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The Conservative. (M'connelsville, Ohio) 1866-1871, September 07, 1866, Image 1

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One Colufrdi end jeaf rJ , , . f f f , y ; tlrO, qd
STalf otmB io yea.' ?i I i . !cft
Tjnarler column one year
Tpeo''al Nottceif, per Ilea ,
10 00
Bnntjl ftrJa of not OM.thAn'ni
for one jeer t oo
Marii.ige f y1( death nottes free; f)j -,
V t Y'eti
.v .f. :r .rit '
'! If
i! ''.c!o') t)!lV!illUt i.i Hi;'"
. ' ... -t ....... c ;i
III I lirtwA
;;-"3 !''; ; Tii
fvtu-v or: LL Ji. JJ.LI -X
, i ' '. 1 1 ! ' i I 1 .a !:! V-:t '
j I - - - , ,--.Vi..,J v ' .;. l:hr, . tw II
" : ' ' " I '
,,,, - i , , , i, -II J .'! ',) .,:.!:,,. 1
. II ".. W....1II f r I .. ..: re '. ,, .
jl il my r ' " ' '- " w a i .Kf-JtA. - ..-
. . . . . .t...f ...... T '. t n tiM
1 1- !
ee, S-M,hil t oin.-r of I'ViMt' IqnuH
j'UBbisiiF.r). rvEur. i iiiiiit morniso.
t" ; E K M S
For nn. y.ef.r,. ayalr' In adviu e, .ii 09
t.lt-iHi M l'llllt:ill.-:lAWtll1n.anVlllW.A 'U ''W -S 't1 Oil
For three mnnUi. tiayable in advance
[From the Citizen.]
To that lout for which you poured
V-ir l W').t liiJ .lwcro.h;w1rl ! i J
I 1 1
J'or tli i n you mw, witli ilrnlv c c, ,
VKllohMlh'of iMlVirtK-rfilii'iiky, ' l 1
Your brpthrri bleed, your Lrotli?rs dip-
I t.,.
Tlisot Ui yro tok l kce Jhcfci' UnK'l jt ;
Unculli Uml,' lLK oilivXn ioAr MAif, 'V
lUiitaili it victory cio'nnt y.it '
yp' yv hoar year ri.'M'iiH'iW;' call,
Unipe every hand emlsivriir ly all . .
'''Vo bi ii gTc otnr from ii hu'o tlmll full,
J0 Sllile lost W-lli'vl'iiUm v
. i. u. . t
TJic I'lolting kliftvo who ttiiiid confucJ
Roiulng a pcrinanunt nrr of riicen,
' "Cim sliuw no l)ttilg j,ou.lJi6.UrenntT-,. , .
Jfot'oi-jM lialli Vnow tlmir fooctl
r.rp'irjfi rn lb" f, t".f ii K-op bwiil!' ; '
.W bo fol lywed you down to the oMiqucroil land
And whoso jiurc did wondorously exjiand
V Vhile rou fought tho rebl hand to liauil,,
,. lii.ui.jrting oir gloi iou Vniou t -
'Thcy wero (n(titint in(llio "IJoulo f.llade.'JJ
Jn Iho vnr they drovo iroircuii trad",
."k, And winh itlrow fc cohlluu'. ' 1 1
"Our fout," foriooth, "ibcy will it trmti
A voloiino, iiidevd, it Vm iOi thn emit !" ' 1
S ho Nwurd once drawn inut never nut,
And tho Houth forever bo In tne (lint
rThry..lll hear no tnll of Uninnl , -;i
Tjf fieU rovoHa they, lutit the goni, . , . .
New worn are in their tyranny tendered f i
Hut the br in blua wiH kepth terms
Oh ';rii'li tlio South mirrendeied I
V'e truxt the pien with whuiuwe tiih(
Wekni; tjn-ni f nllnnt fii art-nti (liotiglii
Tholn iim tlieyi'hr l iihed hnaouine t tnnught
And tf Ivy alt y now, hynuglMiicnnii brought,
VfewMcoin thtrn McU to (ho I'nioaf '
So, coniTftdii ktiio Ml ikd iwor.t ' ' 1 ' '
Still keep in line till your work be finii lied I
Trom tho llutr which abm w ;it in battle noured
Xo itart nnint be diinini! linl I
"The iiti'1 ytt Jvulierl'noiio'crj- .
I'or this ynti aa-; m1ebdy eye, '
While the ronr of battle till tho eky, '
Your .ItroiU" your brvJicrM l-
Yitihav4 vd poi.re" tvi-UioVuioivl
MILKS O'li KiLTjY, hi H mark.
..Lot l'rivuto 4"th J V Vol. IiiJ'iO'lrj'
Defending the Tilters.
Tho editor ol tlio J'ouglikei'psto
Daily-lVeig ban conie lo the det'enso of
lilting-liopps. , 116 liktis them, and n
not afraid to eny bo, eniphatieitlly:
Kliow U4 the-iiiun lluitdoori not like
hoopstiltins'-hoonH blot invention
d' XenuK llio rayefuL. peruiittei of
white, graceful, syinmetrieal, joyous,
drifliiig.-KWHT, t-svinmiint'awHylidirtg
awav vanmhint' troin tlio tticer, do
vourinj: ej'O. iso til trvbite clouds upon
tho Bummer s heaven: ho tlivoun their
lleecy skirta tlio i tin-btirst . how8.
.Show" us tho man that does not like
Jiootjs tiltin;f-hopH and t will
tdiow voit n 1 man vdtov does not like
riUs, vtHthn, vjieningrnto )arndiic, who
would fhutout thorlonmis vision troni
bis follow man, iind bid Idia grtiVo be
low', not' turn their rapturous e;azo to
things aboves IIoopj-TiJtmg-lioops
true tincture of Vcmi.4 uufabled koiio
of tho, Pjuta-born. Goddess. ., . . ,
"In tliem ia every art end every rharin,
To win Iho wisest and tho coldet win in.
(Show us tho feminine,. who does Hot
like hoopSTtiltmgd..oops-and svo uill
a mm vim U Ulllllllll W inun I'l'f Hl'll I.
tani'i, whose limbs "are elephantine, of
ubout tho bluipo ttiul t.i.o ol a Lean
polci; whose Mnkk nro terrible, whoso
fharma aro seen bylhceycoffailhalono"
Plutonian faith. . . i. .
Ohl tittinc-hoori kind disclosarc
many may fpunCeo. Suarling. old
bachelors, wltluTed oiil mtii.ls 'and
women who will never feel again tho
uwcet spring timo thrill of their lost
instincts, may stout thee tho lame,
the halt and the -blind may jeer thee,
but wo-wo still will love thee, still
cling to thee, still'itound thy praiso at
morn uml welcome eve. A nd oil, as
wo1 fieo glimmering liko tho white
winter .moon tbrfytigb clouds, thoso
beautiful, animated puriatit-h ul'ts, whose
delicious proportions wort fashioned
by the spirit pf beauty,- proclaim anew
our thanks and : oof gratitude to, tiro
inventor ul'tiltiutj-boopa. . . ,
A Rrit.vUEH i J-'Qtt lltqn SfEk'n.- A
New York engineer bus phiimetl, and
is about building, ti river steamer, con
tilructed rtitircly pSit vf Bessemer steel,
the length lo bo.. mui'. liunureu. . uno
fifty i'eet, : the breadth forty-five, and
tho displacement 1,700 tons, lly con
lructinje the steamer upon a peculiar
tnodel whieh'ho has 'planned, the' engi
neer claims thatwjth ten thousand (in
dieatod) horse-power engines" he can
eccure ' speed pf at least thirty statute
miles an hour, . TlO boat will ' ttt com'
inodat l,(i'iO passengers, and is to rim,
it successfully, bujl.t, between New
York and Albany, inakiajj tho trip in
Hive hour.
Marrying Bavaria.
ITlio peoplo of Bnvnritv nro not nlloy
cl ninrr; tiotil tlioy. bavo what U
tnnfiod hit ""rtssdrefl lnc'iitlH" of snlisiH-
tpl lci1n;JI, ns will heniHfnlby tlio: fl
I'lKvinrcinrif kil-of ii corrcHpoutlcivl1,
j"I have. heard jtf n rnso of twi YP"1'
toph h a i i ii'jif'to v'a"t filclA''3't;avH'fr
ri4ii)fi1.'Hfoit,lr) inftrry-, Afiitpri(llng t'o
iTiidrol rtdrirw'dn pjilitntinivpi.-. (.)n
of tli4:wrili'9 on tlie nvihject. giv.'d;tho
fullowing ., . -.; i
i An oporfidve earning t A elve hIi ii I inyft
A Kvot-k 'vf i.chf;ftwl to a gl ft 'oAvtiing
oS t, owrieP of a hoimo vnltuxl itt
Xt20, nA cow: They H-ppUM fovpvr
mliot to tmrry, nttl ,: tvro .:rol'tiHd ;
'nienns tif, ttubMitciico volj i n.sn.rctl.'
Thitu went oo; 'llify hd,two t'h'ilrtrpii,'
Hiid- tilt Uicrf;i(ip;'t:.itT6rt -SVftT rrfu'?o!
fin ho onme ffirittnd. Tln wnt,r 'flf
jlt'i uiHnufnctoi'v toolc up t bi r 1 ca0il
fiii'l plrtatil it. hiiiiat'lf with tlip olliciai,
enVhisc lUnt Win rcfufiil wits ' not what
wkifl intended by tlio (rovcrntnent. The
oHieinHreplicd Ditrllyt r.i"Wlit ( fl0c8'
thitti niirtter to ub? The . GovcrantCnt
tniiy ,tmvu jts own idtvnt on ibn nulijeet,
btit wc.liaVo owp, njid'X in' 'jmrtleuVjir
oiWbf the opinion thftt Mielt.' marrinf;
am' nrillior tiht nof useful.' Tho'u-'
Utor IVom, wl'Oni 1 quvto;,;(hiu;.oild8:
'While I am writing, my evynnt-;irl,
ntcl fifteen yetu-H, comes in,' dressed,
for a 'fenst-diiy, and 'nays' tliat Iter father
and inbtliei are to bo married to-day,
and Bhe mwst. henceforth, be called by
hdr futher's name. , Twi'lyp jtiiues her
father's apjilication for licence to marry
was rrjected, and eaeb timo ti,o had to
piiv Itt-s and eSpensen,-' law'cr's bill,
An Ocean Passage.
IV lady who bas recently made tlio
voyage aeroKBtbo Atlantic, writes borne
to a l'ittsbnrg paper, in wblch f-he rath
er pikhes into the 'diomo on tho ocean
wave.'" Shd'pays: ' ' . ' - '' ' ''
'iVrhaps tboy, too.'wlll l'inv rt r'd-
mantin idea t-f a dioino ort tho ocean
wave' . For tlioit'beiKlit- and, indeed.
for every body's benefit. Ihave jotlgd
lwti a jrouil MiliHtituto lor a ride upon
tho nuirrv billows, viet a eradlo mailo
it life-sized one, fro that it will aecom
modnto yourselfplump ydur body In
to it. biro ttvo boys, ono to roek you to
h'k'cp uud the. other to pour cold, water
about your bead ami shoulders, shut
your I'J'.es, and, you have in imamna
tion a 7'its:igo to the Old Vorfd. This
ib a ebean experiment,, Try it. ;
"A eiirious e.lfeet has the., sea upon
colors, thangint; their hue. in a wonder
ful milliner. "When wo eanie aboard, I
sported a 'sundown' trimmed with deep
rosri color, and if not grown color blind
it i a virgin white at. the timo o' this
writing-. , Jilaek and dark groeu or blue
color are tho best lor traveling on the
ocbaii." ' .'."'",''
The Needle-gun Exaggerated.
The ntedlc-gon wu9 f'iiia a tenor wheu 1
left America, uul il is still the bugbear of tlio
Kngliih ri'i, litis inuininjr. 1 hail ono in
fiy tunc! smno lime; it wai to ho icut to (he
Ter tlepoitiiK'nt nt Wa-hiiijton b O'ovottior
Wf ijrjif,' our .Milliliter, at llorlin, now hci e
lein-jorurily. ' All tlio American oflicere wbnm
I huvo eti prontmiieo nainst It.- It Is awk
ward to handle, and to tie fired tepidly- ntift
be lield oniuit tlie tl-lgh nml poiuloj by Id
a t tpc t. For elosfl Pybting It ig vuluublo oa
rt'Vnlver; rutu lonj dislmiccii iho Siring
Oolfl rifle in mora oVf tructive, '1'lilS Cause of
ilfl t fiicii'nrv hero oct'ins to Imve beoo Ilia bead'
long uml titogfitlitT brutul wanner of war
nrp. There bus not yet becu a single exhi
bition of grand ntratsgy save what I tnuy -cull
the Uiiureua wiiy iti which ' I'ruBaitt DUptiaed
Hf Siules l onec, nor any example
l IUCII.JIH lui .iu...,ui.K. nua.wii. a u
opKing nt niii 8 seem simply to bave murcbed
down ipiii) ono another; and, had the troops
of Anstria and the Conredui'iitioii niunouvetcd
to fight ' at ritlo tlii-tonccs, the needle-gun
would jrnbubly have btcn ul cudJenly di.-
onrik'd as was 'ho "repeater" or . ci'flt-e. mill
butiy that Mr. Liucolu and Cyrus PiAd
gave to tho Ariry o.' the rotomuo. ....
, Tho tiefille-inin hui doubtkus bcea dc
scriliedl lo jou ero this, it U very heavy, ami
i always used with the bayonet fixed before
going Into oction. The knob at the brooch,
which must be manipulutcd to load ll, is
plainly rich nt lliirly rods diutuure. They
telj story about lliu compositiu ci powder
fur; iivs Cuttridgo, and tho secret of igniting it
by tlio needjo, which is worthy of liluo
Heard, viz: ll. at the inventor U kopt under
closo guurd at Berlin, tkut he may Dot got
(nib the huuds of other tidverfements. An
Kiobassiulor of our. country 8 iiou.jly told
ma thin. Apart from tbeodd manner itbidi
oiites ' of eneoiimgirE great inventors, this
Story hLowi how tmiiej art beatea and
li'iiyii incrowriej by little enpontitiotm. 'fhe
niedlc-guu i thii torror of t'ttrope now, lnl
tViti ejinnKeriitioin of it are PruHxia'k advatit
age. tint it la only the qftairel, M old as gori'
powder, over aguiiK, belvccH muzzle-louden
and bivech-ltmdcr. ...i ,, , , . , .
. , fcirit 3'ou wish to .Know how . an
assoclato spcalcs ofyott to others, mark
how bespoaks ot them to you.
1 1 ' i i i ii ;
fciF-I.i:Ur'B. Irrint Jtqme repeat the report
tliut the e.x King KratiU II imssolj tiro 1'ran
ese Tulace to thn limpet or Nnpolcoo for eight
A Graphic Account.
f : ..'j .'; :) i. : j " i
, Mark'' Tvvaia," of ,'tlio Sacramuhto.
Union giVck the f)llov'ir!ig' interesting
story of tho escape of tho crow of, tbd.
j "twin it- wATKrt. TfioyiSiONj kb. " '
I have said thtttlii a lew minutes
tirheullowcd him, Ctiptaiii Mitchell was
only ftblo to soido upon tho fewr article
of food and oilier necessaries that hup-
ponqd to lio ubout tho cahin. .Hero
is tho list: J ronr hams, seven pieces
of sail pork (each pioco weighed about
lonr" pounds), ouo box ot ..raisins,.; ono
huudrcd pounds of broad (about ,ojie
barrel), tweJvo two-pound cans of Oys
tets, claind ii,nd "assorted 'meats; ' six
buckets of raw potatoes (which rotled)
a jceg tvilh roiir pottds of butter in it,
twelve gallons ot water in a lorty:gal-
lon tierco or "scuttle butt, . lour i one-
gitllon demijohns full of water,, tbrce
bottles ol brandy, the property ot pas
sengers; Borne pippsmutches, ami a
hundred pounds ot tobacco, lincl no
mcdicincB. - That was all those poor
fellows had to live on.' for jbrly-threo
days tho whole thirty'-ouo of them. (
J iaeh boat had a compass, rt numtrant,
a copy of JJowditch s Navigator, Hnri a
nautical rumunuc, and the (.apUuu s
and chief mate's boats had chronouio-
ters. . , -
. Of course all hands wcro nut on short
alowanco at Once. ' Tho day they set
Sail from tho ship each man was allow
od a small morsel of salt pork or
little piece of potato if ho preferred i
uml half a sea biscuit three times
day. To 'understand bow very light
this ration of broad was, it b-.: duly no
cessary to kiww.tbat it Juki -t. kivoi'.ofi
these sea biscuits to, weigh t , Lyui;a
iho first two days they only njowed
ono trill of water a day to tfuh 'inrn
but for nearly u fortnight alter that the
weather was lowering and storruy., and
frequent rain squalls1 oceured, ; The
rain was caught in canvat. and wheu-o-r
there was a shower tho forfy-gnl-
Ion easlt, and every other vessel that
would hold water, was filed even all
tho boot.-) that were water-tight were
pressed into this servico, oxcept such
as the niaUhes and tobacco wero do-
posited in to keep dry.' t!o for four
teen davs, thoro wero luxurious ; oc
casions when thcro was plenty of water
to drink. . Jlut after that how.thcy
fluttered tho agonies of thirst i'or four
long weeks 1 ' , . .
For.eeven days- the bonti sailed on,
mid tho starving ineu cab their frag
incut ol biscuit and their morsolot raw
pork in tho , morning, and hungrily
counted tho tedious hours until, noon
anil night should bring their repetioin
of it. And in tho long intervals they
looked mutely into each other's faces,
or turned their wistful eyes across the
wild Sea in search ot tho succoring sail
that was never to come.
"Didn't you talk?' laskodouoof tho
of tho men. "
'No; we-wero too down-hoarled--
that.is; t ho first week or more. Yo
didn't talk wo'only looked lit. each
other and over the ocean.
And thought, I suppose. Thought
of homo of. fcholter from Btorms- oi'
food, and drink, antl rest. , ,
TheMiopo of being picked tip hungto
tbem constantly was even present to
them, and in llieirthonghts, liko bun
ger.( I And. in tho C'uptain mind Avus
tho hope of making the Clarion Islands-,
and ho eung to it many a day, -
' Tho nights wcro very dark. They
had no lantorn and could not ' eee the
compass, and thoro Wero no stars to
steer by. ; Thomas said of the boat:
'She bandlod easy, and wo Btoered by
tho feel of of tho wind in our faces find
the heavo of tho ea.". Dark, and dis
mal, and lonesotu work was that.
Sometimes they got a fleeting glimpse
of tho Bailor's friend tho north Btar,
and then they lighted, a natcli and
hastened anxiously to seo if their compass
was faithful to thorn for it had to bo
placed close to an iron ringbolt in' tho
stein, and tht$- were afraid, during
thosq first nigbts, that thismight cause
it to vary. It proved truo to them,
however.' ' .
On tlio fifth day ' a notable incident
occurred.' They ' caught ' a dolphin,
uud while their enthusiasm was still at
it jiighost over this strokcof good for
twne, they captured another.. . They
miio tv trilling fire in a tin plate and
and warmed tho prizes to cook theni
was not possible and divided ' tbem
equally among all hands find cat them.
On tho sixth day two moro dolphins
wero caught.
Two moro oitngbt on the soverth
da, arid ftlno'i fsuiuH "lioni'ta, and' they
beran to believo they wero ahvnS'S to-'
1tR to live In" tht!Tl'tfAvaKant way;
bot it was not1 t!)htPo "were their
la? I ilolpliins, Ivivl they ti ever ebHid giii
unqlher bonitui ,hoMfh theyfHW,th.tn.
uad loijvd ,f)r Uk-w pfltiu afterward.
;0 tlit Mhlii da,Mb0 ratjnn T, ero
Vtntu'ci'd 'ib1"'1 Pt?-Iali'. TUu4ircak;
fnht,' vne-foiii;lli.of,ft iilcyit), vua yui.vco'
bf haia fliid a irill f water to. eatdnuitu:
water, i
, Humo,itninttty. ,'.)! ibwsi'l.i and
and four oyj:rs and, clais ; mip-
for,, water and bread , the same,, and
twelve argo taslnsor , Iburtseiv small
ones t'o-n man. Also .dtu nig tlic fir,it
tWulvv or fifleen days, cahi ntan ..had
ono spoonful of bnyidy n dny,' then it
Wti our. , . , i , i .. .,
This day, as one of tljo nieij mn gax
hg across ;the (lull wasto water as usual
ho saw a small, dark ebitct rising and
fuji'tig npon tho. waves. Ifo" called at
tention lo It and ,'lu'.. a" 'moment ,cvcry
eve was bont upon it. In ' intensest in
terest.' '.When tlie boitt had annroavh-
ed a little nearer, it' Was discovered
that it was a small green turtle, fast a
Jeep." hvcry noise Washushodas they
Crept upon tho uneoneious (Ouniberer.
Directions were given and hopes and
fears expressed 1,' guarded' whispers.
At tho Titteini momerit-a moment Of
tremendous eonseqBone'o' to' these fam-
ishinz nien tho export Belacted fortho
high and responsible ofneo stretched
lbrth his band while his excited corn-
rates bated their breath and treambled
for tho sneeess of tho ' enterpriseand
seized tho turtle by the hind leg 'and
tiuiucu him a hoard, ll is delicate flesh
wits carefully divjded among tho party
and' eagerly, devoured, .niter bcinir
warmed' liko tho dolphins' which Went
before) him. ,; " ' ' ' ' ;
After tho eighth day I havo ten days
unaccounted for no notes of thorn,
savo that tho men say they had ; their
two or threo ounciTi of food and their
gill of Water three times a day, and
then tho Pamo weary watching for in
sail by day and by night, and tho same
sad ' hope deferred that makcth tho
heart sick," was their monotonous ex
perience. They talkeiuoro. however
and tho Captain labortvl without cos
ing to keep them cheerful. 1 . '
The eighteenth day I -was a mcmora
Llo ono to tho wanderers ,oi tho lonely
sea. On that, day the boats parted
t wmpfiny. 1 ho t ajuain say.1 that sen-
arato front each other thcro' wcro three
chances .for the saving of somo of tho
party, win ro there couia bo but Ono
chanco'if they kopt together. . ,
., The ('r.i.tuin told tho mates ho was
s-t ill going to' try to mako tho t'arion
Iles, and that they could imitato his
example if the' thought best, but ho
wished theui to freely follow tho dicta
tes of their own judgemout in tho mut
ter." At cloven o'clock in tho forenoon
the boats wero all east looso from each
other, and then, as friends part from
friends whom they expectedto meet no
more in life, all hands bailed with a
fervent ' (iod bless you, boys; good
by T'afld tho two chcri'dicd saflsdriltod
away and disuppcared from tho long
ing gaze that followed tlioin so sorrow
fully. .
; On tho afternoon of this eventful
day two "boobies" were caught ubird
about as largo as a duck, but all bones
and feathers not us much hicat as
there is on a pigoon--not noarly so
much, tho men say. They uto theiu
ruw bones, entrals and every thing
no single morsel was wasted ; s they
were carefully apportioned among tho
fifteen men. No fire could be built for
cooking purposes; the wind wag strong
and tho sea ran bo high that it was all
a man could do to light his pipe,.
On morning twenty-
day, while some of tho crew wero doz-
nir on the thwarts, and others wero
buried in reflection, ono of tho men
sttddenly sprang to t is feet and cried,
"A saill asaiir' Of epursa sluggish
blood bounded then, and eager eyes
wero turned to seek the weldonio vis
ion. But disappointment was their
ixntion, as usuul. It was only tho
Chief Erto's boat drilling across their
path, after three days absenco. In a
short time tho two parties wero abreast
of each other, and in haling distance.
They talked twentyminutes; the mate
reported "all well'' and ' then Bailed
awaj', und they never Baw him ' after
ward. , ; i , ., ri . , i ,:.
On the twenty-fourth day Captain
Mitchell tookau observation, and louud
that ho was in latitude sixteen degrees
north, and longitude ono hundred and
seventeen degrees west about 1,000
miles from where his vessel was burned.
Tho hopo bo had cherished so long
that ho would bp "alilo to '" mako vtho
Clurkin Isles dt ported him at last; be
he could ,ouly go beibro ,th6 wind, and
he was now obliged , to,, attempt ttho
best thing tho Bonth-east trades could
do for him blow him to the -"AinorL
can group" or to tho Sandwich Islands
and therefore ho reluctantly and
with mtvny misgivings turned bis prow
toward thoso distant archipelagoes.
Not many mouthfuls of food wero left
i.i r i v. 'i'k
ana mese must oo x-uniiiieu.
"'?""" '.I t --I- i-r
The third mate said, 'bat r under
new prnvr;itnnij-v'6f occedmgs "wp
corild see f hVit wjAyero b'vliVg'too fiigh;
tVo-'bitil tot to Ut n' tb'erif ' liA!rn.',,
o tho rn nni builieA ohd irccr.rj.io it
stJood to reason that wo wasnt't going
'1 mnk liiiidoori and o they would.
IIVV Itil-L. i I. -I 11.1 U llltlllVl ,lilT.ll ,I.I1
fo't hTttnoroT-'f features about it to tht'ni
and yi. a'smilo isi aln03t .,mrdonablp
rifc f hjs joou so, gravely .exprcs'-d .iol'
"living liigh'' on ibiirtceti. raiatiis, at a
m'e'.lt. -- ' ' ! 'I1' Vi-
WhftfrtWo tnen sAfiered ,dtit'luc tho
host tbreo woeka no raorfrsl wan iiijvy
hope, todeserido. ..Thcir,8tiacli,aiid
IlitestMics feltttotllo grasp like a couple j
of smi!"-,",toti': balls, arid tho gnawing
htf ngerpidnri-nrl'I tho tlrondfiil tHlr'st
tlua wn.i onsdmiiire tbeih in tbr M
burniiv; lut'iitiierf,! becme almost! Id
Mipporiablvj. And. j et, as the men say
the Ci.ijit.tiii riaiil funny, things aud
talked t-liccTrul talk until ho got them
tl I'liii v-AniiTi Pmnxr ,f nriA", lto.il - 1, rif
ifsed to opeiid hours together; describe
fig delie;oua dinners thoy had caton at
hoihe, and'eaniesLly planning internii-.
nablo and brorosterious bills of ra'r'o
for diniT they wero going to cat on
ahoro, Jf they ever .lived through1' thoir
troubles to do it, Jioor. .follows 1 - Iho
Captain said plain bread, and butteji
would bo good enough for b.nu all tho.
daysiof his life, if ho could only get it. " '
But tho t saddest! things were the1
drcaing Ihey htid ; An unusually intel-'
ligent, young sailor named Cojtsuidi,
t'ln thoso long days and nights wo
drckmed all tho timo; not that wo' ever
slept, I don't moan; no, wo - only ort
of dosed; threo fourths' of the: faculties
awako and tho other fourth benumbed
into tho counterfeit of a lumbor ; oh,
no, somo of ns never slept for I went v
three days, and no man - ever saw the
Captain asleep for unwurd of thirty.
nut wo barely dozed ,tnat ay, and
dreamed and always of suchfeaiits!
breaa aua touts, ana meat every thing
a man conla think ot piled upon long
tables, aud smoking hot! And wo" sat
tlown anil soiled upon thc lirst dish iu
our reach, li!:q ravenous, wolves; . and
carried it to our lips; ( and then . wo
woko up und found tho same 'starting
comrades about us, and thotacant ky
and the Josolato eea!"i" . - k
. Tbeso tilings ai torriblo even . to
think of.
Itcyen-ft.tartles nio to eomeaerossthat
significant heading so oAon in my nolo
l i T.I .... . I" ' t I .
uooit,.noi wiiiigianiiiug i. iihvo grpwn
so familiar with its sound by talking so
much Willi1 tbeso mistortnnato men.
On tho twonty-cighthday tho rations
wero: Uno tcaspooutulol bread-crumbs
and about on ounco of ham for the
morning meal; a spoonful of broad
crumbs alono for tho evening meal, and
one gill of water threo times a day!
X kitten would nerish eventually un
der Buch sustenance.. . .. .
Four little flying fish, the gizo of Iho
sardines of these, latter days, How into
tho boat on tho night of tho twenty
eighth day. They wero divided among
tho hands and devoured raw On the
twenty-ninth day they caught another
and divided it into fiitoen pieces, lesss
than a teaspoouful apioeo.
. Un tho thirtieth day they caught a
third flying fish, aud gavp it to tho re
vered old Captuin a fish of tho tamo
poor little proportions as tho' others
four inches long a presont a king
niigut bo proud ot undor such circum
stances a present whoso vulao, in tho
eyes ot tho men who olhrod it, was
not to bo found in tho Bank of Eng
landyea, whoso vaults wore not ubTo
to contain iti Tho old Captaiu re
fused to tako it; tho men insisted; tho
Captain said no ho would tako his
fifteenth they must tako tho jomain-
der. - They said in substanco, though
not in words, Unit they would . soo him
in Jericho first I So tho Captuin hud
to eat tno mm. : . ,
un iuouday, ino iiurty-eigiitu -cay
after tho disaster, . wo hud nothing
loll," said third mate, '.'hut a pound
und half of hum tho bo.no was a good
deal tho heaviest puvt of it and one
soup-and-bully tin." Theso . things
wero divided among tho fifteen men,
and they ato it all- -two ounces of food
to each man. I do not count the ham
bono, as that was savod for next day
For somo time, now, tho poor wretches
nuu uueu cutting .uieir oiu uoois into
Buiall pieces aud eating them. . They
would also pound wet rags to a sort of
pulp ana eat them.
On tho thirty-ninth day tho ham
bono was divided up into rations, and
scraped with knives and eaten. I said
t'You say tho two sick men remained
sick nil through, ana awhilo two or
three had to be relieved from standing
watch bow did you get along without
medicines r
. The reply was:., '"Oh, wo couldn't
havo kept them if. we'd had them; if
we'd bad boxes of pills, or anything
like that, w.o'd havo eaten them. It
was just as well weconldn't have kept
them, and we couldn't haveglven them
to;tUo Btok .men! ; alone we'd havo
shared tUern, around all alike, I, guesa."
' Aftor apportioning thoham bono, tho
Captain cut tho canvas cover that had
beeh vrfgirttd- tl hop rintp-Sftftcn oqttaV I
pif'rJcsiirid (each Uhn look1 his1 portion: 1
This was tho last divjrou of fpod. the. .
('nptai made'.'-' Tho ShtA Iroko ti (M
sijiuli oakcnbyittQ'fuT ITy iyiJcd tho
stjnvcs ainobtc.tieTafiijW, cvuiL gnawed
tliom tfpV rii'e.bbeovtb Llld gro'en
ttb-tle, heretofore men tinned, was scrapfed
with knives irnVl rat?ft t'5 tbf lastshav-
iiilt'. Tho llri'fdf riialB f lh-Vi-'pUiocr.s of
.. . .... i - jlT. .1.
HOots and Fpit'trtcm our, wT.- cat nc-.n-ing
eywptr-tho soft etrnp of two-paiii
boots eut.thrcd.','k4vl tat- thirtr-ninth
day and savcd.ri Mr fcho lorlieth.
!f 'f ho nxrn.soen to liavoj :thougRt in
fhV ir orr;rainJ,f tl Bhiwrrr'k;1
ifSlti inc'r's last .dvcaJlU .resort canni
balism ; but they do not appear to havo
conversed about it,"Tbcyonly thought
ol' iTieVfaslibg Tow id i kSltiwtf ioao oil
their nmnbof iw a"poaHitjilit"; butovt
When they, wero caving xag, frnd bono,
ami boots, 'and Bhell, and hard oak
WOod,.Xbey flccp..to hafo still bad r.. no- -tjon
tltali'tWasiitmotc.j 3'haTfJl'.'h
somo ono of tho company must di
noon which ono they well kneW; aud :
dMring th lafcl'Uireo'or four days ot tho
Urriblo voy:tgo . they, .wcro ; patiently
tuit hunganly waii-iiyg for him. I. won
der if tho enbjoct of these ant'iclpafions
know what they wcro thinking of? IIo
most havo known It- 1 must nave felt
id.! They,, bad -even calculated, how
long bo would e?t; they said to them
selves, but not to .each other, I think
thev said, "llo Mill dio' Battirday and
then!" - ' " ' ,; -' 'r
':At cloven. iio'clock,' on Ihd . iSth of
Juno, after suffering all that men may
suflor and Jivo for r forty-three days, m
an Open boal, on ft scorching tropical '
r-ea, ono of tho meiv feebly Hiouted tho
glad tidings, "Land, hoi" Tho "watch
beloW" Wel d )yln3 in.lho llottoia of tho ' I"
boat. nat uo you suppuao me
Thoy said they hud beeiLfirnelly disap
pointed over ana over ogam, mm iy
drcvlod to risk , unothor, cxpericnc.oof T
tho kind tlney. could not bear it-rtneyn .-.i
lay still whero tbey wero. . iney iiu.., t
they would not trust to an appcuranco . .
. . ... . i - I I -.11
that might noir lo wuu ner mi.
would -wait,: 'i--': ' ' ' "f 1
'' .Shortly it was proven beyond flties-'1-'
tlon that" they wero almost to land."
Then thoro was joy in tho party"." Oner ' '
man'is. stud to have Swooned .aWay. . )t
Another said, tho sight of, Uio rccn,,,,,
bUh was better to him than a, day.rar,
Hons;, n Btrango figuro fop a man to u f.n,
who had been lasting for. forty days,w ,
aud forty nights. -"" tll-'-
v .i
Dkatiifrom Eatish Bdi.ouma Sahsm : a
AGE. On last Wednesday morning.Mr. ia
Dumond, a citizou of Dover Hill, ilar. t
tin county, in this Stato, bought soma . ;t
Bologna sausago, and took it to his
home, of whicii his wifo and a child and
himself ato ralhcr freely.' ' In a very
hort timo bis Wife and child wero ta
ken very sick. Tho wilevomitea ireMy
ii B.v.n recovered. ' The chiia was
dead iu about two hours ufter eating."
Mr. 1. himself cat somo moro In tho
afternoon und was. taken just, as luo ,
woman and child had boon. Drs. Bovor
and Elrod wore called to Jus assistance,..,
and .bv tho aid of their unitod skill, to- a
gether with a vigorous couslitutipn, ho ,, ,
recovered. Alio next morning . n
nieco of the samo sausage M-as given io.i
a cat, M-hich proved fatal in loss than
tlurtymtnutes. I vincennca nu.uu,
K-a-Tho fiimin in India in jncreas-' '
ing, and starving wretches havo begun '' 1
to Hock from tho country to tho city.' ;'"
"Hundreds of men," Bays a Bengal, cir- f
culur, "aro daily coining down to Cal- -.
cutta iVomtneramine-siricicenaist,ricis, i k
of whom somo get their food ouco in a !. ,
day, and rome do not. Many pass thoir -m
days eating Bkins oi luanyova , im,ai,.. L,
up in tho streets; niitay -dron
: for an anna or two, or devoto
themselves to pocket-picking ana mur- ,
dor." - ' ' :! ; " . " .' ' " ""J
Ths Sovth hi tiib Frmdmbw Tb9
Bichmond Whig truly rayi : ... .. ;
, Ii the views pf tl KoutWoJ people pro
vail, couflict bf'weea Iha whiles ami bUcVs-,
will aevor occur. It is tbelr desire to live on
pleasaut terms with the colored people, - to
employ them as laborers, to pay tbem liber
ully,.ud io coatribulo . their advancement
anJ boppiocss. If it occur1, it will be forced
by those who are really the worst eneaales t
tbo rjegroes the Uadlcals.' .' , " , '.' ',
1S-A Radical lo one of the Vermont dU-
trict has already npeot $10,000 to secure bis i
rcnoaitnatloD, and says he will be eleotcd t ',, J
it costs him every cent be 1 igartb by J i .-j
tarVT. T. C'oggcshall.' Miuis'er' to ,'
Ecuador, arrived at I'ayta, Peru, July i
2'J. llo "was in good health, and was ' '
to Bail immediatfy for Guayaquil. , , f
; 1-3 A clergyman, at tho ex.inii4.'Uioa;J''
of tho yotng Bcholars of hi-i Suudy
School, put tho following question?, hi
"Trhy did tho children of Israel Bet nP7,:
a goldea .culf?"i "Because they had
not money enough to up an ox was
tho reply of. a littlo' chap who took;
dollar-and-eenU view of the matter
is oi
jjdy-lt required thirty-iivo
milk to make that big Canada cheeso.
4. -
: "I
: .1
-- i

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