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Htej < rotiria tOTiani e a state ticket
5 jjpffafr epublican stale convention in
J Vdiiornla fdr the nomination of can
= lls didates for presidential electors
The Atlantic battleship fleet after
ten days of lavish entertainment in
Sydney will depart the end of the
week for Melbourne where another
elaborate round of festivities awaits
the officers and men wearing the
American naval uniform
Eight armored cruisers comprising
the Pacific fleet accompanied by a
number of torpedo boats destroyers
and supply ships will sail from San
Francisco Monday for a cruise to Hon
oluiu and thence to Samoa 2300
miles distant and then return to the
United States
One of the notable events abroad of
interest to American readers will be
the celebration next Friday of the
eightieth birthday of Count Leo Tol
sioi the famous Russian novelist and
America will have a large delega
tion at the meeting of the Interna
tional Council of Women which is to
begin its sessions in Geneva Switzer
land Saturday Another international
conference in which the United States
Tvill have a representation will be the
congress of the International Associa
tion for the Protection or Industrial
Property This congress which will
meet in Stockholm will be one of the
most important meetings ever held in
connection withthe patent and trade
mark interests of the United States
Important conventions at home will
he the annual meetings of the Ameri
can Bar Association In Seattle the
Sons of Veterans at Niagara Falls
the American Public Health Associa
tion in Winnipeg Manitoba the Na
tional Association of Insurance Com
missioners in Detroit and the Nation
al Wool Growers Association in Salt
Lake City
Foremost in the list of events of
Politics Will Claim the Attention
American Newspaper Readers
Important Events Abroad
Gream Vermifuge
atwARr or imitations
BaHardSnow Liniment Co
Special to the Herald
Washington B C Aug 22 Poli
tics will claim the lions share of at
tention of American newspaper read
ers the coming week though ac
counts of the political doings will not
he able to monopolize all of the
space on first pages Several events
abroad will claim attention the enter
tainment of the American battleship
fleet in Australia will be of inteiest
and there also will be a number of
conventions sporting events and
other happenings worthy of attention
William J Bryan will occupy the
center of the political stage Several
of the most important speeches that
he has scheduled for the campaign
will be delivered during the week
Leaving Chicago Monday Mr
Bryan will go to Indianapolis to at
tend the notification of his running
mate Mr Kern which Is to take
place Tuesday On this occasion Mr
Bryan will deliver his speech on the
trusts His next speech will be deliv
ered at Topeka on Thursday and will
dealwith the question of the guaranty
of bank deposits After a day or two
at his home in Fairview the democrat
ic candidate will again take to the
rdatubeing slated for several speaking
engagements in Mitchell Sioux Falls
and other points In the Northwest
Judge Taft has scheduled no public
engagements for the week though it
is probable that he will deliver one or
more impromptu addresses to delega
tions of visitors who may call upon
him Republican interest will be con
fined more or less to the developments
in the New Torlc state campaign the
fight between the Hughes and anti
Hughes forces and the efforts to draw
President Roosevelt into the contest
la South Carolina Tuesday a demo
cratic primary will he held for the
nomination of candidates for United
States senator state officers mem
bers of congress and minor officials
The contests for senator and governor
have been extremely spirited and the
result is awaited with much Interest
throughout a large section of the
South <
Other political events of the week
that will attract more or less atten
tion Willie thepublic speaking of the
interest to followers of athletics and
sports will be the great demonstra
tion in New York in honor of the re
turn home of the American athletes
who took part in the recent Olympic
games in London President Roose
velt is chairman of the reception com
mittee of five hundred prominent citi
zens The eventsof the day will be a
parade and the presentation of special
medals and awards to the returning
Other sporting events of importance
will be the open golf championships
of the United States at the Myopia
Hunt Club Hamilton Mass and the
50000 trotting derby at Readvilie
On September first the Met <
ropolitan Hotel building will be <
for rent Building in firstclass
order and a good location as <
to business center Apply to <
G W Burkitt Jr
t 1 1 1 Z 1
A Grand Spectacle
One of the most thrilling inspiring
spectacles confronting the thoughtful
individual is that of a young vigor
ous healthful man of average intelli
gence as he stands on the threshold
of life indifferent to the past prodi
gal as to the present and full of
speculative hopes of the future Hes
a jewel the countrys hope a grand
link binding together the Iovelight of
the past and the gilded fringes of
the morning of life Oh how we feel
like putting an arm around him draw
ing close up and whispering in his
Contest In South Carolina Came to
Practical Close Today Primary
Election Next Tuesday
Special to the Herald
Columbia S C Aug 22 The po
litical contest which has kept South
Carolina in a stirred up condition for
several months past came to a prac
tical close today Next Tuesday the
democratic voters will express their
preference in a statewide primary
for candidates for United States sen
ator governor and other state offi
cers and members of congress Selec
tion in the primary will be equiva
lent to election
Public interest is confined almost
wholly to the contests for senator
and governor For senator the candi
dates are as follows
ExGovernor John Gary Evans of
R Goodwyn Rhett Charleston
George Johnstone Newberry
E D Smith Florence i
John P Grace Charleston i
W W Lumpkin Richland v
O B Martin Pickens >
Governor Martin F Ansel is a can
didate for renomination He is op
posed by State Senator Cole Blease
of Newberry Mr Blease was always
a stalwart state dispensary supporter
and when that institution was abol
ished he came out on an extended
local option platform
Governor Ansel on the other hand
stands on a platform this year declar
ing for restricted local option favor
ing a law making the entire state
prohibition with the right to counties
C Sa hd bSnBda3S
jWho manufactures the goods in ques
tion exclusively or mainly outside
the United Kingdom
As American and German manufac
turers are doing a large business in
England they stand to be foiced to
expend millions of dollars In the con
struction of plants here as provided
by the new act Last year England
granted 2G0S patents to Germany and
2792 to the United States Over 20
000 British patents have been granted
within the past three years to foregn
ers Not one of these patents ha
hitherto been adequately worked in
the United Kingdom
Among American manufacturers
who are particularly hard hit by the
new law are the makers of typewrit
ers cash registers all kinds of fine
steel working machinery elevator and
pneumatic tube parts in addition to a
thousand and one small articles sold
by Americans under the protection of
English registered patents
Many American and German firms
have arranged to open branch facto
ries in England to comply with the
law Others will overcome the diffi
culty by means of agreements with
British firms by the terms of which
the latter will manufacture the goods
on a system of royalties in either
case Great Britain will receive ma
terial benefits Several German manu
facturers of aniline dyes pottery and
steel tools are erecting factories in
London and vicinity An American
safety razor company has acquired a
factory in Leicester and will give em
ployment to five hundred hands This
is only a selection and the outlook
for British work people is excellent
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large furry ear of the pitfalls along
the way andwarn him of the errors
Into which we who are older have
to exempt themselves by majority
vote and sell whisky through county
dispensaries The stand taken by
Governor Ansel seems to be generally
acceptable to the prohibitionists and
It is believed that the majority favor
ing prohibition will suppoit the gov
ernor in next weeks primary
The present lieutenant governor at
torney geneial secietary of state and
state treasurer will be renominated
without opposition Contests are on
for state superintendent of public in
struction railroad commissioner and
comptroller general All of the pres
ent members of congress are candi
dates for another term Representa
tive James O Patterson of the Sec
ond district Wyatt Aiken in the
Third district D E Finley in the
Fifth and J Edwaid Ellerbe in the
Sixth have contests on their hands
The others will be returned without
By the New Patents Act Which Will
Become Fully Operative With
in the Next Few Days
Special to the Herald
London Aug 22 According to an
estimate of Sir Alfred Jones Great
Britain will benefit to the extent of
125000000 by the working of the new
Patents Act which Is to become fully
operative next week The new law
stipulates that foreigners who may
obtain British patents must manufac
ture the patented goods on British
soil On and after next Friday any
one on application to the compti oiler
of patents may cause to be revoked
Trade your old harness for a new I any patent granted four years or more
one at W O Vtndivers Main streeL ago in this country to any foreigner
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Bids Wanted
In accordance with Sec 1G5 of
school laws of Texas sealed bids from
persons or corporations qualified un
der the law to act as treasurer for
Palestine Public Schools who offer
satisfactory bond as provided in said
section 165 will be received Said
bids should state the highest rate of
interest to be paid by said treasurer
on the average daily balances for
the privilege of acting as such treas
urer Such bids should also name the
least rate of interest to be charged
on all ovedrafts if any Provided that
no commisssions or fees shall be al
lowed for services as such treasurer
Said bids to be filed witii C A Sterne
secretary of the Board of Trustees on
or before the 31st day of August 1908
The right Is reserved to reject any
and all bids
By order of the Board
W C Campbell
President Board of Trustees Palestine
Public Schools
C A Sterne Secretary 10llt
Quick Hauling
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The use of hand hose without a nozzle for any purpose whatever is
prohibited and in no case shall a nozzle larger than oneeighth inch
diameter be allowed and the use of which shall not exceedfour hours
per day and for no purpose other than as stated in the application and
for such use as payment is made
In no case shall any one be permitted to use water for sprinkling
streets or sidewalks unless sipecial terms be made for same
Permits for sprinkling lawns will be issued from May 1st to Novem
ber 1st not to exceed four hours in anv one day nor at any other time
than between the hours of six and eight a m and five and eight p m
which shall constitute the season for sprinkling and for which the en
tire payment must be made in advance according to the season rates
In case of fire no hose shall be used other than for the fire and there
shall be no other use of water except as absolutely necessary so long as
the fire pressure is on >
Any person violating any of the foregoing rules shall forfeit all pay
ments made and the supply of water shall be at once stopped without
any notice and shall not be again turned on without an extra charge of
100 for the trouble of turning off and on
The company reserves the right to make such amendments or alter
ations in theserules and regulations as in their judgment the protec
tion and preservation of the works shall demand
The Palestine Water Works Co
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