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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, April 24, 1872, Image 1

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VOL. 6.
$1.60 PEft YEAH, t
I Pnblls
Usher tad Proprlotor. J
NO. is,
HwiiifKf M to
0' fi
: r
Election of Postmasters.
A bill has been introduced
Into .Congress to provide for
the election of postimstera by
1 his peiule, and should it be
come a law, which it 13 not
. 'probable, however, as it would
cut down ' Fedeial patronage
considerably, it wtmld no
doubt meet with general ap
probation by the people.
It provides that on or be
fre the 1st of September next
. the Postmaster General shall
cuine to brt laid off, surround
ing and adjacent to each pot
oibce, districts which shall in-
, cludo . witli'iQ tUoirv triitrml
lirftits, so far as is practicable,
nil persons who receive or for
' ward mailable matter through
euch office5!.
In each district so laid off
th re shall be an election for
Postmaster held on the fW
Tuesday in October, 1872,
which' shall be conducted un
der the laws andjby the officers,
m prescribed by the statutes
of the several States regulating
nnd governing the elect on of
P.esident and Vice President
of the United States, all 'quali
fied electors being entitled to
vote at such ejection. The
parson receiving the highest
number of votes shall be de
clared elected,and,up n giving
the necessary bond, and com
p'ying with all the require
ments of the postal laws of the
United States, shall be com
missioned by the Postmaster
General as Postmaster, the ten
lire of his office to continue for
two years, and until his success
or is elected aud qualified.
Every two years from the
first Tuesd.iy of October, 1872,
n election shall be held to
dect postmasters for the dif
ferent districts. In case of a
Vacancy, the Postmaster Gen
iral is empowered to fill it by
temporary appointment, and
call an-election, which sh-dl be
held within sixty days, nnd, at
jHAst ten days after notice.
'Wnerennew post oinew is
established, the Postmaster
General will have power to ap
point a temporary postmaster
pending nn election. Should
.this bill become a law. thert
would no doubt be a decided
improvement in the posta
service throughout the country,
so tar as postmasters are con
cerned, and a great source o
corruption wipe 1 out.
Just one More Thief—A
Grant Postmaster steals
The Assistant Postmaster of
Port Wayne, Indiana, is a de
faulter to the amount of five
thousand 'eight .hundred and
seventy dollars. He has been
short on his remittances for
over two years, but had kept
the thing quiet in hopes of rec
tifying what he states to be
some blunder on his part in
keeping the accounts.
The Democrats would have
carried the Legislature of Con
necticut at the last election but
f r the scandalous, unequal re-
fresentation of the" people in it,
n thp House there are 130
R ipublicans to 111 Democrats.
Every town in the State, bir
and little, sends one, and all
the towns organized before the
year 1800 send two members.
The city of New Haven, with
50,000 people, has no more
members than some of the
smallest towns. The largo cities
are generally Democratic, and,
if they hud chosen members on
the basis of their population,
the Democrats would have
had a large majority in the
House. The Republicans know
it, and persist in keeping up
the rule of the minority oven
the majority.
Dead men tell no tales; if
tlioy did, annthcmiM tgnlnst the doplotlng
ftncut.tho driutlu purge, and tho aullivanU of
materia medic, would arlun from vory gi avo
yard. The motto of modern medical solonco Is
'Tronprvo and refrulnto, not dostroy,"ond no
remedy of our duy la 10 entirely hi hiirmony
with thla ti1illiinthnplnloglopr.-Wlker'
VegotHhle VlnoKiir lllttnra. In thla poworful,
yot liarmleM rentorHtlvo, d,vi)oiwi, lillinin
oomplHlntH, nml all dimmHwi ol tlio (.be utoiniU'ti,
llvnr, howpli hih! neivea, eucouutur iin I '-'x-
tal)IonUdot. 13-11
Railway Time.
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road.
On and after Nov. 19, 1871, Trains will
On and after Nov. 19, 1871, Trains will run as follows:
i? :
.8 ;
82 :
: a :
:'o :
:S :
: :
x t-fr-i to
r; a Al t- o .o io r
SI : : : 'i i ::!:: :
: 3
! 3
ri a
t i
W Mi.
M lie pfiSl" SlTSSfll'
. . . . , ,j. . rrr:
.!:::::: ::::::::::::
twi-3ioj 2ij
ti N t6 I-1' t-1-- 'JKJ33C
3 ? ai
'X s T5 6 ii it ?i w :f m "t o irf
Z :
: : : :
e: 4 a S sis Si--!
( IvriMVATI KXI'ltK-.S will run dully
.1 ll..(l.A'nn..i..a .Lilt., n Uai.l.a,P
Mop hntwnoti Htinnlon ami Athens.
Portsmouth Brancli.
MitU, Aotmmmtuhttlnn,
l.p. N. OUHIA.M.
i.H " . 7.0(1 "
4.441 " 1Q.N) "
O.n A.M. l!ll'.,
lt;:H " 8-.W "
un p.m. r..to "
Dep. Tl'imilcn
Ar'T. rnrtamnntll
D.iii. PortHimtiitli
Ar v. Jiutkion
Trains Connect at Loveland
Kornll iolnti on tln UtMo Miami Itiiilroiid, and
at tho In II in:iioli-,t( liic.iuimii Rallroiid JuiiU'
Mou rn- nil jMiiut West,
W. W. PEABODY, Master of Transportation.
Great National Short Line Route
Great National Short Line Route East and West.
Only Direct Route to the National
Capitol and Eastward.
On nml nlVr Monday, Novcinhcr I!), Trains
will run iik I'ollovR :
t'in noli
Ilni'iinr'e Ki-rry. ....
Now Voi'k .
Sew Ym-k
Washington .Tnnu'ii.
ITarper'n Furry....
f irl;i'i'tiin')r
(140 Am
'I I I Pin
II All Pin
8II.-I Am
1 (HI Pin
4 19 Pin
!l m Pin
5:4H "
8 :) "
10:110 "
1 :4I) Pm
041 "
:W "
9 50 "
2 T3 Am
fl 13 "
4 0")
I! I.i "
II m "
(I I.i Am
W Pin
K.10 Am
0:50 Pm
7 IS "
8 50 "
n 17
12 01 Am
3 40 I'm
11 4S Pill
P1:M Am
8 III) '
4 US Am
4 M
7 14 "
8:00 "
8:20 "
10il0 "
12 55 "
71 "
Pullman Palace Drawing Room Sleeping Cars.
Which ureoHcomfortulilo, elegantly furnishnd.
nndiilniosteipinl to B lire-side, am on all Trains
from Cincinnati to lialtlmoru and Washington.
Hco'litxluliicif Mnrliittii nnd Clnoinnntl Hall
way lor time of arriving uud departiug from
Me Arthur.
The advantages of this route over all others
is. thut it (Ives nil travelers holding throuirii
tickets tlio privilege nf visiting llalthnoru,
Philadelphia, ami tho National Capitol free.
Tiineqiiinkor and rates of faro lower than by
any other line.
The scenery along this Hallway is not equaled
for gr.toduuron tliiaContinent.
Tills line offers superior Inducements tlio
niton being one-third lower tosnd from Iloston,
New Vork, or any other KaHterii point. In or
derlnx goods of nnydosnrlptiiin from the Kast
giveilli-cctiont to ship va lialtlmoru A Ohio
It. It.,nnd InHhlpping Kast giro aamndireotlons.
Freightiisliliipod by this route will hitvo dci
pstcli, and lie liRndiud with care and save
shippers much money. J. I,. WILSON,
Master Ti-snsnortatlou, Baltimore.
Uon. Freight Ag't, Baltimore.
L. M. COI.K.
H. B. J0NK3, Don. Ticket Ag't, llaltimoro.
Ooit. Pass. Ag't., Cincinnati.
Cincinnati & Lafayette
Rail Road.
To all Points West, Northwest
and Southwest,
DIAKAf tFljiS.
Tho Groat Through Mail nnd Exprosi Pns.
ailliirill. I. Ilfl to ML. 1 .Oil IN. KHHRII U tir. St.
Joseph, Denver, Sim Francisco, aud all points
in Missouri, ivuusns ami lkmimhoo.
The ahortmt nnd only direct ronto to Indian
spoils, Lafavuttu, Terra Haute, Cambridge
city, Bprlngiieiti, i-eorta, Jturuugwn, umoago,
Milwaukee, 8L Paul, uud all points hi the
The Indlnnnnoll, Cincinnati and Lnfayotto
Railroad, with Its connect ions, now oilers pan
songors more facllltlea In Through Oonoh and
Hleeplng Car Service than any other lino from
Cincinnati. Having tho advantage, or J hroujn
Ihiilv Oju-h fnnnOlneliiiiul.1 t.n At. Louis. Kilii.
snsdlty.Ht. Joseph, Peorlu,liurllngton,(;lilcsgo,
Omiihn, and all IntorinodlutepolntN, presenting
to colon ism aim minimis suen com oris and
oceommodationt at are aflTordod by no other
route. . , .
Through Ticket ana uuggnge cnocki to u
l Trains lesve Cincinnati nt 7:30 A.M., 8:00 P.
If., and 9:00 P. M. '.
Tiuketn ean no ouinineu at rn. t iiurnnt
rr..x, ran-niT Third anil Vlim Publio land
ing, comer Main and lllveri also, nt Depot,
corner l mm nun rmrioinui, jiuciiihiiii,
lie sure to purchase tickets via Iuillauapolle
"hlef Ticket Clerk, Master Transportation,
" cinoluuatl. CluolimaU.
Railway Time.
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.
On and lifter Duccmbur 10th, Wl.Trulut will
run as l'ulluwn!
6.W a; M.
i:xu r. M.
B.4( p. M.
2:S0 . M
9:110 "
7:80 ' "
1:W P. M.
7:81 "
fi:80 "
11:48 '
t:80 A. It.
8:80 "
9 A. M.
: r. M,
H-.IH) "
( luvulnml... 8:"0
Sprlntrllehl. 12:-i5 "
Xonlil 1S: "
Duvton l-) '
Klchmnhil... S:10 11
Indlunapulil (1:10 "
Chicago 12 :15 X. u.
Clone connection mmlc nt I-ftnotster for Clr.
elPvlllfl, Ziincsvllln. nml nil puhito on the tin
clnniitiunil MiiMkttiirinn VilIIi-v Uiilli-aful.
Direct cmiiKTl lolis nuiiiu lit I'nlumhtis fnr
Dayton, HiMlhullcOd. Inriliiniipolla, (.'lilciin,
nml nil nolntii Wont. Also, for CluVuluml,
ltlilTitlo. Pittithuivh, nml all ixilnU Kiwt.
Take the Hmklns Vullcv ami I'm Handle
ronto to Chimin null tlm liorthwent, it In tho
U4Maullt of qiihikvr-tiinv mul luwor ntttx
uian uy iny otner line .
E. A. nuKTA, Gpn'l Tlckot Ag't.
Owned nnd opornted hyoneComimny from Cln.
cinmttl to 8t. Lou In. thinol'oi- pnsNonKoin lire
tl KE ofbolng curried thruugll without chnnge
of curs
thus Avoinma
tho possibility Incident to othor- ronttw (wliloh
uro nimlo 111) Of si'VITlLl Hlllirt roiulsl nf mUalnir
uonnection, and Hnlijectlnif tlu-lr musouger to
Families and Others Seeking Homes
In the rich valley nnd on the fertile prairies of
Western Missouri. Kuusns. Nimrnskn. (Inlnrmtn.
or iheniDi-o distil nt stiiteol'C'iillfiimiu, will con-
sua mtiriwn interest liyciilliiiK on or Address
jn thonndemiitnwl, Contnictlna AKi'iit. as (I
loiiK resilience In the western eimntrr hnitfii
miliuri.cd him with the best lociilltios.
Thii Route 1 3T miles Shorter than
via Indlanapolla.
Cnn ho pnrchnsod nt nil the Prlnclpnl Tlctet
UOlcusor OonneetliiR Unes, anil In Olnclimiitl
. ut the Ooneral Olllcuit of the Compuny,
1 19 Vine Street,
Broadway, Corner Front Street,
Main Street, COrnep Levee, an.d at De
pot Foot of Mill Street,
Contracting 'is sender Agent,
i in v in
8t, Clnclnnntl. Ohio.
And The
Thocompletlonnf the Louisville Division of
tins roiuiaiid tlio Hpliindldvtiuliununt lor pass
enger travel makes this tin
South and Southeast.
o Tirnnnnit r jt., i tits
O Dalhi.
With MrectCenucctlons fmni the Kast for
Louisville Without Change of Cars!
Tills Isthnnnlv rond whose tvnln lenvnf'ln.
ciniiati anil nasseiiKers are iloll vered nt dcjiots,
iioluio ui- ruaiiiuiit'L'H ill ijOlllsvilie i
Ask for Tickets via Ohio ifc Miss.,
ana take no others.
Cun Iw purchaceitat all the
Principal Ticket Offices of
ai ine uenemi unices 01 tne companv
Broadway, Corner Front Street,
Main St., cor. Levee,
and at the Depot, foot of II 1 11 Street.
Edward Gallup,
Contracting rnsRcngpr Agent.
1111 Vine Ut., Clnoinnntl, Ohio.
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
Onandaftor MONDAY, May Wth, 1H71, Ex-
Sress rrains win keavk luuuaiuuk ana
ItKSTblNR and AKiuvK at points named be
low, as follows!
fltntlona. No. 3. No. 4.
Oolumhiis IlilOam 4il0pia
Crestline....... f2:H0pui QMfim
I Iftveland 8 :4H p m 8 :45 p m
HulTalo 10:HUpm 4:10pm
Niagara Falls.... 7:00 a m 6:4,1am
Rochester l:HHiim 7:0.1am
Albany 9:45 am 2:00 pm
Hostoil B :20 pm 11:20 Dm
No. (I.
4:1)0 a in
4 :40 p m
6:05 pm
Now York City.. 8 -M p m 6 :H0 pin
CrcHtllno 12 45 p ill
I'lttshurg ewp tn -
Harrlsliurg 7 16 a in
lialtimoro 1040 a in
Washington.... 1 10 pm
I'lilliulorphlB... 11 IB a in
: resin no 1 f MpTm
Port Wayna .... B DO a m
OSS p m
1 85a m
U2o a in
8 25 p m
8 15 p m
-7 45p m
i a m
8 45 pm
2 40 am
7 00am
Tf5 a m
115am 11 as a m
Chicago 1310 pm
7S0am 000pm
fljyNo. 4, leaving Columbus at 4:10 p. m.
has a Through Cnmin Delaware for8prlngfloUl,
cm witnoutcnangeut7:w
o. 9 on the Columbus A Hocking
ley Railroad connect with No. 4 Train. Tlu-ough
X lcKmn Mir sniff nn Atnens.
I'ABHRNGKR TRAINS rotnmlnn nrrlv at
OolumbiiR at 12:80 a m. 11 :15 a. m. aud 9 :50 a. m.
Palace Day and Sleeping Cars
on All Trains.
,"SO n-' leaving uoiumiius at :; a m, on
RiiiiiTay. rnna through without detention, by
both Kile nnd New York Central Railways,
arriving at Now York on Monday morning at
0:40 A..M.
For pnruanlar information in regard to
througli tlckels, time, cnnnuetlonH, eto., to all
....!.,,. V . . , Wna U . , 1 V. n ....1 An
or address R. FOHD.Coliimbna.Ohln.
K. b. ri.iN i', lien, nuperiutemioit,
Hen. Agent, Ooluinbus, O.
l'nssengor Agent. Oolurabnt,Ot
David Foreman's Estate,
Probata Court, Vinton County, O.
Notion lshoroby given that JosahM. Fore
man, administrator of the estate of David
Foreman, ducooaed, has (lied his sccount with
said estate for llnal setthmisnt, and that the
same Is aot for hearing on the -
4th Day of May, A. fl. 1872,
Tl, 1. MAVO).
April 10, 187341 I'robato Jadgl.
SUtU of Ohio. Vinton Cuuntt.
Hope Furnace Co., rialnllff,
ngalnst -. '
8. Goot ACo., pnreml.
In Vinton County i'eurtor Coiiiiikih Plea. On
Pnreunnt to the eonimnnrt of h execution
Issued from the Court of Oimmo Hens of V In-
tnn flonnl.v anil In 11IH directed Ut HllOI'llf Of
inldooimty, I will offer for siila Rt, uulillo auo
tlon, ut the Iliumlen Konndry, Iillie town of
imnuien, viutou county, ymu, u"
Monday, the 2Mh Day if . April,
AD. 1872, -V ,
At the hour of 1 o'oloek p. ?., of uld day, the
following parmmnl property, to-wlti
Aboutli Plow-point Piitlern; I
TwojiUesof Pnrm Roll Puttorn4
Four tunc Mill Patterns!
Ahout 180ook Ktote I'littofnKt '(
Alioiit Station Stove Patterns; ;
Five Piulor Stove Piitternsi ;
Four Unite nnd Ci-ont PMerns
And nil other TOOL8 AM) rATTKRNS
for earrjf ln on the hinlneiw of ;tl.J Foundry;
nnd, iiIik), all the l'lnislied nl t iillntslied
Stock now In the said FotiiuVy, IksIoiikIhk to
Hlil 8. Ooeta it Uo. . .
LcTled upon an tlia nronertv iff S.floett A Co.
to tnry n exeeuimn littfp -i-trimta. jii'cu;"
sulil t'ourt In Iiror o Hoho.j. Jjawjj t0. "
Xeruis of bule. .au in himd.
Rhcriff or VluUi County,
IT. C. Jones. A tfv for Pl'ff. 7
April 17, 1672-W-
Stateqf Ohio, Tlntm Ctnnty.
Oeorgo W. Hrunton, riantlft,,
T)nnfol 8. nana nnd Ann K. Dana. Dofenilnntn.
Vluton County Court Common PluuJ Oi-der
of 8ule. I
Purmiant tf tlio cominnnd of annrdotnf unlc
InsiiwI trom tliet'onrt ot'( oniinen PI ens of Vin
ton County, and to me directed tin SJicrlff ol'J
said county, i wilioirer lursnlo at the door of
tliu Court llouso. In the Town of AIoArlliur,
V luton county, Ohio, on
Saturday,, the 11th Day of ULiy. A.
D. 1872, '
At tho hour of 1 o'clock v. . of mild 4ejr, the
following dogcrihed lsnds and tfiiomuntB, to
wit : I
A strip Ave footln wldlli off tlm ens side of
n line running north and south through In -lot
No. 45, beginning nt a point thlrty-aoi-en feet
east ol the soiuh-wnut corner olthesnid lot;
tiicnoe runniiiff none to the alley on tne north
lot,helngfn-LotNo.forty-avo(4o) in said town
of MuArthur also strip thirty-lurcq feet In
Wlllt.ll (lITHtA imi-lll Allll nf B..I.1 1..I .... lliu waaf
side of said partition line, dewrlhcA as follows,
to wit; Kcglnning at u point on the west side,
of snld lot thirty-three feet from the north
west corners thence cunt thirtv-eevea feet to
the snid partition line; thence north to the alley
on the north of said lotthlrty-thrcufoet; thoneo
wont to the north west corner of said lot-,
thence south to the place of beginning.
Appraised at sorenty dollars (T0), and must
hrliig two-thirds of that sum
Taken ns tho property of Daniel S. Thina and
Ann K. Dana to satisfy an onlur of aule in
favor nfCeorgo W. Ilrunton.
Tekms OK 8tK. Cush In hnnd.
SheritrVliiUm Couuiy.
II- 0, Jowfs. Attorney for l'lt'tf.
April 10, 1872-wo-lS;j
UtttUsqfOMo, Vinton County.
Thomas II. flhalter, rinlntifT,
AndrowO. Klllott, Administrator of the Es
tute of William Tyo, deceu-sod. and Mutilda
E Tyo, and others, Defendants.
In Viutou County Court of Common Plena. Or
der Hale. - - - v .
Purmisnt to tlm command of nn nler of sale
issued I'm in the Court o! Common 1'leun of Vln.
ton coiintr, and to mn directed as Sheiiir of
said county, I will eu"or for sale at the door of
tne uoui-t House, in tne rewu or dlcArthur,
v mum vtiinii' , viiiu, uii
Saturday, the Ath Day of May, A.
JJ. 187 Z,
A 1 the hnnr of I o'clock V. M. of snld day, the
'..,, i i I,...., i i - ...i.. -
mi mil I iik ncsci men jin-llllKun, III-w II!
Hltimtu In tho township of Hurrlnon, nnd
county of Vinton, and tatofOhio. nnd kimwii
as the Slnutli-rast iunrtur of the South-enst
iiuariuroi .tociion numiier Kignt IS.) nnd t
Norlli-esstiiusrterof theHouth-east quarter of
Section Number Eight 8.1 excepting Ten acres
otr the North ihle uf aaiil Noi tli-eufit iiuiirter:
nn, uisii. tnu iiiirui-wusiijinirttir in tne ouin
westqunrterof Section Number Nine ffl.l All
of tlio aforesaid Lotxnre in Township Number
Mnell. of llango Number Ninetem III, and
eKtiiniiteil to contain One lliimli-od and Ten
sores, be thnsnine inoro or less, but suljoct to
p ii ifgni iiiiiii wiiyi.
Taken as tho nronertv of Wllllnia Tvo.de.
ceased, nnd Matilda K. Tyo, to sutlilV ajml
mentol'Hiild Court In favor of Tliomait Bhufl'iir.
ApjiniisnuatBix Hundred and Twenty Dol
lar fO.XI.00 and must Urinu two-thrds of thut
Terms of Sale Cush In hnnd on tha dnv of
SllOrlff Viutou Count.
D. B. Shlvel, A tt'y for Plaintiff.
April , IB-0V-lUi ,
NOTICE is lierehv irlvun. in nnsunnco of
law, of the Intention of tho Coiuuilssloucis of
Vinton county, uulo, 10
Purchase for an Infirmary Farm,
the farm known u tha .
BITUATIi lXMllosNOKTliol MoAruthr,
Containing D2aoro, at Vfl poraenj.
Petitions For. and Remonstrances
The purchase of said farm will be oemlilereil If
filed In the Auditor's Olllco, of sIU wiuuty, ou
or befero ....... , ,
Wetlnosday, May ltfv1872.
By order of Conintlssioners:
W. W. IlEI,FOflD,
Auillor Viutou Co.
April It, 1873 4w . t -,
EIKAZER WOODUUFF.whose place of resi
dence Is unknown, will take notice that
ltohecra J. Queen, of Vinton county, and Htate of
Ohio, Uld.on tho Sthday of November, A.J. 1H71,
Die in the Court of Common I'lons of said Vinton
county, Uhlo, transcript of proeeediiifrs lu ban.
tardy In the cose of liuhouoaJ. Qikhui aKitinat
salilKloazer Woodruff, from the docket ui' An
drew J. Klllott, Justice of the Pence In ami for
Harrison hiwnslilp. Vinton county, Ohio, and
an allidavlt that nho (Kelieeoa J. Queini) was
tlio mother or a hasliira child ; time sain Kieawr
.r 1... r.. . , ...I.I ..kill. I
rvoouriui wua iim lutnur oi mini viiini. hihi tirai
aid Kleazor Wooilruff had ulieiuled with tho
Intent to defraud allhint, ami tnnt lie had left
tlio county of his residence (Vinton) to avoid
the aorvlco of a warrant: and that said lteboeca
.1. Quoen, on tlio 0th day of Nuviunlier, A. D.
ihii, caused certain laniis ocioiiriiik io sain
Kleazor Wooilrulf. nnd situate in the said C'ountv
or Vinton to be attached, tho sumo IioIdk the
south east quarter of the south east quarter of
section No, 81, township No. H; ItaiiK" No. Ill;
eontalninit 40 acres hhiio or less) also, the nortli
east quarter of the south east quarter of section
81; township No. 0; rnnifu No. Ill In district ol
lanus sunjeci ui saio at cnuiiiMiuie, unio, oon
talnlni 40 acres mora or less, with the execution
of Uin acres sold out of the north went corner of
taltl lot. Said Eleanor Woodruff Is untitled that
said cas will lie for hearing on the Slkl duy of
muy, a. ii. ihol or at swu iiiurvaiuir as mo
uueoau uo Heard. . . . .
By John Mayo, her att'y .
Airll 17, Wi.
Blanhood! Womanhood!
Who may msrry and who nol. .Why! Inw
pediments, onusoi and ouroi 108 patron 'vent
Bledfoi i oenU. Addreu Dr. WII1TT1EK,
H Charles Street, St, Louis, Mo., who treats
an ohronlo, virulent, and ipeolal dlseasos. Tht
most suoocwful spouIallt of llio aga. 1-lf
A Flock of Wild Geese
One Tom Musel y, of Stock
ton, Calais responsible for thia
story : Up in the vicinity of
Grayson, on the west side of
the river, since the storm, wild
geese beconie so numerous as
to do ferious damage in the
way of picking up wheat
lately sown. A farmer friend
ot Tom's, who resides in that
locality, hit Upon a novel but
effective plan of freeing him
self of the ravages of the mill
ions of . wild fowls1 that swarm
that region. He poured whis
ky over a quantity of wheat
uatiI.ituLbaorbediabout a cal
len ; he then' scattered1 the
wheat over his fields and await
ed the result.
The geeso came in flocks:
tney alighted and devoured
the wheat, and in a little while
the fields were filled with
drnnkengee.se, tumbling about
antfigbting for all the world
like drunken men. Now was
the time for the farmer, aud
with a club he killed no less
than COO of the drunken
crowd. lie gathered up the
slain and set a lot of Chinamen
to pluck their feathers, from
the sale of which he expects to
realize the value of the whisky
used if not of wheat eaten.
In the sitting of the Prussian
Herrenhaus, on March 15th,
the German budget was passed
unanimously. The Minister of
Finances pointed out that the
State commenced the finauical
year for 1872 with a surplus of
more than $1-1,000,000. In
consequence of the suppression
of the War Fund, the abolition
of the customs amounts credit
e l to the North German Con
federation and the increase of
the sums derivable from the
customs due?, S 1 1,000,000 can
be utilized for the reduction of
the State debt.
Ben Butlers little private
transactions in spoons and oth
er valuable "truck," during the
rebellion, have taken the form
of a ghost that will ever haunt
that handsome-eyed gent. Ben
has a tough hide; but as the
little drops of water will wear
away the hardest rock in tune,
we are conudent that the con
stant iteration of spoons will
eventually tell on his sensibil
The Administration Repub
licans at Washington are mani
festing less unconcern at the
Cincinnati Convention, than
they" at first affected. They
go so fat now as to concede
that the Catherine: will be larare
and important. The last news
is that such representative Re
publicans as Colonel Alexand
er McClure and J. K. Moore
head, of Pennsylvania, will at
tend the Convention.
A school-mistress, while tak
ing down the names and ages
of her pupils, and the. names of
theii parents, at the beginning
of the term, asked one little
fellow : "What's your father's
name?" "Oh, you needn't
take down his name; he's too
old to go to school to a wo
man," was his reply.
A citizen of Albany, recent
ly deceased, has left $10,000 to
be used in translating the
Bible into the Japanese lang
uage. Night-weddings are all the
fashion at Paris now, and it is
a correct thing to assume the
the bonds at the stroke of mid
night. There are 318,958 church
members in North America,
208,181 of whom are women.
The increase during the last
year has been 5,586.
The spring begira of French
from Canada has set in. One
morning last week there were
fifteen cars from St. Albans to
Essex Junction filled with
them, bound for different
places in the States. ;
Puot1. it.' ft feARHEd, SripeHo.
tondent, has furnishud us with tho
names of tho following pupils of the
McArthur Union Schools that main
tained a perfect grado In deport
ment throughout tho month of
Martin i
Mangle Arnold
Minnie Vothwull
Charles Clark
Mollio Unlit
warren Jones
Hiram Rnvnor
Sallio rilrhor
Mangle Brntton
Hnllie ItnnUii
Flora Rons
Kdiuonla WllthrtUft
Frank Hortori
Sail io Redd
Kiln Lynch
K. B. Orako
Thomas Kellev
C. Kli.allothwell
Kllr.a II. Rnnnulls
Kva Slsssnn '
Fannie Florence
Huron! .TonoR .
Alfred Malono
John Manning
Isaae. Newton
Freddy (Jiiielt
Arehlo Rnnnells
Charles UeynoliU
Alljo Xwuiui
Josle Hni I Hi
8. Sutherland,
Allien t! I linn
Charles Want .
THysses Wykoft
Hnniner Want
Annio Aj'Holil
Kiln Hull
lilioda Harnett
Iiiiuin llolKt
Janie Claviiool
Way iHiliisun
iiattle Holland
(iladvs (lold
AUoe l'urdiie KosaiJnsman ''
FAtiar Sidman
Will Anihrose
Edward Iiollison
Helen Holland
Annio I'ayno
Hilttle Weekly
Mary Canty
Victoria D'nvln
llniTv Ainhroso '
Charles Moss
Uoorjro I'erry
Jmiles I'ileher
Annio Helhirell
I.ue.y llollund
Julia lVnrco
Minnio Wooluv
Wary (iniy
A mile Junes
Ada J,aiitg
Jlnry Joinlor
Lizzie Hiilinnn
Mii rinni Will
Klla Austin
Carrie Jtolio
Hannah Jli-owd
Aliio Jinnies
Kniina Jtiu nett
Carrie Chirk
Sarah Clemens
Minnio Clark
Kinma Davie
. Huttle (johl
Kli.nhetli Folton
Mollio Gusninn
1'Hiillne liiihiniiu
Minnie Hill
A nun I.nvello
Ana Louder
Viola Liittrhl go
Mukkih I.nnU
Kniina I.ueiu
Sullin Lucas
Mary Lucas
Katie (Jains
Karnli Wilcox
Ma Ward
Martini. Wlloox
Loiiizn Cirav
Frank Aniliriwo
Flnley Ashvrry
John Canty
Han Crinuiiiiis
Owen Dowd
Felton Floreneo
Harry H ami I ton
John Holland
latliew Holland
:iuier Kliiif
Thomas Lavclld
Ilenny Quick
James Hess
Cllarlea Stvalrn
Frank Sidman
Klmer Sni-iiffiio
Ilarvov Slssiin
Tilinan Weekly
Andy AVIsenherger
Charles Wnoloy
raneis Wilcox
Davie Wvekoft"
(jeoriro A'ansky
Chiirlea Lowry
(ieoi-fre Ojrun
Minnie I'oiu-co
Clara Taeji
Eliziihetll Lench
Uuru t'ilclier
Carrie Gold
John LanU
Trimllc I'avno
uenry iiotiiwell
E. ). Shiickey
Kiln I.nntz
Idu fiisson
Serenta Hidman
I.vdia Wolf
lrfollio Ward
Mly Rovnold
Annio Karhitrt
Mattlo l'erduo
Ada lloho
Marv Halnl
Minnio lialrd
Kna lialrd
Kliza Bmwit
Ella Cantv
1 1 at lie Cm, k
fiadie Dowd
Hello Grav
Allio Hamilton
I.llv Hill
Sarah Hudson
l.lzzie I.antz
Kinma Luntz
Alio Hcynuhh)
I.enn tfannells
Klla tSnvder
r.nnnv ivoolev
Euitcnia Will
Eliza ChiviMMil
Charles litninfr
Howard (Jriv
Tommy Austin
" lily jiahd
Frank Ilelfonl
Itertie Davis
Henry Dowtl
renx tirlmes
Walter Hudson
Hearth and Home.
A very valuable number of
Hearth and Home for April 20
is before us. Besides setera
fine engravings, and the usua
good assortment of excellent
reading for all departments o
the household, a Supplement
in this number gives an account
of a four year's Libel Suit
brought against the Publishers
for exposing Humbugs, in
which the important rulings of
Judge Brady of the N. Y.
Supreme Court, and the testi
mony of leading physicians,
take advanced grounds in re
gard to the responsibility of
manufacturers and dealers in
patent medicines. This will
bo specially interesting,' not
only to Lawyers, Physicians,
and Druggists, but to all who
buy and sell mediciens, and to
those who have been swindled
by humbugs. A prominent
feature, however, of this num
ber of Hearth and Home is the
new story by Dr. Eggleston,
author of the "Hoosier School
master." The new story is en
titled '-The End of the World,"
illustrating life and . scenes in
the West thirty years ago. It
is confidently believed that
this will be one of tho most at
tractive and useful American
stories yet brought out. Get
this number especially, either
of your newsman, or send a
dime and get a postpaid copy
from the Publishers, Orange
Judd & Co., 215 Broadway,
Tho origin of this mouth Is
disputod. Somo authorities claim
that April is dorivod from tho Latin
apptrio, signifying to open, and
bocauso in this month buds bogin to
appoar- aud some flowors blossom.
Othors consider thia a far fetched
deviation and arguo that the namo
was formerly Aphrilis, dorivod from
Aprodite, tho Greek name oi Yonus
and that the month was so oalled
bocauso tlio first day used to bo sot
apart as a fostival of that goddess.
Ia tho Alban calandor April was
the first month and had 36 days,
the year being divided, into ten.
fiiontha, In the old Roman talen
dar It was the Boc'oni month and
had 36 days, the year boipg divided -Into
ten months. In thooldUdmarl
cftlondor it was the second ftio'titk
and had 30 days'. Wbon arrta ri
organised tlib year Apt-il was madd
fourth tnonlli and bad 2iJ daSj
but when Julius Cajsar reconstruct-;
ed the calendar another day whs
added. . , . f ;
The 1st day of April is called All
Fool's Day, same think a a set otf
to All Saint's Day. Tho custom of
playing practical jokos on thia day
is so anciont that its' origin has nob
boen ' discovered. It is tbonghb
that ;tho raodorn . notion adapted
it from the Hindoos, whd practice
tho Same sort of j6kcs on the 81sfc
of March.
Our AngU-Saxori forcfathors
called this month Ostor month,
probably hcoauueof the prevalancd
of cast winds at this seasoii.
It is believed that the eS
tfeme cold weather of last
wintet killed all Jhe fish irt
Walker's Lake," Indiana.-
Since the ice thawed out, tho
banks of tile lake are lined
with fish, and in many pladeS
they could be picked un bV
the wagon load. It is believed
that there Is not a live fish left
in the entire lake. It is said
that an occurrence similar to
this happened some five or si
years ago, but sine? that timer
the lake has become Well stock
ed with nearly all kinds of fish,
some of them very large,
At his recebtioii on March
15th, M. Thiers said : "Ho
would not resort to a plebiscite,
but that he was not afraid of n
direct appeal to the neohle.-
The Bonapartists he was not
afraid ; he was sure that the
could not muster a million and
a half of totes The country
Was prosperous and happy, and
only too glad of the contitin
ance of the present regime.
The relatons with Prussia and
Italy were most satisfactory ; if
he were only let alone all would
be well."
The General Land Office De
partment embraces eigty-two
land districts, with double that
number of officials, beside tha
clerical force employed, There
are seveuteea States and Ter-
ritories within fthe area of the
Public Lands, properly so-called.
There ia all 1,831,998,
400 acres, of which 550,870,
0G9 have been surveyed up to
the end of the last fiscal vean
leaving 1,284,119,331 unsur
veyed. During the last fiscal
year, 4,000,326 acres were en
tered for homestead purposes.
A queer fish' is on exhibi
tion at Charleston, S. C. It
is red in color, has a head
somewhat like an alligator's
on the back is a fan shaped
a i if. -t f. .
uu, miu on me smes or tno
head there are fins which .it
keeps moving backward and
forward just as a horse does
its ears. It was hooked bv a
fisherman in Charleston hai bor.
The miners at tho Souttt
African diamod fields propose
raising a subscription for a
-j. 1 1 i
uuru ui Buaw-coiorea di
amonds, to bo presented to the
Princess of Wales, with tho
hope that, if the Princess ac
cepts and wears it, it may
cause stones of that color to be
come fashionable, and conse
quently increase their value.
There are said to be eight
hundred different washing ma
chines patented at Washing
ton, three-quarters being of
New England origin.
At Taunton, Massachusetts.
in the Supreme Court, now in
session, there are on the docket
one hundred and fifty-one
cases, seventy-four of which
are petitions for divorce. .
The South Carolina Legisla
ture has enacted a law legiti
mizing the children .of colored
mothers by white fathers who
held them as slaves.

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