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t (Konscrbalik ;
fSIDAY . - - -
8KPT. n, m.
fi'All business pertaining to the Coxsia
Vatitb oiTic (during our absence) can be trans
acted with JR. B.; Moo. ' ,. , , j
Agricultural Notice.
The Board f Ilirector of tha Morgan County
Agricultural Society are. requested to meet at
the otrice of Hon. F. W.nVood,- in M'Connels-
Me, Ohio, on i ,
n . 8ATUKDAY, SEPTEMBER it, 1800. '-
at 10 o'clock, A. M., for tha transaction of bnsl
ae for the coming Fair.
A thi will he the limi regular meeting of the
Board prior to the Fair it it desirous that a full
and prompt attendance be bud at thi meeting.
Jty order of tha l'rctidntit.
3w. John 8. Adair, Secretary
Gen. TT. II. IIIM., of ZancvlU,
rill speak in front of the Court House,
if the weather will permit, if not, thou
at the Town Hall, on
, .. ' ' AJ ALIO 0 '
Friday Evening, Sfpt ISth, at llie fehool
House in Malta.
Col. J. M. CONNELL, of Lancaster,' .
had been invited by the soldier boys,
itnd is expected to address the people
at the eanio places.
Let the people, one and all, male and
forrtale, turn out and hear these elo
quent defenders of the Constitution and
Union. They talk as they i'uught. ;
15y order of the democratic' Central
There will to a GRAND MASS
MKKTllN'G of tho people of Bristol,
Center, Manchester and Meigsville
townships held at the
. citoss no ads
-Friday, September 28.
Of ZantMille, and Colrncl of lhcl22d Best., and
Of Lancaster, Colonel of the 17th Ohio Rrgt.,
and other distinguished and eloquent
champions of tho Union and Constitu
tion Lave been invited and are ex
pected to be present and address tho
Let every body in thocountry round
about rally to this great ingeathcring
of the rooGRcs. Couio in your wagons,
carriages, buggies, on horso and on foot.
Come with your families, and with
The delegations of Center and Man
chester will meet at Drake's Corners
the Bristol delegation will meet at
Cool's store, and tho Meigsville delegation
will meet at a pluco to be by them
At 10 o'clock A. M., tho delegations
will move iu procession to the place
of meeting; and at 12 o'clock, pre
cisely, after partaking of refreshments,
the mooting will bo organized.
The committee men of Bristol, Con
tor, Manchester and Meigsvillo are re
quested to see . mat ail ttio arrange
ments tor this Grand Rally aro made.
. By order.of tho Democratic Central
A Larue Peacu. Mrs. Ruth E
Shepnrd sent us this week the largest
poach we have seen this year. It
measured 11 J inches in circumference
Who can boat it?
Democratic Meeting.
The Town Hall on Wednesday even
ing was weir tilled by an intollige
audience of 'voters to bear a speech
from M. D. Fonott',' Ettq.,'(he Demo
cratio candidate for Congress in this
District. The meeting was orgunizod
by calling Capt. Wm.. Glenn to tho
Chiar, who introduced Mr. Follott to
the audience. - ,
The speaker in bis pleasant and ar
gumentative manner kept the audience
as listeners until a lute hour. We can
not at this time give oven a short sy
nopsis of ; the ' various political points
touched upon by. the speaker. It
sufficient to say that his speech and tho
manner in which he treated the various
political issues were entirely accepta
tlo to a largo portion of his uuditois.
We noticed several ol the other party
prosent, who seemed, to their credit, to
be orderly and attentive to the remarks
of the speakor, and we hope that they
will profit by tbe same, and make am
ple amends for their obstinate short
comings in the past, and resolve in the
Itttare lp go forth and do battld&r the
'ToUBtjt'n'Hon andtheTJnicn. '
Buckxtk Block. Shipaud & Sons
have enlarged their ' store-room, and
have just received a largo and splendid
stock of NEW GOOD, which they 'are
selling ascheapas the cheapest. , Their
variety is Jarg;nd fresh from the
fasbiobaKo cities tf tho 'last,,. , The
public would do well, before purchasing
elsewhere, to call and examino their
stock of goods. " "" -X :.
,- i i .
JTaTTho Secretary of tho Morgan
couty Agricultural Society, requests us
to state that tho Entry Books of the
Society ar now open and . ready for
making entries. Persons des'ring to
compote for premiums should avail
themselves of tho opportunity to
make their entries at the earliest date,
and avoid the rush and confusion, bo
common at tho Secretary's office on
tho first and secoud days of the Fair,
lie may bo found at the Book store. '
tiaf Go to Siiepard Si Sons' to buy
Silks, Laces, Ribbons," Mucins, Prints,
Cloths, Cassimcres and Skirts."
q)r-A lew kiltt of uew mackerel, caught
nst month, just received at the 'Jrocerv titore
pfu. U. Mobtliv.
''And Tun Ui.ikd Shall 6k'' by calling
op J'. T Korr, at Morri' Hardware Store,
who it is gtueraltv koownrbsi Lco afflicted
lib aor eje for Iweuty-Bve year, and bar
ing been cured by the m of J. V. Hardy'
Eye Bttlin, take pleasure iu aupplyiog aj io
need of a cure.
J. Alkxandkh's Dauo (stubs i Hill well
supplied with largo atork ol drug, medicines,
wall paper, put en t medicine, paiuta and dye
luff ud all article! pertaining to tbe Drug
Call sod get Ring! Unrivalled Hair Reito
rative. '
Bacon, pork bacus
and lurd lor (a Is at
Uikd tVuiAT for aula
rrina, alcConutlsville.
by J. F. Somm
'" fQjr Extra sugar-cured
at Moeti.it.
dried beel for tale
By tbe lata Act ol Cougrew, approved
July 28tb, I6CG, every soldier who enlisted
into tbe army after tbe 15lb i f Apnt, 1861,
lor tbe term of tbree years aod wbo irved bil
lei ia and wa lioooratly dincbarged U entitled
to a bounty of one hundred dollars.
rvery aniuier wuo enuaieu alter tbe same
time and for tbe tame term, wbo was dis
charged on account of wounds received iu the
Hue ol duly, sod tbe widow, miuor cbildreo
or parent of ucli soldier, or the belrs ef any
aoldicr wbo died of dilate or wouude cod
trautea iu me uue oi duty 1 eutilltU (o one
hundred dollars boooly.
.. . .. . ...... .
rvery lomier wdo eanaiea toto tbe army
.fiiii the 19tb of April, 1FC1, for term, not
Icsi tbun two jeurf, sod wbo has beeo bouor
ably dincharged, alter ecrving two year, i
entitled to Gliy dollun bounly.
Any toldicr who eulibUd lor less tbaa two
years, wbo Las beeo honorably discharged on
account of wound received io tbe liue of duty,
or tbe widow, nnuor children or pareot ol
art audi .old it r- who died of wound or di
eure contracted Iu tbe service, is entitled to
filty doll.n bounty.
" .It . ..
aii perilous eiHiucu io tnese bounties cao
have ibeni promptly collected by
Office South-went comer ol Public Square
X.Two tierces of extra fam ily cauvascd
boms just received at Moktlkv's Grocery.
Equalization Bounty Bill.
A pasted by Congrett July 27tb, I860, give
100 additional bounty
. To evory honorably disubargod soldier wbo
enlisted iu tbe army of tbe United States siuce
April 10th, 1861, for three yeurs, aud served hi
term of.eulistment, and who has recoived or
was entitled to receive but f130 bounty.
To every such soldier wbo has been dit
charged on aeeouut of wounds received in tbe
Minej of duty buforo bis term of enlistment ex
To tbe widow, minor fbildren or parents, iu
the order named, of any such soldier who died
wbilo iu tbe service or from wounds reeeived
or disease contracted while in tbe service of the
United BUtes f 100.
Equalization Bounty Bill. AN-INCREASE PENSION.
has aUb bocn granted by a rueeut law
To widow of soldier wbo have died in the
army, or to tho children if tbe widow ha died
or remarried $2 per month for each child
under 16 years of age. '
To soldiers wbo have lost a foot or a hand or
been disabled equal to tb lost of a hand or foot
15 per month.
To obtaiu tbe increase pension a new applica
tion must be made.
has been granted every officer wbo was in com
mission March Jd, 1866, aud resigned or was
honorably discharged a ft or April Vtb, 1806.
Tbe uudersigued will promptly altond to all
valid claims under the several laws of Congress
grautiug bounties, pensions, extra pay, Ae.
Bring with yon all paper in your possession
such aa discbarges, io. so as to make out
correct applications.
Authorized Military C'luim Agunt.
N M'C'onuelsvillu, Ohio,
" G-Tb.e Constitutional amendment, ub
milled by tba'Jacobia Cogreai, are in their
leading feature, a punishment of the citato
thai will not adopt negro suffrage, by deuy.
log to them io Oougreas a considerable rep
resentation io the lluue ol Representatives.
It Is a bribe of political strength to the Statu
that adopt and punULmeot to tbotej that bo
Another Gallant Soldier Speaks—
What Brigadier General Wistar
Brevet Major-general Cutter aud Chairman
Committee; ie.f v
Dm. Bia It if Imrxxwible for me to leave
my business engsgrmeut here l.)ng enough to
accept your luvitaiion to atleo I tbe . tooldirt'
Cunveuiicm at Cleveland next week.
My conviction, however, and my, earnest
hopes art with yod and the objects of ibe
- Tbe attempt of Southern politicians to' de-
story oar Union io 18C1 tarnished au oppor.
lunity for evert loyal man to nut bioiseli
right oo the record, wbiob yon and I, and all
our brother soldier tmbraced. by enlisting
"for tbe war."
The present attempt ol certain Northern
politicians to commit similar rebellious acta,
by keening our Union io a condition of haz
ard and danger, and compelling one portion
Ol our c"iintryrmn to submit wilhonl voice
or representation to lbs government . of
anolhr portion furnishes another opportu
nity for all loyal Union soldiers to rally lor
the preservation ol the tame Uoino for which
we long .t a comrades during four b.ng ana
event lul years. . . -
I wish te be considered at eulisled in the
same came for this war also, and willing to
march under the tame flag, shoulder to slicul
dcr, with any and all who are willing to strike
another blow tor peace and Union, whether
veierao aoldiere or new recruits.. , .
1 woold even trost a tetxtilant rebel bow
dier wbo fought us oo a fuir field, but is
loyally disposed now, rather than tbe politi
cians aod contractors who a'aiJ at home
aod robbed us aud the Government tlrrough
out the war, and now have the impudence to
ask nt to tlisre tbe Government we have pre
served with negiocit, io order that tbey may
continue to grow fat oo tbeir verbal patri
otism. Let onr old comrades all onJcrstand the
true issue the PrcsiJent it tsklwg in onr be
half. Let them understand that the Union
for which we tonght and sufUred, after be
ing, as we thought, preserved hy cur arinr,
t now being trilled with and endangered by
oDiie-seckert and politicians for tl.eir own
selfish ends; aud 1 have do fear but that
those glorious lines In blue, (which In the
cause and under the fl -g of "the Uoiou,r
swept triumphantly over all tbs enemies' po
sit ions, will agaiu rally Into another mighty
Union army, which will tint full sweep be
fore it all foes to our Union, whether Jraitors
to the North or South or both together, aid
thus Onisb with the ballot lbs great work
coaimenced with the boyonrt.
I am, dear si r, very truly yonrs,
Late Brigadier-general Volunteers, U.S. A
What Congress Has Done for
the Soldiers
President Jobuson, Io bit able tnd Intrepid
St. Louis speech, thus describes what tbe
Rump Congress hat done lor tbs soldiers
"Tbey pretended to do something for tbe
soldier. Wbo ha done more for lbs so Idiots
than I barer Wbo bat periled mors in this
struggle than I" have? Cber. But than
to make them tbeir peculiar friends, and
favorites of the soldiers, they came forwaid
tod proposed to do what? Why we will
give tbs soldier 850 bounty your atttention
to this if he has sered two years, aod $100
if he has served three years. " .
"New, muo you, ibe colored man that
served twojeart cao get bis ooe hundred
dollars bounty; but the white man most serve
three years beloree be cao get hit. Cbeerr
Uut that Is not the polct. While tbey were
tickling aud attempting to please tbe soldiers
by giving them fiifiy dollars bounly for two
years' service, they took it into their bands
to vote tome body e ee a bouuty. laughter,
eod.tbty voted lhemiclvet,DOl fif'y dollars
lor two years' sesvics your attention, I wan
Io make a lodgoieut in your misdt of lbs facts,
because I want to pot tbs nuil iu, aud having
put it io, 1 want to clinch it on the other
tide. Cheers. 1 Tbe bra7 boy, the patriot
ie young inno wbo followsd his gallant officers,
slopt on tbe tented field, aod periled bis life,
aud shed hit blood, asd left bis limbs behind
him, aod came boms mangled and maimed,
be cao get fifty dollars bounty if ho hat served
two years, but tbe mi rubor ot Congress, who
never smelt gunpowder, cao get four thou
laud dollars extra pay." Loud cheering.
Great Shower of Meteors Expected.
Next 1c graodecr and sublimity to a total
solar eclipse, or a great comet stretched
athward the starry heaven, it a great meteor
io shower, tuch at was witnessed here oo tbe
13th ot November, 1833. Ou tbir. occasioo,
Iroin two o'clock till bright daylight, the sky
being perfectly tereoe and cloudless, tbs whole
beaten were lighted with a magnificent sod
imposing display of celestial fiio woks. This
display was seen all over North America. A
similar display wat seen by Humboldt at
Cumaos, South America, Iu 1799. A compar
ison of the epochs of Ihs sppearat.ee of these
great thowers bas led to tbs discovery thut
bey are periodic their returns beiug sepa
rated from each other by a third part ol a
century, or some multiple ol this period, aud
are periodical appearances ol one grand me
teorio ihower.
Professor Ncwtoo, of Tale College, wbo
has devoted much time to the investigation of
(he pcriodio character of these thowers, ficdt
that a prodigious flight of meteors; tbe most
imposiog of its kiud, will oiake its appear
ance probablr for tbs last time Io , this cen
tury, ou tho morning pf tbs 13th or Is of
November next. Ouly thirteen of thes great
showers are recorded between 903 and 1233.
Such a rare pheoomeooo awakeos a deep Iu
terest among all classes of pet sous. Prepara
tions to observe this sublime spectacle, for
scientifio . purpose, havs alreay commcuced
io Europe.
list no ooe forget Tuesday and Wedeoiday
night, November 13 aud 14.
K-IuTho leading; spirit or the Union Phil
adelphia Cooventiou were tieuaturs Coweo,
DoolitlU and Reverdy Johnson, and Gsuerals
Hteedmao, Custar and lavis. The orators of
the Philadelphia Jacobin Cooveotioo were
lbs negro, Fred Douglass, the unsexed woman,
A nnls Diokiosoo, and tbs Bvast. knovco at
fees. 8ti)Ir.
The Profligate and Extravagant
The Tift! rO.I Tribune fllad.Vsnoka
it mind very freely about tho extrava
gance of Confess. , ,ltsnid: "It ap
pears ineir nppermoet idea was extrav
agance a desire to squander the pub
lic money, ana no. relieve the people
from the National burden liatitrinir over
them at the present time. The act
Sassed equalising the bounties .to sol
iers was right, just and proper, and
should have been passed at the begin
ning of the session; but the act attach
ed to the soldiers' bill, to preserve its
me ana securo its passage through
both branches of Congress, increasing
the members from three thousand to
five thousand dollars for the session, is
one of the moct wicked and abomdina
blo acts of any Congress." Extravagance
and profligHcy in publio expenditures
was one of the main 'features; of the
Radical Congress. Between attentions
to the negroes, conferring on them
suffrage, voting them clothing and ra
tions school-houses and school-teachers
and attentions to their - friends and
themselves, vctinp the former nice
jobs, and themselves increased salaries
they;have little time to devote to. Ics
letting;' jthp burdens of the" people.
E'veri-lne rittftneo- extra ' thev - voted
the white soldiers they made no appro
priation to meet, so the white soldiers
will have to wait until Congress meets
to maice them an appropaiatton. The
negroes wero not so neglected, nor
wore the members of Congress or friends.
Appropriations wcro made for thorn.
The tax-payers foot tho bill. fClncin-
nati Enquirer. '
Cutting Deep.
The Radical Congress, in its extrava
gance and profligacy, acted on tho idea
that tno heavier the taxes on the peo
ple, tho heavier should be the expendi
ture, ana especially tho salaries of the
members, instead or cutting down ex
penditurcs, and salaries, thereby mnk
room for a reduction of taxes, tho Con
grcss acted on tho opposito idea. We
are told that the people will excuse all
that, as tbe Congress labored so indust
riously for tho negro, and to hoad the
President Ono of tho Radical orators
told us Saturday night, that it nakcs
no diflcrenco how much the Congress
men pay themselves. I hat is what
the ltadical Congress thought. Pileon
the taxes upon the people, their backs
aro broad and purses deep and full, and
help ourselves and friends, was tho
Radical motto. Cincinnati Enquirer,
Leaving the Foul Party.
The Zanesville Signal says "if the
" chances throughout the State boar
" equal proportion to the changes irfj
nil i.: . . i 1 1 f- , ..
Mue.iiiguui couniy, men will unio
" be redeemed beyond a doubt. Our
"friends have every thing to cheer
u thorn to be earnest. The prospect is
"bright,, nd, beyond all doubt, they
win succeed u tncy "worn. As in
Muskingum, so is it in every county i
the State. The changos are numerous,
and show that the people are putting
on their thinking caps. They find
that tho great interests of the country
are unsaio in tno nanus ot cruzy lana
tics, nice thoso who composed tho re
cent "loyal Convention" at Philadel
phia. .
The Influence of Radicalism.
Radicalism is exerting its evil influ
ence on tno run tans as well as on
other people Tho Springfield (Mass.)
Union says that "sensualism, in all its
"more beastly and disgusting forms of
"licentiousness and profligacy, is on
"the rapid increase in all our New
"Enclund cities and towns: and no,
"body can blink it out of sight without
"doing violence to his knowledge an
"sincerity." Of course that must bo
so. A people that advocates miscegon
ation must inevitably run into sensua
lism in all its more beastly and disgust
Ing lorms ot licentiousness and profli
gucv. And that is where Radicalism
will lead the wholo countrv, if it shall
j'l uvuu uii ma appruuuuing eiuciions.
IQ.Queen Victoria' favorite, John Borwo,
the Hollander, about whom there las been
tuch royal tcao'lal, hat experienced the fate
of other and mors refiued courtiet, snd
fall has beeo ever more rapid than bis rite.
The itory goet that John wot from the first
paitial to bif Dative uetquebaugb; aud that,
at bit favor at court tnereased, be indulged
It longer sod stronger libations. This bad
reirtbtd ;Sj hight which conld not be over
look; and the new Matter of the House
hlood, Colonel BidJolph, was reluctantly
compelled to dismiss him from office. . It is
considered probable that, after a period of
suspension, be may be again restored to fa
vorespecially if be can restraio bit pro
pensitivs; bat for tbe piesent it is to be noted
that John Brow n't itai is aodir an eclipse.
A Crule Take-down.
The crazy ones' of the "loyal Conven
tion" went beside themselves over a
reliable dispatch received by one of the
delegates, that General Grant and Ad
miral Farragut had left tho Presiden
tial party at Cleveland and gone to
Detroit. They cheered and dancod,
and cut tip antics as if they were so
many uioukics. They had hardly got
through the performance before anoth
er dispatch came, announcing that tho
President and party . had arrived at
Detroit, where General Grant was wait
ing in a carriage to receive Mr. John
sou. That sobered them for a moment
and until a dusky orator fired them up
again on the subject of negro suffrage.
jbaTln New York, whilo a wifo was
dying with the cholera, her husband
got drunk on ber mediobo.
BERRON FORHYrHE On the Itth Inst..
by the Rev. W, Seam, Mr. John 1. JLrron
nd Miss alartba ft, lersrthe all or Morgan
HOUGH BOitfc At lh Post House, on the
18th int., by th Kev. Thorns r, assisted by
Rev, W. M. Grimes, Mr. Bssnuel Hoagb and
Mins Amanita M. Bone ail of Bristol township,
Morran county, Oi
BEVAI.Tj HOTJOTf At the ssme time and
Ian, by Rev. W. M. Grime, assisted by Rev.
homes Orr. Mr. John J. Bevall and Mix Re
becca J. Hough all of Bristol township, Morgan
oottbty, O.
LEF At his residence. In Bloom township.
Morgan eo., v., atdoiu lyes, aged T year.
M'CONNELSVILLE, Sept. 21, 1866.
FunraSltoo Extra per barret.
Wbat II 30 per bushel,
T 41 cenu per baahel.f
('on MO eeata per bnnhei.
Kl.il fricn-2 00 per bnht.
Bsai.tr Hprlag, too; r'U, 1 pet bosh.
Hav-x SO to in 00 per ton.
Paian Arri.ii- S3 60 per bntbel. '.
Hi ttbh to eeau per pound.
pooa 12 rents per dosea.. .
C'bicsiss I.Its U eeott.
Corraa Sato SJ cents.
CoCHTav hose S rents per ponnd,
BuoAa 11 to 20 cent per pound.
boRona SO ceou per gallon per barrel.
Lsan 16 cent pound. In jars aid keg.
Candlm ( .'allow) 20 cents per lb bi box. '
" . 1 " XicsnUatrsuil. . i
" (Star) So ceota per lb. by box.
" " 81 cents at ratal!.
Bo a r 15 to to cent per bar.
C'uaasB 21 cents per pound.
Halt-SI to per barrel retail.
Btomb-coA'u-II eenla per bushel,
Hams is to 21 ceoU at retail.
Bides 16 eenta perpound.
Hbooldsbs U to 11 canto.
Tallow S to 10 cents.
Waisav It 11 per gallon. ' -
Bbaks 12 SO per basUei. ' 1 '
pinions OF YOVTII.A gentle
JiJ Dsn wbo snflered for vsara iron Nervous Da
bllity, Premature, end all tbe effects ol Toothful In-
discretloa, will, for tb sake of suffering humanity,
send fre to all who need it, th receipt and dirsc
lioas for making th simple remedy by which he
waa enrea. nunertrs wisning to prom iy tbe ad
vertiser's expei lenu, can do so by eddretuitug, In
pertect coutldence, JOHN B. UGU-V,
no. a. t-tdar si., iw Xort.
e. 0
fi o
S h5
CO .
0 5
"Proclamation Is hereby made to all the qual
ified voters of Morgan County that a general
election will be held, as required
by law, on
Tuesday, the Sth dav-of October, A.D. '
ober, A.D. 1S8S, be-
ing the second Tuesday of tbe month, at the
several places of holding elections in said
county, at which time the Following offioere are
to be chosen, vis t One Becreturr of BUiU, one
Judge of the Supreme Court, on Member
tha Board of Publio m orks, one Memberof Con-
fress fur the Fiftocnth Uiatrict, one Common
'leas Judge for the First Division of th Eighth
Judical District, on Probate Judge for Morgan
eounty, 6na Auditor, one Troasurer, one Prose
cuting Attorney, one Commissioner, and one
Infirmary Director for taid County of Morgan.
Tb Trustees of tbe several townships In said
eounty are required to return th following
number of Jurors from tbeir rospeotiv town
bipsi Bloom , .
Bristol - .
Center -DourficM
Malta -
Morgan -Penn
York - I
All of which notice I given pursuant to law.
21-3w J. C. MURDOCH, Sheriff.
The firm heretofore exittingunder thenameof
Holms k Brian ha been dissolved bv mutual
eonseut. All account of tha firm wilf be eel
tied with Mr. Holmm, who will continue to
carry on tbe BOOT and SHOE business at tb
old stand, one door west of tha Poetofflo. Mr.
Br abki, who is acknowledged to b best work
man in town, will reuiuin with him.
THE umlenigned ha baen duly appontcd
Administrator of tha estate, with tbe will
annexed, of William lloite, deceased, late
Morgan eounty, Ohio.
s21-18o0 JOHN C. FORD.
THB undersigned ha been appointed Admin
atrator of the tat of James . Stewart,
deceased, late of Morgan eounty, Ohio.
Kep eenitaally on baad a large stock ef
at Lon rnicci,
at their asw store-rooms, In tha
Bank : Building, ..:
NP.": - .7.1- :.
1 Few Boon .East of foil Sonic.
M'Caslih" & 'iFouta '
Invite tbs slteatloa of lb pnbKs to their aew stool
of Brst-claaa
. " . , " ' .
embracing everything In tbe gronerv Ilea aeed.d
for family eonaanptioa. We hare Just reeeived a
larga stuck of
Every kind of Country Produce bought aad sold,
tilva as a call.
Tin, Copper and Shee.-Iroi Wtxy.
job wonc
of all kind eieeuted with Beats aad- tlspstatti
Hsktspscoostataly eabsod a vary large
neoi at
Cooking Stoves.
Parlor stovea,
j Heating Stores,
Firo Fronts.
Orates,. :
1 ' Hand-Iroar
Store Pipe,
Hoes, Bakes. Forks,. .
Brass Kettles,
Apple Pairera, Nails,
ax, do
Japan Wore, &o.
Brilliant Coal Stove
' . AND" '.'.''
Indlanola Wood
And. many other articles to numeroas te Decile.
All work do In the beet meaner. .
I will spar no pain to pUaaa those wba tosy
favor m with a call.
OppoMU tb "Bocksy Block" oTCoaaeisvlll, t "
At tbs eld atanl. In the three-story brlok.
opposite tb Post iieu.
respectfully Inform tb eltlieoiof Uorgaa coonty .
that be keep eonstantly oa hand a full assortment
of th various articles usually kept In a Arst-claas'
tlrocery Ktore, ooasisling la part of
Tea, Cofle,.8ngar, Fish, Soda, Fploea, Oaaaad
Frulta, Cove Ulster. Hyruu,Chrs,Crokers, ,
llaains, Wood ware, Tobacoo, Cigars, baak-aat
. eta, Blue Powder, Blasting fewusr,
Fuse, racking Vara. Bed
Cords, Msnl'la Rope,
Lard Oil, Carbon .., : - n
Oil. , ., ,
all or which will be sold at tb very lowest pitca. i
liber at wholesale or reuul, for oath or approved '
country pn dace. - - -
'lb Elshest awrkat pric paid -for all klu Ji of ' 1
Country Produce. v. '
tlrery atUcl sold Ot thla tateUlaBAsl 1 1TAb !
SANTRD as Nyrvoratsd, -

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