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f ,, The Best
Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Joseph Hauck spent Monday
in St. Louis.
George Steigle was a St. Louis
visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. Henry G. Rehm visited
St. Louis Monday.
Mrs. Lessie Jones left last
Saturday evening for St. Louis.
Judge P. H. Huck made a busi
ness trip to St, Louis Montfay.
Miss Emily "Wilder is spend
ing this week with friends in St.
Mrs. Josephine Gerard is the
guest of relatives in St. Louis
this week.
A. H. Clark was a passenger
on the Frisco for St. Louis Tues
day morning.
William Chardin spent last
Saturday night and Sunday with
relatives in St. Louis.
Mrs. William Herbstreith and
daughter Helen visited relatives
at Crystal City this week.
Harry Calinar of Cape Girar
deau was the guest of friends
in Ste. Genevieve last Sunday.
Miss Barbara Ziegler was the
guest of friends in St. Mary's
last Saturday night and Sunday.
Harry Hatch returned to St.
Louis Wednesday morning after
a visit to friends at Bloomsdale.
Miss Barbara Rinehart spent
Wednesday and Thursday vith
relatives and friends in St.
Miss Katherine Rozier left
Monday morning for a visit to
friends at Maiden and New
Mrs. Frank Rozier spent Mon
day and Tuesday in St. Mary's
visiting her father Mr. Louis
Moline Univers
al Tractor
Will do ail the work you now
do with horses.
One Man Operates Tractor
And All Implements
(When one man does the work
of two -just think of what you
will save in time and money
Buy The Best
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Ask us to demonstrate with
out cost or obligation to you
Overland Automobile Co.
Phone 155 Ste. Genevieve, Mo.
Pierre Liclede of St. Louis
arrived here Saturday night and
remained until Monday morning
visiting relatives.
Bernard Brown of St. Mary's
who recently returned from over
sea visited friends in Ste. Gene
vieve this week.
Miss Rose Griesliaber re
turned to her home at New Offen
burg last Monday morning after
a visit to St. Louis.
Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Seitz
spent last week in Perryville
the guests of their daughter
Mrs. Clara Rozier.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Rozier
and little daughter Elizabeth
were the guests of relatives in
St. Louis last Friday. , .
Mr. and Mrs. Charles. W.
Blackledge left last Thursday
for a weeks visit to relativos.'and
friends in St. Louis.
Mrs. John Boskamp and child
ren of St. Louis are visiting her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
near Ste. Genevieve.
Herman Pautler and bride re
turned home last Saturday night
from a delightful trip to Canada
and the Northern Lakes.
Miss Paula Wehner returned
to St. Louis Wednesday evening
after a several weeks visit to rel
atives in Ste. Genevieve.
Mrs. Justine Linderer who
has been visiting her daughters
at Lafayette, Intl., returned
home last Saturday evening,
Judge E. E. Swink accompa
nied by A. W. BiMdshaw of the
Farmington Times motored to
Ste. Genevieve last Saturday.
Miss. Martha Basler who has
been visiting her sister Mrs.
Frank Guethle of Dexter re
turned home Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Alita Meyer and son
John Martin were passengers
on the steamer Bald Eagle for
St. Louis last Sunday afternoon.
Miss Lena Hoffman arrived
here from St. Louis last Satur
day night to visit her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hoffman
I). R. Lose, wife daughter
Ennaof Springfield. III., arrived
here Tuesday night to visit her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Richard Lanning who has
been attending the Jesuit Col
lege at St. Mary's, Kan., arrived
home last week to soend his va
Mr. und Mrs Jack Murphy
of St. Louis were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Alderney Pinldey
of our city last Saturday and
Mrs. Marion Willis who has
been visiting her son George
Willis and wife returned to her
home at Douthat, Okla., Tues
day morning.
John K. Clifton of Marmaduko,
Ark., was renewing old acquaint
ances in Ste. Genevieve this
week, who ho had not seen lor
thirty-five years.
Mrs. Thomas Crow and child
ren arrived here from Chicago
last Wednesday and remained
until Saturday visiting J. A.
Crow and family.
George Ross and Mrs. Wilt
liam Ross and children of Perry.
ville were the guests of Dr. G.
M. Rutledge and family of our
city last Saturday.
Mrs. W. E. Williams and son
Lucian who have been visiting
datives in Ste. Genevieve re
turned to their home in St. Louis
last Sunday evening.
Mother John Berchman and
Sister Ignatius and Sister Hilda
attended the Catholic Educa
tional Association convention in
St. Louis this week.
Leonard Kohm who recently
finished his course of dentistry
at the Wasington University in
St. Louis returned to his home
n this city Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Kamper,
son Amos and Miss Elenora
Schaab of St. Louis were week
end visitors at Ozora visiting his
brother Rev. Father Kamper.
Mrs. Jane Simino, sister Mrs-
Margaret Scott and grand
daughter Miss Fern Lux left
Wednesday morning for a visit
to relatives at Winchester, 111. '
E. J. Lelie of the U. S. Navv
who is on a furlough here visited
his sister Mrs. Leopold Winters
at Flat River this week. He
was accompanied by his wife.
Mrs. Andrew J. Siebert and
daughter Florence left Tuesday
morning for Cape Girardeau for
a several weeks visit to her
parents Mr. and Mrs. James F.
Ettes Swift who was oversea
and discharged from war service
at Camp Lee, Va., arrived here
from Chester, 111., last Sunday.
He was accompanied by his wife
and baby.
Edward Effreiu of Farming
ton who recently returned
from oversea visited his father
Ben Efferin and other relatives
and friends in Ste. Genevieve
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Hearn
returned to their home in St.
Louis last Saturday evening
after a weeks visit to Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Kern near Ste.
Mrs. Joseph Vaoth returned
homo last Thursday from Cane
Girardeau where she has been
visiting her son Eugene who has
been seriously ill, but she left
him greatly improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kistner ar
rived here last Thursday in their
automobile from Tamjm, Florida,
to visit her parets M r. and Mrs.
Clovis Boyer. They will visit
Chicago before returning home.
J. A. Crow and children Helen,
Ethel and Wallace left Wednes
day morning for St. Louis, re
turning home that night accom
panied by his wife Mrs. J. A.
Crow who has been visiting rela
tives at Contralia, III.
Misses Amanda and Emma
Chadwelland nieces Miss Mat
tie Leavenworth nnrl M v TTom.ir
Pratte left Friday in their au-
lomoono lor Jiay View, Mich, to
spend the suininnr. Hni.hm.f
Fallert drove the machine. .
Edgar Grieshabor whn tune
oversea and mustered outof war
service at Camp Grant, III., ar
rived home Wednesday mm-ninn-
He was acccompanied by his
urouier iioo liriesnaoor or East
St. Louis,
Frank Grass visited St. Louis
last Sunday.
John Kootting was a St. Louis'
visitor this week.'
Miss Barbara Kaiser returned
homo Wednesday night from
Il.iooklyn, N. Y.
Postmaster Louis Kern and
daughter Miss Myrtle wore St.
Louis visitors this week. .
W, W. Wilder visited his daugh
ter Mrs. W. M. Ruwart.and
family in Jerfarson City this
Dr. A. P. Drury of Blooms
dale who recently returned from
oversea visited friends in Ste.
Genevieve this week.
Mrs. Rosine Weinig and grand
children of St. Louis are visit
ing her son Rev. Father F. X.
Weinig at Lawrenceton.
Mrs. A. B. Van Pelt and little
daughter of St. Louis visited
her aunt Mrs. Henry Kern of
Ste. Genevieve last week.
Miss Lillian Ernst returned
home Wednesdny night from a
visit to relatives and friends in
St. Louis and East St. Louis.
Mrs. Caroline Kern and
daughter Miss Anna left Wed
needay evening for St. Louis,
before returning home they will
visit relatives at Festus.
Miss Genevieve Wehner re
turned home last Sunday morn
ing from a visit to St. Louis.
She was accompanied by her
sister Mrs. Carl Hilbert who re
turned home on the evening
Rev. Father Charles Schmall
of St. Louis and friend John
Wolff of St. Charles arrived here
Wednesday morning and re
turned home that evening ac
companied by his mother Mrs.
Julia Schmall who had been
visiting here for several weeks.
Francis Ernst, Ben Giesler,
Abbott Crump, William Meyers,
Frank Basler, William Drurv,
Henry Heil and John Schllly,
who, were oversea and (lis--charged
from war service at
Camp Taylor, Ky., arrived home
last Thursday.
Mrs. Mary Herman, daughter
Miss Rose and son William who
have been visiting relatives at
Weingarten and Ste. Genevieve
returned to their home in St.
Louis last Sunday evening.
They were accompanied by her
niece Miss Earlyn Herman.
Serbian Relief Campaign
In this great and awful
slaughter which has just ended,
little Serbia has been the coat.
When the Kaiser and his agents
thought they had the setting all
ready for them to walk out and
take possession of the World;
when they thought they had
enough guns and munitions and
food and clothing to last them
until they were in possession of
the World, in order to make of
Austria a solid and useful ally;
in order to make a cause so
great that Austria must fight
whether or not she may wish to
fight, the Austrian Crown Prince
and his wife were trapped in
little, inoffensive Serbia and as-
sasinated. Serbia lay on the
road to the Far East where the
Kaiser's bloody agents stood
ready to carry on this awful
slaughter, so little Serbia was
taken over entire, its railroads,
its goods, its supplies, its men,
its food and its women. Of the
1,500,000 population of Serbia,
more than a million have been
wiped out. Of her 2,000 phy
sicians, less than 140 remain.
Every atrocity perpetrated in
any country was practiced in
berbia. Eight thousand girls
were sent in one group to Turk
ish harems. Churches, public
buildings, factories, whole cities
and villages were burned. Fields
and orchards were destroyed
and farming machinery carripd
away. Serbia was broken in
every way possible.
Now what is lofr,
Serbian people are wanderjng
back to the places which were
homo to them; back to devasta
tion and ruin, to sickness and
disease. They have no clothing,
no oloth or thread to make new
clothing, no shelter, no imple
ments with which to work, but,
worst of all the whole country is
stricken with the most, awful
of epidemics. There is no medi
cine, no milk, no food for these
sick people. Women and child
ren are dying by the thousands.
Will America allow thisV Amer
icans never allow such things to
happen and stand idly by. The
American women physicians
have worked side-by-side with
the Scotch women physicians
during the entire war, many of
their hospitals being moved
onward as the country was
evacuated. Now these women
physicians are moving their
hospitals into Serbia to combat
the sickness and famine of that
little country. Their supplies
have run out, they must have
medicine dressings and serums
for their work. We Americans
must send these supplies to our
American physicians for this
Saturday, Juno 28th will bo
Tag Day for this relief fund and
booths will bo stationed about
town at which you may buy a
tag. When you are asked to
buy a little yellow tag for the
Serbian relief fund, buy one or
two or three and feel assured
that you are helping our splen
did American women physicians
to care for these stricken people.
Dr. Ella Marx of St. Louis,
one of Sc. Louis'' finest women
physicians, is Chairman of this,
fund, Mrs. Edward Schaaf, of
St. Mary's, is District Chairman
of the nth District of Missouri.
Accidents Reduced on Frisco.
The campaign to reduce acci
dents to employes in the South
western Region during the
month of May, J 011, was a de
cided success. During May,
mm,, there was a total of G-.G
accidents to employes, as com
pared with J, 475 during the
same month of last year, a re
duction of 50 pet- cent.
During the 3 months' period,
January to March, 11)19, inclu
sive, an average of 1 employe
per month was killed to every
(J,718 in service, while during
the month of May, the number
was reduced to 1 employe killed
to every 24.U83 in service. Dur
ing the same 3 months' period, 1
employe out of every 153 was
injured, while during the month
of May, 1 employe was injured
to every 273 in service.
Officers and employes took a
most active interest in the cam
paign and the outcome indicates
what it is possible to accom
plish by intensive efforts, the
exercise of precaution, and hav
ing SAFETY FIRST always in
The "Safety" movement was
given an impetus during the
month of May which will be con
tinued, as doubtless, all em
ployes are impressed with what
may be done to avoid accidents
to themselves and fellowinen by
anticipating the consequences
of unsafe working methods and
Flour (rttnll) 1C0 pounds Si)M 7
Mutter .',
llncon ll-t
lining ,
He in
Onions per II)
Irish Potatoes (New)
Sweet Potatoes
Sal t per linn el
liny '
KeiitliorD '
Clover Seed
.. JI.75
, 30 33
. V2)i
, 14,','
,37 43
.111 !
. jl
. 31
,. l.nO
'. J3 (ill
l 25
40 05
l la
Auto Repair Shop.
I have opened an Automnhiin
Repair Shop on Main Street in
the building which was former
ly occupied by Effrion's ,.ir.
smith Shop, and will be ready at
fill times to repair automobiles
and furnish accessories.
udv A. P. fiTMT.T

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