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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, February 26, 1873, Image 2

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Th0 HcArtliur Enquirer
J. W1. BOWLX. Edit,., uud Publisher
Delegate to the Constitu
tional Convention.
Tho Democratic CeulrAl Committee of Vlu
ton County, do horoby call a Dek-gato County
Convent ion to bo held nt the Court House, it
UcArthur, ou
MONDAY, MARCH 10, 1873.
At 1 o'clock, p. m., of that day, for the purpose
of placing in nomination a candidate, for
To the Constitutional Convention, to be voted
Tor on the 1st Mouday of April next.
Selection Of Dalegatess
The Democracy of tho several Townhlr
will, therefore, meet, at the usual places ol
holding elections therein, ou
bctweon the hours of S and 5 p. in., and elect
delegates to represent the towuships In said
The ratio of representation Is 1 delegate for
every SJ vou cast for Aqi'ILa Wilkt for Sec
retary of Stale, In 16?2, audi delegate for each
fraction of 12 votes,
The following Is tho number of Delegates to
which the Townships are entitled:
WIU'-v's No.
veto: Delegates:
Harrison ..
Richland.. .
Jackson ...
Swan ... .
Madison ...
Brown .....
'? -::::::::: .
:.m :.'
.10 4
..151 ?
. 109
The Convention will also transact such other
business as may properly come' before it,
Jty order of
Feb. 18, IMS.
The Credit Mobilier Infamy.
What is the moral of this
mournful episode? Nothing
more than that which may be
pointed by the whole history of
the corrnptionists into whose
hands tho controll of the Re
publican party has lately fall
en. It is the nature of all fan
aticisms to commence in dupes
and end in rouges. Some who
once perhaps supposed them
selves to be serving '"the Lord's
cause" are now led on only by
Mammon, "tho least erected of
the spirits that fell from Heav
en." And to clay these m outh
ing hypocrites can only serve
as modern instances of the wise
political saw pronounced by
Dr. Johnsohn when, as Iioswell
tells us, he once surprised a
company by affirming that "pat
riotism was the last refuge of a
scoundrel." And if the hives
ligations now in progress shall
accomplish no other good they
will at least drive some "scoun
drells" from Hie "last refuge"
in which they have been hiding
too many years.
The people Must Apply
The Remedy.
The President has been
charged with high offenses
the Vice President is charged
with bribery and perjury
many leading members of ton
, gress are proven to been bribed.
Grave charges of corruption are
made upon many of the Feder
al iudsres. The conditon of
things is terrible, indeed, and
calculated to alarm the fears of
every one who feels any interest
in the government. There is
indeed ground for alarm! Some
remedy must bo applied, and
the disinterested people alone
can apply it. Will they do it?
Have they moral courrage to
defend and right themselves?
We hope so we trust so.
Mr. Boutwell's Anxiety.
It is gratifying to know that
the national debt that inesti
mable boon to tho American
people loses nothing of Mr.
BoutwolPs teudcr care during
tho present crisis. Something
was said during the late cam
paign about tho rate nt which
Mr. Boutwell was payiDg it off,
and the impression which
got abroad that President
Grant was paying it out of lit
own pocket filled patriotic mind
with solicitudes lest the Presi-T
dent should impoverish himself.
Anxiofv on that score is at nn
, j
end. Since the election tho fall
ing off in it lias censed, and
thero is now somo prospect that
his is oua of tho two or three
things that will So left tinim
pared to posterity.
-Tub eight woallhloflt' men Id
Kuw OilutuB axo rutiftxl butchers.
Liberal Republicans.
Although defeated at the
poles principally from want ol
organization, and with a candi
date formerly in direct antagon
ism to the greater party by
whom ho was adopted, among
whom were thousands who
could not lay aside their prej
udicies, together with many
more who, from misconception
of tho issues presented, believed
cue contest to be ouo for the
spoils of oflice, and wore con
sequently indifferent, yet, a
moug our Liberal Republicans,
there must bo few indeed, in
the light of to day, who have
reason to regret their disconnec
tion with the most corrupt polit
ical organization in the history,
of the country, proven to bo so
by investigating committees too
which are very ca refill to keep
back all they dare.
Ohio is taxed for State and lo
cal purposes 823,000,000.
That pays every thing protec
tion to life, liberty and property.
.Nay, more, it nays the educa
tion of our children and the
expense of repairing our roads,
streets and highways. The Uni
ted States Government does
nothing. We may be killed,
or our property stolen, or our
character damaged. Xo Uni
ted States officer stirs; it is
none of his business. Yet
what is our tax paid to the
General Government? It is
one twelfth of the 8100,000,000
a year that it costs to rm th
Washington machine. Tnat is,
more than 833,000,000. This
is what hurts. We cau willing
ly pay 23,000,000 in Ohio ibr
the protection of our life, liber
ty and property, for the edu
cation of our children and for
internal improvements, but
what do we get for the $33,000,
000 paid into the Federal res
ervoirs ? If there is nnnything
unnecessary it is the latter.
We defy any one to tell us what
earthly or possible &oo(l the
Washington Admiuist ration
does to cause us to nay the
above tax to its support. If it
was destroyed to morrow and
was not renewed for ten or fif
ty years, we would not know
the difference.
The Republican State Central
Committee, at their meeting in
Columbus on the 12th fixed the
timo for holding their State
Convention on the 21st day of
Governor Noves made a
speech at this meeting, in which
he stated that Judge Thumian
was an upright man and a man
of great abilities, and was'there
fore able to do the greater in
jury. Hie uovcrnor would, no
doubt, prefer to see Judge Turn
WAN's place filled with an ig
norant and unscrupulous car
Era of Dishonesty. A cor
respondent of tho Baltimore
Sim, writing on the prevalence
of dishonesty in thecountiy,ac-
couuts of which fill the news
papers, that if it is not arrested,
it must result in the demorali
zation of all society. Private
men will think they do what
those in high official station
can do every day, or will pro
tect them in doing. When vice
is not directly proved against
some oihcials, they protect and
encourage others whether from
incompetence or want of moral
principle, makes no difference.
It has been carried so far that
crime in nil of its varieties is
rampant all over the" country,
and laughs to scorn the eiiorta
of honest men. Tho country is
becoming a pandemonium.
Jack Frost
onco more controls
ibis country.
Tub ground-hog wits correct this
The Vienna cxlhition building
cost Ave millions, exclusive of the
Switzeukase has increased in
prlco four hundred per cent, during
ho Inst renttirv.
Palace car are run on utreet
railways in Sacramento.
-Tint annual cxdcuhch of a Bal
timore poodle footed up 1 72.
Nkw Orleans lms a Hebrew
Hociety numbering 2,000 members.
Jacksonville, Fin., bus been
visited by 20,000 strangers thin
Pennsylvania demonstrate
that all her nine lnmbor will bo ex-
httuitcd in three yean u nor mm
bcrmca keep on. ,
Hush! You Villains.
Editor Enqctkek: I discover in
tho shameful scandal between the
editor of the Vinton llcoord and
other parties, that some malicious
persons littvo vised the name of
CouciiKNoi'R assistant editor on
the editorial stalf of tho fiecord. I
am Informed by good authority
Unit 31 r. CouuiiENovit nifikca the
following disclaimer, and threatens
redress at tho earliest possible mo
ment. Ho in willing to confess all
the misdeeds which have so
atranjrelv checkered bLs life, but
the allegation that he was ever as
soenueu with John I. Kaitk in
running a (wind-mill,) is more
than his humiliation is willing to
accept, a step in the road to ruin he
never contemplated, a charge tin
founded in fact, and uncharitable
abuse of an unfortunate man. His
enemies in McAitlitti' being viid of
manly generosity, not willing to
give the devil his due, have made
this ignominious thrust at a pros
trate and helpless being. He de
nounces the charge as a copper
head lie of the most malignant tpye,
and when he returns from his soli
I n do, the scoundrels who pcrpetrat
cil the falsehood shall sutler the ex
tremc penality of the law.
Gallia papers please copy.
31r. E&itor: Yv"e are sorry to re
late another accident by the ravages
of fire in our community not long
syiee. James L. Hoxnolo's house
caught firti and burned to the
ground, with" all its contents; and
now, like Chicago runt Boston, Siv
crly has met-with a similar fate,
not quite so largo in magnitude
and wealth, but fully as sad and
deplorable, according to her popu
lation and situation. But so it goes,
we live in an age of acc idents and
On last 3Ionday night the saw
mill and grist mill of J. M. Ii:i:u
and O. O. 3IcVi:y, eaTight lire
about 12 o'clock, and burned to
the water. A lot of line lioinihir
lumber, corn meal, carpenters tools,
etc., were destroyed. J he mill had
been running until about 10 o'clock
A little lire had been left in a bad
lire place, which caught the floor,
and soon the fire spread all over the
building. Loss, about $1,000. be
sides the loss and inconvenience to
the city of Siverly.
So we go! The property of no
person is safe.
Siverly, O., Feb., 22, 1873.
The Meeting of the Emperors.
It is ollicialy announced that
the Emperor of Germany will
soon pay a-vi.sit to the Empe
ror of Russia, and enjoy fur a
brief season the hospitalities of
tie .Muscovite capital. There
are some, perhaps, who may im
agine that imperial "William
goes to St. Petersburg because
imperial Ar.EXANnr.u- has lately
been at I'erlin: but crmvnod
'ads do not usually waste
time in exchanging fashionable
visits. Their interviews gener
ally mean business, and that,
too, of the most important char
acter. Nor are we prepared to
credit the report industriously
circulated in German court cir
cles, that the principal object
ol this visit is merely-to obtain
for William the assistance of
the Czar in keening in check
the southern provinces which
are inclined to resist Prussian
"assimilation." This may pos
sibly be a side issue, but cer
tainly not the main one.
If we may nidge from the
Berlin press, which is co'sidered
to echo the views of the govern
nient, the sympathies of Ger
many are strongly enlisted on
the side of Russia in the Khiva
affair. The English portion of
the question is treated with ill
concealed contempt, and Russia
has the benefit of whatever
moral support these organs of
the administration can furnish
It is therefore extremely prob
able, to say the least, that the
German emperor intends to as
sure his imperial brother not
only of his distinguished con
sideration at all times nnd un
der all circumstances, but of
ins particular approbation of
the policy of .Russia in regard to
Asia. Ho will promise to do
what he can in a quiet way to
assist that policy; at any rate
not to interfere against it and
in certain contingencies to re
sist tlw attempts of England to
strike lier adversary near home.
In exchange for these pledges,
......... ..' n
it is likely the (Jzar will agree
to second all reasonable plans
for German aggrandizement, by
holding a roil over Austria and
threatening thoso provinces
which refuse to "assimilate."
The results of the meeting
between the two most powerful
Europen monarchs may not be
at onco , apparent, but sooner
or later thoso results are sure
to bo both goon and Iblt
$128,000 Found in Church.
[From The Reading Eagle.]
Readers have not forgotten
the Lancaster bank robbery,
and tho subsequent flight of tho
cracksmen to Reading, by be
ing driven in a sleigh hired at
a Lancaster livery. The thief es,
arrived in ' this city at six
o'clock in the evening, alighted
at tho post-otiice, and since
then nothing has been heard
of tho robbers, uotwithstiingthe
mo'st dilligent search that has
been made.
A discovery however was
made yesterday morning by the
sexton of the New St. Paul's
Memorial Church North S
street, Mr. Gideon Knabb, re
siding No. 231 Reed street,
through which bonds, mortgag
es, notes, and other instrument
bearing face value to the
amount of over $100,000 were
recovered. The particulars of
this mysterious affair as given
by Mr. knabb are as follow
Mr. Knabb went to the church
yesterday morning as usual
for the purpose of attending to
his customary duties. Descend
ing to the basement to attend
to tho fire, his attention was at
a i t i i i n
tracteu to a bundle ol some
kind in the stairway stuffed in
to a hole at the side of the
stairway. He subsequently
took out the package, opened
and examined it, and to his
utter surprise and astonishment
found that the parcel contained
some seventy instruments o
writing, proving to be a lot o
nonus, notes, mortgages am
certificates bearing face-value
of 127,900, evidently held in
deposit at one timo by Messrs
Stchman, Clarkson & Co., bank
crs, of Lancaster. The discov
cry was immediately made
known, and several prominen
gentlemen informed of the ful
particulars. The Rev. Mr
bailsman lelt Heading this
morning for Lancaster to in
form the parties in reference to
the matter.
The papers were wrapped in
a copy ol the Coiigrc-gationa
Globe, dated Februarys, 1871
aim are or such matter as is
only valuable to the parties to
whom they belong, the robbers
were evidently cracksmen of
experience, having been en
gaged in such business before.
The large scaled envelopes con
taining available and converti
ble funds were scientifically
dipped and opened by the
thieves, while the private se
curities remained untouched.
Among the papers are thirty-
four bonds, the highest of which
is 810,000. There are seven
large mortgages, ranging from
1,000 to 0,000, together with
many other certificates of loan
insurance jiolicios, judgments
and other instruments.
Mrs Knabb, wife of the sexton
gave this morning a statement
to the effect that on the even
ing the thieves arrived from
Lancaster there was chapel
service held at the church.
She noticed a mysterious per
sonage leaving the church dur
ing service. lie was. a large
heavy-built man, having
heavy cloak thrown over his
shoulders. His suspicious
movements attracted her atten
tion, but it being in church she
soon, forgot it. There is come
doubt but that the individual
seen by Mrs. Knabb way one of
gang of interested robbers.
Their motive of placing the
bonds in church is a matter of
much conversation and sur
mise, and the only construction
to be put on tho affair is that
the thieves were anxious to
shroud the whole affair in as
mysterious a manner as possible.
Fossil Palm Tree in Colorodo.
It is reported the largest
specimen of vegetation cwr
discovered has been found near
Denver, Colorado. It is in two
sections, measuring together
fifty feet in length. One sec
tion is thirty-nine feet long,
with a diameter at the largest
end of about twenty-two feet.
The other in length is twenty
one feet and in diameter nine
feet midway from the ends ;
the tree is now stone nnd is said
to bo hard and flinty as jiorphry.
Some of it lookct like agate,
finely veined and delicately
union, wnue other portions are
as white as enow, showing a
polished surface liko chalcedony
Portions of the trunks are
honey-combed and the cavities
filled with delicate- crystals.
when brought to light, sparkle
like diamonds. Specimens of
bark have been chipped off
which display all the lined and
marks of tho original formation.
Here and There.
last year, have been recom
the mended for discharge, and
their places ,wjll bo filled in
Heavy rains prevail in Cali-
Captain Jack is
said to be
anxious lor j)eace.
Minnesota shipped 28,000
deers East last year.
Chicago takes lots of pride
in her police squabble.
Official censiv: returns show
209,000 slaves on tho island of
The Ways and Means Com
mittee have voted six cotton
General Howard's Freedmen
Bureau accounts are said to bo
The President has appoved
the act abolishing tho franking
prhilegc. .
There are 28,581 scholars io
the 393 Baptists Sunday-
schools of Indiana
S. !.- Conover, Republican,
was elected .S U" Senator from
Florida, Friday.
flic President has nominated
Mrs. E. Colton postmistress at
Varsaules, Ivy.
The Governor of Florida ad
vises the abolition of the jury
Connect icut's name was Mohe-
gan, spelled originally Quon-eh-to-cut,
signifying "a long river."
The city of llioga, Japan, has
2,000,000 inhabitants, and onlj
ranks number two at that.
there is a coal lanune in
Memphis, and oil cake is being
used as a substitute.
J lie Aakansas benato mem
orializes Congress for a Territor
ial Government in the Indian
Senator Pomeroy asked the
public to suspend judgment
until he has had a fair hearing
in the courts.
Of. the present California
Legislature but two were born
in blare, beven
are natives
of Michigan.
It is estimated that the last
wine croi) of California will not
exceed 8,000,000 gallons, in
stead of 20,000,000, as antici
pated by over sanguine persons.
Specimens of raisins, of very
lair quality, raised in Kaine
county, Utah, have been receiv
ed at the Agricultural Bureau
in Washington.
Out of the 379 students of
Princeton College '170 have re
cently become converted and
joined tho church.
Five small marine fishes
were recently sent alive from
Aaples to the Crystal Palace
aquarium in wet sea-weed as a
registered letter.
Sitka, Alaska, mines las
year yielded 397 worth of gold
bullion: Montana mines yielded
30 018,20-3; Idaho, 17,111
The President has vetoed the
bill for tho relief , of East Ten
nessec University, on the
ground that it would establish
bad precedent.
Subscriptions for the Greeley
statue from typographica
unions throughout the country
are being rapidly received by
he committee in Aew lork
A Wisconsin man successfully
contended against the cold
weather by pouring water into
the chinks in the walls of his
1011 sc.
Ex-Governor Joel A. Mat
teson died ta noon Friday, at
the residence of his sonin-law'
. E! Goodell, in Chicago,
le was Governor of Illinois
Iron lbdii to lo7.
The explosion at the Albion
'aint Works, at Conshohocken,
a., on Thursday, killed Rosa
,,itziinmon, aged fourteen years
and three others were injured
The Rhode Island people
mind their own business. A
man can have four wives in that
State and live with them four
years before being bund out.
A San Francisco Chinaman
went lo jail recently for steal
ing a horse. Jle managed to
dig out, however, recovered the
animal and left town tho same
Eighteen cadets of the num
ber appointed to West Point,
An Atlanta, Ga., editor is let
ting hi, beard grow in conse
quence of a fortune-teller's pre
diction that ho would cut his
throat before long.
The Brownsville Sides is of
the opinion that the sale of kiss
es at fifty cents apiece, to raise
funds' for gospel purposes,
should be sternly' discounte '
Tho number of whalers now
cruising is the same as it was
a year ago, 150, and the number
from New Bedford is 111; only
two more than a year ago.
V cheerful giver put the fol-
owing note in a pair of panta
loons sent to the Michigan suff
erers: "There, take 'em; last
pair I've got. Don't get burned
Japanese newspapers are
springing up all over the coun
try and preparing the natives of
the interior for the various
changes which the present
government is now introducing.
The greatest surprise at a
surprise party iu New Haven.
Conn.; recently occasioned 1$
the discovery that thief had
stolen tho refreshments out ol
the back kitchen.
A North Carolina man is hav
ing copies of twenty old Avills
dated 1619 reproduced for the
purpose claiming a large a
mount of property iu Prince
George, county, Md.
There is a slight conflict
between the civil and military
authorities at St. Louis, ant
General Grierson, commandant
at the Aresenal, has been cited
to appear for contempt.
Stewart, the contumacious
Credit Mobillier . witness, is
confined in the room in the
basement of the Capitol, former
ly occupied as. a studio by
innio Ream and by recusant
witnesses generally.
bteel was urst made in
mrgh in 1829.
Scientific men arc making
great preparations to observe
the transit of Venus m 1871.
Ouw York received f0,-
000,000 pounds of butter and
09,913,820 pounds of cheese
last year.
On of the largest cutlery
establishments at Beaver Falls,
Pa., employ 10 Chinamen. .
School teachers in Ply
mouth, Mass., are allowed 2
per week for board, and paupers
The Truth.
Tbr pmintrv ih iifiw linrimr
practical illustration of the
truth of the maxioin "when
rogues fall out," xc. The news
from Washington is, that the
Radical Congressional thieves,
who have for several years been
robbing the people, now. that
they have been detected and
exposed, are lighting among
themselves like the famous
igrmalkins of Kilkenny. Let
them fight.
T:n: shocking revelations til
official corruption now being
made idl over the country are
convincing the jmblic mind
i iii i if
tnai tne necessity ior electing
an honest man to any given
position is greater than the nc
c e s s i t y for electing cither a
Democrat or a Republican.
Republicans have a right to be
lieve that Congress or a state
legislature will bo better for a
Republican majority, and Dem
ocrats have a right, on tho oth
er hand, to strive for a Demo
cratic majority in the e bodies,
but the first importnntsprerequi
site is that the majority in eith
er Congress or a Stato legisla
ture shall be composed of un
purchasable, h o ne s t men ;
whether they-bo Republicans
or Democrats.
Smothering Production.
The Chicago Times has the
following article on '-What is
weighing on production." Ev
ery sentence is pregnant with
good s?nse and sound mathe
matics: In 1SC0 aggregato of taxes
collected was only 11 per cent.
tho aggregato wealth, while
the aggregate of taxes in 1800
was nearly 33 per cent, of the
aggregato wealth. In s h o r t,
taxation has increased 4.i fold
since 1860 on tho basis of pop
ulation, .and ,-iicai joy. three-fold
the .basis - of. wealth. To
.8tato.-.Uiei.casejn..apJlji5t way,
UioamoiuitofUxoscoUoctoti an
nually, local and nationals 791
millions greater than it was in
1860. This amount exceeds the
now net earnings of the whole
people in 1800, and is sufficient
to construct eight railroads from
tho Mississippi river to the Pa
cific ocean every year. Is this
a mere trifle ? Is it something
to bo let wholy out of account
in determining wliat flio some
thing is that is weighing on the
production of the nat ion ?"
Tho farmer has to sell cheap
and buy dear. Ho is compell
ed to pay twenty bushels of
oats for a pair of coarso boots
for a boy ten years old, and two
hundred bushels of corn for a
cooking stove, and so on.
Has the enormous increase in
the taxation nothing to do with
this ? "Nothing whatever," says
the Chicago defender of the tar
iff robbery. Tho great cost ol
transportation is the millstone
that is weighing the farmers
A thousand millions of taxes,
of which one third is levied by
the government for the benefit
of monopolists, is no burden.
Fivo hundred millions collec
ted by the railroad for service
performed a most grievous bur
den. Therefore collect three or
four hundred millions more
taxes to expend on internal im
provements so that ten to fifty
millions may be taken off from
the railroad burden. Load iron
with an enormous tax, so as to
compel the companies to pay
two prices for their rails and
machinery, pile up tho taxes
on clothing and nearly all the
com ion s ana necessaries so
to coin-pel the companies to pay
high wages and then, when
they attempt to meet their ar
tificially increased expences by
establishing high freight tariffs
remedy the evil by heaping on
more taxes. Tins is the way
the protectionists propose tore
iieve production of the some
thing that is weighing on it.
Chicago iioius divine service
on Sundny at its stoe'c-varils, lint
: ..i. i. i . i i
uu: uikiii'iiix' ta in mi; muni oi run
ning out to see dog lights,
A Railway battalion organized
for the service and works of tho
railways in time of war, has been
atulcd to the German army.
It will cost $10,000 to send the
u est roint cadets to Washington
Miscellaneous Advert'.seineats.
if) RAMPI.KS scnthy ninil for 50;
I .i lull (jiiu-klur It. I
thuihiim Sniinre, New. York.
thnt r
of all Kidney. Urinary nud Liver
U ai-Uilirorily on these orpins, eimlilinjr theni
... ii:illi.v. ineu 111 lilt- IHOOII, wnMT
I'liiw (Irnvel, Dinhctci, Jlriitlit'n Dlscasn
.lannni ,'p, niieiinmtisin.Hcioriiln, .c. -v. c
ii.iMii.iufl fli t )., C I. MI. N.N A XI, 0.
miPLOYMKNT.flOOiter week, afrcnls urn!
I i other, to H"'l ii new nrLirli'.iiiclliciitillo t
mercliftiiljaiiil niaiuil'uoiiiiern. Ail.lro-, wiih
stuinii, I'.. i. Sinilli K Co,, 5 J.iljei ty mivut, N
1IAV PY'l':li'y made with our Stenrll Jt
itunui Key t iKM k oiuiit. jirjyciri-H
Ims fieo. iSliiiViml Mumil'ac,turiiij$i.(.,) l'"ul
lull Ol., .Mff lOlli. i--iW
llATSTKD-ir yon wMi lo liny a Hewliiif
ii .'iiiriiinc ior iniiinv !ic or net let ii)(ent
LI I., lioMOll, .111111. 7 1V
I'll ,7.11 , .mi i HJ, IM'. ,1 J.M., .11 Ai.ll 1 J!
4 nrstt-litsK bit-lns f.ir rollnlilemon with the
r itson-niii'p nl' innk I no- tl) ihhi t -t niui .. ........
ran lie had. In l onnin Uiiii with nn arnry fur
Witrdiluerher, Win. Cullon lliynnl, Ilarika
lii'i'i-lierisiiiwo, i- Wrllii Ibr ni Ik alum to
.I II l.il.l, r. .... v i- . ...
uitfo iii -.-sin rriinciieo. 7-4v
,f. ... . , . 1. -... . . v ,v i on., j;oMon, v in
rfSS?!!Mf5 Ol AOOMhU. orfonmlo,
Ui HVt U Ui.no O too u woekKUiu
iinieei. i, .'Njii'ci nolo uniiloviiient ,
homo, ilny in i voiiiiir; nocniiital lvimi
el; lull i m l i ,n tiuiin ami vulualilo i.iirk
,'IOI)l UOtHl4M!llt fll'O 111 IHIlil. A, hill,
Willi Rixt'umrulii ru Mlini, ill. YOl .Nti ,4 I'u..
IU l.llt'llliniil.'H., ...
(UNVAxma coos seht fme ro :
p.-of. rowLEPa oesat vo?wi:
0a Kanhordp Wcmanho i, a .d their Mutual Inter
llela'.IDuai Love. Tti Lnvi. Pnuar etv
. " , , " .u uv i,,llfl, ill
A 1f'lllA n 1 1 mi.IIix. l',,i, on I,, IA ......I... ..I'
in , nn n iiui, iinu wu moiui a ennvaniiiK
drifn. tit iirtnir eMjmlon.o'. e.. NATION' A I
nil, ii, lit, I ill I'.iini'ifii iiiiiiii' iwiiiu n.Mt.ir a,i.
i iij.i9i.i.uuo., riiiiaduiiiiiia, I'n.jChU
go, III.; or st. Iiiu'r, Mm, 7-4w
- eta i
Ismail I'uplUI
iein(ril :mnl
ifori liviilar to
( ) loiiioitiii.n.
JI'.xD ft .1
IK. C. lll-lllir
iilHll, D I!lli-
l.ii bt.. Si. Y
Its ilneolvod I lint for eomrliH. rohlii. Horn
iiko. only
iino.it, noamoniMi, anil uidiiciiiiii uimeullloi,
Worl lilut ImltntlonK nru on llin inaiknt. 1ml
only ne.leiilliln nroiiaralioii ol ( nilioll
einililmiil wild ntliur well known reiiicdivs a
for l.iinir ilixoaii la when eheinlonllv
tinned imniiit tixlnir nnv other.
iiii'ho t a iii.ktn, nun an imiiie uro cau.
In all eaMW of Irritation of tho niui'iioun
moiiihiano Hioho TiiIiIoih.hIioiiIiI liolravly lined;
ineir eiiiiiiiniiitf ami Homing ii-uioiue aru
ilo win nod, never iiPKlnet A eold; It la pimlly
rod In Ita Inidiiluiit matol wlimi It hoeoini-'a
rhronle tho mini exi eedliiKh illlllcult, Uko
.JOHN Q. KKI.l.OIIO, 18 Tllltt Ht N, Y
Rulo fluent for th United Hlatet, Hcnd for
Wella't arliolln 'I nlilew n a miei'llle.
Iretilar. Kvyari-lRO llfto. a Imx. 7 Iw
Mr or r'oninlo, ran aoe.mo KMPIOYMkN J'
(laying from W U)1D0 tier month iIiii-Iiik the
Mp.lnif or Huiiliner. AddiOHii, PICOI'T.K'M
lULilMAl, bit) Ann bireei, riiiiaiiniihla,
Ladlue' Frlund. Auk your Grocor for It,
alwayn glvw nail .faction. Try It
the laundry, linn no oiiinil. Muld hy Oro.
VrotitHt., lilla.1 liU CUurtllri ttU, jl.!-t
enre.' ll.' A, 1IAU I.r.rr A Co.. 117 N.
i:nts I A Raro Chancel
who will ciif?ii0 with us iitonco, Kverytliiiitj
fui-iilflh-."l, iukI expenses iiulil. Addiens, A.
COU1.TKI!, ACO., IhnilotUvMli-h. 7lw
We will wiy nil fincnti f 10 nor week. In rnsli,
O mnlea o"
MK) mure, nnd A unrinireH of
nmv l-'iinn Midi five, lv unrlofiii K2slnniis.
Aililivt", . P. llOVl'.l!, A t o., I'u. 1 i-rlnu-fc',
(l'B. 1-'lW
aK.3-- M
3 b- me
ell? I?
E. 2 (jo
8 B 2.C.B 5'
11 S.-S E
iff !&fiiB
By Julia McHair "Wright.
Thomofit thrilling nml pcwoiTul book ever
writteixm tlilHsiilijci.l. It prcsnnt rutin Uinjr
un-ny of lin ts, itnil contaiua revolutions oovor
bel'oio iniiilo mililin. fiouit for Hi-rnlnrs nnd
tonus to .NATION' Al, I'll IIMS1I t.N(i CO.,
In tiunuti O., Of JONi:SI5lt(JTllHKS CO.,
Uiientfo. t4(V
" , vt . ra -4
m m 3
ThnticniK Ih published quartorly; Socts nay
for the year, w hich in not half tho l ost. Those
who nflei-wnnlHsenil nioiioy to tho amount of
onnilollnror inoru lor neoi(s, inuv nlso ordor
-.'.i cnits worth oxtrn-tlio pi ieo Vaid for tho
(IriliK. The Ill's I miinhrr U lieaulifnl, pivlnir
:.l:iinfoi'iiiiiklnii Ihnul HonoH, Oliiing Tnhlo
Dei'ornlloiifi, indow (ianloiia, ,:( and a
allien of inrorniatiun iiivaliiulile to the lover ot
Ihiwoia.-liiO in;coi on lino tintod paper, kiiiio
:.0(l KnxiHviiijta nml a ttipci-b ( oloiod l'lnto
md 1 In onio t over. 'I he ll-at edit inn of 500.000
'ul printed in Kntrlinh nnd (iorinaii.
7-4W JAMES VII Ii, Uoeltesler, X. Y,
JD SALE of Works of ART.
Distribution of Premiums!
8100,000 VortUr.f BoauMfnl Work
of Art to tic sold, tmi $50,000
of i lie niuoaut to be (lis
tribntci) lit Pro
mlnnib! Distribnllon to tnku plnoo In
Amouniinfl to $30,OOu. in sums of
from $7 to S13.O00I
Any person nondii.fr nn ?5.5ft for tho (hromo
Vt h spoi lns of liMioreiito." iairircn mini-hei-ed
loielpti, ontltlhiH its hot. e r tJ
.'hanire n ll, distribution. T,10' CI r.mo is
t0xK5hi.-,e in Biw; painted bv the iwmilir
to any eliionm w.ld for four times the prie"
l aities oiileiintr, upon reociiit of it. i' i
jal.slk-d that it in all that It is roi,ree,i .,1
mii JM.n,.',",. "V"1'1,""61, ""'l Micro is no
the!" VAT "5 ,:t'"ts m"u-"1 t0"a t!i'"
r.5" " 'ho 8,'!l1 r-lMitograplilo coplce of
r ,o, waldsen y eelolimted n.a, lilot 0 ?
pl.tiiiosi-piinif ISm,,,,,,.,-, Autumn, W In tor
Morning and N L-l.t. Tl.oy arc II ineh elrele,'
mounted on lGxSU neh No. 1 card hoard n,,A
are tin y l.,lr work of art. The n Joj of
these pictinos ia l 00 ou. h; two or mo re l 2 a
eaih. one nn, !,,.,,, ,(.,..f,t. ,it itllnir ii
holder lo a ehaace In the .t'i iliutloa, Tgiy
Keinit at out risk, by Uoi-iatered Tnti..,,
Jlouoy onle.s, or nrartann New Ck. W ui
"l".1,o; ( "'."".y U1"1 Pltinly!
. iW" AN i-end pli-lurea bv ni .il o exiirea.
A niilillshed list 0f the .li.i -i i, ii "" '.', e?-
u?t-stMu!,1,''':l,n"eis- Allo,,1'!,, ca-
RUSSELL& SM ITH, Rochester, N. Y.
SI'lan of distribution aud all other In!
loi iiiiition sent with Clio pictures, ?-!iw
THE ONLY ,A,"7l(,,!.n s,r,isi""1 '""
viib I ,K,,lU 0 ,. , eMranrdiiiarv
and roeos:,, itod cv.-ollmoc as to ,", a ,"rJ
wide sale Iu r u.i.po, i.otwill,srandiK co i
tition tlioru Willi priKluetsof tdicnp liliir ,
ALWAYS B1w,.',""l,l,ll,p?t J"-""''""". n
r. i,V . , ''"'''"H'lionx-'larat tho Parig
l'.v ios t on." (If minim,,, ..r i.,.i......r.. f.
lilliitiimH, there have not hoi n Mix in all wlu'ira
any ot her oi Kaiis liave boon preferred to thoso.
FOJslnK.e.xiolleneios not nlliiinod In anvotl ersl
Uri-ul' r'n " tl,0l""""1 '" 'roNtiinoiilal
EXCLUSIVELY f"!!,'!" r,?.jsy5! ) ,n-,
embi nidoK every real Inipiovonient.
PRICES FIXED!!::;1 "1!,,,.w',,a ronrkt-
nian!'l?lp, f "'y WHt mnt(-'"'1 "'in k"
ILLUSTPATFn r-.A-T-A T nm.ir ..-j
important Inloinntion nhontOranna
which mnv n o,..k ft" '?
,. - ',1,-iin.in imm
Minnppointmontln purchnseof Infer,
loroe WoiuIiI-h liiBirumentsorPav.
montofHIrjh Prices, sent Iroe.
A Tremmii St.. Ilnslnn: T5 I'lilon K.inaro, N.
! Wnnd W! Ailnint. St., Chicago. 7-4W
vradlcato, oxtli'iuito and tlioroiihlv dottroy
1 1 pnlxonotiH Hiilwluiiec In tlm Illoo.l and
will olloi'tuidly illsiiul all pieiHixltlou lo
hi 11 loo ileiaugomuiit.
I thorn u lit of notion III your Llvnv
is iineuualod liy any kniiwii remodv. It will
or Hploen T I nless rolloveil the blood bo
coiii.'H Impure by deleloiloiia sccretlona, iiio
ilin-l ii K k-i (i I ii !Mi or ok. in ilisoiiHes, Illotilios,
Felons, PiiHtiilos, ( ankor, l'iniplos, Ac.
Ilitvn yoM a ilyioitlo utoinniilif TTn.
less illKostlon Is iiroiaptly aided thu systvin
iliiliillliiteu wna poverty ni tun mood,
liroiiHli'ul tendency, vonei al. Weakness and
Inert I.
Iluva yon weukims or tlio Inteatlnnaf
You are In danger of ( hroiilo Dlanliamor in.
Hainiiuitloii ol'tho llowels.
Have Von weiikili'is of tho irtflrlnanv
lli liinry OrifimsT You aro exposed to suf.
foi l nu In Its miiHt airrnvnloil form.
Are you ileJecW'il. drowsy, dull, sluggish,
dopiossoil In ilt, Willi liiwilachi., bank,
ae.ho, coated tniiR.i.i ami had tusthia; inouthf
1'or n eoi'lalii loinody lor all of these diseases.
wenkni'-Fcs nnd tnuililiis; for eloanslna; and
purlfyiihj the vitiated blood and imparting
Ivor to all thn vital lorrohi for bulli Iinu- nn
and lostoiliiK tho wonkoneileoiiiUtutlon.l'tlfc
which Is nrOiiomK'Cil by tho limdliiir medical
authorities til Loudon and l'arl, "tlio must
powerful Uinle and altomtlvo known to the
iiioillciil world." This Is no new nnd uuti'liul
discovery, lint line lunar heun used liytliu lead
iiiKjihysli'liins of ntliur coun tiles villi won
duiTuI rouiiidlal results,
Don't woaknn anil Impair tho (llirostlye
organs by rHiliartlos and physl.s. thuy give
only temporary rnllef IiidlKesllon, flutu,
Imie.y, anil dyspepsia with iilloi and kludred
diseases ate sin o to follow their nso,
Ktitii the IiI.hhI iuri iind health Is a.ired.
lOIIN O, liU, 1,11(1(1. iSI'lu.at..Now York
Hold Kcnt fur tho DuIUkI SlnU'i. in
,MIMIf mWf ew tt sp fT ri
ip TJ AI

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