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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, August 31, 1866, Image 4

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t "".iJLjjmUM-.JLi-L.lUJ I'
ll r e8 which irere afterward taken to
-rv'oro qrdcr, tranquillity, find In- to
i tki finite wheie all had for tho timo
boon overthrown. No stops could hnvo
Inn better oaloulntftd command tho
roppcet, win tlio confidence, revive tho
patrioUfim, and Srcuro tho permanent
nnd aiioetionnto aileginnoo ol tlio peo
ple of tli South to the constitution
nnd laws of tho Union than thoFC
which havo been so firmly taken and
no ntoiulfantly purmiod by the President
of tho United States.
Effects of Legislative Exclusion .
. And if that confidence and loyalty
liavo been ninco impaired ; if tho poo
lo of tho pouth arc to-day loss cordial
in their allogt'nnoo than they were im-
, mediately upon tho close of tho war,
WO belie vo it ia duo to tho changed
tono of tho logitdativo department of
the General Government toward thorn;
Jo tho action by which Congress has
endeavored to supplant and defeat tho
President's wiso and be nificiont policy
of restoration ; to their exclusion from
all participation in our common Gov
ernment; to the withdrawal from them
of rights conferred and guaranteed by
tho constitution, and to tho evident
purposo of Congress, in tho exercise of
,. it tmurpeu aim unlawful authority, to
reduce them from tho rank of free and
equal members of a llcpublic of State,
with rights and dignities unimpaired,
to tho condition of conquered provin
ces nnd a conqorcd people, in all things
pubordinato and subject to tho will of
thair conquerors; freo only to obey
laws in making which they aro not al
lowed to share,
Reprisal Against Oppression
. No peoplo bas over yctexistcd whose
loyally and faithsueh treatment, long
continued, would not alicnato and im
pair. And tho ten millions of Ameri
cans who live in tho South would be
nnwortl y citizens of n freo country,
degencrato eons of an heroic ancestry,
nnfit over to become guardians of the
rights and liberties bequeathed to us
hy the fathers and founders of this
republic, if they could accept, with iin
complaing bubmissiveucss, tho limita
tions thus sought to bo imposed upon
them. Ilesentmcnt of injustice) is al
ways and every-whero essential to
freedom; and tho spirit which prompts
tho States and peoplo lately in insurrec
tion, but insurgent now no longer, to
protest against tho imposition of unjust
and degrading conditions, makes them
nil tho moro worth to share in tho gov
ernment of a froo commonwealth, and
giveg still firmer assuranco of tho fu
ture power and freedom of tho Kepub-.
Rebellion has been Expiated.
For whatever responsibility tho South
ern poople may havo incurred in resis
ting tho authority of tho National Gov
ernment, and in taking up arms lor its
overthrow, they may bo held to answer,
as individuals, beforo tho judicial .tri
bunals of the land ; and lor that
conduct, as societies and organized
C immunities, they have alroady paid tho
most fearful penalties that can full on
offending States in tho losses, tho suf
ferings and humiliations of unsuccess
ful war. Hut whatever may bo tho
guilt or tho punishment ot tho consci
ous authors of tho insurrrcction, candor
and common justice demand tho con
cession that the great mass of those
who became involved in its responsi
bility acted upon what they believed to
be their duty, in defenso of what they
had been taught to believe their right-
or uuder a eomplusiou, physical mid
moral, which they wero powerless to
resist. Nor can it bo amiss to remem
ber that, terrible as havo been tho be
reavements and the losses of tins war,
they have fallen exclusively upon neith
er party that they havo fallen, indeed
with far greater weight upon thoso with
whom the war began ; that in tho death
of relatives and friends, tho dispersion
of families, tho disruption of social sys
tems nnd social ties, tho overthrow of
governments, of law and order, tho de
struction of property and of forms nnd
modes and means of industry, the los
of political, commercial and moral influ
ence, in every shupo and form which
great calamities can assume, tho States
and peoplo which engaged in tho war
against tho Govern men t of tho United
States havo suffered tenfold moro than
those who remained in allegiance to its
constitution nnd laws.
Those considerations mny not, on they cer
tainly do not, Justify tho action of tho people of
the insurgent state; but to just or generous
mind will refute to them very considerable
woight in determining thcline of conduct which
the Uovemiucut of too United Btutcs should
pursue toward them.
Acceptance of its Penalties.
They aept, if not with alarcity, certainly
without lullen resentment, tho defeat and over
throw they havesustuinod. They acknowledge
nnd acquiesce in tho result, to themselves and
the country, which that defeat involves. They
no longer claim for any Stato the right to secede
from the Union j thoy no longer assert for uny
Elate an allegiance purumount to Unit which is
duo to the General Government. They have
accepted tho dcatrutiuu of slavery, aholibhed it
by their Btuto Constitutions, and concurred
with the States and people of tho whole Union
in prohibiting its existence forever upon the
soil or within the jurisdiction of tho United
Blates. They indieate and evince their purpose
just so fust as may be possible and snfo, to adupt
their domestic laws to tho changed condition of
their socioty, and to secure by the law and its
tribunals equal and Impartial justice to all
elapses of their inhabitants. They admit the
invalidity of all acta of resistance to tho Nation
al authority, and of all debts Incurred in at
tempting its overthrow. They avow their
willingness to share the burdens aud discharge
11 the duties uud obligations w hich rctsl upou
them, in common with .othor' sections of tho
Union) aud they renew, through their repre
entalivos in this Convention, by all their pub
Jl conduct, ia ever way aud by the ' taoet
oUmji acts by which States aud societies ran
pledge their faith, their engagement to bear
true faith and allcginnco, through all timo to
come, to tho Constitution of Iho United States,
nnd to all laws Hint may be made in pursuande
Appeal to the Nation.
Frt.t.ow-corifTtiYVFjr! We call upon you, in
full reliance upon your intelligence and your
patriotism, to accept, with generous and tin
grudging confidence, this full surrender on the
part of those lately in arms against your au
thority, nnd to shnre with them the honor nnd
renown that await those who bring bnck peace
and concord t jarring Stales. Tho war just
closed, with all its sorrows and. disasters, has
opened a new .'areer of glory to tho nation it
has nnved. It has swept nwny tho hoalillit'es
of sentiment nnd of interest which were a alitnd-
ing menace to its pence. It has destroyed Iho
Institution of slavery, always a cnuso of section
al ngi'ntion and strife, and lias openod for our
country tho wny to unity of interest, of princi
ple and of action through all timo to como. It
has developed in both sections a military ca
pacity an nplitudo for achievement of wnr,
both by sea ami land, before unknown even to
ourselves, nfid destined to cxerciso hcrenflcr,
under united councils, nn important influence
upon tho character nnd destiny of the continent
nnd the wor'.d. And while it has tints rerenb d,
disciplined nnd compacted our porer, It hn
proved lo us beyond controversy 0' doubt, by
tho courso pursued toward both contending
sections by foreign powers, that wo must bo tho
guardians of our own Independence, and that
the principles of republican freedom we
represent can find among tho nations of the
earth no frirnds or defenders but ourselves.
We call upon you, therefore, bv every con
sideration of your own dignity and safety, and
in the iinmo of liborty throughout Iho wold, to
completo the work of restoration ami peace,
which tho President of the United Stole hn so
well begun, and which the policy adopted aud
tho principles asserted by tho present Congress
aiono obstruct.
Congress to be Remodeled.
The time is close nt hand when member of a
new Conprchs are to be elected. If that Con
gress shall perpetuate this policv, and, by ex
cluding loyal blates and people from represen
tation in its hall, shall continue tho usurpa
tion by which the legislative powers the
Government aro now exercised, common pru
dence compel u.i to anticipate augmented dis
content, a sullen withdrawal from the duties
and obligations of tho Federal Government, in
ternal dissensions, and a general collision of
sentiments and pretensions which may renew,
in a still more fearful shape, tho civil wnr from
which we havo just cmergod. Wo call upon
you to interpose, your power to prevent tho re
currence of so transcendent a calamity. We
call upon you in every Congressional District
of every Btnte to secure the election of members,
who, whatever othor difl'oroncci may charac
terise their political act iou, will unite iu recogniz
ing the right J every Slate of the Vniun to rip
rttcntulntivn in CongrcaK, and who mill admit to
scats, in ei'her branch, entry loyal JicjircKututive
from every State in allegiance to the Government,
who may bo found by euch'ilouse.in the oxercisc of
the power conferred upon it by tho Constitution,
to have been duly elected, returned and quali-
aed for a scat therein.
The Sovereignty of the States.
When this shall have been done the Government
will have been restored to its integrity, tho
Constitution of the United Status will have been
re-established in its full supremacy, and the
American Union will have again becomo what
il was designed to be by thoso who formed it, a
sovereign nation, composed of separata States,
each like itself, moving in a distinct nnd inde
pendent sphere, exerci-ing poworB defined nnd
reserved by a common Constitution, and reeling
upon tho antent, tho confidence and co-opcrn-tion
of all the Sutcs and all the people subject
to iU authority. Thus reorganized nnd restored
to their constitutional relations, tho States and
Iho General Government can enter in a frater
nal upirit, with a common purpoao aud a com
mon interest, upon whatever reforms tho secu
rity of personal l ights, thernlurgoinent of pop.
uhir liberty nnd tho protection of our republi
can Institutions may demand.
The Sovereignty of the States. Consistency with a Vengeance.
In tlio Seventeenth Dmtrict of this State.
the Radicals, Id their Congrefaionul Conven
tion, of Stark, Columbiana, Corroll and Jef
ferson Counties, adopted the following reso
ltesolvod. That tlie Union i.trtv of ibis
Congressional district heartily opposes tlio lute
Congressional legislation which increased
the pay of Senators and members of Congress
from 83.000 to 85,000 per annum, while tho
claims of soldiers and sailors, who nobly per
iled their lived in the late war lo put down
rebellion, were slighted by an epolgy for a
bounty bill which gives satisfaction to oo one.
llenolvcd, '1 hut tho candidates before this
Convention be scparatly ealled upun to
pledge themselves to niuko all honorable ef
forts to procure tlio repeal of tho act increas
ing the sularics of Scuutora and (Jor.cresameii.
and procure the enactment of a luw equuU
izmg the bounties of soldiers aud sailors uoou
jtiVt and equiluble principles.
The Convftiliou, alter this, uominutcil lor
ro-electlou Mr. Kekley, the old member, who
had voted for tle legislation they coudemotd!
aud followed it up by a resolution ludor ing
the doio(, i ol the last session of Congress.
The consistency of their actiou can not be too
highly admired.
Tho following snake story is rcliablo, nl
though it tells of large snakes. The Wards-
worth (Median CouittyJ lintcrprise says:
Two large boa constrictors, tho property of
Stewart Craven, of Congress, Wuyno Couuty
Ohio, escaped from their keeper, la company
with three other 'snukes a short timo since.
The bom hive not, at lust report, beco cap
tilled. Ad alligator escaped about the mmc
timo taking possession of a field near at hand,
driving out the cattle and ehorp in a very
thort space of time. Mr. Craven secured the
monster by throwing' a lasso over him, and he
is oow couGoed in a small compass by i
heavy board fence. Those reptiles wore for
metly a part of Don Uice'i menagerie
Morgan Co. Agricultural Society.
Fourteenth Annual Fair,
[Near M'Connelsville]
[Near M'Connelsville] OCTOBER 2d, 3d, and 4th, 1866.
Deft Stallion over 4 ycsiru, f 10
1.M do lo
Best do over 3 years,
21 do do
Host do over 2 years,
2l do do
Host fielding over i years,
2d do do
Best do over 3 yenrs,
21 do do
Best do over 2 years, 2
2d do do " .-1
Best Mare over 4 years, 4
2d do do 3
Best do over 3 years, . 3
2d do do 2
Best do over 2 years, 2
2.1 do do 1
Best brood Marc, colt by lier side, K
A ward i ng (, n in i 1 1 ee. A . S. Dickey,
Augustus Lovcll, Janus J. Jlufl'inan,
L. D. Beed ami Bolici t Jlodgon.
Is'o animal to receive an award or
premium in more than ono number d'
this Class.
Best Stallion over 4 years, 58
2d do do 5
Best ilaro or (ielding over 4 years,. 6
2d do do do 3
Best pair draught Horses or Glares 10
2d do do - i
3rd do do 3
A wn r d i n g Ci m m i 1 1 ce. A . S. D i i lc ey ,
August tin Lovell, .lames J. lull'in!Ui;
ii. D. Beod and Bobcrt Hodgcn.
No animal to rcccivo an award or
premium in more than one number of
this Class.
Best pair match Hordes or Mures
lor light harness, ?10
2d do do do 5
Best Gelding or Muro for binglo
harness, 8
2d do do do &
Best saddle Gelding or Marc, 8
2d do do ,r
AwardingCdnimiltoe. A.R. Dickey,
Augustus Lovell, James J. llull'inan,
L. D. Beed, and Bobcrt Hodgcn.
No animal to receive an award or
premium in moro than ono number of
this Class.
Fastest trotting horso or maro in
harness. 50
Awarding Committee. James A.
M'Connel, B.H. Dodge, John Buck, and
Cupt. James Darlington and William
T. Tally, of Muskingum county.
Sl'i,lih:t4i1.'.u trw4lL,iii.,uiiitliii '
Best Jack, 810
2d do 5
Best pair Mules, 8
2d do 4
Best Mulo B
2d do 3
Awarding Committee "William F.
Hedges, John JIancher, Kphraim C.
Ellis, Dr. J. W. White, aud Banjuniin
F. Matson.
Best Durham Bull over three years ?10
2d do do do 5
Best do over 2 years, 4
2d do do do 2
Best do over 1 year, 3
2d do do do 2
Best Durham Bull Calf, 2
2d do do 1
Best Durham Cow over 3 years, C
2U tlo do do 3
Best Durham Heifer over 2 years, 4
2d do do ' do 3
Best do do over 1 year, 3
2d do do do 2
Best do Heifer Calf, 2
2d do do 1
Awarding Committee James A.
Gillespie, Lewi L. Joy, Humphrey
Smith, Mahlon H. I'arsons, and Llisha
II. Trimble.
No premium awarded in this sub-division
of this Class unless the written
pedigree of tho animal upon which the
same is claimed bo posted upon or near
mo stall tiiereol.
Best Bull over 3 yeas,
2d do do
Best do over 2 j'cars,
2d do do
Best do over 1 year,
2d do do
Best do Calf,
2d do do
Best Cow over 3 years,
2d do do
Best Heifer over 2 years,
2d do do
Best do over 1 year,
2d do tlo
Bes Heifer Calf,
Id do do
. 2
A warding Committee Justus Chad
wick, John McDonald, Bufus D. Cot
ton, Bichard MeElhinny and Nicholas
No premiums awarded iu this Bub
dkision of thin cltwn unlet tho written
pedigree of the. animal upon which the
Kamo is claimed bo jKisted upon or near
tho stall thereot.
Best Bull over 4 years, ?10
2d do do 5
Best do over 3 years, 4
2d do do 2
Best do over 1 year, 2
2d do do 1
Host do Calf, 2
2d do do 1
Best Cow over 3 years, " C
2d do do 3
Best Heifer over 2 j-enra, 3
2d do do 2
Best do over 1 year, . . . 2
2d do do 1
Best do Calf, 2
2d do do 1
Awnrdln" Comm it too. Setli C.
Brewster, C. M. Linscolt, John Harris,
Simpkin II. Brown and Capt. Alexan
der Biggins.
Best fat bullock, ?5
2d do 3
Best voko work oxen, G
2d do do 3
Best fat cow, 4
2d do 2
Best four j-okc Oxen from one town
ship, 0
Awarding Committee. David L.
Jenkins,.Iolin K. Vote, Bdinund Wheel
er, Samuel ilson and David Smith.
No animal in this Class can havo
more than one premium.
I!c9t Merino Hiiclt, C1J
2 do do 10
:m do do
Host 3 Merino Kwrs, 10
2 di dn fi
Hi hi 3 Spring Lnml'8, .'I
2d do do 2
lteil CollAW'ihl Buck, 3
2d do do 2
Ilc.st do Kwcs, 2
2d do do 1
II'.'hI Southdown liuok, 3
I do do 2
ist 3 do V'. vi, 2
Host specimen Mutton Sheep, 2 in No. f
2d do do do do 3
Heat flccco Wool, 1 00
2nd do f0
Awarding Committer. Georco W. Ilerir-
man. Joeplt Reed, nod Joseph K. IJucey,
lo'jinlon Mmw, and Joseph Jl. Ungc, ul
m uniingtoii uounty.
Iso thorp can lake moro than ono pre
mium the buiiiu year.
Rest Hoar of uny kind, 8 8
2d do do 4
fVst Sow of any kind, C
2d do do 3
Heat S piua over 3 and under 6 months, 6
2d do do do 3
Hcst specimen stock liogs not than 5, 10
J Jo do do n
Hist Sow aud litter of pig, 6 or mora, C
Awarding Conuuitlue. Allen Uaalsls,
Robert Ilanchrr, Henjamiu V. Lambert,
Kzekiol lh'Vol and John Noel v.
Heat pair I'olundd,
2d do
Hest pair Dorkings,
2d do
Heat pair ShanghsiB,
2d do
Kent pair Cochin China,
2J do do
SI 00
1 00
1 00
" 00
1 00
Hi'St G natives, Cock and 5 Hens,
Heat pair Tut keys,
2d do
Hcst ptir Bucks,
' puir uuims Fowl?,
1 pair IVa Fowli,
' disulny poultry owned by oxh'r.
1 00
1 00
I 00
2d do do do
Bent c.iee.i'aiiary Birds,
Awarding (Jommiltcc, .lames
Kli Shepurd, Jamej Carr, William
ty uud John I Hums.
Hcst Plow for ceneittl purposes, J.r
2d do do 2
Hcst double shovel Blow, 2
2d do 1
Hest sido hill How, 2
Awarding Committee. James Louifhiidgc,
Willium Hutkhuimer. Samuel 11. Scott, John
B. Thomas and 1'cter Miller.
Hcst Wogon for larm purposo,
.) 00
2d do do
Best Spring Wagon,
24 do
Best two-borso Burrow,
" Roller,
" horse-hay Rulto,
HeBt straw and buy Cutter,
2nd do do
Hcst Churu,
21 do
Host Hee Hive,
2d do
Hoct II oo,
Hust Ox-)oko and bows,
Hest l'oluto Hook.
" Kugar Cur.o Mill,
2d do do
Hust displuy of garden ImpluinentB,
owned by exhibitor,
Best dixplay of farm implements,
owned by exhibitor,
Awarding Committee. James O
1 00
2 00
.. 00
5 00
ritlyc, Willium Burkheimcr, Hamuul
Johu K. Thomas uud 1'eter Miller. .
11. beoll,
Rest wagon Ilaruess for general use, S3 00
21 do do 2 00
Heat carriage Harness, 3 00
2d do 2 00
Best wiigon Whip,
' riuddlo,
2d do
lleit side Sole Leather,
2d do do
Hcst eide Upper Leather,
" pair sueo's Coarso Uootsj
" pair meu's Fine Hoots,
" pair Lady's Slippers,
1 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
- 1 made Coat.
" made Pants,
" two Barrels, (tight work,)
two do (stuck work,)
" barrel Flour,
21 dj
Hcst barrel Salt, 1 00
" flu Table SH, 1 00
" Crain Cradle, 1 00
2d do f0
Rent Curria,-;o made In county, fl -00
2d . do do S 00
Best Cook Stove for wood, 2 00
' do for coal, 2 00
Hcst nest Oak Corn Baskets, not less
limn four In No. - 1 00
nest display of Tin Wore, to consiat of
Tin Huckat, tin Pun, Tin Tea
Kettle, manufactured by exhibitor, 2 00
Rest Riflo tjiih, , 2 HO
" Washing Machine, 1 00
" Band Door, 1 00
2d do CO
Hcst Wiudow Sash, 1 00
2d do f0
Rest Bureau, G 00
" Bedstead, 2 00
' Ceiilnt Tht', 4 00
" sell of ChiiitB, 2 00
" half doxon Coin Brooms, 1 00
" Wool lUtnmili) in county, 1 00
" Fur Hat made in county, 1 00
' Fly Briuh, (pea fowl feathers,) 1 00
" Fixture for tyiiijr wool, 1 00
" display Marble Work, 6 00
Awarding (Committee. James J. l'nlmer,
Mamissah Kuiscr, l'.")iliriiim 1. Duninioor,
Johu M. Uillcspio and Stmucl Price, Jr.
Hcst apecimon Urapc Wino, 2 00
2d do do do 1 00
Hcst do Currant. Wino, 1 00
Hct four pouuds fresh bailor, 3 00
2d do dj 2 00
Hst jar Mv butter, 3 00
24 do 2 til)
KcjI Che so, ,3 1)0
2.1 do 2 00
I '.cm I loaf bread, nnd how made, 1 00
2d do do do' 60
Hcst loaf browu bread, how made, 1 00
2d do do do f)0
Hc.it two hams meat and how curid, 1 00
2d do do do 60
Hcsljnr ti'iinco preserves, 1 00
2d do do 60
Hest jur Quince jelly, 1 00
2d do do 60
Host jar Tomato jelly, 1 00
2d- do - do 60
Hest jnr Currant jelly, 100
2d do do 60
licit sweet apple Molasses, 1 00
2J do do 60
Hest jar Simp, 1 00
2d do CO
Hist box Honey, 1 00
2d cb 60
Rest jr Pickles, 1 00
21 do 6(1
Host box Candles, 1 00
2d do 60
Het box fancy bar Soap, 1 00
2d di do CO
Hest display homemade Sonp, . 1 00
2d do do dn CO
Hcst p alien Sorghum or China Sugar
cane !yrup, 2 00
Rest 6 lbs. Sorghum Sugar, 3 00
2d do do 2 00
Hest preserved peaches in cans or jars, 1 00
2d do do 50
Beat preserved plums In cans or jars, 00
' do cherries, do 1 00
" gallon Carbon oil, 2 00
" box Refill Soap, 1 00
' jnr Apple Butler, 1 00
jar I.nrd, 1 00
Awarding Committee Dr. Charles Rob-
ertsor., Col. Ueorge H. Corner, Mra. R. H.
Dodgp, Mn. Robert Wothcrull, aud Air.
Ueorge J. Ileodemon.
CLASS J No. 2.
Hest Woolen Carpet, 1.1
" Its. tlo 1
" pair douhl Coverlets, 3
" hijine wrought Hiix, 1
" pair woolen blockings, 1
" live yurtU of LIdcq, 3
bed 3
2d do 1
llest five yards of Flannel, 3
M do do 1
llest pa!r of homemade hl.inkeU, II
J J do do do i
Kent piece of cloth, not lers than 3 yards, S
2d do du do do 3
Het piece, of Caxximcra, not less than 8 yards, 3
'2d do do do do i
Ileal piece of Hatirictt, not less than fi yurds, 1
2d do do do do 1
Dent pair woolen Mittens, 1
' puir simtlo Coverlets, 1
" pair cotton HtcickiiiKi, 1
" Immciimdo Counterpane, 1
" puir hoineiimda liucu Sheets, 2
" linen '1'hIiIo Cloth, 1
Awarding Committee. Charles I., barker, Mrs.
Win. Iloileiin, Mm. Iterhert Johnson, alia, tlzekiol
Duvol and Uiss Lucy Adums.
CLASS J No. 3.
Jest honnctln style end nuking,
" Cup du du
" niado Dreas,
" luado Shift,
" worsted I'.mliroldory,
Hillc do
" lduhrcddery on Muslin,
do on Collar,
" sprciiueii Leather work.
" rkirt,
" Htraw bonnet,
" Oiinp hat,
" Crotchet work,
" pair Lamp Mat J,
Awarding Committee. William W. Pylo, Mrs.
GeoiKU Coin. Miss Anuu bill, Mrs. J. U. Davis
and Miss Kute Vore.
Iiost collectiou llowers hy florist, tl CO
M do do do 1 00
best diHduy of green house plants, i 00
''il do do do 101
llest ai'iaugcd Douipiet, 1 00
2A do do 60
icst display of llowers, 3 00
" iliMilav of dulilias. 1 00
2d do do 60
best selection of rocs, 1 00
Mont dinpluy wax llowors, 1 OS
2d do do 60
llest oil puiutiug, 1 01)
2il do 6H
llest water color painting, I 00
Id do do 6(
Hunt sncclmeo crayon drawing, 1 00
'id do do 0
Hi'nt do ncnmanshln, 1 00
do uriutluir. 3 00
2d do do 1 00
llent photograph, 1 00
id do X 09
jlwardlug Committee. William A. Vincent,
Mm. J. C. Hone, Mm. Kobcit L. Morris, Mrs. Johu
Hull, sod Miss Mary M Conuul.
All articles iu this class must be produced by
llest eight kinds fall apples,
2d do do
3d do do
liebt ten kinds winter apples,
Id do do
,1(1 do do
best dlnplny fall pears,
2d do do
best display winter pears,
2d do do
Kest do quincts,
2d da do
llstt do pcaehe,
2d da do
1 1 ' 1 wu imj- jmli1 u.'..a'ai.ji
Hes, do j'lums, j
l'et li KrTes, , '. J 4
7(1 rto d(
Mel dlfplsy fruit pro luctd hy exhibitor S
2d do . do ' do 3
3d , do do , da ,.
Aw.mlins; Commi'tee-Johna Pvl, Thomm
VVilliams. Jo-h'Ta Hall, tlcrrey Q. An irtws and W.
Yf. Kathhone, of Washington counly.
tioi to exceed Ave apples of each kind. '.
All srllrlnfe tut t),U ,t..Mn.lk. 1 .
tho .Ti n. ; 1 "uu,".jl "7
tleat disiibv Irl.h notables. ' il .a
2d do do , . . no
Hest do sweet natal no. .1
2.1 do do - ll
llest do tahhacee not leas limn 1 lic,U 1 n,
'Id do do .
Hest do turnips 1-3 busUol, ' X 00
W d do . . .',.
llest do nninns 1 ttnrlr . . t ,u.
2d do do -tO
Hest do tomatoes,! pock, ' ' 1 on
2'1 du do . . , ; so
Hest 10 beets, 13 la number, l 00
2d do tin
Hest do winter sqn.'vslioi, J la namber I to
l do do . r.
Hcst do caiilillowci.lboads, ' 1 to
2d do do fin
Kent do l.rnx.,,11 l,.i. ...
2J do do ' ' ....: T!
llest do iiniMi, Lin 1 1.. m..i. t
2d do ' Z '"" ' "
Hcnt du v.,..T.i.i . IV
ItfHt lit) bi'liimr ....!
do "s,
Hast do seeilinii- hotntoxa r.,r lu.n 1 .1
do 6 tittOlM, ' J q
11 ki,1"PV ,Mn- '1 1'ek, 1 ()
fliU1ll4V Vnonl. h i,. 1 ' f
2d 'do' 'da
a a.
best biiKhel of wheat, j n
(l lo do j ()
let do YvtM n ...
Hest do 0.1N' 4
1 io H : t:
llext do Is II barley, 00
Hcst 3 LllHhola Illdlnu i nn, In ilia o ...
2d do d : rz
rlSKt bushel of tnckwhoat, j tn
2d do do 1 l)0
BhI do fluxsee.1.
He.t do liitl i .1'
lln"t do cloieriv.,t 1 iS-
llest display pop corn, 1
Hest 1-3 bu W. tt com. 100
iU , , n v ult beans, I 00
Kcst 10 M.S. hops, J w
llet Sieeiiuon Leaf Tobaoco, Dot less thaa
2d do do a 1
w vv
Awnrillniy r. ... n. i , r . . .
" """"rv. ouno j. jnompomory,
James Mmray, Aaron 1'. Deuces, William II. Cool,
and iliompsoii A. Kohinson.
AH tiremhlltl slill kn aw.!..! In II. t.
. .......... v, , imm
cept to the producer, aud of the crop of 1SD.
Beit aero wheal, not less than 35 bushols to
tho ucrc.
2d do dn
Beat aero Indian corn, notices than 100 bush
els to tho acre.
2d do do
llest acre fall barley, not less than 40 bab
els to tho acre. a
2l do do 1
llest ncra spring barley, not luss than 40 bush
ols to tho aero. a
2d do do 1
Best acre ryo, not lest than 20 bushols to the
nc.re. ' a
21 do do t
llest aero oats, not loot than 40 bushels to ttia
' aero. a
2d do do
llest aero huckwhoat, not loss than 40 bush
els to tho nerc. a
2d do do '
Host crop Irish potatoes, not less than M acre. 4
2d do do 3
Hot crop sweat pot nt 00s, not less than L sere, t
2d do do
Host crop clover seed, not loss than ono iu-ro. 4
2d do do 1
Host crop timothy seed, not less lb
2d do do 1
Boxt'ti acrt turnips.
2d do 1
Ileal V ecro held brans. i
2d do t
d do 1
Hest K aero Hold rvous. 1
8d do
3d do 1
Host Jiacronf Uaz sood.
2d do 1
Host H acre onlona. .
2.1 do t
Host aero broom eorn, 3
2.1 do - 3
Beat i aero curroUi, 3
2d iln ; 1
Beat ! acre field boots. a
2d do 1
Best i ncro hops, with full account of culti
vation and pronorvation. 2
rromlnma in this eluss to be awarded at the
meeting of tho directors, In McConnclavillo, ou
the 24lhttay of November next.
Discretionary Committee. John B. 6tono,'
Dr. J. H. Brown, W'illinm V. Brown, Mrs. Mo
ses McDnnicl and Miss Sarah JenkiuB.
Premiums will not he nwarded in any of tho
foregoing classes, unless tho Judjjos deem Iho
trticlo or animal tncritorious.
1 W. A'OOD, Trct't.
John S. Adair, Scc'y.
JAMKS lllll, UK
purchased an excellent assorlmeut of
Leather tand Shoe Findings
We are prepared to make to order, an short ootlst,
any thiug lu our Hue.
We Challenge Competition,
Of our old ciiHtomert we Invite a continuant. nl
patronage, and to those who wish to La outirsly
sntistlttd with their parcbanea to eivt us a trial.
None hut the beat stock used, aud nun but the
very best workmen employed.
of the best manufacture kept eoastantly on W..V
aud will be sold cheap at the chtapmt.

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