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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, August 03, 1866, Image 2

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Wm. CLE...:-
Dcmocntlic Sjatc Ticket,
rnxnuox,. Tuesday, octohek d
Tor RKrftKTAKY or stat.
' GKX. HKNJrAMJN I.kFKVKR, ---i..:
Ol tJhcthyCnimty. '
. Of Hamilton Csuniy.
for mrii itpn upasd or rt'r i.m rom;,
01 Ashlond Count;.
Political Conventions.
A Convention I aominatf B eamliilnte fur Centre-
in this Ol,e 1 C 1 1 District will be held in ,
A Convention fn nominate a cnniliihifr for Cnnnty
Auditor; TiMKri'. rrwcviitiiiK Attorney, Com
nn..iinrr. I'ihImiU) Judo and Inlliuiary director
mill 1 acid a ... . .
Tcr.r Hull, S'fcnnrlKvillr, Fatnrtlsj, Ais. Mi
A f'mivriitinn to'nre-ent Ondldut tor Ike
r.hii-o ol Judge ol III Court tjf Oaiuion Plena Willi
,w DAT, ALlil'bT ltitli.
irre:rdinir nil former SilWwieoa nn political
imrst'.nn nd lawn, we Invite I in i r t n t m and all
iiu-ii of coii-ervativii pit.na to n-semlile at tlia usual
y ur of holding election iu tbi-ir respective town
r-fti UBr ': :
Saturday, August 11th,
And then Slid there lelrrt two ih-lr-ntra to llie
rnij-riMi'iml Convention . cjiiht i!f N-enl.-s to the
I Ki.ntv Convention, unil tin) jclcgUa to 111 Judi
till Cevvcutiun.,
The time line mine when an earnest and patriotic
rhort hnnld Im maile to reaUire the In ion on a
JunI hi4 e pial ImMia. , Tho restoration twiliry of
rreiileiit JoIiiimiii nhould le fndired nnd upheld.
The princlpleD rnnneiiilttl in liu Ut Uewaxea of
the r'le filliiriiN lliireuu and Civil KiflitK llilln aeeiil
to hr roncct and prowr. and ahonlil Iw rimlained. ,
II volrra, without tlmliiicliiin ol pur'y, wjio he-;
Imr thai It lielongii exclusively to the several
Mates ol llils L i. ion lo determine each Tr Itself the
iii!illntion of voters, juqJ wiinaie opposed lo the
Miiferring uf tlw rlfriit of voting nwii the negru; j
those who. at the pittcnl time, aid ojipoaed to ill
aniciidinenU is) Mmi (.'onaliliition of tlia United
hint, lust eleven KluWa of thla Union are ex
i liidrd and rol'UM-d a voire, ly their heuatora and
l:rpntnlutives in lb jinpoitloo of ann ulnianla;
1hor alio are opposed to the exemption ol i
lUllKK KUKDRKl) UUJ.IUX DOl.Lllt.S of the
wenlihof tlie cuuiiltj- from Uxatioii, and are in
favor i mnking every ape As of wealth hear Its
fair and ro,uiil share ol the burthens of taxation fur
all pmposes, uiu tuidially Invited to unite iu an
tHoil lo 'jeel Iioiii pluce and power Ilia unworthy
sfcCHts, w ho aeein u k ishite ku4 govern lor their
nsyii sprvial Ls.a lit. aul for Uw pciveluatioa of
I'y older of tl DeuiocraU! Central Committee.
,JA!.I. (UI'LUUU, Chairuiau.
J. II. UOIPA', HecieUiy.
Tlic Army, PehViencr, Uour.'y, Nebruka,
Tax and TarUT J,IU lijivc all, ,jt Ja ajd, pasted
C'ongre a.
Tha Fitiians have cfimneuced niiolliir
movement, the precise anture of which hut not yet
' A duel with knives was fonght between
two mca-nenml Willinni aud i'.nglaad, at rOiay'a
Kerry, near Uichmond, Ky op Friday. Eulaua
was killed.
It is believed loot twen'y pcraon were
drowned hy tho sudden fre.ihet in llruah creek,
Clweo o.,;Ky., a (vw niuhU aiuce.
ennior 'i'utteraon, of Tonncfseo, took
the oath on Saturday and hw Beat Iu -she tUuittd
KUtea Senate. I
f-Oen. JTullealon'Is&s bcM) recalled from
New Or1nwm,i ucoa Hi Private A'ccrctary of
the President.
The c!iolrra. has broken out iu (Julvoston,
7'rxa, and five death' ktiwi occurred,
' The President will shor)ly. issue a proc
lamatinn declaring Tex.u. retvi;d. to the I'uion,
ana thorehy iastajlin; .be eowly elected State
oOlcera. ,.' . :. ...
rwThe , Anny -Hill inx:rcaot -lUo' army to
more tua,u Juu.000 muu. - .
IIoimQ. .11. Urowiiinjf, of 111., tins been
appointed Secretary of the Interior, lo place of
Ilailau.w bo leaves thtolico on the 1st of cptcro
ter.- , ; ::
. "Tho United 8laes Senol ha rejected
the iM'inanaU jn of Bx-Cna. Jolmtou.of I'enn.ia Ool
lector of .(.'uouisjit I'JiiladvlphU.
lion. 'lJ.oinji.Jing, ef Qhi, id talked
of as the l'ro-j;) t of lb I'liUatlelphin , Conteu
tion. A botleri.au ior.lhe josilio,n .will , not be
Kartern.paom con'ain the Uutemeul it
an Plik lemoeratls clah kaa hen eatahlished In
Washington, and th'. iltjor.it. J. Atkinson has
been elected I'reldent thef&t-'f.
Mou'gooiery Hiair, Co. Kwonn, J. W
Ciislfluld aud lteteidy johnano have U-nn appoint
ed HrnntoMil delegate from Maryland to the l'hll
tdelphia Convention
Tim will of lien. Cuss on heine iu-etei4cd
for robato, rciulied a revenue slump of $jl)0, the
I...I.... I -t l ixi.n ......
A sodier, who had lost bolb hacds jn
the war, iih tlieaidjjfa hand aran and a boy
naa made sis.oou tf trkveliug.a cuuple of years In
III vicinity of Uosiou.
According (o xreeiit (.tfula! . jenort thn
numherof 1'ii'eii BrvoiMM whuiditd in the IWh
duiiiig th war wa Sil7, ,uip! thu number of
irbWtitkoaeMwlM ditdlu4hJi was '.....
The death in New Yoik City lta.it week
lencrud the appalling muni er of thirteen hundred-.
One ftv.ndrtd'nhd eight- of these were from sun
flrrtfce.wfii' about fifty rcsn Had 'f ruin Ilia Intern
heat, f . ' , j
Tlio atll jf Ssdowa k pror.nuncf-d lo
bate Wen Ibe RrMlcst coivlli'ct of ' modern H.mea,
The 'rnaalan had two hundred and llfiy tlKiumnd
meo eneagrd. Victor perched od the banner of
H PriKsian..
A large nhil respectable Jotiiipon Club
haa Ken formed (IQiilncy, III. Every mcmier of
the ciub ha been a ltcpuhlicnn, and It-i member
ahlp ein)f area aonie ol the moat influcotlal cltiEena
of the I'lnce.
Tlic Macon Jomml anrl Messenger acjs:
W are Informed that there la a very general ex
citement among tlio frecdincn lo faror of going (u
Liberia, and that hu expcdiWen, upon a ii-rjr larrc
rH'ulo, It in process of elahornlioo.
An Appeal to the Public.
lmv now Iwucd tlio tbUd nunititr of (lie
CuNKftVATivit, ami It m about time wo I new
what we were doii-g. 'Y.'o "litMe cnt nmplc
ci'jiica to g'D.it tit'iuy inrti tliat wo liave uot
fcen, anil tinl Itaowinr nhetlier (hoy Intend wc
nhmilji continne, wc will Sny to all those that
we Imve not cfn or liraij from, tlmt Ihia will
tc the Inst tmmber that will be sent until the)
make known to u wlictlier (lie desire Alio
I nper or out.
From tLc licuy expense jn Biting op, bnj 'yip
tjpo, pnying for lubor, pnper, ink, ic, wo are
compt'lkij to rny lo otir patroni llml tiwury In
iiiJiDralile . In cnrrjing on-.tUe print iny
buaiut'ra, anj ni'h llic Umilt J circuliilioo of
our paper all mut khi and know our comlition.
Two d"Uurs k but f ir.itll oj'ct Willi the
aubecrii'ir, lut mubirinl willi us. At best
oar pnfier is not pnyiog rxpciifcp, nor will it
lar (otna lime to conic. It acoaii tons that
Di'inocru's do not Uke tlio liglit iiiftast in
Ibid couu'y tlx y l,,vc rnpitnl and wcnltli
di.iugb to support p, pnptr. We see tlr.it
nmoiijour npultliy nirn there is stutid bail
or inactivity on their pnrt. Now we appeal
to every Democrat auJ ull cMnrtvntive np-
portursjuf tliit. paper lo use their influence, in
rxlemling the circulation of the riinie. Wi:
sugrpt tl.nt nil Iemocruts CDinint' to towo on
the IS1I1 JjV of AaL'uet (the duy of the
County Convention) consider Ihemsclvea can
didates to rolicit subscribers for the Conskr-
vAnri. Yon tbot cannot be here oil that
duy, Mend by the deli ga!c3 ull tlio names that 1
you cun get. fly this neniis we fun tbcu
detrriiiie H'litllr tljd paper can be k'pt up,
or whether it must go tho way ol Us prcdecs
An Appeal to the Public. "Save Me from My Friends."
Our at tool inn tins bti n railed. lo the reasons,
given by a cntemp'irnry, why a certain genth
man, now holding oflice iu this county, should
be cant inued in pl;u c.
We huv.o alwnjn ni.ili rsloe.il that ofTiccs are
crcatcJ from necessity, uni for the acrotuodu
tiua atd beniGt of the people;' that the perFon
holding the tiTiec is tlic j-eul of the whole
couimuiiily and, by hhc (aws of the luiid, tc
qnircd to faithfully, ifipnrtially and honestly,
perform eerttn duties, anal thft t,!ie laws un
der which he acts arc directed by the people;
thai, when a mun accepts n oflice, he is
bouud to perform the duties thereof ;ii respec
tive of party consideration, end must, there-
lore, be a strvutit of ihe wholt iieop.io .od.uoi,
of a parly.
One reaton, strongly urged, why tho people
of thhj county, lor tlio tl 'id time, and, per
haps, lor all time to cqme, should rc-eiect I).
C. Fiukerton lo the tjflice of I'robate Judge
is ml forth ui tLesa wotL; 1
I). C. I'uikkivxon, llie candidwta for I'ro-
bale Judgu, is known by everybody as the in
veterate and indomititblu woiker for tho party
tli u t placed hint in power two years ago, and
who will, because ol bis "duty well ih-i form
ed," re-elect him to the oflice for which he
has been put iu nomination. The Union or
gnniertlion of Morgan County shonld knaw
thut it ia to his (fl irts, zeal nnd activity Hint
their past success is in a ft rent injuiure due,
nnd biho tlmt be should know that thu pait he
has luken has been arpreciuted by them.
I fjihe great Bnd conservative priuciple of
rotution iu office, heretofore .obeerved by all
political parlits, Is to bo ignored oud set
ubidu, then, aud iu thut rase, vjre think SVC,
I'inkertotW us About as strong a cluiin to a
life.ctWlc in tho I'robutc Judgeship its any
other live man; and, moreover, if no one can
be found lo Cll (he office upon honejt nnd cor
rect principles, tilth o huvc heretoloio gov.
trtied parlies, we wou'd ba inuliiii.d to agrie
to dinpense with an election tltogeibcr, and
let the oflice of Frubite Judge of this county
be created a lif elTi:e and be culled, not a
Frtednien's Political Bureau, but a Political
Puiiihiras-box,' C"r.tatii!iig innumeruble polili-
x.! evils, from which, when opened, countless
i;!s.ioy Usue lorriito nf.lict the cutwurd po
tiiieo.l.orld; and thguhlr duty may be done
by llitt inciunbent, under im.lt uclions from tin)
Uepubliv'au Central Coininiltec, and all luxes
sory exptr.ccs of llie liox shall be, niut by. the
Inx-puyers ol tho county wi.iUo.ut u wly ,jrt
when f .ro. -
Judges Gnylotl oud .1x111011 Fouls, .if we
rightly recollect, were both related o,ut of that
office at tho end of one. term, but, it Is now in
Hif.ied upon lliwl the prefeui Incumbent must
liiicoflUiiufd'tn the same place term alter
term, not on account of his aoIity, impai liili-
ly air4 Uoocs'.y, but because hois ''the itiveie
rate and iiidumitublo ..woikur for the party
thut placed bin in cOjeo." shhI, oJso, "bicauee
of hie duty well performed" as a partisan.
Wehtvcuo cbjection lo .urge aguiusta
n,an MnX P'ti. whilst n oOico. This
t'ljnt ho iliould enjoy as an American
,-oilwey. . put wo do object (o the . fltciiou,of a
niuu to the i.flice of JikIjjo of a Court, for the
L.ee.toii lUu.1 he converts hit ofliiie Into a politi
cal dfntihere all kind of political mncliinery
iitforg'cd anil all kiuils ol political tricks fc'ul
Ulsshood, ito , ere'invikUdj'Ul in toice utiC
It we rightly uisJemUr 1 Ihs pnrport'Of Ihe
above reeoinniendulion of Jdge Pihkeflon to
a re-election, and we think wo do, tt nnnfcirls
to about this: That, all the time I). O.
Pinker ton has held the office ol Piobnto
Judge, he has exclusively , aid ntly, Inveier-
mciy and iud 'in it ably engaged in the very
Inudnblo and prnia-worthy business of doing
Ihe "dirty work"' of (he parly that placed him
I lure.
Wc do not notiue tlmt any oilier condidate
on tl.e Kopiibjican County Ticket I urged
upou t'ic lowers (or re election ' because ol du
ty well p:i formed," In other words ' dirly
work" for the pnrty. Other candidates seem
lo hare more commendable qtialid -atiotis) than
political tervices, to recommend them to ihp
support of the tcoph
Here, ll.cn, wi have D. C. riiAerlon's
qlmliflralions lor a cotrtinirtnco in the olTiJe cf
Judge of tin Probate C'.'ilnl, (lrfwu up nnd
presented by a sjlilical fr'reiuiv aud nn nrdeiil
admirer Mid supporter of hit genius oud po
litical tact. v.'t every voter look at it, rend
mid coliinniphito the txalled porilion in which
tho writer places tlic Judge, and. then, let him
louli to what tlicsiiine writer nrget in favor of
the re election of James It. VtO'rtw Iu the
flic ol County Auditor. Hero ill.-:
It seems iiipc-ifliintts (o rviu o much ns
mention the Mime of Ji-r li. MrtftiKH-, lo
prceni iucunn'u, and cm il iiuto for (tie
nice (if Auditor. The luct lUt it h the
tVuti time ther people have nmdc him their
choice, and the triliieg oppi'siiiou nude in
convention, i a surtieMei.t reconiuiciuhitioti for
him. lie comes bilore the peoiilu again with
it ejeiif record. No mini ever performed his
duty niorc punctually and correctly, and there
if not another nmn in the county so well qual
ified for the oflice.
What a mnikcd difference is hete prerenttd
in the qualifications of the two rnndidutes.
Piiikcrton is urped as tho right rnnn, heenmc
he U "the iuvelerute and Iiidumitublo worker
lor the party tliof pluced him in t !T!cc." nnd
'bcruiHO of his duty well performed" us n
pnrti.nn. McG'rcw is the rif(ht niuu (or Au
ditor, becouso "he conies be!oio the p(0 !e
wiih a clear record uo nian ever ierfotnied
bin du'y more ptincluully end correctly Ac."
With these life-like and, certainly, pel feet
portraits ol the two candidate, drnwi) by a
muiiter hand, the question o;;;cs up whioh p)
them is the most dinrving of tho confidence,
pud support of tluj people. Which of these
two men, uccoidiug lo tlej record presented,
conies up to tlic "cUerfloninn stundurc! lor
1 dec vix. ' is he honest, is ho capable, is hu
nt'iicl.ed lo the principles of tho Constitution."
Honest men arc now called upon to vole for
both ol these men with qualifications directly
tlio opposite nnd inconsistent with each other.
If (be Republican lendei 8 desire the re
election of D. C. Pitkci ton so that he may
continue to attend lo the "dirty woik" of the
party, It wonld be well fur them not to run a
comparison, between bun end denies 41. Mc-
(Jrctv. The porlruits are ui.liko each other,
and besides it dou't look well when you come
to make a thorough eiuiimlion and exposi
tion of llie several qnalilieutions ol Ihe two
men, as presented to the voter ty this volun
teer writer.
For the Gi3t time in this coanly, is it pub
licly urged upon the voters, that a man tnu.il
be re elected lo office because ho is an tvxpcrl
political manager and trickster, and that his
office is kepi as a sort ol po'ilicul depot, out
of which eininattfl and circulates all kinds of
political truth. Such reafons might bo pri
vately uige.d by a i'-3'ptavcd politician in a
di)a:ri.(o care, but lo publicly bluzon such
xe(LsoQs,,fur so jpijicrtftiit. a position us Judgo
ol b Coorij is Bouicthiug new in this commu
nity, and we do jiul aiiiak jt.s. ill go iotru wilh
the honest and .uncorruptible outers of tit
county. A oust venout.
Congress Adjourned.
Tho Hump Congress has Adjourned
'llinnkGodl from whom fill blessing
..uw, ouiou.ore tury nojournea iney
n f 1... 1 .1 i- 1 .1 I
jjno.vu is us tl,lnB 'o encu inruiuer iue
stun of 5,000 for each session- Thus
.they put into the pockets of each member
tiw euin of 810,000, for ten months ser-.
vice, in the Iwo session.
The Hon. Tobias Plants, member of
C uigress from this Diatricl, oja ihelh
of March next, will have pocketed the
snug little turn. of 8,10,000. When elecv
u, Ji .was to receive only 80.00'J. il
plwtders llie Tiuasuiy lo the amouul of
84,000 over nud above lln conlract.
Pul him out.
No wonder ihe people nre ground down
wiih heavy burthens when such t xtravi-
gnnce aud thieving as this is going ou
Bhould bo the watch words of the people
in the coining election.
We see no rel'uf to Ihe lo: Lon com
inunity, only lo dnve r4w place nnd
power the lhie,veja nd plunderers who
infest neaily very department of the
Bounties to Discharged Soldiers.
Klsewhero we pulilibh the lute law
passod by Congress, granting eiidjonji
Bouniiis lo soldie.is who served jp tfyq
lute wsr fvr Ue jsupasion of the Mil
lion. Tuc;)nw Ulows lo each .soldier .who
cnlUtcd for a (enu of Ihico years . and
suived.his term yf tulittnicut nnd who
I wns honor.ibly 'JlscliRfgcd, .bounty of
frlOO." - t------ -
A soldier wlio culisled for not Tess'tTian
tljree years and honorably dinchftiVJed oo
Recount of WDiinds, - llie widow, u"'nor
cliildren or parents. In the order named,
of A soldier wtio died' in 'tT.e service of
wountls r diwase received or contracted
wliila ii tile service and in tlio line of
duty, will be entitled '.o ttOO.
Suldiera Ao. who etilinled fjr two ytnrs
served his term of enlistment nnd
who was honorably discharged will be
entitled to n bounty of $60. Wounded
soldiers widows Ac. receive (he $o0
bounty. Nc other bounties are Allowed
to soldiers by the law s it pnssed.
The Philadelphia National Union Convention.
AUGUST 14, 1864
To j;itt TJm.in Elkctors or Onto :
A Muss (.'ouventiuD will assemble nl
Columbus, 0., on Tu'sJay, August the
7h, for the puipo.e of electing four Si tin
loriiil, with Iwo Congressional Delegn'et,
from each District, Iu 'iltchd a Ka ional
I nioii Convenlir;n of Dtlegalu from njl
ihe StA'.ci nd Terriloiici iu the Union,
to be hil J nl Philadelphia, on tho tecoud
Tuesday (tho jjih) of August next.
A'l Union nun ate mviled to come
alio believe llint tho Union of tho Fiates
is indissoluble nnJ can not be broken up
tiilier by S.atu icctssion or Congressional
action; who desire. that lojnl UeprescntA
lives should be nduiittcJ (0 their seals in
Congrtt.t, no nintlrr from whnt Stale ihey
may hail; who hold tlmt lo each Stole
belongs tho regulation of itr own elective
franchise, ntid it ho, nre unwilling to de
clare the war for the Union practical
failure by mnking lit restprniico contin
gent upon politienl issues, independent of
obedienco to tho Constitution of the Lni'
ted I lutes nnd aubmins'on to thu Inw
111 ride in pursuance thereof.
Fellow citizens : Fearful issues nre
tipoji us, nnd unless wjse couiucln prevail
a niiMoritt of Congrcst will perpetuate in
oui coui lry civil finie "and iiilciiiab!iO
feuds, hrpeing thtrtby merely lo prolong
ihi jr onn hold on ollice, regardless of the
publie welfare, or that harmony and re
pose now needed by the .Republic aflei
the long tension of a prolrntced war a
war .0 which our citizens contributed
freely their blood and treasure for '.he
maintenance of the Union, but not to make
any part of our free land n Vnnd or
Ireland, to be held as conriuorcd provin
ces by'satrnpa aud bayonets, resiatinee to
the Constitution nnd laws had coased.
Ohio always firmily stood by lb.e res
toration pofyy fA Uie'Jnto Jumented Pre.i
dent Lincoln, even when it was ruost vio-
lenlly assailed by one of her ow.n Isenn-'
lois ll.at policy he bequeathed, as it
were, a legacy, lo his successor in his
far 1 wi ll speech to the American pcoplo,
April 1I.1CC5, th:ee tiayt bufors hitos-
sans'nation, which (rust President Johnson
has refused to surjtiitlcr at the behest of
a Congress which could not hvo bctj
elected had they ar.nounred to ihe people
their opposition lo this main feature ol
President Lincoln's Adminulrnlion, which
was emphatically indorsed by his re-elec
lion. J'resideitl Johnson, iu bis North
Carolina Proclamation of Way 29. i 065,
auJ subsequent proclamations, only pur
sued the well known policy of his prede
cessor, nnd on tho S 1st of Juno, A CO 5, the
Union lite Couvenlion of Q., under Ilia
pressure of the gallant sojdicr-qelegatc,
fresh from the field, who repressed the
engemeer of certain stay-nt homo joliti-
ciaps to mnko negro su,lJin(je a ruelezt
1. !onge(1 Btrugg!e', ignored that
ifFue, nr.d resolved "tlinl President Ap-
drew Johnson, by his unwnving devotion
to the Union, through .years of iho severest
trial, has won our highest .coiJence:
that we cheerfully imjose lim policy of
his AdminisUatisn, louking to Ihe res'.ora-
lion ;f peace and civil order iu the so-
called States, and as Union men of Ohio
w will give him our hearty ami undivi
ded support." 1 lint pledge was given
6v many of us it) good faith, nnd npt for
the porposo of deceiving the people by an
clcciioneeiiog plulforn, or ot miuloadii
the Prcsideut os to populsr sentiment, and
then dtnouncpg him.ns a traitor tu the
party, because he believed that the poli
liqias who passed it were in earnest; nnd
we intend lo abide by that resolution,
which still slnnd unrepealed by any sub
sequent Union, Stalo .or National Con
. The popple of lie rebel States have,
wiih wonderful iiiiniiunity, .accepted the
situation consequent upon ,(ho war in tho
abolition of slavery fttjd l,lie repudinllon
of the rebel debt; tho other .conditions,
now prcsied njipn them, a.; mailers
.oiu)nary,poliiical action in the regular
.working of out ,Ooyeinmcnt under the
Cousiiiujiop, and can bo settled jn duo
lime.. TU great imrocdiaie issue is
wheUu'ihe Uulou shall bo poltticoJly
Jistolved, by the aolion of Congressioim
njnjoiiiy, iu txcludiug K; at ' leirt6tuU
lives from t'e lute rebel State 'from seats
f9 tfhlcirthce lmve 'been "tlccledr Oii
lljitiioint the platform of Ihe last Union
Sla'.o Conveniion is trlent, to ibat even
ty party usage every Union mnn is free
lo csry out Ins own convictions, by prac
tical action. ' Titers is no denial of the
exclusive light of Congress lo pass on the
return, election and qualification of its own
members, under the Constitution of the
United Stales, but the complaint, is thai
ihey rt fue lo exercise this right.
Are the Stale Gc-vcrpAHentc'of the la'.e
seceded S'.ntesny K-ss republican in form
now than before r.10 rebellion, became
tlavery isVoolished ? and what difference
dL;js 'i make who organizes lliem if Ihey
are assented to by the legal electors over
whom ihey are lo opcr&to ? The Presi
dent nnd his fiiondt I avo ucvef aked for
the admiaaion of disloyal men in Congress
and if trc tson is not punished according
to law it is because the Courts d not
pcifoim their duty, 11 mnller ort r which
the Lxiculive bus po nioit centrol than in
iny otl-.er clni of crime in lime of pence.
When ll.is.chi.rge Is mnde il comes with
nn til grnco from those who havo.all along
professej a willingness to admit all the
rebels !t political privileges on the prin
ciple of uuivcrsM suffrage and, unjvcrsM
Coma up, then, Union men, U Hie Con
veniion, and see lo it that the . best citi
zens of our Stalo are sent ns delegates to
llie National Union Convention, lo sus
tain the President in his efforts lo restore
the Uoion of (hcte Elaloa. if citizens be
longing to other political organizations
choose lo co opeiale with us upon tjiisouf
own platform, to give il practical effect, it
it only proof that however high partisan
strife oiny iuu In idjnary poli ical con
tests, the issuo r.cw before iho country
the rcstoralion of the Union rises above
ll paily feeling or sectionalism, nnd np
peuls directly lo (he patriotism of the Na
tion lo "inku caro that llie llcpubiic suf-
fets no deli in.t'jtt."
The Rump Congress.
Congress has adjourned. Tlio telegaph
so announces, and therein the wires hay
communicated, lo llie whole country the
most welcome intelligence of the year.
This Congress Is emphatically rump
affair, and of so mangy a chnructer, thai
ihe loot of every honest mania inconti
nently raited td Lick il out of the war..
The history cfituch bodies may be
searched in vain foi its parallel in extrav
agance, corruption, profligtcy and imbe
cility ; The country is burdened with ao
onoimous debt, and tho people oppressed
wilh excessive taxes, yet ll.is Congress
squandered money, prjd added to ihe
publio burdens, as if there was no debt'
nnd no taxes, and no bottom to the
people's purses. The Radical members
will be apt, -however, to discover thai
there is a limit to llie people's ' patience,
and thai revolt against oppression la a
natural trail of the American character,
Not only has Congress bonn profligate,
quftnde!n" the publio money, and nd
ding add! ional burdens pn the backs of
the people already -heavily oppressed by
taxes, but 4t ha endeavored lo take po'i
Heal power from the people and add lo
that of the Government. A cotcmporary
well says, that "faster than Europe is
ridding itself of he.ljrnnnies, wrongs and
oppression)! of centnriet, our Congress
has been taking (hem np, and attempting
to fasten (hem permanently upon tho
country at its settled institutions." It
has been niraing to make tho Government
every thing and the people nothing to
b,uild up srislocratio classes to rule and
govern the musses of the people nnd to
mrko llie people feel, through its revenue
officers, its excises, stamps and ItStes, that
the Federal Government is bot behir,d any
despotic European Government in the
power of its internal mnceinery, for reach-
! .1 - -.I.. I I
ing iud pnuuciB ui 1110 peoj-ic, auu cun-
I ro! liner their business pursuits. It lies
taken advantage of accidental, and, in
tome respects, irsuuieni accession 10
power, to endeavor to revolutionise the
Government, nnd make it whnt thefQld
Federalize were so'arut'ous it' shouli be
splendid and powerful, au'd tho people
correipondinglr weak. It has adjourned
and the pcoplo will Lave a chnrice before
it meets again to express their opinion of
it. We bli al I try1 and help make up a eoT;
reel one1 Cincinnati Enquirer,
3. Sotno time tgoi'iince Frederick Charles,
now tho victorious Prussian Genorul , wioto and
printed a pamphlet, the object of which was to
show how llie Trench are to b beaten. In sub-
htaiice it, niuiutuiucd that the iccro'tof the military
success of the Freuch lay la their being drilled to
celerity of movement ia the field. The remarkable
campaign Iq (ieiuiany It one proof tuatth 1'ilnce
has uot neglected to cany tr to practice the pre-
ccjvU he laid dow n. Dut tbe literary history of the
pniiiphlct U cuiloua. rrlnted at flirt only fox pri
vate eltctihi.iuu among tbe tulhor't frichds, a copy
fell Into the bauds uf a Frank toil bookseller, nio
tt on ce published Ihe tract.' ' For lhis'L6 us
proaeculcd. A Fiencb trnnslatlon of the pauiphltt
also appealed, tut u English translation was de
1 lined, by a London publisher, on Ihe ground that
- ' to bear tcifliuw'itU
rulutiout with France at that titjio. psro loo dulictte
. 7 1 'l'-i ,
w. w. r'vt.n.
M. SfAKltHRT.'
, STAMJEHY &1TL11I, .,
- .-,
McconnelsvilleV oiiio.
OFFICE Srtond Story of Morris' Building.
tr I.ecnt hu Iness brontDtlf attended to. and
apecin I a tit nllon given 10 the collection of all doubt
ful claims. . au3-ly
j. h- BKaav.
Attorneys at Law
CITICE with J. E. Unnna, Ccnirr Strccl,
M ' C 0 N N K I, 8 V I L L K , OIIIO.
sn3 ly
V. 0. roKR.
Koroojs and Counselor!! at Law,
J.B, POIND, Notary Public.
OFFICE Southwest Corr,cr of Publio Sqnnre,
M 'CON N KLS V I M.K, .Oil 10.
iwbhw . . 9 n
r. sii.t..
w. t. Sil t..
F. SILL & CO.,
Cry Goods, Grcctrlcs, Notions, Tiawarf, Trunks
Upimalt Court Ilonae, M'CoiinlavlU,0.
JySOtf - '
W, B. iiEUGES, M. D.f
rjiysiclan an4 Surgeon,
Rewctfully oflara lib) ofvaslcnal services to the ,
citlieus of MConnlKlla and vliiinlty.
... . . ,
Whero he can be fonii.l at all times, day or night,
when uot ptotesalouauy auseui.' "
Upiinty ! Kouniy !
SOLDI KllSj WIDOWS, Ao , iulcrcnlcd In
the lata law eniialliiiii bounties, fare' lnrorinea
that the uudersitiicd is prepared to attend to that
kiiid ol I uslneia with dispatch aud on reaiouahja
teim. 1 -
O l.l .n . fl.ll. I. .n nm (tin Hn..nl. nl (..l.tlnra
n luun . LUiiui en ui luciimms 01 uiuitia
who died In fervlre of diseuse or wouiidt conlrac tfj
01 received Inline of duty, will roeuiva the aiu
amount ns would have been paid the aoiuier nun-,
self bud be served hl full teiui of onllstmeut;
JAMliii M. Ua YlAJttir,
iu3 ...'' ' - ' jL'lttin Agent '
X . - 1
At tbe old atnnd, Iu lbs three story brick, nearly
0'ipoaiU) the i'ut ilouse. .
I , .. , , ' . A
respect fully inform th. eltltenaof Morgan county
that he keepa constantly on band a full aswjrluieiil
of the Various articles usually kept in a Hint class
(iroccry Kloro, cnnsiatiun iu part of
Tea, roll'eo, btiRsr, Fish, Bmla, I-pi cos, Csuncd
Friiita, Cove tlyiilcrs. Byrup.,Che-ao,Ciacker,
Ilusius, Woodwara. 'tobacco, Clis, llask- -
els, Ititle Powder, Hiasting Powder, -
: . v...n itna
r u.v, tit-n 1 ., .'MM
Cords, tlaullh Hope,, ... , ...
Laid Oil, Carhop
' Ac, . 1 1
all of which will he suld at the very lowest prices
-either at wholesale er retail, 4or uaslt or approved
cou ally pri diice. ....
Tho highest market price paid for all kiuds of
Country Producer
' Fveiy hi licle sold at this Cstubliahuicut U WAU-.-UA.N'TKjO
at iciueauuttiU. , .Wli..

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