced and the charge of
the judge should not be of no avail.
At th very time when the faithful (
were as imbling from all parts of the b
country St. Louis and were pre
paring to go through the farce of 5
nominating for president the man
who had declared againsts a second
term, in that day when of all days :
was needed something to inspire en
thusiasm and to relieve the automatic t1
monotony of a put up job, the news
of the Oregon election came like a
wet blanket. The chill which came
over the hearts of the democracy was
more than even their favorite drink c
could remove.
The Oregon election was worse for t,
the Cleveland followers than a Da
kota blizzard. The state has gener
ally been close. The election this
year was of unusual interest. F
The United States Senate is nearly
evenly divided between the republi
cans and democrats. A single vote c
x taken from the former and given to
the latter would have turned the s
scale. The legislature first elected
will choose a United States senator.
A representative to congress also
was to be chosen. Consequently
- great efforts were made by the
r democracy to carry the election.
d Money was spent freely and every
possible effort used.
But the intelligent farmers and
wool-growers of Oregon were not
d deceived by the free trade sophistries
3, of England's adherents in America.
The wool-growing industry is one of
the leading pursuits in Oregon, and
the blows which Cleveland has given
e it are too recent to be forgotten by
- our western neighbors. They clearly
n saw that the senate must be republi
, can or their very life-blood would
be drained, and so the St. Louis con
vention, huungrily waiting for a de
licious tid bit from Oregon, were
bitterly disappointed.
te So will it be in all the close states.
rs Republican principles are ahead this
re year. There will be a severe frost
next November which will congeal all
that is left ot the democracy.
d. _
S A tine set of men were gathered as
e- the territorial grand jury this term of
o- court and did their duty faithfully and
th well. While not an admirer of the
id grand jury system, which is too often
made the embodiment of prejudice
and spite, yet we confess in this case,
3r and it is the verdict of the people too,
their work was laboriously and well
done. Such work will do much to
clean out the foul by ways of our in
fant county and though the cost may
be considerable yet it may be the
means of saving ten-fold expense.
It is well to have a general house
cleaning once a year it needs only a
short residence in Great Falls to see
that there a large number of vagrants
here who welcome a sentence to jail
as a means of supplying themselves
with board without work. The rec
ommendation of the grand jury will
result in a speedy ridding the town of
these leeches upon society. The con
demnation of the sixteen feet square
pen is timely. A good jail sufficient
to hold prisoners for years to come
should be at once constructed. The
other recommendations are equally
good though we are informed that
the county commissioners themselves
have no power to discharge magis
trates or appoint deputy sheriffs, the
latter being the prerogative of the
sheriff. (Thc former resemble the
Democratic office holders-few die
and none resign). The grand jury
dismissed a number of cases which
should have been bound over by mag
istrates and brought in a number of
indictments which will doubtless be
of benefit to the community at large.
On the whole the grand jury deserved
the words of commendation they re
TEMPORARILY we have made ar
rangements with the Tribune to
print the first issues until we can
secure a suitable building and our
plant arrives from the east, and we
hereby extend our thanks for the
courtesy shown us by our competitor.
Arrangements are being made to have
a fine plant here and the best fitted
job office ihi this section. Till then
we must request our constituency to
have patience.
THE LEADER will be for the present
a six column folio weekly. In a few
weeks it is our design, should we
meet with the encouragement we are
led to anticipate, to publish a daily in
addition to the weekly.
Great Falls has cheap fuel.
t Great Falls has a board of trade.
Great Falls has a healthy climate.
Great Falls has a system of parks.
Great Falls has two first-class bands.
Great Falls has the finest scenery in the I
Great Falls has a $50,000 .carrage
Great Falls is the seat of the United
f States court. r
Great Falls is the county seat of Cas
cade county. t
Great Falls has the most wonderful
Giant spring.
Great Falls has a railroad bridge across
the Missouri. 1
s Great Falls has a two million dollar re
duction plant. 1
Great Falls has--well, what hasn't it, to t
make a great city?
Great Falls has the most beautiful lo
cation in this county.
Great Falls has streets 80 feet wide and
r town lots 50x150 feet deep, 1
Great Falls has excellent clay for
building brick' and tire brick.
s Great Falls has the greatest water
power available upon the globe.
Great Falls has first-class flour mills,
two saw mills and planing mills.
Great Falls has the most enterprising
e class of citizens in the northwest.
0 Great Falls has as good a natural water
e supply as can be found anywhere.
d Great Falls has wheat fields near it
r. which yield forty bushels to the acre.
o Great Falls has two public schools and
a $20,000 school house in construction.
Great Falls never has had a blizzard,
cyclone, or female suffrage convention.
Great Falls is only three years old and
'y has a population of twenty-five hundred
Gd reat Falls has a dam across the Mis
souri river in projection which will give
fifty feet fall.
Great Falls, though a progressive town,
a. is free from the lawlessness which char
f acterizes most new places.
id Great Falls has the most costly and sub
stantial buildings of any town of its age
or size in the United States
Great Falls is the most inviting point
7 in the west at the present time, for the
[i- location of men of capital and energy.
Id Great Falls has flourishing lodges of
n- Masons, United Workmen, Knights of
Pythias, Odd Fellows and Good Temp
e- lars.
re Great Falls has the finest sandstone,
white, brown and purple, for building
purposes of any place west of the Mis
- sisippi.
Lis Great Falls has, at its very doors, vast
coal and iron fields, together with lime
.tone, a third requisite for the reduction
Of ores.
Great. F:dis has a Presbyterian church,
Episcopal church, Methodist and Catho
lic churches built or in process of con
a reat rat Falls isthe terminus of the tMon
tana C'untral, St. Patu, Minneapolis &
of Matnitoba and Saud Coulee & Nethart
ad railroads.
he Great Falls has five grocery stores,
three h.rdwaie stores, two furniture
,tores, three meat markets, two carriage
e depots, tive livery stables, millinery shops
till you can't rest, three dry goods stores,
two banks, two boot and shoe stores, the
', best and largest hotel in the territory and
ell all other lines represented.
New York Sun: i Clilncy M. Depew
sp iken of by s, in' of the newspapers,
,btably tile Evenin: I'Pst, as having been
rut once a candidai t forIi elective office in
his state, when he rmi behind his ticket.
"s a ,matter of fact, Mr. Depew led the
epublian state ticket inl 18(i, and was
hen chosen secretary of state by a very
arge majority. Ite ran again in 1972,
his time for lieutenant governor, and
was ten thousand votes ahead of the
andidate for governor on the same
The Ohio republicans are better
)leased than the Ohio democrats with Fl
lhurman s nomination. Just as we ex
ected. Mr. Thurman cannot gain a
ingle electoral vote for his party.-l)e
roit Tribune.
Minneapolis can never hope to get the
)emocratic national convention to meet
n that city. She charges $1,200 for
circus license.-Pittsburg ('hronicle
Belva Lockwood's emblem is a delicate
ace handkerchief of plain white--in
ontradistinction to the bandana.
A cheap cylinder of rough felt with a
lack circingle, prophetic of tile Novemm- Tis
ter mourning constitutes the democratic
ampaign hat. It can be easily anud in
,xpensively constructed out of past board
ad Canton flannel.-Helena Herald.
The more President Cleveland studies
he returns from Oregon the more ihe
ust feel like putting an advertisement
a the Buffalo papers stating that lie will
esume his law practice in that city early
a March of next year.-New York
Judge Gresham !efuses to talk politics
a the reporters. That's right. He will Si
ave plenty of time and opportunity to
alk politics from the east front of the
apitol at Washington on the 4th of next
The Prince of Wales, it is said, made
)0,000 by backing Ayrshire for the
Olaf Svendsen. the greatest of all
lute players, died some ten days ago in
sngland. He was born in Sweden.
Speaking of the man who is to drive
,r. Blaine through Scotland, a corres
ondent who met him at Atlantic City re
ently tells us that Andrew Carnegie is Of
,ood humored and aggressive, and not
withstanding his talk of "Democracy
riumphant,' and his contempt for the
House of Lords, lives like a duke on his
ravels. He has the handsomest rooms
u the house and pays for them with
oyal grace-"grace" being purely tigura
ive and having no reference whatever to
he quality that Carlisle ascribed to the
English aristocracy and which Carnegie
ineezes at.
Robert Louis Stevensen, the author, is
aid to be really as ugly as the magazine
ortraits of him. He has a long, narrow
ace, and wears his long brown hair
arted in the middle and combed back.
's seen recently in a railroad car he sat
vith his bat off and the cape of his coat
up behind his head like a monk's cowl.
Ills black velvet coat and vest showed
ulainly, and over his legs lie wore a black
md white checked shawl. His Byronic co
ollar was soft and untidy, and his shirt
was unlaundered, but his clothes were
crupulously clean. On the long, thin
white fingers of his left hand he wore two t.
ings, and he kept these fingers busy con- J.
tantly pulling his drooping blonde mus
ache. His face is slightly freckled and H,
little hollow at the cheeks, but it has a C.
rood bit of Scotch color in it. When he P
ood up the figure he cut was extraordi- J
mary, for his coat proved to be merely a
arge cape, with a small one above it, and
ender both camne his extraordinary long J`
egs, or, rather, his long lavender trousers; it
or they appeared to have no legs in
Official List of Lieneises Issued.
Name. Occupation. Location. Amt.
J. K. Carskaddon., der:t,t, Great Falls.. $ 1 4t)
H. L. Descombe, saloon, ('or...........
S. V. Shull. transfer., Great Fall.s... . 5 W0
Phil Gerlaeh, saloon, " . W'
J. Larson. W"
B. F. Perkins. merhandlsC'asce.... .5 lW
Chas. MtGeady. saloon, (lireat Falls..... It
J. D. Gore hotel, .....5
Gi. H. MclKemn., saloon, Sun River....... 45
Hotchkis & Hawkins, nuise, tryrt Faols, l) t)
Green & Taylor, hack, " IW
John Devine,saloon, Sun River.......... Is n u)
C. N. Dickerson. bhtchvr, (irent F"..ll . s Ft)
Shea & McCarthy, restatsnot, " ... 3 i)
W. J. Lease, saloon, Co -:rl. ............ l5 tn
Sam Wilber, transfer, L.rat a zdilk........ 5 00
J. B. Barnes, hotel. ....... 2
Park Hotel Co.. billiarlr tabl-,, W't Falls 2U W
hotel, it) t0
N. W. Fuel Co., coal lde.irr, ", 5 lva
Luen Lee, laundry. Sun ittlr............ 5
J. T. Athey, agt toll brhi.', lou River . 10 I
merchant, San Iver'......... It to
saloon. ....... ) 1A)
merchant, i, Or!lt........... (0
saloon. i)
Prof. Hagan. perform '. --:" ,..s'i. I'M
T. Engelmeyer, ezprer.., " ...
H. Zingtle. hakery, 110
Willis a vance, gmhln ... 33 3
SHenry Courtney land :, " .. s
Wells, Fargo & o., cariers, .
E. Stevenson. Mdler, .... 00
G. W. Pence, livery, J.... (
J. D. Gore, saloon, , 10 . 0
Benson & Nelson saloon, " .... t00
GLreen & Taylor. lIvery, ". ....
T. A. Hunt, J0.oon, "" W. W
Saggle Fisher, " W .
I. Foley. saloon. Sand Coulee ......... 51
W. J. Casey. " (Great Fa.... ........ W
Willis A Vance, saloon, Great Falls......
O. H. Hord, restaurant, 2.
IL P. Gordon, physician, t00
Mayor Pointer, intellig ence, ..
Anthony A Roberts, dtone, Sand Coulee 3
W.B. Ralielgh & Co., Great Flls.. to
Fannie Rockwell, saloon. " (N.
F. Flingencie. peddler, " ..
H. Hines, saloon, s 0,
J. Hurst, "" , "
E. B. Largent. merchandise, " .
B. A. Robertson, gmblinhlg Sun River.. 3 3
G i. H.cKean, billeard tables, h ' ._0
" gambling, " .. 3333.
G. W. Williams, veterin.ry, Great Falls, I4t
W. M. Woolridge, mdse, ""
EH. Davis, ferry, 105
Has liabacker. merchandinse, "
H tontauaCentralM[eatt o.,bhtclier," 15 W
W. S. Wetzel. astt. raloon, , to
C'hurchill A Webster, dse, " 10 t0
W. P. Beachley, " 0
'. P. 'rhompsn, " O 000
W. Quail, livery. San River ............ : 0
.rr.ouua Huglhes, faro, (i reat Falls..... F t (r)
N. . Ridley, restaurat, " 5 W
I T.J.Joaes, oudse, .. "
B. Harris, ". ()
R. D. Beckon m, s .... 5 (n)
It. L. lescombt , oolooon. or........... )
J. Hirshberg,. mdse, Sun River. i
W. M. Brown, transfer, trent Falls..... 5 ..
Lora Lux, express, " 2 50
AlFramle, saloon, " " 1) (,,
theater. " titt (
Win. Albrecht. mdset, L" I it
A. F. Schmildt, saloo, " ill ;N)
A. Nathan, mdlse • 11 Ni
M. Bernstein, md., ,,se . it
Budste A Kenkel, d " • 5 It
Arrison A Hushes, farun, . S ti,
Caster A Watson, saloon, Belt ......... t ,
0Hiirby a Howard.t olon, iraestr FalH 'll .i
StIsoa A NelsonI gttnltloiltg, " • ;)q :t
'Chot. L. tiot'huls olo, s01 , 1' liltU .. i ilN
DIavid Brown, liv.ry, Slo livr. 15 It
' ' hot el. .111
Willis A Vance, ga hhug, (inat Fails 1.....
T. A. Hrt, 1 ,
W. 0. Denxtsr, fert, (rets'l Illll.s ;
Cturrtis Mosrr ttts. dsoot,, iteao t 1F"lb' . JO W
taple Facy Groceries,
ine Tea and Coffee, Leistikow's Patent Flour, Platt &iWashburn's Maseotte Coal 011,
arWare, Sash, Doors and Nails.
Window Glass, Iron Rooting, Giant and Blasting Powder, Caps, Fuse,
Cement, Plaster, lair, Plain and Tar Building Paper
Stoves and Tinware, Crockery, Glasware
and M[iners' Tools.
in shop in connecti;bn with store.. Prompt attention given to mail orders
L T.7 B I BB - E , EI
All kinds of rough and finished lumber, both Pine and Cedar, also
edar Doors, Sasl, Lath, iiouldiii and Cedar Shingles,
inth Avenue North and Smelter Railroad. City Office in R. M. Telegraph Otffice, entral Ave.
CHAS. T. DAY, Agent for
CHAS. T. DAY, ilchrist Bros. & Edgar.
¶orthwesterin Fuel Company.
Coal delivered direct from the mines - - - $7 per ton.
Lime -- - - $15 per ton.
Montana baled hay - - - - $16 per ton.
Oats - - - $1.50 per 100 Ibs
MJerchandise and furniture moved to any part of the city. Freight received and forwarded.
Mtice corner of Central avenue and Fourth atrreet.
(Under New Management.)
The Only First-Class House in Fine Billiard-Room and Bar
Great Falls. Stocked with
Central Avenue and Park Drive.
JULIUS HORST, Proprietor.
On roadwto.r bay ut.w the railroad bridge. Has
eat fteeasn hfettiful I 1,S eak Htoats witt all the
Grieat alls Boat 1oust, modern impronems, tt. Also a first-clasa line of Ci
gars, t'igaretttes, LeonaOde and ice water. All are
ordialy invited to call and see me. J. D. TAYLOR, Proprietor.
f ,K. Clar., uu. ."
i. Mathews, do. 60 S
1. A. Tait, dentit. "" 4 W0
F. Mathews, gamibling, ... 33 3
Dr. Weitman, physlcan, " 16 O
Dr. Fairfield, do, 16 SM
otchkiss & Hawkins. m'd'se, " ...e 10 C
T. Wernecke, do .... 5 Ne:
'hi G(erlach, bakery " 10 O)
L. D. Vance, feed stable, .... 8 W0
FDevine, gambling. "
rd Willis, express, ::,c )
Iartin Bros.. mosd's, " " , W I
John J. Ellis butcher, S.an River........ 5
P'. P. Bcklin job wagon. reat Falls... .h)
B- M. Stary. pawnbroker ... 0 . 0
1. L. Israel, salonando id'se, " .... q CO
E. R. Cingan, retail liquor, Belt........l , W
Do m ''s ) " . .
W. R. Getz, sal. andrest., Great Falls .. 5)
say & Lester, gambling, " ....
F. T. Johnson. express 00
S'las. A. CrowdLer. hack, " .... 5 B
Chas. R. Gahres, do 5 0
B. Sumiers, Isaloo. .... SO Y
Perkins & Taylor, batchers, Cascade.... 5 00 t
treen & Taylor. hack Great Falls... 5 0
Thos. E. Brady, lawyer .... ,'
Sthas. MiGeadly, .ablng, " .. :l 35
B. W. Mlatkin, m d'so, " 10 S
Jas. Otterson, di., 3 5
H. B. Dickinson, restaurant, . 0
J. W. Stanton. lawyer " SM
h. J. Pozuanski, mtereLhan, . 5
It. Boropski. pesh:ler, S. ( C
W. B. Ia'leigh & 9o., peddler, 2 .) SM
Stewart Toad, tretn-fEr, )5
8. 1. Ddl & ('Co..t. butchers .... 10 S
DInlap & M[itchell, sa. & m'd'so," ... 00
F. Kranmbeck, restaurat. " .... O
i.. L. Israel, wholesale liquor. " 31 5.
F. M. Maorgan. livery. " 15 S
E. K. Judd. reutaraunt, " s SM. 5 1CO
J. W. McKllight., minl Son River .... 5 O)
Fannie HB.asrdL, oaloon, Great Fallo... 60 O
J. H. tKinighlt AS('.. ra'd'se, " 0 CO
('St.y Lost. r, gynining .... 35
Cerson NeLson. do 3 35
P:atuL.-ou & Ncison, stuLoon " .... 0 0
Peter Bryo.,n, p.cler, " .. 5C
Peter )Iic,.n.dld. express, " 251
Thos. St;itzer. c'd'se, Cascade.......... 5
Nelliei t.y, sm,,i.o-aloon, Great Falls... 60 1O
Thos. WV 't,r,.hy. liwyer, Cascade...... 4 W)
Briake& ,,'or., restaurant, Great Falls... 2
w. 0. Dletecr. erry, " 10 0S
Jas. J. Gibbons. m'ad'se, c
J. H. M5cKnighrt & Co.. wh. liq.. i.t0
Lapeyre Bros., m'd'se, . 10
Ringwald & Carrier. m'd'soc , 5 lO
J. Buansberr, salsoon ,M
Wm. Crooks, do (h
J. Sinclair, do o )
Do wh. liq.or. 5. 50
Al Fnune, theatre,
F. W. Waite, m'd's, 3 ag
R. W. Hanson. real estate, 4 SM
Thos. MeMcahon. exprss, 5 (N
C'. 1. Benton, lawyer, 4 O
Phil Gerlach, saloon, SM W
J. K. Clark. wh. liqunor, ... q
W. 8. Wetzel. agt., wit. liquor, 60 50
I. L. Israel, d t
Jas. Bird. m'd'se, ISM
A. G. Ltdd. physician, iS6 Wl n
E. A. Williams, exprtess'- eI i
W.G. GCe. tz, wi. liquora. 1
L.,. Winchester. m'd'i ,
EmmerA t ace, do 310
E. J. Adams, do 5 W
J. D. Taylor, do 3 (i)
A. Lyall do
E. t'iutcher, pchysician, oll
Dickinson A irelliman, hotSl .i
Jas. Mcathews. gaimbling, 3
('has. A. Crowder, restaiurant, 4
Doug. Huey. m'dL'se. L
Gireat Falls& A t. Sh:w Stage companyi , y
coin. carrier ..... . . .W . . . . 5
Montmana Stage company, com. c;rrier,
Great G lls ................ 0
Henry Fitczsrlht. con. carrier Groat,
Falls.... .. .. ....
H.. m. Bilssnmomn. cinl tie.,r;cn ; tn l
S[Itcrihy. '[t'[lay A C ] c 'c ise 'irma
Fotal s. . . . 440$ .
I'Osllilty If 5Cascadle. s'
1 b crehy crtifv' tlhat tht fircigccin, is I
trules Sit1 c'I rclre:t ol),y of licenses c)illtectted
h tick hh c ;1ty tl'iOsSlstnl" t'ir the ctuatter
ci1tliniq M.iav i, 18.8, is otiwit b.y his re
]ttl i ls (II tilts in toy ctllitci.
,1. W. .'ll.itrN,
(',rtity Clertk intd Roioir, tet.
iy' 1I. -\. lISNi s sA,,it. i)rlpiltV.
On Central Avenue,
iext door to I .eyre's Drug store. aru the
Agent for
Pii s Orgalls
P:rties desiring to
ilond leave orders with them as they are agents
or Montana. They also keep in stock a fine
line of
Choice Confectionery.
Siillinery and Fancy Goods,
Great Falls, Montana.
Maguire's Theatre.
Collins Block, Central avenue.
Engagement of the eminent Irish Comedian,
supported by
Miss Carrie Clark Ward!
Saturday evening, June 15th. the world-famous
The above-named play will bew resented with
mnagnificent scener, elegant wardrobe and lprop
erties and under the management of
Manager of all the principal theatres in. lontana.
ADMISSION ........ $1 E0
ieserrt.l seats 2.i cents extra. For sale at the
Park hotel rcigar staud.
First Avenue South, Great Falls
F. IIIAMI IIWE('K, Proprietor.
t 'tirtal Avelnu and Flrtlilh Street, ( rent Falls
A. . F. , A. Al . Stated conmmnunications
of L!ibcads Lodge, Nio. 1I, will he held
on the seconid and fourth Saturday
evenings of each monthl . Visiting
bretlltt are ourdially welclomed.
.\', t'. Ilt..YlttAv , IHenv'. II. I'. liu s.va, W. M.

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