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OFFJCE-In Second Story of Bowel l's
.Swing, North Sl.lo ol Wain Street, luist of
Court House,
J. W. ItOWKIf. Editor.
August 7, 1872.
National Nominations by the People.
Thomas Ewlng, Jr.
August Thleine.
Or Vinton County.
National Nominations by the People. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET.
of Wayne County.
of Franklin County.
of Licking County.
Of Gallia County.
. " Of Tike County. ,
Sent to any Address,
The campaign of 1872 bids fair to be one of the
n.,t m-clt nir in our political history. . For the
most exciting in our pol
imrnoso of assisting in tho dissemination or trie
mrposo of assisting in
f rtnlittpul re
inntrlnn of nolitical reform, Title woartuuk
Inquirer will he sent during the campaign, or
...... I,- fnrnnlrarnuints. Sufoseriiitions
may commence at any time, and continue for
the time specified. Yearly su 'scrintion. S1.50.
ddl'CS. - BOW r.n,
feditor and Publisher, McArthur, O.
Our Candidate for Congress.
As will be seen by reference
to the report of the Congress
. lonal Convention, Hon. Samu
el. A. Nash, of Gallia county, &
Liberal Republican, was nomi
nated by acclamation to repre
sent this district in Congress.
Mr. Nash comes of a good fam
ily, and is the brother of J udge
Simeon and Senator Wm.
Nash of Gallipolis. He loca
ted at Gallipolis in 1846, and
has been engaged in the prac
tice of law, being one of the
most prominent members 'o
the Gallia bar. ' '
Mr. Nash is 49 years of age,
and a man of decided ability
Possessed of great intellect, a
srood speaker, a sound reason
er, a deep thinker, and a well-
read gentleman, ne is tue man
to meet Bundy in the present
canmaisn. He was at one time
Prosecuting Attorney for Gal
lia county; being elected by a
handsome majority, nis asso
ciation with the Republican
party dates from the demise of
the old Whig party.
In his speech accepting the
nomination he acquitted hm
self well, and convinced a
, crowded house .that if earnest
uess would win the race, we
would be ultimately victorious.
We have great reason to be
lieve that Mr. Nash will poll a
powerful vote in (jalha. That
Mr. Nash will be elected we
Presidential Elector.
At the Convention of Dem
ocrats and Liberal Republicans
of the 11th Congressional Dis
trict, which convened at Ports
mouth last week, Owen T.
Gunning, Esq., of McArthur,
was unanimously chosen Presi
dential Elector. He is an en
ergetic and eloquent lawyer, a
gentleman of highly moral
character, who is heart and
soul in the Great , Reform
Movement which is destined to
revolutionize the country, and
sweep the corrupt administra
tion out of power.
Bingham Squelched.
Tho notorious John A. Bingham, one of the
murderers of poor Mrs. Surrntt, was squelched
in the 10th District Radical Convention, which
assembled on Tuesday of last week In Mint dis
trict, and Capt L. Danford, of Belmont County,
was nominated on tho seventh ballot for Con
gress, tho contest being bitter. The voto of the
delegation stood K for Danford and M for Blng.
ham. Good bye, Bingham! You hud belter cut
your own throat, like Stanton I
At the Ratification Meeting
of the Democracy and Liberal
Republicans of Ohio, held last
Wednesday at' Columbus, Hon.
Thomas Ewing aud Hon.
Augustus Tiikimk were se
lected as Presidential Electors
at Large for the State. A
synopsis of the proceedings of
the meeting will be) given in
our next paper.
The Grantites hold a Little
The McAvthur Ring Gain a
Victory Over Wilkesville
and Little Knox!
A Ticket "Fixed Up" to suit
a Few "Tricksters."
That County Convention, In the Interest of
that Grant who swindled the Mayor of Washing,
ton out of twenty flve thousand in a bouse trade,
was held at tho Court House, In this town, on
Monday last, In about tho, same manner stated
horoinbefore. Tho whole thing was a "set up
Job," as a good many of tho "persons oppos
ed to the bargains, sales and Intrigues of polit
ical tricksters and disappointed ofuce-seclters"
who camo to town early Monday morning to
represent their townships in the Convcntioni
were very quick to observe After tho tolling
of tho Court Houso bell two times wo went
"into Court," expecting to see the priucipal
soats lull, but firemen only were sitting all In
a row on just one sent, wishing and looking for
others to occupy the numerous scats. In a
short timo obout forty delegates and some twen
Grantltes who dwell in tho village and the
arithmetic boy from Wilkosvillo, together with
nbout thirty Democrats cntorcd and filled up
the scats outside the bar. Tho exercises were
opened by Gen. Haryey Wells. Harvey is much
ly in favor of sending ptirps, bosses and other
presents too tedious to mention herein to Grant
"notwithstanding tho increased taxes," but
still so long as the lamp holds out to burn, sin
ning Harvoy may flee from the sight of those
who are making a notorious fool of him Just for
one votol But Harvey struck the "key note" to
tho assembly by stating that Mr. Jones could
actus Chairman; which spread like wild-fire
all around among tho 8510 delegates. It tick
led them because they didn't have any one else
that could "fill tho bill." Jones know he was
'ithelr Moses." Slowly he moved inside the
bar to a chair. lie began to talk to them In a
mild way, remarking as his eyes passed about
and observing so many Democrats present, that
it looked liko a Democratic meeting. Ho spoke
very slow so all could understand that he meant
what he was about to remark. It was his opin
ion that tho Democrats had abandoned their or
ganization in the United States, in this State
and in tills Congressional District, but we
thought he bad forgotten that glorious news
from North Carolina, which he went to the tel-
graph office nt Hamden Inst Friday to hear.
He kept right' on talking, "making It all tip as
Ira imit BluuB.,,'1tTTtolikw, auQ was" RttCn
tivcly listened to by that portion of the audi
enco from ufnr off among the hills, who are ig'
norant of "the ways that arc dark and the tricks
that arc vain" among the slippery-tongncd "p.
litical tricksters and disappointed olHco-seek
ers" of tho Grant school who are constantly en
gaged in "bargains, sales and intrigues" to de
feat tho wishcsorthc people from tho rural (lis
tricts. Before he closed ho said the Republican
party is a hopcAil party. We didn't know what
Homer meant by that statement, unless that
demoralized party "hopes" that the Democrats
and Liberal Republicans will elect an honest
old gentleman to tho Presidency who is strong
ly in favor of one country, one yeoplc, no present
bribes, no nioro nepotism, no more stealing, no
more corruption; of rights for all, of general
and not partial amnesty, of breaking up all the
carpet-bag governments in the land, of stopping
the corruption that has boon developed in the
custom-nouses 01 jnow lorn ami M'v unoans.
and wherever there Is an opportunity offered to
steal, and of conducting the business of the
whole, country with "economy and common
sense and restoring our credit to a sound nasis."
If he did not mean that, wo are in hopes that it
will be tho result of tho election this year any
how, lielore taking his sent ho gave notice that
the selection of a Secretary and an Assistant
Secretary was necessary. John Miller thought
Rapcr ought to write this "cut and dried" busi
ness of the convention down, but Rnper would
not do it then, and no body had the nerve to tell
him he was the proper fellow to write the thing
iip as completely as N. P. Ranks In his letter
Inst Wednf'silnv. endorsing and favorint- the
election of Greeley. E. N. Barnhill thought he
had a fellow who would come down to the
scratch, but he missed it in telling the folks that
w.j. Kfinncits was just men out or employ
ment. William wouldn't do it, II. C. Hobbins
concluded John Miller might record tho things
that wore about to come to pass. John went In.
Ir. Cline reminded Ma or Mitchell that he could
assist in "conducting the business with economy
and common sense." Tho Major wasn't in fu-
vor of "rising up regardless of party affiliation"
to assist. General Wells put in airnin: he knew
who would do it; he railed out Nathan Wilcox.
Nathan went to the front. General Wells then
looked as nlrasintr as Dnnford when he beat
Bingham in the nomination for Congress last
week. The King was ready then to carry out
tho lirocrainnio tirevlouslv adouted In stores.
lnw offices, and on street corners. The Chair
man desiring the business to be proceeded with
slowly so as to give tho candidates for Sheriff
and dork, who were lielng choked off, time to
breathe, siiKKcstcd the. appointment nf some
Committees and an adjournment until after
dinner. Once more tho "lightning calcula
tor" rises to exolain. A Committee of three
on credentials would bo n fine thing, if the mo
ver coiliu uc nut nil it. l lie ennlrnrHW pot him
nt the head, F. Shades in the middle, and H. C.
Robbins nt the tail.
A Committee of three on order of tho Busi
ness wero appointed, pursuant to a motion, con
sisting of E. N, llamhill, Ksq. Canney, and G.
T. Smith. This completed the Committees.
The delegates were requested by Knper to
to send their credentials to Jones' Law otlloc.
No objection made. It made no difference
where they were sent one place being Just
as good as another, because the Ring had al
ready fixed it to suit tho conductor of the Grant
organ. If the credentials needed amending, the
law omce was the u ore to have It ilonn in a
sleek style, satisfactory to the "political trick
sters." Adjourned until 1 :H0.
At precisely 1 :S0 thov all came back, the emp
ty souls being all tilled up with Domocrnts.
The reports ol Committoes wero the first in or.
Tho Committee on Credentials reported that
an tne townships wore represented by somebody
excent Vinton. Kuuort adouted. (Jon. wells
The Committee on Rules nnd Order of Busi-
ness, thniuich K. N. Rarnhill, Attorney at Law,
reported as directed by the little King. In the
report iiiu ivinv directed tnat aennnge no made
in tho order of nominations: in tho cull In their
paper Sheriff appeared before Clerk
. i . u ;
oruorco it reversed, so as to irnln a
little more
time on Sheriff.
TiiorullnK Rini
of McArthur
seemed determined to clenn out
in WllknavlllR
ami Knox delegations, tauntingly culled tho
"Wllkesvillo Clique."
ine inairmnn stated that nominations were
In order. All was iiuiet for four minutes no
body aroso to make any nominations, (jetting
out of patience, tho Chairman began reading
J, muun n cnmiKiates irum ai.raiitorgan,da
wi iwu weens previous, lie found only one
name lor MurkGeorge Holland. Hnitf that
was uu. ino conductor or the aforesaid organ
arose and runmrkml Hint . i, .-....... i,..i
old papor, that a later paper contain ed the
the nvmes of other 'candidates. Tho ciutinnan
replied that he didn't see any difference in the
pupors-thcy all lookedallke. Smiles all .around
ineroom.i a fresh paper was procured by It
conductor. The chairman read (mm tl.i. inner
the names or George Holland of Klk, Geora e L.
Ilnrry oi Wllkesvillo, nnd Solomon Lanfax or
Clinton, which were announced for Clerk, and
asked ir tnero wero any -more candidate. Of
course no anew mere wero no more, hot he wan
ted some of the delegates to thluk that hedidn' t
n. n. jiuramii uim jn. u. uoiiDitt were appoint
ed Tellers. The chairman siiKirostnd tha iw..
tlon of some fellow to swpresent Vinton town'
a! I r. --.kink n... antltl. .m - , . .
Cox or Swan, movsd that Mr, fltoni riprtttv )
nretcndlnir to be limo
rant akiul: "what Mr. Stromr.
Joe Cox sum
"Frank Strong, of MoArthur." Laughter.
The balloting by 'I ownsnipsoomrneneeu. urown
township was called seven times, before the del
gation dellvored their votes to the tellers. When
Vinton was culled it was amusing to see Frank
Strong of Elk, oast a vote in behalf of Vinton
lor noiianu. mo uauus rcsuiuxi . louowa
HnlliLn.l ani Laura 11: Dorrv 9. Tho Conven
tion was entitled to 50 votes. Nocossary to a
oho lea ail. hoi am was now area tue nominee,
This wan satisfactory to tho King. The Ring
did'nt want any "Wllkosville Clique" to poke
anv candidate on McArthur. The friends
of "berry or Lanti didn't rise to move that tho
nomination be inado unanimous. It wasn't
necessary. The Ring were anxious to got
through with Sheriff. Tho Chairman read
from the Grunt organ the names of Levi Rob-
inettol jinox. Tnonias j. iiruwor oi Aianison,
George Kaler.Enos Winters, jind 1). K. Bray,
or Elk. ,l. A. r el ton, wno owcu Airrea isiirton-
alinwof llrown. a little favor, announced Al
fred for Sheriff. Alfred arose and said lif
would'nt do it. D. R. Bray and Thos J. Brewer
sal. thov would'nt do it either. This was a re
duction of 50 percent. Into battle they went.
Vinton rosponuoa tor Kaier; swan was aiso na-
ler to the euro. Several individuals wero Kalor.
When the votes were ooiiuteu It was discovered
that Kalor had 87, Robinutt 14, and Winters II;
Kulur'a muloritv over both only 4. The friends
of Kalor rejoiced out loud in ineetlii', causing a
sad feeling among the friends of Roblnett and
W niters. 1 lie nomination oi naier was not maue
unanimous. We thought somebody ought to
make an effort to have it done, even If tho effort
should be fruitless, but we didn't like to make
anv suif irestions. But tho principal work of the
"political tricksters" being comiiletod, the num
ber ol delegates in the room begun to grow
s mailer.
Nvt. In the order or exorcises was Treasurer.
The Chairman found only one name W. R. Ya
ple of Eagle in the little paper.
it nau ooen piuceu nioro uy in. uiuh. "
Felton happened to be inside the bar. Ho was
posted understood tne wnoie tiling, iiemoveu
that Mr. Yaple bo nominated by acclamation.
The motion was not seconded but prevailed.
Probate Juriire was next, jno announcomontg
had been mado in tho papor for that ofilco. ot
wishing to let tho place on tne ticket stnnu
t.ianir fiiA vifrhf. nf .fiiilffA Kalnr to the nomina
tion having been silenced by tho nomination oi
Ills son ueorge lor snorin, m. n. rotwiroi jkj.
un u.'A. nut nn hv nralnmntinn. to till the blank,
The number of delegates and spectators by
Mil. UmcWM ciiii.ior"r ,, .,
Commissioner was next for consideration.
John llrown was culled upon to take a hand In
the "little game." John would'nt do it. Eze
kinl Radclin" and Edward Swenston of Richland
and M. II. Walker of Harrison, were invited to
trv their luck in t he irame. xno came resulted
41 for Radcllff, 6 for Walker, an for Swep-
ston. umy 4 cards were piayed in una game.
It was. the representative moif Middle Fork
that didn't hold a hand In this game.
The crowd still setting smaller not Doing a
quorum present. But Coroner w as next and
last. The Chairman looked over his little pa
per and could not find tho name or any person
cleslrlnc that office, or even tho recent letter
from Charles Sumner favoring the election of
Urocley and llrown. our menu rrank Dilutes,
who had remained to see the wholo thing car
ried through, knew that nn old gentleman
named Robert Sage had lived in Klk Township
lor a lartre number or years. . Air. etnanes, oil-
serving ill at the "lightning calculator" wss'nt
"going in" to bo 'Coroner, and knowing there
was no money in tne omce, ana ueueving it to
be right to "place men in power who will con
duct tlie business of the county with economy
and common sense," proposed tho old veteran
aforesaid. No objections were niadD by the few
Thereadinir of an AAvIsorv Committee for
oach township, dictated by the governor of tho
(irant oro-an. closod the labors oi tne lung,
This Kin I? will make their usually desperate
effort to elect vneir candidates lor i iera mm
Sheriff the others will be traded out or exist
ence in almost the same manner that they sold
out J. S. McDowell, tneir candidate lor snenn,
two years ago,
Vinton. The chairman,
Judicial Convention.
Immediately after the ad
journment of the Congressional
Convention at the (Jourt-house
in the city of Portsmouth, in
the afternoon of the 1st of Au
gust, 1872, the Judicial Con
vention for the 2d Sub-division,
of the 7th District was
called to order by the nomi
nation of Geo. A. Waller, of
bcioto, as Chairman, 'and Wra.
H. Leete, of Lawrence, was se
lected as Secretary. The Chair
man Btatad-tlift object . pLtbe
meeting to be the nomination
of a candidate for Judge of
this Judicial District.
Full delegations of the dif
ferent counties were present
The names of John T. Moore,
of Pike county, and Porter Du
II ad way, of Jackson were an-.
Before balloting for candi
dates, Mr. Duhadway with
drew his name, whereupon Mr.
Moore was nominated by accla
mation. - -
No further business coming
before the Convention, on mo
tion, adjourned.
GEO. A WALLER, Pres't.
WM. H. LEETE, Sec'y.
Our Candidate for Congress.
It will be seen by the official proceedings of
the Congressional Convention held at Ports
mouth last Thursday that Bavusl A. Nash, a
Liberal Republican of Gallipolis, was nomi
nated for Congress by acclamation. The Con
vention was composed of Democrats and Llboril
Republicans, who have united in a common
cause. Mr. Xabh Is a lawyer of ability, a fine
speaker, a logical reasoner, and a man of incor
ruptible Integrity. Ho, made an able and elo
quent speech, accepting the nomination, and
spoke nobly for the cause for which he is en
listed. The nomination by the Democrat and
Liberals of the new 11th district is a gratifying
compliment to him; and tha paopla, should he be
elected, and there Is a very fair prospect pf bis
election by a handsome majority, would have an
honest, straight-forward. representative a man
of tho people, a man identified with the Interests
of the people. - He favors a change In the pres
ent system of government. This ohange Ulobe
effected through the consolidation and union of
the men, whether heretofore colled Democrats
or Republicans, or any other name, who are men
of progress, devoted to the best Interest of tne
country. This organization, no matter what the
Grantites may term it, Is the party that will
sweep the country. The corrupt clogs and drags
of the Grant Administration must get out of
the way, or be crushed. Work ror hash I vote
for him 1 1
For the Enquirer.
Wonderful EnThusin-Asm!!
R. E. Lee in Favor of Greeley!!!!
Monday nlirht the Hon. H. XUctro Jones, can
didate for Grunt Elector in this District, under
took to toll what he knew about Greeley, to a
CrOWd OI OOUIWIlirn Mil VI irJjn, mim, w " ..w,..
were Democrats. The wonderful eloquence of
II. K. J. rell upon Uiimu ears, and rauea to onng
from Invrnl hum-ts until he divested
himself of the following, which was heartily
"Greeley is a rraun." '
"The Democratic Party is a fraud."
"We're all a fraud."
fiareitvnn ihnlniier sentiment was cheored
i,. ..!,. Thia irivlnr to It. K. some more
en.thUilliiam,(hehmlu'ton.yArwlienhe went
In,) he again advanced to the onset, and com
menced aiMISing It. U.. nu u .MOW iuiiuiuiiisi;
that no Democrat, and partiouiany, inai no no
publican, should support him, vouchsafed the
hilli.wlnir hltof startllns: Information, after as
serting that Jeff. Davis and Robert Toombs were
In favor of Greeloy, (the latter of whom has de
clared his preference for Grant, J as. U. Blaine
tn tha rimiriir. notwithstanding.! If. Kikero
..-I nn in riunfllMI that R. M. IA4 UHM (O-tfOV i
or Borae QruUty I (Sly glances and smi-
ling among uo immimi r";)
the only ones who knew that Gen. Lee had been
.i,i f.,r m. vr or mnn.1 Then, after a few
more dreary platitudes, he closed, having told
all he knew about Greeley.
I understand be still maintains bows right
shout R. K. Lee.and nroDose to have Gen. Lee's
deoosltlou taksa inside of eight days to prove
Air Your Voice, ChapPa-Qua!
The Grant Dynasty at an End!
Great Victory for the Conservatives!
6 of the 8 Conservative Congressmen
Carry the News to the "Washington
First State Rescued from the
Clutches of Grant's Thieves.
"What has Caused this Great Commotion."
Oh I what makes Grant so fearfully frown I
Frown I frown I
And his hopes go down?
It Is the ball a rolling on,
For Greeley and Brown,
Of fame anil renown.
They're winning tho people in every town,
And with them no are using up Grant!
Grant! Grant's a useless Grant! .
Oh! we're rapidly using up Grant!
Grant loves a horse, and ho loves a dorg,
Dorgldorg! i
If It conies prepaid!
But still the ball is rolling on,
For Greeley and Brown,
Of Fame and renown.
They're winning the people in every town,
An.l n,,,lt !.."., uianwinaUnniiliMMtl
VI II VI mill L 1 1 V 1 1. TV.il.IVJ UV... llj' UlU.l.l
Grant! Grant's a useless Grant!
0! we'ro raplldy using up Grantl
The relations of Grant, all seeing their doom,
uoom i doom i
Arc shaking with fearl
But still the ball is rolling on,
For Greeley and Brown,
Of fame and renown.
They're winning the people in every town.
inu Willi mom we ure using iiuuiuiui
Grant t Grant's a useless Grant I
0 1 we' re rapidly using up Grunt I
Grant keeps his eye on his well-filled purso,
Purse I purse I
And his relatives, too!
But still tho Bull is rolling on.
For Greeley and Brown,
Of fame and renown.
They're winning tho people in every town,
i - 1 ...Yi I. . V. I.. . I n , 1
Aim Willi , u vv ll, nam. uam. ii J' uibuii
Grnnuurunt'S, a useless urann j
Ol wi-u iiqiillyBSIUg Up Urant f
Our Government now is like an old pan,
Pan 1 nun 1
All covered with Dontsl .
But still the ball is rolling on,
For Greeloy and Brown,
Of Fame aud renown.
They're winning tho people in every town.
And with them wo are using up Grant!
u rant i uraut'S a useless uranti
01 we're rapidly using up Grant! '
The election for Governor.
flnnm'ftflamHn. and n.fimhfii'a of
the Legislature was held in
North Carolina, on Thursday,
August 1st. It beiug the first
election to take place since the
opening of the present Presi
dential canvass, and the State s
haviner eriven a maioritv of 12..
000 for Grant four' years ago,
qoiniDg extraoruiuary was ex
pected, but the result was
awaited, howeve, with the
greatest Interest, The Graqt-
ices naving expenaeu more man
half a million . dollars of the
people's money in the State,
felt sure of succes. Henry
Wilson the Grant candidate
for Vice Pres4eu(;, yvho de
clared in speech in 18&'l that
the "GernTans vnd IrUh nre (o
degraded that they have no
sympathy, for anything but
cabbaere and latrer beer, pom-
tops nd buttermilk, or some
other outlandfsli tliah, ft only
for hofirs." and two uiembers
of GrantVjCabinet.and.all the
' - ' 2 ' -1 . : L
machinery or.ine Governraeui-,
besides a large number of
Drominent eoeakers, were sent
down several welts before the
election to canvass the State,
arid direct the use of that great
sura of monev drawn from the
Treasury to control and co.rrupt
the voters. u,ftni
Ku-Klux law oyer a thopsand
r.."mrtr.rnt.1n nnd Liberal Re-
w ui wvw . -
publican voter.? were arrested
and placed under arrest on a
chftre-e of Ku klxism, when, in
tact, they ware guilty of noth
ing but refusing to vote ipe
Grant ticket; - i-he uranuces
haA tnafintien VOrrlofrV DlOChin-
ery in their own hands, and in
, . .1 a. 1.!-
all cases used-, tnat : mauuiuerv
to compel a "loyal -victory;
everything, wuii.m uM,t !"
the shape of - humanity being
registerea on iue xvivuiai mw,
and hundreds of negroes were
colonized in the State to vote
the Grant ticket. But not
withstanding all tha!, the vic
tory over the Grant Ring is
complete the grandest victo
ry ever gained by a down-trod
den people! Why, the remit
is inaeca surprising. , Mem
mon h fleeted Governor ovur
C.ildwell by iil.out l.OOOiiia
jiiity;.the ConsHrvHtiveH fleet
six of the eight Congressmen,
nnd carry tlio 'Legislature by
forty majority, and ' insuring
one more United States Sena
tor. This election has determ
ined the result of the Presiden
tial election. Grant can not
carry a single Southern State.
Democratic and Liberal
Republican Congressional
The Convention met at the
Court-house in Portsmouth, on
Tuesday, August 1st, an was
called to order at 11 o'clock
by Porter Du Hadway, of
Jackson, a member of the Dis
trict Committee, and upon
whose motion E. V, Demi,
Eq., of Lawrence, was called
upon to preside, who, upon ta
king the Chair,, addressed the
Convention in a few spirited
remarks, which were received
with applaust). ' '
Mr. T. A. Murray, of Vin
ton was appointed .Secretary,
with J. W. Bowen, of Vinton,
and Lewis Green, of Hocking,
as assistants.
The following were appoint
ed Committee on Credentials:
James Graham, Scioto; A.
B. Cole-, Lawrence; John Sanns,
Gallia; W. W. Belford, Vin
ton; J. M. Floyd, Hocking; J.
A. Aleshire, Jackson.
On motion of G. A. Waller,
a Committee of one from each
county was appointed to con
fer with the Committee of Lib
eral . Republicans appointed
last evening:
Geo. A. Waller, Scioto; Wm.
H. Leete, Lawrence; A. Vance,
Gallia; H. L. Chapman. Jack
son; O. T. Gunning, Vinton;
A. White, Hocking.
On motion of O. T. Gun
ning, of Vinton, a Committee
of one from each county was
appointed on Resolutions, as
J. V. Ray, Jr Scioto; John
Combs, Lawrence; J. P Ale
shire, Gallia; P. Du Hadway,
Jackson; C. W. Holland, Vm
ton; John A Shaw, Hocking.
A Committee of one from
each county, on tnotion of Rob
ert Reese, of Hocking, was ap
pointed on Permanent Organi
zation and Order of Business.
John M. Lynn, Scioto; J.F.
Roadarmour, Lawrence; James
Grafton, Gallia; W. T. Wahs
am, Jackson; J. . W. Bowen,
Vinton; J. M. Kessler, Hock-
On motion, adjourned until
1:30 P.M.
The Convention assembled
at 1:30 P. M. The Commit
tee on Conference made the
following report, which was
adopted i
"The Committee appointed
to confer with the Delegates of
the Liberal Republicans of this
District, report Agreement iw
as follows; Thft, Liberals
unite with the regular Demo
cratic Delegates from tho sev
eral counties, It h understood
however, that no county ia en
titled to an additional number
of yqfpsj by reason thereof."
The Commute., appointed
on Credential, beg leave tore-
port that the Committees, oom
iioning the llth District are
entitled to tho following num-
bep of vqea 1ft tpjl 'Ppnyen
tionj -- .. .
Soloto,12; Lawrenoe, 8; Cral-
lia, 7 ; Jackson, 9 : Vinton 7 ;
rr i i t 1 ii i .1 . . J .1
nocjcmg, ; ana inai me uei
egations are all . full and no
contested seats.
The temporary officers of
this Convention shall be the
permanent officers of the Con
vention. It slpxl) l)e governed
1 1
Dy 8icp rme3 as gqverfi pariia-
meniary Doujes.
In balloting for nominations,
the name of each county shall
be called, and the chairman of
each dejegatigu shall m?01
the vote of his county. A
majority qf all tho votes cast
snau oe necessary po a pnqice.
The delegates present shall be
necessary to a choice, .The
delegates present shall - be au
thorhied to cast the entire vote
of the county, .
The, nominations shall be
made in tho following order:
First Member of Congress;
Second Presidential Elector.
The selection of one Com-
luitteem.in I'lolll i-ucli ' c unty
to a't C iiiLjressi'ili il Co ii
mittee" for Wz iUu itit
Nominations Icing in order,
R.- E. Reese, of II 'oki nir, piv
seiited tliH name of Samuel A.
Nash, of Gallia, iw a t iiiulidrttt?
for Congress. John M. Lynn,
of Scioto, presented the name
of Col. E. M. Norton, of Law
rence county. ,
A. B. Cole, of Lawrence, in a
handsome speech presented the
name of Augustus Van Dyke,
of Lawrence.
. Balloting being in order, Mr.
Van Dyke thanked the Con
vention for the honor, begged
leave to withdraw his name.
A letter from Hon. E. M.
Norton was read, declining the
nomination on the grounds of
inability to canvas the district,
as his business engagements
were too pressing Tho letter
was in harmony with the Lib
eral movement, and suggested
the nomination of a Liberal
Republican for Congress, and
predicted the ultimate succes
of the Reform movement, in
this district, and the over
whelming defeat of Gen- Grant.
He signified unbounded confi
dence in the patriotism, ability
and honesty of Horace Greeley.
Loud cheers succeeded the
reading of the letter.
On motion "of O. T. Gun
ning, the Rules vtsrt. suspend
ed and Samuel A. Nash, Lib
eral Republican, of Gallia, was
nominated by acclamation.
0. T. Gunning and. Col. A.
Vance were appointed to noti
fy Mr. Nash of his nomination,
and escort him to the speak
er stand.
Mi. Nash came forward and
was greeted with long contin
ued cheers, and delivered a
masterly speech, accepting the
nomltation, and pledging him
self to work faithfully until Ho
race Greeley was elected Pres
ident on the first Tuesday in
November. He reviewed the
Administration in a few point
ed remarks.
The nomination of aq elector
being next in order, the follow
ing names were presented to
the Convention:
Judge Silas H. Wright,
Hocking; O. T. Gunuing, . Vin
ton; Geo, A. WaJler, Soioto;
Thos. A. Potter, Lawrence.
The names of Judge Wright,
Mr. Waller and Potter being
wtyh.drawq, Q. T. Gunning was
nominated by acclamation.
The following is the Dis
trict Committee:
J. M. Lynn, Scioto; John Combs,.
Lawrence; J, J?, Aleshire; Qalliai
H. L. Chapman, Jaokaon; 0. W.
Holland, Vinton J. M. Floyd, Book
On motion of Col, A. Vance,
the paper in the Eleventh
District, favorable to the Lib
eral movement, and the Cin
cinnati EjKjuiivr and Commer
cial, were leqestec tq pub
lish the proceedings of this
Convention. "
On motion, adjourned .
E. V. DEAN, Chr'n.
Estate of William W. Sherrod.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
OTICE is hereby given that Mrs. Cordelia H.
4l Sherrol h,iw herein llod her accounts fqr
glial Sf-yJijut, na A.miHtratrs u' said
tate, and tlut the tame It) set for hearing 6n the
JOthdw qf Augus 1 at 8 o'clock P, l,
H, 0. MAYO, Probate Judge,
SEaW"aWCv"l"T"W! WHP P-155 !" MSH5 S?5E"a
No Person tan talc these Bitters accord
ing to ttiraciions, and remain long unwell, provided
their bone. re not destroyed by mineral oiiaii or other
means, and Ih vital orguns waited beyond thr point
of rtpsjr-
'"Dyspepsia or I inlge,ntlon. Hendache, I'aln
n V' Jihoulders, CoMiS, iglmitst'of the Chest, Dif
iinsu, Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Dad Tails
In the Mouth, Hllinus Attack., Palpitation nf Ilie
Heart, Inflamniatinn of the Limit, Pain in die regions
of the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful ayinptnnis,
are tha ofT.irings nf Dyspepsia. In these complaints
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Snteeof its merit, than a lencthy advertisement,
For Female Couiplnlnta, in young or old,
married or single, nt the dawn of wiiiiihiiIioihI, or tlie
!urp nf life. Ihete Tonic llittora displ.iy to decided an
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Ible. 1
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ntatlans and Gout, BiIIkiis, Keniilteiit anil Inter,
piltlent Fevers, Diseases of the DIiuhI, Liver, Kidney
Illd Uladder, these Hitter. Iiava no equal. Such IJi
aitis Wscaqted by Vitiated lll'iotl, which la Kensrally
produced oy derSiiftemeid of llie Iigoii v (Jtn.in.
Their are Uentle l'lirgitttve as well as
Tonle, possessing also the peculiar merit of acting
aa a powerful agent in relieving Congestion or liiHain
nation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, sad in bilious
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Prufgists and Oen. Agls., San Francisco, Cel..
sadeor. of Washington and Charlton Sis., New York.
Attachment Notice.
John McNltiols, Jr., Deft.' Tp., Vinton Co., o,
ON the llth d.iv of Juh', 1H7'!, sal I Jtmtlec U
stietl uu order of atliieliiiieiit 111 the ti'KHO
aetiou f..r tho sum of t n.44. , ,...
August i, ima. at
Musio of the North Carolina Fines.
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ed preparation for restoring Gray
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erties, prevents tho hair from falling
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Buckingham's Dye.
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tem nntl purifying '
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stood tho test of
years, with a con
stantly growing rep
utation, bnscd on its
intritisig virtuos, an4 sustained by Its iti.
niiukablo cqres, jiq niild as t be safe And.
beneficial to, children, nnd yet so searching
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Ulcei'ii, J3riptlons, anrt eruptive dis
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Anthony'.) Flre.Ko.se or -Crysfpo-!
la, Tefter, tffo leum, Scld
Hcfta, Kinirworm, and itern VI.
poratlons of the Vterun. Stomach,
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Female Weakness, Debility, and
Leucorrhoea, when they nro manifesta
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. It is an 'excellent restorer of health nnd
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Dr. J. C. AYER t CO., Lowell, Mas?,,
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