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Yesterday's Report.
Washington, May 28. Fred. Hickon's
Illinois rogiment will probably be accepted
by the Government.
Probabilities are that the brigade of
Carl Scburz, who is now hero, will bo sent
to Fortress Monroe.
Alien A. Burton of Kentucky, bm been
appointed Minister Resident to Now Gre
nada, in place ef Gen. Jones, of Iowa.
The World's special says the 7lst regi
ment only went as far as Alexandria.
The 1st and 2d Ohio regiments marched
cross the long bridge this afternoon and
re encamped near Arlington heights. It
is the general impression that soon a move
ment will be made so far into Virginia that
11 retreat of the rebels at Harper's Ferry
will be cut off. A well known citizen of
North Carolina reached hero to-night from
that State. He thinks reports of the num
bers, condition and armament of the south
ern troops are greatly exaggerated. It
eoeras thst it is their determination to act
solely on the defensive in thin war. The
2d Now York regiment was sworn in to-day,
except some 800 who refifsed to be sworn
for three years. All their uniforms except
their pantaloons were stripped from thorn
and tuey came into the city trom luo en
Hon. James Ashley, of Ohio, arrived to-
night from Fort Monroo. Ho reports all
quiet there. There wore some 10,000 men
under Gen. Butler's command. Ho will
make no advanco into Virginia until he has
at least 10,000 more.
Cuamberbburo, May 28. It is known
that the Secessionists at Williamsport and
Hagerstown are concerting a plan to enable
the Virginians to invade Washington.
This move is supposed to indicate an at
tempt to inferefere with the election of
Thomas to Congress, which is deemed an
overwhelming certainty.
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
A citizen of Paducah who was pressing
ly invited to leave reports the secession
feeling in the six western counties of Ky.,
s being fully equal to that of South Caro
lina. From the Tennessee river to the
Mississippi, mob law and terrorism reigned.
Arms and amunition are daily being ta
ken ' from Montgomery county, Md., to
Harper's Ferry.
The details of new levy of 100,000
men will soon be made known to the coun
try. The President said to-day that all
full rogiments ready for service would have
n opportunity to come forward in few
days. Fifteen rogiments in all have been
eceptod in Illinois.' Lieut. Col. Heintzel
man had a Colonelcy conferred upon him
this morning. He is the man who drove
Cortinas from Texas.
An important movement on Grafton, Va.,
is being made. A large body of troops
have already crossed the rivor hastily to
their rendezvous. The Virginia detach
ment is at Grafton in considerable force
and it is believed that a collision is inevita
ble. Harpor's Ferry will probably be evac
uated by ibis direction of columns, without
any duect demonstration being made upon
tbo troops there. It is reported that to
morrow a very important advance against
the rebels at Harpor's Ferry will take place
from Philadelphia. Five regiments go
forward via Harrisburg and Chambersburg
' under command of Gen. Patterson sirauH
taneods with the advance to bo made from
the West under command of Gen. McClol
Cincinnati, May 29, On Sunday night
Col. Kelly in command of tbe 1st regi-
ment Virginia Volunteers, stationed
Wheeling, received orders to march.
They left Wheeliug at 7 o'clock Monday
a. m., moving towards Grafion. After
their departure the 16ih Ohio Regiment,
stationed at uellair, under command ot
Col. Irvln, numbering 1,000 strong, crossed
the river and followed Col. Kelly's com
mand. The 14th Ohio regiment, under
command of Col. Steedman, crossed the
Ohio at Marie9ta, about tbo same time and
occupied Parkorsburg. At midnight on
Monday the rebels evacuated Uratlon in
great haste. Col. Kelly is probably is pos
session ot uratlon this morning.
Washington, May 28. The Acrald cor
respondent learns from a Government offi
cer that Secretary of War had mdao appli
cation soroo days ago for a largo quantity
of jolling stock of tbo b. fc U. ii. it. to bo
mod on the Grange & Alexandria Road.
Ae will soon nave tout road in working or
der for the transportation of men and sup
plies. The first move will probably be
made on Mannassas Gap Junction, being
considered a high and important position,
and when once in tbo possession of that
Government will bo the key to all the op
erations of tbo rebels.
Special to Herald.
Washington, Mav 29. There are con
stantly coming into Fort Monroe from the
surrounding; couutry quite a number of
slaves, who are desirous of being sol at
work. General Butler holds them as con
trabaud of war.
Baltimore, May 29. A steamer from
Fortress Monroe has arrived here. She
loft last ovening at 5 o'clock, when a small
steamer from Norfolk, under a flag of truce,
had just landed over 100 refugees on the
Cumberland. They were mostly wives and
children of laborers in tbe Navy Yard
They report there are from 7,000 to 9,000
troops at Norfolk and Portsmouth. Gen.
Beauregard bad not arrived. The Louisi
ana and Georgia troops wore the best aecou
torod and disciplined. Provisions wore
very high.
67 Union votes were cast at Portsmouth
and over 20 in Norfolk. - Several batteries
have been erected botweon Fort Monroe
and Norfolk. That upon Craney Island
midway betwoen and commanding the ap
proach to Norfolk and Portsmouth has em
brasures for 40 guns. Tbe encampment at
.Newport roint bas tnus far been undisturb
ed. Gen. Butler will not risk valuablo
lives for point of bo little stratgetic iui
portance compared witb otbers near at
Washington, May 29. The following is
from fortress Monroe, dated Monday eve
uing, 27tb, from the correspondence of the
Associated rress:
A force of 2,500 men, including; a few
regulars and four pieces of artillery formed
to-day an entrenched camp at Newport,
near tbe moutb of James river, about ton
miles from Fortress Monroe.- The rebel
battery fired four shots at the Empire City
and &ureka Ulty, on Bewolls foint, and,
although over three milos distant, the shot
fell but little sbort, indicating that the guns
of the rebel batteries are of tbe heaviest
Newport, like Sowell's Point is in plain
sight from Fortress Monroe. Tbe roadstead
there is about three miles wide. One ob
ject of the entrenched camp is to command
a sand island wbicb is about midway be
tween, and completely guards the entrance
to James River. Gen. Butler was fearful
that the rebels would take possession of tbe
island. Newport commands also, to
great extent, the peninsula between tbe
James and York rivers. A large force is
be assembled there, and important move
ment is likely to meet opposition. There
was evidently great activity at Sewell's
Point last night. Hampton is nearly de
sorted. Tbe long bridge there was burned
on Saturday. About 100 fugitives came
in this morning. 1 noy wiw pnvidcd wiln
rations and set lo work.
St. Louis, Msy 29. J. 11. Crane's fur
niture establishment, on Third street, burn
ed last night loss 10,000. Insured.
Col. Mc Arthurs rogiment ot Illinois vol
unteers loft Caseyvillo yesterday under or
ders to prococd lo somo point southward.
Col. Blair s regiment of Missouri volun
teers are under inarching orders and are
expected to move towards Virginia in a day
or two.
A rev It in the Penitentiary at Jefferson
City, Monday night, resulted in the escape
f four prisoners.
Louisville, May 29. Geo. N. banders
arrivod hero this morning, and will remain
few days.
Parson's Browulow's Daughter.
A gentleman just arrived in this city
from Kuoxville, Teun., brings intelligeuce
of affairs in that city. He inform us that
2,000 secession troops are stationed there,
for tbo express purpose of overawing the
Union men. It is a part of their business
to engage in quarrels in saloons, and in
street figbls with all who are not friendly
to secession. T wo men were shot last week
for nil other offeuce than speaking words of
loyally to the Federal Government.
The bouse ot tbe celebrated bold-hearted
and oul-spokeu Parson Brownlow, is tbe
ouly one in Kuoxville over which the Stars
and stripes are floating. A tew days ago
two armed secessionists went, at 6 o clock
in tbe morning, lo bauldown the Stars and
Stripes. Miss Brownlow, a brilliant young
lady of tweuty-three, saw them on the piaz
za, and stepped out and demanded their bu
siness. Tbey replied they had come to
"take down them d n Stars and Stripes."
She instantly drew a revolver from her side,
and presenting it, said: "Go on! I'm good
for one of you, and I think for bothl"
"By the looks of tbat girl s eye, sbe II
shoot," one remarked. "I think we'd better
not try it ; we 11 go back and get more men,
said the other.
"Go and get more men," said the noble
lady ; "get more men and come and take it
aown, it you aare i
Iboy returned with a company of ninety
armod men, and demanded tbat the flag
should be hauled down. But on discover
ing tbat the bouse was filled with gallant
men, armed to tbe teeth, who would rather
die as dearly a, possible than see their coun
try's flag dishonored, the secessionists re
tired. When our informant left Knoxville, the
Stars and Stripes floated to the breeze over
Parson Browolow's house. Long may they
wavel Chicago Journal.
How the Rebels define Treason.
Judge Lyons, of Richmond, in his charge to
the Grand Jury of that city, thus defines the
crime of treason against the Virginia code:
"Any citizen or resident of Virginia who now
adheres to tha United States, giving the gorern
ment thereof or its officers aid and comfort, is
guilty of treason. Furnishing information or
intelligence, money, arms, ammunition, provis
iona, or any assistance, whether gratuitously or
tor reward, is giving aid, and tberelore commit
ting Ireanou. f.ven the attempt lo do any
these things, though unsuccesslul, will mat
man guilty of Treason."
ny of
ake a
The undersigned takes pleasure to inform
the people of Fremont and vicinity and es
pecially the Ladies that he will offer for
sale on THURSDAY MORNING next,
May 80th, from 6 to 12 o'clock, choice lot
Blossom. , Rodolpuus Ruatuiou,
, French Gardner, Sandusky.

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