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Management of Swine.
olip the following from the 0m
i'i r-
In the Ohio 'Farvur or Deo. 29, 1806, we
wade mention of nice pm which we had
, a-stn at various times, passing through this
city br express, from. Cyrus McCutly, or
TruinbullCo. Mr. McCuilv sends us the
following a his practice in the management
of these.aniinalat. ... ...
, , 1 enn't propose to disonss the good or bad
qualities of any particular red but to
give my ideal of wbat a hog should be, and
not as some advertisers of stook, that their
breed is the best In all respect and for every
'purpose. ' ' " ' ' '
, It. selecting pigs from any brted for
breeding purposes, greatoare should be taken
to choose the best specimen from two dis-
-.' tiuet families of the earns breed and by so
doing you avoid ta injurious effects of in
" apd-in breeding. It is neoessary that these
.' directions be closely observed, as swine
will degonorate where no attention is paid
lo proper crof sing. I always choose those
t of good length of body, straight on the back,
square build, heavy bams and shoulders,
short head and leg, fins hair and small
ears, although a large ear generally denote
"large growth. The male should be less
rather than larger than the famals and more
-aompaotin fornv
1 new allow a sow to breed until at least
' one year bid, ks I am satlsfled that allowing
, swiue to breed tod voting, n,J cheeks
' her own growth and vigor,, but that of their
progeny also. I prefer a boar one year old
or older to breed from. I think both con
tinue to do better for raising fine, large pigs,
, when tbey are removed to a separata depart
ment from each other, being eareful not to
allow them too much bed, as thoreis danger
' of their lying on their pigs,
they are fed by ground fed prepared by
pouring boiling water on it and letting it
stand twenty-four hours. To this add the
lops from the kln.. Feed regularly
three times a day until the" pigs" are from
two to three weeks old, when I provide a
place to whiob-the pigs can have acoess. I
then feed them with grouud .oorn and oats
1 prepared as above, with the addition of milk
-when convenient; this tbey eat readily and
gii in from ope to two pounds per day.. .By
this treatment thore is no oheck to their
growth when taken from the sow, and I
. have no' difficulty in making spring .pigs
dress from three to four hundred pounds at
,; usual butchering time. , ;
As to diseases, they may generally ce pre
.onin.l hv t.rnner care and attention. The
idea with some that anything is good enough
. for a hog is an erroneous one ;
one; mey snoum
i,,mX .d with drv and well ventilated
sleeping apartments, witn propor ioou oi
ufficient variety. . By being particuiar,in
this respect 1 have never troubled with dis
taseof odv kind. Sulphur or copperas,
givco ja their feed occasionally, will eradi
cate almost any ekiiudisease, tfbd copperas
and wood ashes is goed for bat is called
kidney worm or weakness of the hind parts.
., An occasional dose or sau anucuiuui ,u
iheir focd will be attended wun goou reuuim.
- 1 should be glad to hear from other breeders
of fine hogs through the columns of the Far
' but. and if they have better breeds, via:
Chester. Suffolk and Berkshire, or a better
clan of breedin e and raising, I will oheer-
lolly adopt them. vjybu mbvulw
Maxims for Farmers.
rr jj tinnnis farmer cimCol
f q iiHuv .w. 0 .
t! muxima for farmers to practice
When sou wake np do npt roll over,
bat rail out. it win gve yu
ditch nil your Bloughs, break tnern up,
J...... ibfiin and sow them with timotLy
MH vail Mnr. One baBhel bf clover
to two bushels of timotb is enbugh.
51 ike your fence high, tight arid strong
"so that it will keep oattle and m3 out.
If you havo brush, make your, sofa se
cure and keep your hogs from tfio cattle,
for if tha corn ia clean they will eat it
better than if s nO'. ....
Bb iW to get your hands to" ped by
seven o'clock,, ihey will riee carlyjy the
force of circumstances.
. 'Pay a hand, if he is a poor band, all
you promised bim; if he w a . good
baud, pay bim a little more, it will en
courage him to do Etill better.'
Always feed yonr hands as well as
yourfelf, for the laboring mon are the
bone and sinev of the world, aud ought
to bo well treated.
. , I am satisfied that getting up early,
industry and regular habits are the best
medicine over prescribed for health. '
When it crme rainy, bad weather, so
that you cannot work out of doors, cut
and split your wood.
Make your tracks when it rains' hard,
cleaning yotit stables, or fixing some
thing which you would have to stop the
plow for and fix in good weather.
Make jour tracks, fixing, your fenoes
ot gate that is off its hingesj or weatb-M-boardine
vourbarn where tha wind
has blown off . the sidiQK, or patching the;
roof of your house or barn.
Study your iuterecta cjowly, and don't
, spend money and time in electing president-,
senators and other small officers,
and don't talk of hard times when spend
ing your time in town wiiittling on store
Take your lime and make your calcu
lations; don't do things in a hurry, Dut
do them at the right time, and keep your
tniodas well as your body employed..,.
O.nb " Hundred ANn Thirty-six
Yeaes Old. ttAuot Milly'" a colored
woman, formerly belonging to' Captain
' James M. Harris,' residing near Rook
'fib Gap, in Neleon county Kentucky,
d;ed at the rcuidecce of th'19 gentleman
on the 7th instant, in the one Iroudred
and thirtv-sixth year -of hr age. She
was born iu 1731, in the begiunicg ot
the ieigu of George 11,'. She was a 00
temporary of Pope, "Swift and Boling
. broke itiough probably she never heard
of them. : .'- ., . y: - .'-Sr
v Tuk agent for the collection of Sold-
ier'a claims fut Qhio,' resident at Colum.
' bus. ia under heavy official bonds. . '
, t ' . o.-' . ,.1:'
.!-: Thb Attorney General of Ohio asks
for a moretiioeent law to." punish yen-.dafs-bf
intoxicating liquors, and recom
mends that intemperance be made dis
, ualificatiin lo hold any judicial offioe.
How a Man Stole a Town.
Th story in the January number of 'the.
Atlantic Monthly of .the man who stole a
meeting-house has suggested to the editor of
a New UampeWre- paper tin-reported steaU
ing of that portion ol the town of. Alton, in
that State, whioh was formerly known as
New Durham Gore. The legend ruus thus :
On a time, the possessors of the wiideruess
now comprising the towns or New Durrani,,
Wakefield.'. iMiddleton, (which a' included!
Brookfleld,) and that part of -AUon known
as New Durham Oore.Jugreed with a certain
party to run out and duly bound a certain
number of lots,.eaoh 100 by 1C9 rods, and if
there was any land left, the party thus run
ning out the land should have it. The
surveyor's name, we think, was l$ryaatk
but whether he or his ' emptopers ' were the
wicked party to know not; eufhoe it to say,
that iustead of laying the lota out with right
orTso.uare angles, as they 'jwere expected to
do. the towns were laid out in lots with acute
and obtuse angles, like diamonds, and ooo
aennentlv eanh contained much, lea '.and
than was Intended by theowners, while Iher
wicked tricksters got for themselves tno
wUfclp of New Durham Gore. To this day
tue good Farmers of these towns are not on
ly much dieoomnioded by their diamond
farms, but the increase iu.fenoing is enor
mous. .. .
Ths EuRorEAN Crisis. Thj eiok
man has had a irelarjae. and ia o'.esrly In
. hA m.o M ndnr the "inspiration of
Unasian intrieue. tha flames of-rebellion
are lighting up all along the borders of
the Ottoman JSnfpire, . ootn among tuo
Sclavonic and Greek populations. These,
together, make a majority in Jiuropesn
Turkey. Russia Btands- ready to assist,
and to seize her part of the prey. Not iB
there any assuranoe that Franoa and
Rncrland will interfere to prevent the
consummation to which events 80( clearly
point. Eogland'was sorely bitten in the
Crimean war. and bus nodesirej to re-
Deat th eiMriment. Her policy is peaoe
at any' price. 'rtfre, 'gave signal -proofr'"?
in tne late Jfiuropeaotruggia.. ;nat sne
was in no mood for a general war. With
victorious Prussia for an ally, thelTus
sian cabinot will not taesitauo pnsh
the traditional polioy of the empivHi
whioh a few years sinoe, received so sig
nal a check before cebaBtopoi.
What Constitutes a Majority.
nr. ..,.,,!. .otiii in vipv of iho nieairer
,i,sen(ft' whinh was declared
; -- - t...:4.,n,.
to nave overnuueu iuo 't
"What i two-thirds voto " and now,
finding that the bill establishing negro
suffrage in "the Territories was deolared
passed, although it only received twenty
four votes ; and the Nebraska Bill only
receiviug twenty-four, and the Colorado
wfth only twenty three votes, were also
deolared passed 'we are induced to ask,
"What constitutes a majority of the Sen
ate?" There are twenty-six States repi
represented in that body, eaoh having
two members, which makes 52 votes,'a
Constitutional majority ot wnion wouiu
bo twenty-seven votes. But, .possibly,
we have no' right to question the acta
f ;norlnni masters. NtVMTK
v a v i i " -
Journals -
Hkavt Taxes We notice recently
the amount of taxes paid by Mr. Joseph
S. "finch, a . heavy whUky distiller of
Pittsburg, He returned to the United
States Revenue Assessor 262,079 gallons
as the amount of his manufactured wbia
ky Bubject to taxation, on which he paid
524,258. That is'pretty steep, but not
np to what George Davis & Co., of Porte
mouthy Ohio, pay. According to the
7ims. of that oitv. Davis & Co', manufac
tured and plaoed-in bond, since the 20th J
. rtrts l i
day of Beptoniber last, a,oJ ganons
ZZ hlgb-winfs, wbion, at 94 per gation,
will pay a tax of 0931,650, or nearly one
million dollars in about one hundred
The Fbesch Anticipating War.
A Paris correspondent writes to a Lon
don journal that a wide-spread opinion
prevails in Franca that the new year will
Dot pass away without that country be
ing involved in,, war. It js8aid that
notwithstanding' the International Lx.
noaitioo. Prussia will continue to carry
out the grand scheme of -oonquest of
Count Bismark, of which ine uerman
annexations form but a part, and whiob
must ult'rmatel j ' compel Napoleon to
fight. m
If your slaking Tjartncr is eligible,
and your foot pretty, d.on't hesitate in
asking him to adjust your skate straps
evorv ten minutes. He will rather like
Said a poor little girl in the Fourth
Ward, New York, a sfie? was dying. I
am glad I am going to die, because now
my brothers and sisters will have enough
to eat.
ttoulp each ene of the twenty millions
of people in the North would destroy a
nvo cent currency note cany 11 1 wouw
amount to a million (of dojlar in a day
. B .' e 1 .
toward tbe removal ot Ine JNationai aebi.
,vH;-,-;i.-" ' '
frGEButler says that the Piesi
dent "does not (ike to show his hand.'
Mr: Pontine adds: '"If he were to
show both his hands and all his packets,
. '., s . t... 1... 1: . J
ana tne msiao 01 uis uai, uie ouua-rvon
assailant would see no 6tolen bdoods in
f9TBE greatest wonder in the State
of Iowa is the ''Walled Lake", whteb
ia three feet higher than tho earth's sur
face, and occupies nineteen hundred
acres. It has not jet' been ascertained
where the water comes from or where it
goes to, yet it always remains fresh and
tj .
- fia.THE extraordinarj number cf
forty divorces werecKraotedatilbe two
days' seasioo of tbe New Hampshire Su
preme Court fast. week. :
.Ai:n.M i.
if- !
0 T. .
r. r: )
iD'i'iw i .1.' .i'' S :
l-A ,.:' .,; I,-, J
'i.'T V n1. '.' f
il r.
In Mahn$'$ Building, n 'Main St reef,
Is icplota. with, all the npdern improve
ment for the ' meat, cheap, and
..10 1 1 i'Ut I!
bapio rxscatign of every ityl
r. '.I 1 .. ."
-PCH Al-
. r
i' V . t.) Ji
:i WW.) V:
1 v,i!:
. . 0: '.
' V
I J-'J ,.
if! I
j ..1
:.U 'IU.
'.I I
i' .- r i -Jt o
'! Ua,- j'-' m '!
',:'; ,M'.:-:f''l '
, ,l:t. ' .
r. sf.1t-. dl n
,?4. !: i'",i90
'. Jl'1-
' i.':t 1'
1 i'li
It ! . ",'?,a ns
!T 1 i t il".'.
4 I iHil' H
I ii.rt ci( yi
i !'' n:' 1,." : r "
n 1 ?ri
vn , im;:-..j!
x li'lrt T('l i"yJ' n
.Mil .HI .'I 'J. i '.''
. . " :'h'
1 1
''!'.. r;' . il Jn-At t 1 ,! i''-''
if 1' ' ;i tri:t.l. .u,..i.M ' io
il-J-3.. I Jl'i.; iUrVi,-fl:l!.n
,!0fltjA4 V, V4'i..VS';j'A
1 i i!(l.H.-.i:..M.i oj i'tt.-j.'';'
-i-i-.-.r t..i. p's- r ii1 nl t-H: . ..!
i .r.
I ..1
, ,:L i . til' i"r-41 ii.u ' ji .
i'.;Mi''ii ''"viV ) fw.:',l "i-..i
' ' " ... .ti:5 i
1 1 f.e'4.ir-jiM .
Receipt. l;taii
-It (
'- n it
- Itc
L 1.1
'ii .11 -
)' in 1 1 i" tf A
.9' a
AH-ISDS Cff rjtfLAKKfS?" it., &o., to
-a -V
Ik plain or faae.v eolsred Inks.
ill 5110
oi inn;
lvxttdordlnary Jduet-mtnti to
1 1 "Agent!
1 ,t
k rrimiumi 'Amah ling )
Ol-i3 oo i , !!..;
U Distributed in April, 1867 ' '
For List.' of Premium's, and ' PartVcars of
Distribution, see the weeaiy r-nquirer
, ' and Subscription Ciroulara - '
WE.' this yonr, oflW prije to the nhove amount m
iiicentiotolhoseof our patrons who will
exert themselves to form clubs If our ii"Pr conlo
t t aken in thff household of ll our liBmoornti
frieii'lH, Eolith on West, Its inflqence would be po
tentl chftnuinjj tho political wpect ol aflnira Th
tfreat point lor wliieh all Irienrls of the Union should
lahor for ii tun JDinnemumtioo 01 uem'ionuiu 1 rum.
If it had had an equal hearing with the errora of our
opponent. whonld nYer4nv had , tbe, terrible
crisia of the Inst five years. Taniflit by Bad expert
eo ofits neceanity, we truat tha Deirtooraho preis
ia in Ufiirb to have a larger aplioro. orjuflueaue anc
circulation. ' , . . ...
What eVilsliav ftil!tt upon the land, owing to tha
nolitieal eduation of the miwwoMl . f we
would restore the old order of thinff once more, el-
feet Natmil.11 Unity onu m gia-iniiura rvwjn auu
Preaperlty, we ruuat place, tha Democracy ngain in
power. A atixilary to thla end, anu aa ine rrmr ei
ftictive agent iu U10 work, wo repeat, . Hie circula
tion of tha Uauioui nfifi pr. ,
tioti of the Bemocmcy that are universally a-'knowl-editcd.
Tlu-ouih 4irocripiion nod pernecution nn
... i.j ..iiiiurv i..luiu - diiltlnir itt ouroir-
(Milatloii Hi whole btte and ,ditricta. threatened
with lot il aupiiresaion, personal imprisonment and
lnob violenoe if wo did not cHanne oiir course, we
od by the Dcmooirttio ft ig and gavFexpreiorion to
ita tenets Twice turned to tne grounu wniim
teen months, and amid Jho- Jtreawnt eoiuiliMy dis.
Haters eonseuuent upon it, we nave neter ivsi.
f.J w ZZZrJr broken a iiromise io
pur BUOt'nwals. i n ine minrw, iw, in uio mii,-
ai.n At iw.fi t v flf Wll OX tllfi (lloUllS Of adVer'
Mil v. we shall bear aloft the Domocratia Banner, aud
bo. foillilti to it organization. Will pot the Democ
racy of tbe Northwest Ktand by thmn who were true
in tle darken!. hors to their political and personal
Niterest?. "'id.aill they not .exert themsetvea to in
crease our circulation! -' j. ' '
: Aa a buiiic a" family Journal. r .nquirerna
no auperior. Each number ntauis aM"int
01 ireiierin iieirJ,' b"' aild moat reliable Inteln-
...i imfc inHtim . Financial and Commor-
cijLn' i m ule 11 special feature of -ho Enquire -,
markets. " ' ' 1
1'lia Weeklv Ewioirerwill ba mailed to -aubscri'
bera at the lollowiug reuueeu rates.
BinalecffpY, ort' year.'
1 25
With an additional eopy to the Retler up of the tluto.
Ten conies, one. yeur.
M00O.V tll'P seni ai ur u- r-
. ; .i-i,ri i,.tterabv mail. For sum over ler
Korsum ovcrten
doilHra by mail, draiUor iposfc offloe. money 1 orders
should bi procured. Ad Iress . , ,.
il 1 . n: 1 ' ' "' r . Clncihnati, Ohio.
. Rpeoirnen noplea And subscription circulars con
taimnglistof prisma aud all liaoesaary iufdrintion,
ent(iaappUcatiou.ii ' . V ;; 1 '
. . 1
Flips )?,EU T, US,
' -of tat
: i-
.,1 ,t '
.For ikf.'
!. 1 -I r '111
A rthioJitiiteHmanwiboontiniw inflexibly Demo.
craiic -unalterably devoted to aft advotfnej of the
maintenance of tha Constitution, in spirit and in let.
,m, to tha nreaetvation of tile Union, AiJ
fro.n this,' the Statetman wlil bestow particular at
tentioato ,) ?:i.;:,k , ;. ,t:i ' '.' .,:.v.n't i .
Arw, Legiilative anil Congressional
' Reports u'Ciokii Instructive ' tind
' -..v.-:;.. Pleaxing Literature ,' '
And will (pv fiii thfui market reports from the lead
Ine Commercial Cmitera of Hi joni)i rv. i ; ;
n l.lih of December, Th Weekly Statesman
will be so enlaigedaatoKlva two 'and a half addi
tional columns 1 f leading, inalter .-weekly. The tvU
lowing are the .
Pally Statesman, jieryeai, '' ,''" '
, ",.. wxmontha, ;. .
Trl-Wekly StateRiuan, per year,
.; . ii '' ' six months,! ;
.t. vjr-; WFEKLVjAIJJSMAN. .
One copy, six months, for, , . , -. 1
One copy, one year, for r- , ''
FiTecppie, one year, foe . ) ,.
Ten copiea, one year, lor
Twenty copies, one year, tut 1 " ' ;"
Fifty copies, one year, for
I 9 00
. ,460
-2 ii
t 100
' 17 50
32 0
, 75 00
LAiiuan v, jioiiLL. nan,
' i u - :( ''-Coluinbas, .Ohio.'1
Zvr. - THE LADY'S FRIEWD, i vlu
A Beautifui' freroiuai Engraving, and Re-
'. . ,y ,'. duecd Pric.es lb .Uliibs 7 "
mnv i.ihY'S FRlF.Nn ennounceK tor 18ST tho
I followiiiR noveletee: A NewStpry.by frs Heury
Wood, author ot' 'East Lynne' -The Channings,'
iHow a Woman hsd her W.y,' by" Elisabeth rrea-
1 . - . r 1 , 1... . 1. - la,. n 1 . JA . ,
COIL nlltnor ni 'fniu ujr mo ouu. ""Ki;
tonnff, hy- Amanda' M. 'Douglas,: author of 'In.
TrttW fte. 'Iora Caotel,', hy Trunk Lee Heuedict.
It mil clv. a' splendid double riaga finely colored
Fashion Plated engmved an steel in eveav mimber.
Uwilla vo a beautifully xeoutd fancy ateel oJ
irravin and a In rue assortment of wood cuts, illust
rating fashions, fcaiy work.-leto.v In' every .aumber,
Il will ai n popol"1' eve ' Muaio, worth tha cost
of the iiiairnz'ne itself, in every ntimber. . It will give
x copy of the lleaiitiul Premium Bteel Er.graving-r-On
of Life'a Happy Uours'-2 by SO inches, to ev
fy sihgie WiOt) subscriber, and to ievory ipersona
illlb. .,. (, ; .'-.) . ' ',. V d-.-j,-J
m.,.i,:U. Hiliier Plated Tea UetM. hpouosi PUcherr.
It oners as premiuma nini a nunuii . owiruig
Gold and Silver; WaUihes, Guns, , Kjn, Melodious,
Clotliea Wrindere, Appieton's Cvclopodias. 40. '
... f . ';'i L A-!r 'JKttW.l; l. ..'."01:11 01 ff
,. 1-oopy, (fcd theengraviugji!
t copies.
S copies, (and one gratisVr i )
' 8 (!.;
1 unfiles,
(and nni
and One
a gratia)
SiO copies (an
one gratia)
Si "
hn conv each of the J.ady 'S Friend and (the Sotur
Ju ITwnins PiatforS4 00. . ...
the getter np of aolub will always receive a bOpy bf
ine rremium miw, -vm w.aM.
lug the Engraving must remiv one oui ar. extra.
r t.u Hiiairona of aettina ud . club or premium
lists should enclose 16 cents lor sample Magazine,
contaiomglha PWWimwo'uw ..- v
PBAtUfllJl. rtiiiivowii ,
: l9,Walpt street, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 1
I ,1(1 ... :j,iKi.:inrt
1 .1 i i t -a: w.- r&K&ists roaMsnBa.
;oI em ?'n onfcAT "VIIK Lt 1
rail 6'uAd' rMwWutUjLiraiti,
- . ..,
i caMsV-SVngWcopy, onTy S2,0(J, 7ar.-r
txtrw cbfy 'ohe 7a'iW' very cia -
: in'an.Tiiiifaiitobr (six- months for
olub of sU.-;i8pe.imens .-.aad !-PrP'-usesJ'
cut fe to persons to .mo..
,,!i: o"bh.3:
LjijiLiliai 1 Ul 4 '
. , . . . 1 rt
i-iiS'l't :'. 1 11 1' ' y,
rriHTS Dooularand widely circulated Matoslrio-
TipSw Sod aa editiod .' u.ald J tha, toma
tTi Ftu h number is. brnamented by ouiiiHnua
StmSSS .ud i. Jmplet. ttf' tt.lf,.lebrt,Ihga
Zri T variety f WS keths, . poema, aau ui.iMio
?.Tf JKTii!S exnresslv for IW columbs. It
eowwied 1 by .H tot th:ldapMt.4nal.beiMa
ane in .tbe world. TpRrJ0i iirf n ii!iuf 1'
11 Ma yean seven eopie, J0Oi thirteen copies.
115 W, ainje eop'M 15 cect. Address .
Sostoa, Mass.
JANUARY 8TH, 1867.
.... . .
nyof!end either.in despotism or a disruption of
, Baolvtd, .Thai. Uie ! Democracy ,'of, ftblo
gteadlaatly aJUeara la t he principles of the
oartv aa txnouadaJ by the Fathers aiiJ ap
proved by experience. Jbutjn nccordance
with those priaoipies, ' we declare, that the
Federal Government la a'Govc rumen t of lim
ited powers ; that li posneasea vo powers but
such as ar . expressly, or. by neoess'nry" ' idv
plicatioa, delegated to it ia the Fedcrul Cpn
atitution; that all other powers are raerved
tp. th. States or, the people 'respeoMu'.ly ;
that a strict construction of the, Conslitutioa
ia inilispensible ,to the preservation of the
reserved rights of th .States: aaJ the peo
ple, that all grants of powar to govoro
meats, whether State or, Federal, ebould be
atriotly construed, beoau.se all suoh grants
abridge the natural rights of meu that tin
preservation, of the.equality andf righta of
the States and the rights of the people is
necessary to the preserration of t(ie Union
that the Federal GovernmSni is unfitted to
legislate tot. or . administer! tbe local , corw
cerns oi the States ; that it. ..would be ' mon
strous that the local affairs of Ohio should
be regulated" by a Federal Congress ia which
she has but two Senators, and tbe New Eng
land States with but a little greater popula
tion, have IncWo, thak le tinientf of. e-
eral adniinistrntlon.la to Usuj-p the reserved
rights of the States and to tba. people, , and
that,, therefore, .t . centralization, of power
in its hands is. an' ever impending danger,
that such an absorption of power would,
.while it .lasted, be destructive of the liber-
ties and interests of the people, md
the Union, I hat, a national debt', besides im
noverisbiiiJT the people, fosters an- undue in
crease of the powers of the Fedrtil Govern
ment, that hlgli pi'ptecitive tariffs liavc'a tike
itfeotV sacrificing the:!3teresis 01 'inc. many
for the emolument of the wand plainly vi
otatiue the equity and spirit i! th? Consti
tution, that thccolloction and disf;Ui'5enient
of enermous revenues' by .(he Federal u?
APmnnnf. 'hatfU lYiA'dartta 'lan.hn. imall
the gcvermnent, and; that there,
jforw eeoiwmy U essential, notonly'te the
prosperity, out also to the liberties or the
people that mieaualjtaation ;ia.a plain vio
lation of, junice, of vr4iia.li po goverpment
-can safely be guilty;' that to eaoh Slate be
longs th,.,!rielH. to: determine tue qrtiiliflca-
iious-ot its eleotors, and atnm.vio impair
tUiw right, either .'by oongresionl Iegisla
tipo. or consUtHllou'ul nmendment9. Are uu-i
wise, and, ,,despotjc, hat'..the ,anjency .of
fund im tu aivai ruui iiicuiaay ,fu- luu iun,
and that'fharefore cteVn"l.vigilane is the
price of liberty; that the' tendency of gov
ctuuieut ii to enlarge its. authority by usur
pation, and ilierefore government needs to
be watched tbat another ofits tendencies is
10 govern lob knuob,' unnecessarily and 'cxa
tiouuly interfering ;with the basiness of the
people, thai freedom of speeoli fad . of Abe
jvreus aro esueatial tQ.the existence of liberjr
that no person,, not in the' military or. naval
services, or.where the, civil : courts artf'pre
veiited by war or ia'-urreotiiiii irom x'rcl-;
sing their funotioas, can lawfully be deprived
of life, liberty or property , without process
of civil law, thai' Ifae court's should always
ba opeu for tba redress of grlevan'cSH, i-tbaii
no 'ex frotH yacrtrtaw should' i' dver .e'made,
that in .IhB.ludguago of, tb Supreme Court,,
"the CunsUiu.'.Uku-.of; tha- Uuitel States Ja a;
law for iu:rsaud peopla equally in war
aud iii poace, and covers with the shield of
its protebtiou aH classes 'of men;at all times '
and under all. circumstances. . Mo. dootrina
tuyoiviug more.ptrnioious.QpBSequaociiiwas.
ever invented by the 1 wit of wau than that,
of any of its brovisloDs' can be suapeaJtiu1
1 during aby of the great exigencies of Gor-
ernuenta,' sucu a doctriaei leais Uireouy vo
anftTchy.,.r! .de&polisni,"" tbat the right of
tbe pewplejto peacbly asacuible and consult
upon publio. affairs' is inviolable, thai, (be
militarry should be held in dud subje'ciion to
the civil power, that while the'uiijoYityv as
prescribed by . tha .Constitution, Jiave- tbe
reght to. govern,, the minority have indefea-
sible rigbisand that a-frequsmt'reirurrenje
to first principles is essential to tbe safety
and welfare et' rfbe Statei and the people.
,.&.;i!8tfeVIhat the.tates wbieH l Uely
aifleiupitd to .secede, are, , still States in the
Union aud have been're'cog&ized as such by
every depaVt lii'enr;jijf the; Ooyerntnent.' By
President ' Ltncblft br,'ia the" tnidal of the
war, invited them to elect iaetnbera df Con-:
greHa. iy president Johnson la various'
proclamations ., and official acts. ;Cy, Cou
gress, whioh perniitted' Andrew Johbsod to
set la the Seuate as a1 Senator from TenneS
sec, by his inauguration1 as Vic President
and President of the Senate, and by tbe ad
mission, of memberif from Viraujia, Tennes
see aud Lauisianastp eet, ,in the - House of,
n L . .t . - , .1 Otna ' ItnHl
Uepresentaiivs,',, ai ter uoe ui
naaaad their ordinances ' oi' secesaibn and
while the ws't-was' carried on, ' bud which
further recogcired them. as- State: in .;MB
Onion bj tile ! Congressional Appointment
Act providing for their,, 4ue representation
in-Congress, by .various tax laws and es-
rpecially the Wreot Tax Aol, . by;the resolti-
lf,' ' J-l l'l. ll,u.f",.n.
lions suomitciug Aiueuuuiouiii v ...v w ,
stitution for their approval--and by rvarious
other acts -and resolutions im.portpg.; tbe
same recogaitiau,. , all,, which, wexo .pudsed
ed since tbe attempted ; secession , of those
Btatea." By ,the ;Juai'o'ary. -of 'the United
stdtv' Whir.h' hbMs federal "Courts in1' AU
tUai 8lah. 'snd eHpeftitfil b the Buprtna
ftauui isphich entertains inrisdiftiou of,A6S
coming-ffWB hem,:i wbtca it,outa,Bo. uu
. . . CT rT l. . Kai n
wer.ney,1(tnot iJha!Plea.Tb
thus n the Union, thtv Bland In 41 equal
footing With thojr sister 'Stafes-States W
br.eQaal'' ikht'6-a"thltixnbkO0WH. tO the
Constitution'! Tfiat by the express terms of
tbeCdnstUutioaieaoh, f tatewieM.ieQ io
due broportioa of Rep-
all' eiec'iiouS of President 'ml'.Vio4', Treat
Uent. TBal thongn tnese- riguis am ouj"v
th laiarruntidn tv I ft 'statb "ioK dirif ware
4tiniahed. or in time of ;.Beaoe,. ,bf ornuoh
etca e suspanqaa, ;W.Hpoty piaiuiimtMU"
of tber constitution, Tb.aT tbe. assent 01
inree-iotinus ui.au urew", -resented
(a Conireas oi noll is csseAtial'
the -validity b oT Constitntioda amendmeni.
1'bM Congress, Has as , ower ae ncpnvp t
State; of .its reserved tights anddnoe ,it
a, erritorjalroonfli
exclusion 65. .the
reptesentatioo rrom
frnVrtiiiiM Pth"osa '-
r j .. .1 .T, t.
th neA 'PresidenliatieleclWo',1 threatened
t.wi-iiV,ilA'rIi rii4 denUtW
.tractive not merely of r-lghtsaorthoso
gtatt,"t'ias()of. theilght of everjWtber
JUate i therUwoavi.Jhat ,those.measurts
r Ti.T fi iL. .rntiti,.
their rdlii; 'abr Iri'eetabHah end' perpkVuate
a tyranaieai rtooi iutfi'v,t -
jojltyoflhe American people. . That t
lton. , jnav tnereipre. iau
iba ttrerf,'th' p-roposed
States 'fr kit
tirsrrihrpwflaf! tKL8tat aovernmsort8;aina
.reducyftn.oft)thpse3tat(es to, the ooucjiapn.of
t-(-;ir,rio. ar '.. fiflir-h andeverv one of tlieui
ff-,PfW,-rf- ? rTi-Tl?rr:-;i7nX.i.X
tlon.-eirtuatiT overmraw w wa
AVrJ. nhrtdateddrfsDitiSm'dnjS
people,cabndt,'willuiut a 1os of their libsr-
result, ana we, mcrerore, ru me iope tnai
the "warning will be heeded, and tbe danger
lo our'rnsiittitlons' be-peaoaably eveted, do
aoleionly iraia .the. advosates . of the -plaa,
that, it will not Lp "submitted lo,
3. Kesolvtd', T h a. t Congress is not an om
niplent lawmaking power. That tne,
Constitution- proviJe ' thal.no bill shall be.
eouie a law without the approval of the Pres.
ideet, unless it bo' passed by' two-thirds of
each House of Congress, That one of the
objiota af the present so-oal!el. Congress in
excluding ten Slates from representation ia
to pass bills bV ' a ' two-thirds "vote'1 which,
were all the States represented, could not
so pass, and thus to , virtually ..abolish., the
constitutional provision aforesaid. That if
(his precedent ba acquiesced In, there wilt
be nothing 'to' prevent a bars majority of
Congress, at any lime. in tbe.fnture, from
puUifying. tbe r constitutional, veto of , tba
President and usurping uncontrolled - legis
lative' power,' by an exclusion of the inlfaMrtty
from their aeat.- Tbat tha exolusionof even
a single State might give the oontrol, and a
pretext for suoh an exclusion wou'd ba wan t
ing to an unscrupulous anil levoltltionary
party. ' ' " ' '. i'rt-f ;.!
4. JSesolvcd, lhal the people, and espenially
those, of the: agricultural .States, haye suf
fered too long th e exaotiona of high proteo
tive tariffs, and, as the representatives' of
an agricultural and .laboring population we
demand thtt their substance! shall no longer
ba extorted from ,them in order to fill the
pockets' of Eastern monopolist.'' ' lf- '
'j 5.9MlMf,''That unequal taxation is cofl
trar torihS,,first pr,lnoiples. of .Justice ant
sound policv. and w,oall upon, our Gov
ernments, Federal and' Stnjes, to use all
neaossn ry CODBlltutlouBl means t vvmady
tbisevtl.'. ,ti t :;; .:.iU.s- -Ci'i
. . C, Retoh'd, That the Radical, majority ia
the so-culled Congress have proved I hern
Selves to be in favor bf Nejrro Suffrage by
foro!n(1t upon the people of the. Diatciot of
Columbia agiint JliQirf almost unanimous
wish solemnly expfeisel at thev pols. by
torcing it upon 'oil the 'territories In Viola
tioa of tbe Ccastitution,'ftdi-,by their varl- '
ous deyioes tocoercb the people of the South '
to adopt it. That we are opposed to Ne?ro
uffrngei believing that it would be ' produc
tive of evil to both 'Whites and blacki and
tond'. to produca a disastrous conflict of
races. -
7, Reiolved, That for all their efforts to;
tiplio hi the Conslifu'tion,"" r e tender te tha
President and to-, the majority-of. the judges
of. the Supreree Xpurt of, the Cnited States,
our hearty thanks. ,t , , .,
8. Seiolved, .That we are in favor of a
Democratic Convention of! delegates from all
the Sutea, to tx held nt 'euob lime and placa
aaimvy liereaftflr be agreed upon..,,. And (hat
the Siiu, Central Committee' be authoriaed
to co ncur ftb etbcf ' proper committees In
iixiii'g tlia time and place. Tbav we prefer
Louisviile, Kentucky, as the place. : ..U-
0. lUtolocd, That. th. Democratic news
papers af Ohio deserve an earnest-and - lib'
eral support, and that an early and thorough,
organiialionof the party is indespensibls.
. 1 0. A. R. rThe Ohio'ego trUun la
deeply and einoerely dirgustsdwith' the
Uranl Armv of the ltepublid, and in Ita
fisjuo of tho 16ih ays of that institution: ,
The orginizatibn Isoowd as the Grand
Arpjy of the Eepdblio,' s'cems "to have
been feervcited from' its 6rlginal and
avowed object, whidh is that of a benev
nlont and - patrio'tio order; to ' tr Becfei
political orauliatioo.' aoorec socieuea
organized to seoure publio offices, are)
contrary to the1 genius of our, institutions.
They rarely hold to(jflt-he more than two
or throb yearn.--i Publia opinion keeps up
. oonatant . attritioo ainst them, tho
members get to quarreling amocg them
selves, and finally they fall trpiece and
are heard of no uiore., This will be tha
case with the Grand Amy of tbe Re-
publio. if its main purpose eontinuea t
bo political." "" " ' '"
'We learn that notice or contest' was
Bervbd'bn Oenenl Q W. Morgn, by hU
defcatd Competitor; Columbus Delano, t
, , ARAOlCAlfxehaDge says ther9,,will
be stirring in Conprees when Jeoerel
Butler gets thereT'.' No. dqub' of it ha
has. the, spoons to do if.v ..:i . , -1
T.MI4yWrWltil''"'WaSgBBt tWWHMIIUi .
Vlnltrn VuuBiy I'robale Court
of the
"of ViutoS County, Ohio, oa
"Sanuarj2;i8eT-Sw .' '. -Probata Judge.-
-.TnTICE David Forerriau, Administrator
N Fstata of Itobert Welch, decease.!, haa filed hii
t , aaiYiA Ml III IWU'r
.1 u ... kk. tf n
,tui aa me ropeny v.v.rv. r"i hl
"!? T'o-uTu h
iubfiW-; ' - JOHN Ji BhooKEY Lj- , ,
fhomaa t. Carmm. aiH i.ayr
u,"""li.illio!0,,afc)tudvouvua J(M -w
. atiiff.
faittfOktoVVWi County, . i '- '
- I 0raer of ftj. y0. i.' , -
(ieiroe it. "-. j . j. . ..1.
PHed'io,rtno,?rt of Cof non Fle-s of V.n
lie cornlnal,,lu, v,
V 1
towwoitrrtvi na toBimiiiw""""
imintv I will oftvrat imbiicsale, at the door of h
rffifoUHe'Tn th 'l'on of MoArthar.ia Vmton
oauwy,,Ojiio,. o.a ; i,tii . .)' 1 v' u U ft
't4ne)iay, 'tpth.day 0 february,4P
.317, . , '' ...
'said' riayV the following" de
;cr;beVprmTeS, s.tui,te in the' County, of VlUloa,
KSa -eru, th"e eouth-we.t
lt of stlo'n K Mbt .tmev..a. , hio. r.u. of
ter ot imbii. "V..,, a.,,,th to' theStata
road'torhTEait ind Wcthnfe , on the 'Horth .ad of
j.aid hnlf.quarterMlieucot f f -w -j V"?&XZ
half auurtcr,,, 1. ,,. . ,.-;,,.
of theKat half ol in cuuin-uiviv vv"'
The rollowinfdnseAbect real (estate, situate, in Sec.
toa E ilUe?, Township .Ten. of Kauge Seventeen,
'Wis. sSrlw?ft ?u!r'
. c; thence . '-""w &
HAiilh Tu
2W chains,-iuni-e n. , " '-''"-V"'
South io. lS'chainaw the beginning place, contain- f
In, Mtl.llSl nitres. .1 . .i r - .
11 15
n-. 1 fuirti fi trwnca - wen i: iM'iniw
Appraised atone thousand . ve hundred . ,
'lt. .o-)i and must briniawo-thlrds &( that torn.
I t - . ,.rrno m jii 1 11 HJ
, Hherifl Viotoa.gouOty, 0
B. D. Shivil, Att'f 'for Wumtitf.'
n'o .'no
Vinton County i'lobat Court.
ZZZZn .ad ,linul settlement, fbr . Benjamm A..
Happen ona, uiiwi' m
iuecuoi;m - JH'
Marthi, and John.
Jaauary M, 18S?-3w
Prot-ate Jiwja..
Haruer and tllat the asam-wi ' '
lik.Mii lliroi tv.u, 4,li
Kl' n

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