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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, January 31, 1867, Image 3

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;Dembcratic Enquirer
- i i. Jit-m o(Meat Inlcrwt.
SuDicai8B for ihe new paper.
. :k i"' 1 , '
DiBn.Sanford Ilundy, loo of Hon. II
Buady, M. C.,died oo rrlday last. - '.'
ell It ') ' ' . i i ; .
" Tai? Tillage 4f' Zaleskl, about si miles
norl,h-eutt from tUU town, has been inoorpor
t(d the corporate name being Tit Incur-
ofei Yillagt of Zalctki. V ';
Kw r ! . ' .i .
: Tac Spring Term of the Court of Common
Plea for Vinton county will commenoe on
' the 18tb. of March next. We will publish
-, the names of th Jurors In our next paper.
W.W.Johnson, one of the JuJeee
of the Court of Common Pleas of this Judi
cial District, has resigned on account of
inadequacy of salary.' "An act recently pas-
J by this Legislature raises the salary from
-.$2,000 to $3,o00 a yoar,
A fox hunt took ttlace in Franklin Town-
i t..i,. -..i. i..is.i.j.. ' ti. -
jL si a a K.ti, t
uaugnt. Aiiotuer losnunt win taite ptaoe
uekt Sturdr. : ' :
t- ' :
Tna weather changes very suddenly.
YeaterdaV momlnir at T o'clock the Ther -
mometer stood at. 18 degrees below tero and
' this morning at 38 degrees above sero.
,W call attention to the earl of O.W.J.
Woltt, Clock ad Watch Maker, in this pa.
per. He repairs Watches, Clocks, Musical
Instruments Ao , on short notUe, and in
elegant style. . 'He has Spectacles to suit all
' eyes for tale at low prices. Give him a
tail. . J
Tai statement of the eonditios of the
Hartford Live Stock Insurance Company
,( Connecticut, J.JW. Bowen, Agent, will be
found in to-day's paper. The figures show
it to be a responsible company, t The affairs
of theoompany are managed : on first claw
principles;,, and Its omoors are gentlemen
well known for charaoter and pecuniary
ability. , ; -if.. "
O Subscriber residing in and near town
will eonfer a favor on
us, andaocommoda(8
themselves, by
informiifg us where they
; wish lo ge.t their paper at this office, or
Those who do not bo inform us will find.
Heir papers at this office.
, . ,Wr have went,, Prospectuses for the Dm
xrae finguiret, to many of our friends
tnrougnoui me oounty, noping they will get
their friends and neighbors la subsoribe for
he new paper. Nov ia the time to sub-
terlbe for a good" paper. . Get up clubs at
everr Tost Office in theconntv I Ask everv
lijody (0 subscribe for the' new paper I
. -
" yie terms are very low. If you ein'l
pay for oni year now, pay for sis or for
'three mpniis. -Etnd
in the names I
'L "' "'' i
Waare preparing an Official Directory
of Vinton County part of which will be
..round on we nrst page or to-day's paper.
W T.1 H V . 1 1 . . .. .. . l
'is 1111,111 seen, oy reierqng 10 ,tne list of
Post OfSces in this county printed en the
first page, that the names of several Post
) Masters who; being unknown ' to us, are
omitted. , Will Sdrae friend send us the
names bf the Post Masters who do not' ap
pear in the list of Post Offices? We shall
'-publish a Furnace Direotory,- the names 0
the justices Qf-tbe Peaoe in the aeveral
Township'in the county, 4e,-ftc,'-lo short
f " j
n-puuiiBuin anotaer par of to day's
parer, the vcari' .: or Benl. P. Chnrahill.
- - jj r- --j 1' J 1
rormeny or Cifiomnati, who is . established
aa proprietor of the City Hotel, at Hamilton,
uutier county, Ohio. This is a well known
and popular Hotel, looated near the Hail
Road Depot,;and well calculated to meet the
wants orhie traveling public .
Mr. Chunhilwhas an , extensive tin.;n...
experience; is a courteous aad ' deservedlv
popular srenwemsn: and. in a w !,. 1
how to keep a boteL", We wish him success
in his new enterprise and bespeak for him
the" patronage of our, frienda . who may
pave ocoaaion lo visit the beautiful oitv of
vr. .
Vinton County Probate Court.
:' .Ihe - following business was transaeted
,1ft the. Probate CouH of Vinton County, du-1
ring id week ending January 26th, 18S7;
Masriage Lioenjes 1 were granted
George H.-Oinghsy and Ann T Long.
i'oTfvuA. Wyatt and Lucretia L.Pry.
AHsyDieagO'Xtttu, in its reflections
vjpon Jifew. Year's Day "a day of beRin-
i 'i,-' ..'...
nyvri ouuy euouia. at least between
.uiks, devote a portion of .the Cat to
oemn rcflectioD Our State legislators
would do well Co recast the orotrrammA
t m in - I
for paying four do laraper day for board
iut ot a salary of three dollar per diem.
nd having several thousand dollars
-. .. - ' . K I
..6 r.,v....uyuuU MuiiariQ.ver
spring. -Congress, " on suoh. an
t -ia, for beginning things,
egiu again the work or reconr
Wight beg
Btruottoa open a basia of constitution
.and chanty., Women might hegin to-
day that enonomy whioh ; will soon be
- necessitated byatagnsut baiineM and a
. eonlrptir.g currenoy." ' ' iv
The State Ticket.
Ep eaklng ' b - gentleaeh eoroposiog
ih i Demooretlo Tloket, plaoed in nonslna1
lion on the 8th Inst 4 'lheCbBlfitlie AJveri
liter sayst .'Mr
'"Our candidates are5 itxnntsi and
Worthy ohamplons) of the platform. . They
are all Demosrats in Which there is an po
litical guile. They hate been refined In the
fire of persecution, and have come oat purs
gold. They are not only tedommenaea te
the reoDle of the 8tale 'on account of ' their
incorruptible Democracy,' by their eminent
personal fitness fur the positions 1 to which
they aspire. Judge T human, the eminent
jurist and profound statesman if admitted by
his bitterest foes to He a man who will not
receive from, but reflect honor on the Ouber-atc-rlal
Chair Daniel 8. Uhl Is a, fine law
yer, and an able and experienced parliamen
tarian and legislator. Dr.' Fulton is a gen
tleman of. large flnandial experience, and is
eminently fitted te discharge the duties of
Treasurer of State. Mr. MeEl wee has a
thorough knowledge of the duties of the
position to which he aspires, and' will make
an excellent emoer. rrana nuru is univer
sally popular, and his qualifications for
Attorney Ueneral are abundantly proven, in
his able criminal oode now pending in the
Ohio Senate of which he is a member. Judge
Key. who has three times been the choice of
(he Democraoy for 8upreme Judge Is one of
the onest lawyers in unio, uu ms tunees
1 for the Bosmou is aueMionna ur none,
Sheridan for Comptroller of the Treasury,
.nj m- Huirhej for IJnara or rumio moras.
are men of ability and are peouuanr aiap-
ia 10 the discharge of the. th duties of the
positions lor wnion iney are nomtnaiwi.-
1 It now remains Tor the Demooracv to
mako thorough township and county organ
Illation and prepare for the oontest.' Lotus
enter Into It with a vim and determination
to succeed, and if suooess does 'not crown
our efforts, we will at least have the happy
consciousness of having done our duty.''"'
..., . -
Two Missiesippiinfl were playing po
ker for "pot" of H0 tod got into a
fight. One was slot and fell apparently
ia the agonies of death.' While some
men wero removing him he opened his
eyes and said ; '"Tell me, before I die,
what beeamo of that darned pot 7" .
Tai heavy floatiog iqe in tho Ohio
rivrr sunk the old dismantled ateamr
Argyle on Friday week and swept off
the oew ateatner America, lying at Cio
oinnati. She grounded 00 a bar bw
the oitv. . Th tiiner JTme (rrqvA was
also damaged. Twenty-three loaded and
Twenty-two empty doal-barge, valudd
at $125,000, were likewise carried off by
.1 . mt ' ''J
toe ice. 1 do river run at ioe, ,auu
navigation virtually auspeoJed, from
Pittsburgh to Cairo
The Emperor of Rnesia has issned a
nkase rogardinc Poland.. 1 It places her
finances noder Russian direotion, divides
l'oland into uve instead or ten frovis-
ional Governments, g'vea the Governors
rullar powers, and forms looal guardi.
A singular and very detrnctivo en
idemto pre vails among toe noes in South
em lows; ihe intemmes or the dead
hogs ere found to bo filed with worms
from aiZ to twelve inches in loDgth.
loo diseass in new to. tho farmers, and
they are greatly txoited ahoot it.
A LUMP of pWre silver, weighing six or
eight pounds, was found under the Ger
man Csthouol'hurch, in Vincenne. Ind..
last Friday. The supposition is that the
parties who stole the silver-ware from
Cotonel Allen's and Mr; John Ca'dweU's.
had resorted to that plaoe to melt and
ne their eains.
Benatb. Petitions were pre eon ted
for an increased tariff, for negro suffrage.
enu against tno curtailment or the ourr
1 il Am '
rency. The Committee 00 'Indian Af
fairs was ordered to . inveaugata., the re
cent Indian maseaoro near Fort Phil.
Kearney. The Bankrupt Bill was laid
as de that tha Tar tPBi m ohf. r.n t.lrnn
dp, which was amended 'and disoussed,
hut not BniahBrt holnro tha Sonnt A
joorned. f
A mmA.?.l ctn.4 :.:
t luuiuvi itsia diuvu J J UUIUDIU US Olif
lens of Baltimore,' agaioat the passaee
of a Bankrupt Law. Tte)' main point
of obieotion was that the oititena of the
Southern States might be benefited by
suoh The Tariff Bill was again
considered, ana numeroufi amendments
made, among which is, one prohibiting
iuvruuuunwu t iuo weu-uowu yoi-
" M- : :;
The Chair presented response, frotn
the Secretary of the Treasurv. to a reso
lution esking information about Gov
ernment advertising. The object of this
ib iv pass a uiu ueciaring ma 1 none out
'loyal ' pagrors meaning thosd that advo
cate negro suffrage shiiriiave 4 ny Gov
ernment advertisements'. ' The tariff bill
was . again . considered,. " Shermae." of
Ohio, Sprague, of Rh,ode Island, and
Fessendeo, of Maine; participated.
for inoroasi
petitions were presented and referred
ing the tariff.'Tor increasing
)he pay of offioerfl. and eains't the cur.
wumeot pt.tne currency,, , A resolution
was adopted oaltiog upon (be Seoretarv
of War to protect the offioers,.who under
the Armv Bill bf Last Summer had failed
l0V 010 'Oeit. tegiments.', Tnd' Jfrnance
Lom,;D,ee "ported, a joint , rssolutipn
iui iu tuo vrooerai viovernmonr,-
Th v;n.n -pAin . ...
LeBislative. Eeentlvrt anrt J;t.f A
portionment Bilt ; Mr. ,Wde! (Radical)
intMiuA 1 v.11 i .n-i it. Jv... Jt
hvvm sb win v, aj lfe vJLD IU VAU Uv O V
the Supteme Court among the Circuits.
Tha ' hill aUt
ment or a Marshal by the Court' bn
aominstion of the Chiof-jttsticC'et' Ji
salary of ;00.
House Bill aalhorixinff write of
-" - - v..idi.i vi IUV VUU1I. UU
izintf write f kaleat
corpus for the "removal ef aov oase aui-
thorized by, former acts of 8tate ' Courts
the; Cirouit 'Courts' tjt iW'VnUH
Stater, .when' the defendaniTls in ' aetaaJ
custody, was Passed. .:Ibe,bill;'to short:
en theviime of yajte Stales convicts by
one month iu fweTve, for 'godd behavior,
was pased. M. Sumner, frm the
Committee oo.sforeig? Affairs lotro
duced a joiot resolution increasing the
number of oamniisuiouVs to the Paris
Exposition aulhoriaiog the employ
meat of aeUrk and seoreta:y,, scientific
assiHtaota add draughtsmen, renting of
houses for the .accommodation ot the
commission, and appropriating $88,000
for the objects of the commission. The
Tariff Bill was furtberemsuJed and dis
cussed. . , .,
The Iou$e resolution, exempting
burning fuods from taxes, was passed
Nr. Wade mtrouocea a uiu 10 appoint!
Superintendent of the Capitol od Cap
itol grounds, by the speaker ol the tlon
and President - of tho Senate. A , bill
wes passed, removing a)l pension agents
appointed eioce the let of January, labb
A bill ' was introduced to equalise and
increase the pay of army officers. , Sir
Trumbull, from tha Judiciary Commit
tee, reported back (De bill of Mr. Wade,
to amend tha Constitution,' prohibiting
the re-elooiion of any person to ihe of
fice of President of the Uoited Ettates,
Mr. .Wade sard bo would call it up at
an early day. bo as to have the LegiaU
ture of the Siatos to act on it before ad
journmenL The Tariff bill was taken
out of .Conxnitieo of the Wnole.
House. A resolution was introduced
and referrod to the Judioiary Committee
declaring that the , southern States r&
canity iu amed rebellion had been loft
without legal civil governments, and that
their governments can beoome valid only
by act of Ctugr&i8, A (resolution was
introduced aod referred to the Commit
tea on Reconttruotioo, declaring that
btntcs not representated . in Congress
should not have the right to vote on the
ratification o.f a Constitution)! amend
meat ' A reoution susnendine for two
year? the retirement of legal-tender notes
as roterjel to tbe Uommlttee on Banks
and Currency. A bill was introduced
to define ' the powrrs of the Supreme
Court. - It provides that when tbe Court
is called upon to decido aa to the validiiy of
an?.'" t toneress: the beerinc? mast he
L.J- r..t. " . " - .
ueiuie a mil oeoon 01 toe Uourt, aod
the decision of tho Court must be unan
imous. This ia one. of the Kadical
measures' to. prevent the will of Congress
ceing interfered with by any other depart
ment of the Government, and if adopted
win Dsa great sfen toward adaroby. A
bill waa passed directing that, .when the
secretary of the Treasury intends to
sell gold, he shall give reasonable notice
of the time, place and amount to be
old. - A bill was Introduced to increaso
the compensation of officers of the Uni
ted States Courts in Washington and
other oities. A, , bill was introduced to
prevent any. further withdrawal from
oirculution by the Government of leeal
tender notes. : A resolution '. instructing
toe uommittee on Jieotions to inquire
into tne maoncr 01 the recent Maryland
oleotion .. and the President's aceoov
therein, was, after considerable diioussion,
passed. ,,,,, w,
The Committee ou the Judiciary r4
ported favorably on tbe bill to legalize
all acts and proclamations made by tbe
rrosiuont trom Maron 4tb, lriol, to De
cember 1, 1865,' and indemnifying all
omoers tor any acts ' committed 10
disohargo of their duty during the war,
and who sat on military commissions and
condemned citizens to imprisonment and
death, and who, lor suoh aots, are, under
tbe reoent decision of the Supreme Court,
liable, criminally and, civil I v. for their
illegal aots.' An amendment deolares
that all officers who were in the service
shall be!-i presumed to have boon acting
under the orders, of the President. . A
bill was also '.reported front ' the same
Cqpimittee (called.. Bout wells Bill) de
elating it to be a rule ot all Courts of
the Uoited States, that any person who
took part in the late war on the side of
the Confederacy shall not be allowed to
practice in said Courts.' Mr. Boutwell
spoke in favor of the bill and decounoe'd
the decision of the Supreme Court, whioh
ueoiarea mat ioe test oatn was unconsti,
tutional. So soon as he had finished he
oalied for tbe previous question, so aa to
out ou an iurtner aeoate. tiere oom
mesoed a soene often before witnessed in
the House of Congress, when an imperi
ous minority determined to pat a meaa
ure tnrougb without debate. Theoppo
nents of the bill resorted to parliamentary
strategy to prevent a vote being taken on
the passage of the bill, and to out off
debate, and kept the Houe in session all
night and ' until eight o'clook next
morning.'.';;' .,. ,';;;, '- : ;
COLUMBUS, Jan. 28, 1867.
;In the Hous jr..Nixon presented a
memorial of "the Cincinnati Belief Un
ion, asking the) Legislature to ask Con
gress to pass a law, to hasten the adjust'
meat of olsimi of sodiers for back pay;
&o., passed, ; -. bill, authorizing the levy
of atax, to build a Court-house in Lan
caster, Was introduced; an 'anJebdi'Dg
sot for punishment of mortal n crimes , to
establish an Agricultural College. ,u .,, L. ,
.Mr. Jlangler offered a resolution to,int
etruot the . Treasurer, of State o ipvest
the funds for the Agricultural College in
Government bends. Referred. -i : .-J(
A' c6mmunic4tlon from ihe Governor;
onthe subjeot of the insuffioionoy of
the buildings for-the. Blind Asylum,
wis recalled.! Y JHTi' DM 2 3 j rj -i
The joint resolution to adjourn une
oTi; .Matoh l,1 was agreed -to , yeas, 21
.f' I-,, v.'.r ,...r.;,.r
In the House, Mr. Martin presented
petition to authorize County Commiss
loner to chanfee location of roads, when
such change will supersede tbe necessity
building bridges, . t i--y.
ih -1
, 11 1' I
.aii.."ciBei.aiu: !
Philadelphia Market.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 29, 1866.
Ftonr dull, sales of North-western brands
at $1 1 to 12 60.
Wheat aearee, sales of prime at f 3,10 to
3,25. and white at $3.20 to 3.40. Rra stead
and unchanged. Corn aetive, sale of 3.000
bushels new yellow at 9 80,
steady, sales at 67 to 680.
Provisions 'inohanged.
to $1. Oats
Chicago Market.
CHICAGO, Jan. 29, 1867.
Flour more activs, sales of spring extra
at $ 9 to 10,75.
Wheat dull and declined 2 to 2Jo., No. 1
closing dull at 83o. Corn declined 1 j to 3o .
Closing dull, sales at 76j. for No. 1 Oats
steady and quiet, sales a 40 to 491.: : for
No. 3. ' ' ' ....... . .
The Hog Market.
January 22, 1867.
In Clevelnod, dressed hngs are not so
plenty ; piioes $7,00 to 7,60 for medium to
heavj. .
in Chicago-dressed hogs 'are dull, with
sales at $7 00 to 7,30, lire at $8,00 to 6,65,
.. In New York, $7 00 to 7,50 for live, and
$9,00 to 0,600 for dressed.
Baltimore Market.
BALTIMORE, Jan. 29, 1866.
Coffee, tho slock , of io ia light.-prioes
are firm at ltto I8J0. for good to prime.
Puirar steady.
Flour nominally unchanged.
Wheat No sa'es of prime, sales of com
mon to red at $2.80. Corn sales of whits
at $1 to 1,05, yellow at 05 to 99o. Oats are
held al 66 to 67o
Clovereeed is holl alOJ, for prime.
1 Ptdvinlrius quiet and firm', eales of mess
pork at $22. Lard is held at 12 Jo.
Whisky irregular. - !
.' - , ... , '-r"'-;z- ... i. t !
or THB ,
Hartford Lire Stock IaBurance
1 . , Pt Cpnneoioitk
On iuo isi aay or wovember, 1886, made
to tho Auditor of Ohio, pursuant to the
oiaiuie 01 inftt mate.
CAPITAL."' 1 '
The amount of its Capital Stock
paid up, Is . .$150,000 00
CaBb on band, and in the hands
of Agents. . . . S22 9ii r.c
The Bonds and Stook owned hy .
the Company . . . 4357 50
Debts due the Company, aeaur-
ea oy Mortgage,
Debts otherwise aeoured,
36, BOO 00
50.000 00
2,786 67
211 00
veDts tor rremums,
All other 8ecurits,
Ttlal Assets of Company, $155,296 83
The greatest amount insured In
any one risk, . . . $2,000 Tjo
STAfr or ColfHKCTIOUT, 1 . .--
1 L ass
Uoomr of UABTroBD, '
E. N. Kellogg, President, and W. C. Good-
rich, Secretary of the Hartford Lire Slock
Insurance Company, being seterally sworn,
depose and say, that the foregoing is a full,
true and correct statement of the affairs of
said Insurance Company, and that they are
lit. .Iiab. ...... : 1 i rat . I 4 .
w.v uvti uosunueu vuioera inereoi.
B. N. KtLLOQG, President.
W. C. UOODRICli; Beoretarr.
Bubscribed and sworn before ma, thin 'an.
ubj oi novemoer, itstis,
J - IT , . "I
Com'r for tin Statu af OhU
Ftva Cemt Stamf.
Oft tow ? itnt AtDrroa or State,
Columbus, 0., Not. 19, 1806.
It Is hereby certified, that the foreeoina-
oorreoi copy ui me Statement of tho
umoition or tbe Hartford Lite Stock In
suranoe Company of Conneotioat, made to
ana niea in mis wmee, Tor the year 1867.
oai, j ( . y uness my band and seal offi
.!;. -V Jas. H. GODMAN,
Auditor of State.
Bf Jas. Williams, Ch't Clark.
Expire on the 31st day of January 1868.)
Omiob or ttia AnotToi ot 8tati,
iHscaAaca niPAnaasr; I
- '. Colombds, O., Nov i9, 1867. J
INSURANCE COMPANY, located at Hart
ford, in the State of Connecticut, has filed
in this offioe a sworn statement of its eon.
Ldition, as required by the aot "ToJRegulate In-
DurBus vuuipnniee not lnoorporatea by the
State of Ohio," passed April 8, 1856, and
auiouueu eoruary v, jHtM, and tbe aot "To
regulate r,Fore;itn Insurance Comnaniaa"
passed April i860; and, Whereas, said
Company has furnished tho undersigned
satisfactory eridenoe that it is possessed of
an aotual Capital of at least owa hundbed
required by said aots; and, Whereas, said
Company haa filed in the offloe a written
instrument under its corporate aeaL. sinned
by the President.andJSeoretary thereof,. au-
luonxing any ngenr. or agents or said Com
pany in this State to acknowledge service of
process, for and ill behalf of said Comnan .
according to the terms of said aot of April
8, 1856. ,
Now, Therefore, in pursuance of ihaant
aforesaid, I JAMES it, GODMAN, Auditor
of State for- Ohio, do' herehv eertifr thai
ANCE COMPANY of Hartford,-Connecticut,
ia authorised to transact the buai neaa nt
Live Slock Insurance iu this State until
the thirty -first day of January, in thejeae
one thousand , eight hundred and sixty,
eight. , - " . . 'i
Seal. Ii Witness Wbiriot, I bate1
., hereunto aubscribed mw
, nam and caused tbe seal, of
. tny office -to be affiled the
i day and year above wriUen;
JAS. 11, GODMAN, ;
Auditor of State, j
. .. By OaS; WituAMg, ,
, ' ' Ch'f Clerk.
' -''' J. tr. tlOTTEft, igeilt, "f i
' MeArthar.' date,
January 31, 1167-Sw ' i
,.lir'ei JPgor'i Eul'tf fhe Kattert Itou,'
; T&ortlxvLX', OHio. :
rorrtit rcptawid. '
iaarnpe.tiwi) tn suit all ejo. . 1 .7, .
--JmiMriaitjmir-ly f. ,. ,
'1. ' '-
m 1 ! 1 . j 1 . 11 -
Cornor TJiisin ftnt Third Street,
- 'j II A MILTON,.
B. r. CnURtilllL, -
ono,,., ,
SITTATEf) in tHe: Wiiiihi pnft of the City, and
neiM-nBttrtthe. Kail. Kporf l"lpt ... ..
J'lininibiia'"'fl run to ud from ererjr train.
January 31, d7-tf ... . j ... .
in.- ' ''-. ' " ; ;
ON and after Jamiwy.e, 1807, Trains wilt run aa
I1oj:. .(.--,-..,..
Depart Ctncmnnti 7:30 p.. 12 35 a.m.
' Loveland tl " ' 2UO j . .
" ' ChillK-othe I2 0H .n. ,.. see ., -.
.Hamden,,-1 I 47 .. . ,.1 02sa..
' Z.ilskt 2 23 "" ' ' ' t HI
' Athfnn v a 23 " 8 2t ''
Arrive Marintt e t ..-., lu a '
IJIure 6 00 ' 1 UO
Depnct Belire . 8 35.-. . , 7 10 P.M.
' Athena " OS ' 'W10 '
Jinteaki'- 1010". v. r ' JllHt"; ,j
- ' . , Hnnxlen 10 4f" '1142 "
' '-chiiiicothe 122S p.m. i ..: ;
"i , . irfTi-b(iul t44,w i,'- . . 4 as " .
Arrive Uincinnati 6 (10 '' 6.'-l""- '
Connectionii made nt Hnradcn with. Trains on the
Portsmouth Branch.., , .,
Close eoniiMitioiM- made at Cincinnati with all
Weetem Traini aod at Parkereburg with the Balii
more and Ohiw Kail Ra&i. ,
; okTjANi smitit.- -'
i . i 1 ; - Mutnr o( Ttanxportntion.
Chiiiicothe. 0 Jap. 2t; 1T.
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Jon rui.xrti
0i? OP i o 3D.
In iValont'l JtuiUinf,. on, Maid Slreei,
: I V -.
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s rojiiele with all lbs. modern improTe1-
- "l :
meats1 for
the KUt.i CMAP. and
ap:o txeeution: of efery atU
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HanibilU; , , s
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'"ci.!i'" ' '"f '
':. CirwTali' '" ''
''f':' Batty Tideh
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Mil., I .i
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t si m
, V billheads'.' "
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etisi'J:' ''!'..' -
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ALt klKOg- QF fiLANKSj,; Ae., ftV'Ae,',
t: 1 'j!; '.'. '..-d,.! f ,r
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'J ' 'fit iv- ''T'Ci ! ii;
ri;S vAs '.::::. -'La -.,;....,
3 '
U plain or faney eelered inks..
1 1
P R O S R33 0 T fj S
.or TBI
" -
Extraordinary InductmtnU ' Our
il . - ' . r n '
, i rrtmiumt Amounting ta' ' " - J
;..V, M 'oiv&o oo i '"'
'''' T U Distributed in April, lX t
For Lint o Premiums and Particulars of
Distribution, see the Weekly Enquirsi1
j.j.iad Subscription Circulars ' -i
WE. thin y-, olr pri to the above amonnt as
n incentive to thni-e of our nntrona who Will
exort themselves to form clubs ll our paper coiild
h t aken in the household of all our uemocratla
frlcndH, Mouth and Wet, its influence would bepn
tent r-ohiin)t the politi'Ml aspeut ol Rftmre The
(treat point lor which 111 triendu of the Union ahoul
labor For is the Dissemination of Democratic truth.
If It had hnii an equal hearing with the errors ot our
opponent, re uliould never have, had the torrlbla
crisis of tho last five yoara. Taiight by ead expert,
encc. oTits necossity.'we trust the Demooratio pre
la in fttture to have a larger xphere of influence ant
What evils have fallen npon the land, owfnR to the
erroneous political eduation of the masses! If we
would rratorc the old ordor of things once more, ef
fect National Unity and tho old-f inionid Peace and
Prosperity i we must place tho Democracy again ia
Jour. A.) auxilsry to this end, and as tho meat ef- .
pctive attent in the work, we repeat, is the circula
tion of the Democratic press.
The Enquirer has gome claims upon the consider-
Hon of the Democracy that are universally aeltnhwl
mfired. Through proscription pad persecution un
exampled, with military edicts cutting off our cir
culation fa whole Stales and district., threatened
wjthtot il suppression, personal imprisonment and
mob violence if we did not change, our courao. we
stood by the Democratic fUg and gave expression to
lt tenets- Twice burned to the ground within thir
teen months, and amid t he great-jet pecuniary dis
asters consequent upon it, we have never lost aa
issue of oor pnperor brofcon a promise to any of
our tulwcribere. In the future, as in the paet, under
the sun of prosperity at well as the clouds of adver
sity, we nhnll bear aloft the Democratic Banner, an J
be faithful to Hs organisation. Will not the Democ
racy of the Northwest stand by them who wero true
in tfte'darliest boor to their political and personal
interests, and will they not exert themse'vea to in
crease our circulation?
As S buineo .n ramny jonrrml, the Enquiwhaa
po superior. ach number contains a large amount
of general newt, latest, and most reliable Intelli
gence and reading matter. Financial and Commer
cial News ia made a special featnre of ;the Enquiiv.
An unusually large apace beinp devoted to ta'i tmt
reliable reports of the ruling prices ol'lhis and u.tiar
markets. . . -
The Weekly Enquirer will mailed to eubscri
bera at the following reduced ratees ; . ,
Ulugleeopy,, one year, -j . ,,$ Oft
" , " six months, 1 2.1
Ted comes, ouu year, v .: j,j0l)
tl-i.l. 'J.l:: L. ... .. .
n iwi an Huuiiioimie-upy ro ine geuer up ot ineciu?.
Monet to be lent atouri-lik by express, prepaid.
or in registered letters by mail, Ker sum over ten
dollars by mail, drafts or post office money ordrt
should be )rocured. 'Address -'
FAB AN ft MelBAS,- ,,
" " ' ' . v Cincinnati, Ohiei
Specimen copies and subscription circulars on
taiuinglist of prises and all necessary iin'oi maima,
sent uu application. I-. . , ,.
' " :. ; i . . .
-'' ' '" ' -H THE-- - ' ; ,
V .' . . ..
'--j . , , ,' ' t
; i...' ii . , for 18S?.. . ., .' '
4 8 ih thwpast, throngh Knnshfbe and slorm; Tnn
J, Ohio Statesman will continue inflexibly Uemo
craiic -unalterably devoted to an-ndvocam nf the
maintenamwof the Conetitulion, in epirit nnl in let.
ter, and to the preservation of tho Union. Aside
fro.n this, Tho Statesuiaw will beetow particular at. "
tention to .-- - i , :
JVews, Legislative and Cuttgremonal
Rtports, Choice - Instructive and
: : Pleating .. Literatures -'
And will giva faithful ntai-U-et reports from ihe lead
ing Comimmjial Centers of tho coutr rv. ,
On the 13th of iocember, The Weekly Statesman
will be s) enlaiged as to give two and a hnif addi
tional eolumna t f leading matter weekly. 'I'lru f j4
lowing are tha .... v ;, .'
paily Statesman, per year. ' ., iDftA
" , " six months, " '' ' - 4Art
Trl-'W'eekly Statesman, per year; i , t JO
' ' " six month", , St
- , WEEKLY 8TAIE81.N; '
One copy, tftr months, for : i. J l r
One copji one year, for r ,.2 on
Five copies, one yeaiS for - .- i J.'.oos
Ten copies, one year, lor : :; n , 17 jit'
Twenty copie, one year, for 32 0
Fifty oopie one year, for . ' '- .' .Jjn
.; u, t. v .; . .Columbus, Ohiu.
Beautiful PremiUai Eopraving, and Se
dueed Prices to CluW ..' '
THE1.ADY'8 FRIEND annoHoce? ' Hf Ism
following noveletes: A New Story bv Mrs. Henry ,
Wood, author ot 'East I.vnno ' '1 11' Ohannfnit.'
;How a Woman had her Way,' by ElisAbelh I'rea-
cntt, author of Told hy. the Sua. 'Jo Long.-r
voung,' by Amanda M. Douglas, author of 'In
Trust,' etc. Dore Oastel,' by Frank lee Benedict,
ttwillgirj a splendid double-page linoly olorol
Fashion Plate engraved 'nn steel m eviwy number.
It willgive a beautifully executed fancy steel en
graving, and A large assortment of wood tints, itluat -
rating inanions, tancy worlc, ew., In every number.
will give a popular piece of Music, worth the cot
of the magazine itself, in every number, It will give
opr of the Beautiful Premium HteeT Engraving
'One of Life's Happy Hours' "a by 30 inches, to v
ry single $2,50 subscriber, and to every - Person a
It offers as premiums Whreler & Wilson's Sewinr
Machines, silver Plated Tea Hett, Hpoons, Pitchers,
Gold and Hilver Watches, Guns, Rifles, Melodions,
Clothes Wringers, Appietou'a Cyclopedias, c,
' ' ' TERMS. .
' lenpy, (and the engraving,) t 2."fi .,
; 4 copies, too
4 copies, (and one gratis)' ' ' 1 '. atli
8 copies, (and one gratis) ! , , 14 DO
KO'copies (and one gratia) . ' " . 28 V. .'
One copy each of the Cady's FricnJ aijd the- Satur
day Evening Host for H 00. -The
getter UD of a club will Alirava feeeire aennv nf
the Premiuirt Engraving. Members ef a club wuh-
ingtne engraving must remit one dnliar extra.
sTeose desirous of getting np, claba tr premium
lints should enclose IS cents lor snmnle Mavaxine.
eontaming the particulars. Addrew
i:-n- 319 Walnilt filroof PKl!.,l.lKln r. .
" Lir "iiirsi fin - flrrrrinrjii Lu1isnaj.rvml-l-, mm -
Tit U ON 10 . 1
"H :1 Tol. Xvt,roriSOT.
8.D.; llAURli Eottoa. : , .
i ..;.;' s A- W., PARSER, rssttirtga,
' tH.xiRiAT...wiKi.r !-.;..
Agrktiltuml and
Family Paper,
Devoted to Sural ana , HousehoU Ajfw.
. TTsf Single- eopy, only $2,00 a y earl
An extra copy oneearfor ery club of
Ten, and an . extra topy six monthj for'a
olub of aia. ' ' Specimrns and Prespectusrea
sent freeto persons desiring to set up ehih-i.
' "Adlress -t " OHIO FAKMEtt, .1 j ,
'',; lo-. .Cleveland,, Ohio,
j ; pt9. .Chtapte Jfdjanne in jfAa, WorM! '''
'PHIS popular and widelv circulated Msgaxhie'h.is
A now reached an edition unequalled in this coun
try. Each number is brnamentod by numerous tim
engfavinge.'aniiie complete-iii Iveilf, emHfug a
groat vatioty of tale, sketches, poem, and illunira
ted artiolea, written expressly for its oolumni. 'If 19
conceded hy all to be (be Mlieapest und bt: Mkh,
smeiu .the worlds ,
. TERM'S. r .;-
H Sns ymart se.n copies jbM; 'Ihlrtecn cnplas .
ll&OO. bingla copies t cents. .. Addreea .
J'-J''.- .-.it,.;,.- '.;.,.,,, ,. v,'VI. :

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