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Ol1 Price, O a Year.
'TTE, LA.,
rda&r, Aug. 23, 183O.
eadacho only-1Preaston'sIl ed
w 25 the time to prepare your ground
and a far a Fall garden.
Derouen, of Jennings, was
nday, and paid us a call.
SIr. 4S40. A. Bailey is home froia Jun
few weeks vacation and rcc
n filsmoney refunded; Preston's
ý' ii it TBailey gives notice that
wil re bn her School on the first
r' fSePtember.
. L. E. Salles and daughter, Gene
returned to their home in Algiers
~'yl aa.
y suffer? Preston's "Hed-Ake" will
. Cure you.
Mrs. A. M. Caffery and family left last
-Sndsy for San Antonio, Texa3, their
t home. Our best wishes attend
Mr. P. A. Villermin, so long connected
Wlith Zuberbcer & Behan, has entered the
employ of Chambers, Roy & Hlillyer,
holes le grocers, Ne* (Orleans.
While you wait--Preston's "Hled
+. had a pleasant viali last Friday
from Messrs. F. Y). Ruth, John
1'loak. Jr., and Master W. B. Block, r
oaf New Orleans.
Governor Nicholls has appointed Mr. f
`' . DI andry Pol'.ce Juirors for the t
Tr;ard, of this parish. This is a r
sedappo nteat a
'Imnxedate relief by using Preston's
4Re l-Ake." I
Alik and Louise Judice, and e
Xi. Carmelite Mouton, left Monday for n
Iberia, on a visit to Mrs. Thomas
elema .
eotton picking during the week was
fnaugturated throughout the parish. Let
'us have dry weather next week, and then
wk**e Innot- ind enough cotton pickers.
Pure D,4.g and Reliable Medicine a
dailydhwers of the week, while u
t thehave benefltted us here in town by th
ooft ht the atmosphere and laying the t
dut, have not done the crops any good.
Dut so yet we have heard no detious com- p
lalu4, and a streak of dry weather will
p't verything ight.- or
6r: genial and -accomplished young La
friend, d;enryL. Garland; Jr., paid us a eq
*y g " isit Wednoeday. He came down tic
. eon tcalafrom Opelousas to meet wI
r and sister who were returning fa:
from a trip 1 the West, and took time to in
'an ap and see ts between trains.
headad'e6 try Preston's sp,
L-ns contract for pry
opp Csencro Fridge, erE
^e parishes of Lafayette it:
a Lmdy, was awarded to Mr. G. to
7,lgletonior the sum of eight hun- in
6r ed and 4orty-nineldollars. One half of be
amount is to be paid by St. Landry Jot
*3P . go(
<-."Iead ' M1ised P'aine, Wall Paper
AY Wdoze Class at the Moss PRAR
xur. A
I'nhe whing number of the Raffle at
aasington, La., of a Musical Doll by
Sisters of Mont Carmel of that place,
.!as drawn on the. 18th inst. at Messrs.
3* ? & Durke's drugstore, and No. 67
, theO whi~er.
Oveiomy the marks of age, all who
.gra beArda should use cking
sBy t0t the Whiskers, The beat
`y e.ad& for coloring brotwn
. complete &hool Books,
and 8 j at the Moss
~ ke has got a brand new
l tpant with kaee-pads, so that
M dm in the yard to pray
s tathe claders!
{ to*, a colored man, wwork
a fu.~ (Obgitin's livery stable, is
40(teg` for himself just Easty
` psIhe ! V. Jdffers' residence, in
'. r &etks .. anteed quality
Sreceipt of slinvita
Sto atend the grand ei
*AýI yta to ibeailau , to k
ceby Thi~atai` "America Steam
~ s~ia4d~~.Train leaves
$ p'l rk 1 :. Tibodaux
:the tiful and .gttrac
kit Ji*Wlis tonaisum, and
ofa t hi toica inters
`ý * ý i n ` et e o
y ;..tip i b
* Y ~ i ys~t a g o M o rg an~ll t r ti n O 1 4 . r`'_
r manageuiment of that col: rteius can wI
ductor of the t:1;, (.:has. 11. Lusted, and u n:
Year. helioic engineer B)ob Taulno-r, cam1 near to
-. colliding with a1 T. P.fe iht tra . :.bont
half a mile wrst of L-o'd atinon but as rat
= ob ia kalway.3 ',vde ew the.e l L's ' ras
v0, ,tm- o ud 1 dc u -t, 'don co i'--' al
lwa toot C:tooth to is . p l i 3
. jured treinmen and p lat It wv'
SJen- rd htBob eouid do to- "aeLfyettu
d rec- on time; for they weare ct)mpine iedt to "tie
track, and after on hour a '"r"-e Iac
ston's they- succeeded in ,indnii b :kuoinn
Jagon avol fireman I)lley1 otht' a mc a
and a half out in the 5wi'p up a pieraib 'T
jrthat nedn tree. ant
Eee'-o ytitinm for ! in ,For . Iie tsu 1
tor ckand aerha at ou:., Myj a:I L v I
Liene- .AY
Igiers till
On Saturday last. a nmb f brakn: cits C
will izens met at firalnk' s Opera Uoust ad or- i
ganized an association to be haown u 1s in tT
tlatthe "Lafayette Educatientl Dramatic fly.
.thlst Association.' The object of said Associ
their ation is to give entertainments, theatri
tndcal performances, balls., ctc., for the!
dthe towiin
ace urpoe ocflb r taisn autd fori i Ch eef i~et Whnt
d tlizof anhassciation to be knocates in tien
he of Lafayette. The fiolowing of- Da
yor, ficers were elected: E. G. Voorhies,
President; Ben. Falk, Vice-President;
led- C. 0. Mouton, Secretary and Treasurer;
Albert Delahoussaye and Fred J. Mayer, Al
7iday M. D., Stage Managers. The Treasurer towr
John will be required to furnish bond. A corn the '
lock, mittee was appointed to confer with the fled t
ladies with a view to inducing them to and
Mr: form an auxiliary association. More basis
r the than a year ago we succeeded in inauga
is a rating a movement for building a high And t
school in Lafayette, and it started out
on's with somie show of success, but failed. b
However, Lafayette parish has far bright
and er prospects now than then, and we see
for no reason why this move should not sue WE
'msf need. It has our hearty sympathy, and week
we wish it God speed! Asht'
was A large assortmenrt of Eye-Glasses Hlid
Let dnd Speetaeies at the Moss P'iAaIAcY. Dons
hen Last Monday afternoon we accepted L.
an invitation from Capt Joe Valuer to these
sine accompany him out to his place near whosa
town and take ' look at the crops in his Faith
hile neighborhood. If the crops throughout
b the parish are as luxuriant and solid as We
th they are on Capt. Buchanan's, Mrs. lira'
od Hays', Dr. Mudd's and Joe Vallier's set exce
am- places, then the fortune of Lafayette Hotel
will parish is assured for this year. Joe has Mrs
one of the handsomest and best finished Mrs
farm residences in that section, rnd his Abbas
ing farm is otherwise well improved and Ms
ta a -equipped, and in a high state of cultiva- Mr.
wn tion. He believes in a diversity of crops, ily wil
eet which is the proper theory for small Bridge
ing farmers. He has a large acreage planted way f:
to in sweet potatoes, which present a fine It It
appearance and will no doubt give a stand
n's splendid yeid. He has a large patch of ladies
p(anuts. We believe peanut culture, if Rev.
for properly conducted, would pay our farm- E. Chi
;e, ers well as an adjunct to their other crops. home I
tte It is one of the leading sonrpes of wealth day ml
G. to Virginia, and the product is always M.
in- in demand on the market. It may not is on a
of be generally known, but that is the way B. Hol
ry Joe got his start in life-"grabbling for Mr. 1
':na n Al
Use Brown's Iron Birters.
Physicinns recommend it.
All dealers keep it. $.0O per bottle. Genuine t
t has trade-mark and crossed red linos on wrapper.
Last Friday noon the long heralded
"Deering special train," composed of 28 t
box cars and a coach, all tastefully dec- a
7 orated, reached Lafayette. and attracted
considerable attention from a large num- r
ber of persons who had assembled to b;
0 view it. A brass band accompanied the oi
train, and discoursed some beautiful mu- e7
t sic. The train departed for Lake Charles, P
meeting with enthusiastic receptions t
*along the route, and a grand welcome and it
entertainment at Lake Charles. This
s train was loaded with machinery sold
by the Deerings throughout Southwest o,
Louisiana and Texas. This new mothod
of advertising has done both the Deer- L
ings and Soithwest Louisiana much good. '
It has shown the states through which it
came that our section is up a with the T;
times, and needs all their me dern inven- c:
tions to enable her to get her munificent *
tributes to market.
Patrons of the Moss PHARMACY are be
never given cause to grumble.
Mr. T. T. Slattery, of South Butte, th
Montana, 2nd Vice Chancellor of the ti;
B. of R. T., was in town Saturday last, to
and spent a pleasant day with the mem- sir
bers of Morgan Lodge 317, congratulating ag
them upon the nirunberof new members th
enlisted upon their rolls since they or- I
Mr. A. L. Rowe; with the New Iberia C
National Bank sayq he has tried Preston's
"Hed-ake" and got relief in thirty min
We must ask the indilgence of our cor- asi
respondent. again th sweeH Those that dis
reach us late we are compelled to cut or
Jay over. Where they contain news of ths
t interest we give our reders the Bo
benefit of it at once; so you must not feel Tb
t l intend to alight you, or appreel- w
Ac your communications the lesI because ýps
wesometimes cut them.
JI.-L LUier Pills.
-'krel Sick Eeadache, cures In
-oree Costiveness, cures To t&
cudi 8uar cos
W' We have been biessed this summer
on- wvith splendid pasturage, anal the hay u
.nd mado is of fine quahity. Even now every- L
thing is verdant and luxuriant, and the 't
ut gCneral prospect is that of middle Spring d
as rather than the shank of iumnnier. ti
i"VWednesday evening, after the heavy ci
shower, as we gazed upon a string of ý "
pople tip-toeing; along the mud banquet
S to the post office, like a flock of turkeys a
chL.:ing a garter snake, the thoueht struck
that a good plank walk along there fa
:*utd be of great benefit to the conunun- in
ty. We merely o!lrr this as a sugges- b<
thin, :s the subject has never been men- -t
ti mac( belore.
I P lysi 'ctfld p)' a're )ip l c are corer °nl
jm y u '1 coosci ;t'umoe jmled a0 me oy
.Joss Pimum1clIC. t<
T ae py eo carme in Thurday evening tn
antd uroplped a f\vito'i3sand.
Lutinesa is picein" up fact in our town, us,
,, .nt our merchonts already s2.:"_ thoecomn
log Lot eo of the ýý2 .ii and~ winter trade tr
t~. I~ firto
C. M. Puliorson', ELj.. has gone to in
ian Antonio, Texas, to accept : p"'`;;.
in the Gcneral uitce of the S.i A laA. g. int
c ly. Co. tur
When fleby was sick, we gave her Castoria. Thl
When she was a Child.ehe criud for Castoria. f of
When she became Miss, she clung to (Tstoria. of
When she had Children, she gave them Csatoria. J
Almost every farmer who comes to
town has "a smile on his face" (without acct
the "tear in his eye"). lie feels satis- she1
fled that he is safe on the crop question,
and will start out next year on a solid
basis. T
Neuralgic Persons ' of L
And those troubled with nervousness resulting
hom care or overwork will be relieved by taking Pyt'
Brown's Iron Bitters. Genun drat
has trade mark and crossed red lines on wrapper, A. I
We had the pleasure of meeting this
d week Conductor M. R. Neuhausser and
Ashton, Engineers J. L. Cunningham, O.
Hield, Johnnie Gary, R. B. Tanner, M.
Donner, P. Cyne and Pat Duffy of the
Morgan Railroad, and A. Richie of the
L. W. R. R. It is a pleasure to meet
these "Railroad Knights of Honor,"
r whose guiding star in life is Duty and
B Faithfulness.
We are under obligations to Mr. and
Mrs. John Hahn and Clerk Ernest Mouis
set for appreciated attentions. Uider its
excellent management the Crescent News
Hotel is daily growing in public favor.
Mrs. Eugenie Abbadie and her son L.
Abbadie are spending some time with
Mrs. Jean Breaux.
Mr. and Mrs. Jules Jeanmard and fam
ily with Master Weston Brown of Breaux
Bridge, were in town this week on their
way from the Springs.
It looks mighty ugly for gentlenien to
stand on the street corners and look at
ladies iikd they were iild animals,
Rev. Robert Harry, Paster of the M.
E. Church South, of t'is place, returned
home last week and filled his pulpit Sun
day morning and night.
Mra. H. A. Kennedy, of New Orleans,
is on a visit to the family of Dr. Thomas 1
B. Hopkins. -
Mr. Leopold, of Berwick City, is spend
ing some time with his brother-in-law
Mr. A. Labe. We wish the representa
five from Derwich a pleasant stay in our
The Hon. Ad. von Kalckstein was in
town Wednesday looking as fresh as a
a spring rose.
Guarantee Dr. Acker's BloodElixir, for it
o ha's been fully demonstrated to the people
e of this country that it is superior to all oth
L- er preparations for blood diseases. It is a
positive cure for syphilitic poisoning, Ul
U cers. Eruptions and Pimples., It purifies
5 the whole system and thoronuhly builds up
I the constitution. Sold at Moss Pharmacy.
The officers and members of Morgan
Lodge No. 317, Brotherhood of Railroad
Trainmen, desire to tender their most
sincere thanks to W. F. Owens, Superin
t tendent; W. C. Watson, Gen. Pass. and
Ticket Agent, and A. F. Church, Yard
- d apstcher, for kind and generous as
sistalnce rendered. Also, to Hon. John
Massie Martin, who so cheerfully re
sponded to the address of welcome in
behalf of the officers and meme ers of
Morgan Lodge No. 317. And to the
many liberal merchants of Lafayette for
the many gifts they donated to be dis
tributed among the competitors in th'
different amusements. We also extend
to each and every participant our most
sincere thanks for their liberal patron
age in this our 1st excursion. Hoping
that each and everyone enjoyed them
selves to their heartg' content, We re
main, yours truly,
W. .: Bowen,, ex-oflicio Chas. H.
Lusted, chairmam; F. C. Triay, H. J.
Church, E. Pefferkorn, committee.
Blood Poisun.
I-X-L Sarsaparilla with lodide of Pot- i
ash, the great, Blood Purifier, cures all 1
diseases arising from Impise Blood,
Scrcftla, Rheumatism, obstinate Cuta
neot~ Eruptions, Brysipilas, Pimples on
th; .fEc Blotches, Boils, Pains of the
Bones ana Joints, stubborn floe s, &c.
The Bestreparation apd thea r bot
tle on the market, .Ajk foxI-X-L a 4
takh Uother, Ph sfcins use it ely; k
price'W. OGat thee c
$+s she
e7 t*u
immer The Farmcr,9 Al'ianae picnie lost Sat
e hay urday, at Yaity reaux Sprin s, cn the
every- land of S. J. Mo'mnt:e-y' near town,
nd the was a grand success, notwithstanding the
Spring drawback of the threstening weather and
final rain. Our friends know aiand apre
heavy ciate teat we sere unavridlbly clen'r
5g of Cdse we wculd B ee been there; but o:
(nqet "re r h anai EndI'.. rrr.e-0n'-dent. ive
rkeys La pretty good sni rpe :t the £aftir. It
truck served its while t' j -l -, o kbing the
there farmers of the diflorant sections together A
imun- in co;;r intimacy. ,.d have them in a
`.ges- body listen to argument and 'reason to tal
men- gether."
Thursday afternt on a r srnc'tu: *' 12
e inculetirides the who w iih ed
# ab by the advent of two *'nin" youn}
ladi sof Jen'mi-', ^ .ii 1 i u ii e((' ar- on
unm glad to wZS ' i entr"in tmau 'ho
take the anterest - nd trouloe toc- upo
aWn, us, and esoec uily the 1uili?.
ce artealan we. poje-ct fi~len en
.t re t*rmugh and etack cat a litre hit stor
ae to in C(vin
a MN 1 . F.e P-anm, who has bean mtend
P ,in the sunmmer at P::natto, 1': iilou, re
turned here Friday of last week. and
There has been ent:rely too much rain
for t1e good of the cotton. A flood
Thursday at au-k end rain the mornice
following doesn't civa the cotton much
-ia. of a Show.
ria. Juldgine from the heavy fruit :ge of the
little tree it our yard, there will be a
spler lid pecan crop this season.
s to Mr. Charles Ackerman, an :xpert and
lout accomplished barber, is engaged in the
tis- shop of Mr. John Vandegriff.
ion, '"---* - - -
The Committee appointed at a mcetin'g -....
of Lafayette Lodge No. 37, Knights of
Pythias, Thursday, August 14th, 1890, to
n draft resolutions upon the death of Mr.
er, A. V. Jeffers, presented the following;
WHEREAS, Almighty God, in his infin- TO
ite wisdom arid mercy, has called from u
his our midst our beloved brother A. V. tentiol
md Jeffers; claim.
AND WHEREAS, Was a true and faith- the Ju
ful Knight, an upright, conscientious and Distrik
M. respected man, arid in all the official po- Sptes
the sitions the has occupied in our Lodge has
the always discharged his duty honestly and who m
cet efmelently, thereby winning our highest the N.
confideace and esteem; 3 . I
r," Threfore, Be it resolvec, That hi his eI
rnd death our Lodge has lost an honored his co
and valuable member, who has contribut- tion of
ed much to its good; our society has lost gustus
nd a good citizen; and his loss is deeply felt. Wagne
is- Resolved, further, That our deepest
ts sympathy and condolence are extended Augi
Sto his bereved widow; and we trust that
"He who tempers the wind to the shorn
lamb" will give her comfort.
L. Resolved, further, That a copy of these
ith resolutions be forwarded to his family, My
and also to the LAi5ATfTTE ADVERTISER home
for publication. sons x
m= JAS. LIANNEN, thing 1
C. HC.R - Luens, sponsi
eir W. D. Hus'y, ,
Committee. . July
to I have used Gonaux's Pile Ointment for the
at -the last two years in my practice, and I have
succeeded in every case. -
Call and see the large and select
Itock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents
Furnishing Goods, Notions, Boots,
Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc.
Crockery, Hardware, Furniture,
. Stoves, Etc., which we now have in
our store.
r You will find the stock the largest
and best selected ever brought to this
n town, and our prices are such that we
a defy competition.
We are agents for Sailer, Lewin &
Co. Philadelphia Shoes and Stribley's
t Suits ma de to order.
e Furniture and Stoves being a sides.
line, we are satisfied with but the dis- -]
count and will sell at manufacturers'
Washington Street,
Aug. 23, '90. Lafayette, La.
W. B. THO SON & C,.
&lttorney at Law,
eoirary Pubik,
Lafayette, Lq.
Will practice his profession in this and
adjominng parishes.
The lotel kept by Mr. Voorhies, cor.
ner Jeferepo and Vermilion streets, will
be for reat on the 1st of September.
Apply to L. LEVY & SONS.
*Aug. ?g1, 1890.
"Take niotice that -*y wife Marie Rich- C
wdtaving left my bed and boarw I will
o .lb e responsible for any claim :ot-;
rctd, by her* . q
and YLl1
mt. Does not
Ah'aut 0," mn ;n 1 t.) doc f 't know that th otoher nine of his fellow mor
to- tal vi-e cn- e " 'e c(212cin:fion that it is always safest' to trade with us.
'('d -Ohat £an
Xh Abi' on" mrn 'n t-z ,:onsn knew that his neighbors are saving money
*r- 71n every deal tec ros they trale with as.
e'e ~etat Mant
Abua :t onc :n in ten. cnt he expected to know that we are headquarters
for al most e 12v"rt in h e mn i _po .s y need, he : ause he hasn't entered our
With a biv; rgainR, with low prices, with fair dealing;
and we expect t g) he- t >.
WrE Artr _a Man?
Lafayette, La.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
.1ori ce.
LANn OQFrcz At NEw OR.!ASs, L.t., 1
August 9th, 1890. j
T OTICE is hereby given, that the folowing
naed settler has filed notice of his in
tention to make final probf in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
the Judge or in hit absence the Clerk of the
District Court at Lafayette, La., on Tuesday
September23rd, 1890, viz
who made Iiomestrad Entry No. 8661, for
the N. W. } of, iW I Sec. 29 Tp. 10 S. R.
3 E.. La. leridn mt. ,
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuone residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz : Jasper Spell. Au
gustus Perry. Solomon Morgan, Austin E.
Wagner, all of Lafayette parish, Louisiana.
August 16, 1890. Register.
- My wife Druzfily Spell having left my
home an4 board, I hereby warn all per
sons ndt to trust her or give her any.
thing on my account, as I will not be re
sponsible for her debts.
iul 19 .USTIN E. WAGNER.
for Infants and Children.
o w adaptoatochikhantht Castor$ a ColHc, Ornetlpsniou,
I recozomeaý 1tas superior to-any prcmiptn Sour Stomaeh, Dikmrix. Enutstja. r
knows So me." I. A. ancnzr, M. D., Kils Won r esleep. anl ytgotsu
11 So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y. WI juriouis mnlcawo
Tas Casines Coxram, W Murray 8reW.et NV.
L. LAcos.E. Gus. Licosi!,
tIN 3UO.,
'lackssiths and 15 Aeeiwriglts,
PLOWS ofall descriptions and a full line of
t . R Hart eter a, r
Qsomi s81 e Light J.ioe Biwuters and Reapers;
Itaý c RHarrows; Drag I areos; Stalk.
sVirand in fact everything to u
4 I
2lth Judicial District Court.
WA7HEREAS Aurelius McBride of the par
ish of Lafayette, has filed in said court
a petition praying to be appointed adminis
trator of the succession of his deceased wife
Nathilde Whittington.
Any person intending to make opposition
to said appointment will file the same in said,
court be ..the town of Lafayette, within ten
days from the publication of this notice, oth
erwise said appointment will be made.
Given under my oficial signature in the
town of Lafayette, this 13th dayof August, A.
D., 1.820.. A. M. MARTIN,
Clerk of Court.
A lot of ground with good dwelling
and other improvements thereon..
Apply to JOHN CLEGG.
May 31, 1890.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
*atches and jewelry promptly repaired.

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