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$1.00 IN ADVANOE.-NO, 26
VOL. LI ED. L. BLUE, Publisher,
, m.
U. II. A: II. U . It .X tin c card .
Trains pass lorrysburc
No. 1.... 0:40 am
" 5 10:48 "
" 9... 4:05 p.m
,l 13.... 0:50 "
cxcopt Nos. 1 anil 2.
street Oars from c. II. Ac U. Uopoini
AtOinctnnntl the naymlllcr Electric Btrcct
OarLInelcavcsthodlxtliBtrcotcntrnncc ol tlio
Depot, tunntiiK up Sixth street to nil pnrts or
Ihnnlt.t Tl.n Vnet .Kiwi K I Of.l T I f Rl fl T t B 1 T Olll t ll U
Filth street entrance, runnlnc up Fourth street
toflllpnrtsoltliecity, Including tlio cxtremo
12.. 4:40 a
14.7:28 '
2.10:00 '
1 ($..1:53 p,
1 8.. 8:04 '
All trains dally
0. 15. STE1NKAU1I
Ifaal 17ml nnnfillltr
Third and Fourth strcetllorso Car Line lcnvcB
tho Filth streotontranco
I'cnun. Station
pasBliiK the Centra)
The Toledo & Maumee Valley Ev. Oo
l S'
5 00
G 5G
C 52
7 48
B 44
9 40
10 36
11 32
P. M.
12 28
1 24
2 20
3 16
4 12
6 04
7 00
7 60
8 52
0 48
10 41
Al Ml
5 32
5 66
7 20
T 48
8 16
9 10
10 08
11 32
12 00
P. M.
12 6G
1 21
1 62
2 48
3 16
8 44
1 20
4 40
5 OS
6 36
C 32
7 28
8 24
9 20
10 16
It oss-ford.
5 61
6 19
7 15
8 13
0 37
10 05
JO 33
11 29
11 57
12 25
1 21
1 49
2 17
3 13
3 11
4 09
l 61
5 05
6 ?3
G 57
7 53
8 19
9 45
10 41
5 3D
5 6G
G 62
7 43
8 41
9 40
10 30
11 82
P. M.
Vi 28
2 20
3 1G
4 12
5 08
7 00
7 60
8 52
9 48
10 44
11 40
6 24
7 2C
8 1G
9 12
10 08
10 86
11 04
12 00
12 28
12 6G
1 62
2 20
2 48
3 44
1 12
4 40
5 22
5 SG
0 04
G S2
7 28
8 21
9 20
10 1G
11 12
I.eftvl n e
Appointed on Board of School
7 13
7 41
8 09
9 03
9 33
10 01
10 57
11 25
11 58
12 19
1 17
1 45
2 41
3 09
3 37
4 33
5 01
5 29
1G 11
6 25
lit S3
7 21
8 17
9 13
10 09
11 05
2 01
4 10
5 12
6 59
7 65
8 51
9 47
10 43
11 39
12 35
1 31
2 27
3 23
4 19
5 15
0 11
7 07
8 03
8 69
9 65
10 61
C. E. Steiiibaugh of Milton Center,
lms been nppointcd n member of the
Board of School examiners of Wood
county to fill the vacancy caused by
expiration of Supt. Toan's second
Mr. Steiiibaugh has been in tho
county six years having taught at
Rising Sun four years and two years
at Milton. IIo has both common and
high school stato certificates, and
ranks high among tho educators of
tho county. Of all tho applicants for
the position ho had tho strongest in
dorsements, it is understood.
Tho appointment is a good one and
will give general satisfaction.
Executive Committee
pointed that Knows its
For State Senator by Demo
crates at Napoleon.
llnlly Except Sunday.
t Tn IVrrvfihnre onlv.
Freight Car leaves Maumee dally except
Sunday for Toledo nt 7:t3 a. m and 1:17 p. m.
I.v. I'errysburg at 7:31 n. m. and 1;3S p. m.
Lv. Toledo at 8:50 a. in. and 3:30 p. m.
The Toledo, Bowling Green & Fremont
Cars leave PorrysburR for Bow. Green
am am am am
S.14 0.10 7.00 8.02
8 08 9.64 10.60 11.40
pm pm pra pra
12.42 1.38 2.34 3.30
4.26 5.22 0.18 7.14
8.10 0 00 10.02 10.68
Walter Toy, of Lima, a stock
holder in tho Toledo, Columbus,
Springfield & Cincinnati railroad pro
jected through Wood county along
the C. H. it D., has brought suit at
Lima against tho ollicials of the road
says the Tribune, asking for tho ap
pointment of a receiver. Ho declares
the officers' have been appropriating
stocks and bonds of the company to
their use without a consideration. A
hearing will bo had in a few days.
Tho principal offices of the company
are at Toledo. The grading is partly
done through some of tho counties
along tho line, and a couple of miles
of steel have been laid. This com
pany is now seeking a franchise
through Perrysburg.
tii i
m C;
The Republican Central Committee
met last Saturday to select an Exec
utive Committee and piepare for the
coming campaign.
Thirty-four of tno d0 precincts were
represented nt tho meeting.
Tho meeting was in charge of the
Chairman and Secretary of the Cen
tral committee.
A commitee consisting of C. R.
Painter, F'ed Eberly, Earl Brim,
M. L. Case and Samuel Slaughter
beck was appointed to confer with
the candidates for county ollices
with reference to tho appointment of
an Executive committee, and after
the conference they reported the fol
lowing and recommended their ap
pointment: Joe E. Baird to be chairman, E. G.
McClelland, treasurer; S. A. Canary,
secretary: Hon. J. O. Troup. C. R.
Painter and M. P. Brewer of Bowling
Green; J. H. Ward, Milton Center,
P. J. Brand, Ilaskius; E. B. Hoist,
Rossford; S. W. Nigh, Noilh Balti
more; 1'ieci x eager, rerrysmirg; xu.
S. Bryant, Bloomdale; O. E. Hyter,
Bradner; J. H. Muir, Petnberville;
Fred Rowe, Cygnet; G. W. Wilkin
son, North Baltimore.
Tho committee is composed of Re
publicans who "know their business"
and will make a strong fight against
Johnsonism in Wood county.
On Tuesday tho Democrats of tho
thirty-third Senatorial district of
Ohio met in convention at Napoleon
to nominate a candidate for Slate
Much disappointment was felt bo
causo W. J. Bryan and Tom Johnson
failed to bo present.
In tho organization of the conven
tion Wood county was represented on
committee by Allen J. Senoy, Chas.
S. Woodford, John S. llnyman nnd
R. A. Beatly.
John Hayman of Pemberville pre
sented tho name of W. M. Wickham
of Wood county, and Hancock county
announced W. J. Frey as their candi
date. The result of the first ballot gave
tho nomination to Mr. Frey as fol
Frey Wickham.
Fulton 21 12
Hancock 92
Henry 12 -18
Putnam f7 10
Wood - 79
lNCOItlMIICA'J'Iin 1802.
J AS. O. TROUP, Vice Pros.
Norman L. HANSON, Cash, and
Goneral Manager.
John Pekkin, David Main.
Jacob Davis, Nokman L. Hanson
W. C. Perkin, D. K. Hollknuecic
C. P. Chapman ' F'A. Wetmore,
Receives deposits, loans money, sells foreign
and domestic exchnngo, buys and tolls dralts,
hondscoln, notes, mortgagesand pays Interest
on time, deposits.
Dr. A. H. BAB000K
Successor to Dr. E. D. Wlnflelu.
William Stac', aged G5, and a resi
dent of Maumce, become ill, and
feeling tint his end was near, con
ceived tho idea that he wanted to end
his days among the scenes of his
childhood, and accordingly went to
tho homo of his brother, Leslie
Stacey, who resides on the old home
stead east of B. G., on tho Portage
river, whero a few days later, he
passed awiy, surrounded by his
Frederick C. Averill,
Opening: of Fall Term Im
provements in School
For Two Men who Sold
Rig to Cook.
On Friday last two men hited n rig
of Fred Bcelee, a Bowling Green
liveryman to drive to Sugar Ridge,
where thoy would call on tho mother
of one of tho men.
On Saturday they appeared at Per
rysburg and offered the rig for sale
to James Cook at a price that Cook
considered a bargan, but as ho was
personally acquainted with one of
tho men he bought tho rig, although
ho had somo doubts about tho ownership.
Earl Munn, formerly a resident of
this place, was tho leader and
claimed to bo tho owner of tlio rig;
his companion being Freddie L. Hill,
and they executed a bill of sale and
atlidavit that the property rightfully
belonged to Munn.
Mr. Cook made inquiry at B. G.,
and learned that the ritr belonged to
Fred Beebe of that city who camo
over and proved his ownership of the
The Sheriff is now looking for the
men and offers a reward of S75 for
their apprehension.
Earl Munn, 21 or 25 years
iITR0 i,LHi;iii.i;
Factory Explodes Narrow es
cape for two men.
With a roar tho factory of tho Her
cules Torpedo company, two nnd a
half miles east of Bradner let go
Monday forenoon.
Hugh Easton and Vern Copus were
a short distance from tho building
when tho explosion occurred and wero
unhurt. Outsido of a smnll quantity
of crude material and tho machinery
used in the manufacture, tho loss was
The two men mentioned above wero
mixing the stuff when it caught firo.
Thoy tried to put out tho blazo and
failing thoy got out of tho way and
waited for tho stuff to go off. It is
understood that it was about five min
utes after they left that the building
and contents went up. Thero was no
stock in tho building nt tho time,
about 1,100 quarts having been taken
out early in tho morning. Tho men
had just started on their day's run
when the blaze caught from friction.
WilJ Spend $75,000 in Show
ing State's Advancement.
Monday at Scotch Ridge occurred
the reunion of Company K, 21st O.
V. I. This compnii' was made up
principally of men from around tho
Ridge, and twenty wero present
Monday. A large nirnber of guests
wero present. After a picnic dinner
a ver' interesting campfiro was held.
J. F. Lundy and wife, Miss Jennio
Lundy, F. M, Young and wife, Theo.
Alexander and wife, John Russell
and wife, and Mr. Henry Hixon of
B. G. attended Tribune.
KI8 tltzor Untitling.
F. Eugene Elieinfrank
Attorney and
15:11-532 Tho Spltzer,
Phone Main 7509. TOLEDO. O.
OfHoo Hoffmann Building.!
onico Phono 582. Residence 77
pebryshuho, omo.
Titles InvesUuntcd and abstracts furnbhtd o
tppllcatlon. Kotaiy In OUlco.
Early Day Newspapers.
Geo. S. Breed of Limo City, who is
in business in Detroit, sends tho
Journal several copies of newspapers
of early days of 1810, which compared
with the present-day periodicals, look
rather strange.
Tho "Balance" is tho title of ono of
tho papers, with tho name of Harry
Crosswell, "Printer to tho People" at
tho head of tho editorial page.
Ono of tho columns contains an ac
count of the trial of a wealthy planter
for causing tho death of ono of his
slayes by brutal Hogging.
'Cash paid for hog's bristles" is an
advertisement. An "Ironmongery"
advertises "spring rat traps," "Com
position tea kettles, nnd tailor's thim
bles," and many other features that
appear very odd these days.
Ohio's headquarters at the World's
Fair will ,be a handsome building,
costing 30,000. Tho stato appro
priation is S75,000.
Tho site for the Ohio building al
lotted to tho Stato Commission is a
favored one, adjoining Missouri on
one side, and Illinois on the other,
It is east of tho United States Gov
ernment building, and is on tho main
roadway leading from tho U. S. Fish
eries pavillion through the Stato
The main front of tho building
faces west. It will stand on a knoll
10 feet high, overlooking tho other
Stato buildings in tho vicinity. The
site is surrounded by largo trees. Tho
slope on all sides from the building
will permit a series of terraces,
which will bring out the distinguish-
aichitectural features of tho
Tho public schools will resume
their daily sessions on Tuesday next.
Teachers and pupils have had an op
nortunitv to rest and enjoy a long
Thero will be only a few changes
in tho personnel of the Perrysburg
village school corps of teachers.
Miss Grace Hollenbeck who was
elected to succeed her sister in the
fourth grade having resigned, tho
Board has not elected a teacher for
that position, but tho vacancy will bo
supplied by the Superintendent un
til the appointment is made at the
next Board meeting.
weight 125 or 130 pounds, height 5-7
or 8, light complected, had a small,
light colored mustache, lame in the
right leg, steps on toes when walk
ing. Fred L. Hill, alias George Shade,
aged 19 years, weight 128 pounds,
height 5-9, light complected, smooth
face, had on cheap dark brown coat
and pants, no vest, dark soft hat,
long red necktie, celluloid collar.
E. L. Kingsbury Sells his
Business to Comstock and
Dismissed the Suit.
The suit of tho village ot Haskins
against Sarah M. Gustin et nl, in
which it was sought to appropriate
property of the defendants for street
purpose, and the court was asked to
appoint a jury to fix the damage and
compensation the defendants wero
entitled to becauso of tho extension
of a certain street in tho village, was
dismissed by Judge Lincoln.
Tho records of tho villago clerk
showed that the proceedings of tho
council in adopting tho ordinance to
appropriate property for the exten
sion of the street were irregular, in
that the ordinanco was passed at ono
session of council and without tho
formal suspension of tho rules, which
requires that ordinances shall be read
at three separate meetings.
Tho suit was dismissed without
prejudice to another being filed,
which will probably be done after tho
Haskins council adopts their ordi
nance in the regular manner.
School begins on tho Tuesday
lowing Labor Day.
Gusher near Bradner.
A well recently drilled in near
Bradner, this county, (lowed D00 bar.
rels in tho first 24 hours of activity.
Manufacturer of "Auditor," "Jaok
I'ot," and othor brands of Ono oiguri.
Watches, Clocks. Jewelry. Speotaolea &o.
Half bloolc from Summit St.
Special euro will bo taken with tho repair of
all kinds ol Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Stomach Trouble.
"I havo been troubled with my stonv
ach for tho past four years," says D.
L. Bench, of Glover Nook Farm, Green
field, Mass. "A few days ago I was
Induced to buy a box of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. I have
taken part of them and fool a great
deal hotter." If ypu havo any trouble
with your stomach try a box of these
Tablets. You aro cortaln to bo ploas
cd with tho result. Price 25c. For
salo by Bowers & Comstock.
For a bilious attack tako Chamber
lain's Stomach and Ltvor Tablets" and
a quick cure Is cortaln. For salo y
Dowers & Comstock,
building. Tho pavillion will bo of
staff, finished in ivory tint. Tho roof
is to bo dark gray, and tho ridgingsi
crestings, and finals carried out in
gold leaf. Tho building is to bo two
stories high. Largo porches will add
to tho beauty of tho structure at tho
north and south ends, and provide
ideal resting places for Ohioans and
their friends.
The chief entrance to tho main
floor is from tho west. Six foot col
umns three feet in diameter and
thirty feet high stand at tho ontrance.
Threo largo doors open into tho main
rotunda' which is 29x51 feet, two
stories in height, and finished with a
domed ceiling. Adjoining tho main
rotunda aro rooms for tho bureau of
information, postoflice, check-room,
telephone and telegraph offices.
Spacious apartments are prepared
for women.
On tho second floor aro tho ollices
of tho executive commissioners, and
rooms for tho newspaper correspond
ents. In tho south wing is a suite of
rooms for tho Governor, and adjoin
ing aro bed rooms for tho Commissioners.
It is important that tho pupils
''look up" their promotion cards.
Tho card is necessary for admission
to tho department to which the pupil
was promoted.
Do not buy any new books until
notified either by the teacher or the
Children who aro of school ago
six(G) in September, -in October or
in November will be admitted at tho
beginning of this Fall term. Send
all such pupils at ouco so that they
may begin with the class
at that time.
The Superintendent wishes to meet
all tho teachers in his ofiico Saturday
afternoon at 1.30 promptly.
After a successful business career
of 2G years in Perrysburg, Mayor E.
L. Kingsbury has decided to quit
business and take a much needed rest.
On Thursday ot this week he re
tired from the grocery business and is
succeeded by tho firm of Comstock &
Wilson, tho new firm consisting of C.
R. Comstock and D. E: Wilson.
Mr. Comstock is well and favorably
known, and is tho son of ono of our
most prominent citizens, Wm. Corn
stock. Mr. Wilson, who camo hero
from Indiana, was ongaged in busi
ness with C. L. Koch ic Co. for several
months and has made many fiieuds
during his stay in Perrysburg.
The new firm aro taking charge of
a business that is well established and
with their united efforts thoy will un
doubtedly make a success of their en
terprise. Tho people will miss tho
genial face of Mayor Kingsbury but
will welcome the new firm and extend
them best wishes for success.
Pupils should tako their old books
with them, when thoy start to school,
also a good lead pencil and pencil
It is best for parents to keep all
their questions and doubts in regard
to their children's books, etc., until
thoy see tho Superintendent on Tues
day a. m.
All now pupils must bo assigned to
their departments by tho Superintendent.
Present, Mayor, Clerk and Council
men, Davis, Hollenbeck, Halin, Main,
Meeker. Absent, Muir.
Tho finance committee reported
having received semi-annual state
ment from County Treasurer.
51000 was transferred from Goneral
Expense to Lighting fund.
Judiciary Committee asked time to
consider franchise for T. C. S. & S. Co.
and desired company to meet com
mittee to prepare ordinance-
Street committee was ordered to in
vestigate condition of drain on Third
street and make necessary repairs.
An ordinance was passed locating
sidewalk lino on Sixth street.
Light committee was instructed to
require Light company to submit re
port as per contract at second meet
ing of Council in September as to
conditions of lights for current
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Has world-wldo fame for marvelous
cures. It surpasses any other salvo,
lotion, ointmont or balm for Cuts,
Corns, Burns, Bolls, Sores, Folons, Ul
cers Totter, Salt Ithoum Fovor Sores,
Chapped Hands, Skin Eruptions; In
fallible for Pllos, Cure guaranteed.
Only 25c at Bowers & Comstock's, -
A Boy's Wild Ride For Life.
With family around, expecting him
to dlo, and a son riding for life, 18
miles to got Dr. King's Now Discovery
for Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
W. II. Brown, of Leesvlllo, Ind., en
dured death's agonies from asthma;
but this wonderful medicine gave In
stant relief and soon cured him. IIo
writes: "I now sloop soundly every
night." Uko marvelous cures of Con
sumption, Pneumonia, Bronchitis,
Coughs, Colds and Grip provo its
matchless merit for all Throat and
Lung troubles. Guaranteed bottlos
50c and $1.00. Trial bottles freo at
Bowers & Comstock's drug storo.
New C. H. & D. Depot.
Tho new C. H. ic D. R. R. depot
is a model or neatness and con
venience. Tho ticket and telegraph
ofiico is located in tho center of tho
building while tho west end will bo
used for tho baggage room, with tho
passenger's waiting room in tlio east
Tho structuro has slato roof and is
very neat m appearance, u win do
surrounded by a 12 foot wall; com
posed of firo brick.
Tho building will bo lighted with
olectricity nnd tho signal block will
also contain olectrio lights.'
Every convonienco necessary to tho
welfare of travelers and tho employees
will bo supplied.
What is Life?
In tho last analysis nobody knows,
but wo do know that It is under strict
law. Abuso that law oven slightly,
pain results. Irregular living means
doraiigomont of tho organs, rosultlng
In Constipation, Hoadacho or Llvor
trouble. Dr. King's Now Life Pills
quickly ro-adjusts this. It's gentio, yot
thorough. Only 25c at Bowors & Com
stock's drug storo,
New Oil Company.
A new oil company, known as tho
Fieedom Oil Co., has been organized
at Pembervillo. Tho officers are:
President, C. F. Jackson; Vico Presi
dent, Ed. Young: Treasurer, A. V.
Andiews; Secietary, Lloyd Curtice;
Assistant Secretary, W. P. Pruner.
M. R. Coouoy is superintendent and
general mnnagev. Tho company is
capitalized at S50.000 nnd has leases
on soven farms, all in Freedom town
ship. Operations will begin at once.
Fearful Odds Against Him.
Bedridden, alono and destitute.
Such, In brlof, was tho condition of an
old soldier by name of J. J. Havens,
Versailles, O. For years ho was trou
bled with Kidney dlseaso and neither
doctors nor medicines gavo him re
llof. At length he trlod Electric Bit
ters. It put him on IiIb feet In short
order and now ho testifies: "I'm on
tho road to complete recovory." Best
on oarth for Llvor and Kidnoy troublo
and all forms of Stomach and Bowel
Complaints. Only 50c. Guaranteed
by Bowers & Comstock, druggists,
..-; , i nKl.ii.lHhnilg.1

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