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M'arthur Democrat. (McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1853-1865, July 28, 1864, Image 2

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. A. BRATTO.V, . EglTOK.
MoACTllCIt,- 0010
Jl.ij, S8, IM4
t4T rH K COM I t'UTlO AS I" I
WlIEHK Hi IS. Hud ls rnforeftneiit
have usurped AutUaritrt r w-n f
People Klto Commit lln-nchef ot
' '
SM. rr.TTENGlLL 4 TO., Ad",rtii..n
A(fnt, No.. 87 Ta'k Ron. Xv,r York A
mt8troet, Bov..n r tur agtnt. and m
thnrlta't tu Uk 4dvrtirmmiij uJ Huh
rptlon foi ci t (mi Low5t Rto.
Democratic [...]
Of Stoeca County.
(For Full Terra.)
Of Fniifir j; L'ouniy.
Lonj- Virnry,
OfHaucock County;.
' " Bh"Tt Vacancy .
Of HigMtud County.
ATTUlfrT e5taAt
Of Uolmri County.
tviTi uvi v PI? KTlr,3.
Oi F.-ani'ua County.
lUidiu County.
' ! AihLnJ County,
"Xroa vacaict.)
Of Auglaix County.
Democratic County Ticket.
Wo wish to call the attention of
the Democracy to the fact, that it ih
now tiiro to Hsove ia onr Conuty or
ganization. We notice several other
connties in the State are moving in
tbia matter and we most Bsaur&dly
oogiit to'havfl a meetin of thu Exec .
urive County Committee, snd a time
fixed for a County Convention, in or
Jer io give candidates for immiojition
time to announce tlieir names, some
three weeks at least, before die Coun
ty Convention meets. One source of
a great deal of coldness between can
dida'.cB alter a nomination, is the Tact
that nw names are sprung upon our
Conventions, that havu not been au
nouueed beforehand, this should not
be tlie case. Lo! the candidates bo
announced, and our D-ileg ite6 c&n
then bavi a chance to get an exprts
sieu from ihoir neighbors sb to who
their choice is, and every thing moves
off more harmoniualy. We hope
the Central Comnutiee will act at
ouce in this matter. We havo only
some eight' weeks now that we can
possibly give no" Ice' in, and we should
hava our candidates nominated at
least seven weeks before the day of
electkn. When we remember that the
Democracy alone can " ever restore
this Onion and ro-esubiish Constitu
tionalLaw and order, every man iu
the County wi!l sta the importance
of action, ba his politics what they
may.: Many, ' very many Uepubli
cans will acr with as, if we pat good
conservative men on onr ticket, thero
Ss no reason why they should not. ..
T0WNS31? CocMlKa 1 will- ob
tain, tor ail Veterans or their families.
that Lavs not previously been cred t
td tlie 5100 State bounty for re inliet
ittjn'te, by making Application soon,
ta me at McAtthnr.
Democratic County Ticket. E. A. BRATION.
OshQota. Ihe Draft onTinton
will not fall short of 300 men under
t;,e '.ate -call of 500,000, perhaps
it will bs mora. The amount lor
tateaaigoreiJ ap at ColanjbM
The Next Draft.
Elk 'md Madieon Tpa, hare faroerj
bonds of fifty doliars each, payable
io, one year at 0 per cont.1 intorest.
TMaar these Townships of the draft,
noder the act of last winter altavriri
Tomuhtp Trn?f(H to law tr tax Tvt
I,,,.. ..n ..,..,., nn Jina
imvi who wJl hi 1st in ilia military
or Nnvnl 6nrviH. of tha U. S. The
ifi'ii-ral C'lvpniinfcnt gives a Imnntj ol
1 ' '
".T" TV'U - UJ - ,2r
vonrs brvice. to t.iie mid siuu .urn-lfcU
nh'p ponnly ami tlico te ijUl,.
per month and 3 50 for clothe and
' -t-rded bcbides, aiivl ym liava our
a.iiiiur .y, tl au ai? other
nuticji i" f.rtb jwys.
Jo'y 51 We learn ha 'nforma-
ihe!1'0" vn r?oe!Vfd lan eToring that a
the;t.rriMe batde lmd r3"d nil dnv n; Hr
! At nt, the h'Psen being hravy or
noul ouermnn uht upprimcH-
led within & mile ftld aha:f"f liiede
e,.,,, (,f Atliintft. (nHrnl M.-I'l -r.
on ji reported killed.
Gi5ra' Uoanaoan, with 2.70 cav
alry, has 1m ft Ducfur,t!50ri!a, on an
important rnd.
ftherwian' cavalry ig mul to havo
deatruyi-d the railroads south aud exst
of Atlanta lutneha manrier aa to pre
vent tin tr line tiy entuiy.
Th 2'icrrilla" have bi" making a
idesciTit upou Ilt-nderaon, K"ifuckyi
Befit there
A rutihoht Ihs b;en
l i i .i
l irtlL u nor- t Until i
,w v'
i There has hejn some wholesale ar-obtain
bitrary military arrest in St. Lmis.
A pu.'etided plot against, die Uoverti-
tuent is the allejied cause.
The people of Iickvi!!e ah Mont-
gomf-ry County, Maryland, are panic
stricken, believing auoihor rebtl raid!
is in Contemplation.
Ths Telegraph again reimrts the
invasion of Maryland by the Cutifed
ate forces.
Governor Seymonr fs at logipr-
heala with the Administration
iliHH counterman jed all order cailini:,"1
out be militia tor 100 dv's scrvico.,a(;t
JuIj26.-Oinc.iiMcPhaH.in wasjb
killed on Friday by harihouira.-
The encinv, o.i'thai day, uoJcr. the
direction Ot Gell.ral H 01, massed
i . . i i ....
'iifir lorces mm auarou our leu.
wing,utidet the command of Aicriu r-
on. They at first gained some ad-
vMntiA L,t urr finnllv .,-m
,t iirir..,, tiiut, ...pi ifiiinna I
r.Bnprl i.,- L-. ti, ...m.n.nH
. k ik. w .
ot Mcl'liurnoii's crps.
It is said that Ilood has rcliovud
retnlorcCiuents from Charloblu and)
The Federal loan in New York is
otilj worth i J ctuts m specie on the
[Correspondence of the Louisville Democrat.]
Where Stands Kentucky?
The following correspondence,
which speaks for ihelf, was handed to
" ,or Pli cation by Lieutenant Gov-
eanor Jacob:
FRANKFORT, KY., June 24.1864.
H:!Si;elUncy tho. E. Bramletto:
Dkab Sir: Atyournquest I haveieuch
raiaeo a regimt-nt ot six month vol-
nnteers, the full numoer ot'co.npanicp
having iep rtd to me, and re in
readings to rendt-zons at L bun.ii,
Will you please desienite a day
viiun a iiius-ering fiiuercan be there
to muster them, b 1 have promised
Captains of companies to n"tifv thin I
n to adsvrable ut Lebanon
muster not wiahine to asa-mb!i!
them until they can be musteied fur'
iiumeoiate serriue.
Yours truly,
FRANKFORT. KY., June 25.1864.
Coi. Frank Wolfobd. Your n?te
of yefterday giving notice that the
coniauios were now complete I t the
regiment you were autuoi ud to raise
toi six months nrvice, au.. rta-iet-
ing a day fixed tor their rendezvous
aui niUoU'r, is belore me.
Tho Aujnlant Getiurl waadirocted
some days since to give notice to
those recruiting for six months' ser
vice tli at we would not fo forward in
he organization of these fois, and
that those not mustered nor in camp
J . 1 . ' J V t 1
were oiscnargea. xour kunr-HSiKii
then being known, notice could uot
be sent you. ' . t , ,
The Secretary. of War baying au
thorized thu - raising of 10 000 1 root
in Kentucky' for six momtib'serviit
oil the 6d day. -jf May wi! hvu a limit
ed ti;u, in 'order to forward the pur
poses of the Government and aid in
giving tue noisuiiig mow to itz re
bellion, my call wiis.usned. .
The number required would have
betu. raised within thirty .day, but
for the ooniaK-ncomsnt.oi tbe draft
immediately following uiy call lor
As vc-lauteers in tbe six month's
service were not vxeinpt front th
(rending draft there was t)tacenf
1 a. 1 J ,
to volunteer?; but on the contrary
I ' . - t A I I J .tf Al
havioji to take their chncVs of he
draft whether they lnnt"ered or not
restrained men.iroui voDteeruitf.
To increase "ihe obstacles in tit
way of raising volunteer, immediate-
ly succeedm the draft "f a-rounty,
tn l'fov 8t Marshals, .and other r-
cliiiti.'i lufuit ni'Tu e artivelv rn
wrkt'. indite. .!l nb!- Ivied
uegrOfti rift aw) and nlibt; 'ins
withdrawing lriu the gr w nr cr
li ...... .1 . .. r
,'r'A,'hilvvJtho,t.Hilw..yi.-l l-.lni.,..or
; ,a lJijW ; v ,() VHAr0i TlU
i..PU ),,.., .i,:Vib to
5i,?l bv vo.iiutfe'-iug tlu'V r;ijJd
.ii v sui.ii. :::-ir own uceuom. out
.on'.l n-ivo oiuO l'i i.inv tlnrtv
liVb fuiloui', .Li vrVili'ge
I'luif iii'.nj uud lH.iini away ilicir
rJelJb to bid caixp: iu many ijdtances
itakingHil t ie huada on largo farms,
bgetis and rccrui'ing
lainiiKc; tnat uiey vouiu M lemuin
iu K-jiii iicky and in the counte of
muii.lu iho war would be over an
Micy free. Tkus thouaands have a'
r. uJy bocn rruioved lro:n the ti.-lda
wiieii the growing crops n quired
their lalxir, to ti.e vdrnma e;npo
ijhiihhvd for ihoir reucptiou, this, too,
in vxct'SJ ol uui was due Iron) Kien
tu. y.
And in South-western Krntiwky hvi
t-flietr iwiog gunb. u.a uud govern
muut trancpi iU ua uids wup uuftv-1 v
naged will) iicrolriops in forcibly
tttkitig liunJreda ut negroes from tie
leavid the crops to pfrish lor WM.-it
was uauuiCvi
OtokwiB iioiu other dt'itcs nud judumi
ll'llll. '.lll'T llWI.tilh u'ou ut iwlIw 1k,I.
ibuuu uivroi-s, i -r wniiu mo ctte -ati
m, L-reJit. cur the gim
jvonciier. Thcs bave gone to the
credit of othei- State?, 'and to enrich
tlie amenta aod rceruiting brokers
icugPCi-d ifl this aw mode of tlave
vV.nu, ihesi?' real ols;n:!es were in
itern.itp,! i,rcv, nt.iiL- ua trum ohtui II
t g voluutrs. a flaaa of nun
tuu Stat, who coniriboUd
a .. . .
oui proiobi uns 0! ex'reiue !.-ya ty lur
'the d-d'eucx ol the cmtitry and who
and!"3!"" l' '' u!""s " ,i,u Ioct
p'Jr out ti!i;; inuaul Oi die
",ftt thu s-x iu u hr-nun were
"'K rusoib) autli.pl nou W,t
T " if "t
?uJ ""couruged by all intnt.s
" I "
lUiillIiiS service. ., ..
. . , ,
, wore hundreds of
'"'a 1 '"fn Kutack
Lu w-mid rally to your call morei
promptly and e i-t M uBi Hfli ical.y tiiiiti to
tlie h-d cf any ui .n I could solect.jtho
ui,r loiniiif p.i itiumrmi ri nmriM riT
ti:nt the oba'iH-a tl.rovrn in tho way
ol biicuirs, on the 2o W ot ilay r--
IntwUd vim to ri:se a regiment.
'r.g.ruei.t sot tat; t-ingne
teW wf loyil,ists in ,
as atedbtiaut of danger by keep
oui or ii way, ano mm mirenou
Vou ogre-id to do to, Klin. ii 1 cx-
peete"l, hf.ve biuc-.tdd. op'te
ttiu!:lliuu!:'.cS. ,Iue fli iiouncoine-.tjt
that )ou were authoria d tovaise
and p-u ui
motion; vour
lovaMy was imongned by theae creu
tures. even while the yet uucW-d
wouuls rec-'ved by yon in battle,
wilii biieut our en'ij'ieni tips, uteiare
your living d-vctin to your country,
anJ proclaimed the infamy oi tlioir
olnnieious aceuaiions. This cluss
of tuper loyalists are composed ol
tlietmelvcs belnud Ihe $otU exemp
tion; brd Scioica!ly devoto their
neiglihor'fl negro man to the service
of ihe c tn try.
In view ui ihe facts and tha condi
tion ol the State 1 have telt constrain
ed by Iho highest Buie of duty
decline ofiLring six months' yoluu
h. (nr'ttors tor tl.i: prtwuui, au i h?e caused
notices ii hu given to that efl' ct.
Vku drutt in other States satistiis the
demand, but in Kotitucky it is hut the
hegitinuig ostill Inciter exaction-'.
Our patriotism is equal to the euiur-
guncy; we bla.m not our Uoveinineut,
but those intrubteil with us aurtiuis
tiatioii, who pervert its jut aud sa
cred powers to uujust or oppressive
uses aud will seek tha correctives
which the consiiutun nd laas guar
antee' to the l yai citizens.
, You will forth with notify your
Captains to dishuiid ttteir men I
them I'ok to the growing crops, and
us last as practicable by their own
bor repair the injury . which .over.:
recruiting is iufl.cuug upon tha pe
of Kuifucky. '
. Ba assured that your self sacrificing
patriotistk has Secured you a place
the iun-r iictuii ol jpur country's
grateful memory, and i-hat your doeda
ol brave und noble daring in more
than an hundred eotiflieU and stricken
fields in defense of . our nationality
will illume thi pHgnt, wLic'u ticn
history of theie dark years t rebel
lion, aud with t.o act e i;ing
injustice uor.ri your part to hind
liifht. h gratelol country will gild
paa with ihe plaudit, "well
good and faithful servant' of
country. ' '
Your friond,
Fakxf;rt, Kt., Jnae 2v4 1851.
fQotmoa IJitfw TTef)
f&t !. --. - t ' I A". )m wastes . .t
this moraing'Iri toplf to icjjboocf
.J.. ii'iiKliaii,! I '!'
I recret the' iUten!ce of -the cir-
cuiuiai'cv& wiiH-u itupoi you io 1'iregu
I tx oriraui: ition ot
whion 1 nave raised and tendered, as
i: derives me of my JatftHope or do"
ng my blading country torn, little
service in this war against rebellion.
, " VV ny any bane human being could
:'" iinHuui.t haio tboiuPt that 1
'desired f j raine ir"p t r unr nib-r
.i iii. ...nibvv u i in i... t'lti
i can Uiv.no. My dcsiru Iih Uihh
itro.u ibo coiuiu n:ciuuiit of Una r
l)ilivu.v.iaii to Hie die iiiu-unrj tt our
tlio n'iiaeiit'auo'uln
not!?o'i-u Uuioi rw
aiKf me
r;uiJ in nli iu
j 'V.'.u I (lie
, "ir j"0'
U veium.nt rvai.Ted i v
oi.l..".; aud iry imii.nga huvf -udu
K""e 4,0 u ;'n tlusMi'j-et,, no
uutter liov tiiUi.li 1 uhv leir cate the
policy ot tUe AJuuuistratiuii as iu the
tuauuer of cim. dueling the war. 1
dumru il proi.-cution willi al possible
vicr until tlie atuied rebellion is
ovurihrowi) and the BUpr'jmacy ot the
law lo tbtul'liaiu.d.
Iu i-.-Jor iliui the men who Inve
uit td to go wuii too uiay aoUtr3tuiid
tue cttiieo M'iuuh prevcut tuuin organ
ziiig into u reg.iuunt, 1 r quuut par
Ui.asiou to puo ieit your cuuiaiuuica
liou io ui Oi tiiij date.
Hoping tliai )ur w ia' a:id patriot
iu cuurou iu tie gutirrttl a iium'stra
toti o! the uduoul i.ur beloved btate
: preserve lior iroui utter ruin
ttuiiUoi uiu iiiuii nai utnie uuli eonvu:
nun teat sunouud her, 1, 6ir, with
grvat refpect, lenuuiu
lour ouuuieiit Ptrvnnt,
. i
r ue whole
FRANKFORT, KY., July 11.1864.
Col. IK-bard T. Juco':
I'KAK Sib: A;kr the inclosed cor
retipviidetiee (cp.v ol which 1 Heiio)
ir.uta -d orUoen Ooionul Wuliord
Iiuyaeit auO he tore icvuld reply to his
jUtit, 1 heard ot hL orres? l'ljo pie
I ffc.r. iu 11111111 toll! 1 1 La u'uj 'j' ui I
ovmhud ni loe. able to learn, nu'i. y..u
nn;b;i.K,ilIr0,lllw ,uC on last even...- bat it
was uj. n thu charge oJ dueaaraawa"J
If our eouutry holds 8 nnrertul
nwi" .uoorraptible pa'riot limn Colo
ui'i t ran It Woilord, ho has uot beeu
Al.lu ,airiJ6t ol tl,u Ule scarred
npmot hero upon snclt a charge, at
hhhki i w.u,..,,.
t-n ikLminr .in rnrriinxiit fn aurni im
f -
untry, stamps with ite.naiir.lamy
'?Lj oase ' wretcu who prtterred the
j i,sve been
tiio i'oriiitr 1 could not iiiterpiso, tx-
l-L-l.t t i nriria u Mli.l.Hu trill I liv ui.'w.ll
ihe uialijftiant falaehood of any i
aiic,a,v0 m ue dumonstrated. It
,v,t WQ )lUVe pi.fii-ionr mntOiirtl
, j-mt jn B(Jj- dBfenie might jut'y r.v
'6 been nwait.ng to tr
"ol Pr,i:'J V
r ' " hr s"me(.rct;',JV,
in . Kentucky f-r hostages among
thiiutj u ho iaviT and urge such ar
riBts.' ' The loyal people ol Kentucky
cannot be piovoked or driven 'nio
rebellion Hgainst l'o Government,
taliate political arroats upon those
who, amongst onr own citiz n-i, urge
or provoke political ai rests, and seek
to inaugurate pViticl terrorism.
Kontnukiane must be permitted to
hold aud express their own political
sentiments, without being restrained
bj : arrests. But the unr st'icted
privilege of expressing political bun-
rimenta docs n-' give iiceuae to utter
treason. Treaoii ia at Mar with our
political liberties. Hut there is no
treasou in advocating or opposing
any candidate tor ofikp; nor in tiu
advocacy or oppositi.-u to any meas
ure of policy tor conducting fie Gov
Our political libortv requires the
enprctsion of treason as a means ot
maintaining our freedom of speech
and tree elections.
I feel tUt it is due to tho brave
and patrntic Colonel Wolford that
he should have my cousont to publish
onr correspondence, as it meets Uie
charge upon which be is said to have
bven arrested. I inclose copies to
you to hand to tbe Jourva1, and
Democrat aa uei tred by Colonel
Hunter the Humbug.
The following statements 'of the
case of Maj- G-n. Ilunter is from the
New York Tnhme the' spe-cial or
gan ofall iit-groe fanatics:
We learn iron socrci-B entitled
ci edit that Msj. Gen Hunter has de
mantled to be relidved from tfi com
mand of the - Depaitini-nt ' of West
Virginnia, in consequence of all his
available troops having been 1 1 Jerfi
U report to Jliij: Gon. Wright; who
in Ifl cHarge of the column that is to
pursue tbe rebel forces - tinder Gen.
Early, recently engaged In tbe inva
sion of Maryland. This 4'pnrl:ir,,
Gen.' Ilunter' friends regard citlitr
as a farce or ai a disaster; a farce
Ges.r.arly choose vitb his snperirr
lorce ro retreai towara ik.cumona,
disaster io c&sa Gen. Early, having
secV hfs traiLs ihteeVdays march
ahead-of sboalj eee'.flt. to tart)
u. U iifial Mrunt, wheu it u not
ri-" b i lint Orit wm terribly cripplfo
and vhlp 'ot gobble up some part of
t'w "poKuiox force." i Gen. ilnoter
id underatpod to havo arged that It
havs gi-n lua orn lire-
wita ukU U agaia p'UU aown tin
SheUaudorth Tally,Tirrd doPtroy rt'
the crops and graio iu that great
granery'of the rebellion.
To say nothing of the- impodence
oi this exploded humbug, Hunter, iu
swaggering about and endeavoring
t i-Hbt the blame of his disaatroQi"
ui d ahHiiieiul rvtreat from Lyochburji
ll-rtBj ,n ,,w A,y 01 ',,M ti,,t91
or 'IuU,''Ctiuua of Grant a r-
mi- lnf In tA-iiu unvtAkitj frit mi crkin.
"u" v...v
'' IJuiiur'sblUinier it iu inarvtlons
iiitt lie bhoiild have tbe brass to dt
mind r oe. rwliovtd Irom a p- sition
. ... i . - . . . .
r in wi .cu no snouiu nave oeen ais-
mied iu utrgrace. W ith six weeks'
experience ot Hunter's generalship be
lorn hiu), it is easy to tea why Grant
wanted Hunter1 loices taken from
him. The groes luismanagemont ot
the Ljnuhburg exi-jditiou clearly dc
moueUated tunt Ilunter is unfit to
command anything more const qwen
tial tit a iiegro-sle.tiiiig and burn
burning raid. Hud it uot been tor
the cyu'nu..6, ekdl i'.i courage ot Gen
era! II wok, Hunter wiuld have losi
hia whole aitm, and have been him
self paraded through liicl.uioud in a
cage: A General who places his ar.
tdiery and wagou trains iu thu rear
and a colony ot negroes in front, on a
retreat, is a roper person to criticmi
Getieral Grunt and Oumplaia ol being
lubevea ot l is armyl
"Hunter is undurbtood to have urg
ed tin t he should have been given
his own forces to 'again pu'sb down
Sheuaiidoah vailey, and dvitroy"
everything iu his fiitii. This is Hun
tor's idea of war. While the reoele
were roaming over Mary land aud
thundering at ihug ttea ot tue Natio.i
ul Capital, he wanted t sent mit oi
harm's way down lim uudeieuded val
ley, io bum, pillage, and de(iroy.
He did not cure about fntnaiiig the
wncre utid desiri-v grain and colleges,
and capture contiaoands. He is no
in a ternble pel becaune such ati ex
cellent oj pi'ttunily l,to destroy'.' wap
ullovved to ec('H'o. If by this bystetn
of bullying tmd roaring, Hunter suc
ceeds iu uiHinhiiuing himself in thr
eommanl, the disgrace which he has
t . hr,,,,,, nnm ih.i muinlrv and
. . . . . n . ' r .
the Admiiiistratiou will be iniumous-
ly augmented.
The Londonderry Homicide Case.
AUrtum Y. r r.ocis. wv hus
in.pr.b.iud, in dvtutii .,. $5,000 00
fail, h.i bh.ioting J,iiw 'lV.iVyLiii
ut L.'w.inioiiuorry, in tine county, ou
Jn.y, 4th, was on Tiusday the 19-h
brought bel.ire Judge jJickey on an
upplicutio!! u I'H Hdmitvd to bail.
Witiiv-ott"" to the tho transaction wen.
examined both ou hall of thu .defen
dant and the State. The tacts ot th
case apptar trotn tho evidetice to be
atHstautially these:
The eVceased and the del'pndant
wcro eMire 6t: angers. The deceased,
who had never before beeu in that
part of the coun'ry, called to see his
uucle, Ueuiy Ucuneloti that day.
Francis lived about eight miles Irom
Loudocdouy and had gouo there to
spend 'the Fourth.' lhere was a ball
at Kidliuiu's Hotel in the evening,
which a held up stairs. Francis,
the deceusid, Uonnff David Consol-
ver, aud several others, were in one
of the roouis down stairs. Francis
aud me deceased w-rn to some extent
intoxicated. Cousolver had come
there with a basket. De desired to
find Esquire Griffin, wllo was m
stairs, looking ou at th ba", to pro
cure some beef 01 tbe Enquire. Bon
ne 1 aud tbe. deceased accomoained
him. When Ctni"'ver went up stairs
he left bis basket in cka,go ot Francis
until bis return. On his returu, tbe
baaket couid not be tcund. some one
having hid it out of a ioke. Cousoi
ver aud rraucis iial some woins
hout it thought uot ill-hmiiotedly.
Francis Dually said that lionnel, de
ctUbbd s uncle, knew where it wat,
and if be could not find it he would
treat. Bonuel luokod about for it and
then told Francis he most treat as In
conldu'tfiud it. Frauds insisted that
he knew wher : it waii' They bugvn
to grow a tittle warm, and it seemed
to be know that Francis had a pistol,
as he kept his baud to his breast coat
pocket, and several iu the crowd
epoke about it. E qnire Griffin told
the parties they mus not qa&rrel aud
stepoud liko between tnem.' when
' r raucis gave lion no! a sort Ot a pnJi
uui uuuiici nuu vuudoiver' vurr1
nuindacd' went away, getting th.
babket. While Don no I and Francis
wi re talking, the deceased stwd be
hind his uucle, and as the uncle went
away( deceacHl seized Francis by
throatt saying d d yon,J I'm yonr
man." Some one caught 'deceased
and pulled him back,' while some
elso took Francis aud got him out
doors, lhey were enjoined .-to -1
peaceable. ' ' .- .b
A Mr. Timmons, who-T8 nearest
Francis, ahnnt tarn fuHf 1'rnm him and
cti.iding also ia door to kop do
rease trim rrttlp.oo! by dTORgod.
Vho paldl to Ttcii -d d , I
MT mind o p'nnch yoo nybow,"
rhfii-Timmone says he airock Fran
ciaji licVoftb with his ri(Hit hand
.? Fraix's. Jnit nftr th !iHc and
'niuUauei ns'y with Iho grid) or lick
wifrT'tlie rlglit Imiintriepltor fired;
As it fired deceased grabbed Frauds
nd threw him a het?y fall, and
ttrnck him otica of twico Deceased
wustakrn off of Fit net and was
fonnd to be ah )t tbrongli the bresit
and dying. Tlie deceased had tie pis
tol in bis hand, rnuszul toward him.
The pietol Lad no guard' ronad tla
Another witness, who stood behind
deceased, asys that he only saw tho
deceased make one motion before the
pistol fired. All claim that it was too
dark to se well, except ono wcro qnito
close to the parties. Aa ho was only
sitting aa J odgo to admit to - bail fur
murder in second degree, his Honor
hold that he could mi pabs upou the
question as to what tho defendant
should bo held to answer for. lis
'ad oulj to admit him to bail on tho
charge of murder in thetecoud do.
uree. and would lower thu bail bond
$1.000 00
Alfred Vapla, Ekq., appeared ' for
defendant; C. W. Giltaore, IVoseco
tm attorney, for tho State.
The Court required one of the bail,
at least to be a rosileut of ths coun
ty, and as Hia parties wets not thuu
iin parea witn eucli, but only vitU
(mil i'n.io Vinton conuty, tho priioncr
was recommitted until the
l)IKI. Ou ih lTih.in.of Flm, LUTIiEK
C nunut'jAVtil HUll Bauiaiu WD, Itjtd tw
pttia Ho tic s
I'ubllnliKt forih netifit, And is a CltJ.
TMN TO VOL'S a UKN and other,, who .nf
for fr-jiii In jvoui" Dubiliry. rramktuil) Vrcty
f M jnlifud, dio., nuuplTiuj tX tbe naipa t:m
1 11 y 'Ikaka o !xLr Ccki. By one, bo )
iti-oil biiiiFoir hfit midcKoii,)r e Di)eiht
uuakerjr. By l.rliiiijr t rculpnid d.,1 rrf4
vuvloi fiugla vOiei may b litd ol lU ta
:bur. N ATH AKtKL M AYF AIR. R-qr.,
IlrDvUlyn.XIoz Ou. It. T.
Jor.2udl8Cl-lyr. :
cu rcci:uiuond thomt nutf ;riu( wilb Lo of
Appo:ite, IndiKMiioii. ' t Dytt'Opiik. KruA
rn-n aid Narvi ut Debility, to on fctrlgklaua'a
Touio. kit 11 vt-gotuWa. praparntioii,
frvm '..'oIilUo liquor ; It atreglbtua tlia
vho'e uiirvou.i ry-tuiii ; it creAtaA a gaad 'p
lllu, ujJ t.i r:.Tr.ltad tg cut Dyicpila aut
iV:rV'iua Ie itiiji.
Fur :ile by JXriuifH f(anrkl!y aitl par bet
tic. Pt' jii'.tit t-y Dr. A. Siiio'...Auu J.'. I
Eut Koiirth street Dlnvinnati, Ohia.
July l M-lyr.
IcrAtiNTAHOiNr'a UrrioCi
I'lMoixcATi. uuai.lbii.l
TaVit. C. W. ttowoK-
Mr l)n Hia : 1 am diapaoainft AMccod in
vuUe ot your Stomavb Bittara imong tha Urga
muiibor ci meu a hu daily arrivo at tbia Iuatiia
tioQ for roficsii'iiont abd raal. . Tba unlraraal .
icsihnouy ia that tLuao bktan ia tha baa
mad", for tha vaiioua mrr.mer complaint
which afflict ft mur.v. I knew of no remaly a
aafa ana ro na. Plutarch Bays, "To aak pby
iolon what l easy and what ia bard ot'difaatloa
aud what will a;ieo with th atumetb. i about
aa eenai ila aa to aak what ia awett or bittar, on
oiir." Pvraona wno look out for broakara aa4
hava your Stom-ch Bitters in the honna 5 am
dure will never aak any one tha fouliah quaaUoa
i-policn i fby tha great pbiluaphar. 1 limn aot
omit a word or two for your Catawba Brandy.
I have many men here who have brandy pre
scribed fcr thorn by dlhtinguUbad Arruy Sor-
?eoua. Tho effect of yours on auch are bonef oial
at moi io than from any previonaly take.
Poraoiia who desire a really pure Brandy oannot
laiuntfceir purcUuaa irthey get yonr Dra.
I Aim, Doctor, with mnoh raspaot
Yonr aervant,
tt.W.ll. ANiMEw.8uprinUn4e
ty Office and ruaouUcuiry, fJus. M, 5S,Sft,
aud Si Eaat Third uree. f or aale avarywhar
Nov. 5tb 1863, alt. mo.
rb btriiseincnts.
McArthur Market.
Apples. .
Apples, (d.)
Klai Seed,
Flonr, (bbl.)
3 00
SOlMotaaaea. V. 0. 1.40
1al, ICS
- IS
l,t 4.1
Wheat, 1,85(3 1,
Ml Linked, -S'lJil
Iniled Snucs Inicrnal
EwAtakth DiarBiev af Onto,
Coiisoroa'sOri.cK, McAtTBta.
July Sltt, ISni.
A 8 required by section 23 of "An aot toprt--t.
vide Internal Revenue to support tbe Gov
ueat, ani ts inlr- pa the pubho debt,
jrovid June 30th. 184.PUBLlCNOTlCE Is
jurehy given to all rnranna intama ed, that tbe
ABAOHcra' ANNUAL, LIST for thle ilmtrlct,
lUUMIUIll-IMII ' w...v . ' ' . V f .
t .o.tiM. flllii Vinton and Ja-Von,) forfbe
baud, lor cc'Uotlon, and that said tiiei art
now duo ard payable, and if not paid on or be
fore tba 10th day 0' Auguat next, f an alty of
TEN par cent wiU be eD forced tinordislrnt.
I will attond, by myself or Depnty, at tbe
COLLKCTOB'S nrriC. in each Couuiy in
.Ud Di.-trict. for tba purpose of .receiving tba
.axaa aforeaaid, until said 10th day Angvak
next; fcder which time tbe penalty wiU Invaria
blv be exacted. Kld Uxea will he reoeived
.ud receipted for, by IIENKY i'AYNE sqr.,
VIo Arthur, lot Vinton oounty.
Jult i$,-ti - Si. Ci:Vsr

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