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Dktixsdehed Lasss Who Use It.
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Fanny JnauK!ik.
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Clara Lcalae Ke.locC
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Mn. SrotUJiddmis.
For tW buxla, - id Mil t.nd ft rttw l
Jeme. Victoria and mina Vokea.
V Ja (( ft bUuam tu adJ uur bsfcliBtneiaJa rf
Ka Mqvrta Mnu ft ,-. u, for tb ivu-l'Ialhati.
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Thera Titiens.
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Fanny UftTTOport.
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Mri. P p. Dowwi.
I j - "saiBnBr, u itt
Charlotte- Thompson.
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Kinni Cnmminf.
Far tiiiiiTlfi in ik . l.. .- .l v .
KXPKESPKI) FREE: 2 larce-So bottles
hitup,ilnb f.. at ci t. ..,.',...(.. . i .....
UetorTSe. (Try your druo;l't tint lioied
Y.B. Mention mil Dper.
r Martyrs to Headaclie
Seek relief in rain, until they la-gin to
me Ayer's Sarsaarilla. Then tlicy re
gret the years of suffering they might
have escajied had they tried this remedy
earlier. The trouble was constitutional
not local; and, until Ajer's Sarsapa
rllla. did its effective work as an
Alterative and Illood l'urifier, they wero
compelled to suffer.
The wife of Samuel Tage. 21 Austin
st.t Lowell, Mass.. was. ftir along time,
subject to severe headache, the result
of stomach anil liver disorders. A er
fect cure lias lieen eiTecttsl by Ajer's
Frank Koberts, T27 Washington st ,
Boston, savs that he formerly had ler-
A rible bead'aches, and until hr took
Ayer's Sarsajiarilla. never found uu
medicine that would gn e
Permanent Relief.
"Eierv Spring, for jean." writes
Lizzie W. DeVeau. 'Ji l-'ifteentli St.,
Krooklyn, N. Y., "I have had intoler
able headaches. 1 commenced the use
of Ajer's Sarsapirilla iast .Mareli. and
have" not had a headai be Mine that
I suffered from headache, indiges
tion, and debilitv, and wa hardly ahlo
to drag invself about the liciise." wnies
Mrs. l. M. I-wis. of A si . Lowell,
lass. Ayer's Sarsaparllla liasworkeil
a marvelous change in my case. 1 iiuw
feel strong and well a ever."
Tonas Garman, Ksi-. of Ljkins. la
writes: "For jears I bae MiiTereil
(lreailfully.everv Spring, from headache,
caused by lmpurESv of the IiIimnI and
bilousltess. It secntisl for dais and
weeks that my head would sphl oieii.
Nothing relievol me till 1 took Ajer's
Sarsaparilla. This medicire has cunsl
xne completely."
When Mrs. Oenevra lielanger, of 24
Bridge St., Spnngtield, Mass.. l-gan to
use Aj'er's Sarsfljurilla, she hail suffered
for some j'cars from a serious affectum
of the kitlnej-s. Kvery Spring, aN.i. site
ran attiicteil with licadaehe. loss of
apietite. ami imligetion A friend T
Kuaded Iier to use Ajer's Sarsjunlla,
svhich lienehted her wonderfullj. Her
liealth is now verfect. MartjTs to hi-ad-iu-.be
should try
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Ir J AvT&C'xiwf!! Maaa.
I'rlce 1 , all bottlra, j. Worth ii a bolUa.
HnTiVi 4T-ii
cah mm pct on itv am i-kiison.
423 Waliat Street, PHILADELPHIA.
anc Haeh and reliere all the trouble JncJ
Seot to a biUuM aute of the pyauai, auch as Da
iSeaaTNaaaM, Prowaiw-ja. Ulatreia af ttr eaiisg,
i?inlnthSWt,c Whlltlirnio.trisart
atla inrratt haa betn. tbomti in curmg
. . !..1.TI.TKl..a
HalWitt hit mi a-. -
T.v.t.ara of o Bany llrra tlatliwe i ""'"
ctrradoziot. ,r, TtTT raall an
carwr ajwi .. 1. -. . n. m .k.- doat
PSJUZrV ci iit by i
X) w CaFlLEK'1'1' w - -
Xatse. WerVa.ua Debility ""
KuVaaUk-. Fa. W4 U 1 KntuU.
i .- ro.- i ii ami mm in i. . r "' i" " '" "" ' "' " " i " i - -' ' i - -: T'rTmr "-TTTTirti 'Try- r-T i- ' irr- iti i-rr., r
I It-is not comninnlr known that & large
proHirtioi) of the rheutnatUm and neu
rulma extant is traceable directly to the
diMSMeil ronjition or imperfect action ol
tiie kiiine. and liven therefore a remedv
whnh cuivs the reulting disease tnmt
hare found and 'mitten tlie tirt caue.
Manv jiersons ii-in? Atliloidiorcs for
rli'iitn.Ttism and neuralgia have lieen
surnried to find that ihmnic disorder of
the liver and kidneys have ato la?en
.really rehevpil an.l they have written
i"t an eiilanation. The f.irt it, that the I
remiily acts diriilly tm iIiom; organs, I
leaiiMn tliPin from all irritating miIi
vtjnti's and leiilatina their action. Taken
in connection with Vihlophoros I'ills tins
U, without etvptiin, the iiiitl valuable
kidney and liiei reimily in the world. and
wilt cure a larm proportion of tluuwho
!iAt- thtt di-M'aes.
Sii.! William V Hntthion. living at L'2
S i.ith Shafer St., Siriw;lieM. t) , "1 dont
think there i:my iiusiicinelike thloplio
r w lor riietimaUMn. lrvioi, to my usini;
this lneilit ine 1 ned aKtut cverv kind of a '
I rlieuuutu tiKnlii ine I c(cr heard of, Kith I
resular and tirogtiur without avail. At
the time I ounmeniiil with Athlojihoros
I wa Millcrinj; very lunch. In a very
reinurkalilv j.hort time, in fact I had only
taken a few diw., i ctiH-rienecd very
i deuded rcli(f. It i- now over two Jears
imv 1 ii-iilit ami 1 haw had no I!heiim.i
ti in simv to-K".ik of. Athlophorosdiditi
work (or me aid w ill do the s-atne for others.
I have lieen a nideut of Sprincfuld
fur incr thirty years, am well known
and would "ladly erify the almve facts, to
anyone who may lie alllicted with rheuma
tism "
j Every drugsKt should keep Athlophoros
' and Athlophoros 1'ilU, hut where they can
! not he Iwinilit (ii the dnn.'gi't the Athlo
; phonw te.. 112 Wall St., ."e York, will
send either (carriage paid I on nivipt :
, rrtr dtr price, uhuh is jl.tm per Iiottlc
, for thloph irns and "iO.-. for I'ills.l
, For tiler uiij Liilncv iliscaxs. t!f.pcflA. ill
j dl'esluin. wcakiu-v- nerv,ms .leliilxt). UN'hshi
I dl uumen, siiitipittjiiti. lieHilaclie, tiu(iL.rr
; tilouJ, a.c . AltiioiiUuruH fills are uuequiUcil.
The rouimons voted to apply cloture to
the crimes bill Monday, uliereiiwm the
i r.irnellites refusal to move any further
auieniluient.s, and the bill was reHirted to
' the house. The third readiugwill be iuoed
r .v d Kichts is
tnlftint of
' thousands saflering from Asthma, Con-
SUmpuon, (-Ollgus, eic. I'm J'u v.c ..
Acker's English ltemedyf It is the liest
' preparation known for all I.ung Troubles,
Bold on a jsisitive guarantee at 10c, 60c
Frank II. CoblenU, corner Market and
High streets.
I Articles apieared in all the German pa
llet Thursday, evidently inspired, advising
j against lending money to Kiissia.
In inter, mill to l lie I'ulnt.
Dj-spepsia is dreadful. Disordered liier
is miser'. Indicostion is a toe to good na
ture. The human digestive apparatus is one of
the most complicated and wonderful tilings
in existence. It is easily put out of onler.
Greasy food, tough food, sloppy food,
bad cookery, mental worn, late hours, ir
regular habits, mid many other Ihinirs which
ought not to tie. have madeiKe American
hsiiI a nation of ilyK"itlcs.
Hut Green's August Tawer has done a
wonderful woik in leforming this -ad liusi
nessand making the American isiplc so
healthy that they can enjoy their iiu-als and
be happj.
Ketueintiei: Noliapiilnesswitliout liealtn.
Hut (ireen's August Mower brings health
and happiness to tiled j siH'ptic. Ask jour
druggist for a bottle. SeventjMhe cents.
('. W. Uudd. of lies Moines, won the
American pigeon-shorting championship in
the contest at l)is Moines, la., Thursday.
(Ietiiiiiel Willi I'earls.
A mouth geniuusl with pearls ll.ishes ra
diance eterjlune It opens. The contrast
between the rub) of lovely lips and tl.e
liearly teeth they enclose has winged the
fancy ot many a jsiet. Soodont. fair
outs., js (he thing that most contributes to
adorn the feminine mouth. It Is pure, it
is aromatic it retains the natural color of
ttvtli incrusted with jelloiv tartar. Xo
gritty or other objectionable ingredient
contaminates it. Its odor Is balmy, and its
purifying operation thorough.
The president pardoned Thomas Hallard,
sentenced in January, ls75, to thirty years
in the Albany penitentiary for counterfeit
ing. "VipiXsV pa tliatare fretful. peevish,
JVXV,,v& cross, or trouble.! with
Windy Colic, Teething l'aius, or
Stoniacli Disorders, can lie relieved
at once by using Ackcr' Uaby Soother.
It contains no Opium or Morphine,
hence is safe. Price 3 cents. Sold by
Frank II. Cobleutz, corner Market and
Ulgh streets.
The king of Helgium has called uiion the
Vatican for jiolitical assistance similar to
that lately rendered to Germany.
Sllll.OirS COUGH and Consumption
Cure is sold by F. A. Garwood on a guar
ntee. It cures Consumption.
n earthquake shock was felt in
' Hampshire Thursday afternoon.
'V rx w x Of the good things of this
WV - life are sorrowfully let
ili-ir-.M nr srvfinnt tt Tivsinsia. Acker's
, Dy6eirsir. Tablets will" cure Dyspepsia,
1 llauu'lian aan.l PnnFlltiOfinna Cl-ilil a-iTi
tsteitive guarantee at 25 and CO cents, by
Frank 11. Coblentz, corner Market and
High streets.
"Ten Hroeck," the great race-horse,
died Tuesday at the stable of his owner.
Frank It. Harper, on Nantura Stock Farm,
near -Midway. Ky. He was fifteen years
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for chil
dren ttethlng, is the prescription of one of
the best female nurses and physicians In
the United States, and has been used for
years with never-failing success by millions
of mothers for their children. During the
process of teething its value is incalculable.
It relieves the child from pain, cures dysen
tery and diarrhu-a, griping In the bowels
and wind colic By giving ".ealth to the
shlld It reststhe mother. Prlcr 25c a bottle.
Sore Throat
Is particularly faiorable to the contraction
of Diphtheria. Heed the warning, and Use
Darbjs I'roph lactic Fluid. It at once al
lavsthe Inllaiiniiation of the throat, suli
dties the pain and gives permanent relief.
It prompt!) and etfectually restroys all con
tagion and diphtheritic germs. It is a safe
guard against Diphtiieria, and should bo
used on the hrst ) uipUiiusof sore throat as
a gargle.
Therein no one article in the line of med
icines that gives so large a return for the
money as a good porous strengthening plas
ter, such aa Carter's Smart Weed and Bella
onna Uaekr-che Plasters. 47r
C"iitimt!oii Can lie Cure!.
N'ot by any secret remedy, but by proper,
healthful exercise, and the judicious use of
Scott's Emulsion of Cod l.Uer Oil and Hy-popho-phites,
which contains the healing
and strength-giving virtues ot these two
valuable spi-cihcs in their Tullcst form. Pre
scribed by physicians. Take no other.
Tin: Shakkiw no not t ck Cosmctics,
but whoever has seen them must hae no
ticed the bright, clear complexion of the
Sisters. There is none of that tinge of yel
low about the eyes, no dark brown sjiots on
the skin. They look bright and cheerful
because they enjoy good health, they main
tain perfect digestion by the use of theSha"!
ker Extract of IUkiLs (biegel s b) rup).
John Conner write from Itoscoe, Mo.,
August 10, lsst: "1 must say a word or
two in regard to your great medicine. About
four years ago 1 was taken down with a
burning in my stomach aim rheumatism. 1
began growing weak and could not eat any
thing. I tried everything 1 could hear of,
butcould not find any help. 1 was Induced
to try a bottle of the Shaker Extract of
lloots, and I commenced getting better at
once. 1 have used six bottles, and now I
can eat anything without Its injuring me, I
gladly recommend it to anyone suffering
with D)spepsia."
rsirM rsoueM. ClnldtL Ilonn. Crrmn. A(thm,
liivltchltl, W bixil'Oiir Cuush. Indilut Oonrotnp.
(iuniuiu irurvrs ,i.-uwi.i.,
JeriKai la julranosl ac of
Ii0(tuaa, I'ricasSeta. Out
lion. 1U vnuine i'r. iiui a
IVw-A fcTty la a,U only Li
iraila vntrjfw, anj laara nir
irptanft Tratle-Slarks trf il.
A Jtuil a iMrf tit a Vin It.a -
strip C'ltttion r.dw, an. mo
ratManulaKinatuIvatir Jvh II'.
l:ll J- A. c. Hrtrr .t lv sote
iTvpa, (uiiimorv, aio., (' D..O.
fhrw l.ance'a I'luca Th irratTubareo An
ldoe! 1TW IO 1 la. blJ trail Druck'UU.
The Opinion of the Two Mr, rulitzrra.
Heel. I. .11? lllflrrrnt l.le.,..
I was in an Kuglish tnilor shop theot her
morning and the proprietor, ns n crowning
argument in favor of his sartorial pro
ductions, produced a jiair of trousers "for
Mr Pulitzer. " The size of the trousers
attracted in) attention, and n little Inves
tigation led to the interesting discovery
that there were two Mr. Pulitzers in
Paris, and that while Mr. Joseph Pulitzer
has lieen living in sti.ie at the Hotel ltris
tol with his line niirtmcnt,riis courier,
etc., Mr Albert Pulitzer, of The New
York Morning Journal, lias also lieen liv
ing in state, though more quietly, at the
Grand Hotel, he too having his fine apait
nient and his courier, whiA all goes to
show: First, that is a gnat thing to have,
a "largecireulatiou,'' and second, that the.
Paris corresjioudent of The Morning Jour
nal ihies not w rite the society notes in The
Galignani's Messenger.
The opinions of these two eminent jour
nalists on the newspapers of France are
of cour-e most interesting. Mr. Joseph
Pulitzer sjioke ns follows on the subject:
"You want my opinion on French iiewi
iavrs Well, I can giie it to you very
quickly. I think it is simply disgraceful
the kind of thing which they produce
here. They are, new spniicrs in name, lint
newspaiK'rs with the news left out They
print neither home news nor foreign news,
in fact they print nothing but stories and
essays. They have no enterprise. Why
this late disaster to the Chauipag-io at
Havre was hardly noticed by them. I
had to get the detail! from the scanty
little Knglish iwpers (pointing to the
Galiguani and the Morning News) Now
an American newspaper which understood
its business would have hail a man on the
spot by the very first train to interview
the officers, the captain and the pas
sengers, to get photographs of the scene,
etc., and to send oil a complete account
by telegraph, regardless of expense. No,
sir, I don't think much of French news
paper?, and, by the way, 1 don't think
much more of their Enclish rivals."
Mr. Alliert Pulitzer has deoidedly dif
ferent ideas on the same question. "I
know that it is the fashion,'" lie said, "to
condemn French journals on the ground
that they are deficient in what we call
'news.' Of course it i evident that ill
tills respect they are a long way ln-hlnd us,
but 1 attribute it not to any lack of enter
prise on the part of editors and proprie
tors far from it but to the fact that
they recognize that the general demand is
fortsiinethiug quite ililferent People ill
Fraud? have not got that terrible thirst for
'news which consumes us at home; they
are not at all ill it hurry to know alniut
accidents and crimes licfore it is neces
sary, uud even then they don't want a
great mass of sickeningdetalls. In many
ways their tastes are more elevated than
ours. For. example, The Figaro will print
two columns on si new play by Altxandre
Dumas, and will employ one of the most
distinguished literary men in the lountry
to w rite the criticism. Tlwre is another
great dilTercnce; in France all the great
writers contribute to the newspaiiers, and
these men are jiald as much as $10,000 to
$12,("lO a vear. The result is that a first
class French newspajier K-conies really a
vehicle for the transmission of the highest
onler of literary, scientific and artistic
thought, and certainly that is very much
more than we can say of our American
luijiers, even the best of them." Paris
Cor. I'hiki lelphia Times.
ClniiRrlerUtlca of (tie Tug Ditp.
There are not more tlian fifty pug dogs
In St. Liuis, and yet they nre in great de
maud. The reason they cannot lie sup
plied is lx-cause they are hard to get.
Their race ieculiarities are strange, and
hence they do not multiply ns rapidly as
other breeds. Not more than four or live
are had at one litter, and they will note
uain their breed if crossed. When thus
crosted with other breeds the puppies lose
the characteristics of the pug and re
semble the crossed breed. This is a good
explanation of their rarity It was only
in the last fifty years that thc-e pets of
so;iety could lie obtained by everybody.
They were formerly bred by certain mem
lers of the nobility of Europe, and the
frtrnin remained a family possession. The
qualification of being rare was not the
only one that rendered the pug valuable.
He is essentially a pet. I never heard of
a case where a pug dog Iiml the rabies.
He has an excellent temper, so that lie is
safe for children. Of course, he is not a
lighter or a watch dog, but these are not
qualifications demanded of a i't. He is
delicate, liko all lap dogs, liable to become
overfed, but he makes up for that by gen
eral amiability. I am a great friend of
the pug, for I do not think he is generally
understood. Globe-Democrat.
J'(-ul!arltlca of Epilepsy.
Unconsciousness enters Into the gener
ally accepted definition of epibpsy. While
this unconsciousness is ft symptom of the
disease in the vast majority of cases, there
are some exceptions. The following is a
case In iwlnt:
A married woman of 32 years had occa
sional epileptic attacks of the usual con
vulsive kind; but more frequently when
seized, she would icream, turn pale, cry
out, jump from the bed and runabout the
room, acting absurdly and nt times vio
lently. On one seizure she bit her hus
band. On coining out of the nttack she
asked if she had done this. At another
time, she threw' the inkstand at her moth
er's head, and fully recalled the fact her
self with much sorrow.
It is lieiieved that attention in this di
rection would show a considerable nuui
Iierof such cases. The matter may have
Imiiortant legal bearings, inasmuch as ep
ileptics who commit deeds of violence are
held to lie irresponsible on the ground of
their unconsciousness. Youth's Com
I"lxeeil in (lie I'je.
"Where did the habit ol putting a flax
seed in the eye in order to remove a for
eign sulistauce come from?" asked a re
Iiorter. "It is a very old suiier-tition,"
replied his medical friend. "Tliero is no
foundation for it in fact, r.nd the state
ment that it chases the foreign substance
around and nround under the lid is the
sheerest nonsense. Putting in a flaxseed
tlmply adds fuel to the flame. It is fortu
nate that the seed Is comparatively
smooth and unirritating, or otherwise the
fallacy would be a serious one. A similar
humbug is a 'stone from a crab's eye,
which is simply the crystalline lens of the
eye of a crab hardened by boiling."
Philadelphia Call.
T.WInc ltiltston.
You can live better in Hostou on S7 n
week than you can in Xew- York for f 12.
You can buy more baked lieans id lloston
for ten cents than in Xew York fot twenty
cents. Yon can get in lloston a roomier
street car, and a cleaner one and a slower
one, and nearly always n civil reply from
the conductor. ou have m JWston mora
jrirl waiters at the restaurants and more
"sass" from them. Prentice Alulford.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla opetates radically
upon the blood, thoroughly cleansing and
invigorating it. As a safe and absolute
cure for the various disorders caused by
constitutional taint or infection, this
remedy has no equal. Take it this
A (lift (or All.
In order to give all a chance to test it and
thus be convinced of Its wonderful curative
powers. Dr. King's New Dlscowry forCon
suuiptlon. Coughs and Colds, will be, for a
limited time, given away. This oiler Is not
only liberal, but shows unbounded faith In
the merits of this gieat remedy. AH who
suffer from Coughs, Colds, Consumption,
Asthma, Bronchitis, or any affection of
Throat, Chest or I.ungs, are especially re
quested to call at Caas. I.udlow & Co.'s
Drue Store and get a Trial Hottle Free;
Large Bottles SI.
ICenewa Her Vontli.
Mrs. Phi etie Chesley, Peterson. Clay Co.,
Iowa, tells the following remarkable story,
the truth of which is vouched tor by the
residents of the town: "I am s:; years old,
ban been troubled wttti kidney complaint
and lameness lor many )eais: could not
diess myself without help. Now 1 am fiee
I rum all pain and soietiess, and am able to
do all my own housework. I owe my
thanks to F.leetne P.itteis tor lulling re
new it I in) youth, and removed completely
all disease and pam. Try' a Imltle. only
.10c, at Chas. I.udlow t Co.'s drug store.
Itui'krtii'aAriiKn ittte.
The Hf.stSai.vk in the world forCut,
Bruises, Sjres, Ulcers, Salt ltlieuni. Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
.s 1 -ll . ..!.. ,...... t....- -.... Li....t..
(.orns, nun ausKin eiuuiwiis, mm nis)ki,,-i
cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price U5 cents per box. For
sale by Charles Ludlow A Co.
The district assembly K. of I... of Wash
ington, voted against the recommendation
of G. M. V. Powderlv to have the Devia
tion of Independence read at all labor
meetings held on July 4.
Quick, complete cure, all annoying Kidney,
IlladderaiidUrinaryDiscaaea. i. AlDruggiaM.
"UOt'GII ON Illl.K" I'll.!." 10c. and -.-.. '
, Small granules, small diise, big results, pleaa
' ant in oration, don't disturb the etouiacli. ,
MtOt'l'lI ON IllitT." '
1 Ask for "Itough on Dirt ;" A rfect washing
owder found at latl A harmless eitra fine
A I article, pure and clean, sweeten, freahena,
bleaches and whitens without f Ugliest injury
to finest fabric. Unequalled fonine linens and
laccf, general household, kitchen and laundry
use Softens water, saves lalior and soap.
Added to starch Increases gloss, prevent yel
lowing. 5c.. 10c, '.Jrc at Grocers or druggist.
I .'. I 1 1 LlalMM
FiliST STAGE Cough in the morning
followed shortly after by slight expectora
tion, which the patient thinks only conies
from his throat. Short breathing, with
tighttn-ss In the chest - pulse becomes quick
er in the etching oraftera lull meal chill
iness in the eieniug Willi slight teler.
Duffy's Puro Malt Whiskey
is the O.V.l" absolute cm e for the first
stages of consumption known to medical
science today. This can lie proven by hmi
dntlsof eeitiiicates from leading physicians
and thousands of testimonials from cured
coiisumpthcs. Head what a prominent
divine says:
Ptuscrros. Scott t'o .Iowa.
"1 hae iise.l Unity's Pure Malt Whiskey with
great tienetit to my wife, who Is a confirmed
liu.ul.l 1 know from experience it Ha pure
ami must valuable ineilictue 1 am also using
it in the case of my son. who is threatened
with cinsumiitlnn I am a rreibyterlan cler
gyman ami a doctor of divinity, hut 1 am not
afraid to recommend bully's .Malt Whisky as
the purest and most efficient tonic that I know
f ,nil inv etrtertenpe Is a lanre one "
This whisky is sold only in bottles. Price.
Si. For sale by Druggists, Grocers and
Dealers. Persons east of the llocky Moun
tains (except tlie Territories) unable to pro
cure it from their dealers can have Half
Do7cn sent, hi plain case, unmarked, ex
press charges prepaid, by remitting Sti to
Rochester. N. Y.
J not a liifuid, snuff or potrder. Applieil
into tuntriU i quickly abearbfd. It ehuntet
tlteimd. AlLty inflammation. HtaUOt
tores. Eestores the sentts of tate and sintli
60 frnta at Vrufrji i; by mail, regUtereiU 6 ctntt.
ELY BROTHERS. lnisgists,Ov,ego,Y.
Backache. llhepmatian.Crlelt. Scrains. Neural.
(Tia. SUtcUps, Soiatic. XaiuneSideorlilp, Kidney
Affection. Sca Chester pain inany pirt, local
ordecp-sMtcU.qtiicklTco wben a IIop Planter
is applied. iTeparca irom liurgTinaj- iicn,
Canilla Balaam and theniedlciuAl Ttrtuee ol fresJi
Hops. AcUiusUntljr, cures quickly. Thepreat
eitBtrenLhetiine plaster ererkiiovrn. All ready
to apply. Sold by druccUt and ooantry store,
25ct.. 5 for $1.00. Mailed for priaje. rropno
lom, utjr iriAxaxx uu., imbxod, mass.
Hop Plaster
;' titn Ve ! 'ft i
tlie - .t t o
ret - ie t hii
tt ,t unix -'i
tndirrlB lYf-m .wst
a-b litjr. Lrfkcla.
rrt-maiHru -:lli.ctC.resuliiii:ft(Ha IfMlikcrrtloni or
eXsTtt ruroJ fttMi Nlnianrh YI-t(aist.brthfl
Ma-MlrJ lo.k - frrs. fihofl.1 lB 1UJ by FtbT3
Rplrte witli Itiritrmstliwi of value to all mn.
When I urtn.t t do not nn tot iy to stop ttn for
a litais i4 tbca tta? them it-turn auln I os rd
lrl rius. I ! ttiivs ditft.- of FITS. UI
liTST or FALUSO tilCCNEtVI a Ilfs onf tsy. t
wftn-kfit nj israwtlr to eorsj tbo wortt rMS. Bsrcsass
Mticrs ! rvU4 U tw rsoa (or not now rMWiTlnf a
co. Hu4 st wtkcs for trvttliit snd Fir tluttl ( my
iur.imu rHy. uivs riprM st rottom. it cis yea
tU(.c tot s irUl, sal 1 wtU cr job.
Aiii Lm. U. V 1UXIT, ll rmtl tit , H Trk.
laK . $Vaai
afaVSFl Til 5 uTSYI
JVtiurulM a..t ..V
Wik ClneinuU.Kgs,'iWA''Lt '.,
Ohio. S i. . r
l9mmm.MMtmW 1 '" -
laB1' 1 r. -aliiJ
"An Imraluabl )
cln for woman."
Ii a Poaltlfe Cara
ror ALLof thoM rainAU
Delicate Complalnta mad
I Complicated trouble axd
WeuiiMsea so oommon
amontf our Wires. Xotlk-
ra mvad DatLgluterm.
& rwrutmAyTTo
rum Tim, vm-
CaVCIOCB all.a IVt-
mediat ami last-
Hd i Urn tittet.
alone, testify as to iU good quAUUe.. It U a delluato
matter to Utify about but v, e have tbetr names.
IWfur all weaknesses of the generative organs of
either aex. It is second to no reuedy that has ver
been before lh public; aiidroralldbteaseaof the Kid-aejsitUth;rral-t
lUmedyithr WirLL
It prpMe Uv for te Injtttmat htttg of Ji
ed and thcrttufofiitn,indit Jim Hi.it cUt m t fo-J...
It will cure entirely all OrarJan or Vaginal troubles,
Inflammation and Ulceration, Falling and Displace.
taenia; and consequent Spinal Weakness, and is par
tioularly adapted to the Change of Life
It removes Falntncss. Flatuleucy, destroys all erar
In- for stimulants, ad relieves Weakness of the Stom
ach. It cures Bloating. Headaches, Nervous Prostra
tion, Oeneral Debility. Sleeplessness. Depression and
Indigestion. That feeling of bearing down, causing
pain, and backache. Is permanently cured by its use.
It Is absolutely asafe cure for all female weaknesses.
Including leuoorrnwa, irregular and painful menstru.
ation. Inflammation and Ulceration of the womb,
flooding, prolapsus uteri, &c It oontine no sub
stance that ia harmful. 1 tije and tare.
$1. (0 for ) In l.l.i uM, Till or Lozenge Form.
No family should be without I.TDIA E.PnfKHAM-9
IalTEB, FILLS. They cure eonstlpatlon, biliousness,
and torpidity of the liver, 25 cents per box.
AU these world-wide celebraUxl remedi are maim.
factured at Lynn, Mass. Th Compound (in form of
loerngee and pillsl. Liver Fills anl 8JaUvs Wash
stui bu sjut by mail on receipt of prL.
atarAU Mia by Irugglals.-
fieiad stamp for Mrs. Pinkbam's "Oulds to Health
and Confidential circular, with description of oass
and ayiupWms of weakness, MtntUm thU ikuwn
Directly on the main line of the
X . I.. E. A' W. It. It. Co.. Lnsee'
Mid nay Between Cincinnati and .New
York Highest Xavapable Hotly
of Water on the Continent.
l,30r feet above the Ocean and 723 feet
above Lake Krie, distant seven miles.
The lake 1 twenty mile lonK ami from one
to three mile ulae. LahewooJ, Muvanua,
(.rimth Point, Hemu Point. Hay Ylw,
llaeaHwooil, Martha's Vint yard, Chautauqua,
Point t'liautauua, Lont; Point. Maple prlDiri
and WootUnarHamoiii: the different reaorta
on the Ijike. patronized by the summer ltlt"
or. There are cood hotels atery (Miint.
The Famous CiiaataiHiiu Asfmblr
UasltH headiiiMrteriatChatutauijua Lake, and
et.ti tnes in July and August of evnry yttar.
Uufof thr itiutt popular resurtson the lake t
Here alt pameriRer train ot the .Sew York,
lViiu)lvaiita and Ohio Hallroad stop iturln
the season. It lielni; the Cliautauoua Luke ta
Hon, anil the dlstrlbutlui: point lor the entire
lake 'fhereare tivolioteliat I,akeool, both
of Iruiiiense aie and caimlile uf aceninaiodat
Inn Ave hundred truest each. Nunieroii,
stKiiners are constantly Iilylnii the Lake.
traniortini: visitor to all points. I'Iuhh in
search of a pleasant resort to spend the sum
mer moriths cannot nnda more convenient or
dellKhtlul place than Lake Chautauqua
Via Xew York, l'enusvlvanla and Ohio Rail
road, are on sale at all local stations and at
stations of corinectliii: lines from June 1st,
good for return uutll October 31st.
J. 11 SIIALKK. Hen. Snpt..0leieland. 0.
L 1. FUMKK lien.l'aas.Aia.. Xe York.
A. K I'UKK.Asst. (leu. Pais. AkU Cleve
land. Ohio.
Xo. 4.
XO. S.
10 tfpm
Xo. Ii.
2 10pm
1(1 35pm
12 40pm
1 Uipm
2 23pm
3 02pm
3 lupm
5 lupin
7 lain
Central time.
I'inciiuiatl time.
Lv Springtleld
Ar oum:stowu
" Meadville
" Corry
" Iikeivood
" Jamestown
" llulfalo
1,1 med
. 10 IM.im
6 ,Viam
' 7 l"ra
. 8 liiam
. S .Vam
t lCipill
5 4"pm
6 4-ipm
7 liipm
7 sopm
IU ttipm
S dp-n
; uopm
! u'vatn
. 10 (rtani
'J va in
" Salamanca
' Xew York
I'ulliiiiui's Finest Coaches on all
Throuuh Trains.
S 1,500!
Fe-lmlte ot Patent Ches uml Checkerboard, td
rertlsin lh eelliralwt Srnvtta liltk-k Kemcllef
old a ItKH'Vltll OISi,.-,UO. If you fall ti
Ind It on this mall board call on your druinrl.t foi
ull-lci llandinelrl.lttiijzraphed board, FHBK
r hend tl cents for poataire to u..
trow Maiu lr., the Converted tiara bier.
KoitxW ayne, lml .nr15,l-.. niaTCBiTen tht
riivita C ituich Hltjck. itiontukcli trial. Tiiey cured
oy little niri jycurn M ofCrup. .My wlfu and
notlier-ln-lnw re truublod with c.ru;:. of lone
tandlnj; Um packs.: t.f tJte tlloki lm cured
bem sotbtff rau tils, "asouly women do "
.Mamiv Ia4a.
I,.M..l Jan 25, 1 -47 Th Synvlta Worn lllook
iotl like h ttiarm In cxpi'lllritc wurniH from my lit
le child The child Is now well and btfirty, initead
J puuy and sickly as before
JonVt. KUB3IN40..
lite (iriat Ularrlura auJ Dj.rntrry i'herker.
DEII'llos, ., July 7th, W -Our !U-ai4tnthJ old
hi Id had a ftvere attack of Minnner Couiplalnt.
by.ciari. cmIddo uothiniz. In dtspatr e tried
ynv'ta Ulackberry UUvk rtconimendel by a
rifiid ami a few doe tftfected a c..tnplete cure.
icvept -ur t.eartfult tndor-Huei,i of T.tur Black
crry liK-k. Mh. and mils. J. IJa.szuaf.
TlieSynrlta llloct Itemedie aru
The neatest thin out, by far
I'l i'it,heap, Omvenient, 'ur,
I landy, lteliatle, 1 1 arm lea - and lur.
N't. In 1 n-t tea4ph'nir'tickr twdtU Iut up In
latent p-ickaife. a."5 1o.ks ." Cents. War.
unted to cur r motley refunded Ak yourdrug
'iit If j u fall to jet them cend pnee V
f HE SYNVITA CO., Dolphos, Ohio,
tWUECKKltltOA 1U FltEK voilh etth Olt JiKK
Or tlie Liquor llablf, I'oalllTely forest
br Admlniatrrlnar l)r, llalne.
taolden stpeclflc.
It can be Ki veil in a cup of coffee ortea
without the knowledge ot tile peraon taking
It; Isahsointely Harmless, ana win enrol a
permanent and speedy cure, whether the pa
tient is a moderate drinker or an alcoholic
wreck. Thousands ot drunkards have been
made temperate men who have taken llolden
Specific In their coffee without their knowl
edge, and today believe thev uult drlnkinirot
their own tree will. It never tails. The sys
tem once impregnated witn the Bpeciuc, 11
becomes an utter Impossibility for the liquor
appetite to exist. F. or sale by llr. T.J Cas
per, least .Aiain street, ana ineo. iroupe,
Main and .Market streets. Sprincfleld.O.
1 haveap-Mltlre rstnsdr for tht abOTedlssss; bylta
nttl ItioQaatiiis et 01 the wont V.lu.1 srd of lonK
ttandinc It a is ln rurd. ln-Ut-d. so tronn I nij fsltfi
In Us crQcary. that I will send TU bOTTLL3 FKEK,
tstberwEtiiaVALUABLK TKKAT1BK oo this 4lMass
'oaajsoSsrsr. (ilrssat.praDd P.O. adtlrs.
pa. T. A. ukv m rwrisK.m w Tek
Th Crrat Eacllali Pra.ri.Ua
Cures iVeaX-nesa, Spermatorrhea,
JCmUsion. imiMjtettcvandall Dls-
eaaes causM by self-abuae. or in-
Hlaivtlnn OnA nflj.lrapn ft sir CA '
detore Bt mail. Write for Pamphlet. fWTraJ
Korekm Chemical Co., Detroit, BUelu
Call on oraddresaTh.o. Troupe.drufglat.
eorner Main and Marktt itraeti, 8prinite4d
Ohio. Sole Atent.
0 Taart aa-
PMaEa'a'aSaB fr? iSSB s MPiiiid. I
Or Black Leprosy, Is a dlne which ii conskltrrd
Incurable, bat It has yltldnt to the curatlte proper
tics or Swift's Srrcjne now known all oicr the
world as S. S. S. ilr. llailey, of Wet Somrrllle,
Mai., near Iloaton. waa attacked acvrnil yearaaro
with thla hideous btaclt eruption. ao4 waa trratedby
the beat medical talent, who could only lay tast toa
lUaea; w aa a f peciea of
and conaequc ntlr incnrable. It la Impoasible to de
acribe her cutTering- Her body from the crown of
her head tothcaolcaof her feet waja mm of decay,
maacs of fiejh rotting oil and lcavlnirp-eat rarities.
Her flnjers festered and three or four nalla dropped
off at one time, tier llmba conlracted by the fearful
nlccratior:. and for several year, he did riot leave ,
her bed. Her weight wa reduced from 125 to 60 lbs. I
1'erhans Fome faint Idea of her ronilirmn ran hm
:!eanid from the fact that three pouoda of Cosrao
lue or ointment were nscd Ir week In drerefng her
I eores. KInally the r,hyt.lcian acknowledgedthelr
I defeat by this Black Volf. and commended the laf
ferer to her a!l-wie Creator.
I Her huaband hearing wonderful reports of the naa
of hirr'n trrcine (S. S. 8.), prevailed on her to
try it as a last resort. She becan Its us nnder pro-
i test, but oon found that htrrystem was being re
feieil of the poion. as the aurra aaiumcd a red and
healthy color, as tnougrh the blood was becom.n
pure and act he. Mr, llalley conlinued the S. 8. 8.
t until Iai-t February; every acre was healed; anedi. t
carded chair and irutchea, and wa for the first time
m twehe years a well woman Her ti!uhatid. I r.
t'.A. Bailer.ls In bunnes at 17,V Blackstunc8treit.
Ilofton, and will take pleasure iu gntng the details
of (his wonderful cure. Send to us for Treatise on
bJ.MH and Skin llioeapes, mailed free.
Uu bwirr incline Ca. liiamr, Atlanta. Ca.
I'lttobiirc, Clm-liuinti ami SI. I.niila I toil.
wa) CiMiip.inj -l'nn llitmlle Kimti..
Under schedule in effect January 30,
1SST. trains leave Siirinclield, central
standard time for Xeuia. Cincinnati and
Ciihinibus.7:15 a. in.. for Dayton t":l.' a.m.
for Xenia and Indianapolis florO a- m.
for Xenia, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indian
apolis and Chicago, ;lr2.'i p. m.; for Xenia,
Dayton aud Cincinnati, )5;1U p. in.
Trains arrive in Sjirliuctield at tT:15 and ,
10:20 a. in., fS:00 p. m. and S:40 p. ui. j
Daily. fDaily, except Sunday.
Sam. Doiiii., Ticket Agent
Olav.lKnd, Oolnmbaa, Cincinnati nd i
InOlaoKpolla Knllwj.
601X0 a 1ST. i
8 Night ExpreM ljaam
12 New York & Boston Kipreti 9JDam
a t-ieveiaua a tanurn t,xprii 3.tt pm
a New York Limited Expreat.
-9.15 pm
I 9 Night Kxpreat 0 am
, 27 Spg.. Cln. & Wes. Ex .5.55 am
' 1 Cln. Ftvlnip Ituckeve !tm
29 Cincinnati A Indianapolis Eipreai.-ll.00am 1
a i.ioTeianaai,incinnailtipreas...... IJllpm
5C!ntl.. Ind.,rit. LouHAKau. Ex MJSpm
iiBiviraon IAIT.
9 Night Expresi .2J0am
1 Cla. Kljluif Buckeye 7 -f sin
3 Cleveland Cincinnati Expreta 1.31 pm
New York, Ooatoo X Cincinnati Ex.4.3 pm
aaaivi raon south.
Night Expreat ... ,,1.25jn
12 Daytou.SprlnKneldAccoin. fr't lUtD
12 New Y'ork A Boston Ltmlted...j0am
2 Cleveland A Eaatera Kipreai 3.4A pm
26 Cincinnati A Sprlnvnald Accom. .- ."-?) pm
(( New York Limited Kxpreia N.ts pm
No. 12 haa throUKb aleepen to New Y'ork and
Bolton without change.
No. 41s the famous limited express, com
aoted entlrel of tleepera. east ot Cleveland,
rhroogh leepera from Sprlnxneld. Makes
Sew Yon In GK houra and Boston In 24S
0. U. KNIUI1T.
K. H. Ticket Agent,
D.B.MARTIN, Arcade Depot.
S. P. A. Springfield. 0.
W. Y Peon. Ohio K. K.
All trains run on Central time 25 minutes
lower thin city time.
Tiaiss Liavx 0O1.1G (AST.
No. 4. New Y'ork Limited, dally 10:2s a. m.
" 2. Accom., dally exceptSunday. 3:3a p. m.
Xo. 8 . .10:26 p. ns.
" 12. Atlantic Ex.. dally 2:10 a. m.
No. 3. Cln. A St. Louis Ex.. dally 2:10 a. m
1. Aceom..dailyexcepC Sunday.d0:07 a.m.
" 5. St. Louis Ex.. dally 3:59 p.m.
No. 4 has sleepers, but no chance of cars In
either case through to Xew Y'ork. No. 5 haa
through sleepers to St. Louis.
Free back to trains to all points east of, and
Including north Lewlsburg.
For tickets to all points and further Infor
mation. canon J.l. PHLI0IS.
Agent. 72 Arcade.
Telephone call 310.
Iiulhina, Itliioiiilitgtiiii nml Western Itall
1 Cincinnati Express
5 Sanduskvand Snrinirlleld Ex... .
. '100am
. 925am
. 420Dm
. 1 iS a m
. 6 55 a m
. 1035 am
. SUopm
. 120am
. 9 IS a m
. 425pm
. 245am
. 10 45 a m
. 535pm
. 1 45 a ro
9 55 a m
. 630am
. 4 35pm
. -iOftam
. TiOam
3 Columbus .Mail
1 Xlght Express . ...
S Chicago, tt. L. A Kan. City llin
7 Sandusky Mall
3 Chicago, St. L. A Kan. City Ex...
2 Eastern Express
4 Atlantic Mall
6 Xew Y'ork Limited. . .
2 Lakeside Express
1 Put-in Ray Kxpress
& Sprlnictleld and .'-andiuky Ki
2 Columbus Kxpress
4 Atlantic .Mall.
5 Columbus Accommodation
6 Xew ork Limited
1 Xlirht Kxnress
5 ChlcaKO, St. L. A Kan Cttyllm
3 Chicago, .'t. L. A Kan. City Ex.
'515 pm
OI1I11 Soiithirii rlallroail.
3 lialnbrldi: Accommodation ....- 940am
1 Jtan and Express 13Upm
DKriKT GOl.0 SOt'TH.
2 -Mail and Express . . .. .1025am
4 ItalnbridKe Accommodation ... 535pm
All trains marked run dallviall others dally
except Sunday. Standard time, which Is IS
minutes slower thau !-pr nuneid city time.
.vi. iih;n-r.iijiA,
Oeneral Aneut.
Ticket Agent.
To men and women of iv
entr and ability. Making
protiUbla amplojmentjtb.
tral turmi will Km cinn
Then sober works on a new
principlewhlchuie labor
and clothing enormously.
Samnlnasntnn titvn
weeks trial, on liberal terms, to be re
turned at my eioense If not satisfactory
......n.y.M.i,,, nui ailIULlUri
Ywww.wraaaw w indij.trioBaairtnta.
Intrinsic mrlt 'naklnr ft a r-hmr.mff.al
ery hrf. Illustrated circulars and ti-rm) f rtx
g1fvAtr4Ur4 $ 10 to prnM rorUtdr sws ssrtr
l t s a sctsi. AtA Ut p wUcslsrs abvat FrCQ TtXmLM
These 'Washboard tare raaJe witl
s Bentlr'ootl rim. Tbe Btronff
st boards and Lest wasbere ia the
world. For eole by all dealers.
Take an other.
Bas;liiist Htchlm
It Bxn brings Into healthy play
1 ue torphi nrtr aay ny aay
And ItifMUitea the 8ytt
.From crown of head to sole
of shoe.
It curet tho Piles, It opens
itappetlte It toon re
Wise families throughout
th tAiid
Keep TA UK A NTS SELTZER near at hand.
la'enJv Tr.iMmpiL
Kimiljr Attached.
iSfw tyltM for alt
HlztM and tjlea of
Was oiis. I-arge dis
counu to butldert aad
dealer. Send for Illuv
tratexi Prlco List.
!.;. HF.KHS.tfO,
ISvMtuwu, Conn
PX bo More Xoney to (juackg.
I WILL send you . nw SltCne, dlscor
ercd alter thirty years' eiperlmentlUK.
which neverl alia and cot you absolutely
nothing until cured. Address
H.nry Spraul, Box 403, Milwaukee, Wis.
siiaVSar ;-iij3r2fcE-2
- viftur. ai-jrtSSgi'!Sfei
jiM. .Ml
binolx r
I DOlSui f
Dr. Albert's next visit to Springfield, Friday, August 5tth, at
wo Lagonaa nouse.
Superior Street, next to
Chronic, Nervous, Skin and Blood Diseases
Successfully treated opon
The Latest Scientific Principles. '
Dr. Albert
uai attalaed tbe moat tviiuJerful
MUcrra Iu tbe treatment ol' tbe
raaea to ivhll-ll bi iletote. bl
peelal atteullun, and tbruagh
years ot patleut labor und re
search lie fjas dlM-utered tbe
most Inl.lllble method ofcuriue
geueral weakness, Involuiitarr
dlsrharees, Impotent), uervoua
ness, coafuslon or Ideas, pali4t
atlon of tbe heart, timidity,
diseases of Ibe throat, uose and
skin, aflectlon. of tbe liver,
stomach and bowels ibeae ter
rible disorders that make lire a
miserable ezlatenre ami reuder
laa; marriage luipo.alble.
married persons oryounsmeB
cantemplalluc marriage, auars
of Fhyslral tl'raknna or any
other dlMjuallucaltous apeedlly
relieved. He who places bliUM-ll
aniter tbe rare or UK. ALBKRT
may conllde In his honor as a
gentleman, aud ronllili-iilly rely
npou his skill as a phy .Irian.
Persoas Hulueo in llraltli by Unlcaru.il Pretenders who keep Trifling with
them .Tloutli after Tlontb, elvln; Poisonous and Injurious
VotnpouniL, should Apply Immediately.
DCIIlDlflRIE DID EC l'erfrctetl in oil cues which haye been neftscterl or mukinfolly
nLnlRnrXllDLL uUnLO trratt-l. No experiment or failures, rarues treated by mail or
express, but where possible personal crnignitatlnw
Addraaa with PAataaa
OH'aan aad rorrrspiiadrare .Sacredly
to aay part of the lulled uatr.
No relish far food,
languid, heavy fcel
ing.as if tired, rest
lessness at night,
are t.U sure .signs of
If your druggist or dealer hasn't AGARIC
he will get it for you. He ought to keep it.
Is sold all over the world.
" DrTir-r. (fyU'WHl
I f-
S m VKTniT ftBlft tCFVIS.
nrlnrfllt!. Ohlft.
ValBBa II 1 aa AIUTlaasVLia nJ
m Vmarafall-r uv" wi" C MWUi
aaa J lias I aWal 1 1 1 Willi IHIII III
EiAatsnaWtorftatirOiib).taslLh br uzant
a usaicsi van ror itorrotr:iJoiJit7,urru
WskneaandPJmlcalIfccTtri Yonncr
cwl74dlIIlL T"TtJil fnpMrr.tiMmi nan
UiOQaaBad etuwM ihrv nhKalntastv ,nfi rmatnajT
acod nad broken down raentrttho fall ecjoytrentof
perfaet sad fall Mini; StrexyrJi cad Virorous Health.
.To t hast who saffT f rom t So iainy obscurw dieaa
PToahtabot)t bj Indtiaon,iUor3rCTr-Ersla
Work, er too tnm In Jolfnc. w aa t thsc roc send cs
Sr msm9 wita ettff,i t of rocrtrooble, bjiJ secrars
Positively Cured by
The People's Favorite
liver Pilli
f Lirer Complaint,
They act slorrtx but
urclT. aa not crlpo ana
effect Is lasting, aod thcrelora worth m
i other. (Doctor's forniuls.) Small, so-
rsr-ooated sndeaartotake. Soo tgittnianisls
r 23 ets. st dmssnsts r mailed on roct of price.
r The HOP PILL CO., New London, Ct.
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For sale bj all .Sprlu(;llell Urugciats.
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iIMi-in. ratent-
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ISTfk One box will
1 rum ti most
oljutiosta cave lit four days or If,
Allan's Soluble Medicated Bougies.
No vlrEenlntr ren.lta. a from the- u of
cubehd, cupaiba or oil of sandalwood which are
certain to prodttc? dyspepsia.
Iee $1 50. Sold tr aU dnnnrlsta or mailed o
rwelpt of irli. 1'or frUier n u am
particulars ?n. for circuUr. 1 1 11 1
J. C. ALLAN CO., lillKr
P. O. Boa UJJ or a John stS. r. W W 1 1 la I
biz As.ri:a:ncrniucnH i uno
'lent irst Irenimni5 ll ver MeJil'
awarded at the Cincinnati Industrial Expositions.
These are the only Refrigerators filled ith petal
tBIk between the walls (the best non-conducting
material known for the purpose).andareundoubt.
edly the best and cheapest article of the kind in the
market. Every Refrigerator guaranteed s repre
sented. Call and examine before buvine. or send
for Pricelist. Wholesale Retail Depot.!!! MiiaSl.
J0S.W. WAYNE. Ma.:a.tai.r. CINCINNATI, a
curv. tarau.l..i .f M saU
laiMtalllT. LoatUaaw
fcaa)4fromrMiiatalaTm)n,acMaialietla;at hoan. 21S.
Baak . aU arissto dlaeaae. seat free'. -0
l"eefeeUr reliable. SO Tear.' esperlenee.
TS 1. H. law Med. (fa., WlsateU, laaa.
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ntHn IHb.iI1 laeVltalllT. IatUaawl Mf riak. Trkaap,.!.. - - If sTal 'SsM:
Postoffice. Cleveland. 0.
Organal Weakness
lauuedlately cored and full vigor
restored l ThlsdUtrclneaflllf
tlon which renders lire a burdeu
aud Baaniaze Impossible Is the
penalty paid by tbe victim or
Imprudence. Consult Hit. AL
BERT at once and you will dud
the aympathy and relief that
you positively require.
Nervous Debility.
Soferrrs from this distressing
disorder, the symptoms or wblch
are a dull and unsettled mtad,
which unllts them for the per
formance or their bualnsss and
octal duties, makes happy
marrlaccs Impossible, distresses
the action or the heart, causes
flashes of beat, evil forebodings,
coward lee.drrsitiahort breath
luss, tlrlns easily or eoiupany,
with a prerrrrurr to be alone,
reeling: as tired in the niorulog
as ou reltrlne, white deposit ia
urine, nervousness, trembling,
uaiery and weak eyes, dyspep
sia, coustlpallon, palu and
weakm-ss in linsbs, etc., should
couault DR. ALHK11T Immedi
ately and be restored to healtav.
i r.frTTw1.
ContUlentlal. TaxaUMBtaeatCaOaasa
Is a pleasant CORDIAL MEDICINE and
STIMULANT of Great Value to Lawyers,
Preachers, Writers and Business Men who
are troubled with Loss of Nerve Power.
Will be paid to the person giving correct
meaning of our Trade-Mark.
to thoae ia Health,
and makes the Ian
guiti and debilitat
ed feel bright and
tMO.tAST Z" 5..
v - , t
,. . 1
Sheet Metal .nany form
Jitta tiHt imanaitoa ot ptrtaaiUutaf rone
t - fc Aailai A. A. a. a. I s afcTT.- TTT
ymjmu istnuitssj Vaiirwi9
TlsJ a 8CKE1tsimT rliatnis
iftgr.tinwriwti .1 . sj tflrr-.i
With SsSeOfiatKl to baafnaasas- ot saanaat nairaa
orLoconi-eDJetteeiaanTwsr Favmlcd
etratafie tneoicml princfpJM. By dmct
katioo to the rat of ttatxt as apeas
oeeii feMwlthont d'ar- Tlwkaari
,astTkah LssSaBbaias Asaasan-a- SkSSBVAaasj TVa
DtCO!DaehrfnI rapslyasatsairwh ssi-j.) g1-fMM
TBEATHtHT.-faj Haa. tl.TnMst.iS. Urn, a
HARRIS REMEDY CO.. re Craesia,
Spew iT.TanUEmaaT.rPT7Ig m
Trial ot our Appliance. Ask for Terms!
Xotlce to Contractors.
V0T1CE Is hereby siren that the city ot
i prioEfield. Ohio, will receive sealed pro
posals at the office of the city clerk of. said
city. lor furnishing all tbe mateiial and doing
all the labor for the erection nttbe iron su
perstructure of a bridge over Buck; creek, on
Factory street. In said city, bidders to furnish
their own plans and specifications for said su
perstructure. All proposals must be for dolnj said work:
according to the plan ot abutments In the city
engineer's office, and the plans and specifica
tions furnished by the bidders on the super
structure, must be signed by the full name ot
all parties Interested in said bid. and by some
responsible disinterested person as a guaran
tee that a contract will be entered Into pro
vided the bid is accepted, and must be on file
In the city clerk's office on orbtferelio'clock:.
noon, of Tuesday, the ITthdayot July. A.U.
lvsT. to be opened and publicly read Imme
diately after VI o'clock ot said day. In the
presence otthe mayor.cityenglneer.asslstant
city engineer and city clerk, or any two ot
them, and reported to council at the first
meeting thereafter.
The city council reserves the right to reject
any or all proposals presented for any reason
they may deem sufficient.
Hibs J.S.SIlEWALTER.OtyClerlu
r Basi ss4 Slsuaaaisr
psrpawa. Ha allXta allialaas
tea lr.
(! uua S (alKa4 C
'oDtvIoii. rw satlaJi
fiul erk. rtaMs
sftM. OM tVsaAtW S.
tm tbr lOatatatl riS
I lWWalaalaalaalaafc"lMI"'
d ""i.
a a ..- r iv-
jTlyon AHEALYcl
f-tti iipaftoaa,Sis3ar n iu
Taaw Caulof af.S IaraMas.aBaBm Sw
(aW c.ite-a aaa tjatr..u. oaB -JJ
1H. naalUariaMtaaa JWrtaiaewTSrTlaiaTaaV s&&2l?
I SvB -.L. .. a 94 .. Im I aCs w.2ysrx
t 1
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