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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 28, 1867, Image 2

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,:rr '-,
"A uniou of heart, ft union ol hands,
' A union Ihatno-e n)y
. Aiimjon oflakeR, union of lauds
"- The AmaicJkH t'Kio Fobt.
Democratic State Ticket.
n ' :" For Governor,
ALLEN G.'TflURMAN.of Franklin, ;
For Lieutenant Governor,
DANIEL 8. UHL, of.Holmee.. :
For Treasurer,
. Dr.C. FULTON, of Crawford. f
For Auditor,' ,
JOHN McELWEE, of Butler.
For Attorney General
FRANK II. HURD, of Knox.
For Judge of Supreme Court,
Judge THOMAS M. KEY, of Hamilton.
For Controller 'ofTTreasury,'
For Board of Public Works,
." ARTHUR HUGHES, of Cuyahoga.
The- present season , thirty
seven thousand . hogs were
packed in Cleveland. .,
... There were '111 '. - divorces
granted in one county in Indi
ana, last year.
Santa Fe, Mexico, is said to
be bo healthy'; a place that
iwmW onlv die there of old
age or whisky.' ' . . ;
A rural town'Jn Maine had a
danceji tho proceeds of vhich
are id bo used towards the pur
chase. of a- hearse."! ', "'. " .
Missouri has taken steps for
the restoration of her credit.
Ikr Radical conduct lias been
.very discreditable
The State Board of Agricul
ture, on the 15th, resolved to
hold the next State Fair at Day
ton, commencing October -14.
: : The records of the Post-office
Department show that in the
Dead Letter Bureau there have
been GOO.QOO ' dead letters' de
stroyed within the past year, in
which were inclosed f 260,000
in iWfts. The latter were of
'course returned to the owners.
-,-Thc press throughout this
country and Canada unite in
lamenting the early death of
Charles F. Browne (Artemus
WariLY ; The loss of noAmer-
ican writer, since v asnmgxon
. . - . . TTT 1 . J -
Irving, has called forth so gen
eral and genuine an expression
of regret, . ,:
..There are only aboutt280,000
Moruiuii souls intlie whole
000 adult men,, . , ,
On tho St. "John's River, in
Florida, arc groAVii the finest
oranges and lemons in the
world and' the land which pro
duccsthem can be had for $1,25
per acre.. A, ,6'ingle acre will
grow lOOtrees, which, after the
Mil vear, .will yield eighty
thousand oranges annually,
Cni,T k'rt'lwnrthT'on Uhe tree
, wuaui j .i, t0m f
three cents each. . .-. .. .
V Glowing. 'accounts,, of' gold
discoveries continue to arrive
from Montana and. Dacotah. -;
' Three American ships have
; been : burned' 'at Valpariso.
; They were supposed to ; have
been fired by the crew. J ;
" ' According to' the statistics,
Turkey, in 1865, had 15,000
schools, attended by 600,000
boys and girls, out of a popula
tion of 25,000,000.
. - . ' fc. JM M feft U I
Hare juet received a choice lelection of
goods of every description and of the best
quality, which were purchased by a mem
ber of the-firm in the Lastern Maritet, at
very low figures, expressly for THIS MAR
KET. They are selling better goods atjlower
prices'than any everjsold, oijany now being
sold, In Vintcn County-ln faot every article
in the Dry Goods line that can be found in a
first-class house. Givcjthem call and they
will please you with the best of goods at
the best of bargains.
Democrats, are Your
Democrats of the
Townships of Vinton
are you arousecV. and ready to
meet the enemy at the polls
next Monday?
i , Are you, ready to vigorously
contest every inch of the ground
for the success of your tickets
and Democratic principles?
Meet the opponentsjof De
mocracy upon every." turn and
corner T See that they be not
allowed to "stealVmarch "jip-
on you! " '' ' V .'
Work! . Work,withoxit ceas
!!.' ' ,
National Democratic Convention.
Thurman Hall,
Columbus, March 20, 1867.
At a meeting of the Democratic State Cen
tral Committee held to-day, the. following
resolutions were adoptsd: . . ,
1, Resolved, That in the opinion of this
committee a Demooratio Convention of del
egates from all the States should be held
this year, not later than the 4th day of July,
and Louisvillo, Kentucky, is tho most eligible
place for hoMing the same, yet, In our opin
ion, Way Tlhis too early a day for tne as
sembling thereof. Nevertheless, if the other
States concur in that day and appoint dele
gates, our Exeoutive Committee shall provide
for the selection of delegates from Ohio,
: 2. . Resolved, That the Chairman of this
committee communicate the . above resolu
tion to the Central Committees of the sev
eral States, and to the Chairman of the
C. J. BEAM, Sec'y.
Democrats, go to the polls
early next Monday I
Speech of Hon. A. J. Swaim.
Hon. A. J. Swaim. Mcmbor of the
9 ,
House of Representatives, from Vinton
County, made the following remarks in
the House laBt weolc, at the time tie bill
relating to the Morgan Raid was under
consideration :
Mb. Speaker: It ia with some de
gree of delicacy that I approach the sub
jeot matter contained in the bill now be
fore this House for consideration, know
ing as 1 do, that it direotly interests but
few members upon this . floor ; but it
nevertheless a question, iur, speaker,
which should claim the attention of every
patriotic member in this House. Every
member. upon;this floor is no donbt ac
quainted with the circumstances which
eave rise to the introduction of this bill.
The causes which gave rise to the intro
duotion of a bill of this character,
transDired at a time in the history of the
country when it was considered that the
sword and the musket were the only
safeguards for the protection of life and
property ; benoe it was tnat we nno peo
ple of the great Statejof Ohio! collectod
together to .'prepare themselves for the
trying oootest.We find, however, that
the contest was not met with an entire
success, and the result wa4, that hundreds
of helpless women .and children were
plundered of their provisions, and their
property stolen and carried off. ' This
state ot affairs oould have been greatly
prevented, had U , not boon th nwly
every able bodied man in the counties
through which . me Morgan raw wan
made, had been ordered from their homes
by the authority of the State, or had
enlisted in the service ot the uoverni
ment. . .
There are 'other facts connected with
this question, Mr. Speaker which justly
entitle these people, in my opinion, to
ask the State of Ohio to reimburse them
for their property which was connscatea
during the progress of the Morgan raid.
It is well known that all the property
that was taken from private indiuiduals,
not only by tho Confederate forces, but
by tie Government troops, at do very
distant day went into the hands of the
Government : and even the tew Ola
hones that were left in the hands
nonr men. which miebt have been
some service to them, were hunted up by
provost-marshals and put into the bands
of the Qoyernment, or appropriated
their own use. These people have not
only tuffared from the loss or their
" a- .fit.
property, bat upon mere pretense oi iur
Government, that it would pay these
claims, have wasted much of their sub
tanca in trvine to collect them.
I fiad. Mr. Speaker, in examining the
r.nnrt . nf the eommissioners who were
iDDointed by the authority of the Legis
lature to investigate claims growing ont
of the Morgan raid, that they have al
lowed claims to the amount of five
hundred and seventy-six thousaod two
hundred and twenty.five dollar of which
amount four Hundred ana tweniy-eigi
T . . :..J.
thousand one hundred and eixiy-eigui
dollars resulted from the capture anl
destruction of propetty ,by the reb 1
forces; one hundred., and lorry-ou
thousand, eight hundred and fifty-fin
dollors, from property taken, damage c
and destroyed by Union forces undjr
command of United States officers ; and
six inounanu, iwo uuuuiou n --, .
. 1 . . L.J.I1 BHll t ID A M ( J
lore, from property taken, damaged ai
destroyed by forces under- command ,tf
officers of the State of Ohio. ' I do net
claim, Mr. Speaker, that the : State ,
bound by law to recognizo these olaios
in question, or to recompense the pa'
tie who have en flared these Josses; aid
as for being a good or bad preocdenco to
allow them, 1 do not at present propose
to discuss ; but, sir, there la prinoirle
higher and more eaored than . law or pre
cedence, which should move the heart! of
a patriotio peopio to ooinuiwuwii"
to relieve a suffering people ; and I do
hold that the great Stato of Ohio, as the
guardian of her people, fed and burtwed
by her subjects, ' iB, in duty and honor
bound to administer relief In ; these fry
ing emergencies. I need .not 'TeftrjMr.
Speakor, to the provisions. of Jthii.-piU ;
tbpu dfiom to ba' Dlaia and arf easy? un
derstood, and I desire that th? bill ihall
go before the Houso upon its udntj
inasmuch as it is a well settled faot,
individuals caooot .collect thsseioWims,
and that the State is the only medium
through whioh they oan be coliootea, t
appeal to every membor on this flooi id
hfihalf of all that ia honorable aql juat,
ii n . T
in behalf of this unfortunate olass
who, at the bidding of the Uvernor
(whon the vory life of the Stateas at
Btake, and even this building, in which
we sit so composedly to-day, might have
been blown, from its foundation, and
this town of Columbus a smouldering
hpap), took up with heroio steps te line
of march to meot a powerful and jdespe
rata fop. and contend for their fiiesides,
their homes and their property. ( Now,
in view of all this, will this LeciBlature
refuse to'pass this bill to authorize the
great State of Ohio to pay the mere pit
tance usked lor Dt taose unioriuuuiu
people? I hope, Mr. Speaker, that tnis
bill will pass. I have no personal Inn
tertst n this matter ffuatcver. 1 mane
this anneal to this Houao in behalf of
my constituents a great many of whom
suffered much in consequence ol these
troubles : and I appeal to you, gentle
men, onoe more, in behalf of justice, to
cast your votes in lavor ot mis uui,
f... L!ll
Our readers will find a oommunioation
from our correspondent, "x, in this
nbter. trivins an account of Wiokline's
stealing a broadiax, at Mo Arthur Saa
tion. ,Tbia Wiokline belongs to the party
that boasta of..-haviog in its. ranks all the
"deoency," "honesty," "sobriety," "ffior
rlitv," "religion," ''respectability, eto
and was aiound ; stumping last fall for
this "glorious" party. They ought
bo ashamed of tho small and thieving
aols of such areat men as Wioklino.
Perhaps tbey are. No wonder tho bal
lot-boxes in this county wore Btuffed with
illegal and counterfeit tickets last fall.
Meeting of the Democratic State
Cewibal Committee. There was
meeting of the Demooratio Stato Central
flommittda in this oitv yesterday. En
couraging word was brought from
parts of the State as to the determina
tion of the Demooratio party to poll
large vote at the ensuing fall eleotiou.
It was the opinion of the Committee that
there should be a National Democratic
Convention held this year, not later than
the 4th of July, but not so early as the
7th of May. Other matters were talked
over pertaining to the welfare of tbc
country, when the Committee adjourned.
Ohio Statesman, 2ht.
'' Think op It. The people of the
Slate of Ohio last year paid over seventy
million dollars United States and- State
taxes. The highest amount ever expen
ded in carrying on the National Govern
ment under Demooratio rule was about
seventy-five, million dollars. . So it
be seen that Ohio alone pays nearly
much tax now under Radioal rule as
United States did under a Democratic
dminietratluu. Yet theao omo Rada
tell us we are a prosperous people and
can afford to psy aigh taxes. Twenty,
fiya million dollars have already been
nnrnnriflted to the 0620 bureau for
-rr--r-. . , . . .
eurrent year, ana now ite iuuubbbio
the institution are clamorous for fifteen
millions more. Of oourse they will
it. The dear people are paying for their
"loyal" whistle. Northwest.
Tn MiAsuRB Corn in the Crib.
is generally estimated that two cabin feel
of good, sound dry oorn in the ear will
make a bushel of shelled eorn. To
the quantity of shelled corn in a crib
corn in tne ear, measure um muBu.,
breadth and bight of the crib ' inside
multiply the length by the breadth, and
tha nroduct by the bight of the oorn;
then divide the result by two, and you
have the number of bushels or shelled
nnrn in the crib. There is a differenoe
measuring corn in this mode between
and spring, because it shrinks very much
in tha winter ana spring ana setues
down." ' ' '
, It is the duty ot leading
-i r .
Democrats in every township
in the county to urge their Re
publican neighbors to support
fVift "Democratic ticket,
vote that ticket is to assist
saving the country.
[Communicated. Who Stole the Broad-Ax at
McArthur Station.
Mr. Editob : About the 25th , of
Deoember last, there was a broad-ax
stolen from tho Station house at MoAr-
Statioo, whioh had been sent by express
from llamden, 0., to Mr. James Glenn.
Not long since Mr. Glenn, by some oir
numstanoo. was lod to suspioion one
William 2. Wickline as bomg tba tniet.
Evidenod accumulating against Wickline,
Glenn oonoluded to visit the resldonce of
said centleman (he being absent, from
bouie at tne nme auu oco wuui no uumu
see." He did so, and told Mrs. Wioliue
that ''William had sent him tor that
broad-ax." She replied that "Wickline
npw she hid sent it to Soiotoville."
That, of course, was enough for Glenn
villa, eot his ax. paid tha expressage and
iia went to iuo iiiiiioon u'v
oame home. He mmediately prooureaa
1CJ ' - .. ." .
warrant and an ofhoerand bad 'Willie
arrested and taken before Esquire Craig,
vim hnnnd him over in 8200 bonds to
DDoar at the next term of court. Mr
G. W. Jackson, of llamden, is bis seou
Now. the above mentioned w. u
Wickline, is evidently a "wolf in sheep's
clothing; for last fall ho made several
atnmD sDeeoties tor ine lvaaioais in iuib
nnnntv and as thev are the only "God
and moralitv" party in the field, it
therefore, very evident tnat W imam nas
been imposing upon tneir oreaunty.
Alas, for the imperfections of mankind
Mr. Isamineer, the Agent at MoAr
thnr Station, deserves ereat credit for his
advice and assistance in the matter. If
Mr, Isaminger had not pushed the matter
ahead as he did. probablv Mr. Uleon
would bava been the looser of a broad ax
and W. Z. Wiokline would be looked
upon as an honest man etill.
X. How I Got the P. O.
1 . TT. A. u. ......
Miscur auer; as uihuuv
are re
quiring ove me, as tu
how i got the
Masturship, i send you Ihes fu lines tu
lot em no how as l got it, as my euperse
diace wus unkompotent, aDd wusBent
liked, when i 'kluded i'd Bend a poti-
ehun tu Mr. Jobnsing at VVashiogtun,
letting him no as tu how things wuz
kerri'd on hear in theao parts, noin Mr,
Jonsing wud listin more tu the voise ove
I 1 f I I.1.J.J !'J li.v nmoina mi. nn.
tishun, and so fust i went tu mi ant-Big-Amy,
hoo ained it, and aed, "now when
tha so my name m wasnmgtun, nuay
Jonsing wil send you the omoe rite
Sez i tu her, "anty, yure mistakun as
tu seodin the office, he will only send tho
purmishun as tha call em." So bein
much pervigoratea trum naving mu
Ami's name tu tho top o' my list, i then
went tu my furst wife s tortbo cozen,
Ant Mrs. Poly Gamy, - (hur name
wub Hopkins before sho married Gamy)
an 6he scoin Bid Amy at the top, Bhe
put hur name rite on the bottom, sayin
"now yu eit this filled up between with
ohoieo womens, an youl git tu houst that
are sniDshus gent thats r. Dl. now.
Now i wuz just "old biznesa" at thi?,
so i kallod round tu all ove the white
fokes hoo live in white houses, with red
winder blinds an purty gals, ontil i had
near a hundred ' women on my polishun.
Then i thot how as perhaps i'd better not
furgit the man folkos alltergcther, so
went an got the rev.'s Liber Tyne
and Prosty Toot, tu eiuo it, which tha
did, sayeu: "yure the one lur us.
wuz thinken of havin ju plnted P. M.
this longtime." ibid, them gud da,
went out and muled my potisbun; and
seving dais and twonty-three ours, eg
saokly, my commit tu enter the oflU
cume, i give bale in the amount
81.75 dollurs an entered the unresponsa
hie dootv s, sat a week, I4tn aiaronary,
all things goin riti ontil Mr. , cum
in, when i wus puttin a 3 sent Btamp and
1 sent stamp on a letter, an he sez tu me:
'what duz that meen?'' why sez i, it ways
more an 3sents an not enuff for 0 sents.
Sez he "it is rong. It wants 6 sents
stamps." Sez i, it don't, fur that is the
law of Washington, an i no it is rite.
Hopin these tu lines ma sstieu my gua
an inkwiring friends, i remain yure
&c., &c.,
Elect Democrats to the sev
eral Township Offices next
- i
Monday. ; 1
i The Ohio Legislature refuses to sub
mit to the people, an an amcdmpntoi
Constitution legaising negro suffrage.
We hoped that tbey would have done
Suppose that the measure were sanctioned
by a dear majority of all the votes to
polled, next Ootober what then ? The
effect would be to enable certain 'radical'
judges of eleotion, say in Oberlin, Abe?
dean.' and elsewnere, to go on wuu tneir
duties without inourring the guilt
ooneoious and deliberate PERJ0RY. '
dislike to have these meu "immorally
Hated."'' ' , : " -: M.'n
Tnv. moBt extraordinary freak' of
n have lately seen, was exhibited
to us, last Tuesday, by Mr. Abel. Jolliff,
of. Plain township, says the Wayn Coun
ty Domocrat. A double pig. The hip.
rloF nurta were
completely joinea together
in the middle of the body as one;
the back were two legs and below Iwo
eight legs in all; the head aB any ordi
nfrri hnir. exooDt that it had four nostrils,
two tongues, two mouths and twp.iots
jawB. On examination, oy au yiumo
phyBieian of Wooster, it was found
have but one heart and longs. .Iis
strange curiosity, and one worth ptefletv-
ing for Boientino mvesHgauuo.
There is a prospect of a European war,
On thn 24th Inst., bv Oeorce Craie, Esq., Mr. P;
Mis." Ohada Joukbtoji,
What It Means.
A VERT common exclamation in the
Treasurer's offioe, these days, by hard
working men upon hearing tne amount
of their taxee. is "what does it mean
We can tell our hard working menu?,
who have been voting the Abolition tick'
et for the past six years, what it means,
in a very few sentences.
It means that you nave been voting to
rob yourselves, for the purpose of en
riching as rapacious a set ol scoundrels
as over lived.
It means that you have been helping
to build qd a monled anutocraoy, wno
by their money control the legislation of
the country for their own interests.
It means that you are paying tne taxes
of your rioh neighbors, who havo their
thousands invested in bonds.
It means that you have become serfs
to tho ''loval ' lord3 ot the Abolition
- - ... . . VM1
It means tuat vou are paying tne out
for reducing you to the level of negroes
It means that a JNational debt is a ia
tional curse, ., '
It means that unless yoa want your
ona lo lead a life of slavery, you must
help to burl from power the thieves, who
nI th ilWuisa of lovalista. are ma-
kino-this countrv a despotism, and us
people slaves.
o - '
It means sou are unworthy tho name
of freemen if you longer eonsent to bear
fh hnrdnn at vour Donanoiainff nemn-
ComDare tho above with your tax re-
ceipts, and see if they do not tally. To
ledo Record.
Butler and Bingham. Butler, the
Beast. Hud Bingham, from this State, had
a word set to in Congress on the 21st.
Bingham twitted Batler with having
voted 57 times for Jeff. Davis in the
Charleston Convention and insinuated
very strongly that he was no great shakes
ot a
Ueneial. in reply cutler piainiy
nharcred that Bingham was in a great den
groo responsible fur the execution of Mrs.
Surratt. whom he regarded as an Inno-
. . vv. h.ira o tofihntv at nnr.
' . w ,. n
oeni, wuujuu. i. - r
feet impartiality for these gentlcmon, and
therefore are willing to believe thorn fully
as bad as they represent eaoh other. As
CongresB is now hold to be the Govern
ment by the majority, and these men be
long to that majority, all the peopio have
to do to asoertaii wby it is tnat tne times
are bo mournful, is to turn to the Bible,
whore tbey will learn that "when the
wicked rulo the people mourn." Ohio
Ti .i : p!i:i;n in thlo
Died, recontk. in uallipolis, in tnis
State, uonerai woarge nuu, u iU . ...
yoar ot uis ago. ou, uuuw, uiUJ
years slnco, was the proprietor of a line
of State Coaches that run between tnu
Mentha and Gallipoli, and was well
tnnwn in this community. He has fre
quently represented Gallia county in the
T.umiJfltiire. In do utics he was
Democrat of the old Jaokson 6cnooi
b r , , ,
and was a delegate to the first Domocratio
Convention evor held in this State, which
assembled at Columbus in lbJs.
TnE Columbus Crisis says tho Grand
A.rmy of the Republic is preparing an
assault upon the , Treasury; loyalty pre
vails and the country is going to tho
devil on astoadvdog, trot. JUoonsnino
in natriotism; hypoorisy in religion;
humbug in politics; butchery in philan
thropy; madness in finance; stagnation
in hiisiness: Daralvssis in industry; dis
order in the nresont. misery and anarohy
in the coming time these constitute the
order of the diy, are the prospeots of the
The People's Defender of West Un
ion, 0., says that during the past week
the atmosphere was so dear and the river
so higb, that steamboats on the Ohio
oould be heard puffing distinctly, in that
place, six miles distant. Persons who
reside south of that plaoe about ' three
quarters of a mile, Btate that tbey oould
heor tho wheels as the buokotg tipped the
water. '"' " '' ',
Artemus Ward has directed in his
will that his property, after the death
his mother, shall go toward the ereotion
of an asylum for, printers. , ;
tr ik.i ni.i . Ainin. Rum Johnson, would
have welled" through Webster's massive
new Unabridged!. How he would have gloa-
ted over its magnificent letter pnwB uu
illustrations, beautiful as New Trearury
Notes, and much mere valuable to the stu.
denU The Merriamk have -incurred a fabu
lous expense in having the whole work re
written, resetrecast, and republished. It
not a mere revison, but a reoonstruotion.To
insure excellence in typography, H cornea
from the Riverside Press, which is all that
need be said about its meohauioal execution.
It la a marvelous speoimen of learning, la
bor, research, and taste r It is by far th
Tm! Morgan Raid Compensation Bill
. it- it..; At.! l.arwtsilatiirft
Tuesday week,
ted against it.'
All Northern Ohio yo
Local Business.
w-httrtnebs .MEN IN'!'VINl!0' COTJlJrY
- ...i wnt vitt
w "
mrpER YKAR.' i'i a i:i!t. '.-.ift ,;
rVlo r!llrnol,.
:i X HBlliVimwiv o- ,4
... WmlunnnhloTailor, McArthur. Ohio,
.r..5 u Cents and Boy.' clothing
!-rcET.wii atvlM. Bhop three doors nort
0j m'areaiUcnce, on Market street,
Local Business. PROSPECTUS.
Local Business. PROSPECTUS. —OF—
For 1867.
Tows Ravoti ih Volume and the Seventh
v.., nf th nnhllcation of Thi Catsu is
.... i . 1 1 jT .nil In mAAAVfYlLnftA With CUS-
aDOUI. IU UCglu, .UU, .u
torn, we issue our Annual Prospeotus. we
need not rooapltulate its history during the
stormy years or its existence, nor uiui
those ho have read it, of its services ia be
ninka of the Democra
cy, and What Its conductors eonoeiTnu, uu
what time nas snown, to do iuo ucaiiui.oio
of ihn countrv. Its merits have been ac-
VnA-iodoPfl from the time it was started by
(W .Bturftii And QlBtlBZUlsnea iouruni,
UV Q .. . ... I It..
Gov. MenAKT. and its present conductors
simply claim for it the credit of an earnest
and undeviatlng adherenoeHo the planand
principles or its rounaer. in an n po
cal vicissitudes of the past six years the
faiinra of some, the anostacv of others, and
the unguardea weakness or many, exponent
of Demooraoy, TB ubisjs naa neTer uouin-.,
ted from the straighi patn.or prmoipie, nop;
hi-on ltured bv temporary expedients, in
timidated by threats, nor disheartened dj
defeat and disaster. ' - '
On the score of prinolple we claim for it
the merit of fidelity, honest v, and consist
ency. A3 a newspaper we ciaim ior us
1 -1. M. Ai
merit or being an exponent or vstern in
terests and ideas, a reliable journal of the
times, a valuable companion of the farmer,
the mechanic the business man, and the
familv circle. It is our aim to fill the large ,
sheet with matter of real intereaL and per-
manent value-to disenss qneslions of prin-'
r. , .
lmnrove. auu luaLruui.. wo wwn no iuuod
aDd l0 this end we discard the idle twaddle
Wui0h goes so far to fill up the daily papers,
the obscene advertisements and thesensa
u" ""v u v" ...
We could
hundreds of letters from the best men of the
country approving of the course of The .
Ueisis in this respeot, ana to uns course we
propose to rigidly adhere. The reliable
market reports and tne ereat amount' or'
statistical, agricultural, financial, and' po-
litical information we publisn, is or im
portance and., value to business men, farm
ers, mechanics, and politicians ; while the -
carefully seleoted page of literary miaoella
nv which each number contains, commends
it to the home eirele of all. . . ' ! '
The politioal views of Tub Cbisis ecarcely
require definition. It is in favor of Demo
oratio principles in all their breadth and,
purity, as expounded by Tdomas Jefithsok
and the other really great men and founders
of the Government, ana npon
uoTernmem j, u,u. , .
sAvantT vearB. ir. is oddobcu 10 vns auuii'
v ... .
tion despotism whicti now controls ana rea
erai Government, in all its shapes and ua
der whatever devioe it may ppear.- U U
opposed to the entire Abolition theory of
politios, ana an me monstrosities, noma ug,
and delusions which gtW out of Hi It ii
opposed to the tliieving jasoality, tne ty
rannical assumptions, the stupid and bar
barous nolioies and the lawless usurpations
of Congress, and to all the machinery' that
the Jacobins nave daviaea ana put ju opera
tion to OTennrow nepuununu uuTcruwcut,
inaugurate anarchy and absolutism, enslave
the people, and oppress them with odious
taxes, and tyrannical, insane, and corrupt
loeisiauon. auu iu u raiwuj
i . 4k. "n. l...
..... . i . . .1 . i.
named) V( 8uau continue to ao it wituout
,ear or iayor.
In order to successfully eonuuet sucft a
paper ns Tub Cbisis, it must havo a lafga
list of subscribers ; and to secure that'w
rely upon our friends aad those who have
taken the paper We cannot compete with
the cheap, shoddy publications of the East
by offering bogus premiums or employing;
traveling agents ; but we earnestly solicit,
the aid of our readers in extending our eiiK
culation by their personal efforts. It wiiti
require hut little exertion from eaoh, but,
the aggregate will enable us to furnish thou,
with a paper fully equal in size, superior in.
print to any Eastern publication, and of a
preat deal more interest and importaact to.
Western Democrats. Friends, shall we eaU:
upon you in vain, for the small favor we
ask, and in a cause ot such magnitude. and
value? Now is the time to send in .subv
scriptions for the new volume, which, at the
end of the year, will be worth thrice the.
amount of the subscription price. i - i. .
Our terms are $3.00 per year, $1,50 for
six months, $1.00 for four months. , . ,
One extra copy will be sent to any one
getting np a club of six yearly subscribers ;
and to anv one sending a club of ten for six
or fo ur months an 'extra copy for the olub
Ume.iV.i;. . a wj'-v.f o.A '
For a club of ten yearly subscribers a.
copy of either of the five bound volumes
('61, '62, '03, '64 or 'U&.J ' . ' ..' :Ht
For a club of thirty yearly subscribers, a.
complete sett of the volumes of Tux TJkisii
for six - .
- Publisher and Fioprietorsi.
Columbus, 1867. J A7,J?T ..A ,.
' ' ' ' ' l '. I r '. '('.' ' ,' ' ." i - r
UNIVERSLLV acknowledged' the Model
Parlor Magazine of America, devoted to
Original 8tories, Poems(i Sketehes, Archi
tecture, and Model Cottages, Household Mai--ters,
Gems of Thought, Personal ad eraty
Gossip (including Specials depart ebt;ou
Fashions,) InsUuctions , o,n. Health, Gymnas
tio Equestrian Exercises, Bkatiagv Music,
Amusements, eot.; all by the best authors,,
and profusely and artistioally illastrated'
with costly engravings (full slit,) useful and
reliable Patterns, Embroideries, ewslry, and
a succession of artlstio noveletits," with other
useful and entertaln'g' literature. -
No person of refinement, eeonomloa) house
wife, or lady of taste, nan afford . ta da. with
out the Model Monthly. ' '!..!:
Single copies,- 80 cents,' hack numbers, aa
specimens 10 oents; either mailed free-v
Yearly, 8, with' a Valuable' premium; two
copies, $5 oOj three copies, $7 &0; live eopiea
$12, and splendid premium's, foe elaJajb$2
eaoh, with the rst premiuai to. : : sub
scriber. -'!"'"! '; !'i i'i ),r.n
Address l " '
.Ke-Jtia BroaAwajNe w TorE.
DemiireBt's Mhatlily and -Toto?-AAerio,a
totether, , wlth tl,pwmium;(0 safib,,-, .
i i: o , v. uui v. k :t
n,. nrnxtiml Fmn' own paper, luecueap?"
ana mm jiiinauiuMWVBf tS.-V.I'!3I.riiim of
"Y v-. ...,...1,. u.tiiUniL iourniii in,
America- lllutratea win; nummuu. "6 -
uodtho name of tt-i;'
. . Rochester, w Vork,

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