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"Disease Cured
Without Medicine.
A Valuable Discovery f ir supplying Magnetism to
tha Human Hya em K'eclrlclty tud Magnetism
udlized asiiev.tr before tor tleailugtot Hick.
Magnetic Kiduey Belt!
BY KKfi'Nom the following disease wlihou', med
icine : Pain in TUf back, aire, niioou umii,
livih, Ounl, Hiinoal LmUstono, Impotency,
Ailhma, Uct't Diresae, Uyapopma, Constipation,
Ervune:-, IiuIikkrIoo. lit rma or Hupture, Cat
arrh, Plies, tiiilepay, i.ninb Ague, etc.
When any uubllltv of the (IBS KKATIVS OB
QANi occ.ire. Loat Vitality, Lac of Nerve Force
and Vis ir, rtasting We ikuenK. and all tboee Dn
eases or a personal ne .ure, I nun whatever caaae,
tneCDiitin i mn afna-n i f m ignutism permeating
through the parti, must i.-eiore them to a healthy
acti.iu. There Is no mistake about this Appi
Weakness nf the pine Fulliug of the Womb,
Leucerrhie i. Chronic liifl imrnaiinn or Ulceration
nf the Womb, Incidental Hemorrhage or Flooding,
Pali.ful, buppreased and Irregular Menstruation,
Barre?inee, and Change of Life, thil Is the Bast
App i nce HDd CuratiTe A rent known.
For a I tortus ol Kern, n Di iloulties C Is nn sur
passed iiy auvthtng he Tiro lnv-tited, both as a
curative aeot and as a to ir e of power aud vital
Uatlun. Price of either Belt with Magnetic Insoles, $10,
sent h txpre's 0 O. 1). ami ev-miuation al
low, d. or uy mll un receipt of price In ordering
send ntut'Lire of walt and aloof shoe Kemlt
tance caa be m ide In currency, stct In letter at
our r,i.
The Magnetic Garment are adapted to all ages,
are worn "V.:r the undor.-'othm; (n-.t next to the
body like the many (jlvnl : aud B eclrle Hum
bugs adv.-rtie d to extensively), and should be
tak n off at n vlit. They bold their POWER
FoHt'VKR. and are worn at all ceasono of tie
Head ta.rn f ir the "Vcw Departure In Medical
Treatment Wttho it Medicine," with thousands of
teat l m .nlals
218 State Street, Chicago, III .
JJoti. Send one doi ar In poetae stanps or
currency (in letter at oir rlak) wit i tlze ol ehoe
nsualiy worn, and try a pair of oar Magnetic In
solei. and bo r.onviuced ol the power residing In
our other Mitotic Apiillauc.s. Positively no
cold feet when they are worn, or money refunded.
108 ly
A New and complete Hotel, fronting o.
(Second and Railroad Streets,
Cairo. Illinois.
The Passenger D'-pot of tie Chlcazo, St. Louis
and jew Orleans: Illinois Cealral; Waharb, Ht.
Louie and Paclllc; lion Mountain and Southern,
Mobile and Ohio; Cairo and 8t. Louis Railways
are all Just across the street : while the Steamboat
Lauding Is hat one square distant.
This Hotel Is heated by steam, has steam
Laundry, Hydraulic Elevator, Electric Call Bells.
Automatic Fire-Alarms. Baths, absolutely pur air,
pertect sewerage and complete appointments .
Hatierb furnishings; perfect service; and an an
sieeliM table.
Li. 1j. HA.H KKUSr 'O.. Isaees
We have had a ereat Improvement in the health
of our children by the use of Shift's Specif! .. We
had am in if the children some who bad scrofula
notably one case in wnico tt was
W g' t some of Swift's Specific and gave It to this
case, and In s short while tt was cured sonnd and
well. It was as bad a cae. I think, as 1 ever saw,
and had been under excellent pbyelclans with no
psrmanent ben. fit. We have heen giving It to all
tha children as a bra tb tonic. We have four chil
dren and one eenmstree who. for vears, have suf
fered intensely every spring w th erysipelas, and
thouiih they had been taking Swift's Specific only
in snull doaoa as a health tonic, thev all, without
exception, paaaed through this spring without a
touch of the comulalnt.
A young lady of the institution, who has been
with us for veare. has been troubled with a moat
avsravated re-h ever elure che was a child. She
trirri ail the known remedies that are prescribed
for It with no benefit! but she has been cured by
taking Swift s Specific, and has Dad no return or
th trnnhln.
It Is such an excellent tonic, and keeps the blood
so pure, that 'he svstem Is less liable to contract
iluug. All of the teachera and children who are
old enough to know attree with me In believing It
Is the gn ate!t medirlne known. Mv faith In It is
unbounded, and 1 and toy aaelstants take great
pleasure to recommending It to everv ane. lean
at all times bt found at the Home, and will take
pleanre in seeing or corresponding with any who
is interested in the remeny.
ltev. L. B. PAINE, Orphans' Home,
Macon, Ua
Our treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
free to applicants. TUB WIFT SPECIFIC CO.,
Drawer 8, Atlanta, u
Commission Merchants,
0W4J.1HS ta
Egyptian Flouring Mil Is
HlehMt Cash Prfe ?n.i for Wheat.
Refrigerator Oars,
Wholesale Dealer in Ice.
Oar Loads a Specialty.
Cor, Twelfth Street and Leyee,
rSf sLfe ""r- ' jr-
The Daily Bulletin.
Local News.
Later newt from Carbond&le last night
was to the effect that the Cairo special got
there when all hope of saving the school
was past, and the engines were not even
taken from the cars. The boys didn't get
back, however, until after 0 o'clock.
The statistical tables issued by the
commissioner of internal revenue for the
ast fiscal year shows, among other things,
the number of wholesale and retail liquor
icenses issued by the government in the
several states. The question : Does prohi
bition prohibit? is answered so far as it
relates to New England states ss follows:
a Maine the increase over 1883 of retail
iquor licenses was 136; in Vermont, 27; in
New Ilamsphire, 116, and in Rbode Island
14. In Maine during the laet fiscal year
there were ten licenses issued to wholesale
liquor dealers.
Commission men and corn millers here,
bo are in want of corn and see no pros
pect of a boom in that line, because of a
lack of corn even in the rural districts im
mediately surruunding us, may or may not
draw consolation from the fact that they
and this part of the country are not alone
minus the usual surplus of that all impor
tant grain. Advices from Illinois, Indiana
and Iowa, with a few local exceptions, are
unanimous in the statement that the corn
crop this year is the poorest harvested in
many years. The discrepancy applies more
to the quality than the quantity ot grain
raised. The corn was de.mp and foggy
when the first frosts occurred, and as a
result was frozen bard. Then csnie milder
weatber, which was followed by rains, and
the corn thus had no chance to dry nut and
become hurd and mature. The consequence
is that a large percentage of the grain is
soft and fit only as food for bogs aod other
stock. Large quantities of this soft corn
will undoubtedly go to waste on approach
of cold weather, as many farmers will have
more of it than they can possibly use in
feeding stock. The question ot seed next
year will prove a most serious one, as there
will be a large deficiency. Kansas will not
be called on ta supply the want, as there is
general complaint that the grain grown this
year from Kansas seed suffered proportion
ately more than any other.
The votaries of hot water as a cure-all
have found another pillar for their faith in
the person of Dr. George R. Sbephard, of
Hartford, Conn., who gays in the Medical
Record: "I have used hot water as a gargle
for the past six or eight years, having been
led to do so from seeing its beneficial ef
fects in gynecology. In acute pharyngitis
and tonsillitis, if properly used at the com
mencement of the attack, it constitutes one
of our moat effective remedies, being fre
quently promptly curative. If used later
in the disease, or in chronic cases, it is al
ways beneficial, though perhaps not so im
mediately curative. To be ot service it
should be used in considerable quantity
(a half pint or pint) at a time, and just as
hot as the throat will tolerate. I have seen
many cases of acute disease thus aborted,
and can commend the method with great
confidence. I believe it may be taken as
an established fact, that in the treatment
of inflammations generally, and those of
the mucous membranes in particular, moist
heat is of service, and in most cases hot
water is preferable to steam. All are fa
miliar with its use in ophthalmia and con
junctivitis, as also in inflammation of the
external and middle ear, and I feel confi
dent that those who employ it for that
most annoying of all slight troubles to pre'
scribe for, viz., a cold in the head, or acute
coryza, will seldom think of using the irri
tating drugs mentioned in the books, nor of
inducing complete anesthesia with chloro
form in preference to the hot water douche.
Driven From Home.
Boston, Mass. Col. Charles H. Taylor,
of the U8tU Massachusetts Regt.,and who is
now publisher of the Bostoi Globe, one of
the most successful, as well as one of the
very best family newspapers in America,
voices this: During the past few years, a
foreign element has made itt appearance in
this ' section, which is drivtng from our
midst one of the oldest and best known
families one boasting of branches in every
state of the Union. The element is St.
Jacobs Oil, and the family referred to it the
pain iamuy.
Emory Little Cathartic is the best and
only reliable Liver Pill known, never fails
with the most obstinate cases, purely vege
table. 15 cents. (l)
W. T. Lamboui, river editor ot Tat Bollith
and steamboat passenger agent. Orders for all
kinds of steamboat Job printing solicited. Office
ai cower s auropean ttoiei. no. ii unto levee.
stages or the river.
The river marked by the gauge at this
port tt 6 p. m. 24 feet 10 inches and rising.
Chattanooga. Nov. 26. River 9 feet 8
inches and falling.
Cincinnati, Nov. 26. River 16 feet 7tln
ches'and rising.
Louisville, Nov. 26. River 8 feet 1 In
ches and falling.
Nashville, Nov. 26. River 18 feet 8 in
ohes and rising.
Pittsburg, Nor. 26. River 7 feet 4 in
ches and falling.
St. Louis, Nor. 36. River 11 feet 1 Id
ch and rising.
rrR itcms.
The Arkansas City from Vlckaburg,
about eighteen hours behind time, passed
up for St. Louis yesterday morning sit I
The Vint Shinkle, twenty-four hours be
hind time, arrived here at 8 p. m. yesterday
and departed for Cincinnati at 8:45 p.m.
She had a light trip.
The Annie P. Silver from St. Louis re
ported here at 8 p. m. yesterday. She had
a fair trip, but would not be uncomfortably
loaded if she had five or six hundred tons
of freight more added to her trip. She
left during the night for New Orleans.
The Will S. Hays leaves here Thursday
at noon for Memphis, Vicksburg and Nat
ehez, and will take freight and people to
all points going to Natchez. Capt. W. C.
Tichenor is in command and Wash Floyd
is ber popular chief scribe.
The B. 8. Rhea from Nashville arrived
here yesterday morning st 5 o'clock. She
had a good trip, and left on her return for
the "Rock City" at 1 p. m.
Yesterday was a regular "stem winder''
for steamboats, as the wind blew very
heavy all day.
The Belle Memphis from St. Louis passed
down for Vicksburg early yesterday
The Henry A. Tyler, which was properly
due yesterday, will arrive this morning on
her way to Paducah, and leave here on her
return to Memphis to-morrow.
The Goldtm Crown, which is now on her
tenth day out from New Orleans, has failed
to report. She will likely be on hands this
morning for Cincinnati.
The Ella Kimbrongh left here Sunday at
noon, and is due to-morrow from Osceola,
The Guiding Star from New Orleans is
likfly to run over the Golden Crown before
she gets to Cincinnati, as the Star will ar
rive here to-morrow morning.
The J as. W. Gaff, now in charge of Capt.
D. M ore, will report here from Gincin
nati to-morrow onjher way to Memphis.
The Arkansas is advertised to leave St.
Louis this evening fsr Vicksburg.
The Golden Rule from Cincinnati is ex
pected here this morning on her route to
New Orleans.
A Device Ajainst Bores,
An invention for protection from
bon s ha been devisud lv a gentleman
of literary habiU in this city, which
may safely be rooomuwuded to those
who are afflicted by the attntions of
these well known peste of society. He
has his study in the top of one of tmr
public buildings, and nearly every day
a prominent representative of the
genus bore climbs tip the stairs and
knocks at hi door, and after entering
he sits himstlf down and smokes the
literary man's e:g:irs and discourses
second-hand opin ons to him during
the greater part of the day. The lit
erary man has b;en for a long time
casting about for a remedy, and at last
he said: "My dear Jones, I want to
tell rou sompth.n in confidence. I
am frightfully troubled by people drop
ping in on me whom I don't wish to
see,' and so I am going to keen ruydoor
locked herenfier. Now, of course,
tbere arc come whom I am always de
lighted to have call, and you, my dear
Jones' slapping him on tho back
"as I don't need to tell you, are one of
them. So I aro going to arrange a pri
vate signal wi:h those whom I snail
alwavs be glad to admit to my room,
and 1 want you, wheu you come, to
knock thus, two slow rap and three
quick ones see? and then I shall
know who Is there" Jones commend
ed the idea as peculiarly ingenious
aud has since faithfully acted upon It,
but was heard the other day to remark
very innocently that it was deuced odd,
but of late it was very seldom that he
could liud his literary friend at homo,
liijttijn Jvurnttl.
Laws of Language,
Imagine a writer perhaps a poet
at least a genius standing on the
highest attainable point of the mount
that he has been climbing, grasping at
an idea far above, rapidly floating past
"Words! words!" he cries, "give
me words, and I will make wings and
reach it yet,"
"Here are words of all sorts," says a
pedant, producing a huge dictionary.
"Tell me what kind you want, and I
will pick out the proper ones. But I
don't believe you can reach that idea
anvhow. You will break your neck.
"he impatient poet who knows that
he will never reach it if he waits,
catches up some refuse words lying
near him which have been rejected as
unfit to make a foot bridge over a small
creek, twists them into a pair of rude
wings dashes from his cliff, seizes the
idea in mid air, and brings it safe to
The whole world admires the Idea;
but, "Bless met" cries the pedant,
"what wings! They are over-weighted,
badly balanced, and barely hang
"I know that better than you do,"
replied the genius, "and would advise
no one to risk his neck on them; but
I would have saved that idea if need
had so required, with wings of lead."
Aud some conceited ignoramus, who
"always did know that ; pedant was a
fool," having a lead mine on his premi
ses, sets up a manufactory of leaden
wings and advertises them, on the au
thority of the genius, as the very best
wings for reaching and catching lofty
The moral is that laws of language
are good things, yet we find passages,
and frequently very grand passages. In
whioh the laws of language are set at
naught. Nevertheless laws are laws,
and the writer who will tot understand
and obey them, except in the most
emergent cases, deserves to break his
neck or drown as he probably will.
The Bride Who Didn't Die in an Old
Chest ;
The fair Imogene D'Eustls had ;been
wedded to the knightly Sam Higglns.
The clergyman had boon handed two
dollars In oesh to pay for the splicing,
the guests were tilling themselves up
with eatablea, and everything was slid
ing along as smoothly us a cider mill
sailing down on a spring freshet, when
all at once the bride was missing. m
Her newly-found husband lookod un
der the table, but Bhe was not there.
The guests separated to search.
Some looked down the woll others
down the cellar-mothers in the hen-coop
and smoke-house and behind tho . pig
pen. No Imogene. ' : '
Then some said that she had been
abducted, while others scoffed at the
idea of a girl weighing 196 pounds and
having a scream which could be heard
two miles, being carried ' off in broad ,
daylight, and In a neighborhood whero
the Democrat had over 200 majority.
A detective was called in. He look
ed at her old shawl, measured the
length of her old shoes, and decided
thai it was a mysterious affair.. He
would take the case : if desired, ; but
would not promise any satisfactory so
lution under a year and a half.
The fair Imogene's father hadn't be
trayed much excitement up to this
point The wedding feast was the first
square meal he had tackled for six
months, and he wanted to fill up before
giving way to emotion. He was now
full. He turned around upon the ex
oitej and distressed guests, commanded
them to hush their hullab.illo,: and di-f
appeared up stairs.
When the coy Imogene slipped away
from the feast it was to see if her hus
band would miss and follow her. She
slid up stairs, mounted to the garret,
and after brushing the cobwebs off her
nose she advanced to the big blue chest
in the corner. This chest had been
made to bold her father's government
bonds, aod was hooped with iron and
provided with a spring lock, which
never cost loss than a dollar. Her
mission was to hide in the chest and
see if her husband would be soft enough
to climb up there and throw up the lid
and call peek-a-boo. As tho reader
knows he wasn't the man to catch on.
The old man D'Eustis walked up
stairs and made his way to the garret
through tho same trap-door tho bride
had used. He thought she might be up
there to take a last farewell look at the
bunches of catnip, mouldy school books
and broken Bpinning-whecls. He could
not see her. He called aloud, but the
whistle of the tug on the river was the
only answer. He turned to go but
something whisnered to him that per
haps be might find a plug of tobacco
or a bottle of stomach bitters in the old
chest. He advanced with beating heart
and threw up the lid. "
"Why, pop, is this you!" cried the
fair Imogene as she spang up and rip
ped her oridal dress clear down the
"Yes, this is me!" growled the old
man, "and what the jiuiciacks are you
doing hereP"
"Hiding from Sam."
' I'm a tarnal mind to box your ears,
big as you are! Here you've raised s
regular city convention all over the
house, spoilt a dress which cost rae $14
with the making, upsot your mother,
and scart old Mrs. Spigot into a fit!"
"Please, pop, I
"You git! Prap yourself through
that trap-hole, skip down there and
tell the crowd that you don't know
beans when the bag's untied."
And the bride got. And her husband
was so mad that he burnt up a free
railroad pass to Chicago, and tier moth
er cried, and her father went off down
town to play poker, and, taken all in
all, the coy'brido and the old chest and
the spring" lock business didn't pay ten
cents on the dollar.
The Form of Introduction a Oowboy De
mands. "I shall never forget my first Intro
duction to a cowboy, ' said David Van
Drouver, of Cleveland. "It was in the
heart of Texas. I had been traveling
all day, and coming up with a little
shanty, called a tavern, toward even
ing, f determined to stop thero for the
night. My horse was put in the barn,
or rather tied to a stake in the middle
of the prairie, and then I went into tho
'hotel. Thero was only one room with
a drygoods box at one end, which served
as a'bar. I was told that I might bunk
on a buffalo robe which lay in the cor
ner. Being very tired, I soon fell asleep,
but in the middle of the night was
awakened by some one kicking me in
the ribs. "Get up thar,' said a gruff
voice. 'What what's tho matter?', I
asked somewhat timidly. 'I want you
to get up and take a drink with mo,
and be purtv quirk about it, too,' was
the reply. Through the dim light of a
smoky kerosene lamp I could faintly
see the figure of a man, which, with
ono look, I knew to be a cowboy. 'Hut
I never drink, my friend,' said I. 'Now
look ahoro, stranger, no man ever re
fuse to drink with me mure than once
in his life,' he answered, suggestively
touching the butt of ono of hw revolv
ers. I concluded that discretion was
the better part of valor in this case,
and so without anv more ado I rose
and took a drink. When we hud fin
ished I offered to treat also, but he
wouldn't have It. Ho wild he only
wanted to see If I thought myself too
ood to drink with him. 'Well, what
o you think of me?" he asked, putting
his bands upon his hips and staring me
plump in the face. 'Well, sir,' said I,
'I dou't know as I have known you
long enough yet to form an opinion.'
'Come now, that won't go dowu. I
want to know what you think of me,
and you might as well answer now.fcr
forever close your clam,' and agaiu his
hand fell upon his revolver. As I had
no shootin' irons with me. they being
under the buffalo robe, I saw that I
must answer him quickly. 'Well, said
I, 'from all appearance's I shouldn't
wonder if I thought just as much of
vou as I do of the Presideut of (he
United States.' -Bully for you, take
another swig, and Rgain I was obliged
to swallow tlift - rjit, oiio dose of which
was tni'tigh to kill any ordinary man.
After; this, that man was one' of the
' best friends I had," Ckwfonii frfr.(
Tbere Is a'standing reward of I2.00C
in Nebraska for the discovery of a pay
i ing vein of coal In that stat?, i
Win. Luciwi & QpM
- Highest Market
Hides, Furs, Wool,
Wm. Ludwig &
rarw dbopb nppuea 10 ine sun ace
and almost Instantly ItlUIVI
nor discolor the Bkln, or leave
nas yo gqpAT. iortne Vnr or Mhcngmtlim. Sprains. Brniwi,
Stiff Jolnta. NeoraJsla. Launa
iSort) Throat, Pain In the
laod Is equally efflcaclousTor all
requiring a powenui amusive sumuiam. ace werreii s- Ai-n;nrv
Ask your Druggist for It. Price so
Prepared only by JACOB & MERRXXL.
WHnleaalB Druggist. 8T.
No Longer Needed.
The old-fashioned, slow-acting plasters "must
nonson s capaita I'oroua Plasters art the
V cents,
f! A T?TW Asthetlcs, (4 designs). Something
eood. Mailed on receipt of S cents
In stamps. UEAKN'K 4 CO , P.O. Box 1 87, N.Y.
WANTED -Ladies and vonnt men wishing to
earn S)l to X) every dav Quietly at their homes;
work furnished; sent by mat); ni) canvassing; no
stamps rcqnired for reply. Please address KI)W,
F. UAVIa A CO., S8 south Main St., Fall Klver.
Ely's Cream Balm,
Cream Balm has gained an enviable reputation
wherever known ; displacing all ot her preparations.
ceua mr circular containing mil loiorm lion and
reliable testimonials. By mall, prepaid, B0 cent a
pai-ltag. stamps received, hold by all wholesale
snd retail drtmgUts. ELY'S .KEAM BALM CO.,
Owego, New Y.rk.
Burns, 50c, Byron, S0c.. Mrs.
Browning. 5ftc., Campbell, 40c.,
Chaucer. 60e.. Dante. 50c.. Drvdea
60c., Goethe, 70c,, Goldsmith. Sc., Hcmans, Mc ,
Iliad and Odysey, 70c , riood, M)c, Ingelow. 60c.,
Keats, 40c., Meredith. Wc Milton, Mc, Moore,
0c.. Pope, nOc., Poe, 40c , r3chliler,4uc, Scott, 50c
Tmnyson, 60c, Virgil, 45c, and others. Ftneeloto
binding, (tent for examlna'ion before payment
on evidence of good faith. Catalogue free NOT
sold by deaers. JOHN B. .ALDDN, Publisher.
18 Ve-ey St., New York, 1
I have a notitiv remedv for the above d iaease : or its
ose thousands ef eats of the worn kind ami of lone
aunding have ben cured. Indeed, ao strong la my
faith in Its effleaor. that I will aand TWO BOTTLES
mini u i viuvwvj tiu
I this disease, to any suffanr.
B LOCUM. 181 Pearl Si. Jlasr Yotsi
Giva eiuroai and P. O.
I aaareaa. va. i. A. a wi
I ITi T, Y1TI1. til ,ftll A ITD inillTnl . u ' -
Mi V I f 1 n uvti i n i DAX'iiaivi V nuurr m
VOLVJ Instantaneous Guide to Keys of Plsno
and Organ. Price SI. Will teach any person
to play ;0 pieces of tnuaic In one day You could
not leara it from teacher In a month for 120. Try
it and bo convinced fiamp'e copy wil. be mailed
to any address on receipt of 25 cents In stamps by
HE A KM E A CO., Publishers, P, O. Box Mnr, N. Y.
when Iskv ire I do not meaa msrerf to stop them
fsr at najj ) t ht'stham returned!?, Imuoa
raair&j eui e, i n -. vt, rastje inBawwvui r no,
IwaiTantmvramadvtocrurethewonteaaes. Beosuae
others bavsrailed la no reason f ov not now receiving a
ear. Bend at ooee for Treatise aod a Free Bottle of
my infallible remedy. Give ExtmeseadPossofiloa. tt
ooste inn nothing for a trial, and I will eureyoo. .
Address Da. U. G. BOOT. 181 Pearl St., New York.
617 St. Cbarlei Street, SI. IAUIS, 110.
A regular G-rartunt of twe mfdleal
Colleges, baa been longer engaged in the treat
ment of Chronic, Nervoua, fektn and
lilond Diseases than any other physician in
St. Louis as city raiere anew and all old rest,
dents know. Consultation ut office or ay mall,
free and Invited. A friendly talk or hia opinion
costs nothing. When It Is inconvenient to visit
the city .or treatment, medicines csn be sent
by mall or exprese everywhere. Curable cae
guaranteed ; where doubt exists It la frankly
stated. Call or Write.
Nervous Prostration. Debility, Mental anil
Physical Weakness, Mercurial and other
affections of Throat, Skin and Bones, Blood
Impurities and Blood Poisoning, Skin Affee
tlona, Old Bores as J Ulcers, Impediments to
Marriage, Rheumatism, Piles. Speolal
attention to easea from over-worked brala.
BUSGICAL CASES receive special attention.
Diseases arising from Imprudences, Eioewes,
Indulgeaeei or Exposures.
It Is self-evident that a physician paying
particular attention to a elaas of cases attains
great skill, aud physicians In regular practice
all over the von n try knowing this, frequently
recommend cases to the oldest offlce in America,
where every known appliance is resorted to,
and the provod stood re Hied lee of all
ages atid countries sre used. A whole bouse l
used for office purposes, and all are treated with
skill in a respectful manner; snd. knowing
what to do. no experiments are made. On ac
count - of the great number spplylng, the
charges sre kept low. often Mwer tbsn Is
demanded by ethere If yon secure the akl'J
aud gets spoedy and perfect lit cure, that Is
the Important matter. Pamphlet, as pages,
sent to any address fret).
Elegant cloth snd gilt binding. Sealed for 80
eenta In postage or currency- Over fifty won
ierful pen pictures, true to life artlcleaon the
following subjects. Who may marry, who not:
5hy Proper age to marry. Who marry first,
anhoo), Wnuianboml. Phrlcal decay. Who
should marry. Howllfe and. happlneasmsy be
increased. Thosa married or contemplating
marrying should read it. It ounht tobe reaq
by all adult persons, then kept under lock and
key. Popular edition, sanis as iv But iaper
over snd SoO psffus. U cuts br mall. In mouer
s postage.
The Ideal, Callfirraplle
lEvary Machine warranted. Ad
justable type bars, perfect auto-
tnatio paper lead, av saveri
ision. no lost Hot apS. ber-
h.M M.ri,M. All
nartslntarcnangeable. Does the
work of tores nenmen. much neater and more
legible. Prt,t7aoOaMKlmDS. , .! , ) ! i
PARKER, RITTfS A CO., 420 N. M, It. Loukk
Prices Paid for
Beeswax and
U. powerful (jrepai'aUuu eoiu
sed mostly of Essential Oils.
I'ho most penetrating Liniment
known. Ho concentrated that a
win Panatrata to thn vnrv Bnn.
PAIN! It will not Soil Clothing
dtsapreeahle effects of Bny kfnd. It
Back. Crsvmna. Tnnth.Arhe,
Llmb or lu auy part of tho System,
pains in thn Stomach and Bowoli
cts per bottle
' KB VI' A D E" rtTIrj'u'jl 5 T8 .
Catalogue and
This Season's New Descriptive
rrtce wst of
3" Plavs,
o Dramas,
a Farces,
Guide Books,
hcenery (paper)
t'thioi Un Dramas,
Tableaux Lights,
Colored Fire.
o a
. Pantomime,
Burnt Cork,
' Wles.
, ' BesrttT,4c.,Jtc.
In fact, everything for Amateur Theatrical.
8 K. 14th t .New York.
cracisrjr.vri, ohio. 1:1
N.W. Missouri Farms for Sale
Send for lists of CHOICE Farms in best stock
country In the U. S. : C. G. COM8TOCK.
t Ahany, Gentry Co., Mo.
S. wepayier Advertising Bureau, W Spruce St ,H.Y
I qJ'-itvt' OUT OF ORDER.
f 30 UNION
H. Steaoala & Co., Caieo, III
f.iL A S3
Tha most perfectly balanced FOLDIXQ BED In tha
wllTulISStTalfyet so light tliat a child can open
and close It with ee. Tncyoimblna QBSAT
STBR.WTlft BEAUTY! end TTHJTY. It la tba
VBltr Brt. UiosS cniijwt. EASIEST
P.KP. and Is now offered to the public as the CH RAP
ES r patent Folding Bed on the market. It ECOsTO.
tlI?E SPACE, earee WEAK and TEAR of CAR
and Is Mpldly tupcrwillng sll other beds In tba
families of lie rich and poor alike la all sections ot
.le In BCRRAl',lRU8IIflCAIS,
BOARD, an WHlTIMtt-DESial lylaM.
Seai lor Ptecrlptlva aed llluHtratert Circular. , ,
Factory &. Office, 1465 State St, Chicago.'
tTn sending for circular wllo orioss, please Bar
this psp'. - ..
r M m ,w ankal

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