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University of Utah
I t Met in Regular Monthly
Session Last Night
For Thoir Past Months LaborsOther
Bills AllowedThe L D S Sunday
School Organization Not to be Privi
lege Longer to Teach Morals in The
City School
The board of education met last night
in regular session Tanner presided
V L Halliday countv clerk reported
that the amount of the school tax I
abated account of indigent persons is I
82316 The clerk was instructed to
credit the county collector by that sum I
The resignation of Mrs Joseph
Whitely as teacher in the Franklin
school Was accepted to take effect I
March 2
Vouchers for 5080 expended for
coal were presented by Trustee Newell
and the sum of 5580 was appropriated
to him for the purchase of coal for the
ensuing month
The following claims wer allowed
W S Rawhngs services as su
perintendent 20 00
Samuel Rieske services as jan
itor 25 00
Alexander Brothers labor and
re pairs 5 85
A C Sorensen extra teacher 6 00
W Freshwater locks 1 10
A M Wilde services as janitor 3 00
J M Jensen services as clerk 11 25
Silver Iron work repairs 2545
J H Boshard hauling coal S 7C
Provo City water rates 30 00
Ed Young painting 1 00
Skelton d Co 3 35
Elias Morris cement 5 00
Mary Bu > les services as jan
itor i 9 00
C D Glazier hardware 21 90
Upper East Union Irrigation
company 2 28
David H Jones 6 00
James Hardy services as jan
itor 42 00
Thos Boardman lime 325
Mrs O P Olson services as jan
itor i 1 W
Teachers pay roll for January 960 00
The clerk was authorized to sign a
time warrant favor of Skelton Co
for 2800 for four blue print maps of
Utah county
On motion of Berg it was decided to
continue the practice of opening
schools at 93J a m until March 1st
On motion ol DeMoiav the matter of
determining how late the present school
term shall cintinue was referred to the
committee on finance with instruc
tions to report at the next regular
Saml Reickes salary as janitor was
fixed at 25 00 per month for the en
tire school vear instead of 2500 for
winter months and 2000 for summer
months as heretofore fixed
On motion of DeMoisy the action of
the board of January 9 lS94dismissing
the schools at 3 p m on Friday to per
mit of the teaching of morals by the
L D S Sunday School organization
was rescinded and the school will
hereafter close at 4 p m on Fridays as
on other days
Board adjourned for two weeks
Musicale and Social
A most enjoyable musicale and social
was given last evening by Mrs Rob
Irvine and her sister Miss Etta Davis
at the home of the former in the Fifth
ward The program of entertainment
was as follows
Piano due tMr and Mrs Rob Irvine
Vocal selectionMiss Yen ice Pike
Violin eolo M M Christensen
RecitationMr J B Walton
Piano soloMiss Belle Monahan
Baritone solo Mr Rob Irvine
Violin solo Mr W Coleman
Piano solo Miss Myrl Walton
Cards and refreshments
Those present were Mr and Mrs
R R Iruine Mr and Mrs R A
Barney Mr and Mrs L 0 Taft Mr
and Mrs G E Howe Mr and Mrs
D D Houtz Mr and Mrs J B Wal
too Mr und Mrs Monahan Dr anr
Mrs Richards Dr and Mrs Taylor
Mipses Carrie Sutton Hose Ravbould
Blanch Davis Jannetta Richards
Myrl Walton Belle Monahan Venice
Pike Florence Taylor Messrs Chris
tensen Coleman Irvine and W P
Notice is hereby given that there
will be a meeting of the stockholders
of the Enterprise Canal company held
February 21st at 1 oclock p m at
Booth Wilsons office for the election
of officers W D ALEXANDER
THE boys of the tire department ex
tend a hearty invitation to all of their
friends to attend their dance this even
ing in the Christensen Dancing
CLERK JENSEN of the school board
presented cacti of the city pedagogues
with a very acceptable valentine this
morninga warrant for last mentis
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Award
Legislative Proceedings Yesterday
The time of the council was chiefly
occupied yesterday with the considera
tion of the measure relative to the
powers of mayors After a long and
somewhat bitter debate during the
progress of which some amendments
were made the bill was recommitted
some new measure were intr duced
and the usual amount of routine busi
ness was disposed of
In the house most of the afternoon
was spent in the consideration of
Powers bill to put the police and fire
departments ou a non partisan basis
Several measures the most important
of which provdes for the tacking onto
Wayne county of the eastern portion i
of Garfield county were presented
The militia bill substitute was re
I ported back by the committee II
JUDGE JONES today performed the
ceremony that united for life Alonzo
Pearce aged eighty years and Nancy J
Painter aged twentysix years The
happy pair are both residents of Provo
SALT LAKE city will emulate the
social custom of the national and the
various state capitals this winter by
Riving a grand reception and ball in
honor of the thirtyfirst legislative as
sembly of Utah This notable event
will occur at the Salt Lake theatre on
the eve of Washingtons birthday
Wednesday February 21 1894 Tie
committee on arrangements consisting
of Heber M Wells chairman Joseph
Lippman secretary Governor Arthur
L Thomas W S McCornick James
E Jennings F J Leonard E E
Ritchie and John B Spencer are
sparing no pains to make the occasion
eclipse all others of its kind iu
Salt Lake The theatre will b
brilliantly illuminated the program
arranged to please all tastes and the
music and refreshments will be the
Quest that can be otainedThe railroads
have promised reduced fares for the
occasion and it is anticipated that
there will be a large attendance from
all accessible parts of the territory
Dressing the Hair What Three Girls Did
Englands Leading BeautyThe Mary
Morris Hamilton StatueAn English
Sarcastic Fling
Mr Carroll D Wright commissioner
of labor spoke in Washington recently
on the Industrial Condition of Wom
en It will be a surprise to those in
terested in labor economics to learn
that his conclusions based on recently
collected data contradict the generally
accepted idea that women are paid lesp
than men for the same kind of work
Mr Wricht sTioko also of the influ I
once of the factory system compared
with the domestic as giving women a
wider sphere of action The industrial
emancipation of woman may be fol
lowed by her political emancipation or
they may come together The formei
he looks upon as the most important
phase in the development of the sphere
of women
By industrial emancipation he un
derstood to be meant the production of
the highest type of womanhood not
alone as wageworkers but in profes
sional careers By means of the fac
tory system woman did not supersede
man but supplemented his efforts In
the year 1846 Harriet Martineau found
in this country only seven employments
open to women Today there are many
kinds of remunerative employment
which are open to women and her
growing prominence in all branches of
trade manufactures agriculture and
the professions impress her intellec
tually and morally Mr Wright as
serted that the morals of the wage
workers are equal to those under the old
domestic system and the mingling of
the sexes in education and in the indus
tries enhanced the respect for women
and in consequence they occupied a
higher plane
As to the compensation of women in
the lower ranks of the employed the
opinion that women are not paid equal
wages with men for the same work
equally well done is erroneous Wom
an is a new economic factor Her phys
ical endurance and education are de
fective and her equipment for life work
is insufficient caused by the hope that
her work will soon be interrupted by
marriage Mr Wright expressed the
opinion that the industrial development
in the future would result in a decrease
in the number of marriages and an in
crease in the number of divorces and
would extend womans intellectual op
portunities and establish her absolute
social equality
The best result of modern tendencies
would bo the acknowledgment that wo
man is the rightful owner of herself
and is entitled to recognition which
would bring about a purer happier con
dition in the social world
It is no longer necessary for a debu
tante at her coming out tea to wear pure
white Pale green is one of the colors
recently chosen by a New York bud
Rose pink is also a favorite color
The chief bridesmaid at transatlan
tic weddings is now termed the best
girl to match the best man
Sad Story of an Anl ry Lover and a Heart
broken Maiden
I know a case where the course of true
love has run crooked as a rams horn
Miss Blank a graduate of the Bellevue
training school was wooed and won by
a gay young doctor He took a mort
gage on her affections in the form of an
engagement contract and sailed away
to complete his education at the medical
schools abroad This was two years
ago last September and for a year and a
day after his departure loves rivulet
ran smoothly
Then the serpent entered their Eden
The girl lost her lovers address in a fire
which consumed her abode so quickly
that she escaped only with her life and
her nightgown His letters continued to
come regularly for a number of weeks
At length he began to express surprise
that she had not written Then came re
proaches then anger then anxiety and
finally despair In none of his communi
cations however did he think to give
his address The girl was nearly frantic
Faithful to the last he sent her a cable
a year ago last Christmas Since then
she has not heard from him He lives in
Minneapolis and his family name is a
common one She does not know his
fathers initials Was ever a lovelorn
maiden in such a plight and did Cupid
ever play a meaner trick on his votaries
New York Mail and Express
The Free Land Colony
Negotiations are still proceeding for
the establishment of the free land col
ony in east Africa where it is intended
to attempt on a scale never before con
templated to carry out the idea of a so
cialist community The district selected
is on the Lykipia plateau near Mount
Kenia in the British sphere of influence
An offer has been made to the British
foreign office to purchase a large tract
on the condition that while the commu
nity shall be subject to the general laws
which the British government may im
pose it shall have absolute freedom to
regulate its internal affairs on a social
istic basis It is said that the British
government is averse to giving absolute
rights of ownership in the land but the
organizers are apparently in earnest
They have secured as a leader Herr Den
hardt who is well known on the east
coast of Africa A part of the equip
ment of the new community will be a
Maxim gun and a supply of rifles New
York Suns London Letter
The first association of women ever
organized in Persia was lately formed
in the little town of Salmast near Oor
oomiah by the Armenian ladies of that
place It ol > JG > frlB to maintain free
schools fill poor Children and to pro
vide them with books and clothes
At Deaths Door
Blood Poisoned After Ty
phoid Fever
A Marvelous Cure by Hoods After
All Else Failed
s Phebe l N
C I Hood Co Lowell Mass
Dear Sirs Twentyfive years ago I had a
bilious fever and later it turned into typhoid
fever and for five weeks I lay like one dead but
at last I pulled through and got up around I
soon discovered on my left leg Just above tho
knee a small brown spot about as big as a three
cent piece which puffed up but did not hurt me
or feel sore I did not pay any attention to it
untIl two years after when it oommenced to
spread and have the appearance of a ring worm
It t itched and burned and I commenced doctor
Ing but to no avail I
Cot Only Momentary Relief
And sometimes not even that I could not sleep
nights and on account of tho Itching scratched
the spot until the blood would run In hot
weather my elbows all my joints were Just
the same and what I have suffered I cannot de
scribe with a pen Last February I tried an
herb for the blood and it broke out in the worst
form of a rash all over my body I began my
scratching and scales would fall off The sores
continued to discharge and I longed to die
Anally my husband bought a bottle of Hoods
ri i nt rIJOth
Jarsaparllla l and I J1gt more than
half of it before I began to change for the better
ra 3fy
I have had four gfto
Now I Am All Well
but two little spots on my leg I can now sleep
and cat well and work all the time I am 54
Hdodssa Cures
years old and the mother of eleven children
and think I can do as much as any ono my age
1ry Bon has also taken Hood for
d > spepslaiand has been greatly benefited by It
I feel very grateful for the benefit I received
from Hoods Sarsaparlllft MRS PHEBE L
HALL Galva Kansas
Hoods Pills act easily yet promptly and
fflciently on the liver and bowels 25c
Highest of all Leavening Power Latest U S Govt Report
D I BaKir
2g Powder
Distinction of the C G M It C and Com
forts of the Jane Club
The Chicago Girls Mutual Benefit club
rejoices in the unique distinction of hav
ing a clubhouse all its own The orig
inal conception of the club was only a
thought that took root in the hearts and
minds of some half dozen Chicago girls
gathered together to discuss how agirls
club could be organized among the wage
earners of the city After some discus
sion the few formed themselves into a
band of Kings Daughters and to gain
funds for their scheme gave a concert
with the proceeds of which they rented a
cottage and formed classes for the study
of practical topics like sewing milli
nery typewriting embroidery and the
These classes are taught by some two
score volunteers and one paid teacher
The club members pay dues of 5 cents
per week except the teachers who pay
20 cents per week to defray partially
the expense of a carriage as the street
car lines do not run near the cottage
All this of course has been written over
many times in the history of girls clubs
but the distinctive and interesting thing
about this organization is that when the
small clubhouse became overcrowded
the plucky girls determined to build a
clubhouse of their own By various en
tertainments and subscriptions they
managed to raise enough money to se
cure a lot A friend then came to their
aid and made a generous offer to build
the clubhouse charging them G per cent
on the investment to be paid as rent
and giving them the privilege of paying
the principal any time within five years
The club took possession of the new
house in May 1892 and already nearly
onehalf the debt is paid Even in New I
York where the working girls club
movement began and is supported by
wealthy pg jips none of the clubs has
as yet of d9f a the dignity of a d Illul r
hOD SO o wn rIbo Thirt t hI
Street club ottVhicli 1liss OodgeTs pres
ident has an bntlro house rented and
sublets portions of it but most of the
societies meet in rented rooms Sorosis
the great pioneer club with its large
membership has no permanent home of
its own and no headquarters for the
keeping of its archives
The Jane cluba protegee of Hull House
and named in honor of Miss Jane Ad
dams is another interesting organiza
tion of 50 members living together in
communities in the club fashion estab
lished by men It occupies a large flat
well lighted and heated with hot and
cold water and bathrooms on every floor
The parlors are prettily furnished the
libraries well stocked with books the I
three dining tables well supplied with
appetizing food prepared by the club
steward who is hired in the regular I
way by the committee There is n gen i
eral meeting of the members every two
weeks to attend to the business affairs
of the club and to regulate matters gen
erally This might be called the safety
valve of the machine for if one has a
grievance or a suggestion of any kind
this is the place at which she can be
heard Each member feels her responsi
bility as hostess and has the honor and
interest of the club at heart There are
no rules and regulations and each mem
ber spends her evenings according to her
own inclination As far as it is given to
outsiders to know the Jane club is a suc
cess demonstrating clearly the fact that
a number of women can be housed under
one plan and be happy
Speaking of this club to Miss Addams
the question was asked whether she ap
proved of Mr Steads idea of coopera
tive clubs of this kind with both men
and women members for Mr Stead
argues that there would be more mar
rying and giving in marriage of the
right sort if young men and women had
more opportunities for meeting and
knowing each other And Miss Addams
said that she saw no reason why men and
women might not live together in a club
of this kind as well as in the boarding
houses that the matter had not come to
them as yet but when it did she should
favor the formation of such clubs and
that there were men and women associ
ated in the work at Hull House and
sometimes in residence there together
New York Sun
A Vaccination Case
One of the Worcester wire goods manu
facturing concerns has perfected and
placed on the market a wire cage for the
protection of a vaccination blister The
cage is held in position by an upper and
lower elastic Now that vaccination is
the order of the day the new protector
will doubtless prove popular Worces
ter Gazette
One of the Most Remarkable Cases on
Record In a Now York Hospital
Of all the cases of patients suffering
from broken neck that have recently
been recorded in this vicinity the most
remarkable undoubtedly is one now un
der treatment by the surgeons of the
Gouverneur hospital
Several instances of dislocation of the
bones of the spinal column have come to
light within the last few months This
is a case of genuine fracture of the bones
of tho neck at the base of the skull an
injury that has heretofore been generally
regarded as mortal and in which the re
sults have always borne out the sur
geons diagnosis But in this instance
not only is the patient alive but there is
every indication that he will after
proper care recover his physical and
mental faculties and get entirely well i
Little Isaac Goerstein 9 years old of
4 Allen street is the patient He was re I
turning from school on Wednesday aft
ernoon about 2 oclock and at the cor
ner of Henry and Pike streets was
knocked down and injured by a passing
I truck An ambulance was summoned
and the surgeons diagnosed the case as
cerebral hemorrhage He was removed
to the hospital and a more thorough in
vestigation was made by House Surgeon
Dr Jamal discovered that the neck
was broken just below the base of the
skull which was slightly fractured and
that the lobe of the right ear was split
He and two assistants began work on
the boy who was then unconscious and
made a plastic coat which covered the
body from the waist to the top of the
head leaving only the face visible
The plaster cast makes it impossible
for the boy to move the upper part of his
body at all and the respiration is labored
and uneven When asked in reference
to the case House Surgeon Jamal said
When I discovered the neck was bra
n I ear al1 the boy to dieas of
2lT qo ptiUllliSS 1 Twolwnrj
not uftne Juabit of living any great length
of time after the accident Death is
usually instantaneous and especially so
with children
It is the most remarkable case that
ever came under my observation and 1
have searched medical works and cannot
find its parallel The boy is gradually
improving and the chances are now that
he will survive I shall bring the case to
the attention of the medical world and
invite doctors here from various hospi
tals to examine him I have taken an
especial interest in him myself and am
sure my brother physicians will do like
wise New York Herald
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made
Professor Colvin Abroad
Mrs Mary Noyes Colvin who has
been chosen professor of the Romance
languages in the College For Women of
Western Reserve university has sailed
for Florence She spends the year in
Italy and Spain before entering upon
her duties in Cleveland next September
Cleveland Leader
Easily Quickly
Permanently Restored
and all the train of evils
v from early errors or lato
excesses the results of
overwork sickness
vrorryetc Full strength
rr tJe
development and tone
given to every organ and
portion of the body
ImmedlatolraproTomont I
eeen Failure impossible
2000 references Boot
explanation and proofs
mailed sealed tree
fI of ty i
Excelsior Roller Mills
Free delivery to all parts of
the city
Lowest Possible Gharps Made
Cash Paid for Wheat
Is the Policy for 1894 of
Thats a good rule an even ex
change of values
Dry Goods Notions Boots Shoes
Ladies and Mens Furnishings
Groceries Crockery Glassware in
fact a complete line of
Ceneral Merchandise
You Buy all of these GOODS
You get what you need
Eggertsen supplies the need
You pay a just price
Eggertsen makes a just profit
Gives you courteous treatment
One price to all
Goods the best
Prices the lowest
Thats what we mean by
We are through invoicingWe made 50 CENTS last year
Thank you for your kind patronage If you will stay with us
this year well try and makeONE DOLLAR I L 1
We are now making some ridiculously low prices in Dress
Goods in prevailing styles and colors suitable for cold weath
er and damp spring days
Also in Childrens Coats To keep out the cold spring
winds you should get one for your little daughter Our pre
miums for 94 are worth your consideration
I Solicit Your Trade and Good Will
We Want You to Call and See Our Stock of
Pianos I Organs
Musical Merchandise
> Q
P I A N OS E Gobler Bros Emerson Smith Barnes
ORe A N S Chicago Cottage A H Whitney Newman
Bros Hillstrom
Mr Frank Sherrell lately of New York an experienced tuner will be pleased
to meet all who desire to inspect our instruments Parties wishing Piano
tuning done please leave word at our office
Bocks Jowolry StOfO
Diamonds Watches Silverware Ect
Prices to Suit the Times
Expert Watchmaker and Optician
If you want anything done in watch repairing it will
pay you to call and see me In Pyne Maibens
Drug Store Centre St Provo
J BECK The Jeweler
Until January 15 1894 at which time our annual stocktaking begins I Call at once Remember the stand 28 Centre St
Lj l L

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