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hc xmplzttiit
Editor and Proprietor
Friday Dec 1 1911
luatm and Vale StB Jefleraon Texas
Snared at the PoatOfflco at JefTerion Texas
aj nuJclau mall matter
The Oimplecute will is
sue a Special Holiday Edi
tion with Lithograph Cover
on December 8th All Ad
vertisers who want to get
before the people with their
Holiday and Christmas
goods will do well to take
SPACE in this issue
your copy ready early
Texas wants more good farm
ers fruit growers dairymen and
live progressive people of every
vocation to help develop her re
sources and extend her indust
Cooperation of effort is just
as essential as concentration of
energies So lets all pull to
gather for the uplift of town
community and state Its get
together stay together and
pull together work counts
If we aie not our brothers
keeper we should at least be in
terested in his prosperity when
we realize that own success is
largely dependent on his So
lets patronize home industries
and help exerybody ourselves
Do you believe that we have
one of the best towns on earth
or may be you believe it is the
best if so that is better and do
you occasionally let other people
know that you believe it To be
lieve in ones own town county
and state is a requirement for
success that is secondary only to
the basic principle of belief in
Ones own ability To let others
know that you believe in it is the
most effective advetisement a
town can have
Secretary Wilson of the De
partment of Agriculture in a re
cent report said The move
ment for good loads is going to
benefit the farmer in getting his
products to market expeditiously
in all kinds of weather at a re
duced cost This if nothing
else should cause every farmer
to vote for good roads for the
primary object of farming is to
get the pioducts of the farm to
market in their most salable con
dition at the lowest possible cost
The December Womans Home
The December Womans Home
Companion is a specially illus
trated and beautified Christmas
number It contains aside from
the usual illustrations a great
many pictures in color Stories
are included in a greater num
ber than usual and several of
them are extraordinary presen
tations of the Christmas spirit
full of action and the best kind
of sentiment Some of the con
tributors of the fiction are Jef
fery Farnol Mary E WilMns
Freeman Norvell Harrison
Owen Oliver ane Hulbert Foot
ner One of the notable special ar
ticles in the number is entitled
What Christmas Might Be
It is an eloquent plea by Charles
E Jefferson pastor of the
Broadway Tabenacle in New
York City Other special ar
ticles worthy of particular men
tion are American MuralJeco
ratlon FashlightPhotopraphy
A Christmas Falacy Last
Minute Gifts and The Profes
sional Parent
The special department for
which the Womans Home Com
panion is famous are filled with
good reading such for exam
ple as a remarkable article on
The Healthy Boy by Dr
Roger H Dennett a great spe
cialist in New York A Girls
Charities at Christmas Sara
LoydsOwn Puzzle Page aad
many other contributions
The fashion household deco
ration and handicraft features
of the Companion are remarkable
for their interest and practi
A Verse From Scripture
A Sunday school superinten
dent smug and self sufficient
was fond of asking questions for
the privilege of answering them
himself after encouraging the
scholars into the belief that they
knew the reply On one occas
ion when he was talking about
cruelty to animals he discoursed
with much feeling
Only a coward would abuse a
creature that had no way of de
fending itself he said Why
I once knew a little boy who cut
off a calfs tail Think of it child
ren he took a knife and cut the
tail right off Can any one tell
me a verse in the Bible that
would have taught this bad
cruel boy not to have cut off the
calfs tail
There was the usual pause fol
lowed by the uneasy shuffling of
feet and then a youngster lifted
his hand In reply to the super
intendents What is it my
son he sturdily repeated
What God hath joined togeth
er let no man put asunder
Sugar Cane Crop Domged
Austin Texas Nov 30 Offi
cial dispatches to Governor Colt
quitt today were to the effec
that the freezes of Tuesday and
Wednesday nights have practi
cally wiped out the sugar cane
crop of South and Southeast
Texas and materially damaged
that of Louisiana Two of the
penitentiary commissioners re
ported that the damage to the
cane crop on penitentiary farms
alone would amount to over
The sugar cane planters of
the Brazos Valley and Southeast
Texas are practically ruined
ran one of the dispatches The
temperture of the blighted region
was 14 degrees above zero last
night This years sugar cane
crop was the finest in the his
tory of the State penetentiary
farms in that commnunity
Reaches this city hours earlier
than any other metropolitan
Associated press news and
market reports 50c per month
125 for three month 250 six
months 450 per year in advance
Sunday paper only 20 pages in
cluding 4pages colored comic
section and 8page magazine sec
tion only 150 per year in ad
vance Four States Press Sun
day and the Jimplecute only
190 per year in advance
Stamp Out Consumption by Buying
Red Cross Christmas Seals
Why you should join the fight
Because one death in every ten
in your community is caused by
Because every seal you buy
will be used to tight consump
tion in your community
Because tubucerloscs cannot
be stamped out unless you do
your part
Red Cross Seals are sold eve
rywhere one cent each
Texas at present offers a great
er field than any other state m
the Union for the consumption
of the out put of factories No
other part of the country pres
ents such glowing opportunities
for the man who has money to
invest in manufacturing enter
Printing done in good
styles at Jimp office
keeps children
healthful and happy
Give them a few drops of
this strengthening food
medicine every day and
watch them grow
Whooping Cough
Loss of Flesh
and many other troubles
Ordinary Cathartics and Pills and
Harsh Phisics Cause Distressing
You can not be overcareful in
the belection of medicine for
children Only the very gentlest
bowel medicine should ever be
given except in emergency cases j
Ordinary pills carthartics and
purgatives are apt to do more
harm than good They may cause
griping nausea and other dis
tressing aftereffects that are of
ten healthdestroying
We personally recommend and
guaranteeRexall Orderlies as the
safest and most dependable rem
edy which we know for consti
pation and associate bowel disor
ders We have such absolute
faith in the virtues of the reme
dy that we sell it on our guaran
ty of money back in every inst
ance where it fails to give entire
satisfaction and we urge all in
need of such remedies to try it
at our risk
Rexall Orderlies are eaten just
like candy and are particularly
prompt and agreeable in action
may be taken any time day or
night do not cause diarrhoea
nausea griping excessive lose
ness or undesirable effects they
have a very desirable but posit
ive action upon the organs with
which they come in contact ap
parently acting as aregulative
tonic upon the relaxed muscular
coat of the bowel thus overcom
ing weakness and aiding to re
store the bowels to more vigor
ous and healthy activity
Rexall Ordelies commonly com
pletely relieve constipation ex
ceptof course when of surgical
character They also tend to
overcome the necessity of con
stantly taking laxatives to keep
the bowels in normal condition
Three sizes of packages 10 cents
25 cents and 50 cents Remem
ber you can obtain Rexall Rem
edies in Jefferson only at our
store the Rexall Store by W J
Good Positions
A written guarantee will be
given to secure for you a good
Position if you take the Guar
antee Course at Draughons
Practial Business College Dallas
Texarkanna Denison or Ft
Give your next order
for printing to Jimp
The polarity of electric batter
ies may be tested by soaking
blotting paper in potassium
iodide and starch the paper
showing a blue satin next the
positivepole when placed be
tween the poles
For Infants and Children
TfieKind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
More than 66 per cent of our
farms are roported owned free
of debt
What Is known as the Blues
it seldom occasioned by actual exist
ing external conditions but in the
great majority of cases by dis
ordered LIVER w
which may be demonstra
ted by trying a course of
They controland regulate the LIVER
They bring hope and bouyancy to the
mind They bring health and elastic
ity to the body
ThatEbworth League and That Fare
fl well Reception
On Monday evening of this week
thp pastor of the Thoburn Metho
dist Episcopal church was request
ed to come to the home of Mrs G
W Lathrop at 800 pm On be
ing welcomed < he and the family
sat by the warm fireside enjoying
a good family chat after about one
half hour music sounded forth in
an adjoining room The door was
opened and such a magnificent
sight as greeted the eye The room
was elegantly decorated with ivy
circling around the walls of the
room the Ep worth League stood
with bowed bead laying on the
floor before them encircling the
room were branches of pine dot
ted here and there with cotton a
magnificent bower was erected on
which was hunglEpworth League
with the emblem in letter of sil
uer Underneath this one sat and
rendered a very appropriate fare
well solo Then the entire compa
ny sang There Shall be Showers
of Blessings after which the pas
tor was led into that beautiful
room dimly lighted with Japanese
lanterns and placed in a chair in
the middle of the room What was
to happen he knew not But he
soon had some idea when from some
mysterious source over his head a
bag bursted and scores of little bags
rained upon him There were the
shower3 of blessings A counting
showed there to be a magnificent
sum of money It was nigh impos
sible for him to make the due re
marks and as he sat there in be
wilderment many other presents
were gratuitously presented a most
pleasant evening was spent Games
and the merry chatter of a happy
pastor and his faithful Leagureswas
heard to a late hour To Mrs List
epecially and all the Leagures gen
erall is credited the success of the
That Epworth League with Wil
lie Parvino that live enthusiastic
promising young man as president
ably assisted by his corps of offi
cers certainly know how to do
things One can seldom find an
organization more harmonious and
enthusiastic in its manouvere
Their efforts are proving more help
ful more than one needy homes in
this town h s been assisted by the
mercy and help department with
Miss Meff Lathrop Vpres The
devotional meetings of a Sunday
evening are never slow or drywith
Miss Carrie Mae Murray as V pres
The missionary department with
Miss Mae Kirkland V pres the lit
erary and social with Mrs Parvi
no V pres are keeping step with
the others in their progress And
with Miss Waldo Murray for secre
tary and Mrs Eula List as treasu
urer who could question but this
is one of theiivest young peoples
organizations < in the city Grad
ually our members increase Every
one has a cordial invitation to
look in on us The pastor of
the Methodist Episcopal church
congratulates himself in being so
intimately associated with these
promising young christians
Happy Marriages
Are the result of knowing the
laws of health and nature All
the knowledge a young man or
woman wife or daughter should
have is contained in the Peoples
Medical Adviser by R V Pierce
M D This big Home Doctor
Book containing 1008 pages with
engravings and colored plates
and bound in cloth nearly 7000
000 copies formerly sold for 1
50 each is sent free to any one
sending 31 onecent stamps to
prepay cost of Wrappingandpost
age There are no conditions to
this offer and the reader must
not assotiate this book with the
advertising panphlets prepared
by quacks throughout the coun
try Address 1662 Washington
St Buffalo NtY
Cold TexiThanksgiving
Dallas Texas Nov 30 Texas
today enjoyed oie of the coldest
Thanksgivings In the history of
the weather bureau station
Snyder Texas reported 4 de
grees above zero
Dallas registered 15 above this
At HoustonStreams were re
ported frozen oyer but the orange
crop was declared uninjured
Galvestonj reported 34 and
San Antonio24 above zero with
rising temperature
Constipation causes headache nausea
dizziness languor heart palpitation
Drastic physics gripe sicken weaken
thebowels andiontcure DoansReg
uletB act gentljland cure constipation
25 rents Ask your druggest
New Zealaid dealers recently
shipped several consignments of
frozen ducki to London vith
good resulfe They sold for
about 75 ceit each and when
ready for the table are said to
have average up to the English
Children Cry
The armiesof Europe used to
rely on the omnibus companies
as a means oj supplying a sud
den demand fpr horses but this
can no longerbe reckoned on as
autobuses ai rapidly supplant
ing horse drawn stages
For coughs aid colds use Ballards
Horehound Syiiip It acts soothingly I
in the irritatedinngaaud throat Price
2oc 50c and 1 JO per bottle Sold by I
W J Sedberry
I ill < SLsA
suxi wt d >
in machine nd the
of today Here combined one you
and the latest improvements anwin < r
The Windsor and Damascus Mil described and quotedin Tfcey are efficient durable
machine book do everything that good machines should
machines today
light running In short they are tho last word in sewing
will be expensive ta CS S 52
You may think a new machine an four unnecessary profits
three or
if you buy from a local dealer or agent You have topay neverhave dreamedthat
fits then But have you seen the prices we craote may awaits you
you could buy a high grade machine for so UUe If so a welcome surprise
when you see our price list
Its impossible to buy a good sewing machine for lesB than
4000 You have heard people say that Perhaps some agent
has told this to you Dont you believe it for a minute You can
buy as good a sewing machine as you can find anywhere on the
market today regardless of price for from 1470 to 22i95 This
sewing machine book tells you all about it It shows you a com
plete Tune machines for every purpose every requirement Wo
have a machine here for you
Send for book 19 without fail if you need a sewing machine
We do not ask you to accept these statements as final we
want you to prove to your own satisfaction that our machines are
all that we claim them to be Take one of these into your home
give it a trial for 30 days Call in your neighbors ask their opinion II >
then if it does not suit you return it to us Wo will refund your s J I t
money and pay transportation charges both ways Is this not a
fair proposition We can afford to make this offer because we are iuycalTiiMi
sure that our sewing machines will make good j For Co
On this page you will also find a complete list of our money J o uo i niiSE
saving books Look over this list carefully pick out the ones you cma stoviton
are interested in We will send any book yon want absolutely free a
of charge
l handCBipb < nStsKAJISA3Crrr Chleaoo Avenue Bridge CHICAGO send coupon To THE NEARER ADDRESS S
echoic r htrunning
j Cr Money Refunded
At the best
for mother
Q is loo
The old saying
Je U none too easy
work is never done comes
u 1 3
Anything then that can help her
i worth care
her life easier 13
1 h < r vork lighter Ine Sewing Machine has probably done
v1 wo 1 wToivHfvn nr discovery
Pay Half at
Wards for
all yon need
Yoor satisfaction
Chcckthe Vocfc YonWant IfJg
thuj > iu t to est or wit or fa uy way
CUczso Avenue BrMge 19th ad Caapbdl Saw
Chicago Kansas cm s
riiwoMnd toDTaddrea below the books I
h TB chocked absolutely frea of oort
2 I nail
3 Orgaat
4 TruiU
5 Racial
7 Fariltura
8 latuttttrt
S Wall Paair
in Tyjwrmn
Taak Htitin
Win Fiaelat
15 Carattt Raga
15 Balldlng Plaat
22 Bultdlas Materials
23 Staves aad Raagta 1
14 Underwear Samples
25 Automobile Supallet
2S Bleyeles Metoreyelts
27 Bass Dratl aad Tallet a
28 Wsaeaa Tailored Salts J
29 CIreaUr aad Drag Sawa
39 Wansara Faeftlaa Book
31 Ralaeaats Raoer
Coats Etc
32 Tembstoaea aad Modo >
aieata i
3 Mens Ready llais
35 Dry Coode
38 MuillaWear
37 Millinery
33 Mobs MadetoOrder
Will Continue Right Through the
The Tyler Commercial College
of Tyler Texas has aranged this
year as usual to accommodate
all of its students who desire to
continue their studies during
the Christmas holidays Those
who erpecially desire to return
to their homes to spend Xmas
will be excused Friday evening
Dec 22nd and will be expected
to take up their work again on
or before Jan 1st 1912 Usually
about 400 students remain and
work right through the holidays
New students may enroll at
any time during the Xmas holi
days We advise all to enroll as
soon as possible there is noth
ing to be gained by waiting until
Januay 1st We have no term
openings our school is the same
one day as another just like a
bank railroad or business houes
The students work is princi
pally all individual instruction
and each and every student is
pushed each day to his full ca
pacity Slow students are not
overcrowded trying to keep up
with fast ones and fast students
are not held back and discourag
ed on account of slow ones It
would really be better to enroll
and get started before the big
January rush
Upon arriving in our city go
direct to the College where you
will be given prompt attention
and choice of nice boarding place
with private family at a cost of
from 250 to 350 per week for
board and lodging
Tuition for a complete unlim
ited lifes scholarship of book
keeping shorthand or telegra
phy is 50 any two courses com
bined 95 If you have not read
our large beautifully illustrated
catalog write for one It will
give you full particulars and de
tailed information regarding
Americas largest and greatest
commercial school The school
that gives you an education for
which the business world promp
ly and gladly pays cash
5 or 6 doses 666 will cure any
case of Chills and Fever Price 25c 30o
The December American Magazine
azine attracts unusual notice be
cause it contains a new Sherlock
Holmes detective story by Conan
Doyle This new story which
is called The Disappearance of
Lady Colfax is really one o f
the great Sherlock Holmes sto
ries It is a murder story full
of mystery and ending in an
amazing and unexpected solu ion
In the same number of The
American Magazine G H Wells
goes on with his serial novel
Marriage and Senator La
Follette of Wisconsin prceeds
with his Autobiography In ad
dition to these notable features
Eay Stannard Baker begins a
series of articles on Wonderful
Hawaii A World Experiment
Station in which he shows how
the property of the island has
fallen into the hands of a very
few most of whom are descend
ants of early American and Eng
lish missionaries Another live
ly article is one entitled The
Wrong Man in which the au
thor tells the story of Andy Toth
the Hungarian who srrved twenty
yearn in the Pennsylvania peni
tentiary for anothers crime
Will Irwin tells a wondeful
Christmas story Ed Howe of
Atchison Globe fame tells a
country editor story Edna Fer
ber contributes another new
Emma McChesney tale and
Inez Haynes Gillmore relates
mere of the adventuoes of Pheo
be and Ernest Martin
The four departments which
distinguish The American Maga
zine the Interperters House
Interesting People Pilgrims
Scrip and The Theater are fill
ed with good reading
Pecan Trees
Afew hundred nice oneyear
old Pecan Trees the size for
safe planting See or address
Davis Biggs
jlO Jefferson Texas
Dr Augusta Webster Keed of
New York left 100000 to Mrs
William Grant Brown president
of the City Federation of Wo
mens club with the request
that it be used to carry out some
of Dr Reeds ideas
In cooperation with the M K
< fc T and the Texas Central
Railway we are going to operate
a special agricultural train over
their lines starting December 4th
and finishing Decefnber 15th
This will be a train of nine cars
consisting of lectures exhibits
and demonstration from the
Agricuitural Mechanical Col
lege of Texas at College Station
Texas and from the College of
Industrial Arts Denton Texas
In your county the train will
stop as follows
At Jefferson December 14 at 530 p
m Lecture in Court House or
Opera House at 730 p m
We are very anxious to have
as large attendance at this train
as possible for the lectures and
demonstrations and will appre
ciate any announcements or pub
licity you may be able to give the
On the exhibit car will be
found some of the finest speci
mens of live stock available in
cluding the grand champion beef
steer of the State of Texas This
steer has won over 100000 in
cash and several silver cups and
will evidently be worth coming
to see On the demonstration car
will be found exhibits of soil fer
tilizers farm crops and different
methods of buddirig grafting
etc tSpecial car will be devoted
to the earring of the good roads
exhibit Lectures will be given on
stock judging soils fertilizers
crops rotations dairying road
building and domestic science
Special cars will be furnished
for the ladies and children and
and nearly evexy school along
the lines have planned to march
the children to the train in a body
for the one hour stop What
sort of a showing will your town
Yours very sincerely
J W Evans
Supt Ext Dept
Per W B Bryan
College Station Tex Nov 14
Rnb the Joints with Ballards Snow
Liniment to relieve rheumatism It
penetrates the flesh to the bone convey
ing its soothing and restorative influ
ence to the spot where the pain exsits
Price 2oc 50c and 100 per bottle
Sold by W
J Sedberry
srloua IiunE Diseases result from colds
which were expected to gat well
KhJXQttlxej She sensible course when cold settles In the chest Is q tmk
Horehound Syrup
Th Brot relief It affords In the Inflamed lun
i i8 most rratlfylnr to ttn
d A Jrl 5 Who
by an ohsHatte lrrltatinc couch r i
res of phlegm so
respiratory organs
nav seen har
soothe and heal TK SE S
Put Up in Three Sizes 25c 50c and 100 per Bottle
Buy the 1 00 size It
contains Ave times
as much as the Jic size
Dr Harriets you set With
Bed Pepper Porous Plaster for the chest each bottle a
> tBk Kye Salr U remsdy reat
pn dlsese
of tke ey wUd
strengthens the slaht
LSoud AwDHreowMCWPtnnvl
It heals icUy ut
S > lf
f 1

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