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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 10, 1873, Image 2

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IcArtiiur Enquirer
J. VT, BOWKN, 1W Hop mxl. rplillKliov.
The 'Uni toil ' State Scftrttc cham
ber is now the tost; I ventilated 1ia.ll
in 11 ie country, i Xtw let us clul) to
gether am vontllattj' pome of the oc
cupants.' ;-.:.!
'. CosGitKs'si ' flic :i;?jl" Congress
convened on Tilondny, the 1st inst.
' J. G. rF..viKK, Pa'publican of
iMaino. was ; ire-elected Sneaker of
;tho House; Epwaud AIcTueuson,
Clerk; N. Or. OupVky, Scrgeant-nt-'Ariii's;
0. S. Buxton, Door-keeper;
II. G. SnEinvoor, 'Postmaster'; ami
Rev. J: G. DuTLEi;, Chaplain.
. Cuiki? Justice. Salary Grab
Grant, the $50,000 "a year Presi
dent, ' has appointed G. II. Wil
liams,1 his 1 Attorney General, and
cx-Sciiator from Ores011! Chief Jus
tice of the United Slates, to, success
the lato S. P. Chase. , A miserable
selection Tim- CinuUnmti - Com
mercial says it is a "stupid and
disgraceful" appointment.
.Thi? New York Observer token a
bold stand against gift enterprises
in the shape of picture premiums,
offered to subscribers and said to
bo worth so much more than the
price of the periodical. The Ob
server docs not publish pictures but
publishes vcw.1. Any person desir
ing a comprehensive weekly news
paper, filled with just the' news that
eveiy family wants, and free from
any clap-trap, or objectionable mat
ter of any kind; will hardly do bet
ter than by sending $3 to S. I.
Prime fc .Co., 37 Tark Row, New
York. ;
Tweed in Prison.
W. M. Tweed, the New York
thief, was sentenced to the peniten
tiary, on BlackweH's Island, for
twelve years, and was removed to
that place of safe-keeping on Satur
day, November 20, and deprived of
his beard and redundant locks, and
clothed in the regular stripped
dress. Tweed was a Democrat un
til 1872, when he left them and ac
ted with the Republicans because
the Democrats were strongly in fa
vor of punishing -every thief in the
land. . Now, a Republican journal
wonders bow long Tweed will re
main in prison, and a Democratic
paper responds that as (Jen. Grant
has not tlio pardoning power in
his case, the probability is he will
have to serve out bis time. The
Cleveland Tlaiiulealer says if
"Boss" Tweed had been a Repub
lican, and perpetrated his rascali
ties as a Republican, he would have
been, ere this, like Cameron, a Uni
ted States Senator. lie would have
been a magnilieent loyalist: but he
was a Democrat, and as soon as he
was caught stealing, such Demo
crats as O'Coxor and Tildes went
for him, and the result is the big
thief was convicted and sentenced.
It must be the sincere regret of his
life that he did not act with the
Republicans always as he did in
1872, so that Ghaut would pardon
him as he did Postmaster IIodgk
and the two Pennsylvania scoun
drels who were of so much assis
tance to his party in stuffing the
ballot boxes in Philade lphia in Oc
tober, 1872.
Where now is that old Dorao
cratic politician, Win. 31. Twced'ri
Safe in the penitentiary. fronton
Exactly. The evidence upon
which ho was convicted was hunted
out by Sam. J. Tilden, Charles
O'Conor, and men' of his own par
ty, who were anxious to have him
punished for his betrayal of trusts
and his gigantic rascalities. But
where arc 'Ben Butler, Bingham,
Wilson, Cameron, Colfax, and the
hosts of others whose peculations
are familiar to all, and who brought
disrepute upon our national legisla
tion? Basking in the smiles of
their parly.' Where arc Loot,
Stocking and Murphy, tho Custom
house thicvosof New York? . Where
nro the leaders of tho ring in Phil
adelphia, who havo been robbing
that city1 on an extensive a acalo as
Tweed and his ussocidtcs did Now
York citv? Btill en-casced in their
plundering and. in slutting , ballot
boxes to retain their power, and to
secure glorious Republican yicto
rlcs. Where ate Bullock, of Gcor
gia, Birder, of Tennessee, and. the
jwann of; carpet-baggers , and ad
ventures, who depleted the Trcas
ury'and exhausted tho crcditof tho
Bouthcrn States la their wholesale)
schciuca pf pilfering, all supported
and endorsed by tho administra
tion? None-of them aro suffering
.thd penalties of their crimen.' Ono
party puniahes its rascals, tho oth
er rewards theirs. One sends them
to tho penitentiary, tho oilier sends
to Congress, or Japan, or somo oth
er rich retreat. The moral effect of
General News.
r.urglars are enamored of Quincy,
Illinois. ''
; Clinton 'County, ( Iowa, has nine
newspapers. (
Lumbering, on- the Chippewa,
Wis. is lively-
Racine, Wis , is bothered to death
with rowdies.
Pork-packing at Alton, Illinois,
commenced Dec. 1.
There are heavy snows in
En " land.
CosiioCTox, Ohio, in constructing
gas works.
The price of beer has been
diiced at Quincy, 111.
IIon. P. Van Trump, of Lancas
ter, Ohio, is dangerously ill.
Native wine retails at 23 cents a
bcttlc at Keokuk, Iowa.
Pan Claire, Wis., claims to hava
icicles fifteen feet long.
Dubuque factory is shipping
sleighs to Rochester, New York.
Good board can be had at Jack
sonville, 111., for $3 per week.
Nilsson 13 advertised to sing in
Milwaukee on the 20th of Januaiy.
Potatoes in Minnesota are quoted
ligher per bushel than wheat.
In 1813 the' Mississippi closed at
cokuk' on the night of Nov. 19-
Great numbers of deer arc being
tilled in the northern part of Wis
At East St. Louis, the last' pile
of the Mississippi bridge approach
as been driven.
Many Kansas, Missouri and Ne
braska settlers arc returning east
ward, via Quincy, 111.
Burlington, Iowa, has a new spice
factnry, and smells sweet, and blos
soms in the dust of it.
A mock marriage, performed at
an evening party at loud du Lac,
Wis., is now held to be valid.
A Montrose', Iowa, girl fell head
first into a forty foot well, and got
out alive without a broken bone.
A Parke county, Ind., farmer
has sown GOO acres of winter wheat.
His farm contains 2,500 acres of
A girl between four and five years
old, was before a juslieo jn Elkhart
Indiana., eharged with stealing
Certain fanners of Marion coun
ty. 111., think of organizing a pork-
aeking association.
The sales of real estate in Co-
umbus, Ohio, in October footed up
Henry county, Ohio, will sliip
nearly 10,000 barrels of appels this
Lawrence county, Ohio, lias sus
pended all road and bridge work
not of immediate necessity.
Queen Victoria is having her
iortrait painted for the Czar. The
old fellow is Czar-rv that he is al
ready married.
The coal mines of Nelsonville
Ohio, loaded and shinned 175 cars
of coal, on Cth inst.
Measles are having a general run
at Wilmington, Ohio, among chil
drcn and adults.
Two hundred shares of Hocking
Valley Railroad stock sold in Co
usbus, Ohio, on the 13th inst., at
The New York Express says that
wholesale dry goods men arc offer
ing better terms than for twenty
five years before.
We arc spending twenty millions
annually on our navy. In this re
spect it is aliead of anything in the
world. .
The Triumph Furnace Company,
at Jackson, Ohio, has disbanded
and sold their machinery to the
Huron Company.
S. Baird Ac Co., have commenced
the construction of a furnace
their lauds three miles west
Slraitsville, Ohio.
James ISjihitt, of Wnvcrly, Ohio
has reduced the wages of his men
twenty per cent, and cut down their
hours to eight. '
JdnN P. Hale, formerly U.'
Senator, and one of tho original
Frco Soilcrs, died at Dover, N.
last Wednesday evening. .
The side Avails of the new Union
Depot at Columbus, Ohio, arc
finished, and tho front wal will
carried up to tho second story
fall. Nearly all the material is
the ground, and tho wood-work
be prosecuted during the winter,
There arc now live blast furnaces
in Jackson, and nino, iii c'lhcr parts
of the county. 'A tenth is being
constructed and will be in blast
ring tho winter. Tho Huron
Company will commence buildinc
Additional Locals.
In last week's 'paper we 'mention-'
ed the shooting (if - William V.
Johnson, a school boy, ten years of
pge, ,by -Mrs. Ann .0. Turotf, at
Jackson, , O. Prow the Jackson
Standard wo clip tho following: .
Wild stories are being circulated
about Mrs. Tilton having formerly
made threats in shoot persons
found on lie farm, and especial
reference is made to an article she
had piiblishad hi the titanihtiL. In
order to show just what she did say,
we rc-publlsh the communication,
from the tilttndarjl of Juno 22, 1871 :
"Tu all whom it vaty concern, (anl
thieves in particular:
"Is there any law against shoot
ing thieves? Law or no law, I in
tend to bliool the first man, woman,
boy or girl, I cateh'stealing iny ber
ries, fruit, or anything else inside
my enclosure. My son, J. M. Til
ton, has given mo what grows on
the farm for taking care 'of it till
sold. ;(And I should havo no trouble
if there were no thieves.) Mothers
of the present day have proved
themselves the curso of our nation.
By their training comes liars,
thieves, highwaymen ami wrtmler
ers. Children are apt scholars, if
the mother is a liar, tattler, etc., the
children soon learn; and as lying
is the stepning-slone to all oilier
crimes, the person who will tell a
willful lie, will steal, will rob, ob
tain goods under false pretenses,
will jnurder if necessary to obtain
his or her ends. Now who is re
sponsible for the training up of
hilureiir ho trained U aslnngtonr
Wc have no Washington mothers
'Fathers do but little . towards
forming the minds of their sons
.ind daughters. Their time being
employed in business to inako a
living for his wife and family that
if lie is a sober idduslrious man.
Therefore the mothers are respon
sible for the training of their chil-
Iron, before God and man "
Dr. N. J. lSowcru, Dentist, Mi' Arthur, O
. .fr-g--n
"J. N.' CoiiiNO. Remember
that "J. N.," tho immortal philoso
pher, will be on hand next Thins-
,iy evening, December 11, 1S73, at
the Court House ami will lift the
veil from the eves of those to whom
his truths are not fully enmprchon-
ible. lie never fail.-; t'.r.K-t au
appointment, i lie cause ol train
is too sacred, and his duty too
plain, lie has the nerve and can
and will assume till the pressure.
From' the days of Auld Lang Syne
the world has never produced an
other philosopher with the intel
lectual power as that of "J. N."
Turn out, everybody, end tfive the
immortal philosopher a !.;ood audi
dienee that lie may ea.-ily demon
strate the reason why his truths
should not be withheld from the
human family.
Whilst money should not be
connected with Philosophers1 minds
as lovers of truth, yet they have
wants which money only can sup
id v. therefore, a small admission
will lie charged for the men, ladie:
free and especially invited toallcnd
An invitation to attend is eteiidei'
o, nil. -.t i
desires a iar.'.'c
audience so that
ie can vindicate
Tin: Portsmouth Trilranc contin
ues lo mourn about the sheriif's ad
vertising. It gets on its hind legs
and howls in public. Its grief is
inconsolable, it hurts the editor,
and semi-monthly lie has lo tell the
community about his great sorrow.
But then he should remember that
the sheriff advertises in the paper
that lias the largest circulation he
puts the advertisements where they
will do the most good, and then, in
addition, he saves a large amount
to litigants by dmiig so. For, ac
cording to a recent statement of the
Tribune, it doesn't cost as much to,
advertise his sales in the Tim a as
it used to when they were publish
ed in the Tribune, If the editor
still refm.es to bo coin foiled, let
somebody give him a bone, 1'nrln
Month Times.
As ohiina vinv.it amor it is best
for tho people of Vinton county to
work for their own interests in fu
Prices do the Work.
Yes, indeed! Prices do tho work!
And Aaron Wuxif the linn of Dan
Wiu. & Bitos., of McArlhur, left
ast Monday for Cincinnati, where
lie will make ono nrnv' selection
of Dry Goods, as, during this panic
and general depression of business
in tho "Queen .City," ho' can buy
all kinds ol goods for this market
at greatly reduce-d figures for cash
Let the people bear in mind that
tho House of Dan Will & Duos'.,
cannot bo surpassed in tho quality
of Goods in any department in niiy
particular. uot ready lo pay
tlicm a visit as booh a the new
goods begin to arrive, '',"'
Procure What You -Neko.
Now, wo wish' to Bay to tho people
of Zalcskl and vicinity, that
House of Will dk Co., in that town
is now represented in tho City this
week, by Mr Aarow ' Will, who
will carefully select a grand assort
mcnt of Goods for that -market
and when tho new slock nro receiv
ed, thoro will be an opportunity
everybody to procure what they
Tipnrl oi. frrnnllir .riilunm'
Particular Notice.
'4'liM'oliimus of Tni: JIcArtulr
ENi;n;ER .'iro at all times open for
free uudrji'ejilknianly discussion on
topics of public and general 'inter
est, but the publisher of this paper
wishes it understood that ho is not
to.-bo -hold -as endorsing tho .senti
ments of. any contributor. The
names of contributors must bo tin
all cases accompany their articles,
not for mbhcatioii, but for satis-I'lteUoiVo-f
tho publisher.-; - i '
. Reader, . let u-i heaiv from' your
neighborhood The Enquire will
be scut to any address, weekly, at
I'oO'pc'r year. ' Subscription price
to accompany tho order. :
li. S. Sltiieui.ano, formerly a ty
po in Ihu Democrat Printing ollice
in this town, but tit present con
ductor -wi i passenger train on tho
Solum, Homo , & Dalton Railroad,
in Alabama and Georgia, his resi
dence being Dalton, Georgia, gave
us a call 'on Monday last, having
arrived at the residence of his fath-cr-ia-law,
Horace Reud, Saturday
Uwt." 'About three weeks ago ho ac-
cidentlv shot himself throu''h the
hand with a revolver, and conse
quently is unable to fill the posi
tion on the road. Ho will remain
here a" few days.
What's tho matter down in Gali-
polis? The Leclycr came up last
Monday without the likeness of its
editor. It is useless for tho Lcdy-
er to attemiit to live throunh this
panic unless it contains a, picture
of the head portion of its purty ed
itor. We offered George a first-
class head, without any red noso on
it, for only fifty cents. He wouldn't
doit. We will send him this pret
ty "shoo lly" for his paper for a
dollar. It might improve the ap
pearance of the Leil'jer and run tho
subscription up to half a million
before the close of the next poltic
al coinpaigu in Gallia county:
i mmw,
i-'vV A i'SiAi'
-j,--3 C-wK
Tin: Ai.iiiNi: Almanac. Those
wishing the Aldine Almanac for
1 c'V4, the most beautiful of all
things printed, should call at this
lure and vi one. iiio cover oi
!ie Almanac, is the richest specimen
f the mcdhc'val stylo of iliuinin'a
tio:i ever produced .in America,, bo
ng printed in tdx. colors. . Every
ecliiui of tho country is illustrated
in this Almanac. ' Coino and get
one helore they are gone, rriec
GO cis; sent to any person per mail
WITH tit ploomy nttcmlnntu, low
pli-lm, lcitrtfsloii, involuntary
p 'iu.niii;i lima i Hi-Micil. pi-nuiv
(oi-iJitrn, Inui of )OW(-r, illiT.y liinil
Iiikh of mtiiiior)-, mid Uirentvncd lm
JiintT.i e, niitl Imlirrlllf y, (In I a (over,
tl;.-i i-m-o in III ;Hl'ililI,lS jiojm:
vfATUiv i'l.cii 'ir. Bio. Tn-iwr.
-J UlSbUVi,l!I.10N JtEAlKUY Ion
i; Oiu (-.ylom, urivalt tl,o Uisalnintt. mid it.i.
ns vi; i,r una wnwy, Mo (ind vitality lo tha
tiitiro n::iii. 'i'liy imvuCMitd tliuumindi of cam.
l'riou, .3 in rjuiikiii-eof live Loxcmiml nlnrelj
i ,.1, vi.n h in very ,ipi,i-luut in obHtiimto or okl
cuni, i.r (I ji'-r tiivln l.o.T. Sulil If ALEIirnfr-
i-.i'i-, hi. i if in, ny mtiii on i-,i,t or pm-o. AiMm:
u.,o',ia j;iiuadvav, is. y. fiar.it furcliilur.
II O W It K 8 T 0 II EDI
.Iiistimhli.-hcd, n new oilitlon of Dr. Cul-
vim w i-il's Celohrnli' l Jlssny on the riirllnil
r (WlLllOlll lllelllllllie) of hlKIIMATOIIIIIIOKA
or Seminal tVeahneH, liivolliiitnry riemiiiul
l,o--,.', Ii.iiiotf ni-y, Menial and I'liysb al In-
ipfteity, Inipeiliiivonls to Mavrlage, etc; alto
mi iniiiilicili, iMiilepsy li ml Kits, linlui'cil bv
-If-jiidiilfrciiec' or noxuiil e.xlriivai;iiu'4i, .-,
J 'V l'iiee In it sinlod envelope only hl.t
J be ivlrhraled tiutlioy. In this ndiuiraliln en
iv, clnai'ly ilrinoiisi rales Iroiii a tliirly years'
fiili'i'in il'ul (inicll-r, t iiatalio illniiiilng coiim-
iUi'in e - oi bch -iiniiMi in a y lie i ai ileal I y curCil
wltUonHlic ilnluic'iiinsnic of luterniil medi
cine or tlio uiilieu!ion ol Ihu knife; puinliiig
out a moor oi' re i at mire dimple, certain anil
cll'ci'tu,"' 1 me.'i-.iMii' wlileh even- suil'erer,
iiomai i . ;;iit ins coiniition may : may
euro iiJiiisou ciii'iipiy,'. vnviitci)' nnu n'till
1:5 ; Ibis IO';r.ireiiii'i.ilil bn in the hands of
ev.'i v yinilii Hint ovny num in in,, inml.
t.enl-iliul 'i' t hi u i'lain i liyeloi.e. to anv
ndilcc'li, piiil-iint'f, iinTcui'lpi of six eeiitri, ur
tlio pvsh.gc slnnip.-,
jJUn, Dr.l t)l.vniiiVti,l.'tJInrii,i((elltildu,"
o i ,.ir i cm,
Address the'riililirhevH,
III AS. .1. C. ki.ini: .1 I'd
. 1-
, 117 HoweO;, Now l ink, I'. O; liox
' c'lli-lV ' '
Tins .out.
It May Hai'B Ton: ldl'C There Is nn nnr
son llvliig but what pullers more or less wilh
lain licciv-en, I iiiivh i, (sjhls nr CoiiMimp
llou, yet hoiiic v. oulil dlo rather (ban jiuy
cenls for a hoKIc ofuaedicbie 1 li n L would cure
lliciii. 1r, A( I'.nsi'hi'ii's Ooriuiiti Isyrup bun
lululy been liilrodmed in the coiintrv I'm
lleruiniiy, and ll wondiirniiij cutes anUitilslies
every one Hint try II, if you doubt what wo
ny In prinl, cut this not uml take It to your
iilll'gbil. WOI.I'. I'lKUCI', & CO.. anil irot
siimple linlljn free of charge, orn regular
slr.o torTieonl. ' '' .(), (.iikkn,
finlU.U, . 11'.... .11 V f
.nr.-..,, , ,i vwiiuiu J , il
A, ravo Chancoj
I'orrnitleulur Krccl
r MX hiiiiiien for f,f
Ncyv Advertisements.
Unquestionably the- Best Suulained
Wprk of the Kind in the
Tlio ovor-inrcnlnir f.lrculatioiiof this cx-
uulli-ut niiiutlily iu'Dvos iU tuiitiiiiR'il tiUnptii
tiim to iiiipiilai- ilosiri'S anil iimlo. lmlocd.
W1KM1 uiiiiK lino now ninny nomi-H 11 jiuuu-ti-nti-s
ovorv iiioiiUi. wo must coiiDidcr It b
ono of tho I'dui'iitora tin well n i'iitiii talnoi'8
of tlio public mind, for Uh vast iiopiilarity Iikh
noun won iiy no ap ii'iii 10 niupm picjiuuiua ur
ik'pravod taslos. Iluston Olvlie.
Tlio I'haiai-U-r wliii h this iliifrnzlno liosscn
soD fur variety, ciyorprise, artiiio wealth.Hml
litoiavy vaiiotv, onti rpiiHO, urtivtio M'calth,
and literary i-iiltin o that has kopt pac o with,
if ii lias nut led ihu tinioi. fhinild rauso Its
ouilmloi' to roL'iird it with Justillaljlo com
It also entitles theiu to a icreat
claim ti)ion thcpulillc. crntittnlo.
riio jiiifru-
cine hau diino goiid nnd not evil all ilayu ol its
1 i f c Jlrovh-l ysi, (i It;
TKiniS: llAiirnu'H Situ aink, one year, ft.
? 1 inelmlea payment ol u . s. postage y inu
Siilisi'i-iiitinns to Hiii-nor's Maifazine. Week
ly and llazur, to no addi'i'ta lor ono year, If 10;
ir, two of. Harper's IVriodieals lo ono d
divas for one year, 7; piistaijo payable by tlio
subsi'riher at thooiliee whoro reeeiviil.
An extra copy ot oillier tlio jMnsrnzino,
Weekly, or liaznr will be sininlied unit Is for
every lull of l'ive SiilMi-rihe.r-i at,14eai h. in
one i'enilltaiH'e;or, Six CoiiIim for $2(1, with
out extra eopy; pustao payahlo hy the sub
seribeis at I ho oilioo w hero reeei veil.
Hack lumbers can bo tsupiilied at nay
A coninlele net of Harper s Jlajrazine, now
roiiiinvlnj,' 47 Volmiierf,- ill lient ilntli lilnil-
iii it, will no sent iiy express, i.ieiKm i i-x-neiisc
of niiivliiiier. for si'lj ner viiluiiio. Sin-
jjlo volumes, Iiy liinil, pinl-paid, 1. Cloth ea
ses. forhiniliiuriMi-eals, by mail, post-paid.
Tlio postage on tiarper s jiai;azino is
eenis a year, whlcli must licpaulnt tno sun
seribor's posl-oHlce. , Aililress,
JlAliLl'l, iX Lll'.'.l 11 Clin,
ii3So&w. NcwVork.
"A Complete Pictorial History of
the Times" "The Best, Cheap
est and most Successful
Family Paper in
Harper's W cokly
(Sjilendidly HHtst rated)
Tim Weekly Is the ablest and most power
ful illuslrated periodical published in this
country, lis editorials arc scholarly aailoou
vinciii:, and carry much -weight Its illus
(rations of ciirrent events are full anil fresh,
and are prepared Iiy our best ilenii'iiers. With
a circulation of lMl.WlO, tho Weekly is read by
at lea-it liall'a million persons, and its inilti
enco as nn oriran of opinion isHhnply trenien
dous. Tho Weekly maintained a positive po
sition, nnd expresses decided views on politi
cal and social problems, Ltittinrillo Cvurkr
Journal. KUIiHCTJI'TlONS, 1871.
TKIl.MS: HAi;ri:n'8 Weekly, ono year, H
f I includes payment of U. hi. jiostage by llic
.Subscriptions to Harper's M ajrn.lno.Wcck-
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n extra copy of either tlio Mauaziiie.W eek-
ly, or lia.ar will be siiiplied gratis for every
club of live subscribers at ? I each, in .'ono re
in lit mice; or, six copies lor .Til), wit limit extra
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tlieoiuc.es wliere receiveil.
iiaek nunibei-s can be supplied at any time.
The annual volumes uf Harper's Weekly, in
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J he pillage on Hiinier's M'eukly is 20 cents
a year, which inu-t he paid at the suh.-tcribers
pust-oi.ico. -ddress, ..
ji.Ma-r.ijh iv jiituiiii-.t, ."s. i.
"A Repository of Fashion, Pleasure
and Inatruction,"
Harper's 33azar.
i;oriti:soi' tub i-in-ss.
The llazar is edited with n contribution of
fuel mid OOent thatwo seldom llnd anv jour
nal: and the.ioiirni',1 itself Is the organ of the
Ml world of I'asbinii. A'i dii Tniedcr,
Tlie liazar ciiimneiuls lOidf to every niein-hi-f
of the bou.-c-biild In the children fj" droll
nnd prolly pictures, to tho young ladies by its
f.i-hion jil ales in einlh-s variety, lo the iirov-idi-nt
matron by its patterns for'llie chiblieu's
I'loihe. i, tiF-teful designs for I'lnliroider slip
pers and luxurious ilic-ring-growus. Hut
the reiidiiig-iiKii-lerof tliw Jinzar Is uniformly
of gn at e.xcellenei'. 'i'ho paper has aciuirci
n wiilu popularity fur the llreside enjoviueiit
it ii.Toid.-'. A'. )'. h'niitiij J'ost.
SUilSCUirTION, lbTl. . i
TIJUMS: Ilai iier's llazar, ono vear.M. M ln-
clinlcs pre-jiayiiient of L, s, doslage by thu
.sub.u-rlpiions to Iliirper's Jlaga.ine.Week-
iy. aiui iiiiar, 10 oni! n.r.iress inr one year.
!lii'i', Iwn iii Ilnrii'i''s Pei'loilicals, to one
address lor one year, If 7; pm la;.'.'; payubly hv
the Mil.se rilicis at the oiliees w heie 'receiveil.
liiiuk imnibi rs ciin be nipdie 1 at any time,
'i'ho si volumes id' Harper's Ita.ar, I'or the
years l:',s, ".ill, '",0, '71, '7, '7:1, elegantly lioiunl
in gi een iiiornceo clnth, will bo sent by tx-
pr-.-s, ireight pre-na i . fur f-7 e.-icn
The pnslage on Harper's llazar Is '.'0 cents
year, which must he paid at tlio subscriber's
po.;i-oilice. AU'licvi :
illAlil'Klt.t HKOTlllOUS, x.Y
""T7"K Inivc purclihse l and lltled ni tho
VV nbovc mills, a.iil solicit the trade
the fanners ol this vicinity.
Special attention ulrcn to
And enre glyen In please nil ciistoniers. Mr
A. A. o.'.I.NS, mi experienced miller, has
charge of tho mill, nnd will not fall to deal
laiily ami give general tat Israel Ion.
Flour, Meal anil Feed
On hand, nnd formula nt
July W,-lfr.7!J. " COZZICNSci.lOIINSO;.
Wo want nn nirent. mnlo or femalo. m ovorv
1ownhii, to sell the only slaiularif hook
me kiiui putiiiriieii,
l . I 4
in iirnTimTT
, . OU, 5, WANTB sqiU'UK!)." ' '
The I.in-esl, niosl Imporla it and Valuable
' i uiiUKirr noiiK nvef pulilishul In thu
L'iiilt'.l HtuteH. ( ,
To every miliHcrllior. $1(l 00 per yoiif mivflil
every ono m ho lias It. r.vory Inniy M'lints
nearly uvcryhoily huys II us kooii as ollnro'l.
per week mire. Kxlrn Terms. Agenls
will miss It if llivv do not mlilress
(,'()NTlNl(NTAI. I'dllMMIIlNO' f'O.i "
r,i;j ftm-tli bl.Mli ht., hi. Iiuis,
M-flin-wAo. if
' TIllidllliAT rttlZB BTATIONKItV I'At'KAOK.
C'o.HlaliiiiloAlK'eU'Wrlllnif Pnper, 10 Envel
opes,! Penholder, I Lead I'encll, 3 J'ens,
HIiiDk Hook. 1 Hlotler. l'liuloifiauhs of
lleaiilifiil Women, niul n piece of i.le lies'
ljeiiir iieweirr, niiinpii) paesiiKO sent
mall, iiosl-nalil. on rccoliitof nrlce.'Hri cents:
1 packages for CiU reiitH, or 4 for l. Heml for
iuikait; It will la) tliu most khi,j you
uronulit for tho inoiiey. 'Jim pil.o It niton
woi lh iniiro (linn the price iiald for the mil
package, mid the other articles would bilii(
nt retail not mt than 15 cents, ilou't
tliln i try" wno pftcViifrn, nnd you will ttcvori
luy rttatlonery any ollior wny. Address,
. i i . . t . i j.tJ.Jjuituow.;
Lock l!uxl5l. Jlultlniore, Mil.
f(;,)r Aijenlfl wniite.l rvurywlioro to
I'licknircii, I'iclures, Jlooks, Sio. tiitidngneii
sent treo. lilHew.
181 !
A Snappy, "Wide-Awake, Popular
l'eoplo desiring a flrsl -class Family, News,
rolitical and Connnorcinl Nevspnpor,ono es
tahlisheil over thirty-two yeiii's, huviiiK a na
tional reputation, nnd a largo circulation in
Ohio and adjacent Hlntc, should at once make
lip their cluhs for Til 10 tLKV I'XAN
Kor the (piantity and variely of its rending
matter It has no superior auywhero, and as
Cleveland is one of the best market points in
Ohio, (treat attention is paid to ft careful re
view of tho Live Slock, Iliittei', (ivain, Cheese
and olbors inarkets. In fact, every ell'urt will
be mndu to keep 1'IIH l'hAIN HlCAldCll up
wilh the times, and make it a welcome visi
tor to tho
The yenr 1S74 will be a stirrliiK one. Tlio fi
nancial events of the day, tho proc.oedinjjs of
Congress and our State I.eL'islatiiro, will lie
itiven in reliable ami condensed form. The
I'm nit!', the Business tlcn, the Mochnnlc, and
the Artisan will llnd in Til K 1'I.AIN D1CAI.
Kllsuch iuforiualioii as Mill hoof interest to
t belli; and u largo space is devoted to Oeucral
Miscellany, Poetry, t-te , for family veadiii),',
H'-vy-Wo liavo no traveling agents. Send
for specimen copy.
We earneslly renuest tlio inlliienco of our
old friends and pa,rons In extending oaf cir
culation . We append below our tonus:
l'lil'.MS TO THE WUKKI.Y I'l.AIN UKALlilt.
Mngle copy, one year, ... if-j (Ml
Single cojiy, six iiiouths, - - - 1 UU
( luhs of live, each, ....
( lubs of ten, each, ....
C lubs of twenty or more, each,
Ti:nnn ok daily i-lain di:am:ii
?1 7B
i no
1 M5
Haily, by mail, ...
- .$10 00
Trl-Weeklv, by mail .... f ni)
Clubs of ten, ... - - i 00
An extra conv Is allowod to the Club Airent
for clubs of ten or more. ntl CO each. Kor
clubs of twenty or more nt;fl 50 each, the Tri-
w ecKiy I'liiin Dealer will ho sent to tlio got-ler-np
club; nnd for clubs of lll'fy or more, at
j, mo may will bo sent to tlio ciun
ttcnt, AUMCTltONti A O It KEN,
ulilithersol thel leveland I'lain lieuler- 107
lilje&w. Heueeii fit,, Clevehaad, Ohio.
llrluht. chi'crl'ul. earnest
nnd proi'i-cssive.
tlie.-'HoMi:" takes
iciils of the day. It is the chcapeiit llrst-class
Hues raiiK whii oio uest pcriou
Maga.lnc in the rounlrv. and more thoroiiLdi-
ly iileiitillcd yilh the, people in lliuir sucinl
and domestic life than any other.
i ii-
iiniialilo ilelineator oi homo life ami charea.
in 1 ml ill' ilelineator oi homo life
er, has au urtielu in every iiuiik
er, has au urtielu in every nunioer.
A new sorial
Klorv by T.
s. Ahtii i n, will lie coiiiineiiceil Iii tho Jan
uary number oi mo Jiouu iM.HUZi.s'1;.
HV PIDI O lUin I M A scries of
hi i uinLO nnu li
Id a a u t.
hallv naneiH, lively, sensihlu nml uoml. lo he
coiunieneeil in tho Jniuiary nuniher. : .
D II TT T D I f 1 ' C Nevest pat terns for la
bU I I LnlUIX O dies' ami cliihlmi's
ilresses are (,'iven h siecinl nri'ani?enient ev
ery inonlli. Jlv menus of these iiutlcrns, ov-
rv woniaii niav now bu her own ilruss-ma-
TUC PDTAT iionsiciioi.i) HAtiA-
I III. UnuHl INK of America (.'ivs
luore reailiuy; toj- the price, niul n greater ya-
leiy, siineii in every nieuinei- oi me iiuiiiiy,
vuiiiih anil olil, than any oilier innfjuzine imii
lhillC'l. ...
ft ft DAI A whole hook on Flower Cul
iLUnHLl tine, from an original niaiiii-
I. hv a laitv ol i-ellnenieiit anil exuerienee
will bo given during Ui4.
Ilnrinr bk unto this huitsi;" a
ILnUL inaj'iiillcent steel eiiL'niviiiir.tlie
Knsilisli conv of wliii h sells for is tout
free to every suhseriher.
R f) A YKAU is tho urico of "An-
Ofc (iU TllUll'S 1 1.1.1-HTIIATKII IIO.MK M AO-
All I. Mi." it is lor nine ny ficwsiieiiier. ruin.
Cabinet Ornans. Sew inir MaeliineK. Hunks.
itv.. almost L'iven awiiv as rreuiiuiiis for suh-
Hcrlliers Semi for I'reinliini List. C'anvass-
Ajjents wanted evei where.
1 C CKNTS will procure a specimen' copv of
1 3 AitTiii it's ii,i.i:ktiiati-:i nojiii
31.VUA.I.NK." hj.'iul forone.
T 8. AltTlll 11 A SON,
l'liilielelphia, l''tl.
' 1H71.
1 II E
ThO KK Itt l)eilllle.l ;il ie. V i I ,r. ii.j In Vi.u-
YoH:, (Ihio, Jlnrvlnin-l nii.l V 1 i-.-in i.i I Ik-
sliirllin,,' Ileiiiililiian defeats in Wisconsin,
ioa, Jiuisas anil Illinois, fcreshawoil Hie
eleelimi of a Deinoeralie I'ruiiiilent in
1IU! neerotor Lho Iriiimoli nil U'ti'm. l.tiu
Iii en stcmllast. ailiieieiice to l.ie oriinni.uUoii.
uniiineiun.' i,.iitv to the nriiiehiles of the
IK'liiocratic nar(.v. 'I'm: Wiiiu.n tins he. n
I'll i 1 1 I'll I lo ils trust, u l,i n fiLint hinii4 I .ilk.
eilol a spoile,! parly, n deiul p:ii-ly,a mw liar-
. it ii. oo li nil l io 1 aii-ol 1 no n orie. u nti-
ile Henioerulic, n.-iiti-. '1 lint . iliiir. limeiili.
ed with thu le;:eiuls i'ree Trade iiiuf 1'arinerj'
l.il.'hts, llar.l Monev mid no Monoiiolies -the
Lenineruls of (.Ihio niul New York cuei inil lo
a glorious victory, suhveiting Urant nuijori
ties ol':n,(u and M.0UU.
A new curceriiow onens liefoio the IlenioL--
raey more glorious and more lieiieileent than
its past career, identified though that bo with
the I'niiiiiliiii; of die republic, its expansion
neniMi tliu continent, ils lialfceutiirv of pros
perity and pence.
Where or how can anv Democrat work so
elUeieiitly lor the iliiVusinn of thu principles
of his party, ami their triumph at the ballot
box in '71 ami "A, as by procuring new read
ers ioi-Tlln Woiii.n. now!
as avenicieoinews.TiiK Would will eparo
no euerfry, to maintain and advance its place
in inuiirm num ui uiei-oiouiaii Journals.
TIIK WKKKT.Y WOIIf.i) is ourKinat edl
tiou (Wednesday) for tlio count rv. It con
tains: '
1. 1 lio Latest I'ricc-s (telccrnpltoil from all
tlio Markets or the I n ie. si ,i,.mi of l.lvi
Stuck, Couiitrv l'roiluee. Ci.-noi-iil l'milm-.o
every kinii.aim ol Mo-icy, titcHiksnml t reiglits
in .m'iv uri. itim r.ii rope..
A. ine l-arniui's' raj;e, villi nil tho iloliiK'
ol the I'lirntors' (;lui oftlm Ajnerlcaii Insti
tute, letters Ironi piactieal I'ariners.aiiil Helen
tillis ilisciisKiuu no prolltahlo farinluir.
8. A l'a:,'0 for thu Family Cixclu, of lively
nnd pure reudine. -.
4. One or two Vlrst-ralo Novclu ilurliiffllie
.,5. All llin News hi consiso mi tnmarv.'
TIIIO K1MI-WKKKI.Y cont tins (T'liesdity
nn.i riiuayi nn mo c-onientJ or. tlio vveeKiy
onoortwo llrst-vato Novels iluirlntr tlio
anil all the ereaiu of the llallv WoitLli.
THU DAILY WOllld. l'l-lre foronoconv
for one year $10 (incliiillnj? Hundav edition
hnf(liiniJii( any ilav; n'nl nt, the ramo
rales per month for nny nart -;f the year
TIIH WOltl.l) . ALMANAi; l'llt lfffl
(Keiulv nbout Jainlai-y 1, 1HTI.) Omicopy.posl
pain, i (.ems, rive copies, puui-pniil, nil,
I?rieei lostasc! Inil
' ftiiiUivihedbfuiXpHiwra. i ;
Wookly World, '
For ono yenr, cuch sepnrntely ndilrcnaed
rieoplcs , (.... 7
10eoiies, nnd extra copy lo club liire't 14
oi) o .1 ii . " it o o e)
M) copleii.nnil Scuil-VVnokly to el'li ng't ' Ml
HWcoplus, niul Daily toelubiiL'eiits.... 100(10
,. , Scml-Wokly WorU.
Vox oiiq year, each cirpy suparnlely mlilresse
1 IV. . .'. .'..'.'. ,v. ; ,;'.'.', ii. '.'.'..'.. ..V. 'I
2 eon Ie i. . . (V
D iiIch. . .; ;;.'.'. :
SO coiiies, nnd extra copy lo eulb u;;eiit
. TKIt.MS. Cash In mlvmicu. Sonil J'nsl-of-
ilpn monev orilep. lunik ili-fifl. nr vnu-lst.nrri1
letter., J ill It unit by mall wlUhout rldlof
Additions to eliihdlfiU mny lift miido,
limn In tho year, nt tlio above oliib-ruti'S.i ,
;linnges In cluU-Ilsts inndn only on reiiniwt
ofnei'son reenivinir iduh nnckiigo, Htatliiixilale
of wihm-rlption, edllion, tiost-olllce, uinlStiilo
lo which copy has previously hcou Kent,
- Wo have no travelling ngents. Hiwclme
copies, posters, etc., Kent free, wherever
whenever ilcthej, Addri'HS nil orders
letters to thu voitMi,
! .! ' : I-, ,35Vi'lcltqtr j.Y.
I'OSTAUE WAD, On ovctr milmcriptlon
for (iiio your h tho Dally, ISeml-Weekl v,
Weekly niild for nt nliovo nitcn bolero April
1, lhl, wo will lircpuy tho pnstiiKO.-' aOo.Vwill
In nvery county of cae.li fltnto, for ft not,
Kill lolllll Hook. (TIIK I.lVim ANII 1'OBTIIAITS
OP TIIK 1'ltKHIIlKNTH) Willi IllO simile Copy
tlio Declaration of Jnilepeiiilenee, (he C'mistl-
N Cools, New lioois!
Como and cxfimiiio tliom and satisfy yourself that I sell at tho prices
I advertise. Having just received a LARGE STOCK, bought dui n&
tlio panic for cash, when CAsn was SCARCE.
I Positively defy competition, and Challenge any
Merchant in Ohio to Compare Prices
No Trouble to
"Too Thin!"
It is trouble to show them, but wc cheerfully and will
bo glad of tho opportunity, for when you
sco my goods and prices, you are
suro to buy. .
chines, Which I Will Well at C0 OO Each, Itoffii
lar I'rico SfjSS OO. Warranted
Ierfect in 3Gvcr.y
licst Klack mixed Waterproof, - - - - -
Good "''
Host Gold " ... .
Good " " .
Good allWool Flannel, ..... . .
15est Erown Muslin, '' - - - - -
" iVmta, - - - - -
" Collec, - - . . . . . . . .
" White Sugar, - ' .
" lu-own "
JOSEPH s. i-tUHisr,
has removed his
J.r.l.:'"r-.m- V
Patented Fol. 2 nnd Sept. 21, 1869."
"JET o ii s e
His slock ol'CookliiK,
I'm Inr am1. n,,.ii .im
cities. KVKiiV ctovk WAiliUNTH,. Ymiwlll
I- iirnlsnin l,lne, Anil in com' ..( tlun with
ii.Asm an, i.uij.nhwaiii: in tu'. i.:ime rc
nislihi't Sj.ires in the County, n nut fail to
u-i they v. ill mil bu I'.ii-leivnld ,
Kpoutiiifr ami I'Millug ilmii. with m-iitneefi and dh
tuile, mid the best hK.VUlNU W A X In Ihu niail.el.
elsewheie, Two doiin 'ciai I of the I'osl-olllee,
July ltfi.'1-U'.
i--r if.
' I
S. C.
Offers to the
Stock Suitable for "Decern -
ber trade ' xit" Popular
' Prices. , ,,, i
Show Goods
$1 15
1 00
1 15
l no
And every thinij cho. in iiropoi tifm.
HAjwh oina
To the IDodgo Uuild
ing1, lHaHt of the
"VVlioro ho
is closing
out hia
At Great Bargains, With
, a View of
nishina' G-oodsI
sioves In not suriiassoil hv anv aloro oulsldu tho
llnd a fell stock of every ibiiirf in tho llousu
his slock, Alls. Hl'HN has put in a neat stock ol
iMaliinif one of the most coiiiplelii lliumo r iir-
k'ivu them n call bcroru iiurchaslni,' cIbowIioio
patch. All kinds of KIHUT CANS tor
lie mm) to call on li I in befoio puieliasliiK
" . iTiHj hujiN,
Holiilay Ws !!
Trade, a Good
S. C. Swift,

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