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Naturo arrayed in her briglicst gdrb,
finds a parallel In every section of the
There's a bright, crisp newness about
the stock, very pleasing to prospective
Couple this with tho extreme moder
ation ol our prices, and you have a ten
fold incentive.
Our increasing patronage is proof
conclusive that you are quielc to see
these things.
Thero are some seasonable selections
which have received marching orddrs.
They'll move downward during tho
next few days to tho music of double
quick time. Kindly note them:
Wash Goods Special.
5 Styles Ducks at 10c a yard.
. !20 Styles Organdies at Sc a yard.
8 Styles Linen Effects at 12&c a yd.
10 Shades Plain Lawns at 9c a yd.
Gorset Special.
20th Century High Bust Corset, 40c,
worth OSc.
Summer Corsets at 39c, worth 05c.
Ribbon and Lace Special.
Ribbon at lc, 2c, 3c, and 5c a yard.
Finished Edge Embroideries at 12Hc.
Lace3 for Trimmings at 5c a yard;
worth 10 and 12)-c a yard.
Gents Belts, all longths, for 25c.
Laundried Shirts at 33 and 4Sc.
Great values.
Silk Mits for 10, 20, 25 and 33c.
One Lot Guilt Belts, wide and pretty
buckles, at 29c, were 4Sc
Stick pins, 1, 5, 8, and 10c. half value.
Men's Seamless Socks, fine gauze,
4 pair for 25c, were 40c.
Hats at Bargain Prices.
Just received another lot of those
White Silk Parasols for OSc, a great
Handkerchief Special."
One lot of 100 Aoisa for 5c, were 10c.
See them.
Sun Umbrella Special.
24 and CO inch Natural Handles
English Gloria for 50c
Men's Working Shirt Special.
10 Styles Extra Size and Quality and
make for 35c; goes everywhere for 50c.
Clothing Special.
The best overall in the market for
50 cants.
Summer pants 39c, 4bc, 09c, vand 75c.
Children,s suits at 75c, 9S, and ?1.25.
Men's suits at $2.9S, f3.PS, and S1.0S.
We Make the
Lowest Prices..
ALL WOOL CARPETS at 45c a yd.
Brussels carpets at 55c per yard.
Window shades with spring rollers,
at 12Kc, 15c, to 25c.
Picture Frames
6 to
Sewing Machine Spec'!.
Wheeler & Wilson No. 9, the best on
the market, regular price $55.00; our
price, S33.00. New Home, regular
price 530.00, our price 529.00. Other
makes at S12.50, $15.93, 81S.00, $22.
Musical Instruments and Sheet Mu
sic Lower than the Lowest.
Queensware we sell lower than any
other house, and guarantee it all.
The best bulk of roast coffee In the
city for 20 and 15c.
Condensed Cocoanut, goes twice as
far as other kind, only 8c a can of half
a pound.
Celluloid starch at 5e a package,
worth 10c
Fresh cracken. daily at the lowest
Best Brooms for the Prices Ever
Offered: Good Broom, 15c, Better, 18c,
Best for 25c.
For This Week Only.
One Pound of 05c Grade of Tea, and
and one 15c broom, both toi ,only 80c.
Its a snap! Don't pass It
New Bargains Every Day at
Bargain Store,
169 Front St. Marietta, 0
Spain Must Yield to Cuba or
Fight to the End.
Woyler's Debt Decree is a Cause of
Very Serious Comment.
Rebel iLcadcrs, Octavlo and Agramonte,
Said to llavo Doen Wounded In n Dnttlo
nt Cnngre Leading Spanish News
papers on the Situation tn Cuba.
New Yoni:, May 30. A dispatch to
tho World from Havana says: The
rebel leaders, Octavlo and Agramonte,
are said to havo been wounded in a
fight at Cangrc, in the southeastern
part of Havana province. Thirty ln
surgents arc said to havo been killed.
La Discussion, an Autonomist jour
nal, gives groat promlnenco to on edi
torial in the Madrid Heraldo, headed
"Ono Way or tho Other," commenting
on Cuban affairs. "It Is true," says tho
Heraldo, "that Spain should abandon
tho middle road and half mcasurennd
either grant autonomy to Cuba, with
an understanding with the United
States, or abandon diplomacy and de
pend wholly on Spain's military power
to end tho war."
La Lucha, a liberal newspaper here,
echoes tho Horaldo's sentiments. In a
leading editorial it says: "Leading
Spanish officials, conscious of the an
omaly of Spain's position, are inclined
to act In accordance with these views,
and in favor of a peaceful settlement
of Cuban affairs."
Tho reported protested of the United
States government against Gen. Woy
ler's decree relative to the collection of
debts is much commented upon. La
Discussion expresses surprise, saying
the right of a nation to control its do
mestic affairs ought not to bo chal
lenged. It maintains that the decree
favors American creditors whoso prin
cipal claims, it says, are not secured by
Cuban land, but lie against contractors.
To sell off lands now would cripple
those who owe Americans and depre
ciate tho American claims. Tho largest
claim of an American, It says, is SSO0,
000, held by Perkins of New York, and
secured by a sugar plantation In tho
Cienfugos district.
Largo Assemblage of Union and Confeder
ate Veterans Ninth Illinois Infantry
Monument Cnvcllcd.
Memphis, Tcnn., May 30. Frlday
was a memorial day at Shiloh National
park and a very largo assemblage of
union and confederate veterans added
interest." Tho forenoon was occupied
with tho reception of the various
delegations and survivors by the re
ception committee and a general
view of the battlefield at two
o'clock in the afternoon. Friday
afternoon thero was a mass meeting at
the grand stand, national cemetery.
Ex-Gov. Hoot L. Taylor delivered an
address which was responded to by
Gen. U. M. Prentiss, of the army of the
Tencssee, Gen. D. C. Duell, of the army
of the Ohio, and "Private" John Allen,
of the army of tho Mississippi, "The
Navy at Shiloh" was responded to by
Capt Edward T. Lincoln, commanding
the Naval Veterans' association, of
Illinois, and also was on tho gunboat
Concstoga during tho battle of
Shiloh. Saturday morning tho
ceremony of unveiling tho mon
ument to tho memory of tho Ninth
Illinois infantry took place. It was
preceded by an address by Gen. Joseph
Phillips, one the supreme judges of Il
linois and formerly colonel of the
Ninth infantry. Then followed the
unveiling of the monument. Mrs. N. C.
Kneffner, whoso husband was a captain
in the Ninth Illinois, lifted the veil.
The monument was then decorated,
and then .Illinois hands decorated the
confederate graves at Shiloh church
and tho battlefield and the 4,000 union
graves in tho cemetery.
Games l'lnycd Saturday Blornlnj The
Winners Were Jscw ork, llrooklyn,
Boston, Baltimore, 1'hilnilelphla and
Innings 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 n n z
New York..... 2 2 0 3 2 0 3 2 14 14 2
Louisville .... 00001101 1474
Batteries Meekin and Wilson; JIcDermott,
Smith and Miller. Umpire Sheridan.
Innings 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 0 n n E
Brooklyn. 2 1010000 473
Chicago 0 01000010271
Batteries Kennedy and Burrell: Terry and
Donohuc. Umpire Hurst.
Innlnss 13 3 4 6 0 7 8 9 n n z
Boston 3 20000010-005
Cleveland 0 00 10000 1 2 8 2
Batteries Sullivan and Bergen; Young and
Zlmmer. Umpire Kecfe.
Innings. ... 1 2 3 4 5 0 7 8 0 n n E
Baltimore... 23010000 084
Cincinnati ... 130 100000 5 10 2
Batteries McManon nnd Robinson; Dwyer,
Fisher and Vaughn. Umpires Lynch and
Innings. 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 0 n n E
Philadelphia .33343300 -19 18 1
St.Louls 000203010 08 J
uatteries mcuui ana uoyie; uononue. Kis
singer andMurphy. Umpires Campbell and
Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7's 9-it jj E
Wash'ngt'n... 0 2 0 0 113 2 413 18 5
Pittsburgh.... 1 1 1 2 E 7 0 0 17 18 5
Batteries McJames, German and McGuIrc;
ICIllen and Sugden. Umpire Emslle.
Western League.
' Innings. 1 2 3 4 S 0 7 8 9 n U E
Detroit. 0 0 0 3 0 0 4 0 512 13 7
St Paul 2 0 0' 30300 1 993
Batteries Fl Odd and Twlneham; Phylo and
ICraus. Umpire McDonald.
Innings. 12 3 4 5 0 7 n a E
Indlan'polls 3 5 7 0 2 ft. 119 16 0
Kansas City 3 01000 0445
Batteries Phillips, Buckley ,ecd Wood;
uarnett, King ana Lake, umpire ciaric.
Dtath of Ilrlck Pomcrby,
New York, Mny 30. Mark M. (Brick)
Pomeroy died at his homo in Brooklyn
at 10:30 o'clock Saturday morning.
Tho immediate members of his family
were present. ho end was very
Kj-Conereoapian Sbober Dead.
BALisnunv, N. C,, May 30. Francis
E. Shobcr, a member of tho Forty-first
and Forty-second congresses, and at
one time secretary of the U. S. senate,
died ni his home here.
w, ana
The Governor of
to the Governor
WigPF B 1LJ) m w
"BATTLE AX" is the most tobacco,
of the best quality, for the least money.
Large quantities reduce the cost of
manufacture, the result going to the con-
u auxiici in i lie oiiapic
lesr- money, than was
Attempted Murder and Snlcldc.
Cleveland, O,, May 30. Tony
Searomcillo tried to kill Caroline Ab
bey, a young Italian, Friday by stab
bing her savagely at her home oa Ilill
street because she would not marry
him. lie then instantly killed himself
by sending a bullet through his brain.
SIHcr Conference.
Columbus, O., May 30. Ilenry L.
Tiles, of Toledo, is in tho city to make
arrangements for tho silver conference
called by Gen. Warner and himself to
meet in Columbus Juno 30. Ho has se
cured the auditorioum of tho Young
Men's Christian association.
Jumped Ftom the- tVlmlou.
Montpeliee, O., May 30. Tho resi
dence of C C Leek was burned to the
ground. The family was nearly suffo
cated by tho smoke. Leek jumped
from an upper window with his little
daughter. The causo was an exploding
lamp. Loss. S1.500.
Baltimore, May 9.
Wheat No. 2 red spot and May, 63iZHo:
July, e3Vie3ic; August, Cty,c; southern, 60
Cons Mixed spot and May, 32S31c; June,
32KS3ftc; July, 33Q33jc; steamer mixed,
31!a031?;c; southern corn, 33c.
Oats No. 2 white western, 2525Kcj No. 2
mixed western, 24321H c.
CniCAGO, May 29.
Calls on July wheat opened at 58W
58$ic sold between 8c nnd 58JSC, last prlco
58(258ic. Puts opened at 57fc, sold at 67H,
last prlco 57KC57MC.
Calls on July corn opened at 27Jjrae, last
price Wic Puts opened at 27JJC, last prlco
PiTTSBurtGiJ, Pa, May 20.
CATTLE Prime. S130iSi40; 6ood,81.20i30;
good butchers, 80.0034-15; rough (at, 83.10
83.75; calves, SiO0g4.50.
Hogs Prime light weights, 83 502155; beat
mediums. I3.4JG3.55: heavy hogs, $3,3033.40;
roughs, 8i003.00
Sheep Prime, 81C3(3.75; good, !155SaG5;
common, Ji 502,1 00, culls, 81.00&200; choice
yearlings, 810035 00, common to good year
lings, 83 2531.25; spring lamb j, $1.00(25.50
Buffalo, N. Y., May 29.
Cattle Steady.
Hons Acte; 5c higher for Yorkers and
To be satisfied with yoursGJf is
a great blessing. It always coines
to those who ride tiunol Bicycles.
They are of the very Inchest
grade, made ol the best material,
by the best workmen.
We are tho exclusive agents in
We want you to own one of
Oomo to our store and learn
Hagan & Schad,
Opposite Union Depot,
Telephone J 18. 229 Second street.
North Carolina sairj
of South Carolina
M TfPl
ui a laigci picut, iui
ever betore possible.
Most Consider tho German Vote.
It may bo in this crisis thai the Ger
mans will play o, specially important
role. In tho east they are altogether
sound upon the silver question, and in
the west the preponderance of German
sentiment is sound. If the conventions
perceive that they will have to reckon
with the German, vote the influence of
that vote will not be lost. New Yorker
An Opportunity Worthy Your
If you sutler with kidney disease or
any ailment arising from an improper
action of the kidneys or urinary or
Rans, this oiler we make to the people
of Marietta should interest you. In
the advancement of medical science,
the kidneys, being almost the organs
of the greatest importance to human
health, have not been neglected, and
in placing before you such a cure as
Doan's Kidney Pills, tho uroprletors
recognize how far so many statements
of the makers of similar preparations
have fallen short of their claims, being
convinced that no remedy for kidney
complaints in existeuce equals Doan's
Kidney Pills for such ailments;
strengthened in these convictions by
letters that are daily received of the
work they are doing for mankind's
benefit, old backs and young backs are
being constantly freed from never
ceasing aches, and many a lame and
shattered one, stooped and contracted,
is strengthened, invigorated and in
fused with now life. With such a med
icine, an offer of this kind can be made
without hesitancy, for while we lose
the box wo give to you, we make a
friend that assists us in the sale of
many others
of Doan's Kidney Pjlls will bagivon
away free to every person suffering
with kidney ailments at th'e under
signed address. First come, first serv
ed, and only this one chance offered.
Remember this Is not a sample box,
but a regular size box of Doan's Kid
ney Pills, which retails at 50 cents.
For those iu tho cquntry who can not
call in time, a full box will be mailed
on receipt of flvo cents in either coin
or stamps, to defray exoense of postage
and mailing, in response to all letters
received up to and Including Juno 2nd.
Fres DistriliuUDn One Day Only.
Friday, May 20th. at Wm. II. Stver's,
Druggist. No. 240 Front Street, Mari
etta, Ohio.
The New Yost.
Best for Speed and Results.
Fine Picture Frames
Musical Instruments
Of all kinds. Tho finest line of
Mouldings and Pictures in the
city to select from.
Everett, Harvard and Martin
Pianos Olough & Warren
' and Waterloo Organs.
Prices the Lowest. We always
take pleasure in showing
our goods.
Schneider &. Brfiuninger,
256 FronfcSt., Marietta, Ohio.
P K) 9-
IS oz.
- All Erasi, Nickel Plated and Burns
3 Kerosene Oil.
SA beautiful, thoroughly made and 9
finely finished Bicycle Lamp, Jolt and 9
cyclone proof. 9
Bent to nj part of tho country (prM prepaid) J
w on raoolpt of price, II W. (Majbe jou cm bur It 9
O of your local dealer for a llttlaloii i aslc him.) Q
V 917 Pnnlii, CI H. V-.l, O
Now Is the Time
To have your thresher, engine and
boiler over-hauled and repaired.
We are into that business as well
as any other kind of machine re
pair work, and can do you good
work prompt and at reasonable
prices. Try us !
Machine Works,
Third and Uutler Sts. Marietta, O.
Jacob Pfaff's Is unexcelled, as are
also his Cakes and Icos. Finest
NoaDoIltan loe Croam that oan be
made. Particular and personal at.
tontlon given to serving parties
receptions, weddings or public din
Putnam St.
r. To make room for an-
r I
nthac on 1 rr A nain
p in ten days we will sell
3 ffl
at a nuerai aiscount.
O Now.is your chance.
4 p F. H. Dutton & Son., 5
m ., r, .... .... . h 5
515 Fourth street.
K 7 .
Geo. Streckeh. Hp.nry SinEOKKh
Manufacturers of Marine, Stationary and Oil
Well Boilers, Oil Tanks, Sniolso Stacks and
Tube Expanders. Special attention given to
repairing Boilers In the oil fields. We employ
nono but the besrmechanlcs In this line.
Give us a trial we know we can please you.
Office and works on West Side.
Bee Keeper
: . ... ,," ,. jst
A Full Line in Stock at
Join the tkiong that is rushing to
our store constantly to buy
If you want nice papers at very
lowest prides do not fail to
join the procession.
Remember the place, at
J. W. Dysle & Co.,
128 Front' Street.
For stand privileges at Fair Grounds where
the Ml' tilnnlc will be held. Jnlv 1. address J. O.
Smith, Charles St., Marietta, O.. or K. II,
Wagner, Wllllamstown, W.Va.
stana privilege reserves,
f ftaSOft
Wall Pi! .
" '
jvuu uitucrx UUAriANTEE.
Crtl f tfKtrtrn -.- a .
J. -W. DY&lVE &, nn..
Successors to "Tho Buell Drag Co."
Wholesale and Retail Drucffists
12S Front Street, - Marietta, Ohio
Livery; Feed and
Sale Stables.
HorBOBfcept by the Day, Week- or Month
Prompt Attention GUven to Funerals.
Carriage can be ordered to and from all
trains to all parts of the city. Or
ders by telephone will recolve
prompt attention.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office and residence, on Second streot, thtoe
doors above the Court-house, Marietta, Ohio.
M. D C. D. S..Phystcian and Surgeon,
Homeopathic. Oalce and residence corner Har
mar and Lancaster Sts.
Telephone 118
j Attorney at Law,
Ofllco on l'utnam Street,
Marietta, O,
. Attorney at Law,
OiUce In Law Building,
Marietta, O.
Attorney nt Law and Notary Public,
Offico on Second btrect, opposite Union Depot.
Attorney and Counselorat Law.
Room 3 Mills Block, Corner Putnam and
Second streets. Notary Public.
Attorney at Law,
Otacn East cor. Fiont and Putnam. Murletta.
J P. V,AR1),
Real EstiUo and Loan Agent,
becond St., opp. Union Dopot. Marlatta, O
it. o. xv. Euuir.
Of flco No. 304 Front atrflet.
opposite Soldiers' Monument. Residence Wo.
618 ireurth Street. TelCDhono connection.
Ofllco room, 1 Mills Building, Cor. Putnam
and Second streets.
J.1 Attorrieji, v l,w,
Oiace In Law Building.
' Marietta, O.
Xj. Attorney at Law,
Office In Law Building,
Marietta, O.
Attorney at Law.
Ovet Leader Office, cor. Front and Putnam
Ml). FOLLETT new Law Offices, over
. Citizens Bank. Entrance, Second St.
Attorneys At Law.
Corner Second and Putnam Streets
Room No. 8. Marietta. Ohio.
Real Estate and Loans.
Architect, .
110 Front Street, Marietta. Ohio.
Second Floor.
C. &. M. Ry. Excursions.
On account ol German "Baptist Brethren
(Dunkards) at Ottawa, Kas., May 20-28, the
C. & M. Ry. will sell excursion tickets at one
rare plus 82 00 for the round trip. Tickets will
be sold and irood aolni? onlv on Mav i and 9?
good returning not earlier than. May 23th and
uub aici- Kuau imny uuya iroin aaie 01 sale.
On account or Grand Council of United Com
mercial Travelers of America at Cincinnati,
O., May 2?th and SOth, the O. & M. Ry. will sell
tickets at one fare for the round trip. Tickets
will be sold and good going only on May 2Uth
and 27th, and not good returning after May
ui, lsoo.
On account of Sunday School Association of
Ohio, at Columtms, O , June 2-4, the O. & M.
will sell excursion tickets at rate of one fare
for the round trip. Tickets will ho sold and
good going only on June 1st and 2nd and not
good returning after June 2th, 1808.
Republican National Convention at
St. Louis June 16th, 1896.
The T. & O. C. Extension R. R, will sell
tickets for this occasion, one fare for the round
trip, (limit announced later.; This route Is
the shortest between Marietta and St. Louis,
with the following schedule of time: Leaving
Marietta 0:00 a. m.', arrive at Columbus 2.2s p.
m.; leave Columbus via Pennsylvania Lines
3:00 p. in., arrive St. Louis 7:00 n.m.
Parlor Car to Columbus and Pullman Draw
ing Room and Sleeping Cars, Columbus to St.
Pittsburg Excursions,
For .Central Board N. A. Saengerbund June
athandstb, via the c &, M. Ry., good return
ing until June 13th at one fare for the round
St. Louis Excursions,
For Republican National Convention June
mb,13th, Uth, and 15th via the O. &M. Ry.,
good returning until June 21st or longer, It
the convention lasts longer, at rate of one fare
for the round trip. Call on O. & M. Ry. ticket
Agents for time ol trains etc.
Cleveland Excursions,
For nobles ol tin Mystlo Shrine. Imnerinl
Council, Juno 22nd via the O. &. M. Ry., good
lor reture until June 25th at rate ol one fare
lor the round trip. -Call on C. & M. Ry. ticket
agents for full particulars,
Half Rates to Pittsburg.
The B,& O. S, W. Ry. wilt on June Otb, Tth
and 8th, sell tickets to Pittsburg, at the low
rate of ona lare for the round trip, good re
turning until June 18th.
Pally Trains.
To connect with Sunday trains ol the Ohio
Central Unes at Palo, the T. 0. Q. Ex R.
R. will run Its trains Nos. 1 and i, leaving Ma
rietta at 0 o'clock a. m. and 'arriving at ms
p.m. dally, commencing Sunday, May JUh.
This Is made necessary In order to avoid delay
of through business from the Ohio Central
Until further notice, the. rate of fare between
all T. & Q. C. Ex. stations on Sundays' will be
one fare lor the ronnd trip,.
wxb. 1

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