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1 The Sun's Rat ?rf
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mt Transients fifty (60) cents an Inch per
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!L. j ". Itssaaw
Volume 0.' Number 32. AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER Week Ending December 31, 1920.
'Tho concert given on the tnbcrnoclo
organ at Price last Wednesday even
ing by Prof. Hdward P. Kimball of
Salt tako City, and supplemented by
ljo)al W. l)njno, mark? an epoch in
fiflstcrn Utah of moro imtwrt than
might nt first npcar An event no
compl!shcd becomes at once u matter
I .of course. Hut the acquisition of this
Instrument for tho tabernacle, for
l'rieo and for the Knstorn Utah sec
tion is not nt all n commonplace mat
ter. Outside of Denver and Pueblo,
Colo., mid Salt Lako City and possibly
Ogdcn in Utah, the whole intonnoun
Inln region docs not iwssoss anything
lo equal this ono in size or valuo, As
" -n practical Illustration of its itnwrt-
nnce it may bo said that although of
somewhat different arrangement in
i Adaptation to its unsimilar use, tho or-
gM is about tho samo in giro as tho
much talked about ono in tho Para-
E inqiint KttiproM theater at Halt Lake
. f, tClty. Not in Provo, ISngham City or
v Jogan is nn thing near in comparison
w to bo found.
,'T Tho story of tho establishment of
& till instrument in .tho Carbon Stake
A tabcnmolo is quUo interesting in view
w of tho facta brolfly outlined above.
laf Along early in the summer tho time
Fjgt nnd come to purchase an organ for the
Bf noarly completed building, and Kdwin
IJj, Huttcrwortli wns sent to Halt Lake
IIL -City to look the matter up. Tho in-
Wfg tention was to obtain an instrument
mSPj -of sJmuwIiat less than ono-third the
H wnluo of this plpo organ along lines
mW, -. of tho usual rather largo reed instnlla-
P4W tlons but not finding anything in
Ek such lino that he deemed a fitting or-
fV ' Knn fr tin new tabernacle that gen-
&'. llwnnn entered into nn investigation
"EiV, ' a I''!'0 "It'll installation with the
i&3 , result tliat it was finally dcoidcd to go
fwftft' ''nl 'I'0 purchase of the one now in
By" "o building, and which will meet fit-
223t lur "rc' oC "10 Pominunty in the
llWtn Mine degrco its will the tabernaelo it-
KcWH? mc"' " "I'int in which the church
im.' Hu body of Cnrlion slake met the ambition
2j''v." ' -v 'f lluttorworlh to obtain so mngiiifi-
VL ft . cnl IU1 Instrument is cxtrcimdv grat
is mrfg-ttrhhiirirtrt'ttw tfc empb,4n
M' . of the JmHdlng and actual use of the
C -organ is at hand tlio wisdom of this
f notion grows moro and more on ev-
"I j orybody concerned It is strictly up.
1 Uodnte. and is a long step ahead of
JJ lU old pneuiiiatia hpIiuii In.
The instrument u notmtted entirely
liy sleet rieit), started mid slptied ens
I II) right fntm tin keyboard or "eon-
ol." The time coloring are varied
I by little mllt uei'eMitHling only tho
allKhtwt toutih of IIih organist's fiu-
gtr intd of the old tlu "h'.ohi,"
whleh rmuirml wi much of the piny
er's time mid Htrength. Thu Joeution
of the knj board is it matter of choice,
u its only eonneetioii to tho organ it
Nolf is through n tlexiblu culilo eon
taluiiig the wires mid 4heru nro many
of them which maku thu connections
to thu eltctnu magnets of the meohan
ilsm and operate thu vahos which ad
mit air to the tono produoing pipes.
'Tho "organ" is contained in a
"cliMt," which is uj overhead, anil
its wholo ojicnition is dependent on
one tliri'c-hnnteiMittur motor, which
drives Die blower furnishing air pros
ware to thu pixxi and n,lso u small
generator supjiljing "direct current"
ulcetrioUy to thu magnets through tho
operation of tho keyboard. This mo-
' tor is controlled from tho organist's
' ' The i nil I (4 ox for tone eoutixil iium-
Iter iiIhiuV twenty, mid mny be unernt
ml singly, tweli prod lining it difiereut
ttound from liny key or may be used
: in eouibinations, utmost endless, at thu
4 will of tho orguuist. Tho eftect of
i imisie placed i'ltnu isimbiuutions of
about five tono nolors us llluxtrut
' .od by Orgmnst Kimball is as uf n
r lurjte orehuktm, wlrilo it single varia
tion or oven mmiio of tho eombinutions
limy bo phi) ml ko so Illy as to be iI
Mgt i, incMt iiuhwtrd from the miditoniiui.
JC r Another ixiint with an electrically op
'j crated instrument is that no tomh ol
m ' u key, however light or rupid, fails to
liradueo n sound. With'old mr-iieling
; - mtmliauism a definite, diStinct tiuie
i iirtnisiue wus rm1urd before it Miuud
"i TttHiiltwl, Hiul thu niplilit) of tho pl
ti er's fingering wus held down to the
J? 0NwiU' of 4he instrument to net Hub
iur fiugvrs down the keys of thu
'i iuitnimwit rupidly its jou please,
J mid nvery ke gives sound. Kapul
il i aseoution outs us (4einl as on a piano.
f! Tlis instrument is u Wurliter
j Hui-.lonwi piie oivmi, valued at
j wvwi thousHiul five hundred dollars,
J and was purchased from and installed
J by tho Consolidated Muwo eompun,
&omu a1uiiiih were requred in the r-
I" i-sngmiiunt of the building to neeoin-
i moiwte tho iinmng of the iiwtriiment,
L Hiul it whs during thu mouth of July
W t lut t most of the iiutunl installation
m iMwiHiplished, although the fiu-
ighlng touslius liave just been added.
J t Tim nstuul lubor of setting it up wus
" , ptrfonuud by Doau it. l)u not, assist-
J ed by U K. Vaughn. Thu "voloing"
' -of tho organ bus jiceu done to leave
nmplo filling canocitj for the auditor
ium, while eliminating that henvy
rumbling character bo often met with.
The volume of sound can bo increas
ed or decreased, however, by ad
Jutmcn,, should it bo so desired,
rhero are two or threo persons al
ready in Pnco who aro qualified to
gtvogoodscrvico from tho instrument,
Mrs. Alva Woodward being partioit
lnrlv mentioned in this connection.
And with tho organ n part of tho daily
life of tho community there Is opixir
tumty not otherwise afforded to de
velop organists for this tjpe.
Tho concert on Wednesday evening
was designed iwrticulnrly to introduce
the organ to tho public, and Mesr.
Kmball and Daynos camo down and
gnvo their services without charge, the
proceeds of ine entcrlnit.ii.cn' going
to the organ fund. Tim cnltrv jiro
gram, instrumental and vocal, was so
lected to show tho capacity nnd va
net.v or tho organ. Tho instrumental
numbers wcro in groups, too differ
ent members of each being rndicnll
apart from eneh other. Handel's Lnr
go from Xerxes, anil tho accompani
ment for tho vocal number by llulin,
"Invicius," gavo fitting illustrations
of tho full jHiwor or tho organ, while
the two dainty little numbers, "Mm
un In Aneent Stjlo" and ".Serenade
Iladino" taxed Irath tho orgnuist nnd
tho instrument in examples of facility,
nnd neither party to tho crfoniinnco
failed in any particulor. Tho relig
ious sclcctons showed (hat good judg
ment had been exercised in toning the
organ for its mit social use. In the
singing by the assemldy of "Ameri
ca" nnd tho "Doxology." the organ
certainly carried them along.
Quito a good sired nudlenco was in
attendance, but there should hnvo
been doublo tho number tire tent.
WASHINGTON', I). C, Dec, 20
Idaho advertisement, ns required b
law. Jim been made by the commission
Mrntonug "1HW " uprmeStffirr m -iw
OrwU Itasiu Power FoiMny for a
iHTimt to build a Hiwer plant on the
liMdwaiers of the DueUsne river,
I'tah This Ndvertnwmetit is rwpiireii
to develoii mi.v valid Hililie oljwtioii
HgNinst the issuance of h permit, if
there lie any such objections.
Permits to prospect for oil on twen-ly-five
IiuntlrtHl nnd idxty acres of
Isml in i:mer eounly niti been
Ki-miteil by the genfrsl Jhii.1 office to
KlisHbeth McIIaUou mid .1. K Tim
iiwiw. The iwrimt to Hllsaboth Mr
Mutton is in Two 21 .South, Itunjro 12
Hunt, and that issued lo Timmons in
Twp. 21 South, Kongo 12 and 13 Kast,
bait bike huso and meridian. K. (
Pago of Checnne, Wjo., in behalf of
Fred J. Thomas nt Prico nnd Mrs.
Thomas, now nt tho bedside of her
aged mother nt Carlisle, Kan, this
week received wonl from tho war de
partment at Washington, D. C, thai
the food) of their son, Guy Arthur
Thomas, arrived from overseas in
New York harbor last Tuesday on tho
ltainHlfl Just when it will be sent
west for interment at Price is not
now known, but word is expected cv-
' v m 1
anj Arthur Thomns wIvim body ar
rived In Now York City Inst Tuesday,
and whli h will bo drought to Price for
or' liour that tho remains aro on tbo
wny. Guy Arthur Thomas (volunteer
ed nt Price for tho world 'a war In
June, 1017, being 2-1 jrars of nge nt
the time. He was twico wounded at
the front at Chateau Thierry on June
0, 1018. This was at tho battle of
Delllou Woods. Taken to n hospital
nnd after two operation ho died Jtflv
Mi, 1018. Two Ittttsr wore received
by his parents nfter he was operated
Klmer K. Hall, officer in charge of
the nuvnl station nt Salt lyiko CJtt,
write the fniwllv under dnte t)f TU6
tUy tbnt 'Ae fuJlltles of his sffke h
oxtemlM Vihlfe putto, m kf I,
will send two or three ww bare to at
tend the funeral. Thaae from tMr
Mou'a rtjtliinMit. Alati, he will forwsnl
a new flag lo lie draHl on the isskct
"We will be ulail to do anything in
our Mwer lo help in tba rviitt norm
ceremonies," he adda.
Priit) iKtat of the Aiuariean Legion
will likely officiate at the time of the
ImmIj 'a coming. It will be impoaaible
for Mrs. Thottuta to rwtuni homu at
this lime. Iter mother is on her death
bwl in KanMM nt the age of about hf
the KiiMJiuiiig Oil company of that
place, last Wednesday npplleil to the
state land board to Iwuo lands in Km
ii ry and Sevier counties on which to
prosHHt for oil.
"Lighting a Tleu? One" I
I 1
Priws Tor ra4 Cattle Steady to
Strong With Olssi Olnranoa Colo
rado and Utah Sheepmen Como to
As Understanding Concerning Dip
ping Regulations Quotations.
Oon-Mpondrnce The Hun.
KANSAS CITY, Mo, Dee. xr.-An
ndjTMuf twenty-five to fort) ccnta
"Injr returned the ten dollars htn
Hon in the hog market for tho first
Hnie in nearly four weeks. The top
pnpc wns $10.36. Paokera cleared the
pens m a snappy trade Cattle prices
were Mnmgcr and the demand nellve.
In CU i ngo th' market was lower nnd
trade slow tamh were up another
twWi five cents and rl.To bImivc (lie
low - nit ten days ago. l,Vvi;na to
tiny w.ro 7000 enttlc, 3600 hogs nnd
00W) hp
Pneen for fal cnltle were atmdy lo
strong with ii pIoms 'lrnn-c liwir
neicc in ( hicii prevent n" u tw a
eymice here is local rrcffjila win not
nUove Hie ixiiiireltHtnU. Packer nt
tln oulm-t bit! low r mid finally look
tho bulk of the supply at steady to
strong price. Killing demand wems
to lie showing iucramnd voliuii-. Knt
steers sold up to 1 1 . ft mid nediurn
to fair classes nt M0 to f 10.60. Fat
cw brought fX) to 7J0 and
Itvlfers $0 (HI to ftl.OO with some pniite
heifers 10 60. Veal ealtea weit fifty
conls higher Too ?11 00. Pew bulla l
werr offpretl Price were steady.
Thin ratlin were in moderate supply.
The best Mockers ami feeder brought i
Urmig pneaa. The plain to eomiiHut
Vtidu sold slowly. Offcnnga were I
aleaiteil up nlosalv. There was a fair
f oimmI iWmnnil for itoek rows.
Ltlut pneaa sdvaneel twenty-five to
r aetils today and I no trml wis
v4 V Utt m4m wm 10JM, and
vft hMlKqt tH nffaruM ibnmabt
85 lo $10 V Mntir alfcawd
abve than Mow. ConiMirnl with the
low ptiint ten days ago tlw market is
1 At higher Iteeoipta con'inuo below
reauirrmenls ami much smaller than
liitil been exwciil at Ibis Miaaon of
the vear. Pigs are selling at 18 76 to
Itgtit receipts brouglit an active tie
mind in the hp ilinaion. X)m
wftre I went) -five rent higher ami
ImiiIm np twenty-five to fort) cents.
Weateru fed ImiiiIw solil m lo I1.IK,
nid ewea brought rl.'Jn to IJVO.
Tratle in the lialf-fat aluff was dull.
There was small inquiry for stockem
and feeder.
Colorado sheepmen or Utah sheep
men, wlto have Uimr herds in Coloratlo
and wUh to erthw the state line into
Utah, will observe the proclamation of
thu governor of I'tah and dip their
sheep before ero.ng In future. Also
those wlto alread) have come over the
line will dtp IMimte agreement to
tUrt end was reached last Monday
by shewmiieu ami member of the slate
live stuck hoard of Utah. Article of
agreement were then definitely settled
upon, ami have sine been Mgitetl.
Tba agreement is Iwtweeti Henry
Minis, chairman of the executive com
mittee of the stale live utix-k hoard,
for the hoard, and WUlwrti Pitapat
nek and August Nicolas of Montrose,
Colo. It i in effeet that tuee men,
who have brought sheep from Colo
rado into Utah in viols lion of the
proiilnmntum referred to, wijl din
thoir sheep, ami that the live slot It
lioaril will grant litem from January
Ufi, 1021, to IVbruarv 16, 1W1, iu
wliieli to do this. There aro ivther
stoekmeu concerned in the eoutraet,
but It is lindeivttHHl the) will ubitle
by the agreement teaehetl by Pita
iwtnek and Nieoht.
While the controversy is Iwiween
the uitisens ami the stale of Utah, it
wus MimoniHil that the state and fed
eral aulioriue are eo-iwraUng iu tht-1
matter, and Dr. L II Diinlap of Muii j
trotw, Colo., who repreaeuteti the Den
ver oifiee ol thu bureau of animal iu-
dustr), mid Dr. Y K Murra), iiih-,
tor in charge ot the Uuitetl Stale bu
reau of annual imlustr) tu Salt Jjikej
City were ineseiit at I be meeting,'
which was field in the ofAue of tho
statu live stonk, lawrd
The sheepmen did nut want (o dip
nt this time of the )ear, mmntanlng
that it is dangerous on uecooni of eolii
weather, but it was piHUted out that
slicup nro dip)ed in colder eiimates
without npimrent loss to the henls. It
was thought tlutt ta length uf time
allowed Iu whleh to do the work left
Hufftaiaut leowny, so tlmt storms and
cold woiither might lie avoided in dip
1"B. . ,
Among other of thu sheepmen in
terested in the settlement of. the ques
tion were Thomas Farley of Mon'rje,
Colo, Bnd II M Howe of Ogdcn, who
have sheep in Colorado
imi.nN'A, Mont, Dec. '25-Loco
wed contain an nnid. Whe.i suffi-l
flient amount of this an- obtained
laboratory teats will lt made on guin-l
e pig and wlute rata to determine if!
tlris is the milistanee which drives
horo anil caltle insane, according to
Dr Kmil .Slant, chemist for the live
lock aanttar) Ixtflrd of Montana. Dr
Starx has detenninetl that the weel
contains mi netd after exjienmenls
which started 4at .Iiiiw were comdet
cil. He is ihiw engaged in securing
a large quantity of the arid In Ins
bleuniiil reKirt on this rweearrh, Dr
Stun says:
"Concerning the loco problem it was
demonstrated by many exMrimnt
that the weed does mil contain an al
kaloldal nelive pnnoiple. The ques
tion then arose, what substance other
than nn alkaloid, detrimental hi its
physiological cfrecta to the animal
.system, 1 contained in the loco weel7
In Hie earlier investigations the
chemist obtained n volaUle oilv Mile
stance, wlrieli, uin standing for itr
tiin, beeame er)ittntlin. Tin sub
stance was at that time recovered by
tiiatillatton of the watery extract of
ioro and shaken out of the distillate
with ether Ujhhi vvaMirallu of the
other the a I tore subalanee was left. It
wit nssumetl at the Ume the Kubslanee
to be nn anh)drid of nn organic vol
atile soul."
Uter on the acd ilself was isolat
ed, but ownng to the very small
amount contained in the loco the try
ing out of its physiological action up
on animal had to be NM,oned until
sufficient of the acid could be obtnneil
In make the ne.iii tent. The
ehetnist is now engag.d in making
larger quantities of the loco acid for
laboratory exn mt M
Infornuil tliMHMMii on loic of
iiiuiHiliate iintortance lo the welfare
of sheettmen w It be a marked feature
of tbo I'tah Woolgrowera' association
nmvmlion lo be held al Salt LU
C -y, Jauuar) 18th. Charles It. MaUy,
the I tab WiMilgrowera' asaociatmn.
Htm. Don II. Collon, eongresaman, will
Mak mi local sheep and wim proli
lems. J. W Imlay, repnsetilativ
from Washington count), ami Wil
ford Da) of Iron cmint) will aak on
the taxation of sberp ami the coming
The government control of winter
range ami the relation of the federal
rwerve Itanks to I be sheep industry
will also be imMirtant loie for an
alysis and tlebale An iHi disetw
aiou on the agncullura4 ndlego and
farm bureau' assistance to iho wmd
muii will be led by It. .1. Kvan.
Invitation i extended to the repre
sentative of the forest service, thu
Mute live Mock lioard, the farm ser
vile bureau and kindred organisation
to bo iiresenU Ollicials of th bodiei
will fin asked lo answer question
fonnulnteil by the sheepmen.
It is liellevcd that this convention
will rmmlt in a elmer etMtperatioii
among nil concerned and a united ef
fort on the (tart of the woolmeu to
ward greater progress in the induatr)-
Dr. ,1. K Marshall, secretar) of the
Nn I tonal Woolgrowcrs' association on I
last Monda) isuel a statement
branding as "cr imsleadiug" nil as-
sertton atlnlmle! lo ( ougressnutu i
Madden or lUiuois to the effeet that
the dul) proMMed on wool in the
Purdue) tmiergeney tariff bill would
double the pnee of clot lung. "A ver)
uusleadiug statement by Cuiigivshuian
Madden of Illinois has lieen twice car
ried iu tbo dispalekes," say Dr Mar
shall. Iu tlu debate ou the l'ordney
emoweney tariff bill C'jiigi-iwiuii
Madden stated that the proposal duly
on wool would eauso the price !'
clothe lo double. Such n statement
is Ixtth ridiculous and dangerous. If
uncorrected it would const flute a ser
ious misrepresentation of the work
aud ubjeets of tba w)a ami means
conimilteo and ImiiIi houses of eon
grew. "The Vatioual Woolgrowers' asso
ciation ha teiMmlediy HNntd out
tlmt but little connection exists Im
tween the market pna of wind and
the selbug price of clot be. Threo ami
a quarter pounds of semii'etl wool aiv
required tor an average aiaed man's
suit made from worsted cloth, ''lie
10 rill ley lull provide a duly of furl
live eeuts a wiuml on scoured w. k
The dut) ou the wool entering iuio a
suit would. amount to $1 W, whiuh is
vary far from 100 per eeut of the
price of mi) suit a Madden refers
to. Also, an uuMirt duty on material
tltHW not ueeeaaaril) mean tlutt the
mNufatuir' euat will lie iiutteaiml
by tho amount of that duty,
"Produeer and selling ngeuta in
AUILHNK, Tox., Dec UO-A pound H
baby born CltrintmM night to Mr. nnd M
-Mrs. W. II. Pniitt of this city displays H
ovidenee of robust honlth. The olifid M
is kept wrapped in cotton nnd tnkes M
hourshment regularly. H
When the kettle calls it black no M
wonder the pot bo1 H
All (he world's n stage and the bar-
bcr is given man) rts H
Suggest'on of Two Special Auditors H
Looks Llko Shaking Down of Corp-
oratonn That Aro Developing This M
Ssction of Utah Records Concern- H
ing Many Tracts Gone Into. M
Suggeation is made by L IS. Mainor
ami XI I.. Conmff, Hsl HmHlor of H
the stale land lioard accounts, in their M
report to (lov. Snnm liamtierger filed H
last Ss'urdii) that suit be entered by H
the state for tbo recovery or all eiast H
contained in Iraola of lands In Carbon H
noutity which were imrcbaaed from H
the stale as gracing lands. With re- H
gard to the coal lamia intce owned b) M
lite eommonwesdth, Ulle to which baa H
imumhnI into the Itaiuls of a few of the M
larger tqierators, the rejMirt snmmar- H
"In our examination, wherever it
was eomtiiktred nuccsaiir), a Sfteeiwl in- H
vestigMtion was made of certain mat- H
lers which ajHirriitl) tlemaniM hmov H
than ordinary attention tin of the M
tmm' imNirtint of thee matter was H
that rotating to the sale of cert In H
tracts of atn'e land between the voar M
10IHI and ltfM as grmiimr laioi at i H
nominal tnce of $:Jf tu $tJ) an aere, H
which were preaumahl) known to mm- H
tain valuable i1)hhmIs of eoal." In an H
exhibition acomHtnyng the renirt is H
fount! what the auditors term a eooi- H
plete rejHirt regarding theee lamls H
which set forth what the reeonla dm- H
nloe. B
"Attention i trimanly direetd," H
say the reort, "U this imMtrtant H
invaaUgaton, n it sJawld b ujqter- ., H
mMl in the mind of the repfemmla- H
live of he teode of tbta Male dur- H
ing the next meeting of I lie legisls- H
lure The question of the legality id H
the sale of theoe iaml and of any re- H
mver)' by the state i tme for legal H
mind to solve, but we lieliovH the evi- H
denee eonlained in this rejuirt i mt- H
fkieHt to form thu IhmIs for Ow in- H
lo IbeVlali TulWiySpflR' ,fM
certain tract purrbaaed m grwriug H
i land." H
I The exhibit rclcrrwl to is a dela I- H
m! document showing the reeord ot
eaeh tract of land Hirchael from ti-c H
stale b) various large coal land inter
eats. H
the countr) ungin realise lb need M
ot mljusting their price in wrmil ex M
torts lo count no lev) ing duties. The M
protoel measure would give Amen- M
can wiwl in Amenean markets an ad H
vantage of forty-live cents pr aeour H
ed iMHind i cr fomtgu wools, which H
until recently aoU arouml two ikdlar H
Hr wmiih1. This woultl give neetleil H
security lo all home production. The H
full amount would go into the trcurv H
ami serve to reilueo amount other M
wise eoUeeted in mure direot way
The payment would aetiwlly largelv H
Ih maile by the foreign axiHiitera, who M
would neceasanly sell at priees to ier M
mil our manufaeturer to we the M
w tails on which dul) bad been pmd. M
"No matter how oiMuion differ a M
to iqteraliou of tariffs, it is groaalv M
incorrect to suggest that result would H
even upproath whul Madden claims " H
SujM-rv ini of the fourth foreir M
distiic will hold an annual coiifereni. M
at (Igden, IVbruarv 7th tu PJth, fm H
the purjiuse of discussing )iroblem H
arising in the mattageraeut and iwecer M
vatton of the timber lands of the dm M
I rid, Dana I'arkinaou, supervaor ot uixH
the Wasaich itatiunal forest, w au iLifl
Utah meats killed nud packed in H
this state maintain a high ieretititg H
of w bolesonieneas and needom from H
tiisease, aeeordtng tu tbe reeords uf H
the meat insxction dtvnaiun of the H
bureau of animal industry a made
public b) Dr i: P. Durham, Halt Lake i""H
Cit) iusieclor iu charge lutermoun liixl
tain conditions are sueb that aattlc ILH
sheep and swine thrive here in much Jl
better coutHtiou than iu tbe corn bell ixH
The high dr) atmosphere of tbe Koekv H
Mouiilmu highlands acts as a prevent H
alive for iiracricall) all disease aud H
as a result a verv few carcasses ot H
slaughteretl huiiumU have to be eon H
iltmuietl. H
Wilmer Thompson uf Altonab, a H
soldier at Camji Iiwu, Wash., has aH
beeu arrested ou uistruettotw frotu H
i William 11 Davenport, iu elwige H
uf the Salt Uke City uffiee of the M
United States seetet aarviee, fur the H
allegetl forfeiy uf two ftwmuenl H
checks uggregating two hundred aud H
sixtj-four tluTlai'. Itwuuval proeeetl- H
mgii will lie Insguit io bring him to H
Utah for trial. H

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