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Devoted to the Agricultura!, Commercial and manufacturing: Interests of Fredericksburj? and the Tidewater and Piedmont Country.
vol. a.S.-No 140
Fredericksburg Va. Ttesjay, November 28 1899.
Price 3 cents
175 TO 200 POUNDS
l'ail". ? i Wlntl i w
?antaaJacket. *ehav< ' IUI1"
should -
Closing Out Prices.
Capes. Jackets
Elegant k ?? ?
our t?o mg ?tut Pri e V<
rit St..'in i \\<- -
Rough Cloth. I? >u??le ?' ipe
110. O -
Children's Dress (ioods
I T_1_,.
your Children and s>-a? that 1 be)
warm V- u Bave the do tor'i
anxiety by p
ln>m lick - I li.
Siilrtt lor lltl
.. ,
and panti
" 1
?? ? i
? -
(ioods with good i
Neck a ?'. worth r ?
we are now
We are Selling
At Old Prices
Woman's Oil Grain Laee Climax, 3 to ' M es Veal Call
on to*>) L?ce. 13 to 12. 75
MeuV Biote. C "? II. at $1 39 H j -1 25. Children's
Shoes at 50, 60 and Toots.
921 Main S?r*>et. Opt?. Market Entra?o?
We Cleaned Them Out
The entire stock of
Ends, Single Pieces, &c,
of the Wa-hington Woolen Mills bought for
less than they cost to manufactu-e. (The rep
utation of this mill needs no comment.
Come Early ?Jgg Vtll
For Ladies' Skirts, Men's Suits and ends for the
Boj7s, th- y have no equal.
J. T. Lowery & Co.,
Cheapest Dry Goods & Notion House in Virginia.
Christmas and
the Holidays.
We are in receipt of our usual
stock of fresh?
and many other seasonable articles.
Oar stock is fall an?! u"n<u?llv \&'H*-.
Oar g?<\* nre NOT THE BEST, r>u?
th? KISEST. Always bay the
Magrath & Chesley.
Manufacturer and Dealer In
Platform Spring Wagons.
Business and Pleasure Wagons of CTsr*
description. Special ett?rt <?? /???' ton
p?l.'*>v .wil..?al??if,,
M. O. WILLIS. President; A.P. liuw F.Jr
Vloe-Presldent: H. K. CRI8MOND. Seo
retary ; I. O. COLS, Treasurer.
The Cheapest Telephone Service in Virginia
Prompt and efflolent servloe OUAKANTaBD
%*r Subscribers wanted.
Plan?, ? pacifications, El?vations. Details.
Work of tall kinds in the building line.
Thcroii/h tier ?nal supervision ot ?1
wax?, toara or count*.
.?n ?h Plana and Specrflcationa, will
? cl for erecting all classes ?\
Unes; furnish banda bv t' e
day and anperinteml th? wo'k
In town or country.
.ars>a reasonable
Jontractor a ad Builder.
i prln h sa Anne st.. Opposite Tyler'a fouirrtrj
I 0r~uiiaran:eoa all won in his Une to be door
; <r<>mptiy and In ? flTst--''?-? manner at ?'I
m prions
. ji?.. ? Ka*
Juat reoelved a larce lot of
Doors, Sash,
Blinds, Cypress Shingles
N. O. Flooring and
whlob I sell oheaper than any one ele?
In the oity.
Call and set my prloea before buying.
National Rnu lavaM
?inocesaorto ttruDrey <* Berry mau i
Oealfr in RA1LPOA? 0KOS8 TIB8, 0*
Keps constantly on banda large supply
of Biled Hay and Mill Feed. BTOffcsres
Railroad '??not Prederlakikurt Va.
CHOICE Vegetables
ill always find a ready
market?luit only th.u farmer
can raise them who has studied
: the great secret how t<> ob
? tain both quality and quantity
l>y the ?udiciou? use <?l well
balanced fertilizers. No f?rtil
iz? r I 'a'.ilcs cm produce
i a large \ ield unless it i ontains
! at least S",, Potash. Send for
our books, which furnish full
information. We semi them
I; i e of Jur. e
: | I .
P. IvtcCracken, Bro. & Co.,
... i?
he fol
t? raft .V Co.
. I u.. jl
' Vary
i nia.
Liquor?, and Orocerlcs,
ommrce t., PRgDSRICIS?URG,VA
1 H?l t
i pi'LEWOOD w II !*K Ka In to k< . n a
.. .
?i UO Ik?I in
A. , a.oca o? Liquors is UUM. conaiatinit o?
Domes* i BKANiMK?,
.(?prewixxi ?no Kariui-ra friend Pur?
Rva- Whiskov fi a eallon.
0. roMMfJHri ?vil L1HRKTY HTfl.
- eelebrat?d brand cf KIKTUCK?
PURE RYE WHIsKEY ajuarante*! im
<r.>,>f ami 2 yea-n old at I- (*-r k' 1 on in for
. lira l K. Monroe, Oommemt
itreet. Fr^lpriiksDurk' ta. For ll.i Of
tas no superior at tbe pries. It is smooth
.la-H?aiii to M ink, snd there is not s ha-mi
v he in h >ztaii >n ?'o DS and trv it. and von
?ill I uy no '
ncr>25 ?.ni
1889. 1899.
mi mm m ?52
We promised tbe public if thi-y wnuM five
n? a ? im i ?? < -f their patron . i i five
them a t ? - ; ?a tto i. This are bave d ne, arnl
th.- prool ?rebave for it i? that today ire
control tbe aiti<?l trad, of any bouse In tin?
-???tun. and as t?e have mad >>u tran- ?<?
?ball ?n i h"i'i it a..o tin i? i>y riving pure
v> ds, i nil nu asure and your money's v rt',
both in
Liquors and
Vou-eh tos of any "i thi I Mowing I.rands
at j? 00 per gallon :
Farmers Delight,
Kin?- of Kentucky,
Kentucky Club,
Kentucky Juiisy,
Colonel Kye.
Whiskey from $1.20 per gal. np.
AND H"Tl l.i'.l? LIQUORS.
and al' goods to be foui d in a wbolesals and
Liquor and lobaooo House.
We appreciate your patronage.
Stras burner ?& Son,
aia ami am* i'nnnii??.?Bi.
Pure Rye Whiskey, Pure Old Rnm, Pun
Hollhiid (.in, Pur?- Sherry Wine, Pur*
French Brandy. Pure Appls Brandy,
Pure Peach Brandy. Pure Blackberr>
Brandy. A complete stock of Liquor?
for medical use at the old Reliabl?
Orocery Store of
I lor. Main Commaroe 8ts.
aCH??nrlParKBKT'PO V?
When you want an easy Shave.
As good ss a Barner ever (rave.
Ju?t call on tee at my Saloon,
At morn and eve or busy
I comb and dress tbe hair w I th grai i
To suit the countenance of your face
My room Is neat, my towels oloan.
rlcissor? sharp and rasors keen ;
And all that art and skill can do
If you will call I'll do for you.
Kaior* put tn order at short nottot.
?Jl M Ha v | f|P
General Grocer.
FTSderlcksbnra; Va,
Highest cash price paid for country
prod no?
Confectioner and Baker,
Ifo. ?IP B Street, Frederlcksburg, Va
Olve me a call when you want
Orders always ?ecelve prompt attention.
Polities] y
! I ho I'?-? i Lai
The fir-? battle twtwi ?
!.?? Inn
I vi? i
f r Hi? Tj 1 r < 1 m, and . i s? I? M
advisedly, ?
conversant with the morditlona an
which ibis ti ?r t? it '? \s i? t
think f i a m moni thai
ndign pon I
iii'i.t, ? real
th ?' ii- will n*i> ? v? i> ? B ?i ?
?? ?rpoa d? licil lo Ir* i llttcil gra
yanl And it Is ? i* tally ?? it un t
vv M -l) maid L .' w i 1 ftgbl it ml
d with i'!i the \ lg ? bep? sa --
oi. l Hi ???' m h ? know linn will
m m ?it ?1 n.t't the ^;
?tat. Ing qualities It i* li ae t' it \
Ma an !i Ids, r a; ; eir- to b I
foil band ? f tramp? bai ibfl edi
m ?v pi re i I ?? m ?? b?m Hi n ? f ?
j'ik'T, which - ?metim? * ??1 >? -
. iiiif wilb ili" gun?' k hm
Doaoly.wbi? h Is apparei
nnym for ?' nos, had everything ?
Utterly nu ?ii i m ?is f r an) Ihil a
1 ? 'k- v? ry mu h lik>- he or th?
ed th-? nuit rn!?' In ' and f
powered th m pr - M Iba i
me v t-< f. r We.if.?ni, willy-nil
N ? In little L ii ?? i*wr ??f ti.?- I
rote, where the pe i>'.?'. other than t
legaler politiciaoB, wanted t? nai
tte . h ?-i i? f .
tinny rough and ready f i _r h r |? soil
. ?
had when he wa? wresting II
from the Repoblioaos, and fixmi?
Brmly within t ??? Dem er ?tie f Id
By th" way, it ? t ? h k
tii >-?? wh? "al ?y? ?I by the i
? t.. get p sseset n ? t nil th?- sp i
? f the Kittle, li '..i ". II '.
ever, In ih i p >tt ol the fi iy !
rmtorino?, an 1 l?y three hm.dnd m
jirtty gained in rpite of iremendoi
Ids sgatnst him H- h kt a r i k ' ? r
- U'l. n!th"ugh hi* candidate w
.'"d, for he did hi? shut
-h'iuld n t be h Id leap Doible f r ?I
fact that the,'picket boroogb^ci-swlt
int?? its owneri ???.t ?? ckel
S nie ?if th? \V.?r-iw r)i-pit?h??s l
lbs aewspapersBtyle Plncksrd a? a
Independent Democrat, and ibe N Is
N'-'** provea it, tu ItaowB BatUfactioi
at les.st. It cmillD't do otherwise, t
the legal gentlemen who own and ed
it, would be mighty p?ior specimens i
ihe fraternity, If they cull not in ik
a plausible argumeut. It baa been aai
that any gvd lawyer c old ?inv.?
cwh and f.mr through any 1 ?w th ?
ever was made, BOOB leas fall n? in ik
ing a goodO'ge ont of anything. H
th it as it may, th'-re is s<tid t
rec ?rd in ajneighb irlng State a leg?
r ?es, when Iba atl ?roey f r thi
prore 1 to ' lion of a jury, b;
tw.-lvn repjt?hlo witnesses, th*? t
white heif-T with 1 mg h im? was i
blaek, bnlTal o boll. What obeooe conl?
I'm? kanl hare a??iun?t talent like that
Pmckard b?-ing Independent, it fol
1 ?ws that Wellf >rd vu? n it ; he wa
only tegular Wellf ?rd, it feenis. dll
n t desire the nomination, but evident
ly oooatdered it his daty to rasp?n i t
his c mn'ry's ?ail.
One little item appear? to have beer
oveiloiked, or it m<?y have been qmet
ly ignored a* imiiiikterial The St?t?
Committee decided that the voluntarj
absence of the Towles faction fr? in th?
precinct meeting at Onrrotoman. aftei
the election of Setiatorlul delegates und
during the election of tho Honse dele
gat1"'*, gave that faction a right to ? ?n
te-t the delegation, and that in conse
(ja-iice Pini? k-_r? 1 was legally nomi?
Fallowing ??at this course (,f reason
ing, Hiohmoiid county, in convention
asi-enibled with th- Lit wait on qaintette,
decided that the contest of the Carrot?>?
man t-aartette went by default, bat in
a burnt of generosity and goiil feeling,
they took only half, bo a* to hare a
duet when the meeting began. This
was probably d?>n9 in a spirit of fair*
ness and to attain barm ny, w ,t i ?n?
any thought of the mi?j ?tity it v?oald
give. When it was accident illy dis
o rered that this dn-t added to the
quint'tte, and both c imbined wi'h the
unit rule, gave a n?sj ?ritv, toey in?
dulged in a Highlatid fling, and pro?
ceeded, amid the greatc-t enthusiastic
h ?mi ?ny to unanimously nominat?.
It will be ob?erved that all of the
Pmckard men w?r?i conspicuous by
their absence, and tint while the de?
cision of the State Commut?e wi
gooil enough, until after the
nomination, they contended that the
absence of the Pmckard men did not
effect the regularity of the nomination
It looks to the uuitiated like the doc?
trine laid down in one case should be
appliable to another, but, of course,
they don't know anything about the
The Vir? in in Citizen publishes a card
from one of the Richmond county dele?
gates, who says that bat for the anit
rule, forced uuou them, that be and
several others would have voted for
Pionkard, and that they did not attend
the seoond convention. This substan?
tiates the claim of the Martinites that
Pmckard would have been the nominee,
If anything like a fair show had been
giren him. These delegates, if left un
trammeled, wonld bare giren the Mar?
tin men control of the conrention and
the nomination, without the contested
delegation. Thus it appears that
Wellford's nomination is doe sole? !
ly to the unit rule, and the Lit
wallon fire and the half delegation.
The decision of the State Committee
in the Ourrotoman matter, appears to
Wood's Seeds.
Seed Potatoes
Por Pall Planting.
We 1; ive ?usl i ued a special cir?
cular " \ New Idea aboul Planting
Potatoes," recommending the
dorn <>i experimenting with planting
Early Potatoes in the Fall. \\
i mail circular t v one in.
terested upon
Sown in N ivember and December
make .1 large-yielding and
nutritious forage crop early next
year. \\ circular giving
price and informatii
T. W. WOOD & SONS. Seedsmen,
aVooda Deaerlptla* Catalogue lor 1900 will be
d for plant?
ing in the South. ? ! ? ir
I iria.ll
'ii.Iy I oat ?nos of f iir dealing
i the friends of th? Governor
?ti?- 11 find mi the par? i f
that Oommlltpe H ime of the "h io< r
, nnii I? i gen tienten" most
l their proxies, sod h iTe
? - d on th if p wtica
11 e el cti d returns from the u
r tornea precinct, sfa >w a
f ? Wellford end >lfl foi
I'm Wir I, whioh Onghl h !i iv ?
w? ight m deciding lbs ? i ati d
whit h ?id? ' ogbt to have had the dele
gutes, rhe claim i? put forth tint
m ?t ??! the i 1 in d K> p iblic ia vote
m L-tnosater, went to Pinckard, end
?In? ?hite i '?? 1 ?rgi-ly t i W?
I'he Kiim ani'i k returns ?h >w ill
f ir Wellf ird ; 41 for Pinokard, end i':!
1 tlker raking the Walker
111 tile C lUtrty, if Will
?h.it be n o itre t n? er?
lv ns iiiiany eg both ol ihn h use oandi*
0 i this baste, if the Walker
.? Kilmarn ck bad been nil white,
rd wonld bare n>
?ru votes torn ike up his nu
I'm. kard and Wellford oonsbtned should
have got ah-ut 100 votes aa compared
with Walker's M; bot Wellford Instead
of getting hat "o, got H8 sh win?; that
ho must have -in large maj r it y of
the negl i K<piiolioan vote At Irving
ton, a half d Z"ii negroea voted, snd
Wellford got B rot**, while Walker g-1
I Pinckard r?'!?. showing as 11 urn
ed tnat Wialker got preotioallv all 'if
the Pinckard vote. An >ther probsbil'
lty is that the negro Republican vote
went latgnly to Wellford because
of the animosity b >rne by then
toward Onaiiiniu Lee as the author of
their p ilitioel mi-fortunes lui 'Hing the
iroonty. Now these are Bpooalationa
based on general principles. It is w 1
known, hivatv-r, that O .iifti .--mu an
Jonas tonk sn active pnrt, and al? i
thai money was not wanting to further
the Wellford interest-?. The Pinckard
men did not have the money, and,
therefore oould not hive vied with
their opponents in getting the mer?
cenary vote. N >t having any candidate
much i-f the colored vote was in the
market, and the btggest bar'l naturally
g it it. There need not be any doubt as
to the fact that both sides got every
vote they could by coaxing or for cost.
The Cheinp?ake Watchman says in
? ff-'it: "Let us have penca." The
Oltlien sayr? r "Barkis is willin'."
And the News claims that it has no
enemies to punish. All this is very
uioe in print, but those who know
anything about human nature can safe?
ly stake their bottom dollar that there
is not and will not be any peace
until one side or the other is placed
hors du combtit entirely. Reading be?
tween the lines, it is easy to Bee that
Hoa. W. A. Jones has got to fight every
inch of his way to get the delegation
from Lancaster next year. With Lee
as chairman and a solid comiiittee to
back him, it requires no propaet to
foresee tome lively flrfhting in that
county next year.
It w?8 supposed thatUouldmtn w told
have no Opposition, but at the last mo
meal W. D Laws, a colored lohool
teacher, of Northumberland, stepped
into the fight, and p lied a strong c >1
??red vote. The Repjblicans, having
made no nomination, it is somewhat
p iz/.ling to disc iver a reason for tin
candidacy of Laws. Not being tbe
p irty nominee, he certainly could not
expi-ct to receive the white Republican
Vote, and without that, there was n<>
earthly chance/for his election on a
m mi al poll, because his candidacy
would oertainly have the effect of bring?
ing ont a solid white vote f>r Gould
It ie entirely within the bounds of
the possibilities that Laws was used a?
a stool pigeon by the politicians to
canse a consolidation of the badly
divided Demooratio party of North?
umberland, and to create the im?
pression that the county was solid
for a Tyler man, and to give them a
stronger grip npon county politics.
This is merely surmise, bnt stranger
things have occurred.
Regarding the probable status of tbe
political condition that will obtain
among the Democrats down the North?
ern Neck next sommer the Tattler haz?
ards a forecast : Judging from present
indications, Congressman Jone? will
have absolute certainity of the delega?
tions from Richmond and Westmore?
land counties; Lancaster Is more
then likely to be In oppoil
1 ti "H, while Northumberland will
I- h itlf ?? inte i-?! In tin' I it'?-' 0'iiin
: ik' ni?- m ?j rity of the politioiane will
pi iliably ?"? I -r M .1 m *, u.-.il ordi
would win hand? down l be
?i ? ?. . .l.n.-il tu i?- il ?I
J un mi n, alt h ? igh the r? ? ei * ? inven
.?.i-??' .? ?I an?
.in in n tiare be tornea? > " _? ?i wll
mai i? ??f tbeir displei un
for ti eir del ti an n Mr. Jones und h s
friends Wiih a? t ->iiibr like an ? q o il
?iivi?.i o of senti la ,? thepe? pie,
the p ?litioal l"i? lera w? uld win aasllj,
bu? if lin- lo i o l'y ?f the '.' le. hapi en
tu be i?|i,i?-ei to the retention of Mr
J mea uny I ?nger aa M C . why, thai
in ?y in kk" it very un '"it kin, Bl
.?My mighty Interesting t ? the
1 ?ml ?nker*, whatever it niiuht ha to the
? paiticipauts.lt Westmoreland,N? rthum
I berland and Lancaster are 1 ?t 11 Mr.
.1 oes, he maj as well bid "farewell, a
1 mg fit'.veil t? al! hi* greatness "
The Tattler.
1100 Reward. $100.
id? rsel ti? ? paper will bo pleooed to
..mu i'.i.i there sSkioatcono ?t? aded ?li
. .i able o? cure In all
its stave? and thai la? it. id. Hal 'aCatsrr
' nr ? tboouir positive euro known to tin
il fraternity. Catarrh being s
tun mi dise ?o. requl ?? a ? "ii tltullonal
I ? it in- III Hall'? i: i l li I 'lire IS IttKi'li in
Y, act ng directly upon I he i.?I an?l
ic-ea ol ? I??- ?) - ? ni i li.-r.-l.y i|
.j in- fou ?dation ??i ? bo dUeaae a> ?i
a-lvtufftbe pat lu nl strength by building up
? ? .- , ?i i ? 111 ' m du
> i : _- : t ? -*. ra. rhe proprietor* ba?e?>much
i ?mi In Itauutanv powers that they > tl.-r
"ill i nd re i Dollar, lo any case ilia it
foi liai ol te?l m ii
A.i.ir. .h. I'. .1 CHKNKY ft ? ... Toledo. O.
i ?m. k Hi ? aretl
The Ex-Spoaker's Advice
The Baltimore Son Bays :
At the annual banquet of the New
Vi.k Chamber of Commerce ?i
Spftaksr Keed disenssed the pond?
liona ui? i-img l?gislation at Wash
ington and urged the nfces-ity ot
making the gold standard sore durum
? i: session of Congress
Hitherto, h? ?S|laine?l, it has been
i in practicable to legislate because the
money question was ?till under dis
easflton and the Senate was an
obstacle, but n??w full reaponsibilitj
iipou the K--publiesn party
beeanse it controls both branches ol
. .is well as the Wtii'H House.
'* One party," ?aid the ox-Speaker,
" low has possession of both hou-e?
?knd is responsible to the country.
For long years wo have had no re
spoombiliry?the Senate was one
way, the House another ?nod nobodj
knew whom to blame. Now we know
where to put tun blame. If the
wishes of our people are ntlt c?rri?d
out, the responsibility is clear" To
the ot'j etion that it ill becomes him
to urge now ou others action on the
qu stum of the standard which w?g
not takeu by the House when he had
control of that body, Mr. Keed
makes tho reply that he was never in
a p isitioii during all the years of hi.?
Speakership to settle the m ?oey
??destion by deciding dt finit?ly upon
?tie standard. " I was rever so
placed," be says ; " m my time the
S.-nato was given over to badness
Now that the Booate \* It-publican,
let us," he continu? s, " make sure of
our standard. Whether anything
else should be our aim I am not here
now to discuss, but what we koow
we agree on let us have." la a large
country like the Uuited States it is
d IH'ult to secure agreement oo any
question, but now that, after years
?it laborious discussion, a vast ma
j >rity of the people have decided
upon ?ouud money. Congress should
put the decision of the people into
the form of a statu'e. It is often
objected by timid politicians afraid
of offending Bilverlte constituents
that it is useless to establish the ex
clu-ive gold standard by law, for the
reason that any subsequent Congress
may repeal such law. But this mode
of reasoning, if held to consistently,
would prevent all legislation, since
all statutes ate sublet to repeal.
Mr. Roed puts the matter in a nut
-ii--ll : '' If it be said that there is no
security that Congress may not re
peal, to that I answer : I should hope
not among a people still free Are
we never to settles anything bpcause
that settlement can be npset T Tnose
who have seen how long laws linger
kvhich have been outgrown need not
fear that a law once passed can be
oo easily repealed. If the people
wish to repeal it, it is their right, but
?t should iibver be left in the hands
? ?f any Administration to so adminis?
ter the law we have that its amply
an?l fully declared intent should be
trittered away."
Iacideutally the ex Speaker traced
the crude views on matters of money
and nuance rec-ntly in fashion in the
West and South to the immaturity
and inexperience of the Western
communities ia which Populism
. riginate'l. "Men in newly settled
parts of the country." h? explained,
'? have been in a verv d?ff ?rent posi?
tion from ourB. We have been
through all the experiences of a false
currency and have established our?
selves at li.st upon the basis taught
by that suffering which renders ex?
perience the best master. We hare
our records and do not wish to have
history repeat itself. The men in the
new country are facing what our
ancestors faced?an undeveloped
country, the riches of which they
long to possess. They made the same
mistake our anoestors made?that
money was what they wanted, and
not capital ; money which oould be
got for nothing, instead of capital,
which costB years, and trust and
fa th." But the errors due to imma?
turity generally yield to the lessons
taught by experience. 8ome States
formerly given over to monetary
error are now among the stauchest
supporters of sound money, and
heterodoxy oocapies a constantly
narrowing are?. I owa is instanced
?a ? State that was once " the home
of the howling dervishes of rag
money," but fall discussion, with the
sobering (-fleet of age, has at length
r Absqlwiu? Pure
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
?i-.ai 8?KI?KlSOW0fSeO.,St* ?OS?.
(.1 teed Iowa ii line with ibe Atlantic
? moral i tr ?? ? bj M R ? tl
f ?< m lb? el ' i u ret alt i .
?Ceutuckj is somewhat dirqaietiog
t ?r h^ Repablioaa frieods
I nil are of the party to act np to its
platform <l> ?Ur?inms of \i>'j<) iu
s pi ' t to th i y? 11 itaodard has
alienated, i laggested, someof tl?
Bound-money rotere that ghv?- Mr.
Mi Kinlej b;s \ tnaj irni?-?
in una? >i'ar. N.-itfit-r Ibe President
'mi tbe K-.pubhcHD mtjirity ia tbe
II tuse lias earneetle put-bed the
measures wautid by soul^-hi m t y
m<n. The Speaker muy bave done
the bes', be roul.l to push refotm
I gislatlOD aiul obstruct retrogressive
legislation?and he is credited with
good woik in bi th respect;- ? hue till
.??r_\ rec- n 1> be received little su? -
pirt fr-orii the White H i;.-e or ftini
Die Republican cllevgu-s at tbe
Cap?tol. Tins lukewarm-ess las
produced h bhd ttleut in cett..in
Statt s. "Take tbe vote of Ohio,"
-Hid the ei'Speaker. '"Two years
ago, when we were in earnest and
hu i|iie?tiou of monetary standard
was fully Itetore tbe people, tbe can
m?ate who represented 'be g .Id
.?taiidard receiv? d 526,000 vo *s
a d all his opponent? received Hi ?
? 'i Tant w>as 40 U00 msj nity. i'ma
)eartt)t? Ifeput.liuan candidate bad
hat 49 000 pluf-!i'v. while a third
candid-ate bad 107,000 votes. In the
old dajs, when a rnnj >rity over all
*hh ruiuirtd. there would bave been
ao election. I do not enter into
tbe question of whether such an
opposition can be united ; I tbiuk
it could not. Nevertheless, that
is a chance which bad better not
oo taken. Bit it is not tbe figures
'bemselree mat are?f much account.
It h what they indicate. It there is
a settlid national feeling, men vote
tor men and things, but when tbe
puolic mind is unsettled they vote
agamst men and things. liithOuio
and Kentucky are examples of this.
Tnis country, and, indeed, all tbe
world, is prosperous, but in our rush
for gain we mu?t noff?rgtt tbe foun?
dation of our prosperity, wbicb is a
consciounn? 83 that tbe machine with
whrc*i we do business is eure and
Do not think for s single
moment thst consumption will
ever strike you s sudden blow.
It does not come that wsy.
It creeps its wsy slong.
First, you think It Is e little
cold; nothing but e little hack?
ing cough; men s linio loss in
weight: then s harder cough;
then the fever and the night
The suddenness comes when
you have s hemorrhage.
Better stop the disease while
It is yet creeping.
You can do it with
You first notice thst yoa
cough less. The pressure on
the chest is lifted. That feeling
of suffocation is removed. A
cure is hastened by placing one of
Dr. Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral Plaster
over the Chest.
A Book Frao.
It Is on the Dlsesses of tbe
Throat snd Lungs.
UV/r? ara Fr**ty.
If tod l ?i?, any complaint arriata*??
and detlra tb? beat reailical a'lrloa you
can |io?'"'!t r-t-ra?. writs the doctor /
freely. You aril rv.lra apruuipt r.pi/,1
wlUionl coat. Ait'tret^
OB. J. O. A Y hit. Lewall, Ma??. i
December 1, 1897.
S. fl. BEALE,
lXq*c?Vq*?5 ?qsiijess
at the OLD STAND, on COMMBBCR ST..and
I. now lavln? In ? full NKW STOCK OF
noons In the Hardware Line which be will
sell at the
Lowest Cash Prices,
as?r* nit ?nd a?? ti!? bofe?? ?on hrt?
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Orlftnal ?ad ?laly Uraalne.
?arc, alw.tf r*Uat>U. Laoiaa ?41
liruo-lrt tor Oitaaxiri JTi.j(..a flt?
*r?i?d In RrS mJ <.m
a. alel wtta M*, rlbbo?.
Maiarr. Mjfiat iamf'.u. wilirla? ^
tl .11 in.l flwtafU~U ?i:i.-1(:-i mail
i ?ami? fer .vtimlwa, Kralinalili aaa
Hriitt far Ladlea." <" Mtrr, ?y rrtarm
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ire specially anrited for m-<M?lr)?l urwo?
?oH ?nrt ?'?re'r.TTaeBt'sd by

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