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Fremont Daily Journal
SATURDAY, JUNK 18, 1861.
The DailT Joienal has been printed five
wees at a ios 10 us, ana tne prospect ot a
greater if we should continue. W ith this issue
we (hail stop iti publication. All persona who
have paid in advance for ihe Daily will receive
their money agaiu.
Last Night's Despatches.
Washington, June 14. Hon. Anson Burling
ams has been appuiuted Minuter to Cuius, in
view of the refuaal ot Austria to receive hiui.
(Evening Post Special.)
Col. Parke of Boston, and Col. Mix of New
York, have been fully authorized by the War
Department to raiae a regiment of Mounted Ki
tteiuen for the service ol the Government.
A detachment of the 5th Pennsylvania regi
ment captured a wealthy planter named W m.
Hatton, a member of a rebel cavalry company.
' Ha waa taken to Alexandria.
The National Intelligencer atates that Gov
rnmirnt will soon tiav all troorje. inclurlinir thn
three months as well as the three years volun
teers. A clergyman who has arrived here from Man
nassaa Junction, expresses the opinion that
Beauregard intends making a demonstration
against the Federal lines in connection with
(ien. Johnson, who has command at Harper's
The ten new regiment for the regular army
will consist of 2,5oU men.
News of the evacuation of Harper's Ferry by
the rebels creates considerable excitement here.
The Government has received despatches an
. nouncing the fact.
Philadelphia, June 14. A refugee from Nor
folk brings a copy of the Transcript of the 25th
alt., containing the names of 111 men who vo
ted the Union ticket, notwithstanding the threats
of assassination.
He says that the Merrimac was just afloat
when he left, and be ridicules the idea of her
being used for offensive purposes; no other ves
sel was raised.
Naw York. June 14. The steamshiD SuddIv
arrived this morning from Key West, bringing
dates to the Sd inst. Very little excitement
existed at the lime of her departure. Appa
rently a warm feeling tor the Uovernment pre
vailed. The Crusader, Wyandotte, and Water Witch
were in port the two latter to leave for Fort
Pickens; all were well.
The United States steamer Quaker City, from
Old Point Comfort and Hampton Roads, ha
also arrived. .
Hermann, mo., June i. a. uerman rrom
Jefferson City says the steamer White Cloud
was loading at that place yesterday with can
non and military stores. It was said that Gov.
Jackson and all the State Officer were to em
bark on her for Arrow Rock, a strong point
about 60 miles above on the Missouri river.
Capt. Keiley's Guard of 100 men were the
only soldiers in Jefferson City, up to 1 o'clock
There are no troops at the Osage Bridge or
Dodda Island.
St. Louis, Juns 14. Seven more companies
of troops and a battery of six guns went out on
, the Pacifio Railroad last night The steamer
D. A. January was bought yesterday by Gov
ernment. Louisville, June 14. The Southern pa
pers kdvise the farmers to save everything
in tbe shape of fodder, wheat, rye and oat
straw. -
Thaw era varv much in want nf alt
j j
printing- paper, lead and leather.
. i. J. Stevens of this city is making arrange
ments to build gun boats for the Govern
ment. The Washville Patriot status a party
with tbe boat Red Revenger on the Cum
berland river, bad applied for letters of
. O lbe Custom House at Atlanta, Us., ba
been abolished, and one is to be establish
ed near the northern boundry of Tennessee.
lbe Memphis Avalanche of tbe 10th,
advises the free negroes to g to work on
the entrenchments at Randolph, and says
they will be forced if they do aot volunteer;
and add tbe remark, those who volunteer
will be discharged as boom as the fortifies
tions are finished, but those forced to enter
the service will be detained duriDg the war,
Chicago, June 14. Tbe troops at Cario
were reviewed yesterday by (ien. McClel
lao, who expressed his admiration of the
troops in the highest terms.
Tbe Memphis appeal of yesterday gives
an extravagant account of the capture of a
secession dag at Columbus, Wednesday:
say it required 600 federal troops, and
12 pieces of artillery.
The Tribune's Cairo correspondent says
reliable information reached Goo. Prentiss
that another secession company is being
formed in Williamson county, in this Stale.
Parties engaged in it are known. ' .
lie also has information that Island No.
6 within Kentucky sovereignty, has been
taken possession of by Tennessee rebels
Col. Pitcher of tbe regular army, arrived
in ibis city last night for tbe purpose of mus
tering into service the volunteer regiments
now bore.
St Louis, June 14. The steamers Iatau and
Sevan , of the Missouri expedition, passed Her
mann about 80 miles above here at 4 o'clock.
Steamer Louisiana, also belonging to the expe
dition, passed Washington 30 miles this side
about the same time.
The 2d regiment, under Col. Borersteiu, went
out on the Pacific Railroad, this afternoon, fully
prepared with camp equipments and munitions
of war. It is conjectured that this regiment
will embark on the City of Louisiana at Herr
mann, and follow the expedition under General
The Pacific Railroad Company ia taking en
ergetic measures to immediately bridge that
The Evening News learns that two regiments
of Iowa volunteers encamped at Keokuk and
400 Illinois troop from Quincy have been con
centrated at Hannibal, Missouri, by order of
Gen. Lyon for the purpose of holding North
ern Missouri, and checking Gov. Jackson's
movements in that region. It ia said that a por
tion of this force will be sent to Lexington and
St. Joseph.
The News also says there ia good reason to
believe that a considerable number of Confeder
ate troop are assembled in Arkansas, Indian
country and northern Texas, for an advance into
Kansas and Missouri, to seise Newton Lead
mines and to march to the assistance of Gov.
Jackson the moment he invites them.
St. Auberta, Mo., 19 miles east of Jefferson
city, 8 o'clock, p. m., June 14. A special agent
sem aown iroin jenerwn city vua me maila,
has just reached here, having left this afternoon.
He say the Governor and all the State officers
left there yesterday, and that the last of the
soldiers left to-day at 3 o'clock, p. ro.. taking
with them all the locomotives. The rebels burnt
the bridge at Grey Creek 3 miles west of Jeffer
son, and also oue above there after they had
passed over them.
It is supposed the Governor has ordered his
forces to concentrate either at Boonville or Ar
row Rock, probably the latter. It is thought
that Gen. Lyon will push on after inira, and
should he meet with no detention he will not
be more than 24 hours behind the Governor.
The Morevau bridge, 4 miles this side of Jef
ferson oity, is unhsruisd, but the western spsn
of the Osage bridge, 9 miles this side is burned.
Louisville, June 14. The Courier says tbe
majority sgainst separataon in East Tennessee
is estimated at 10,000 to 13,000,
Wheeling, June 14. In Convention to-day
Mr. Carlisle, from Committee on business, re
ported an ordinance vacating the seats of all
State officers now in rebellion against the Uni
ted States; providing for a Provisional Govern
ment and tor tne election or otneera; also provi
ding that Bute, County and Municipal officers
immediately take the oath of allegiance to the
United States. Ordinance made special order
for Wednesday next.
500 stand arms, loaned from Massachusetts,
arrived her to-day for distribution to Hume
Guards in this and adjoining countier. 1,500
are expected to-morrow.
New Orleans, Jun 14. Texsn sdvices say
that Cortinss was attacked about a mile from
Redman's Kancharo bv a force under CauU
Benevids and completely routed, killing 7 of
ins men, wounaing several ana dispersing tnem
from the place, uoruuas eacapea wita about
10 men Into Meuieo.
It la understood that a revolution had been
inaugurated in Talquoro. Gsurrow, defeated
candidate for Governor; issued a proclamation.
Removed question, as to who should be Gov
ernor, from tbe ballot-box to ,the sword.
Su Louis, June 14th. Joseph W, Tucker ed
itor of the State Journal arrested to-day by the
U. 8. Marshal' charged with treason and taken
before the U. S. Commissioner; ha was after
wards brought before J udge treat under a writ
of habeas corpus, snd admitted to bail in the
sum of $10,700 to appear for examinatiod Mon
day next.
Edward Blannerhasset also entered bonds for
$10,000 to appear before U. S Circuit Court on
the 8th July.
The case of Col. Preston will probably be dis
posed of in the same way. . . ,
A despatch from Hermann, dated 9 p. m, says
the steamer Louisiana, third of federal fleet now
taking aboard Col. Boemstein's regiment which
came up by Railroad to-day, and will soon be
ready to follow Gen. Lyon. The advanced
steamera had not passed 8t. Aubert at 11 o'clock
this evening, being detained probably by heavy
storm raging in that section. -
New York, June 14. Tribune's despatch
says, the traitors wbo communicated the
particulars of late late expedition to the reb
els have been arrested iu our camp.
Tbo Post's despatch any Scott has re
ceived confirmation of tbe evacuation of
Harper's Ferry. Rebels gone to Loesburg.
Winchester, Strasburg, from : thence ill
centra at Manassas Gap. -
Baltimore, June 14. The American ha
received confirmation of tbe burning of the
bridge at Harper's Ferry. 1
Troops loft both sides of the Potomac in
a burrv. H
Correspondent from Williarosport says:
the secession ists opposite there left Thurs
day evening in groat baste. '"';. '' "I
Cusfiold, Unioni man elected in the first
district. Davis tbe only one defeated, bo
by Mr. May, who claims to be an uncom
promising enemy of secession. Thomas bas
4,000 majority iu Washington county.
Manufacture of Heavy Ordnance for the
Tbe . Boston Traveller states tbat the
Soutb Boston Iron Foundry now- employs
two hundred operatives in tbe manufacture
of boavy ordnance and projectiles for tbe
government. Some of the machinery" is
kept in motion the whole twenty-four hours,
so urgent are the demands. The Traveller
adds: , ,
At this foundry are now making not on
ly twelve and thirteen-inch shell for mor
tars, but shell for ten-inch Uolumhiads, and
shot and shell for twelve and nix-pounders,
with ennnister and grape. . From two to
three hundred of shot and shell are made
per day, and about twelve guns per .week.
Many persons suppose tbat mortars and
heavy ordinance are east hollow, ready,
after finishing, for use. This is a mistake
The gun is cast solid and then bored.
The Government inspection ia of the
roost rigid character, and for tbo, slightest
doviation, even the thousandth part of: an
inch, tbe gun is rejected. ' We saw one
heavy nine inch Dahlgron navy gun : which
was cut in three piece for the furnace, sim
ply because in finishing tbe outside, where
it could not be turned, tbe workmen bad
chipped off a bit of iron as big only as a
ten cent piece. The gun was just a good
a any one that had bees made, but the in
spector bad rejected it.- .
Twiggs' Treason.
The treason of Twiggs in Texas has been
of mure consequence to the rebels than that
of any other single man, except Floyd.
Its importance has hardly been estimated
in the North. - It was a surrender of 3,000
splendid regular soldiers, of thirteen forts,
of 33,000 stand of arms, of 80 piece of
ordnance, of 65,000 in money, of horses for
a regiment of cavalry, mulea, wagons, tetjts,
piovisioua, ammunition and munitions of
war, to the estimated value of from $1,800,
000 to $3,000,000 1 Had it not been for
Twiggs and Floyd, the rebels would have
bad but few arms or few fortified places in
tbeir possession.

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