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Shenandoah Herald.
B, C. BOYEB, Editor and Publisher,
W. J. W ATKINS, Local Editor
subscription rates:
..98 O'l
.. 1 6
Daily, per year,
Was sly, per year,,
Entered at the Pwrtoftloe, at Bheuaudoah, fa.
'or transmission through Uie Malls
tut fKtwmtt oUuh mall mstter.
Tho Nnwly-ltteotrd Statu OBlrors or llhoile
lalnml Mvrorn In.
Newport, B. 1, May 27. A largo as
peni binge witnessed the organisation of
the ne'v Legislnture. The mimbers of
the Senate were administered the oath
of offlce by Secretary of Stato MoQluness.
igene F. Warner, Bepublicnn, of Coven
try, was elected Cleric without opposition.
In tho House the members were also
sworn In by Secretary McUinuaw, and
A tin IS. Capron.of Smith field, Republican,
u lis elocted speaker over Jutnes L.
Xi'own of Woousockel, Democrat, by a
vote of 52 to 14.
The State officers were then swosn In
and the usual proclamation was made in
nnclent form from the balcony of the
Stato Houso to the waiting crowds bolow,
while cannon boomod in salute.
Governor Davis, in a few appropriate
remarks, rosigned his odlco to tho Governor-elect,
who replied briefly. Tho
Grand Committee then arose, and tho
two bodios separated.
Governor Ladd announced to tho Senate
tho appointment of his personal stuff
nnd also an executive secretary. Both
Houses then adjourned, and a procession
was formed of waiting military, which
escorted tho nowly-olocted Stato officers
about tho city to tho Governor's hoad
quartors at the Aquldnock House.
Suddou Deaths.
Heart disease is by far tho most frequent
cnui-e of sudden death, which In three out of
four cases Is unsuspected. The syrup'omsaie
not centrally understood. These are: lying
on tlie right side, short breath, pain or dis
tress In side, bacK or shoulder. Irregular
pulse, asthma, weak ond hungry spells, wind
In sloinaoh, swelling ol ankles or dropsy,
oppression, dry cough and smothering. Dr.
Miles' Illustrated book on Heart Disease, free
til'. II Hngenbticb, who sell and guarantee
T)r lilies' uneoualed New Heart Cure, and his
KesUralHo Nervine, which cures nervous
ness, headache, sleeplessness effects of drink
ing, etc. It contains no cplatcs,
This may ho an "off year" in politics, but
it isn't in theology.
Hold It to the Light.
Tho man who tells you confidonttally
ust what will cure your cold is proscribing
Komp's Balsam this year. In tho prep
aration of thi9 remarkable medicine for
coughs and colds no oxponse is spared to
combine only the beet mid purest ingredi
ents. Hold a bottle of Komp's Balsam to
tho light and look through it; notice tho
bright, clear look; then compare with
othir remedies. Pnco 50c. and f 1
Tho lato rains havo quonched the destruc
tive forest fires.
Rooky Mountain Ouro.
Tho druggists claim that people call
daily for tho new euro for constipation and
sick headache, discovered by Dr. Silas
Lane while in the Bocky Mountains. It is
aid to bo Oregon grayo root (a great
remedy in the far "West for those com
plaints) combined with simple herbs, and is
mado foruso by pouring on boiling water
todrawoutthe strength. It sells at 60
cents a package and is called Lane's
Family Medicine.
Is your appotito
short cako?
ready for strawberry
A now game has appeared called "In
the Soup."
Oh, What a Cough.
Will you heed the warning? The signal per.
hnns of the sure annrOHCh of that more ter
rible disease,. Consumption. Ask yourselves
If you can atlord for the cake or saving 60
rents, to run the risk and do nothing for It.
We know from experience that Bblloh's Curs
will Cure vour Cough. It never fails. This
explains why more than a Million Bottles
we.ro Bold the nasi year. It relieves Croup
and Whopping Cough at once. Mothers do
not be without It. For Larue, Back, Side or
unest, use Billion's i-oroun nasier. ooiu Dy
O. II. Hagenbuch, N. K. corner Main and
.Lloyd streets.
Some of thosummor fabrics are lovely
and cloau.
Shiloh's Consumption Cure.
This Is beyond question the most suo-
cesilul Cough Medicine we have ever sold,
a lew doses invariably cure the worst cases ol
Cough, Croup, and Brouchltls, while Its won
derful success In the cure of Consumption is
without a parallel In the history of medicine.
Slnco It's first discovery 11 has been sold on a
guarantee, u test which no other medicine
can stand. It you have a Cough we earnestly
Jl.00. If your Lungs are sore. Chest or Back
lame, use Bhllob's l'orous Plaster. Sold by
C. U. Hagenbuch, N. 1. comer Main and
Lloyd streets.
The French Philosopher sold, "are those who
seek to remedy the diseases of others." Alva's
Brazilian compound of cacti juices has a wider
neia or usefulness t nan any reraeuy ever uiscov.
ered. since Cactus Blood Cure fnfalliblv neutral.
Izes and eliminates the terrible poisons of scrofula
and specific disease, those heretofore Incurable
scourges 01 uie uuman race.
d a Klrltn's Drug Store, Ferguson House
k ouenanaoaa.
Pink still holds its own on huts and bon
To NprvouB, Debilitated Men.
If von send us vour address, we will
mail you our illustrated pamphlet explain
ing all about Dr. Dye's Celebrated Electro
Voltaic Holt and Appliances, and their
charming effects upon tho nervous de
bilitated system, and how they will quietly
restore you to vigor, and manhood. Pamph
let freo. If you are thus afuiatod, wo will
end vou a Holt and Appliances on a trial.
Voltaic Bki'v Co.. Marshall, Jblich.
A blonde looks younger in dead black
MHoa" Korve and Liver Pills
Act on a new principle regulating the
liver, stomach and -is Viiovghthenervei.
A new discovery. Dr. Milts' nils speedily
cuie biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, plies,
constipation. Uneqcaled lor men, women,
children. Smallest, mlldeBt, surest I & doses,
25c ts. Samples Free, at 0. It, Hugenbuch'a
drug store.
Tlio Jnimticso H onion ltolnnnod. 1
PormAND, Oro., Mny 27. Tho nlno
Japaneso woinon, who wera brought to
this country on tho stonmahlp 1'omptos,
and who woro rofusotl n landing by tho
customs officials of San Francisco on tho
ground that thoy had boon brought to
tho country for Immoral purposes, woro
brought boforo United Stntes Judgo
Dealy on n writ of haboa corpus. Tho
judgo ordered tho womon sot at liberty,
llutchera lit Convention.
I'lTTsntJito, liny 27. Tho sixth annual
convention of tho Butchers' National Pro-
teatlvo Association of the United Stntes
Is in station at Carnegie Hull, Allegheny
Cltv. DoleKatos from nil parts of the
country to tho number of 200 are prosont.
Tho convention win last lour uuys.
A I'voftmalonnl Slngor Arrested.
Bostjk, May 27. John P. Moxon Is
under arrest, charged with having stolen
a quantity of jewelry and some monoy
from tho dressing rooms of the actors
aonnectd with n troupe with whom he
snug in tho Bijou. Moxou is a profes
sional singer.
Flshurmun T.nat.
GiiOUCKSTHH, JIkss., May 27. Two Ben
men, named respectively Daniel and
James Mel'liee, lielonglng to the Kiliooner
John G. Whittler, were lost off Scatterio
while attending trawls. Nothing has
been heard of either of the men or their
I.enp TroR Canted llli Dmith.
Abbtjiiy Pabk, N. J., May 27 Bert Hew
lett, need 15, died last evening from in
juries reoelved while playing leap frog at
school here. Ho was a son of Thomas
Howlitt of New York.
Donnelly Found Guilty.
New Yomc, May 27. Henry Donnelly
was found Kullty of inurdor in tho sec
ond degree In the Court of Sessions, for
tho killlna of his who isnugoi, lost
Limit, Grant Vromotod.
London, May 27. Lieut. Grant, who
made tho gallant defense against the
Mnnlpuris, has been promotoa to tho
rank of major and given the Victoria
f?naii n,,iouiv. Pnrmnnnntlv Restored
IVpnknefli. Nereoufineim. Debility, and all
the train of evils from early crrorsor later excesses
the Tasults or overwore, aicsness, worry, oic i un
Ntrnneth. rifivplnnnont. nnd tone eiven to every
organ and portion ol tho body, blmplo, natural
ractooas. lmmcaiaio nnpruvuiui-ufc bou. puuuik
ImpoBslDIO. z.uuu reierencea. uouk, viymuawjivi
rmd proora mailed (seaieaj ireo. Aaaress
r.:-ti a niuuiwHi ww, uwrrn.v.
The vestlbulcd compartment sleeping cars
rprantiv lntroaucea on ine unirasro. ai. rau
and Kansas City Hallway are models m com
fort, convenience nna luxury. Any patrou o1
the sleeping car Is enabled, by tlio Introduc
tion ol mese companmem cars, 10 secure ini
same privacy and onvenlonce that he wouic
In the best hotel. No other line west of l hi
cago runs the compartment cars. In addl
tlon, the trains are equipped w th tho reguln:
open Pullman sleeper, giving passengers then
choice. Tuo dl .lng car service Is fully up u
the requirements ot modern railway service
Aq excellent cuiBlue, promptly served amie
elegant surroundings, ai moderate chaiges
leaves nothing now to be desired. Any ofoui
people contempiaung a iripto any pari oi in
west or northwest cannot roslbly seourt
better accommodations or lower rates ihai
by addressing w. if. uooiey, ueuerai Agent oi
the Passeneer department. B38 ChestnutSt..
Philadelphia, Pa.
Colorado Is a land of sham contrasts, ol
brilliant llehts, Ol intense shadows; a land
where heights and denths mnke obvious tho
meaning of the word antithesis; a land where
every mood lu mind can nnd an answering
mood In nature. The high, white minarets of
the mountains, from whose slender pinnacles
float the wind-blown banners oi the snow, ap
peal witu suent eloquence to tuouoiiy aspira
tions of the soul; the sombre chasms cleft hy
Titan forces through granite-hearted hills
within whobe depths dark shadows throng
and swirling torrents dashspeak to the heart,
a language that thrills, Inspiresand awes. It
does not follow that these glories of white
peaks and those glooniB of dark canons pre
clude tho pleasant intervals, the sunny
meadows or the secluded nooks wherein tho
tired mind or wearied body may Ilud peace
ful rest and rcluge from turmoil and toil. To
one mailing a journey in uoiorauo, new
Mexico or Utah, or tar a transcontinental
tour from Kast to We" vice versa, the Den
ver nnd Klo Grau' .road oilers accom
modations equal . jaiice, convenience and
luxury to those of any other line with the ad
ded attractions of the unrivalled scenery
along its line, abounding In a magnificent
opulence of white peaks and dark canons.
rue momn or .November, isuu. wnuessea one
of Iho most Important improvements in rail
road lacllltles that has yet been made In Col
orado and the West. The completion of the
Blandurd gauge of the Denver and HloQrande
Itnllroad (rom Denver, Colorado, over the
mountains to Ogden, Utah, which five years
ago was deemed an impossibility. Is certainly
a triumph of daring and engineering skill.
Tho new Hue Is by the way of Leadville, tun.
nellng Tenncs-eo Pass, threading the canons
of the Kngle nnd Urand Itlvers, giving a view
ci the Mount of the Holy Crosa. enroute, tnk
lug Us trains through Gleuwood Springs and
nown the urana Kiver to
thence to Salt Lake CI I v.
Grand Junction.
Ogden and Han
Francisco. Bv this route on
10.1s given an op-
portunlty to behold the magnificence of Kagle
Hlver Cnnon and the mnrvelous beauty and
grandeur of the Canon of the Grand. The
overland tinlu Is a model In every respect.
From the engine to tho last first-class coach
everything 1b bright nud new, and or the
raot elegant style of workmanship and
If any reader desires to know more about
these Mupeudous works of nature, write to S.
K. Hooprr, General Passenger Agent.Denver,
Colorado, and be will send you, free ol cost,
elegantly Illustrated books, giving a full de
scription of the marvels of the ''Scenlo
Line."- Stanley Wood In tho "Grent Divide."
GOUT, BACKACHE, Pains In the Side?,
the Chest and th.3 Joints, Neuralgia,
Sprains, etc., etc., the
I h iiniinnn
Used with tm-at success In the Imnerlal
nnd Auyal Urneral Uospltnl o( Vienna
ana many oiuura,
let Uts:ll:lt:l Teislasnlil cut of TtratiiAi ;
Your Anchor IAln Ktiv.1I,,. la rnllv ntp.f.
rnattsm for years, could nnl nothing to euro
her hut your Anchor Poln ExpelUtr.
00 Conta a bottle.
l SIO Jirvatlwat, Jfew Torli,
FREE Books cbout other Anchor Re-i
medics on Application.
Surlous Trouhlti Oviu; Appointing i City
Trpamirnr In Philadelphia.
rmuvoKLrniA, May 27, Tho Connty
Cominissionors claim thai they have, tho
right to nppoiut a City Treasurer, and
accordingly elected Blchnrd G. Oellors of
the llecord oillco City and County Troas-orer.
Tho City Councils also claim the right
to elect tho City Treasurer.
Private dtspatchos from Harrlsburg
stato that tho Senate will refuse to con
ilrni the Governor's nomination of Mr.
Wright and tho mattor will probably
liave to be decided b'y tho Supreme Court.
Bardsley is still siok lu bed at his homo
in Germantown, but the physlotnn in
charuro savs ho will nrobablv be able to
appear lu court Friday. It Is now said
that he will have to secure ball In tho
sum of $80,000. $50,000 to satisfy tho
Stato and $80,000 for the city, or go to
jail just as soon as he Is nblo to loavo the
house, or if his Illness snows signs oi
eontinulng the court may not wait his
reoovory, but order him locked up at nny
The I'nthor of Frank Vldeto Buys His Son
tVns Nnver In Franklin.
Ema, Pa., Mny 27t Mr. Guy Videto,
father of Frank Vldeto, who whs arrest
ed in Chlcaso on suspicion of being lm
pHoated in the Tobln murder case at
Frauklln, l'a., made u statement here re
garding his son's departure from this
oounty. 'Mr. Vldeto lives nt Harborcrcek
and is n highly respected farmer.
He says his son Frnnk had trouble
with his wife. She placed their child In
a home and began suit for divorce.
Frnnk obtained tho release of V'io child
nud with it loft Erio on Mnrch 8 last.
Mr. Vldeto has heard from him at regu
lar intervals until tho past week. Ho
says Frank was never In Franklin nnd
was In the West when Tobin's murder
occurred on March 21.
Sirs. Panconst's Case. Itotliorln tho Phy
sicians nt Slay's Landing.
. Mat's Landing, N, J., May 27. Mrs.
Iola Panconst uas been lu a trance for
tho past four days, despite tho efforts of
Mrs. Pnncoast loft her homo in Mlllvllle
last Friday evouiua to visit her paronts
in this place apparently in good health.
When the train arrivod in Richland sho
fell in a do.ul faint.
Sho was cared for as well as possible
until tho train arrived hero, when sho
was taken to her father's house.
Sho showed no signs of life. Physi
cians could do nothing. Sho has siuce
rovlvod twice, bu only for a few hours.
Jewish Sottleiuont In Now Jersey.
New Yoiik, Mny 27. A. S. Solomon,
general agent of tho Baron do Hirsch
fund, says that the trustees of tho fund
had decided upou purchasing a largo
tract of laud at Harrison, N. J., whereon
it is contemplated to build 800 cottages
for the use of tho recently arrived Jewish
immigrants. Each homo will hnvo a
small parcel of land attached to allow
tho raising of vegetables, etc., for the
actual co isumptlon of tho occupants.
Kir. Hall liscapod With n Fine.
HAmr ,nD, Conn,, May 27. lira. Lillian
M. Hal', of Ellington pleaded Kuilty In
tho United States Supremo Court to the
charges of devising and operating a
scheme whereby sho received various ar
ticles from chnrltablo people. Many per-.
sons of Ellington signed a petition asking
for a light sentence for tho woman, and
this tho judgo complied with, fining her
$,,00 and costs.
UlgMortgago on a China Plant.
Trenton. N. J., May 27. Tho Trenton
China Company, managed hy tho same
officers as the Star Rubber Compony, is
inabadwnv. At nn early hour mort
gage: to the amount of $350,000 woro
filed by tho company. Tho mortgages
are given to Jonathan Stewart, president,
and Thomas Ball, secretary.
Drowned Herself and liahe.
Gauston, Pa., May 27 Mrs. Philip
Licet drownod her baby and herself near
E. W. Clinton Si Sons saw-mill. Tho
bodies were found at about 2 p. m. Tho
mother had hor child clasped In her
arms when found. It is supposed that
the woman's mind was dornnged.
Poor Outlook for Depositors.
New Haven, Conn., May 27.-
achodules of Charles W. Scranton, of the
wrecked banking houso of Bunnell &
Scranton, have been filed in tho Probate
Court. They show individual liabilities
31,553, and nssots of less man ?o,uuu.
ICobbed and Iliirnedtho liullillng.
Coatksville, Pa., May 27. The post-
nfflco nnd store of J. L. I-oecli & bon nt
Pnmerov. near here, were robbed last
nh.ht. nfter which tho thieves set flro to
biiildlnc. which was burned. Loss about
5 000. There is no oluo to tho robbers,
Tho stove havo been put away till next
Street Railway!
KA.ILWAY can yet he procured,
and parties contemplating Invest,
nicut should apply al once at the
oillco of
24 N, Jardm St., Shenandoah, Pa.
qUIE contract for the construction
of the road between Shenan
doah and Ashland has been award
ed and will be completed within 00
days from the llino the ground Is
broken for the station.
TT IS expected tht cara will be
A running between Shenandoah
and Ashland no later than July,
Good Investment!
BackachO'Wlth a Dmwlng-down Fain,
5 Weary, Tlrod Feoltng, Disinclination to
jj Labor, Scanty and High Colored Crlno?
E If you hnvo any of thoso troubles you may
S bo sure you Imvd'Kldncy IHscnso- Aro
; y on bilious 1 Hnvo 'you Joundlco ? Do
" you havo nsallow complexion? Aro you
jj troubled with constipation? If so, you
havo Liver Complaint and .should read
" the following testimonials t
Mns. Chab. IlATiioitN, 61 Pearl St.,
Bangor, has been very low with Kldnoy
Disease ; Bho has been confined to her bed
for somo time. Had a constant and In
tense backache with all other symptoms
or Kidney Disease Ilerhusband bought
Brown's Sarsaparlllaj sho was cured by
It, and Is how In better health than for
years. Her friends say Brown's. Snreo
parllla savod her life.
John PHHxirs of Taylorstown.WiAh
lngton Co,, Pa., says: I hud suffered
! dreadfully from Rtomach and Liver
1 trouble and was reduced to 117 pounds,
I when I commenced to use Brown's Bar
i ruparllla, and now weigh 110 pounds. I
i consiue. it the bctt Medicine I ever uted,
; and had trieu a "Treat many, without re
; lief before talcing Brown's Harsapttrllla.
! You may refer to mo whenever you
please. ,
j The railroad men of the United States
; are among tho most capable, industrious
! and faithful of her citizens. T i them
At all Druggists 1 .00. O
Emk Ache
DON'T takl Something else "Just as good," IT IS NOT.
Aea Waiieen & Co., Solo Pioprietors.Ilangor, Mo.
I BE UP JSTOt "fop
t TO " " "' "
' MARK.'
M and after A'ov. 24, 1690, traini will lea
Sfienandoah at follows:
For Wlggan, Cillbcrton, FracKvlllo, New
Castle, at. Clair, ana way points, 0.00, D.l
a m and 4.16 p m.
uunaays, uuu, v.-iu a m ana 3.1 u p m.
For Pottsvllle, 8.00, Warn ana 4. IS p m.
Bnndays, MX), Mam and 3.10 p m.
For Iloxdlng, 8.00, U.10 a m and 4.15 pm,
Sundays, bOO, 0.40 a.m. and 3.10pm.
For fottstown. 1'hoenlxvllle. Morrlstowi
nd Philadelphia (Broad street station), (J.00
iM a m. and 4.15 p m weetc days
Bucdays, 600, 0.40 a m 8.10 p in
Trains leave Fraekvlhe lor rJhenandoah ai
10.10 am and 12.14, 7.42, 10,09 p in. Sundays
11.13 a m and 6.40 p m.
Leave l'ottsvllle lor Shenandoah, 10.15 acO
11.48, a rn 7.15, V.42 p in. Sundays, 10.40 a u
6.15 p rn.
Leave Philadelphia (Broad street station)
for l'ottsvllle nnd Shenandoah, 6.57,10.25 a m
2.10, 4.10 and 7.00 p m week days. Uunday B,VJ
Am and 1.10 p.m.
For w York, 3.20, 4.05. 4.40, 5.S5, 8.50, 7.30
X.208.30, ).S0, 11.00andll.l6am.l2.00noon, (11m
uea express, i.ua ana i.w p in.) iz.ii, i.iu, iau
1.20, i, b, 6(i.30, 6.50 7.13 S.U and 10.00 pm, 12.01
On Sundays, 3.20, 4.05, 4.40, 6.85, 8.12, 8.30, 0.50,
u m. and 12.40, 3.20 (limited 4.60), 6.28, 6,30, B.M
l.iii ti.ia p m ana iz.ui nigni.
For Bea Ulrt, Spring Lake, Belmar,
Ocean Grove, Asbury Park, and Long Branch
3.20, 11,15, a. m. 4.00 p. m. week dayr For
Freehold, S.O'i p. m. week nays.
Balllmor" ana Washington, 8.60, 7,20, 8.31
0.10, 1U.20, ) 1.18 a m, 12.'") (limited ozprees).4f
1.41 M7 anf.7.40 p. m ana 12.03 night. Fo
laltluiore. nly, 2.02, 4.1 1, 6 08 ana li.SO p. m
On Hundays, 8.60, 7.20, 0.1lana 11.10 &. m. 4.4)
6.67,7.40 p m. 12.03 night, Baltimore only
5.08 and 11.80 pm.
For .tllcbmond and the Booth 7.20 11.18 a. m.,
(Limited Express 12.35 p. m.,)12.03 night, week
days. Snndays, 7.20 a. m., 12.03 nlghu
Trains leave Uarrlsbnrg for l'lttaDurc and
the west every day at 12.25 and 3.10 a m anc
3.00 (limited) and 3.40 p m. Way for Altoona,
1.16 a m and 4.10 p m every day.
For PltUburg only, 11.20 a in dally and 10.20
111 TiVk di4yn
Leave bunhury for "William sport, Klin Ira,
Cananaalgua, Kochester, Buffalo ana Niagara
Falls, 6,10 a m dally, ana 1.43 pm week days.
For vatklns, 6.30 p m week days.
For Krle ana Intermediate points, 5.10 am.,
dally. For Lock ilaven, 6.10, and 9.63 a m
dally, 1.34 and 5.30 p. m. week days. Foi
K-enova 6.10 a m 1,43 and 6,30 p m week days,
1.10 a, m Sunaays,
:has. m. poofl, j. B.WOOO,
(len. Man'r Uen. Pass. Agl
Time table in tffect Zlay.V), 1891.
Trains leave Heading (P. & 11. station) for
Gibraltar, Seyfert, Blrutboro, Joanna, Spring
field, Waynesburg Junction, Coatesvlllo,West
Chestef.Chadsford Junction, B. A O. Junction,
Wilmington and Intermediate stations, dally
except bunday, at 6.25 and 8.30 a.m. and 3.15
p. m. Bunday only al 8.05 p. in.
For Warwick, tit. Peters and Intermediate
Btatlons,daily except Bunday, at 9.20 a.m., and
0.1V p, Ui. nuuutiy uujy o.io u. ui
For Blrdshoro and Intermediate stations,
Saturday only, at 12 m.
For Baltimore aud Washington (11. A O. R.
It.) dally except Sunday at 0.25 and 8.S0 u. m,
and 3.16 p, m, Bunday only at S.05 p, in,
Trains arrlvo ul Kekdlng (P. fc li. station)
from Wilmington, B. fc O. Junction, Montf
chanln, Chaudslord Junction, West Chester,
Lenape, Coatesvllle, Waynesburg Junction,
Sprlngflelo.Joanna, litrdsboro, Gibraltar, Bey.
ferl and Intermediate stations, dally except
Sunday at 10.20 a, in, 5.62 and 8.17 p. in. Sun
day only at 11.24 a. m.
From St. Peteis, Warwick and Intermediate
stations, daily except Sunday, at 8.28 a. m,
and 2.25 p.m. Sunday only at Op. m.
From Blidsboro and Intermediate stations,
Saturday only nt 1,40 p. m.
From Washington and Baltimore, dally ex
cept Sunday, 10 20 a. m. 6.52 and 8.17 p. in.
Sunday only at 11.21 a. m.
B0WNF8S BUIGGS, Gen'l ;v. Agt
A. G. MCCJA OBLAM). Bupt. 1
upt-riiiauei-ily cured by -
1'lllLAUKi till A ) latent once, no operation
orlusatf tiuiofr nt itu.-ilness. Ca&es pronounced la
curstilo by ot hci wanted, baud for tlrcular,
lmmcnso Interests aro intrusted, nnd
wlthojit them wo should make little or
no progress. In their dally toll, thcro la ;
called good Judgment, honesty, fldolltv, i
quickness of thought, hand nnd eye, and ;
coupled with theso, thoy are required to j
do an lmmcnso amount of labor. There 1
lsllttloorno work connected with t' ?
building nnd maintaining of a rullroa'l
thatdooo not bear heavily on the Kid
noys. On tho track, in laying rails and
In grading ; In the shops whero the mar
velous engines, nud pain, .al cars are put
together J In tho bnggago room, at the
desk, on tho onglneR, or wherever tho
railroad man maybe, his work opens a
path for Kidney trouble. Itnllroad men
therefore, cannot fall to bo Interested in
tho statement of a man, who, for 40 yonrs,
has been a roadmaster on tho big Boston
A Maine llallroad,ahd now having charge
of over 800 mllps of roadbed. Head the
following !
Great Falia N. H May 16, 1887.
Gentlemen I havo used Brown's Sar
sapnrllla for Kidney nnd Liver troubles,
and can truly say it has done more for
me thanall the doctors I ever employed,
and I have had occasion to require the
services of the best physicians in the
State. My wife has also been grcaUy
, benefited by Its use. Respectfully,
E. A. Smut,
Itoadmastcr Boston & Maine II. K.
bottles for 3.00. "
Williams (& Bro.
Chamber Sets,
Wash Stands,
Dressing Cabinets,
Illnlrg Tables,
Easy Chairs,
Parlor Cabinets,
Music Cabinets,
Piano Chairs,
Hall Stands,
Hall Tables,
Fancy Tables,
China Closets,
Wood Mantels,
Dining Chiirs,
Smoking Chairs,
Card Tables,
Tea Tables,
Parlor Bulls,
Book Cases,
Writing Desks,
Secretaries, -
Book Cabinets,
Hewing Machines.
Williams & Bro.
A njwly discovered MINERAL WATER,
the usetol which will supply toixirtant ele
ments necffsiuy to hcallh. It will cure the
Kidneys, Liver, Stomach, and all Bowel and
Bladder diseases. It will dissolve calculi and
remove them, Itwmoves the urlo acid from
the blood and thus destroys Malaria and
Chills. It cures Brlght's disease, and Is es
."clally recommended lor people ndvanced In
Illv, nnd for genera) debility. For undoubted
prtDfsof this t.end for pamphlet giving full
patllculars.toJ.il. PEHRY, Water ol Llle
Co., 81 Bonth Main St., Wllkes-Barre, Pa.
lOoeless bv the Wit ohisu nt Vic first rlnu ivmnnn
rapidly dls.iipc"tr nrt in trn tlnvt t( .rat two-thlrdi ut m'J
symworaij.fBrrnii'eii. s-nil lor hKfctt HQOKcf tettt-
bymatl. U
twuiuui curci. ihii uhiw iurnlliea
liul, send tea cents In stamps to pay postage
you oracr
Pruladolpbia and Koading Eailroadi
Time Tabte in ejject May 10, 1801
Cor New York via Philadelphia. waaIt riMv
2.10 5.25, 7.20 a. m. and 12 35 2.E0 and 6.55
m. nunaay 2.10 ana 7.48 11. m. For New
'.orK, via iuaucii ununK, weeK days, 5.25,
.), a. in. anu i.;i) ana i.mv. m.
For Reading ana Phlisdelnhla week davs.
2.10, 5.25, 7.20, a. m., 12 35 2.60 and 5.55 Pi W.
JuuUAV, 2.10 and 7.48 a. m.
iw iarrisuurg, wees days, 2.10,7.20 a, m,t
C0, .55 p.m.
hor Allentown, wek day), 7,20 . m 12.3S
.10 p. m.
r 2 UbtBVJUC, WtOI. UH)H. tf.lU, 2U,&, III,.
)2.3i 2.60 and 5.65 p.m. Sunday. 2 10 and 7.48
For Tnmaoua and Mahannv mtv. tmak
ys, 2.10, 6.25, 7.20, a. m., 12.8o 2.E0 and 6.66
j. m. Bunday, 2.10 and 7.48 a.m. Additional
or Mnhanoy city, week days 7.00 p. m.
ror ijttni9wir ana uoiuinijia, week days.
,20 a.m., 2.60 p.m.
ForWllllamsnort. Hnnburv and Lewlnhnri!.
week days, 3.2). 7,20 and 11.3) a. m 1,35, 7.00
). in. etunaay a.i) a. m.
For Mahauoy Plane, wcelr days, 2.10 8.2i,
36. 7 JO and 11.30 a. ra.. 12.35. 1.35. 2.50. 6.55.
7.00 and .U5, p. in. Sunday, 2 10, 8.25 and 7.48
i u. ra. 3,ud p, m.
For GU-ardvllle (Rappahannock station)
I-"Tk. WUD, .--, l,iu U 1111 11,(1U n, 111 ,,
12.35. 1 35. z.50. 5.55. 7.00 and 9.25. n. m. Sunday.
12-10 a.2 .,7.48a.m., 8.05 p.m.
M AchTcinn at, ft Mltnftwilrln . wetr rtntr. 11.30 a, B1 1.35. 7.00 and 9.25
. m. eunaay a. h. ui., s.uo p. va. x
lve New York via Philadelphia, week
lays, 7.45 a. m., 1.R0, 4.00, 7.30 p. m., 12.15
light. Bunaay, .uo p. m., m.ib mgnt.
Lave New York vl Munch chunk, week
lays, 4.30. 8.46 a. m., 1.00 and -1.0J p. m.
Leave Phllsdelnhia. weei uavs. 4.10. and
10.00 a. m. 4.00 and 6.00 p. m.. fr.m Broad
ud Callowhilland 8.35 a. m. and ll.tiO p. m.
from 9th auf Hriu st reels. Bunday V.0& a.
m. ii.so p. as. rrom vin nnc 'n.
Iave Heading, week days, 1.35. 7.10, 10,(5
ivd 11.50 a, in., 5.55,7.67 p, m. Sunday 1.35 and
Leave Potlsvllle. weeu days, 2.40, 7.40 a, in..
'.VSb, 6.11 p. m. Sunday, 2.-10 a, ru, nud 2.C5
I .wive Taaiaqua, week days, 8.20, 8.48 and
,1.2 1 a. m., 1.21, 7.13, and 9.18 p. m, Sunday 3.0
i. m. ana i-w p. m.
Iamivb Mabanoy City, week days, 8.40. 9.1 8
nnd 11.17a. m.. 1.61. 7.42 and 9.44 p.m. Bun.
day, 3.40 a. m., 3.20 p. ni.,
Leave Mahantiy Plane, week days, 2-40, 4.C0
i).30, 9,35, 11.C9 a. m.,i:05, 2.00. 6-20, 6 V6, 7.57, and
lu.w p. m. ounaay z.4 , kuu b.-.u, h. m.
i p. m.
Leave Glrardvllle iKappahannock Station)
Ma..W rinrrn .1 A IYT V Qlt n V. H Q Al ... lO HI
1-2.12, 5.28, 6.32, 8.03 nnd 10.06 p. m. Sunday, 2,47,
1,2), .ja a. m. a. 91 p. m.
L.oave wnuamspoiT, wees nays, j.uu.b. jdhiiu
11.05 a. m. 8.85 and 11.16 p, m. Bunday 11.1$
For Baltimore, Washington and the west
via B. A O. R. R., through trains leave Glraia
Wonuo station, Philadelphia, (P. & 11. II. R.)
t 4.16, 801 and 11.27 a. m., 1.34, 4.21, 6.65 am-'
.m p. ru, ouuuuy, 4.10 o.va u, ui,, .to
i,55 and 7.23 p. m.
Leave Philadelphia. Chestnut Street Wharf.
8U1U OUUIU ClLTfCI. YT 1 ll I.
For Atlnntic Citv.
Week-days Express 9:00 a. m. and 2.00, 1
inn til A.nmTrinrtntlrT,- H.llO a. in.. fi.nO
p. in,
sunuaya. .2preHH, v.w, v.. ui, avwiuukp,
-latton, 8.00 a. m. and 4.30 p. m.
Keturnlug, leave Atlantic City, depot cornojr
tlantlo and Arkansas avenues. Week-days
-Kiprees, 7.80, o.oo, n. in. ana 4.00, p. in.
ocommodatlon, b.OO, 8.05 a. m. and 4.30
4.30 r. m.
Bunaaya. J!ixpress, i.uu p. m, jvecommo ja
lion, 7.30 a. m.and 4.80 p. m.
v. a. MoLEOD. Pres. A Gen'l Manager.
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
3NIAY 10, 1891.
Ptssencer trains will leave Shenandoah for
Mnnnli (;Tinnk. I.phlirhlnn. Rlfltlneton. Cata-
sauqna, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Phil
adelphia and New York at 5.47, 7.40, 9.08 a. m
Viaz, 3.10, D.zo p. ra.
For Belvldere. Delaware Water Gap and,
Stroudsburg at 5.47, a. m and 5.2B p. m.
ror L.amDen,vine ana Trenton, v.ua a, iu.
ton 5.47, 9.08 a . m 8.10 and 5.28 p. m.
v or xunanannocu, v.va a, 111., a.iv unu o.ta
P-m'. . ,
i or Auuurn, iinaca, ueneva anu auu uyuut
9.08 a. m and 6.28 p. m.
r orijacoyvuie, xowanua, oayre, waveny.
ElllllJllll IVUVllCSiUl llUlialU, .IIOKUIU w.o.
Chicago and all rolnU West at 9.03 a. m., and
6.26 p. m.
For h lmlra and the West via Salamanca at
3.10 p.m.
ror Anoennea, nazieum, ciockiuu, num
ber Yard. Weatherly and Penn Haven Juno.
Hon at 5.47, 7.40, 9,03 a. m.and 12.62, 3.10 and
5,23 p. m.
For Jeancsvllle. Lovlston and Beaver
Meadow. 7.40. 9.08 a. m. and 6.28 p. Ill,
For Scranton al 6.47 and 9.08 a. m. 3,10 an
fi?2(i n. m.
r ornazie urooK. jeauo, uriiLou anu riw
land at 5.47. 7.40 and 9.08 a. m.. 122 8.10 and!
5.26 p. m.
I, or liuaKnue at 0.4 uuu v.w u. iu., unu
for u IgguDB, uiiueriuu uuu rruvw.viiie ni.
5.50 and 9.08 a in., and 4.10 p. m.
I ror xaieuviiie, iviunauuy uny x;u ucwuu,
6.47, 7.40, 9.08, 10, ila. in., 1162, 3.10, 5.26, 8,03, 9.2t
and 10.27 p. rn.
r or Liosi ureeK, jirnruvino anu anunuu,
4.27. 7.46. 8.52. 10.15 tt. m., 1.00, 1.40, 4.10, 6.35,
8.06 and 9.14 p.m.
F'orNew Castle, St. Clair ana potisviuo.
7.40, 9.08, 10.58 a. ni., 12.52, 3.10, 4.10, 5.28 ana 8.03
ror nnca Aiuunuiin, now iuawu unv
Morea. 7.40. 9.08. 10.68 a. m.. 12.52. 8.10, 6.26 ana
I' ornaven itun, i.eninum, oi- wiruiei uuu
Shamokin, 8.52, 9.45 ana 10,16 a. ra., 1.40, 4.40
ana 8.08 p. m.
Trains leave Shamokin for Shenandoah,
7.65 11.65 a. m., 2.10, 4.30 and 9.80 p. m., arriving
at Shenandoah, 9.05 a. m., M.y, a.iu, e.2o anu
1 11.15 p.m.
cunuAi iiiaiKB.
For Lost Creek. Glrardvllle and Ashland.
6.50, 9,10 1L35 a. m., 2.43 p. m.
For New Castle, Bt. Clair and PotUvllle,
50, 8.00, 930 a. m.. 2.45 p. m.
For Yatesvllle, Mahanoy City and Delano.
8.00, 11.35 a. ru., 1.40, 4.40, 0.03 p. m.
dot ijony, Auuenriea ana uiuieiuu, o.w
a m 1.40 p. to:
For Mauch Chunk. Lehlchton, Blatinston.
Catasauquu, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton
ana new torn, b.uu a. m., i.w p. in:
t or rnnnaeipnia, i.iu v. m.
Qen'l Pass. Agt., Bethlehem.
Atonoo the newest; oldest nnd best blood
purifier known. 00 years old In Bratll, two
years' lest In this country, and without arlval
In the cure ol skin diseases and rheumatism,
eating ulcers, bolls, tumors, king's evil, white
swelling, hip disease, and all disorders iroiu
tho poison taint' ol scrofula and speclfio di
sease. No mineral, no failures, no relapses.
Sold at Klrlln'8 Drug Store,
Ferguson Hotel Mock, Shenandoah, T'o.
When trjubled with thnaeoimoins I'"'!r1?,',"'
fiwiMntlT followlngn coldorcipomra, or fror-rop-j
BUtutloaBl WeaknMBiw t.o peculiar to tliolr mi. Min
Use DR, DuChOINE'S Celebrated M
Therare Btrengtbenlnit tothe entln, J"-J filiShJ
ton. lor anil magnetic force to all tmMpatotuwr
tod mind. Bunt br wi.it, fMursIr iolei Vniiio un
Or. Harter Mpdlclno CO..8T.10UIS. MB.

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