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[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
One Bnliheth morn, -hilo I wns dozing,
Dozing in rny cny chair,
I henrd a (rent gently peeking,
L Pjveakiilir of a maiden fnir;
Fays he, "thot mnidcn'a very pretty (
pretty mnidn nre now a bore I"
And men, thought I, nre enmething woroc
Simply fools, nuj nothing more.
for, one cvr while out a wnlking,
Walking through a muddy utrcet,
I henrd n voire bihind me anving,
Faying, "La, what pretty fcetl"
I raided my skirtn a littlo higher,
Higher tlinn they were before)
How gents ulnrod, ami how I thought,
"You nro fooln, and nothing morel"'
Quiekly now I mixed my cyeo,
Rained, I thought, to look nt men)
But, my ileum, I nwr to ripen
Apes freh from the tailor's den.
I'pon their heads there nil n lint
Not tho oil old hut of yore
Bweet littlo ekjlk'ttt with n rim
Pimply skillets nothing more.
On I wandered, and I pomlerM,
l'miilcrd on the days gone bv,
When nil men Mere not lunuliei,
Or, "See the tiltem," wan tlie cry.
ilcii laugh nml ery nt tillcra now .
Jut cry, until your thrnutn nrc sore;
Vt'e know the renvoi why you lutigli
Because you'ro fools, nml Mothing more.
How nil the gentry love the ilnrkio
Not thoo with tlie woolly huir,
Hut those who weur it nicely frizzled,
Frizzled nround n face most fair,
Lost evo I hhw a stylish Inwyor
Enter in a narrow door;
I heard him kis, I now him hug,
Hug a darky nothing more.
Oh I how lite, maidens love the liltcinl
Mel) have tiller on the brain;
Hut we'll excuse the aiinjda fools,
For renlly they'er not worth one grain.
Jlicy look to ponoeful on tho street
Hut let them reach their chamber door;
Ah I don't they grind their newfaNe teeth?
Cut 'tis their corn, nud nothing more.
Men ek where in tho mode.-t mnid,
Tho modest blushing maid of Jorej
I ask where nre tho noMo men,
Gone, ye, gmio for evermore.
Nor ever w ill we Kee a man,
A mnti, whoei innc would wi igh one grain,
Till tilti rj leave thin cruel world,
Fur meu havo tillers on the Lriiiu.
Many men I've heard have died;
Died of latu in dreadful pain,
Front watching enlve and pretty feet,
And having tiller on the brain,
Oh I all tho maiden wit.li them joy,
And hope they'll reach n brighter chore,
Hut mill we luiigh, and enn't hut think
That men arc fools, and nothing more.
A. T.
[From the Memphis Argus.]
[From the Memphis Argus.] Lovers in a Fix--The Dangers
of Pitch.
A few nights ninco, as tlio union rwo
ovor tlio hill and trre-to., iMing tlio
Kjiirts of our lieuutil'iil city, with lior
nilvcry my, tlioro mi-lit liavu Wen
jtcvn uium the mnf l an Kiryiitian tot
Votlno, wliifh is flat, ami t-ovt-ivil with
jmiv white "Tiivc-U and pitch, a cuiij.lo
of lovers, seated, enjoying tho bcantv
of tlio pccjic, and
"Though f, w tho hours, tho hnppy moment
lew J
Po warm w ith heart, to rich Willi l,,ve thevlkw,
That their full souls forgot the will to roam,
And rested there, as in a dream at home I"
Tho fun thinn;; tho day had Ih-oii
very warm, and thus tlioy met to sjH iid
the llectin hours of twilight, enjoying
tho pleasant bvijnj that lloatod upiroiii
tho magnolia rMi'ii beneath, and in
toi'chaiitjino; those Houl-loni;iiio;s and
tho warm allVctions fur each' other, the
lovers sat; with one arm ho encircled
tho waist of tho beautiful creature at
liis nido,
"Her little hand lay gently, confidingly in his."
and all passed ipiiclly and lovingly
until the bell to led the midnight hour.
"Xono but the loving and beloved,
Should bo awake at this uw.-et hour."
The tolling cf the bell reminded them
'Tired nuturo'a nweet restorer, balmy bleep."
was requisite for lover ns well as
other. Still Keutcd near each other
tho plighted vows were atrain ami
UTMIH i.Vflin IWiTwl i 1 '
: .V v... i. mm neuieu vi iin nibses.
Liiikell weotness long drawn out.'1
At length, a Her many vain attempts
to sever these pleasant pleasures, the
transported l,rj,n lound that they
wore bound to each other by more
Kicking bonds than lovers' vows. The
hot sun had melted the pitch, ami alter
Hitting so long, and tho night cir hav
ing cooled tho resinous matter, they
lound they were both 'Vlu k last " T,,,
young gentleman liint attempted to
disengage himself, but found, like aunt
Jemima'apla.sier.'-the more you try to
pull it oil', the more it sticks the faster "
I ho young lady then attempted to -fct
up, which ..hv- ilid, minim tho hkirtof
iier nress, atoi all Her under clothes as
far as the ' tillers." J ll.i.s jdiuLt -l.o
attempted to relieve her disconsolate
partner, but it was of no use he
couldn't come. After koiuo parley, he
came to tho conclusion bo could man
age it by hlippingoul of his pants. At
oidnigly )ui asked of his companion
)1 nho could lend him a pair of j.anls
until ho could go homo. She thought
Ion AVi.h ...i, ... ' 71"'
. r, viwuio no ii tin y were not t
. ,. f. , , , , ;""" "OMippcnjiiriiikiu
111.1 KOOIS ail OOSIIl'- . M umu, I
Is aii'l loosin
drew himself out of bis nanU w e,,.;!,'.
... . i n i in
us possible, and (bo disconsolate couple
took themselves down stairs in n v,'rv
blushing manner, ami looking very
much like our lirst purtnU when they
iliscovercd that they were human. Tho
lady procured, lis quietly ns possible, n
pair of her father's pant, which were
run into pretty quick, and tho Adonis
decamped with his pants rolled up
about six niches. I he loko was too
good to bo kept, by littlo and littlo it
leaked out until tho truth had to come
to exculpate the happy innocents.
The Art of Dunning.
Tho ai t of (limning is not reeoned
among tho lino or polite nrts. Indeed,
there are no rules on thesubject, ascach
(auso may be tried by itself, the success
of various expedient being very much
"as you light upon chaps."' At times
a lucky accident brings the money out
of n slow debtor,- alter tho manner fol
lowing: A city merchant, nervous and irrita
ble, received a letter from a cuMomcr
in the country, begging for more time.
I in ning to one ol bis counting clerks,
be iaid :
'"Write this man at once'"
"Yes, sir. What nhall J say?'
The merchant was pacing tho office
and repeated the order :
"Writ e him at once."'
' (' rtainly, sir. What do j-ott wish
me to say T
The merchant was impatient and
broke out:
'Something or nothing, and that very
Tho clerk- waited for no further or
ders. Imt onsull ing bis own judgment,
wrote ami dispatched tlio letter. Jy
the return of mail came a h itcrfiom
the delinquent, customer inclosing t he
money in full ol'tho account.
J he merchant s eves glistened when
he opened it ; and hastening to the desk,
he said to the clerk :
'What sort of a letter did vu write
to t his ir.in ? Jlere is tho money in
I wrote just what you told mo to.
sir. i lie letter is copied in tho letter
book." The letter-book was consulted, and
there stood, hhort and MVcct, and right
to the point :
'PK.wtMit Something or nothing;
and that very quick. Yours, Ac,
And this letter brought tho money
when a more elaborate lun would have
failed of the happy cll'ect.
Who Killed Abel.
Mr. Lindscy told a good .iory at the
.Sunday-school celebration at the Meth
odist ('hurch at Charlottsville, Vir
ginia, the other day. le said tho fol
lowing occurred at tho University of
irginia, between n teacher ami a new
scholar :
Teacher "My litlloboy, enn you tell
me who Killed Able?"'
Scholar "Yes, ma'am."
Teacher "Well, my little dear do not
be afraid, who Killed Abel'''
Scholar '-Tho Yankees."
Teacher 'Oh no, Johnny, we are
not talking about that; do vo i know
who Killed Abel ?"'
Scholar insisted it was the Yankees.
Teacher "No, my son : Cain killed
Ybel. Mow remember, think of sugar
cane; l niu going to ask you about, n
ne.l Sunday. Think of sugar-cane."
The next Sunday the Lot- was again
Teacher ""Well, Johnny, you know
(.-, 1,1... mil ..i ;
' '"J " 11 ' ' -IUCI i
Scholar "Oli
yes, ma'am ; must I
Teacher ''Y'es, my dear, who killed
Hot Weather-Hints Professor
Professor lilot writes in the last
number of the tlalaxy:
A remark or two on eating and
drinking in hot weather will bo in
season. Ci recti vegetables, properly
cooked, are certainly healthful in warm
weather; but it is a mistake to think
that meat rhould bo excluded from
summer diet. The hotter the weather
the more the system wastes, and, there
fore, the more we nuis.t supply.
In order to keep tho body in a
healthful condition, meat ought" to bo
eaten at leant once a day in summer
t'line. It would bo well to vary Ibis
programme by taking ono meal of tish
on every other day. Fat should be (lis
le cd as much as possible. A very little
g'xol butter with your fresh radishes
nt breakfast is as much fat u.-i liece.ss:'.-
When weary,- or cold, or warm,
or exhausted, we drink in preference
to eating, because wo feel tho cll'ect in
stantaneously; -while alter eating even
the most sub.-tantial food wo do not feel
tho clied for some time.
When exhausted, and when immedi
ate relief is necessary, the best drinks
arc broth, chocolate, mik or water,
sweetened with sugar. It is more than
a mistake to drink wines or liquors at
such a time; really committing hov.
suicide. When only thirsty, without cxhaiis
tioii, we ought to drink cold water
with it t. asio(.n. When thirsty ami
heated, tho tirst thing to do is to dip
the hands in cold water, deep ciiom-h
just to cover the wrists; dip a towel' in
tho water, lay it on the forehead, and
then drink cold water with a teasiioon.
Jf exceedingly hot, keen vour h.m.Ui..
. ! , . . . ..
iconi water and the towel on your ("on
"rat least one minute be
C-if Tho heaviest income tax-payer
in Indiana is W. (J. I0 I'aw, of Svw
Albany, who pays this year on an in.
ooino of WlD.iiOtK ight comfortable
littkj fcnttn, that.
The Public Debt.
Allowing Iho public debt of the United
Slates to bo two and one-half billiona .of
dulliirs, ( winch is a losr estimate,) nnd
supposing it lo be converted into silver,
nnd put aboard of wagons for translation,
allowing sixteen dollars lo the pound nnd
2,.r()0 pounds to tho wngon, it will rcqiure
C2,r00 wagons, nnd allowing thirty (cot to
the tenm it would nuko a liuin of over 3)5
miles in extent.
Supposing a nun to nndortnko to co out
this money at tho rate of fifiy dollurs lo the
minute, mil ten hoars to tho day, it would re
quire more tlinn 229 years for him to complete
the tnfk.
Again, supposing this tnonry to bo piled up,
a'.id allowing otic -eighth of an incii for the
tbickties3 ol one dollar, it would nudtca liberty
pole of solid silver nnd of the circumference ol
tilvcr dollar, 4.0.12 miles high.
If tho A imrieaii eagle wcro lo npcrnd this
potent the ruto ol one-half tniltf per jnimilo
it. would re poire thirteen days, sixteen hours,
nrd forty-eight minutes for liiui to go and
return, W. It. Clark.
Till 0..V. C, Noble. Couuty.
m -
R3.1tev. O. I. Filzijertld, editor of
tho Shu 1'rnncisco ( C'ul ) fc'pretalor, who
pn.cd throiiirh M i.-sis-iippi on his way froyi
tho (jcoernl Cenfercnc, writes to his paper;
At llrooklmvcii, an old gentleman in home
spun inuisted on my uinui'j ul Ins cxprso. Al
purling, I n.'kcd him, " Is this the way you
treat strsiigers down here in Pixii? I'o you
(eel it your duty lo pny lor their tilling? ''
Wo ought to do it," lid answered, when
they como as far ns you lmvc for tho church.
If you (eel nmkr any obligations l' me," he
ndded, "discharge; the debt by pinying lor me'
and '.he old man's ryej filled wlili tears as
he spuko. "-My namo Is ," lie continued,
und Ihen ho proceeded lo spell it, lent, ns lio
suggested, I might pray for tho wrong man.
I'hat dear old brother believed lu prnying
Qitkx Yirrronr.v'i roitTR.MT. I'ho mnnifi
cent K'lt tendered by Her Majesty to Ucorno
lVuhody, Ivq. is nearly completed. Slip, for
the fa-Ht tiino for tlio prtscaliilion of her pr
ti alt to t privuto individual, put in tho only
robe i Stato bIio lias worn Binco the death
of 1'iince Albert the costume in which she
was attittd at the opening of the present
Parliament. The likeness U Paid to bo por
ted, Mild the Queen has expressed Iicr umpiul
ificd npprovnl of it. Though only h-!f- Inngth,
the puiiitiiiK is fourteen by ten inc'. ) wile.
The portrruit is suid to bo dnc in cuvnu l, on
piunl of pure gold. It in tho lurges-t cr.nm
clcil portrait over fttlemptcd in l'nqhuid, nnd
It lius been lound necc.nry to build a pinnll
hontiiij fornueo specially fur the cxecutinn
(if the work. On its eoinijlclion tho pioturo
will bo monntid in a mot tlahoruto aud
nm.s6ife clinked frmuo of puro gold, sin mounted
willi tho royal crown tuumcluJ ou the same
.vn and I'KAiTiri'i.. Kx Governor Vnnco,
of North Cnroliiin, in n recent nddrcss before
tho literary societies of thj Xurtli Curoliua
University, npul;e ns folows:
No nioiiicnis o( victory arc for ns, no ntional
j'jliilee can o celehrnte, no sonys of triumj;li
vm our nittideiiR aui, or pirlund-i of tflory
wcive; thtro is no welcoming fur returning
conqneror, nor erecting of triuniphul arches
for us to cnn.mlo uj for our great RiiEfuiing.
We uro oil alone with onr great defeat nnd
that heavy sorrow which, never (lilting, still
is sitting in our tiousi bidd; nnd all that
wo Imve left lor our comfort is tho sad yet
tender light which plnys nrouud tho memory
iit tho.so who died to iinke it othurwito.
W.vtkr Soi.u Uv k Ui.aps. A writer ol
I'ortre Monroe, t-pcuking of tho heated term,
snys: Conne tted with tho wenlher conies the
Biitijccl of tho Ecureiiy of water. Not
only fiuitH, vegetubka und ol lu rcrops have
miflcred from tho wnnt of rain lor tho pant
seveial weeks, but nearly all tlio wulla und
cistern nro dry ins up. Tho conn'oucnco is
that iu Norfolk and I'oi tinoiitU water U a
merchuntible article, and is retailed out by
the gallon aud even tumblers full. It is to be
hop td tho present proiiiiiing thowcr will
diive uway tht torrid heat, rcvivo vegtu
tiiu, and to the product iveuc-8 of pcacliw,
watrriiu huis and hiicIi luxuries of Iho nason,
till wells and cisterns with water, and the
hcurtd of all with abundant joy and gludncsd.
Attkmptku Sririi.R. A young man, ol
hopeless nppeurnr.co, entered the diug-Uore
ol Mc.'iur, I,cich & Miighco, tho day bclbro
ytitei.hiy, and culled (or ton cents worth of
sirycliuino, which was Iihi, del to him. Upon
getting it lio immediately threw it in his
mouth and swallowed it. 'f ho druggi.it seiz' d
him nnd lorced nn cmetio down his throat,
wlech hud the effect of turning him hiiido on',
lio left tho btore it wi'ier mun. Wo did not
learn Ihu cauo of the atleinpled net. hivnns
villu Jourmrl.
A Xl'.W rir.I.ow. An especial good
otlice bus been rendered the sick by
the Crown Princess of I'russhi ((tueen
Victoria's eldest daughter) suggesting
a new kind of pillow to lay the wound!
ed upon. Very small bits of paper,
torn so as to oiler uneven sides, uro put
into a lim n case, and this again in u
covering of thin leather. This simple
and inexpensive invention, which is
said to be cooler than an ordinary pil
low, has employed thousands of linle
hands iu Prussian schoolsand families,
enormous Jiatieuco being required to
icur ujt enougn ol Uio tiny fbrcd
mako ono cushion.
Tax convicts in tho Sluto Priecn ut
Chin luitown, MuMaehuselts, Imvo coiilributcd
f-'OO lor the rollkf ol tho Purilm! buflrcra.
Vonl.BP i I'Al'Vti Durinif lln reii'n
of t'harles 1. all English paper bore the
i .t ' I rci 1 1
water mni'K-sinc royat arms, i uei ur
liamcnt under Cromwell made a jest of
this, ami among other indignities totho
memory of 1'e King, it was ordered
that the royal arms bo removed from
the paper, and tho ' fool's cap nml bell"
bo substituted. Theso in their turn
were of course removed nt tho Uesto
ration : but littper of the size of tho Par
liamcnt journal tdill bears tho name of
Thtp "Washington special of the
St. Louis Jieuiblican says: "It has
transpired otlicially that the Tennessee
Legislature made no ratification ol the
Constitutional amendment, iho State
IVpartineiit has received no ollicial
notilication of the fact, ami reliable in
telligence from .Nashville adds that the
matter will now go over to the next ses
sion of the Legislature."
rrrTho associate press of I his coun
try propose to spend l'J."i,HIO a j-ear
lor Lut'opcim news by the Atlantic cn-
lilo. J hey will have two ilisjuitches a
I l' t I .. Wl 4 i
o;i , iioioe up. in jjoiMiou loree
ociocK in tlio morning ami three
o'eb'ck in tint at'lernoon, which will
bo the same at ten P. 1. and ten A.
Now York time, and will reach
hero in season for morning and evening
'" T" In tho Ptnto of Mij"oiiri, tho mini who
solN whi.-t-y on foimlnv, without n lieene in
lined from ten to (wcity-fivc dollnn'. The men
w ho pi Ciii lu H 'he po-iel on piunhiy M'ilhont n
licoiixo iit lined not le.iH than 11 vo hundred dol-
lnrs nml rent to juil. It U thus that tho pious
radienl dii.nn:oninU in Miiouri
"t'oinpound for oiiiu they imo Inclined to,
liy (hunioin tho.-ie Ihoy havo no to."
C-jr"'I have this afternoon been
preaching to a congregation of asses,"
said a conceited young parson. "Then
that was the raafon you always called
them beloved brethren," said a tdrong
lninded lady.
tVIn a Lerlin .Military hospital
they perform noiuc tnopulations with
circular saws. A lino toothed saw
running at ti high velocity, would
sever a limb instantly without making
a rugged cut, but we presume the
"flaps" are made first with the knife,
as it could hardly be done with n haw
t.VJ"':Sunny does your father take ti
paper? "Ves, sir, two of 'cm. One of
"fin belongs to -Mr. Smith nnd the other
to Mr. Thompson. I book Yin both oil"
the steeps as reg'lar as can be.
f :,y"Is any body waiting on you?"
faid a polite dry -goods clerk to a girl
from the country. "Ves, sir," t;aid the
blushing (lamsef, "that's my lellor out
side, lie wouldn't come in."
tairTlio Nuw Yrk i:pi.oopilinn soyn that
Madume Demtrest, tho fashionnblo authority,
is likcft ira philanthropiiitt. She began life in
an humble way. With a pair of scissor nnd
a piece of paper, she nctuully began to cut
her way Into town. Khohusuow Iho largest
establishment of tho kind on tho continent.
Sho imp'oys nearly two hundred persons; yet
alio, has never made any diuliuction between
white n iid bluck.
c. ii. r.Aio.i.AV.
J. L. UK 11 K Y .
Attorneys at Lax,
orrii'i: oven i;r:i:vsrcn & unucRTs sTonu,
Ik It. POWEIl,
UlTIl'i: wilb J. r. L'niimi, fnitcr .Street,
nu e ly
K. V. ivoul),
r. d. rosn.
Attorneys and Counselors at Law,
F. D.r0SD, Notary Mllo.
iin'l ly
B A 11 & A 1 N S .
I H A'.
J. A. KKI.I.V.
OFFIUK Botithwesl Cortcr of I'ublic Sijuaro,
M coNNiii.sviuj:, oiuo.
u3 ly
Bounty ! llounty !
S0LDIKU3, WIDOWS, c, Interested In
tho Into law ("iinli,in(r linun'ies, nro Informed
Unit tlio undoi-slRiied Is prepared to attend to Hint
Kind of t usincis with (liFpatcli and ua rcaaoniible
Widows, I'lilMrcn or llio rnrciils of Solilirrs
ho died In servli of dienc or wounds contracted
oi rrrrivrd In line of duty, will roeoive the mme
nnioniit ns would have hern pnid the soldier hiin
fclf had ho served his full term of enlistment.
nn tlntm Agent,
1,000 AcrcN of Land,
L 0 C. 1 TI J'EX T. lliX AGO,
For Sale or Exclinntrc for Town PrnpcrtY
Tin: i.4i is sni iirn i
Hiillvnn. ltnti-n nnd Vcrium comitl.n, Min.n.uvl.
It In well wnteird and Undated. Hint portion In
Vei non county in within one luilo nnd K half of
M'Vm.A t ily the (omity sent. I'or fuitlier pmtio
ulnis cull njion tho mibierihcr Ternit eav.
au!-4m JONAS l'tlW'KEL.
iANfFACTi:rtr.n of
Tin, Copper nml Slicft-Irou Ware.
of nil Mitd executed ivltk nrutnrn nnd dispatch
He t coimtatuly on hand ery largo nort
liient of
Cookitit; PtOVC",
I'lulor tovc.
llcatino; Siovc?,
Tiro Frout9,
Jlniul Irons,
Stovo l'ipo,
Hoe?, Knkcs. l'irks,
IJrnsH Kettles,
Apjilo l'ttircrst, Nail9,
nuciCKrs.Turis, chuuns, ukooms.
Japan Waro, cc.
33rilliant Coal Ctovo
Indianola Wood Stove,
wagon, nuis'ir iudin(j winis.
And mnny nthrr nrtlclei to nunicronH to mention.
All work douu In tho hol niuiinvr.
1 will ui-iiro no jinim to jilu.uo thoeo Who niny
favor mo witti a cull.
Opposite tlio"Hiicl;eyen!ock," XTConnidavlllc, 0
At tho old Maud, In the thnc-Mory hrlck, nearly
oppu.ilo tlio 1'oM, House.
respprtrnlly Informs tlie citizen of Morf;n county
Hint lie U:t'in ronxtniilly on limid u liill.uvsortiiiciit
of tlio Viii iou. i.rtieli-H umiiilly kept In a firxtcluM
Croci ry Ktore, toiwi-itihs iu part of
Ten, Colli-e, Sunr, Klli, Sodn, t-'pli-ox, Canned
1 niitri, t'uvi-O) titer. t-yrup,t'lit-c,C'raelicm,
liiuiri.i, H oiidrtiiiu, 'lolnitco, Ciffarn, l!a-tk-i-U,
Ititlu I'owcler, lllastiiig I'owdcr,
l-'iue, rucliinff arn, Ued
CordH, Miinill.i ltoie,
l.uid Oil, Carbon
Oil, 4c,
all (jf f hh h will ho sold ut tho very lowest prl ern,
Plthcr at n-hnlusulo or retail, fur cah or uiuirovcd
louuliy pii diu'o,
Hiu hiKliest iniirUet prlts jmld for all klndaof
Country I'vojueo.
iAeiy uitiLlo sold nt thla estab!lhruent U W'All
Il.VN TKIJ iw ruiiiudciited.
F. SILL & CO.,
Dry CooiJs, lirorrrifs, Notions, TJuwr, Trnnki
jloUo Court Iloiur, M'CannelTlllc,0,
Ai r ai; n m k t noria T.
I. N. Hook, I'luiutitt,) ilrforeK. O. liuvU,.Iui.tlco
.. . n ." f "r tlie l,l"'ce of Windsor
I'ett-r K. Noyen, Def t. ) townlilp,MorRan cn.,Oliio
ON tho U day of July, A. I). IhliU, Kiid Jinlice
ludiii-d mi order of Bttacbiueiit in Ilia ubove
aellon lor tlio mini of clyhty-four (tHi 7) dollan
aud thirty-sevi-a cculj.
3 i. v. hook,
w. sriHtu
purchased an excellent n.noi tmcut of
as wEta as a rnnin btock ov
Leather and Shoo Findings
Wo nro iiiepirril to make to order, nn ehort notlco,
any thing In our line.
We Challenge Comprtltlon,
kitiikh im fiTocic n wonKjiaNsmr.
Of our (dd ciiftomon wo Invite n rontlnuanco of
pali-on gc, and to ilioni! wlio wi.-li to be jrntlrely
KHti-lit-d willi tlivir puixliiise to rIvo iih trtnU
Noun Iml Iho tie-.l lei k tiled, and iiuim but til
very Ijtit wuikiucu employed.
of the liont nmniif.n tiiro kept ront.'mt1y on luuid,
nud will be Hold tlauo oh tlie i lieupiwl,
sT.nni:T of the i'o.ditio.i
Loiillard Fire Insurance company.
On llio 1st tiny of Jnnuary, i860,
matlo lo tlio Auditor UIno, nttr
Htiunt to tlio Statute of
that State.
The name nf the Company Ik the I.oiui.ixuo Fiu
inxi'iiam-k i-onrAXV, una U locuUd Nu. lot
lliuadwuy, Nuw Voik City.
The amount of Ita Capital Stock, all
lam up, u
e 1,000,000 00
II. AfiSETd.
1. (!,mh of tho Company on hand,
nnd in tho band of Agonta aud
other pfidonj
10M3D M
2. Itenl Katatnunlaonmbered
3. The Hondx and Ktocka owned by
the Company (iu per vuucliuni ao
conipiinviiii',) e;',i:o oi
4. lielitn due tho Company, lerurej
by inortaxe, (aapcraccoiupanylug
i 18,10 c
so.r.no on
15.U14 H
8.1.0SI1 ca
5. Del.u othcrtrlHe acctircd, (aa per
voiuhera accoiup.ini Ini;.)
6. Dclit for premium
If All otUer hecuritlea (InUitcet
am rued,)
TuUl Anddi of tbe Compnnv fl,4U2,Csl 1$
Lohbcs unadjusted 1.1,050 00
The ftrentnt amount Injured In aay one rink oo
cordini to cln-iim-taneeii.
The preatCKt nmonnt allowed by the rnlen fn he tn-
Hired m any ono city, town or village accord
ing to cin-uniMtnnce,
The (iientent amount allowed- to ho lnnrr.d la any.
ono block aecordinir to cirfiimtiiiiceii.
Tlio HiHouut ol' its cupitul or eariiinir Oi-poHiled lr
any ollio 1 btuto. un Huvurlty lor louses thviulUr
noiio. The Charter, orAct of IucbrporatloD of said Couv
puny ou inc.
CoirNTT of New Yomc.
cAm.ii.i3 nohwood
President, and JOI1N C. MIM.S, Secretury of tho
l.oiillttri fire iiMtiranrr Ciniiqiiny, telnff cvi-ernliy
Kworu, deuoe nnd cuy, that the fnrc;olnj a fu if,
true and tonei t Htatemeiit nf tlio altiilra of tho
raid Compuny, that the hi. it) IiiHiiraui o Company la
tlia.boiiii tide owner of at ieiiHt Onb IIi nkhfii) Tho
i'sam. Ioi.i.arii of act.iul Ciili Capital Inveitrd In
Ktoi ka and DoihIh, -. In Mortsage nn Iteul Katuto,
worth double tho nmouiit for which the tame la
rnortKuf!ed ; nnd tliut tln-y ate the above doicilbeil
OlllctiM auld liiAiiiiini o Coinnany.
C'Altl.ll.i: NOHWOOD, Prtnuhnl.
J)1IN C. MILLS, Sccrrlarg
Riilmcilbed and awura before mo, lliia jlU day t
January, 1hi;o.
kisai.. Ihtami1. II. M. I'ED1)F.X
Tiolunj l'ubMe,
flmci orTim Ai niTOa of Btati, I
Coi.i'miu h, ()., Januury U, Ihi'iii, (
It In hereby certitli-il, thnt tlio forcffoliijf Ux
correct copy of the Htnteiimnt of Condition of the
LoiWard fire imiinnre Company of Saw York,
ninilutoand lilcd in thin Ollice. tor the year lbiitf.
Witucsa my hand and neal nflii-ially.
seal. J hTAlll'. JAM. lUiOODMA.V.
Au:lilr oj 6(iif.
(To cxplia on tlio 3Ut dny cf Jnuuury, 19fi7.)
On-u-r. uv inn Ai nuoa of Btatb,)
Ism iiavib DlCrAltTllKNT,
Cou-imk s O., Jniiuiiiy 0, lMiG. )
Wuhreas, Tlio .orillnril fin Inmrante Cum.
nun; , located at New York City, lathe Htntoof
Now t'o'.k, bu lllcd in this ollno a aworn hLiI
ment of ita condition, an re(iiiicd by the lint nee
linn nf the net "To rcgulnlii liinurniice Comptnlen
not Incorporated by tlio Htute of Ohio," punned
April 8, ln.'iii.ni'd amended February !, Isiii uiA,
Wlier.-iH, raid Coiupanj Inm fiirnilied the iiiiilurulKri
cd mtti-fiictory i- idenco lliut il is p'icj-hj4 f at
leant one nun, id tlio'tnrnd dtilturi nf ucluul euth
cupitul inverted in Mlotkn, ft bondn , or in rnort-gnKi-n
of real entnto, worth doiible the amount for
wlii' Ii tho mine In uiortKngcd; and,
Wiikhkah. Pnid Company ban Med in this ofllro
a wiilUn iiistruinciit under it corporate aeul
fclpncd by tho 1'reHidcni and Kecietiuy tliereof,'
aiulinrlziiin any OKerit or nconty uf mild Coinoiniy
in tbii State tu acknowledge service of pronesv, for
and iu behalf of buid Coinpiiuy according to tbu
teriim of said law.
Now, therefore, lu tmnunince of the flrnt nectlon
of the uforc-aid act, I, Jaxis if, Oouman, Auditor
of Atuto for Ohio, do hereby certify that said Lo
rillrud Fire Insniance Cumintnv of Now York, ia
ttuUioriznd to transact the huslno.Hn of Fire liuur
mice n thin tilut.t until thiity-tirst day of Jaiuiarf
In the ycurouc ihounuid eiy lit huudiud aud sjyty'
lu witneaa whereof, T hove hereunto aubncrllieil
my liuino iinil euiised tlio bcuI of iny oltieu to ba
aUixed the day nud year ubuvu written.
jAri. II. liODJUJJ, Auditor of Stub.
. JAMES WATh-lNd, Agent, M Cuuuclsvillo o."
J:0 3w 4 '

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